ChangeLog   [plain text]

2008-08-31 14:12  yangtse

	* docs/examples/10-at-a-time.c, docs/examples/anyauthput.c,
	  docs/examples/fopen.c, docs/examples/ftpuploadresume.c,
	  lib/easy.c: MSVC adjustment

2008-08-30 22:23  bagder


	  165 - "Problem with CURLOPT_RESUME_FROM and CURLOPT_APPEND" by
	  Daniele Pinau,       recipe:

2008-08-30 06:13  yangtse

	*, vc6curl.dsw, docs/INSTALL: vc6curl.dsw and MSVC 6
	  IDE build directions

2008-08-30 01:49  danf

	* TODO-RELEASE: Removed one, added two

2008-08-30 01:42  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/DISABLED, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test1069, tests/data/test1071, tests/data/test1072,
	  tests/data/test1073, tests/data/test1074, tests/data/test1075:
	  Added tests 1071 through 1074 to test automatic downgrading from
	  HTTP 1.1 to HTTP 1.0 upon receiving a response from the HTTP
	  server.  Tests 1072 and 1073 are similar to test 1069 in that
	  they involve the impossible scenario of sending chunked data to a
	  HTTP 1.0 server.  All these currently fail and are added to

	  Added test 1075 to test --anyauth with Basic authentication.

2008-08-29 12:48  bagder

	* tests/data/ test 1070 added

2008-08-29 12:47  bagder

	  tests/FILEFORMAT, tests/data/test1070, tests/server/sws.c: - When
	  libcurl was doing a HTTP POST and the server would respond with
	  "Connection: close" and actually close the connection after the
	  response-body, libcurl could still have outstanding data to send
	  and it   would not properly notice this and stop sending. This
	  caused weirdness and	 sad faces.

	    Note that there are still reasons to consider libcurl's
	  behavior when
	    getting a >= 400 response code while sending data, as Craig
	  Perras' note
	    "http upload: how to stop on error" specifies:

2008-08-29 10:55  bagder

	* ares/: RELEASE-NOTES, ares_version.h: we start over working
	  towards 1.5.4

2008-08-29 10:33  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: Version 1.5.3

2008-08-29 10:29  bagder

	* ares/AUTHORS: added the three people from RELEASE-NOTES and
	  sorted the list alphabetically

2008-08-29 04:08  yangtse

	* src/:, curlsrc.dsp, curlsrc.dsw: Project and
	  workspace files for VC6 IDE supporting 4 configurations:

	  curl - Win32 using libcurl DLL Debug curl - Win32 using libcurl
	  DLL Release curl - Win32 using libcurl LIB Debug curl - Win32
	  using libcurl LIB Release

2008-08-29 00:41  yangtse

	* lib/setup.h, src/main.c: When not using large file support
	  WIN32's lseek offset is a 'long'.

2008-08-28 22:08  bagder

	*, Makefile.dist: Andres Garcia pointed out these
	  Makefile mistakes...

2008-08-28 18:08  yangtse

	* include/curl/curlbuild.h.dist: Adjust curl_off_t definitions for

	  Ancient versions of DJGPP do not have a 64-bit data type.

2008-08-28 16:06  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: Issue #144 seems to be complete. It should no
	  longer be a show-stopper.

2008-08-28 15:58  yangtse

	* include/curl/.cvsignore: ignore curlver.h.dist

2008-08-28 15:53  yangtse

	* lib/ Adjust generation of MSVC project files

2008-08-28 13:40  bagder

	* README: don't use the mirrors anymore

2008-08-28 13:35  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/cookie.c, tests/data/test171, tests/data/test172,
	  tests/data/test31, tests/data/test46, tests/data/test506,
	  tests/data/test61, tests/data/test62, tests/data/test73: - I'm
	  abandoning the system with the web site mirrors (but keeping
	  download   files bing mirrored) and thus I've changed the URL in
	  the cookiejar header	 to no longer use but instead
	  use the main site

2008-08-28 10:57  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: we need to look over what libcurl does (not) do
	  when error is received when it wants to send data

2008-08-28 09:41  bagder

	* lib/easy.c: minor code indent fixes

2008-08-28 09:37  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: - Dengminwen reported that
	  libcurl would lock a (cookie) share twice (without   an unlock in
	  between) for a certain case and that in fact works when using
	  regular windows mutexes but not with pthreads'! Locks should of
	  course not   get locked again so this is now fixed.

2008-08-28 08:28  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c, tests/data/DISABLED,
	  tests/data/test1065: Fixed test case 1065 by changing the
	  handling of CURLOPT_UPLOAD to set the HTTP method to GET (or
	  HEAD) when given a value of 0.

2008-08-28 05:31  yangtse

	* lib/: msvcproj.foot, msvcproj.head: This file must be kept in CVS
	  with DOS style CR+LF line endings.

2008-08-28 04:32  danf

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Fixed a couple of typos

2008-08-28 04:24  danf

	* tests/data/DISABLED: Added test 1069 to test PUT from stdin
	  without content length. It fails in a similar manner to test 1065
	  so is added to DISABLED.

