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/* The versions applicable by section are:
                       DWARF2    DWARF3
 .debug_info             2         3
 .debug_abbrev           -         -
 .debug_frame            1         3
 .debug_str              -         -
 .debug_loc              -         -
 .debug_line             2         3
 .debug_aranges          2         2
 .debug_ranges           x         -
 .debug_pubtypes         x         2
 .debug_pubnames         2         2
 .debug_macinfo          -         -

#include <stddef.h>

struct Dwarf_Die_s {
       Points to the start of the portion corresponding to this Die in 
       the .debug_info section. */
    Dwarf_Byte_Ptr di_debug_info_ptr;

    Dwarf_Abbrev_List di_abbrev_list;

    /* Points to cu context for this die.  */
    Dwarf_CU_Context di_cu_context;

struct Dwarf_Attribute_s {
    Dwarf_Half ar_attribute;	/* Attribute Value. */
    Dwarf_Half ar_attribute_form;	/* Attribute Form. */
    Dwarf_Half ar_attribute_form_direct;
	        /* Identical to ar_attribute_form except that if
		the original form uleb was DW_FORM_indirect,
		ar_attribute_form_direct contains DW_FORM_indirect
		but ar_attribute_form contains the true form. */

    Dwarf_CU_Context ar_cu_context;
    Dwarf_Small *ar_debug_info_ptr;
    Dwarf_Attribute ar_next;

    This structure provides the context for a compilation unit.  
    Thus, it contains the Dwarf_Debug, cc_dbg, that this cu
    belongs to.  It contains the information in the compilation 
    unit header, cc_length, cc_version_stamp, cc_abbrev_offset,
    and cc_address_size, in the .debug_info section for that cu.  
    In addition, it contains the count, cc_count_cu, of the cu 
    number of that cu in the list of cu's in the .debug_info.  
    The count starts at 1, ie cc_count_cu is 1 for the first cu, 
    2 for the second and so on.  This struct also contains a 
    pointer, cc_abbrev_table, to a list of pairs of abbrev code 
    and a pointer to the start of that abbrev 
    in the .debug_abbrev section.

    Each die will also contain a pointer to such a struct to 
    record the context for that die.  
    **Updated by dwarf_next_cu_header in dwarf_die_deliv.c
struct Dwarf_CU_Context_s {
    Dwarf_Debug cc_dbg;
    Dwarf_Word cc_length;
    Dwarf_Small cc_length_size;
    Dwarf_Small cc_extension_size;
    Dwarf_Half cc_version_stamp;
    Dwarf_Sword cc_abbrev_offset;
    Dwarf_Small cc_address_size;
    Dwarf_Word cc_debug_info_offset;
    Dwarf_Byte_Ptr cc_last_abbrev_ptr;
    Dwarf_Hash_Table cc_abbrev_hash_table;
    Dwarf_CU_Context cc_next;
    unsigned char cc_offset_length;

struct Dwarf_Debug_s {
    dwarf_elf_handle de_elf; /* see de_elf_must_close at end of struct */

    Dwarf_Unsigned de_access;
    Dwarf_Handler de_errhand;
    Dwarf_Ptr de_errarg;

       Context for the compilation_unit just read by a call to
       dwarf_next_cu_header. **Updated by dwarf_next_cu_header in
       dwarf_die_deliv.c */
    Dwarf_CU_Context de_cu_context;

       Points to linked list of CU Contexts for the CU's already read.
       These are only CU's read by dwarf_next_cu_header(). */
    Dwarf_CU_Context de_cu_context_list;

       Points to the last CU Context added to the list by
       dwarf_next_cu_header(). */
    Dwarf_CU_Context de_cu_context_list_end;

       This is the list of CU contexts read for dwarf_offdie().  These
       may read ahead of dwarf_next_cu_header(). */
    Dwarf_CU_Context de_offdie_cu_context;
    Dwarf_CU_Context de_offdie_cu_context_end;

    /* Offset of last byte of last CU read. */
    Dwarf_Word de_info_last_offset;

       Number of bytes in the length, and offset field in various
       .debug_* sections.  It's not very meaningful, and is
       only used in one 'approximate' calculation.  */
    Dwarf_Small de_length_size;

    /* number of bytes in a pointer of the target in various .debug_
       sections. 4 in 32bit, 8 in MIPS 64, ia64. */
    Dwarf_Small de_pointer_size;

