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<rdar://problem/10879179> Correct @path to still work with symlinks

<rdar://problem/10825175> dyld should give a better error message if you try to use a newer binary on older OS
<rdar://problem/10753356> backtraces of LC_MAIN binaries end in tlv_get_addr+136, instead libdyld should export "_start" symbol
<rdar://problem/10733082> Fix up @rpath based paths during introspection
<rdar://problem/10657737> Interposition tuples are not respected when binding with resolvers

<rdar://problem/10442813> Give some warning that DYLD_ env vars are disabled

<rdar://problem/10583252> Add dyld to uuidArray to enable symbolication of stackshots

<rdar://problem/10643239> fix initializer ordering of upwardly linked dylibs

<rdar://problem/10613880> dyld misreads very large addends
<rdar://problem/10568559> Perform method list sort even if __DATA,__objc_opt_rw is absent
<rdar://problem/10568179> Remove category attaching from dyld shared cache
<rdar://problem/10582497> Shared cache method list sorting breaks protocol extended type encodings

<rdar://problem/10491874> initializer not run in only upwardly linked dylib

<rdar://problem/10419267> update_dyld_shared_cache does not build with libc++
<rdar://problem/10435247> dyld does not build with libc++
<rdar://problem/10409027> Add functions to get min OS and sdk versions program was linked with
<rdar://problem/10399676> DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH not mentioned in dlopen() man page
<rdar://problem/10371927> dsc_extractor not updating LC_FUNCTION_STARTS

<rdar://problem/8818423> Get rid of crt1.o and jump straight into main() from dyld
<rdar://problem/10332417> image denied loading by gc_enforcer is left in dyld_all_images_info array

<rdar://problem/8867781> Use spin lock to guard sAllImageInfos

<rdar://problem/9855733> genCaches fails: "header size miscalculation 0x00006000"

<rdar://problem/9818687> ARCH_NAME for armv7k is defined as "armv7s"
<rdar://problem/9784634> dsc_iterator.cpp needs cases for v7 variants

<rdar://problem/9673497> dyld fails to build for armv7s
<rdar://problem/8942979> update_dyld_shared_cache should accept an 'overlay' along with a 'root' directory option
Remove PowerPC support

dyld-199.5 (iOS 5)
<rdar://problem/9955829> Update initial image list size

<rdar://problem/9855733> genCaches fails: header size miscalculation

<rdar://problem/7338034> Repair ivar offsets in dyld shared cache

<rdar://problem/8981046> improve Xcode upload of iOS dylibs

<rdar://problem/9510382> correctly adjust ARM movw when in dyld shared cache

<rdar://problem/9439764> update_dyld_shared_cache requires weak-linked frameworks to be present at shared cache generation time
<rdar://problem/9447838> Remove armv7 variants from dyld

<rdar://problem/8312145> back out previous change DYLD_XXX restrict check

<rdar://problem/9035759> corrupt load commands can pass sniff test if 32-bit wraps around
<rdar://problem/8312145> dyld should restrict DYLD_XXX debugging facilities
<rdar://problem/7942521> dyld should not allow loading of dylibs without valid signatures

<rdar://problem/7945496> dyld should range check the fixup location of all bindings
<rdar://problem/8963406> range check initializers and terminators to be within image

<rdar://problem/8987681> dyld should support new armv7 variants

<rdar://problem/9107912> support re-exported symbols from re-exported libraries

<rdar://problem/9078764> movw/movt don't work in dyld shared cache

dyld-195.3 (Mac OS X 10.7.0)
<rdar://problem/9279770> update_dyld_shared_cache missed libstdc++?
<rdar://problem/9361288> i386 dyld shared cache overflows after adding libclh.dylib

<rdar://problem/9161945> spurious warning about embedded framework not being put in dyld shared cache

<rdar://problem/8360915> C++ 0x thread_local destructor support
<rdar://problem/8960832> update_dyld_shared_cache -verify finds differences
<rdar://problem/8971061> more verbose messages when vm_protect() fails 

Fix uses of libc++abi-static.a

<rdar://problem/8919005> make interposing available to open source
<rdar://problem/8874282> __thread implementation doesn't preserve enough registers (ABI issue)
<rdar://problem/8873628> clang built update_dyld_shared_cache fails at runtime

<rdar://problem/8735709> dyld should honor CS_RESTRICT in _main like hasRestrictedSegment
<rdar://problem/8164591> update_dyld_shared_cache -overlay optimizations

<rdar://problem/8812589> dyld has NULL paths in image info array

<rdar://problem/8750829> dyld's map+slide should be an all or nothing operation 

<rdar://problem/8890875> overriding shared cache dylibs with resolvers fails
<rdar://problem/8844174> dyld_stub_binder called repeatedly for $VARIANT$ functions
<rdar://problem/8845480> update_dyld_shared_cache crash when fat dylib truncated

<rdar://problem/8770940> update_dyld_shared_cache is failing

<rdar://problem/8736495> ASLR/PIE: dyld's "random padding" algorithm is deterministic
<rdar://problem/8663923> race condition with flat-namespace lazy binding
<rdar://problem/8755380> libdyld fails to build with clang-127

remove libdyld.a target

<rdar://problem/8706192> _NSGetExecutablePath documentation is ambiguous about bufsize
<rdar://problem/8686676> 11A315: LC_DYLD_ENVIRONMENT does not expand @executable_path
<rdar://problem/8718137> dyld should avoid arc4random for dylib randomization
<rdar://problem/8691207> tune trie traversal code for 10.7 compiler
<rdar://problem/8576479> breaking libSystem into dylibs slows down dyld binding, shared cache should compensate
<rdar://problem/8686427> update_dyld_shared_cache should not be built no-pie

<rdar://problem/8274426> dyld(1) man page feedback
<rdar://problem/8564762> LC_DYLD_ENVIRONMENT should still be honored with __RESTRICT,__restrict section present
<rdar://problem/8630416> 11A307: DYLD_SHARED_REGION=private crashes
<rdar://problem/8611968> don't slide shared cache if ASLR disabled (main executable didn't slide)

<rdar://problem/4472406> Dynamic linking memory usage seems unusually high for trivial programs

<rdar://problem/8597637> madvise MADV_FREE calls for LINKEDIT are failing in dyld during launch in iOS
<rdar://problem/8602453> dyld allImageInfos messed up with duplicate IOKit

<rdar://problem/8109857> dyld: Pick up changes from libsystem_kernel reorganisation in dyld's build.
<rdar://problem/5847052> Shared Region Base Should Slide at Boot Time 
<rdar://problem/6650578> Multiple /dev/urandom accesses on every process exec

<rdar://problem/8345025> text relocs don't work if only S_ATTR_EXT_RELOC is used
<rdar://problem/8400815> DYLD_FORCE_FLAT_NAMESPACE=YES causes process to spin in DYLD-STUB$$bzero

<rdar://problem/8554137> Add cache slide value to dyld_all_image_infos

<rdar://problem/8521882> dyld proper does not need dyld_stub_binder.o

<rdar://problem/8274192> dyld needs to call new kernel interface to register metadata
<rdar://problem/8448281> ASLR side build causes 15-30% regression in most launch times
<rdar://problem/8440902> Support version-checked framework/library override paths
<rdar://problem/8440934> Support LC_DYLD_ENVIRONMENT load command
<rdar://problem/8454987> function starts info should be copied into dyld shared cache

<rdar://problem/8432001> Merge Jasper dyld changes to trunk

<rdar://problem/8455429> 11A270: FNPLicensingService crashes

<rdar://problem/8403002> 11A238a: AutoDesk AutoCAD beta 4 crashes on launch (dyld)
<rdar://problem/8345799> update_dyld_shared_cache-173 project fails to build with LLVM compiler 2.0.