2008-08-28 04:18  danf

	* tests/data/:, test1069: Added test 1069 to test PUT
	  from stdin without content length. It fails in a similar manner
	  to test 1065 so is added to DISABLED.

2008-08-28 04:03  danf

	* tests/data/:, test1068, test60: Added test case 1068
	  to do a simple HTTP PUT from stdin

2008-08-28 03:22  yangtse

	* lib/msvcproj.foot: DLL's resource file specification for VC6
	  generated .dsp file

2008-08-28 01:46  yangtse

	* lib/msvcproj.head: Add /D "CURL_STATICLIB" to LIB's BASE

2008-08-28 01:31  yangtse

	* CHANGES, lib/msvcproj.head: VC6 generated .dsp file now supports
	  4 configurations:

	  libcurl - Win32 DLL Debug libcurl - Win32 DLL Release libcurl -
	  Win32 LIB Debug libcurl - Win32 LIB Release

2008-08-27 10:01  bagder

	* docs/TheArtOfHttpScripting: s/you you/you/ thanks to hexo6 at

2008-08-27 08:10  bagder

	* lib/README.curl_off_t: spell! (most of it fixed by Tor Arntsen)

2008-08-27 03:48  danf

	* lib/config-symbian.h: Fix large file support for Symbian OS on
	  the emulator.

2008-08-27 02:25  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/setup_once.h,
	  lib/setup_once.h: Don't abort configuration if recvfrom() is not

2008-08-27 00:36  danf

	* include/curl/curlbuild.h.dist: Treat all ARM compilers (RVCT,
	  GCC) equally on Symbian OS. They are both compatible, and
	  otherwise the dependency generation phase of the build would
	  throw warnings since the actual compiler isn't known at that

2008-08-26 23:28  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/connect.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c: Fixed out of
	  memory problems that caused torture test failures in tests 1021
	  and 1067.

2008-08-26 22:21  danf

	* tests/data/: test528, test531, test534, test535, test538: Added
	  multi keyword

2008-08-26 22:11  danf

	* tests/data/: test525, test526, test527, test529, test530,
	  test532, test533, test555: Added multi keyword

2008-08-26 18:46  yangtse

	* Windows build targets don't use the 'SONAME'

2008-08-26 15:40  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: Another task completed and removed from #144:

	  - Enabling and disabling of large file support is now complete.

2008-08-26 15:35  yangtse

	* lib/README.curl_off_t: minor language adjustment

2008-08-26 14:57  bagder

	* lib/README.curl_off_t: spell out some benefits of this new
	  approach of doing curl_off_t

2008-08-26 14:54  yangtse

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4, Added check and symbol
	  definition for WIN32 file API usage in configure, supporting
	  configure's --disable-largefile option for WIN32 targets also.
	  Non-configure systems which do not use config-win32.h
	  configuration file, and want to use the WIN32 file API, must
	  appropriate in their own configuration files.

2008-08-26 12:48  yangtse

	* lib/setup.h, src/main.c: Fix default SIZEOF_OFF_T definition

2008-08-26 11:26  patrickm

	* lib/config-os400.h: Fix _LARGE_FILES definition (thanks to Yang
	  Tse for signaling the bug)

2008-08-26 05:08  yangtse

	* ares/ares_process.c: Functionality only possible if recvfrom() is

2008-08-26 03:55  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: Three tasks completed and removed:

	  - Logic based on CURL_SIZEOF_CURL_OFF_T and SIZEOF_OFF_T already
	  adjusted.  - Test case 557 already passes on all autobuilds.	-
	  System off_t, or equivalent, size is finally not recorded in
	  curlbuild.h	for this release. SIZEOF_OFF_T from config file is

2008-08-26 03:40  yangtse

	* lib/progress.c, lib/setup.h, lib/version.c, src/main.c: Use
	  SIZEOF_OFF_T definition from config file

2008-08-25 15:58  patrickm

	* packages/OS400/:, Adapting OS400
	  build scripts to new features: new curlbuild.h file and soname in

2008-08-25 15:42  yangtse

	* include/curl/: curlbuild.h.dist, Add missing
	  preprocessor symbol definition checks

2008-08-25 14:50  bagder

	* remove some leftover debug code

2008-08-25 14:49  bagder

	* if the size of off_t is not the same as curl_off_t,
	  this is not like how libcurl used to get built < 7.19.0 so we
	  enforce an soname bump and display a warning

2008-08-25 05:50  yangtse

	* lib/Makefile.netware: leftover

2008-08-25 05:44  yangtse

	* ares/: CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, acountry.c: George Neill's fix
	  acountry sample application compilation failure.

2008-08-25 05:34  yangtse

	* ares/: CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, ares_process.c: Brad House's
	  validation that DNS response address matches the request address

2008-08-25 03:18  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, include/curl/curlbuild.h.dist,
	  include/curl/, include/curl/curlrules.h,
	  lib/Makefile.netware: For congruency sake with the naming of
	  other CURL_XXXXXX_CURL_OFF_T macros, the name of the curl_off_t
	  data type used now becomes CURL_TYPEOF_CURL_OFF_T


2008-08-25 02:56  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Rename some shell vars with more descriptive names:

	  x_typeof -> curl_typeof_curl_off_t x_sizeof ->
	  curl_sizeof_curl_off_t x_format -> curl_format_curl_off_t
	  u_format -> curl_format_curl_off_tu

2008-08-25 01:26  yangtse

	* tests/ Re-enable all tests on x86_64 and ia64.

