NEWS   [plain text]

March 29, 2006
  The March  27, 2006 version accomodates DWARF3.
  Some people have been using the library without
  altering dwarf.h, libdwarf.h to accomodate
  large numbers of registers.  This exposed a bug
  (an off-by-one error) but also makes it clear
  additional documentation is needed.  So 
  in libdwarf large new comments near 'TARGET DEPENDENCY'
  attempt to explain better.
Oct 03, 2005
  The July version had an incompatible interface: old
  dealloc code did not always work right. The incompatibility
  is now fixed and the new features remain.

July 15, 2005
  New optional alloc-check code optionally checks all
  allocated memory is freed (malloc_check.h malloc_check.c)
  Various new dealloc routines written as the previous approach
  of letting client code do detailed dealloc turned out not
  to dealloc all memory.
  To get the new checking you must manually change a line
  in malloc_check.h and rebuild libdwarf.

Mar 31, 2005
  Documented  the
  dependency and the 64bit-offset DWARF extension in

Mar 21, 2005
  gcc 3.3 and 3.4 .eh_frame 'z' augmentations are not handled
  correctly, so libdwarf gives an error when attempting to
  print such. gcc 2 'eh' augmentation is simpler and
  prints correctly.  (.eh_frame is a GNU section,
  not DWARF2/3, and what is recorded in .eh_frame is not
  specified by DWARF2/3, though .eh_frame does resemble
  DWARF2/3 .debug_frame).

Oct 28, 2004
  Updated contact address in copyright: SGI moved 1/4 mile
  in 2003 to a new address: 1500 Crittenden Lane.
  Documented additional vendor extensions.

Oct 27, 2004
  Added known vendor extensions to dwarf2/3 to dwarf.h
  HP, GNU, PGI and UPC extensions are now recorded.
  Recorded vendor extensions from Concurrent.

Feb 3, 2004
  If 'Dwarf_Word' is 64 bits, two macros reading leb numbers
  fail to initialize upper bits of the values read.
  First noticed with bogus line numbers printing from dwarfdump.
  Now we use already-existing functions, avoiding the problem.

Oct 02, 2003
  Support .debug_loc section fully.

Sept 29, 2003
  Support DW_FORM_indirect properly.
  Supports loclists in part (but not multiple loclist entries yet).
  Support 'padding bytes' at end of .debug_arange and
  .debug_pubnames and .debug_pubtypes per CU
  (recent dwarf committee email made it clear this is appropriate).

May 23, 2002
  Libdwarf now asks for sections only when they are
  used, so that unneeded sections aren't loaded.
  Support for using SGI's ELF library as an alternative to
  using AT&T libelf-style has been added (the SGI ELF
  library is presently only available internally to SGI).

Jan 10, 2002
  Fixed memory leak in dwarf_finish().

Aug 21, 2001
  If one called dwarf_add_file_decl()
  or dwarf_add_directory_decl() but never added a line,
  .debug_line was not produced.  This was a mistake,
  as if any file or directory was provided .debug_line
  should be produced. Now it is produced.

June 14, 2001
  Given a cu header offset, it was not easy to derive the
  CU header DIE offset. Created the new
  function dwarf_get_cu_die_offset_given_cu_header_offset()
  do get the CU header DIE offset.
  Added the function dwarf_get_arange_cu_header_offset()
  so the cu header offset could be retrieved from .debug_aranges

June 07, 2001
  Major bug in dwarf_leb.c decoding large integers 
  (Dwarf_Signed 64 bit where library is compiled in ILP32) 
  found and fixed.

May 21, 2001
  Some small fixes have been found by various folks,
  so it seems time to prepare a new source release.
  See ChangeLog for details.

April 15, 2000
  The libdwarf copyright has changed to
     version 2.1 of the GNU Lesser General Public License.
  Anyone holding a version of libdwarf that was published
  before this new copyright is allowed to use
    the copyright published in that earlier libdwarf source
    on the earlier source
  or to use 
    this new copyright on the earlier source,
  at their option.

December 08, 1999
  The dwarf committee has adopted the offset-extension
  proposal. This allows compatibly emitting
  dwarf with 64bit offsets.

  The dwarf reader now automatically figures out which is in use.
  The dwarf writer configures itself at the time the
  writer initialization routine is called, though
  the writer is restricted, at libdwarf 
  compile time, to one of
		mips/sgi pure 32/pure 64 offsets/pointers.

		32bit offsets only (per dwarf 2.0.0 and cygnus)

		32bit offsets with extension to 64bit offsets
		allowed (the offset-extension newly passed).
  In addition, a great deal of duplicate code
  for the sgi  .debug_weaknames, .debug_funcnames, 
  .debug_varnames and .debug_typenames sections has
  been removed: a single set of functions does the real work now.
Sept 29, 1999
  Just found out that cygnus is, on 64bit targets, generating
  32bit offsets (as elf32 has, for example) with 64 bit
  pointers (in references to text and data).
  Whereas sgi has always generated 64bit dwarf with
  64 bit offsets (as in elf64) and 64bit pointers for
  64bit pointer objects.
  I'll call the sgi approach 64-bit and the cygnus approach

  Cygnus is following the DWARF2 spec as written, so they are
  right in doing only 32bit-offsets.

  Folks at sgi (including me) think that, as for elf64,
  the offsets in dwarf for 64bit pointer-apps should be
  64 bits.  We think it is only a matter of time
  before we really *need* 64bit offsets and when that happens
  it will be on an important app.  Disk space is cheap,
  so lets just go 64 bit on 64bit apps (such as ia64 apps)
  to avoid a future problem.
  I( think the 'pointer-size' references in the dwarf
  spec were really written for 64-bit pointer apps.
  I don't recall serious consideration of 64bit pointer
  apps in the committee deliberations (I did miss
  a couple of meetings) and think 64bit offsets
  are consistent with dwarf2, even though the speci
  was not written for such. We think true full 64 bit
  dwarf2 is the right way to go (the spec changes
  are obvious: file and section offsets become 64bit
  with 64bit pointer objects.
  MIPS/SGI is definitely 64-bit offsets for 64 bit objects,
  cygnus is definitely 32bit-offsets for earlier 64bit pointer

  At any rate, now the dwarf reader allows and accomodates
  both and the dwarf producer also accomodates both.
  Some tweaking of the pro_init.c or dwarf_init_finish.c
  files may be necessary in future: no other changes should
  be needed to accomodate the two 64bit approaches, as
  the library (and dwarfdump) now deal with both forms.

August 20, 1999
  Added some #ifndef/#define to pro_util.h to let libdwarf build
  on more hosts.  (since those hosts don't need the producer
  code, AFAIK, zero values suffice for missing #defines.)

July 21, 1999
  Now reader transparently reads either-endianness data
  from an either-endianness object.
  Updated dwarf.h and libdwarf.h to recognize
  GNU egcs dwarf extensions and to print the egcs eh_frame

June 10, 1999
  gnu configure version of libdwarf made available for the
  first time.  
  Still allows only same-endian-as-host in objects.
August, 1994
  libdwarf source made available for ftp on

June, 1994
  Consumer interface changed completely, following
  "Candy Machine Interfaces" chapter from
   "Writing Solid Code" by Steve Maguire (Microsoft Press).

April,  1993
  Initial version of libdwarf  for dwarf version 2
  written at sgi.