    /* set at creation of a Dwarf_Debug to say if form_string should be 
       checked for valid length at every call. 0 means do the check.
       non-zero means do not do the check. */
    Dwarf_Small de_assume_string_in_bounds;

       Dwarf_Alloc_Hdr_s structs used to manage chunks that are
       malloc'ed for each allocation type for structs. */
    struct Dwarf_Alloc_Hdr_s de_alloc_hdr[ALLOC_AREA_REAL_TABLE_MAX];
    struct simple_malloc_record_s *  de_simple_malloc_base;
    struct simple_malloc_record_s *  de_simple_malloc_current;

       These fields are used to process debug_frame section.  **Updated 
       by dwarf_get_fde_list in dwarf_frame.h */
       Points to contiguous block of pointers to Dwarf_Cie_s structs. */
    Dwarf_Cie *de_cie_data;
    /* Count of number of Dwarf_Cie_s structs. */
    Dwarf_Signed de_cie_count;
       Points to contiguous block of pointers to Dwarf_Fde_s structs. */
    Dwarf_Fde *de_fde_data;
    /* Count of number of Dwarf_Fde_s structs. */
    Dwarf_Signed de_fde_count;

    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_info;
    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_abbrev;
    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_line;
    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_loc;
    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_aranges;
    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_macinfo;
    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_pubnames;
    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_str;
    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_frame;
    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_pubtypes; /* DWARF3 .debug_pubtypes */
    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_frame_eh_gnu;	/* gnu for the g++ eh_frame
					   section */

    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_funcnames;
    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_typenames; /* SGI IRIX extension essentially
			identical to DWARF3 .debug_pubtypes. */
    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_varnames;
    Dwarf_Small *de_debug_weaknames;

    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_info_size;
    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_abbrev_size;
    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_line_size;
    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_loc_size;
    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_aranges_size;
    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_macinfo_size;
    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_pubnames_size;
    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_str_size;
    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_pubtypes_size; /* DWARF3 .debug_pubtypes*/

    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_frame_size;

    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_frame_size_eh_gnu;	/* gnu for the g++
					   eh_frame section */

    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_funcnames_size;
    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_typenames_size;
    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_varnames_size;
    Dwarf_Unsigned de_debug_weaknames_size;

    void *(*de_copy_word) (void *, const void *, size_t);
    unsigned char de_same_endian;
    unsigned char de_elf_must_close; /* if non-zero, then
	it was dwarf_init (not dwarf_elf_init)
	so must elf_end() */

       The following are used for storing section indicies.

       After a Dwarf_Debug is initialized, a zero for any of
       these indicies indicates an absent section.

       If the ELF spec is ever changed to permit 32-bit section
       indicies, these will need to be changed.
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_aranges_index;
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_line_index;
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_loc_index;
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_macinfo_index;
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_pubnames_index;
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_funcnames_index;
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_typenames_index;
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_varnames_index;
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_weaknames_index;
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_frame_index;
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_frame_eh_gnu_index;
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_str_index;
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_info_index;
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_abbrev_index;
    Dwarf_Half de_debug_pubtypes_index; /* DWARF3 .debug_pubtypes */

    /* Default is DW_FRAME_INITIAL_VALUE from header. */
    Dwarf_Half de_frame_rule_initial_value;  

    /* Default is   DW_FRAME_LAST_REG_NUM. */
    Dwarf_Half de_frame_reg_rules_entry_count; 

    unsigned char de_big_endian_object; /* non-zero if big-endian
		object opened. */

typedef struct Dwarf_Chain_s *Dwarf_Chain;
struct Dwarf_Chain_s {
    void *ch_item;
    Dwarf_Chain ch_next;


    /* Size of cu header version stamp field. */
#define CU_VERSION_STAMP_SIZE   sizeof(Dwarf_Half)

    /* Size of cu header address size field. */
#define CU_ADDRESS_SIZE_SIZE	sizeof(Dwarf_Small)

void *_dwarf_memcpy_swap_bytes(void *s1, const void *s2, size_t len);

#define DISTINGUISHED_VALUE  0xffffffff

    We don't load the sections until they are needed. This function is
    used to load the section.
int _dwarf_load_section(Dwarf_Debug,
			Dwarf_Small **,
			Dwarf_Error *);