<rdar://problem/8352892> 8F63: dyld-179.4 fails on missing /usr/local/lib/system/libc.a
<rdar://problem/8344449> 11A238a: AutoDesk AutoCAD beta 4 crashes on launch
<rdar://problem/8313034> 11A244: overlapping files in libdyld & update_dyld_shared_cache

dyld-179.7 (iOS 4.2)
<rdar://problem/8543820> range check initializers

<rdar://problem/8515776> dyld_shared_cache_extract_dylibs shouldn't return '-1' when arch already exists

<rdar://problem/8425790> Need a version of dyld_shared_cache_extract_dylbs that lipo's results
<rdar://problem/8365622> Need a version of dyld_shared_cache_extract_dylbs that reports progress
<rdar://problem/8320866> back out work around for 8151909

<rdar://problem/8305479> images in shared cache are bound against different IOKit than found at runtime

<rdar://problem/8327834> 11A245: Photoshop CS4 fails in SmokeTest because of crash in FNPLicensingService (dyld)

<rdar://problem/8305049> 11A238a: All Adobe CS4 applications crash on launch

<rdar://problem/8290793> 11A239: leaks throws an exception, doesn't work

<rdar://problem/8284123> libdsc.a in Jasper SDK needs to be arm version (is x86 version)

<rdar://problem/8284944> update_dyld_shared_cache does not work with individual symbol re-exports

<rdar://problem/8284044> Support __thread variables exported from dylibs
<rdar://problem/7356532> update dyld_all_image_infos more often, for better crash logs

<rdar://problem/8214567> We need an extractor able to pull the shared symbols cache apart
<rdar://problem/8263666> Don't put slide info in dyld shared cache in Jasper
<rdar://problem/8268602> dyld does not prevent loading of unsigned dylib

<rdar://problem/8253549> split seg info wrong for x86_64 stub helpers

<rdar://problem/8235734> ObjC optimized shared cache does not slide

<rdar://problem/8198287> Need to merge Apex ObjC method list optimizations in dyld shared cache to TOT dyld
<rdar://problem/8115131> implement ASLR for dyld shared cache for iOS

<rdar://problem/8144421> fix permissions on rebased binary not slid

<rdar://problem/8191063> dyld should not include SystemIntegrity headers on embedded platform
Have DYLD_PRINT_BINDINGS print out when resolver functions are called

<rdar://problem/8166086> fix visibility of dyld_func_lookup depending if libdyld is .a or .dylib

Add hack to work around 8151909
Alter project to build for both kinds of libSystems

Add support for individual symbol re-exports
Add support for building for iOS

<rdar://problem/7508424> ER: more metadata for dyld errors

<rdar://problem/7995213> update_dyld_shared_cache needs to support resolver functions
Implement some cxa stuff to work with next c++abi.a

<rdar://problem/7901042> dyld should move shared cache file into /var/run instead of open-unlinking
<rdar://problem/7940222> private shared cache calls mmap twice for each range
<rdar://problem/7886402> Loading MH_DYLIB_STUB causing coalescable miscount
<rdar://problem/7935000> 11A168: update_dyld_shared_cache problems during install
<rdar://problem/7918210> use of C++ thread local initializer causes infinite recursion
<rdar://problem/7932725> (from iPhoneOS) dyld should stub out mach_error_string for 8KB RAM savings per process
<rdar://problem/7937695> (from iPhoneOS) verify that replacement is in this image

<rdar://problem/7956031> dyld: Use libsystem_mach.a from /usr/local/lib/dyld to build dyld

<rdar://problem/7901042> dyld should move shared cache file into /tmp instead of open-unlinking

<rdar://problem/7859049> dyld support for function specialization
<rdar://problem/7740779> dyld should directly call __cxa_finalize(), part 2
<rdar://problem/7796738> dyld support for thread local variables

<rdar://problem/7739489> ER: facility to detect which images were loaded at runtime
<rdar://problem/7818451> update_dyld_shared_cache -verify fails

<rdar://problem/7770139> update_dyld_shared_cache should suppress warnings for embedded frameworks
<rdar://problem/7744084> Sort method lists in dyld shared cache

<rdar://problem/7733433> Move libdyldapis over to a dylib target for Libsystem
<rdar://problem/7675254> pruneEnvironmentVariables does not update

<rdar://problem/7740033> Warning message is misleading
<rdar://problem/7740658> update_dyld_shared_cache should not run past end of splitseginfo if zero terminator is missing
<rdar://problem/6666832> dyld should directly call __cxa_finalize(), part 1

<rdar://problem/7662176> crash in update_dyld_shared_cache when checking if current cache is out of date
<rdar://problem/7444994> ER: Support upward dylib dependencies

<rdar://problem/7628929> __builtin_return_address broke for PPC
<rdar://problem/7658265> SWBDC error: 'ld: duplicate symbol' while building 'dyld-160~48' in '11A108a-llvmgcc-2324.3'

<rdar://problem/7234280> Environment variable to cause dyld to dump rpaths used during loading
<rdar://problem/7595563> update_dyld_shared_cache failed: internal error, new trie allocated to far from fLinkeditBase
<rdar://problem/7589167> dyld still slides executables when PIE is disabled by the kernel

<rdar://problem/7343139> update_dyld_shared_cache fails to find roots when targetting NFS
<rdar://problem/7484408> dyld does not call initializers from all S_MOD_INIT_FUNC_POINTERS sections
<rdar://problem/7544082> move _dyld_func_lookup prototype to dyld_priv.h

<rdar://problem/7486405> dyld attempts to load libraries via rpath when already loaded
<rdar://problem/5274722> dyld shared cache can be more random

<rdar://problem/7481480> switch to use libc++abi-static.a instead of libstdc++-static.a

<rdar://problem/7408768> remove DYLD_NO_PIE from man page
<rdar://problem/7445102> support multiple dylibs with non-intersected weak symbols in shared cache
<rdar://problem/7466900> dyld sends bogus library unload notice to CoreSymbolication during dlopen_preflight()
<rdar://problem/7455017> spelling: "was build against" -> "was built against"

<rdar://problem/7451030> sjlj based exception support needs to be conditionalized for arm - not iPhoneOS

<rdar://problem/7272661> Need to enable CoreSymbolication load/unload notices on iPhoneOS

<rdar://problem/7327864> add field to dyld_all_image_infos pointing to dyld_all_image_infos

<rdar://problem/7302432> Minimize system calls and mach messages during dyld startup
<rdar://problem/7302383> Why is checkSharedRegionDisable() !__LP64__

<rdar://problem/7223037> dyld support for sliding PIE binaries in the kernel
<rdar://problem/7165731> libdyld does not install multiple headers at installhdrs time
<rdar://problem/6937560> dlopen() crash when executable contains LC_RPATH and executable file is deleted while running
<rdar://problem/6916014> leak in dyld during dlopen when using DYLD_ variables


dyld-150  ( iPhoneOS 3.1 )
<rdar://problem/7043575> flat_namespace linkage error in update_dyld_shared_cache should be a warning not an error
<rdar://problem/7084861> Have dyld save load addr + UUID for executable images
<rdar://problem/7101832> Libsystem fails to link with latest gcc: dyld missing _dyld_func_lookup

<rdar://problem/7017050> dlopen() not working with non-canonical paths
<rdar://problem/7033445> update_dyld_shared_cache fails creating shared cache

<rdar://problem/7022281> shared cache file offsets are inconsistent

<rdar://problem/6995143> move install location for update_dyld_shared_cache and man page to local
<rdar://problem/7014995> imageFileModDate in dyld_all_image_infos is sometimes bogus for the first image therein
<rdar://problem/7014397> dyld_shared_cache_util should optionally print VM load addresses for each dylib
<rdar://problem/7014783> uuid_t not defined in dyld_priv.h

<rdar://problem/7008875> Save load information (load addr + UUID) to dyld_all_image_infos for images from outside the shared cache
<rdar://problem/7007923> update_dyld_shared_cache should improve warning above deployment target

<rdar://problem/7000405> optimize stubs in dyld shared cache to be no-PIC
<rdar://problem/6995143> dyld_shared_cache_util built by dyld target should go in platform directory
<rdar://problem/7001159> dyld_shared_cache_util should list LC_REEXPORT_DYLIB libraries as dependents

<rdar://problem/6995143> dyld_shared_cache_util built by dyld target should go in platform directory
<rdar://problem/6775261> API: Detect shared cache overrides

<rdar://problem/6956867> ER: Tool to list the contents of a dyld shared cache image
<rdar://problem/6959334> ARM support for dsc_iterator

<rdar://problem/6965455> text relocs fail in large segments
<rdar://problem/6945944> Variable whose data is overwritten needs to be marked `volatile'
<rdar://problem/6921370> dyld option to print time for each initializer, Apple's or the app's

<rdar://problem/6927281> update_dyld_shared_cache assumes -root path contains no symlinks
sync with SnowLeopard dyld-132.13

<rdar://problem/6153040> load code signature from file, and before mapping the file

<rdar://problem/6868811> Northstar7C62: dyld-139 fails to build

<rdar://problem/6780449> dyld on iPhoneOS uses libgcc_eh.a which uses pthread_key_create which does not work
<rdar://problem/6780192> dyld can leak when an internal exception in thrown
<rdar://problem/6331300> support compressed LINKEDIT on iPhone
sync with SnowLeopard dyld-132.11

<rdar://problem/6790993> New mechanism to instruct dyld whether to check for libs outside the shared cache

<rdar://problem/6814596> need to handle symlinks when dylib is in cache but file is intentionally missing
<rdar://problem/6825135> dyld should avoid stat()ing libraries present in the shared cache unless magic override file is present

<rdar://problem/6792383> dyld reports image not found if it is in the shared cache but no binary is present on disk
sync with SnowLeopard dyld-132.10

<rdar://problem/6776343> dyld reports bogus fat offset when registering shared cache signature

<rdar://problem/6268421> iPhone: Need objc optimizations in iPhone OS shared cache

<rdar://problem/4759373> build armv6 dyld with Thumb
sync with SnowLeopard

fix for all arm architectures

<rdar://problem/6268380> make dyld that uses shared cache on iPhone OS


dyld-132.13 ( Mac OS X 10.6 )
<rdar://problem/6898370> classic images not unmapped when unloaded