2008-08-25 01:21  yangtse

	* lib/mprintf.c: Remove debug tracing and nearly all changes
	  introduced since revision 1.72

	  The effective result of this commit is revision 1.72 plus two
	  changed lines. These can be viewed in

2008-08-25 00:08  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: 58.	It seems sensible to be able to use
	  file exists or not, but it is   not working:

2008-08-24 23:26  bagder

	*, lib/, lib/README.curl_off_t: Introduced
	  the configure option --enable-soname-bump that lets a user
	  enforce an SONAME bump.

2008-08-24 22:42  bagder

	* lib/ Added to the release archive

2008-08-24 19:10  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib557.c: Fix wrong signed int formatting string
	  directive in test case #557.

	  This error did not cause test failures on systems where
	  sizeof(int) == sizeof(long).

2008-08-24 18:01  yangtse

	* lib/mprintf.c: Debug trace curl_mprintf() on x86_64 and ia64

2008-08-24 17:57  yangtse

	* tests/ Disable all tests except #557 on x86_64 and
	  ia64 to debug trace curl_mprintf() on these systems.

2008-08-24 12:40  yangtse

	* lib/mprintf.c: x86_64 fixes

2008-08-24 05:59  yangtse

	* lib/mprintf.c: x86_64 fixes

2008-08-24 02:15  yangtse

	* lib/mprintf.c: Test if type casting a 'signed int' to a 'signed
	  long long' fails to do sign extension  on x86_64.

2008-08-24 00:02  bagder

	* CHANGES,, Makefile.dist, lib/ -
	  Running 'make ca-firefox' in the root build dir will now run the
	  new conversion script that converts a local
	  Firefox db of ca   certs into PEM format, suitable for use with a
	  OpenSSL or GnuTLS built   libcurl.

2008-08-23 23:31  gknauf

	* lib/ removed obsolete slash in URL.

2008-08-23 23:27  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test1067: added test case 1067 to
	  verify --referer "firstone.html;auto"

2008-08-23 14:14  bagder

	* revert accidental commit of test code

2008-08-23 14:14  bagder

	* lib/ revert accidental commit

2008-08-23 14:11  bagder

	  lib/multi.c: - Constantine Sapuntzakis fixed a bug when doing
	  proxy CONNECT with the multi	 interface, and the proxy would
	  send Connection: close during the   authentication phase.

2008-08-23 13:37  bagder

	* lib/README.curl_off_t: mention the no soname bump too

2008-08-23 13:34  bagder

	* lib/README.curl_off_t: my first take at documenting the
	  curl_off_t situation when doing an upgrade < 7.19.0 to >= 7.19.x

2008-08-23 13:25  bagder

	* tests/ Andy Tsouladze's fix to kill the knowledge of
	  servers properly after they have been killed.

2008-08-23 04:35  yangtse

	* lib/mprintf.c: explicit value assignment for comparison result

2008-08-23 04:04  yangtse

	* lib/mprintf.c: typecast constant in comparison

2008-08-23 00:57  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test1066: Fixed a problem when --dump-header - was
	  given with more than one URL, which caused an error when the
	  second header was dumped due to stdout being closed.	Added test
	  case 1066 to verify.	Also fixed a potential problem where a
	  closed file descriptor might be used for an upload when more than
	  one URL is given.

2008-08-22 23:37  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 161 - test case 1065 failure (HTTP PUT with one
	  file but two URLs)

2008-08-22 21:01  yangtse

	* lib/setup.h, src/main.c: Reinstate struct_stat definition that
	  got lost in previous commit.

2008-08-22 20:18  yangtse

	* tests/ Increase to 20 the number of CVS update

2008-08-22 20:09  yangtse

	* CHANGES, lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h, lib/setup.h,
	  src/config-win32.h, src/main.c: Adjustments to better
	  select/differentiate when large/small file support is provided
	  using WIN32 functions directly.

2008-08-22 13:11  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/mprintf.c: Improved curl_m*printf()
	  integral data type size and signedness handling

2008-08-22 11:00  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: Removed issue #154 due to the massive problems I've
	  had to repeat it and since this really hasn't bitten anyone else.
	  The issuer of the report (Felix) suggested the closure himself
	  and he will get back when (if?) he manage to get a more reliable
	  way to see the problem.

	  154 - bug #2041827 "Segfault in http_output_auth w/ FORBID_REUSE

2008-08-22 09:59  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Jamie Lokier is always helpful and this time
	  around too...

