TODO   [plain text]

- Not all errors are in the message catalogue, eg.
rpc_s_protseq_not_supported is missing. Need to find and catalogue
all errors.

- Fix the IDL compiler so that [in] reference parameters are declared
as const.

- Clean up the installed headers so that we only include the ones
that are actually useful. We don't want to be installing cruft.

- Consider not installing the libtool .la files. Not sure what
impact this will have, probably should be OK.

- Implement SMB named pipe client module using the the SMBClient

- Implement ncacn_mach transport for local RPC. We need this so
that we can run the local services on well-known endpoints.

- Add launchd support to rpcd.

- Add instant-off support to the RPC runtime.

- Clean up dce_error_inq_text to use error_status_t and dce_error_string_t

- Fix CoreFoundation linking. This ought to only be linked with
libdce, not with every application.