libproc_apple.h   [plain text]

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#ifdef	__cplusplus
extern "C" {
 * This file exists to expose the innards of ps_prochandle.
 * We cannot place this in libproc.h, because it refers to
 * CoreSymbolication and mach specific classes and types.
 * The Apple emulation of /proc control requires access to
 * this structure.

struct ps_proc_activity_event {
	rd_event_msg_t rd_event;
	struct ps_proc_activity_event* next;
	bool synchronous;
	volatile bool destroyed;
	pthread_mutex_t synchronous_mutex;
	pthread_cond_t synchronous_cond;
struct ps_prochandle {
	pstatus_t status;
	CSSymbolicatorRef symbolicator;
	uint32_t current_symbol_owner_generation;
	rd_event_msg_t rd_event;
	struct ps_proc_activity_event* proc_activity_queue;
	uint32_t proc_activity_queue_enabled;
	pthread_mutex_t proc_activity_queue_mutex;
	pthread_cond_t proc_activity_queue_cond;
#ifdef  __cplusplus

#endif  /* _LIBPROC_APPLE_H */