2008-08-22 09:58  bagder

	* Sort of hackish approach to get the off_t size
	  before large file support is enabled (or skipped). Thanks to
	  Jamie Lokier for the nice work-around the cached-check-problem:

2008-08-22 08:53  yangtse

	* lib/mprintf.c: cleanup the BOOL usage

2008-08-21 20:28  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: 57. On VMS-Alpha: When using an http-file-upload
	  the file is not sent to the	Server with the correct
	  content-length.  Sending a file with 511 or less   bytes,
	  content-length 512 is used.  Sending a file with 513 - 1023
	  bytes,   content-length 1024 is used.  Files with a length of a
	  multiple of 512 Bytes   show the correct content-length. Only
	  these files work for upload.

2008-08-21 19:51  bagder

	* lib/ use a more updated certdata.txt URL

2008-08-21 18:20  giva

	* lib/url.c: Work around a scanf() bug in djgpp 2.04. The
	  assignments for this format is working okay. But the return value
	  is incorrectly EOF.

2008-08-21 16:08  giva

	* lib/config.dos: Added '#define HAVE_STRUCT_IN6_ADDR 1' needed
	  when building with 'USE_ARES'.

2008-08-21 15:51  giva

	* lib/ Added rule to generate

2008-08-21 15:47  giva

	* lib/config.dos: Assume we have 'CRYPTO_cleanup_all_ex_data()' on
	  OpenSSL/DOS too.

2008-08-21 08:58  yangtse

	* include/curl/curlbuild.h.dist, lib/mprintf.c, lib/strtoofft.h:
	  MSVC's __int64 data type is only available when

2008-08-21 07:19  yangtse

	*, tests/data/test557, tests/libtest/lib557.c: Test
	  case 557 now also verifies signed and unsigned int formatting.

2008-08-21 05:16  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: Old logic based on ENABLE_64BIT and HAVE_LONGLONG
	  already revisited and adjusted.

	  Old logic based on CURL_SIZEOF_CURL_OFF_T is only partially

2008-08-21 03:55  yangtse

	* CHANGES: Fixed a couple of bugs in libcurl's internal
	  curl_m*printf() functions.

2008-08-21 03:49  yangtse

	* lib/mprintf.c: Fix a LONG_MIN and LLONG_MIN related bug in
	  internal m*printf()

2008-08-21 02:13  yangtse

	* ares/maketgz: fix the output name

2008-08-21 02:12  yangtse

	* lib/mprintf.c: Fix one bug detected thanks to test case 557.

2008-08-21 02:10  yangtse

	* lib/mprintf.c: Some data type size adjustments.

2008-08-21 02:06  yangtse

	*, ares/, lib/config-os400.h,
	  lib/config-symbian.h, lib/config-tpf.h, lib/mprintf.c,
	  lib/setup.h, lib/version.c, src/config-win32.h: Get rid of
	  ENABLE_64BIT symbol definition and usage.

	  Improve HAVE_LONGLONG symbol description.

2008-08-21 01:40  yangtse

	* CHANGES: Update of lib/Makefile.Watcom.

2008-08-21 01:38  yangtse

	* ares/Makefile.vc6: Export 'ares_process_fd' too.

2008-08-21 01:35  yangtse

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom: Added option to use c-ares resolver lib.

2008-08-21 01:32  yangtse

	* lib/hostares.c: Use 'Curl_inet_pton()' instead of 'inet_pton()'.

2008-08-21 01:29  yangtse

	* lib/setup.h, tests/libtest/lib557.c: Simplify condition check

2008-08-20 23:06  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: the .netrc curl checks for is called _netrc on
	  windows bug report #2061610

2008-08-20 21:45  danf

	* CHANGES, docs/curl.1, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Added an
	  edited version of Vincent Le Normand's documentation of SFTP
	  quote commands to the man pages.

2008-08-20 21:29  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/config-win32.h: - Phil Pellouchoud
	  pointed out that the windows version of libcurl had a   memory
	  leak because it never called the OpenSSL function
	  CRYPTO_cleanup_all_ex_data() as it was supposed to. This was
	  because of a	 missing define in config-win32.h!

2008-08-18 20:52  yangtse

	* tests/: data/test557, libtest/lib557.c: Update test case 557

2008-08-18 12:11  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: #159 and #160 already done.

	  Add more tasks to #144.

2008-08-18 11:58  yangtse

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test557,
	  tests/libtest/, tests/libtest/lib557.c: Added test
	  case 557 to verify libcurl's internal curl_m*printf() functions
	  formatting functionality when handling signed and unsigned longs,
	  as well as our curl_off_t data type.

2008-08-17 18:20  giva

	* docs/examples/ Pick-up programs from

2008-08-17 15:55  giva

	* include/curl/curl.h: Replace 'HttpPost' with 'curl_httppost'.

