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Who - Who the Contributers are

   This is a record of contributors to the DTraceToolkit whose name isn't 
   already mentioned (such as in the source of a script). 

In alphabetical first-name order,

Adam Leventhal
	Location: CA, USA
	Blog:     http://blogs.sun.com/ahl
	wrote DTrace itself

Ben Rockwood
	Location: CA, USA
	Website:  http://www.cuddletech.com
	first encouraged the idea of DTrace oneliners

Brendan Gregg
	Location: Sydney, Australia
	Website:  http://www.brendangregg.com
	Email:    brendan.gregg@tpg.com.au (maybe, check the website above)
	Blog:     http://bdgregg.blogspot.com
	Notes:    Also see http://www.brendangregg.com/dtrace.html
	created toolkit, tools, manpages, example docs, notes docs, testing

Bryan Cantrill
	Location: CA, USA
	Blog:     http://blogs.sun.com/bmc
	wrote DTrace itself

David Rubio
	technical advice

James Dickens
	Location: WI, USA
	Blog:     http://uadmin.blogspot.com
	tool ideas and testing

Jonathan Adams
	Blog:     http://blogs.sun.com/jwadams
	wrote stacksize.d
Mike Shapiro
	Location: CA, USA
	Blog:     http://blogs.sun.com/mws
	wrote DTrace itself

Nathan Kroenert
	Location: Sydney, Australia
	thoughts on how to present tools

Richard McDougall
	Location: CA, USA
	Website:  http://www.solarisinternals.com
	Blog:     http://blogs.sun.com/rmc
	wrote pfilestat, vopstat

Ryan Matteson
	Location: USA
	Blog:     http://blogomatty.blogspot.com
	tool ideas and testing

Stefan Parvu
	Blog:     http://stefanparvu.blogspot.com
	suggestions, bug fixes, extensive testing

unknown Sun people
	wrote /usr/demo/dtrace tools, which some of the toolkit tools are
	based on. See "BASED ON" in source or man page, or try the following,
		cd Bin
		grep 'BASED ON' *
	for a list.