COPYING   [plain text]

The files:
	and all the .h and .c files in this implementation of
	libdwarf are copyrighted according to the file

The dwarf documentation: and its postscript form and its
	indexes are copyright Unix International (UI is now defunct).  
        One presumes XOPEN owns the copyright now. In any case copying
	and revision without fee is permitted (see the
	copyright in the document).

The libdwarf documentation:
	are based on material submitted to the UI PLSIG as proposed
	interfaces for dwarf.  Copyright ownership is unclear, but
	it seems clear that the intent was there was to be free
	copying with no fees.

	These documents are substantial revisions, done at SGI, of
	previous libdwarf work.  

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$Revision: 1.2 $
$Date: 2001/01/16 17:08:36 $