<rdar://problem/6882159> dyld's dtrace notification should be done after rebasing

<rdar://problem/6803496> Remove dyld workaround for McAfee VirusScan
<rdar://problem/6849505> Add gating mechanism to dyld support system order file generation process

<rdar://problem/6785160> dyld's abort_report_np() doesn't abort
<rdar://problem/6794063> 10A331: CUPS crashes when calling sandbox_init

<rdar://problem/5910137> dlopen_preflight() on image in shared cache leaves it loaded but not objc initialized
<rdar://problem/6739742> Exception Backtrace being obscured by _mh_execute_header
<rdar://problem/6766057> Silverlight crashes

<rdar://problem/6735870> dlopen() leaks send right obtained from mach_thread_self()
<rdar://problem/6732715> dyld's calloc() allocates too few bytes
<rdar://problem/6678640> dyld lazy binding is not thread safe

<rdar://problem/6651342> need a way other than setgid to have dyld launch a process securely, ignoring DYLD_ env vars etc
<rdar://problem/6721803> Need mapping of files to their offsets into the dyld_shared_cache files on disk

<rdar://problem/6618466> update_dyld_shared_cache -overlay should check root dyld caches
<rdar://problem/6619554> NSCreateObjectFileImageFromMemory() call vm_deallocate even if application used malloc()

<rdar://problem/6655235> dyld is missing some binding optimizations
<rdar://problem/6647316> symbol lookups in the new trie structure should be faster
<rdar://problem/6570879> weak binding done too early with inserted libraries

<rdar://problem/6629428> improve statistics output
<rdar://problem/6628413> better error message if LC_RPATH is used in dylib destined for shared cache
<rdar://problem/6622898> dladdr() broke when image has debug symbols
<rdar://problem/6555720> 10A264: Google Earth 5.0 crashes on quit 
<rdar://problem/6591933> man page should better explain update_dyld_shared_cache -root option

<rdar://problem/6527653> remove setjmp/longjmp from _simple_printf in dyld
<rdar://problem/6580333> Typo in dyld(3) man page
<rdar://problem/6510301> race condition in pre-10.6 style lazy pointer binding
<rdar://problem/6573344> make cheaper dladdr() that just returns image path
<rdar://problem/6563887> 10A266 - Adobe InDesign CS4 crashes on launch
<rdar://problem/6570113> dyld is not setting imageFileModDate in dyld_image_info
<rdar://problem/6493245> Logic Pro crashes after creating a new document on SnowLeopard

<rdar://problem/6293143> adopt new CoresSymbolication notification mechanism
<rdar://problem/6536810> Alter libdyld.a to not need libsystem to link with dylib1.o
<rdar://problem/6530593> 10A256a: update_dyld_shared_cache -verify crashes (probably due to lack of a shared cache)

<rdar://problem/6552051> update_dyld_shared_cache failed: no writable segment in Cocoa framework

<rdar://problem/6490500> CrashTracer: [USER] 1 crash in Neverwinter Nights 2 

<rdar://problem/6501078> libgmalloc broken on 10A10246 and 10A251 (libgmalloc not inserted early enough)

<rdar://problem/6497528> Rosetta circular dependency spew
<rdar://problem/6347414> @rpath and @loader_path Should be Documented in man page
Prune unneeded load commands from shared cache images

<rdar://problem/6479007> dyld-128 no longer builds for armv6
<rdar://problem/6481443> 10A244: iTunes crashes trying to load MobileDevice.framework

<rdar://problem/6474295> ImageLoader objects can be made smaller
<rdar://problem/6198151> dyld spin in SecurityAgent
<rdar://problem/6285470> ImageLoaderMachO::makeImportSegmentWritable() doesn't do it

<rdar://problem/6464419> Add all_image_infos for CrashReporter
some fixes for compressed LINKEDIT 

<rdar://problem/6459812> x86_64 export trie nodes may have large negative address
<rdar://problem/6442327> update_dyld_shared_cache man page should be updated to reflect new SL behavior

<rdar://problem/6347414> @rpath and @loader_path should be documented in man page
<rdar://problem/6421511> Add NOP after trap instruction in _dyld_fatal_error

<rdar://problem/6273311> update_dyld_shared_cache should not automatically run by default
Add support for arm shared caches
Add support for __program_vars section
Add more -verify sanity checks

<rdar://problem/6117580> Add -verify option to update_dyld_shared_cache
<rdar://problem/6408758> [dyld] Errors reported by the upcoming compiler flags verifier
<rdar://problem/6408518> 10A224: update_dyld_shared_cache warns about a condition in B&I-built frameworks
<rdar://problem/4697610> stop shadowing old data structures
<rdar://problem/6409800> dyld implicit-libSystem breaks valgrind

<rdar://problem/6361143> Need a way to determine if a gdb call to dlopen() would block
<rdar://problem/6328003> Drop Rosetta shared cache generation by default / at install
<rdar://problem/6400750> "terminaton function" misspelled
<rdar://problem/6399150> Make it easier to use shared caches from foreign systems
<rdar://problem/6369189> SnowLeopard10A210: MATLAB 7.6 crashes on launch

<rdar://problem/6364434> CrashTracer: crash in iTunes at 

<rdar://problem/6373929> libdyld.a is missing dyld_stub_binder

<rdar://problem/6315338> 10A197 - After Effects 8.0.2 fails to launch after installation 

<rdar://problem/6364540> 10A212: update_dyld_shared_cache failed: string buffer exhausted
<rdar://problem/6357561> Oracle client crashes

<rdar://problem/6350500> Cope with duplicate protocol references in shared cache construction

<rdar://problem/6336723> 10A197 vs 10A190: Applications warm launch time slowdown due to dyld

<rdar://problem/6318449> 10A198 - Final Cut Pro 6.0.4 crashes on launch [INTRODUCED BY dyld-115 IN 10A197]

<rdar://problem/6004942> Pandora Desktop (Adobe AIR Framework) crashes on launch [INTRODUCED BY dyld-101 IN 10A14]
<rdar://problem/6250902> dyld should use libunwind
<rdar://problem/5408556> Possible leak originating in speech at LoadEngine
<rdar://problem/6315314> update_dyld_shared_cache manpage typos 'parition', 'assignes', 'choosen'

<rdar://problem/6061574> LINKEDIT content could be greatly compressed

<rdar://problem/6231688> update_dyld_shared_cache needs to provide progress that the Installer can display
<rdar://problem/6231686> update_dyld_shared_cache needs to be able to look at an Installation sandbox
<rdar://problem/6293143> dyld isn't calling csdlc_notify on library unload
<rdar://problem/6277916> warning, could not bind because realpath() failed on /AppleInternal/.../XILog.framework

<rdar://problem/6252320> NSAddressOfSymbol(NULL) should return NULL and not crash
<rdar://problem/6255192> dlopen() should fail to load (non-pie) executables

<rdar://problem/6188100> _replacement misspelled as _replacement in dyld-interposing.h
<rdar://problem/6176037> make _dyld_find_unwind_sections() faster

<rdar://problem/6161821> improve bad relocation error message
<rdar://problem/6190458> Need load/unload notification sent to service when requested
<rdar://problem/6188100> _replacement misspelled as _replacement in dyld-interposing.h

<rdar://problem/5703616> check libSystem is correct in shared cache file before loading it
<rdar://problem/5557882> function names returned by dladdr do not match reality
<rdar://problem/5780431> update_dyld_shared_cache .map files should be written atomically
<rdar://problem/6145451> dlopen(RTLD_NOLOAD) does not need to throw an internal exception
<rdar://problem/4090265> Explanation for the RTLD_NEXT flag in dlsym(3) needs clarification
<rdar://problem/5951327> DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH should not apply to dlopen() of a partial path
<rdar://problem/6182301> No shared cache present on first boot

<rdar://problem/5925940> Safe Boot should disable dyld shared cache
<rdar://problem/5706594> CrashTracer: crash in preFetch() reading off end of LINKEDIT
<rdar://problem/6109435> DYLD_NO_PIE env variable should be documented in dyld manpage
<rdar://problem/6127437> put all dylibs in shared cache - not just ones used by more than one app
<rdar://problem/6169686> Leaked fSegmentsArray and image segments during failed dlopen_preflight

<rdar://problem/6156702> armv7/armv5 specific settings needed for dyld
<rdar://problem/6156653> dyld shouldn't set VALID_ARCHS

<rdar://problem/6120723> ER: dyld based Objective-C selector uniquing

<rdar://problem/5274720> update_dyld_shared_cache should require all source dylibs be owned by root
<rdar://problem/6073702> Limit what might go in the dyld shared cache
<rdar://problem/5869973> DYLD_ROOT_PATH should apply to LC_RPATH rpaths
<rdar://problem/5505043> Grow initial dyld pool if needed
<rdar://problem/5807857> there should be some way to temporarily turn off -pie
<rdar://problem/6050482> If pie, ignore preferred load address
<rdar://problem/6053800> Put all_image_infos in its own section to it is easy to find

allow update_dyld_shared_cache to be build 64-bit
<rdar://problem/5280258> dyld error handling fails in low memory, _simple_salloc() result not checked
<rdar://problem/4047718> dyld should provide executing program name in incompatible cpu-subtype error message

