icmpstat_example.txt   [plain text]

The following is a demonstration of the icmpstat.d script,

Here we run it and catch an inbound ping,

   # icmpstat.d
   2005 Jul 25 23:05:39,
                          STATISTIC    VALUE
   2005 Jul 25 23:05:40,
                          STATISTIC    VALUE
                        icmpOutMsgs        1
                    icmpOutEchoReps        1
                        icmpInEchos        1
                         icmpInMsgs        1
   2005 Jul 25 23:05:41,
                          STATISTIC    VALUE

Files such as /usr/include/inet/mib2.h may explain each of the statistics.

The icmpstat.d is a simple demonstration of tracing ICMP activity. It may 
serve as the starting point for other scripts.