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Dwarf_Ptr _dwarf_get_alloc(Dwarf_Debug, Dwarf_Small, Dwarf_Unsigned);
Dwarf_Debug _dwarf_get_debug(void);
Dwarf_Debug _dwarf_setup_debug(Dwarf_Debug);
int _dwarf_free_all_of_one_debug(Dwarf_Debug);

typedef struct Dwarf_Alloc_Area_s *Dwarf_Alloc_Area;
typedef struct Dwarf_Free_List_s *Dwarf_Free_List;


    This struct is used to chain all the deallocated
    structs on the free list of each chain.  The structs
    are chained internally, by using the memory they
struct Dwarf_Free_List_s {
    Dwarf_Free_List fl_next;

    This struct is used to manage all the chunks malloc'ed
    for a particular alloc_type.  Many of the fields are
    initialized by dwarf_init().
struct Dwarf_Alloc_Hdr_s {

    /* Count of actual number of structs user app holds pointers to
       currently. */
    Dwarf_Sword ah_struct_user_holds;

       Size of each struct that will be allocated for this alloc_type.
       Initialized by dwarf_init(). */
    Dwarf_Half ah_bytes_one_struct;

       Number of structs of this alloc_type that will be contained in
       each chunk that is malloc'ed. Initialized by dwarf_init(). */
    Dwarf_Word ah_structs_per_chunk;

       Number of bytes malloc'ed per chunk which is basically
       (ah_bytes_one_struct+_DWARF_RESERVE) * ah_alloc_num. */
    Dwarf_Word ah_bytes_malloc_per_chunk;

    /* Count of chunks currently allocated for type. */
    Dwarf_Sword ah_chunks_allocated;

       Points to a chain of Dwarf_Alloc_Area_s structs that represent
       all the chunks currently allocated for the alloc_type. */
    Dwarf_Alloc_Area ah_alloc_area_head;

    /* Last Alloc Area that was allocated by malloc. The
       free-space-search area looks here first and only if it is full
       goes thru the list pointed to by ah_alloc_area_head. */
    Dwarf_Alloc_Area ah_last_alloc_area;

    This struct is used to manage each chunk that is
    malloc'ed for a particular alloc_type.  For each
    allocation type, the allocation header points to
    a list of all the chunks malloc'ed for that type.
struct Dwarf_Alloc_Area_s {

    /* Points to the free list of structs in the chunk. */
    Dwarf_Ptr aa_free_list;

       Count of the number of free structs in the chunk. This includes
       both those on the free list, and in the blob. */
    Dwarf_Sword aa_free_structs_in_chunk;

       Points to the first byte of the blob from which struct will be
       allocated.  A struct is put on the free_list only when it
       dwarf_deallocated.  Initial allocations are from the blob. */
    Dwarf_Small *aa_blob_start;

    /* Points just past the last byte of the blob. */
    Dwarf_Small *aa_blob_end;

    /* Points to alloc_hdr this alloc_area is linked to: The owner, in 
       other words. */
    Dwarf_Alloc_Hdr aa_alloc_hdr;

       Used for chaining Dwarf_Alloc_Area_s atructs. Alloc areas are
       doubly linked to enable deletion from the list in constant time. */
    Dwarf_Alloc_Area aa_next;
    Dwarf_Alloc_Area aa_prev;

struct Dwarf_Error_s *_dwarf_special_no_dbg_error_malloc(void);

   DWARF_SIMPLE_MALLOC is for testing the hypothesis that the existing
   complex malloc scheme in libdwarf is pointless complexity.

   DWARF_SIMPLE_MALLOC also makes it easy for a malloc-tracing
   tool to verify libdwarf malloc has no botches (though of course
   such does not test the complicated standard-libdwarf-alloc code).


struct simple_malloc_entry_s {
    Dwarf_Small   *se_addr;
    unsigned long  se_size;
    short          se_type;
#define DSM_BLOCK_COUNT (1000)
#define DSM_BLOCK_SIZE (sizeof(struct simple_malloc_entry_s)*DSM_BLOCK_COUNT)

/* we do this so dwarf_dealloc can really free everything */
struct simple_malloc_record_s {
	struct simple_malloc_record_s *sr_next;
	int 			       sr_used;
	struct simple_malloc_entry_s   sr_entry[DSM_BLOCK_COUNT];