<rdar://problem/5957134> It should work to set DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH to empty
<rdar://problem/5366292> Remove the exceptions made in 4804594 for filemaker
<rdar://problem/5922117> Remove Tiger-era hacks in dyld for old app compatibility
<rdar://problem/5901958> Make RTLD_MAIN_ONLY public
<rdar://problem/5819435> die more gracefully when load commands are malformed
<rdar://problem/5953438> SWB: dyld build failure when built with -fstack-protector
<rdar://problem/5950134> dyld man page mis-spelling
<rdar://problem/5943045> update_dyld_shared_cache does not work when run manually

<rdar://problem/5901583> The optimization to reuse install names as fPath was lost
<rdar://problem/5888343> Add JIT field to dyld_all_image_infos
Add _dyld_find_unwind_sections()

<rdar://problem/5805956> NSLinkModule() can crash
<rdar://problem/5620189> dyld: obsoleted deprecated APIs
work around for <rdar://problem/5736393>
add test cases for lazy dylib loading

<rdar://problem/5394977> Man page typo for update_dyld_shared_cache
<rdar://problem/5490738> Add "malloc is initialized" to the dyld_all_image_infos struct
<rdar://problem/4045952> better handling of open() errors
<rdar://problem/5377739> remove <mach-o/dyld_debug.h>
<rdar://problem/5629960> Use <mach/shared_region.h> instead of <mach/shared_memory_server.h>
<rdar://problem/5775824> dyld and libdyld should not force building with gcc 4.0

<rdar://problem/5725845> make it easier to find dyld_all_image_infos
<rdar://problem/5363402> Need _dyld_get_image_slide(const struct mach_header* mh)
<rdar://problem/5708213> dyld: push code signatures for libs to kernel

<rdar://problem/4737476> dyld falls over when asked to map a split seg library not in the shared region
<rdar://problem/5595695> dyld: interposing does not work when replacee is thumb
<rdar://problem/5596017> dyld: all PIE programs crash on launch
<rdar://problem/5575446> BigBear: not loading libraries at their preferred addresses
<rdar://problem/5490089> dyld support for arm subtypes
<rdar://problem/5539483> dyld's prefetching should be turned off for prebound images (and perhaps entirely?)
<rdar://problem/5602284> dyld-95.3 doesn't build with gcc 4.2
merge in arm support
<rdar://problem/5504633> ADOBE: Premiere Pro crashes on quit


dyld-96.2 (Mac OS X 10.5.2)
<rdar://problem/5694507> 10.5.2 Regression: 9C18 MeetingMaker crash on launch

<rdar://problem/5537155> update_dyld_shared_cache can crash if dylibs modified out from under it
<rdar://problem/5562562> crash when dyld interposes on system with partially invalid cache
<rdar://problem/5563394> message spew
<rdar://problem/5565230> CFSTRs cause crashes in Leopard
<rdar://problem/5566103> if system shuts down during update_dyld_shared_cache, tmp file is never cleaned up
<rdar://problem/5623353> dlopen() and dlopen_preflight() can leak on failure

dyld-95.3 (Mac OS X 10.5)
<rdar://problem/5503905> Increase initial dyld pool size for 64-bit programs

<rdar://problem/5495438> make ppc dyld cache a different file for rosetta

<rdar://problem/5388895> McAfee VirusScan fails to launch on Leopard9A513

<rdar://problem/5392427> 9A516 - Keep getting disk full errors

<rdar://problem/5366233> Leopard (9a499): dyld crash with recursive calls to dlclose()

<rdar://problem/4804594> FileMaker Server 8.0v4 helper tools broken by @executable_path security change
<rdar://problem/5364239> Use msync(MS_SYNC) when building dyld cache

<rdar://problem/5322907> Skype Crashes during launch

<rdar://problem/5313172> dlopen() looks too far up stack, can cause crash

<rdar://problem/5288790> dyld warning about dtracehelper is too noisy?
<rdar://problem/5311611> Lots of task_self_trap() system calls in ImageLoader::recursiveInitialization()

<rdar://problem/5249477> use of @loader_path based RPATH can cause dyld to leak
<rdar://problem/4910107> Dyld_stubs should not be writable on x86

<rdar://problem/4860414> generating dyld shared cache generation on first boot makes time to MacBuddy very slow

<rdar://problem/5274718> truncated dyld cache file after panic causes hang at boot

<rdar://problem/4892216> stop special casing main executables initializers
<rdar://problem/4170040> DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES doesn't work correctly with initializer functions

<rdar://problem/5097116> dyld could asynchronously request pages it will need
<rdar://problem/5272001> handle when argv[0] is NULL.
<rdar://problem/5186317> Foundation built on 9A436 doesn't launch 64 bit apps
partial fix for: <rdar://problem/4910107> Dyld_stubs should not be writable on x86

<rdar://problem/5233126> update_dyld_shared_cache keeps spewing messages to console
<rdar://problem/4795421> optimize LINKEDIT region of dyld shared cache
<rdar://problem/5244184> Support extended __dyld section with NXArgc, etc addresses
remove call to __xlocale_init()
Update __OPEN_SOURCE__ conditionals

<rdar://problem/5203587> CFM games use private _dyld_fork_* routines - add back
<rdar://problem/5231152> better handling of NOLOAD with symlinked dylibs

update man page

<rdar://problem/4960876> update_dyld_shared_cache fails on @executable_path framework
<rdar://problem/5213017> [Leopard]: 9A441/442: unable to log in after switching to arabic
<rdar://problem/5221505> dlopen via CFBundleLoad keeps searching after finding a loadable object

<rdar://problem/5202525> MatLab 2007a (7.4) doesn't launch on Leopard9A441
Never optimize ppc shared cache on intel
Fix LINKEDIT size in shared cache .map files
Fix how PIEs are moved to work with NX
Call pthread_init_keys to work with latest Libc

<rdar://problem/5215536> Leopard9A447: Meeting Maker and Microsoft apps will not launch on Intel.

<rdar://problem/5193485> 9A436: Adobe: Photoshop CS3 crashed on pressing Command-C after Command-A
<rdar://problem/4892382> Use _dyld_initializer

<rdar://problem/5194274> 9A438 dlopen_preflight() corrupts all_image_info list causing Symbolication crashes
<rdar://problem/5195384> B&I needs an ENV variable to turn off "dyld: ioctl to register dtrace DOF section failed" warnings
<rdar://problem/4819036> remove support for __image_notify sections
remove all update_prebinding code

<rdar://problem/4819047> use _simple_dprintf() instead of fprintf()
remove -progress option from update_dyld_shared_cache
update_dyld_shared_cache no longer tells rosetta to flush its caches
<rdar://problem/5110291> update_dyld_shared_cache error message gives an errno value rather than an error string
<rdar://problem/3968392> dyld interposing doesn't work with dlsym() lookup
<rdar://problem/5163803> dlopen_preflight() of MH_BUNDLE leaks
<rdar://problem/5067898&5184629> integrate ImageLoader changes into leopard dyld
<rdar://problem/5179640> translated (ppc) dyld should not attempt to register DOF sections
<rdar://problem/5135363> Some dyld library paths are not canonicalized, causing tools using those paths to defenestrate themselves

<rdar://problem/5147450> REGR: Leopard9A419: Firefox hangs on launch

<rdar://problem/5150283> Leopard9A420: interposing of libMallocDebug or libgmalloc broken
Fix so problems like <rdar://problem/5149971> are warnings instead of errors

<rdar://problem/5148533> 9A420: dyld: ioctl to register dtrace DOF section failed

<rdar://problem/5135896> dyld frees string returned by dyld_image_state_change_handler
<rdar://problem/5133621> better handling than "corrupt binary, library ordinal too big"

<rdar://problem/5125295> dyld changes needed to support read-only DOF

<rdar://problem/5115360> don't need to hold dyld global lock while running initializers
<rdar://problem/5094847> dyld leaks when dlopen fails
<rdar://problem/5128758> dyld leaks two blocks after bundle unload

<rdar://problem/5016782> auto update dyld shared caches if missing or out of date

<rdar://problem/5090212> Erronious "unsafe use of @rpath" dyld error
<rdar://problem/5066570> 9A384: update_dyld_shared_cache fails after ditto'ing matador root with debug info
<rdar://problem/5093704> Uninitialized ImageLoader->fRegisteredDOF field

dyld-80 (Leopard9A400)
<rdar://problem/4971149> Use new shared region syscalls
<rdar://problem/5073851> @rpath does not work with -rpath @executable_path/...
<rdar://problem/5067376> Firefox causes segfault during update_dyld_shared_cache

