dt_ld.h   [plain text]

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#ifndef	_DT_LD_H
#define	_DT_LD_H

#include <libctf.h>
#include <dtrace.h>

 #ifdef __cplusplus
 extern "C" {
void* dtrace_ld_create_dof(cpu_type_t cpu,             // [provided by linker] target architecture
                           unsigned int typeCount,     // [provided by linker] number of stability or typedef symbol names
                           const char* typeNames[],    // [provided by linker] stability or typedef symbol names
                           unsigned int probeCount,    // [provided by linker] number of probe or isenabled locations
                           const char* probeNames[],   // [provided by linker] probe or isenabled symbol names
                           const char* probeWithin[],  // [provided by linker] function name containing probe or isenabled
                           uint64_t offsetsInDOF[],    // [allocated by linker, populated by DTrace] per-probe offset in the DOF
                           size_t* size);               // [allocated by linker, populated by DTrace] size of the DOF)

char* dt_ld_encode_stability(char* provider_name, dt_provider_t* provider);
char* dt_ld_encode_typedefs(char* provider_name, dt_provider_t* provider);
char* dt_ld_encode_probe(char* provider_name, char* probe_name, dt_probe_t* probe);
char* dt_ld_encode_isenabled(char* provider_name, char* probe_name);

#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif	/* _DT_LD_H */