status-1.txt   [plain text]

description of distcc status indicators, version 1
Copyright (C) 2003 by Martin Pool


This file describes a mooted design for a mechanism for distcc to
indicate its status for the benefit of a separate display program.
This is an external protocol so that there can be different
implementations of status monitors to suit different purposes.  

The protocol is supposed to stay stable for some time to allow people
to write their own monitors.


The programming interface to this is through the functions in
mon.c/mon.h.  Monitor applications should not access the files


The state of a compiler process is described in a few variables

  cpid     Process ID of the client

  state    String describing its progress in compilation

  file     Short source filename

  host     Host definition being used

File or host may be empty strings if they are not yet known.


The following states are defined.  The list may change in later

In 2.6 the client progresses through these states in order, although
not all states may be reached by any particular process.

   Startup       Examining command line, host definition and other
                 settings, and finding a host to use. 

   Starved       Waiting because all defined hosts are completely busy. 

   Connect       Opening a TCP or SSH connection to the host and sending 
                 the first part of the request.
   Preprocessor  Waiting for the preprocessor to complete.

   Send          Sending the preprocessed source.

   Compile       Waiting for a local or remote compiler to complete.

   Receive       Receiving compilation results.