2008-08-17 15:34  giva

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom: Rewritten to also produce a static library

2008-08-17 15:25  yangtse

	* CHANGES, lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: OpenSSl
	  enabled NetWare builds are changed to use the 'openssl'
	  subdirectory when including the OpenSSL header files. This is the
	  recommended setting, this prevents the undesired inclusion of
	  header files with the same name as those of OpenSSL but which do
	  not belong to the OpenSSL package. The visible change from
	  previously released libcurl versions is that now OpenSSl enabled
	  NetWare builds also define USE_OPENSSL in config files, and that
	  OpenSSL header files must be located in a subdirectory named

2008-08-17 03:57  yangtse

	* lib/: http_ntlm.c, md5.c, urldata.h: Adjust usage of conditional
	  definition of USE_OPENSSL

2008-08-17 02:25  yangtse

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom, lib/, lib/base64.c,
	  lib/base64.h, lib/curl_base64.h, lib/http.c, lib/http_digest.c,
	  lib/http_negotiate.c, lib/http_ntlm.c, lib/krb4.c, lib/krb5.c,
	  lib/ldap.c, lib/security.c, tests/server/getpart.c: libcurl
	  internal base64.h header file renamed to curl_base64.h

2008-08-17 02:01  yangtse

	* lib/: Makefile.Watcom,, curl_md5.h, http_digest.c,
	  md5.c, md5.h: libcurl internal md5.h header file renamed to

2008-08-16 19:12  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: Added #159 and #160

2008-08-16 19:05  giva

	* ares/acountry.c: Ops, remove 'use_vc'.

2008-08-16 18:42  giva

	* ares/acountry.c: Support Watt-32 under Win32.

2008-08-16 05:40  yangtse

	* lib/setup.h: Oops, missed FORMAT_OFF_TU

2008-08-16 05:27  yangtse

	* lib/Makefile.netware, lib/http_negotiate.c, src/Makefile.netware:
	  Fix Use of conditional definition of USE_OPENSSL

2008-08-16 03:33  yangtse

	* CHANGES, lib/cookie.c, lib/file.c, lib/formdata.c, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/http.c, lib/progress.c, lib/setup.h, lib/ssh.c,
	  lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c: Library internal only C preprocessor
	  macros FORMAT_OFF_T and FORMAT_OFF_TU remain in use as internal
	  curl_off_t print formatting strings for the internal *printf
	  functions which still cannot handle print formatting string
	  directives such as "I64d", "I64u", and others available on MSVC,
	  MinGW, Intel's ICC, and other DOS/Windows compilers.

	  This reverts previous commit part which did:


2008-08-15 21:18  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/DISABLED, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test1064, tests/data/test1065: Added test case 1065 to
	  test a PUT with a single file but two URLs. This was discovered
	  to be problematic while investigating an incident reported by Von
	  back in May.	curl in this case doesn't include a Content-Length:
	  or Transfer-Encoding: chunked header which is illegal. This test
	  case is added to DISABLED until a solution is found.

2008-08-15 04:58  yangtse

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4, include/curl/curlbuild.h.dist,
	  include/curl/, include/curl/curlrules.h,
	  lib/Makefile.netware, lib/cookie.c, lib/file.c, lib/formdata.c,
	  lib/ftp.c, lib/http.c, lib/progress.c, lib/setup.h, lib/ssh.c,
	  lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c: For congruency sake with the naming of
	  other CURL_XXXXXX_CURL_OFF_T macros, the names of the curl_off_t
	  formatting string directives now become CURL_FORMAT_CURL_OFF_T


	  Remove the use of an internal name for the curl_off_t formatting
	  string directives and use the common one available from the
	  inside and outside of the library.


2008-08-15 01:55  yangtse

	* buildconf: curlbuild.h is a generated file on configure-capable

2008-08-14 21:18  danf

	* tests/data/: test1016, test1017, test1018, test1019, test1020:
	  Added Range keyword

2008-08-14 21:18  danf

	* tests/data/:, test1063: Added test 1063 to test an
	  invalid large range on a file:

2008-08-14 20:41  danf

	* docs/examples/sendrecv.c: Fixed unused variable warning

2008-08-14 20:30  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Take three at trying to detect signed and unsigned
	  curl_off_t integer constant suffixes, using a test-and-try suffix
	  approach letting the compiler validate it.

2008-08-14 13:56  yangtse

	* lib/strtoofft.h: When using our internal curlx_strtoll function
	  NEED_CURL_STRTOLL must be defined, the source code of
	  curlx_strtoll is excluded if NEED_CURL_STRTOLL isn't defined.

2008-08-14 12:30  yangtse

	* lib/strtoofft.h: CURL_LLONG_MIN should now be signed

2008-08-14 05:39  yangtse

	* src/main.c: Use our CURL_LLONG_MAX and CURL_LLONG_MIN which are
	  defined with the proper suffix.

2008-08-14 03:39  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Change CURL_CHECK_DEF_INTXX_C suffix definition

	  Add debug tracing for CURL_CHECK_DEF_INTXX_C.

2008-08-13 23:05  bagder


	  155 - bug #2038004 "Curl OpenSSL not compatible with 7.17 or

	  156 - proxy CONNECT issue (details not public yet due to possible
	  security impact)

2008-08-13 21:49  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, Use autoconf's result of

2008-08-13 20:57  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Ensure that the compiler 'knows' the 'long' type in

2008-08-13 20:43  yangtse

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: Sync config.h
	  generation from lib/Makefile.netware and src/Makefile.netware

2008-08-13 19:23  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Using the name of a macro inside AC_MSG_WARN takes
	  aclocal to NeverLand.