<rdar://problem/4971149> Use new shared region syscalls

<rdar://problem/5073851> @rpath does not work with -rpath @executable_path/...

dyld-79.1 (Leopard9A396)

dyld-79 (Leopard9A392)
<rdar://problem/5039911> Support Apple PIE (address space randomization)
<rdar://problem/5055814> update_dyld_shared_cache should warning and not quit if a specified root is missing
<rdar://problem/5058918> DOF registration needs to switch from /dev/helper to /dev/dtracehelper
<rdar://problem/5042252> don't error out when a cache line crossing i386 stub cannot be bound

dyld-78.2 (Leopard9A387)
<rdar://problem/5050338> 9A385: Mail (anything using Message.framework) takes a ridiculous amount of time to launch

dyld-78.1 (Leopard9A385)
Fix override of _malloc_lock to be data instead of code

<rdar://problem/5040417> when loading a bundle, dyld is not making a copy of name
<rdar://problem/5001598> 9A343 KidPix 3 : SpellChecker bundle is not loaded
<rdar://problem/5028176> dyld cache does not recognize dynamic load of library via symbolic link

Back out 4892382 until B&I build fleet has fixed kernel

<rdar://problem/4892382> Use _dyld_initializer
<rdar://problem/4838967> Look at reduction/elimination of per-framework cost (don't touch __dyld section)
<rdar://problem/4920999> libdyldapis.a: make initialization as lean as possible
<rdar://problem/3896792> dyld should malloc never-to-be-freed blocks from its own pool
<rdar://problem/4980326> Libraries feeding into Libsystem should contain version numbers (libdyldapis)
Install update_prebinding symlink
Addend warnings to end of shared cache .map files
Conditionalize away update_prebinding support
dladdr() should not remove 's' from "start"

<rdar://problem/4987676> hang at boot, Libc changes

<rdar://problem/4979617> x86_64: dyld share cache does not work for AppKit

<rdar://problem/4958744> Rosetta apps crash after update_dyld_shared_cache
<rdar://problem/4953905> Long-standing typo for "file to short" error from dlopen() / dlerror()

Enable ppc shared cache generation on intel machines

<rdar://problem/4931772> 64-byte crossing fast stubs should be bound early to avoid threading issues
<rdar://problem/4217374> support new intel stub segment that is marked not-writable

<rdar://problem/4893418> register dtrace DOF sections with kernel
<rdar://problem/4898960> 10.4.9 Regression: Math Kernel crash with TiNovi 8P114

<rdar://problem/4889617> Leopard 9A921: Dyld error "lazy pointer not found" loading/running java

dyld-73.1 (Leopard9A328)
<rdar://problem/4883565> 9A326: update_prebinding crashes at end of install

dyld-73 (Leopard9A326)
<rdar://problem/4876600> REGR: 9A322 All Java apps crashing at dyld's misaligned_stack_error

dyld-72 (Leopard9A322)
<rdar://problem/4853532> Maya 8 crashes on launch on Leopard9A309
<rdar://problem/4791766> ProTools 7.1.1cs1 for Intel hangs on launch on Leopard9A309
<rdar://problem/4388957> x86 crashes in the binding helper do not have proper backtrace

dyld-71  (Leopard9A320)
<rdar://problem/4824553> inform rosetta of each library in the dyld shared cache
<rdar://problem/4853825> 9A316: Dreamweaver MX 2004 crashes on launch in dyld's addImage

dyld-70 (Leopard9A315)
support split-seg dylibs built with LC_SEGMENT_SPLIT_INFO
support --progress option in update_dyld_shared_cache so that installer can run it

dyld-69.1 (Leopard9A309)
<rdar://problem/4826097> 9A305: Firefox 2.0 crashes on launch
<rdar://problem/4827641> httpd is dying in dyld after libobjc.dylib is unloaded

dyld-69 (Leopard9A305)
<rdar://problem/3532018> ER: dlclose() should be able to unload dylibs
<rdar://problem/3584130> runtime support for RPATH

dyld-68 (Leopard9A296)
<rdar://problem/4797707> rosetta doesn't work when shared cache is present
<rdar://problem/4800592> shared cache for 64-bit archs does not work when some dylibs are invalid

dyld-67.1 (Leopard9A292)
<rdar://problem/4754048> support 64-bit programs built with new 10.5 subtype

<rdar://problem/4764143> CrashReporter needs a new way to distinguish fatal dyld errors
<rdar://problem/4610810> support dlopen(NULL, RTLD_FIRST)
Move base address of ppc64 dyld to match new memory layout
Move base address of 64-bit shared caches to match new memory layout
Move location of shared cache file to /var/db/dyld
Add support for LC_REEXPORT_DYLIB
Use shared cache if it exists
Requires ld64-63.1 or later built dylibs for shared cache generation

dyld-66.3 (Leopard9A276)
<rdar://problem/4742808> dyld fails to build with Libc changes in 4632326
<rdar://problem/4754048> support 64-bit programs built with new 10.5 subtype

dyld-66.2 (Leopard9A260)
<rdar://problem/4718046> Leopard9A259: Backtraces in crash reports are not getting symbolicated
<rdar://problem/4714894> dyld should get rosetta process name from standard location

dyld-66.1 (Leopard9A259)
Fix for build breakage with Libc-436

Preliminary shared cache support
<rdar://problem/4109087> <mach-o/dyld_gdb.h> is in Darwin but not Dev Tools package
<rdar://problem/4710378> export shared range regions for gdb
<rdar://problem/4697552> __pthread_tsd_first appears to be initialized too late in dyld
<rdar://problem/4589305> don't use @executable_path or fallback searching in setuid programs

dyld-65.1 (Leopard9A252)
fix B&I build failure with Libc-435

dyld-65 (Leopard9A247)
<rdar://problem/4653725> jump table entry at end of segment can crash
<rdar://problem/4644563> Mathematica 5.2 (64-bit MathKernel) always crashes on 9A229
<rdar://problem/4088447> dlsym man page needs to be more specific about RTLD_DEFAULT
<rdar://problem/4092461> Change wording in SEARCHING section in dlopen man page
<rdar://problem/4560992> Man page for dyld has misspelling: cheep
<rdar://problem/4579459> dyld(3) man page should point to Mach-O Programming Topics URL

dyld-64 (Leopard9A224)
<rdar://problem/4620487> No man page for dlopen_preflight(3)
<rdar://problem/4363960> dyld lazy binding of fast stubs is not completely thread safe
<rdar://problem/4628677> remove use of load_shared_file()

dyld-63 (Leopard9A215)
<rdar://problem/4530861> Would like way to quiet dynamic loader
<rdar://problem/4513256> deprecated old APIs for Leopard
<rdar://problem/4590713> NSCreateObjectFileImageFromMemory crashes when image is a MH_EXECUTABLE

dyld-62.1 (Leopard9A206)
<rdar://problem/4598215> prebound old stubs failure prevents uTest from running on i386

dyld-62 (Leopard9A202)
<rdar://problem/4589041> an image with an open non-zero base address does not load more efficiently
<rdar://problem/4590567> Leopard9A190: NSAddImage() crashes when called from x86_64 process
<rdar://problem/4578484> /usr/lib/libAPSimple.dylib: mmap error
<rdar://problem/4557971> need to force interposing for rosetta processes

dyld-61 (Leopard9A179)
<rdar://problem/4528739> dyld calls close(-1)
<rdar://problem/4506173> _stub_binding_helper_interface isn't using movdqa
<rdar://problem/4548652> dyld tries to mmap 0 size segments and fails with conforming mmap
<rdar://problem/4536652> Load dyld above 4GB for x86-64
Move apple parameters on stack when DYLD_ variables are removed

dyld-60 (Leopard9A160)
<rdar://problem/4379896> Suresec #203: dyld environment with suid binaries
<rdar://problem/4148690> SureSec si#187 linker: environment variables
<rdar://problem/3915210> print warning message if DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES is set (then ignored) for a setuid/setgid program
<rdar://problem/4359815> dyld's disableIfBadUser() routine can fail for constant strings

dyld-59 (Leopard9A156)
<rdar://problem/4452274> ER: dlopen_preflight()

dyld-58 (Leopard9A154)
<rdar://problem/3827070> implement RTLD_SELF
<rdar://problem/4045952> better handling of open() errors
<rdar://problem/4198200> would like dlopen(RTLD_FIRST) so that dlsym variant that does not search dependent libraries
<rdar://problem/4508801> dyld needs to adopt to Unix conformance changes
<rdar://problem/4507650> Crash on Leopard9A146 when GC rejects loading a library on Intel

dyld-57 (Leopard9A144)
<rdar://problem/4423668> pthread tsd entries doubly owned by DYLD and Libsystem... (Leopard)
<rdar://problem/4492351> dyld should automatically stop using the shared region if unavailable
<rdar://problem/4494723> If instantiateFromLoadedImage fails, dyld crashes
<rdar://problem/4494725> isCompatibleMachO needs to know about x86-64