2008-08-13 18:14  yangtse

	* include/curl/curlbuild.h.dist: Adjust IBM C compiler

2008-08-13 17:48  yangtse

	* CHANGES: Remove first version of comment not intended to be
	  finally committed.

2008-08-13 17:32  yangtse

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4, include/curl/curlbuild.h.dist,
	  include/curl/, include/curl/curlrules.h,
	  lib/Makefile.netware, lib/config-symbian.h, lib/config-tpf.h,
	  lib/strtoofft.h, src/main.c: The size of long is a build time
	  characteristic and as such it is now recorded in curlbuild.h as
	  CURL_SIZEOF_LONG. Definition now done from configure process and
	  in CVS curlbuild.h.dist for non-configure systems.

2008-08-13 15:07  yangtse

	* src/main.c: Split comparison among several lines for debugging

2008-08-13 12:57  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: on second thought, let's remove this number from
	  here since it doesn't really belong among the release numbers

2008-08-13 12:55  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: dead mirrors removed =>

2008-08-13 10:51  bagder

	* docs/examples/:, httpcustomheader.c:
	  httpcustomheader.c is a new tiny example showing a HTTP request
	  with a custom header replacing an internal one

2008-08-13 10:32  giva

	* include/curl/curl.h: Watcom doesn't have <sys/time.h>.

2008-08-13 10:19  giva

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom: Remved '-dDEBUG_THREADING_GETADDRINFO' (no
	  longer used).

2008-08-13 10:17  giva

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom: Update dependencies.

2008-08-13 09:30  giva

	* src/Makefile.Watcom: Update dependencies.

2008-08-13 09:16  giva

	* include/curl/curlbuild.h.dist: MingW uses gcc. Hence the suffixes
	  for 64-bit are 'LL' and 'ULL'.

2008-08-13 05:05  yangtse

	* lib/strtoofft.h, src/main.c: Adjustment due to curl_off_t no
	  longer following off_t

2008-08-13 02:43  danf

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Added a few user-visible bug fixes

2008-08-12 23:25  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.netware: sync src makefile with lib makefile.

2008-08-12 22:21  danf

	* lib/ssh.c: Removed unneeded header files

2008-08-12 22:07  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/http.c, tests/data/, tests/data/test1060,
	  tests/data/test1061: Fixed a buffer overflow problem in
	  Curl_proxyCONNECT that could occur when a server responded with
	  long headers and data.  Luckily, the buffer overflowed into
	  another unused buffer, so no actual harm was done.  Added test
	  cases 1060 and 1061 to verify.

2008-08-12 21:09  yangtse

	* lib/transfer.c: Fix 'result' may be used uninitialized in
	  function readwrite_data()

2008-08-12 20:49  yangtse

	* lib/progress.c: Fix curl_off_t sized constants usage

2008-08-12 20:32  danf

	* tests/libtest/lib556.c: Handle short reads

2008-08-12 12:08  yangtse

	* lib/Makefile.netware: DOS/Windows 'shells' eat echoed percent
	  sign characters unless escaped.

2008-08-12 09:21  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, tests/ - Andy Tsouladze fixed to not attempt to execute the stunnel   _directory_
	  if that happened to appear in the path!

2008-08-12 09:20  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Fix CURL_CHECK_DEF_INTXX_C suffix definition

2008-08-12 05:00  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curl.h,
	  include/curl/curlrules.h: Added macros for minimum-width signed
	  and unsigned curl_off_t integer constants CURL_OFF_T_C and
	  CURL_OFF_TU_C. The clever double helper macro used internally to
	  provide its functionality is thanks to Lars Nilsson.

2008-08-12 01:16  danf

	* tests/data/: test1008, test1021, test206, test209, test213,
	  test265, test287, test503, test95: Added HTTP CONNECT keywords

2008-08-12 01:16  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/ftp.c, tests/data/, tests/data/test1062:
	  Fixed a boundary condition error in ftp_readresp() whereby a
	  non-terminal line of a multiline FTP response whose last byte
	  landed exactly at the end of the BUFSIZE-length buffer would be
	  treated as the terminal response line.  The following response
	  code read in would then actually be the end of the previous
	  response line, and all responses from then on would correspond to
	  the wrong command. Test case 1062 verifies this.

	  Stop closing a never-opened ftp socket.

2008-08-11 22:30  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 152 + 153 are fixed!

2008-08-11 22:29  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/easy.c, lib/http_ntlm.c,
	  lib/http_ntlm.h: - Constantine Sapuntzakis filed bug report
	  #2042430   ( with a
	  patch. "NTLM Windows	 SSPI code is not thread safe". This was
	  due to libcurl using static	variables to tell wether to load
	  the necessary SSPI DLL, but now the loading	has been moved to
	  the more suitable curl_global_init() call.

2008-08-11 21:26  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: - Constantine Sapuntzakis
	  filed bug report #2042440
	  ( with a patch. He
	  identified a	 problem when using NTLM over a proxy but the
	  end-point does Basic, and then   libcurl would do wrong when the
	  host sent "Connection: close" as the proxy's	 NTLM state was
	  erroneously cleared.

2008-08-11 21:00  yangtse

	* include/curl/curlbuild.h.dist: Ooops

2008-08-11 20:27  yangtse

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4, include/curl/curlbuild.h.dist,
	  include/curl/, lib/Makefile.netware: Added missing
	  signed and unsigned curl_off_t integer constant suffixes for
	  internal and external use. CURL_SUFFIX_CURL_OFF_T,

2008-08-11 14:41  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: added two known topics for 7.19.1

2008-08-11 12:55  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: five more bugs I'd like to get fixed or at least
	  considered before 7.19.0

2008-08-11 05:26  yangtse

	  ENABLE_64BIT, HAVE_LONGLONG, has to be revisited and adjusted as

	  Enabling and disabling of large file support needs further

2008-08-11 04:40  yangtse

	* lib/Makefile.netware: Fix NetWare missing curl_off_t typedef!!

2008-08-11 03:22  yangtse

	* lib/mprintf.c, lib/progress.c, lib/setup.h, lib/strtoofft.h,
	  lib/version.c, src/main.c:

2008-08-11 02:15  yangtse

	* tests/ Die when curlbuild.h is not created or

2008-08-11 00:28  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware: fixed creation of curlbuild.h.

2008-08-10 20:33  yangtse

	* lib/Makefile.netware, tests/ Fix NetWare curlbuild.h

	  NetWare curlbuild.h settings depend on whether LIBC or CLIB is

	  The NetWare specific Makefile is capable of knowing which target
	  is being built.  So, finally, the NetWare Makefile will take care
	  of generating curlbuild.h

2008-08-10 02:39  yangtse

	* ares/Makefile.netware: Fix: Remove now this SIZEOF_CURL_OFF_T
	  symbol definition.

	  This should have been done with the initial 64-bit curl_off_t

2008-08-10 01:14  yangtse

	* tests/ When running display definitions
	  from curlbuild.h

2008-08-09 23:10  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Remove debug tracing for DO_CURL_OFF_T_CHECK and

2008-08-09 19:46  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Use int64_t in favour of __int64 for curl_off_t
	  when both are available.

2008-08-09 19:26  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Improve CURL_CHECK_DEF

2008-08-09 19:01  yangtse

	*, ares/ Fix IBM C and DEC/Compaq C
	  compiler detection

2008-08-09 17:28  yangtse

	* include/curl/curlbuild.h.dist: Remove some redundancy

2008-08-08 22:37  danf

	* lib/transfer.c: Refactored Curl_readwrite() into a number of
	  smaller functions.

2008-08-08 19:42  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Add debug tracing for DO_CURL_OFF_T_CHECK

2008-08-08 18:53  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Remove some redundancy

2008-08-08 18:25  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Remove potential overquoting

2008-08-08 17:16  yangtse

	* lib/Makefile.netware: Remove rule no longer needed since
	  tests/ revision 1.63

	  See CVS commit comment on tests/ revision 1.63

2008-08-08 14:34  yangtse

	* tests/ Reintroduce the adjustment previously done in so that it copies the CVS checked out
	  curlbuild.h.dist as curlbuild.h for any non-configure target when
	  host system is not running buildconf.bat.

	  All the curlbuild.h stuff was done taking in consideration that
	  no adjustment would be needed in non-configure makefiles.

	  As it is documented, when trying to build on non-configure
	  capable systems or on systems which for any reason don't run the
	  true configure script, it is required to have the proper
	  curlbuild.h in place before calling any makefile.

	  Due to the hardcore memory debugging stuff c-ares enabled debug
	  builds also need the file in the proper place before attempting
	  to build c-ares.

2008-08-08 13:34  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Add debug tracing for CURL_CHECK_DEF

2008-08-08 09:51  danf

	* tests/data/test1059: Made ftp a required feature

2008-08-08 09:26  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1059: Added
	  test1059 to test the FTP proxy tunnel problem fixed July 11.

2008-08-08 07:58  yangtse

	* tests/ Peek at predefined symbols done. and now

	  Netware's autobuilds gcc can not been told apart from a standard
	  built gcc.

2008-08-08 07:53  yangtse

	* include/curl/curlbuild.h.dist: Add metroworks and generic gcc

2008-08-08 05:09  yangtse

	* tests/ Take a peek at netware's gcc predefined

2008-08-08 03:52  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/multi.c: Fixed an uninitialized variable in
	  multi_runsingle() that could cause a request to prematurely end.

2008-08-08 00:40  yangtse

	* CHANGES, tests/ Remove last adjustment done to to verify if change introduced by Guenter Knauf in
	  lib/Makefile.netware is enough to get the netware autobuilds
	  going again.

2008-08-07 23:43  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware: use CP macro rather than cp command.

2008-08-07 23:34  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware: added rule to create
	  include/curl/curlbuild.h from include/curl/curlbuild.h.dist.