dyld-56 (Leopard9A140)
<rdar://problem/3908479> 64-bit dyld should load at around the last 4G - not in the first 4G
<rdar://problem/4486559> 64 bit: app crashes immediately if -pagezero_size >= 0x0ffffffff
<rdar://problem/4486804> dyld needs to build for x86-64
<rdar://problem/4149233> dyld_debug API shim has leak
<rdar://problem/4490848> dyld does not slide properly on Intel

dyld-55 (Leopard9A138)
<rdar://problem/4430145> dlopen() should fail if bundle has objc code incompatible with runtime environment
<rdar://problem/4340954> libdyld: make non-POSIX header definitions visible when _POSIX_C_SOURCE is defined
<rdar://problem/4393607> A flat_namespace image with a reference to an internal private_extern should resolve immediately
<rdar://problem/4401777> dlopen() man page is missing RTLD_NOLOAD and RTLD_NODELETE
<rdar://problem/4427324> _CFExecutableLinkedOnOrAfter() fails on 64 bit
<rdar://problem/4442283> dyld needs to support x86-64

dyld-54 (Leopard9A80)
<rdar://problem/4030730> remove ppc64 workarounds for fixed bugs
<rdar://problem/4051922> Memory error in removePathWithPrefix()
<rdar://problem/4258921> dyld does not properly swap CPU subtype from fat file header
<rdar://problem/4361806> dyld does not compile for open source
<rdar://problem/4363188> ADOBE XCODE 2.2: ZeroLink can cause wrong typeinfos to be used
Sync with Chardonnay (except for 4313830 and 4215516)

dyld-53 (Leopard9A42)
<rdar://problem/4254657> Add -fno-exceptions to Release target of libdyld
<rdar://problem/4326451> Wrong number of seconds reported by DYLD_PRINT_STATISTICS on Intel

dyld-52 (Leopard9Axxx)
<rdar://problem/4172797> dyld changes for new libstdc++ project

dyld-51 (Clueless)
<rdar://problem/3866740> STD:VSX: dlclose() should return non-zero value on failure.
<rdar://problem/3944469> STD:BUILD: dyld references non-conforming member name for PPC64
<rdar://problem/4116234> The gdb list of images should be updated before dyld bases and binds each image
<rdar://problem/3916854> interposing does not handle stacking/nesting of interposing functions
<rdar://problem/4090063> use of DYLD_INTERPOSE() causes compiler warnings with -std=c99 -pedantic
<rdar://problem/3992272> SWB: dyld-32 fails to link using 4.0 compiler (gcc-4042) on Tiger8A371

dyld-50 (Leopard9Axxx)
Convert to build with gcc-4.0
<rdar://problem/3992272> SWB: dyld-32 fails to link using 4.0 compiler (gcc-4042) on Tiger8A371


dyld-46.16 (Mac OS X 10.4.11) 
<rdar://problem/5146059&5334400> raise bail out limit in update_prebinding to 100 errors

<rdar://problem/5334280> [SUIncaSoho] update_prebinding can only handle 2MB of ppc unprebound dylibs on intel
<rdar://problem/5146059&5334400> update_prebinding fails if a prebound dylib depends on a non-prebound dylib

<rdar://problem/4814545&5260830> prebinding zeroes out files if an error occurs (such as no vm space left)
<rdar://problem/4948045&5257758> Rare & unknown root cause: Corruption of Kerberos framework during SU

<rdar://problem/4975286> dyld crashes starting threaded program
<rdar://problem/5050570> 10.4.9 Regression: SuTiNovi8P132: update_prebinding never reaches steady state
<rdar://problem/5116499> 10.4.9 Regression: SuTiNovi8P132: update_prebinding never reaches steady state
<rdar://problem/5160205> [SUTiSoHo] update_prebinding crashes when a weak linked dylib is missing
<rdar://problem/5165777> [SUIncaSoHo] update_prebinding crashes when a weak linked dylib is missing

<rdar://problem/4898960> 10.4.9 Regression: Math Kernel crash with TiNovi 8P114

<rdar://problem/4642940> dyld's x86_64 support should be open source
<rdar://problem/4604221> 10.4.x: an image with an open non-zero base address does not load more efficiently
<rdar://problem/4864380> [SUTiNovi] A flat_namespace image with a reference to an internal private_extern should resolve immediately
<rdar://problem/4870982> [SUTiNovi] 10.4.8 regression: ppc X program segmentation fault in 10.4.8, worked in 10.4.7
<rdar://problem/4765099> [SUIncaNovi] 10.4.8 regression: ppc X program segmentation fault in 10.4.8, worked in 10.4.7
<rdar://problem/4864373> [SUIncaNovi] A flat_namespace image with a reference to an internal private_extern should resolve immediately

<rdar://problem/4787033> dyld-46.9 fails to build in Nicoya

dyld-46.9 (Inca8K...)
<rdar://problem/4653725> jump table entry at end of segment can crash

dyld-46.8 (Inca8K1073)
<rdar://problem/4645490> Mathematica 5.2 (64-bit MathKernel) always crashes on Inca

dyld-46.7 (Inca8K1072)
<rdar://problem/4622201> dyld lazy binding of fast stubs is not completely thread safe

dyld-46.6 (Inca8K1061)
<rdar://problem/4607261> Inca: don't write warning to stderr for setuid binaries

dyld-46.5 (Inca8K1059)
<rdar://problem/4598215> prebound old stubs failure prevents uTest from running on i386

dyld-46.4 (Inca8K1057)
<rdar://problem/4590567> NSAddImage() crashes when called from x86_64 process
<rdar://problem/4589041> an image with an open non-zero base address does not load more efficiently

dyld-46.3 (Inca8K1054)
<rdar://problem/4557971> need to force interposing for rosetta processes
re-enable setuid security fixes for 4525062 and 4525053

dyld-46.2 (Inca8K1046)
<rdar://problem/4551683> Adobe CS2 no longer launches
<rdar://problem/4536652> Load dyld above 4GB for x86-64

dyld-46.1 (Inca8K1040)
rdar://problem/4538177 dyld does not slide on x86_64

dyld-46 (Inca...)
re-enable x86_64

dyld-45.3 (SUSecurity )
<rdar://problem/4607244> *SecUpd: Chardonnay* don't write warning to stderr for setuid binaries
<rdar://problem/4607243> *SecUpd: Tiger* don't write warning to stderr for setuid binaries

dyld-45.2 (SUSecurity )
<rdar://problem/4525062> *SecUpd: Chardonnay* SureSec si#187 remove all DYLD_ env vars for setuid binaries
<rdar://problem/4148690> *SecUpd: Tiger* SureSec si#187 remove all DYLD_ env vars for setuid binaries
<rdar://problem/4525053> *SecUpd: Chardonnay* Suresec #203: don't use $HOME with suid binaries
<rdar://problem/4379896> *SecUpd: Tiger* Suresec #203: don't use $HOME with suid binaries

dyld-45.1 (SUTiLondon...)
back out <rdar://problem/4379896> Suresec #203: dyld environment with suid binaries [SUTi]

dyld-45 (SUTiLondon...)
<rdar://problem/4522929> sync all 10.4.x dyld trains
<rdar://problem/4320078> dyld fix for gcc-3.3 C++ needs to get in SU
<rdar://problem/4501854> 64-bit dlopen crashes when opening fat bundle
<rdar://problem/4148690> SureSec si#187 linker: environment variables [SUTi]
<rdar://problem/4379896> Suresec #203: dyld environment with suid binaries [SUTi]
<rdar://problem/4525062> SureSec si#187 linker: environment variables [SUChard]
<rdar://problem/4525053> Suresec #203: dyld environment with suid binaries [SUChard]

dyld-44.23 (Inca8...)
<rdar://problem/4498577> Crash using Core Image under Rosetta running InDesign CS2 w/ Magma Effects

dyld-44.22 (Inca8K1030)
<rdar://problem/4498515> Stub binding helper changes for FP args for x86-64

dyld-44.21 (Inca8K1030)
<rdar://problem/4497724> printf doesn't work for x86-64

dyld-44.20 (Inca8K1029)
<rdar://problem/4494725> isCompatibleMachO needs to know about x86-64

dyld-44.19 (Inca8J1028)
two small x86_64 fixes

dyld-44.18 (Inca8J1027)
<rdar://problem/4442283> dyld needs to support x86-64

dyld-44.17 (Chardonnay8G1152)
<rdar://problem/4381131> prebound fast stubs not ignored for flat_namespace dylibs

dyld-44.16 (Chardonnay8G1141)
<rdar://problem/4360528> Sherlock often crashes in dyld::bindLazySymbol on launch

dyld-44.15 (Chardonnay8G1137)
<rdar://problem/4356145> no apps can launch with /usr/lib/libMallocDebug.A.dylib on 8G1133

dyld-44.14 (Chardonnay8F1110)
<rdar://problem/4321820> System Integrity: changes needed for dyld

dyld-44.13 (Chardonnay8F1108)
<rdar://problem/4313830> pthread tsd entries doubly owned by DYLD and Libsystem... (Chardonnay)

dyld-44.12 (Chardonnay8F1108)
<rdar://problem/4318081> never pass shared_region_map_file_np() a zero-length region

dyld-44.11 (Chardonnay8F1104)
<rdar://problem/4303000> dyld launch code should special case if there is only one prebound image with weak exports

dyld-44.10 (Chardonnay8F1100)
<rdar://problem/4296378> dyld fails to link with Libc-391.1.13

dyld-44.9 (Chardonnay8F1093)
<rdar://problem/4212667> XCode2.1 + gcc 3.3 + C++ exception + Bundle Bug
<rdar://problem/4278103> low disk space code path executed with 44GB free

dyld-44.8 (Chardonnay8F1079)
<rdar://problem/4215516> dyld lazy binding code should use movdqa

dyld-44.7 (Chardonnay8B1072)
<rdar://problem/4247155> fix for rosetta crashes

dyld-44.6 (Chardonnay8B1072)
<rdar://problem/4179957> Optimizing system should only progress once

dyld-44.5 (Chardonnay8B1052)
<rdar://problem/4164559> New intel stub support

dyld-44.4 (Chardonnay8B1051)
<rdar://problem/4178195> Leopard 9A14: Finder crashes burning a CD
<rdar://problem/4186248> dyld lazy binding code needs to save/restore all possible register parameters
<rdar://problem/4172797> use new libstdc++-static

dyld-44.3 (Chardonnay8B1051)
<rdar://problem/4189498> dyld should recognize byte-swapped Mach-O files
<rdar://problem/4194105> dyld should only update prebound external relocations if they change

dyld-44.2 (SUTiDenver8F10) [Mac OS X 10.4.3]
<rdar://problem/4189935> Tiger breaks NSCreateObjectFileImageFromMemory with fat Mach-O
<rdar://problem/4139432> dyld does not load libraries correctly if matching install_name in /usr/lib
<rdar://problem/4153431> CrashTracer: ..269 crashes at com.adobe.Acrobat.framework: RunAcrobat + 424

dyld-44.1 (Chardonnay)
<rdar://problem/4132378> __attribute__ ((regparm (3), stdcall)) doesn't work for inter-image calls
<rdar://problem/4111112> dyld should automatically set DYLD_SHARED_REGION to avoid

dyld-44 (Chardonnay)
<rdar://problem/4170213> merge SUTiCambridge dyld and Karma dyld into Chardonnay

dyld-43.1 (SUTiCambridge8C20)  [Mac OS X 10.4.2]
Update open source APSL headers
<rdar://problem/4120834> update_prebinding should gracefully handle low disk space
<rdar://problem/4108674> prebinding should not change n_value of .obj_class_name symbols
<rdar://problem/4057081> dyld gets into infinite loop with dlsym if dylib dependencies contain loops
<rdar://problem/4072295> FilesBuster crashed in dyld
<rdar://problem/4104022> DYLD_ROOT_PATH crashes program if any component does not start with /
<rdar://problem/4104027> dyld writes past end of buffer when checking environment variables
<rdar://problem/4106921> dyld_image_removing notification never sent
<rdar://problem/4121907> ANN: DR020

dyld-43 (Tiger8A428)  [Mac OS X 10.4.0]
rdar://problem/4067311 PACE protected Mach-O apps crash under Tiger 8a420

dyld-42 (Tiger8A420)
rdar://problem/4058724 FileMaker JDBC extension does not work in Tiger

dyld-41 (Tiger8A417)
rdar://problem/4047633 Adobe Photoshop CS2: Scripting Save for Web runs out of memory unexpectedly when compared to 10.3.8.

dyld-40 (Tiger8A413)
rdar://problem/4047391 dyld no longer follow dependent libraries using dlopen

dyld-39 (Tiger8A406)
rdar://problem/4034570 DT P1: MATLAB R14sp2 does not run on Tiger
rdar://problem/4028274 DT P1: GLSLShowpieces crashes when built and run

dyld-38 (Tiger8A402)
rdar://problem/3820219	Tiger + MOTU Digital Performer + hit play = Digital Performer crashes
rdar://problem/3978682	If an excutable & a framework with the same base name are in the same folder, you get a dyld error if you use full path
rdar://problem/3987135	MATLAB unresolved symbol __XEditResPutWidgetInfo on Tiger
rdar://problem/4027813	dlsym man page documents unsupported RTDL_SELF

dyld-37 (Tiger8A399)
rdar://problem/4001668	Safari hang inside CFBundleDYLDGetSymbolByNameWithSearch in Flash plug-in upon opening
rdar://problem/3853454	dyld needs to call sys_icache_invalidate() after instruction fix-ups
rdar://problem/3984074	Soldier of Fortune II crashes at start of gameplay on Tiger8A36
rdar://problem/4008399	Malicious user can set Tiger dyld fallback paths in setuid process
rdar://problem/4021002	Aliens vs Predator II with latest update does not run

dyld-36 (Tiger8A393)
rdar://problem/3970385	[Tiger] 8A323: Aliens VS Predator 2 Freezes On Launch
rdar://problem/3839120	_dyld_get_image_header_containing_address returning NULL when it shouldn't
rdar://problem/3925105	update_prebinding crashes on /usr/lib/libnetsnmptrapd.5.dylib

dyld-35 (Tiger8A384)
rdar://problem/3984074	Soldier of Fortune II crashes at start of gameplay on Tiger8A367
rdar://problem/4003637	Typo blocks support of -init for 64-bits
rdar://problem/4003891	improve mmap() failure error msg

dyld-34 (Tiger8A381)
rdar://problem/3976215	dlopen() should look for a library with matching name and architecture	
rdar://problem/3978682  executable and dylibs can be confused
rdar://problem/3819111	dlopen() ignores LD_LIBRARY_PATH	
rdar://problem/3956709	Insufficient documentation for dlopen	

dyld-33 (Tiger8A379)
rdar://problem/3941826	8A340: Tron 2.0 does not launch	
rdar://problem/3848965	James Bond 007 Nightfire fails to launch	
rdar://problem/3947513	No One Lives Forever 2 crashes on Quit on Tiger8A347
rdar://problem/3779999	Spyhunter crashes upon launch on Tiger8A244	

dyld-32 (Tiger8A367)
rdar://problem/3974486	PowerMail launch fails: weak linking of library but not symbols	
rdar://problem/3974797	can update_prebinding only complain about stuff I actually have installed?
rdar://problem/3979715	synchronizing attribute name with section name	

dyld-31 (Tiger8A362)
rdar://problem/3958479	Third party "crash reporter" app backtraces have no symbols for our libraries/APIs
rdar://problem/3966025	add DYLD_INTERPOSE macro to an apple internal header
rdar://problem/3968283	For interposing support section-by-type and section-by-name	

dyld-30 (Tiger8A357)
rdar://problem/3947090  objc runtime / two-level namespace crash when using new interposing libMallocDebug or libgmalloc

dyld-29 (Tiger8A356)
rdar://problem/3960729  update_prebinding needs to fflush() every output line
rdar://problem/3960657  Why are my crashreporter logs all useless?

dyld-28 (Tiger8A354)
rdar://problem/3510780	_dyld_get_image_header_containing_address man page is wrong
rdar://problem/3798074	STD: dlclose() does not unload bundles	
rdar://problem/3882857	dyld no longer finds framework file if not in Framework hierarchy
rdar://problem/3898206	dlopen() does not support library searching as linkage at launch does
rdar://problem/3921479	dyld(1) should not document unimplemented env vars	
rdar://problem/3935714	Support RTLD_NODELETE	
rdar://problem/3942919	can't use _debug libSystem	

dyld-27 (Tiger8A350)
rdar://problem/3902088  update_prebinding needs to provide progress information

dyld-26 (Tiger8A348)
rdar://problem/3943033  hang upon boot, permissions and startup thrash

dyld-25 (Tiger8A347)
rdar://problem/3916220  Main executable unmapped 
rdar://problem/3812732  Microsoft Error Reporting crashes on Tiger  
rdar://problem/3943349  dyld project should install mach-o/dyld_debug.h
rdar://problem/3943546  mach-o/dyld_debug.h should be deprecated
rdar://problem/3933738  use getsectdatafromheader_64

dyld-24 (Tiger8A345)
rdar://problem/3941688  update_prebinding needs a --dry-run option

rdar://problem/3799069  Need coalescing across dylibs
rdar://problem/3859973  problem with weaklink using darwine
rdar://problem/3938167  dyld does not work with XLF generated binaries and provided libraries
rdar://problem/3935377  STD: dyld needs to include sys/time.h and sys/types.h
rdar://problem/3930361  STD: dyld must create a stub for ___fegetfltrounds
rdar://problem/3934712	STD:VSX: more dlfcn.h namespace issues

dyld-22.5 (Tiger8A340)
rdar://problem/3788633	MatLab 7.0 fails to launch on Tiger8A246	
rdar://problem/3919674	prebound flat-namespace libraries are bound wrong

rdar://problem/3915914  make update_prebinding more robust

dyld-22.3 (Tiger8A333)
rdar://problem/3920720  dyld missing symbols because Xcode not add -fvisibility=hidden

dyld-22.2 (Tiger8A330)
rdar://problem/3909873 crashes with symbol not found

rdar://problem/3908248  Crash in apps when launched from MallocDebug (BlockMove symbol not found if DYLD_FORCE_FLAT_NAMESPACE is set)

dyld-22 (Tiger8A325)
rdar://problem/3903866  reduce LINKEDIT page usage by better use of two-level hints
rdar://problem/3884004	Libraries can be half-baked if an error occurs during their first use	
rdar://problem/3899047	interposing doesn't work on 8A317 with dyld-21	
rdar://problem/3514720	Adobe bundle kernel panics system	

dyld-21 (Tiger8A322)
rdar://problem/3745562	Support two-level interposing with insert libraries (malloc-debug)
rdar://problem/3892061	8A316: Selecting any application in Finder in the column view crashes finder
rdar://problem/3894540	DYLD_PRINT_SEGMENTS no longer works on 8A317	

dyld-20 (Tiger8A317)
rdar://problem/32957877	Support @loader_path in dylib commands
rdar://problem/33837173	need SPI to set fallback symbol lookup
rdar://problem/33891778	dyld (__DATA,__dyld) function pointers should drift as little as possible
Fix issue with new prebinding overwriting symlinks

dyld-19 (Tiger8A315)
rdar://problem/3823664 dyld reports corrupt executable
rdar://problem/3847571 dyld submission number should be embedded in dyld
rdar://problem/3865141 dyld_all_image_infos should contain bit that says if process is using the shared region
rdar://problem/3884103 dyld needs to use -msoft-float for ppc64
rdar://problem/3886337 PPC_RELOC_PB_LA_PTR not recognized by ppc64 
Clean up/document dyld-gdb interface

dyld-18.3 (prebinding sideworld build)
prebinding enhancements

dyld-18.2 (Tiger8A306)
rdar://problem/3782982 Fix for Macromedia apps (Flash 7.2)

rdar://problem/3864644 DVD player crash (loading memory based bundle)

dyld-18 (Tiger8A303)
rdar://problem/3866877 STD:VSX dlsym() faults when passed a bad handle.
rdar://problem/3862043 typo in dyld function name
rdar://problem/3857000 dyld should limit its exported symbols
rdar://problem/3835208 want better error message for incompatible libraries
dyld now built with dead-code-stripping
better launch performance when hundreds of libraries are used
more bug fixes in update_prebinding in dyld

dyld-17.1 (Tiger8A301)
rdar://problem/3672757 initial implementation of update_prebinding in dyld
rdar://problem/3847376 dyld does not slide itself properly (partial fix)
rdar://problem/3843028 STD: make dlfcn.h posix compliant
rdar://problem/3856182 STD: add includes
rdar://problem/3782982 infrastructure work on compatibility for Macromedia apps
Other 64-bit tweaks

dyld-16.1 (Tiger8A296)
rdar://problem/3768530 dyld should adopt shared_region_map_file_np() 

dyld-15 (Gordian 64-bit side world build only)
rdar://problem/3834744 64-bit dyld needs to handle mh->cputype != host_info cputype
Other 64-bit clean ups

dyld-14 (Tiger8A280)
rdar://problem/3811777 Deadlock in dyld code, seen in Merlin and Mail
rdar://problem/3793075 Update to fix: DVD Player crashes at launch with disc in drive
rdar://problem/3830560 Don't let gcc-3.5 optimize away send_event
rdar://problem/3826169 Update dlfcn.h header to Apple header and acknowledge Peter and Jorge
rdar://problem/3793861 Update dlopen(3) man page to reflect new implementation
rdar://problem/3559013 libdyld.a needs to build for ppc64	
Deprecated 10 APIs

dyld-13 (Gordian 64-bit side world build only)
rdar://problem/3560664 Add ppc64 support
rdar://problem/3819144 Opening PDF in Safari crashes 
rdar://problem/3793861 Update dlopen man pages
rdar://problem/3765271 Build with gcc-3.5 
rdar://problem/3762685 Make own prototype for task_self_trap() 
rdar://problem/3799467 Mozilla tries to open a dylib using a bundle API
rdar://problem/3812263 Add dyld SPI so Shark can interpose lazy pointer lookup
Added emacs major-mode and tab-width directives

dyld-12.4 (Tiger8A271)
tweak so dyld can use libc.a built with long double support

dyld-12.3 (no-build)
rdar://problem/3765271 switch dyld to build with gcc-3.5

dyld-12.2 (Tiger8A265)
rdar://problem/3793075 DVD Player crashes at launch with disc in drive

dyld-12.1 (Tiger8A255)
rdar://problem/3749360 a flat lookup needs to search everywhere and not short-circuit to own image 

dyld-12 (Tiger8A231)
rdar://problem/3751226 make dyld thread safe (libdyld.a should come from new dyld project)
rdar://problem/3654650 integrate dlopen() and friends into dyld

dyld-11.3 (Tiger8A225)
rdar://problem/3751226 NSAddImage() with leaf name doesn't use fallback path

dyld-11.1 (Tiger8A223)

dyld-11 (Tiger8A220)
rdar://problem/3684168 prevent DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH from causing circular reference when two dylib have same leaf name 
rdar://problem/3698212 implement _dyld_launched_prebound()
rdar://problem/3696924 suppport frameworks without symlink to current version
rdar://problem/3692136 Support DYLD_PRINT_LIBRARIES_POST_LAUNCH
rdar://problem/3685517 make find-image-for-address faster via caching
rdar://problem/3661976 -force_flat_namespace should disable prebinding
rdar://problem/3702311 make dyld's __TEXT read-only
rdar://problem/3669059 do cpu sub-type checking on thin files
rdar://problem/3696002 Support C++ vague linkage that resolves internally
rdar://problem/3725847 run initializers in inserted libraries
rdar://problem/3731063 pass arc/argv to initializers
rdar://problem/3731100 don't write on __dyld section unless necessary
rdar://problem/3731633 use mmap() instead of map_fd()
rdar://problem/3676934 don't double read first page of images, use pread()
rdar://problem/3725372 ignore environment variables for setuid binaries

dyld-10.2 (Tiger8A157)
rdar://problem/3668765 Macromedia apps don't launch

dyld-10.1 (Tiger8A156)
rdar://problem/3691952 Fix-n-continue broke in Objective-C

dyld-10 (Tiger8A148)
rdar://problem/3686995 implement dyld_call_module_initializers_for_dylib and do parameter sanity checking of module parameters
rdar://problem/3674139 Make @executable_path work when main executable is a symlink
rdar://problem/3688719 Support CW built binaries built with -data_before

rdar://problem/3682744 GoLive crash (NSIsSymbolDefinedWithHint should try harder)
rdar://problem/3660691 iTunes crash with partial plugin
rdar://problem/3684167 DYLD_IMAGE_SUFFIX broke
rdar://problem/3672670 Fix uninitialized variable in objc hook

dyld-8 (Tiger8A144)
rdar://problem/3680627 handle weaklib when prebound
rdar://problem/3672670 new hook for objc 

dyld-7 (Tiger8A141)
rdar://problem/3669059 Support cpu-sub-type selection
rdar://problem/3675131 allow text relocations
rdar://problem/3675614 fix lazy pointer usage in termination routines
rdar://problem/3673658 Allow NSUnLinkModule to be called with NULL

dyld-6 (Tiger8A139)
rdar://problem/3649313 clean up <mach-o/dyld.h>
rdar://problem/3661976 support MH_FORCE_FLAT
rdar://problem/3659666 DYLD_FORCE_FLAT_NAMESPACE should disable prebinding
Better error reporting
Faster flat namespace lookups
Better implementation of NSLinkEditError

dyld-5 (Tiger8A135)
rdar://problem/3665738 fix binding of private_extern within multi-module libs
rdar://problem/3667763 use hints supplied in APIs
Set error_string for CrashReporter
Better error message when library can't be found
Properly use ZeroLink bundle notifier

dyld-4 (Tiger8A133)
rdar://problem/3663433 allmemory shows 8000 pages are missing

rdar://problem/3659408 Proper searching in umbrellas
rdar://problem/3657040 Better error messages when symbols not found
rdar://problem/3657197 Add ~/Library/Frameworks to fallback path
Initial CrashReporter support

dyld-2 (Tiger8A132)
Support: NSNameOfSymbol, NSModuleForSymbol, NSLibraryNameForModule, and NSMakePrivateModulePublic
Add more functionality to DYLD_IGNORE_PREBINDING environment variable

Initial submission of dyld rewrite.