2008-08-07 22:41  yangtse

	* CHANGES, tests/ Adjust to copy checked
	  out curlbuild.h.dist as curlbuild.h for non-configure targets
	  when host system doesn't run buildconf.bat.

2008-08-07 21:03  yangtse

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4: Skip data type check in
	  DO_CURL_OFF_T_CHECK macro when argument is empty.

2008-08-07 18:22  yangtse

	* CHANGES, buildconf: Prevent buildconf from removing 'Makefile'
	  and 'missing' files. This would blow away our CVS checked
	  'missing' file and also CVS checked 'hiper/Makefile'.

2008-08-07 18:07  yangtse

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4: Fix CURL_CHECK_DEF so that when the
	  expansion of the preprocessor symbol results in a set of
	  double-quoted strings, this macro will now return an expansion
	  which consists of a single double-quoted string result of
	  concatenating all of them.

2008-08-07 04:46  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: sync with reality

2008-08-07 02:29  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, acinclude.m4, buildconf.bat,, ares/, ares/,
	  docs/examples/, include/README,
	  include/curl/.cvsignore, include/curl/,
	  include/curl/curl.h, include/curl/curlbuild.h.dist,
	  include/curl/, include/curl/curlrules.h,
	  lib/, lib/Makefile.netware, lib/config-amigaos.h,
	  lib/config-os400.h, lib/config-symbian.h, lib/config-tpf.h,
	  lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h, lib/config.dos,
	  lib/setup.h, packages/vms/config-vms.h, src/Makefile.Watcom,
	  src/, src/Makefile.netware, src/setup.h,
	  tests/libtest/, tests/server/ Initial
	  support of curlbuild.h and curlrules.h which allows to have a
	  curl_off_t data type no longer gated to off_t.

2008-08-06 23:22  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_timeout.3: - mention
	  curl_multi_socket_action() rather than the deprecated
	  curl_multi_socket() - don't claim that it has an argument named
	  'easy' because it doesn't!

2008-08-06 11:54  bagder

	* lib/http.c: remove debug code I accidentally left in here

2008-08-06 10:05  giva

	* lib/hostthre.c: Removed TRACE() code.

2008-08-05 11:08  yangtse

	* ares/m4/cares-reentrant.m4, m4/curl-reentrant.m4: The minimum
	  autoconf version required for this file is 2.50

	  Avoid dot notation in aclocal serial file number, use a single
	  number now.

2008-08-05 08:44  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: #148 Removed.

	  Rebooting the problematic system, releasing allocated memory and
	  swap, has allowed buildconf and configure to complete sucessfully
	  since then.

2008-08-05 08:20  yangtse

	* CHANGES, buildconf: Validate that autom4te and autoconf versions

	  Validate that aclocal and automake versions match.

	  Improve removal of previous run generated files.

	  Remove verbose debug logging of aclocal on Solaris.

2008-08-05 00:07  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, TODO-RELEASE, lib/http.c: - Yehoshua
	  Hershberg found a problem that would make libcurl re-use a
	  connection with the multi interface even if a previous use of it
	  caused a   CURLE_PEER_FAILED_VERIFICATION to get returned. I now
	  make sure that failed   SSL connections properly close the

2008-08-05 00:00  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, TODO-RELEASE, lib/http.c, lib/http.h,
	  lib/transfer.c, tests/data/DISABLED, tests/data/test1051,
	  tests/data/test1052, tests/data/test1055: - Test cases 1051, 1052
	  and 1055 were added by Daniel Fandrich on July 30 and   proved
	  how PUT and POST with a redirect could lead to a "hang" due to
	  the	data stream not being rewound properly when it had to in
	  order to get sent   properly (again) to the subsequent URL. This
	  is now fixed and these test	cases are no longer disabled.

2008-08-04 22:23  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, ares_init.c: - Fix by Tofu Linden:

	    The symptom:
	    * Users (usually, but not always) on 2-Wire routers and the
	  Comcast service
	    and a wired connection to their router would find that the
	  second and
	    subsequent DNS lookups from fresh processes using c-ares to
	  resolve the same
	    address would cause the process to never see a reply (it keeps
	  polling for
	    around 1m15s before giving up).

	    The repro:
	    * On such a machine (and yeah, it took us a lot of QA to find
	  the systems
	    that reproduce such a specific problem!), do 'ahost',
	    then do it again.  The first process's lookup will work,
	  subsequent lookups
	    will time-out and fail.

	    The cause:
	    * init_id_key() was calling randomize_key() *before* it
	    key->state, meaning that the randomness generated by
	  randomize_key() is
	    immediately overwritten with deterministic values.
	  (/dev/urandom was also
	    being read incorrectly in the c-ares version we were using, but
	  this was
	    fixed in a later version.)
	    * This makes the stream of generated query-IDs from any new
	  c-ares process
	    be an identical and predictable sequence of IDs.
	    * This makes the 2-Wire's default built-in DNS server detect
	  these queries
	    as probable-duplicates and (erroneously) not respond at all.

2008-08-04 12:13  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: Update #144

	  Third version of the patch fixing a failure to chose a proper
	  data type submitted to the mailing list 2008-08-04.

2008-08-04 08:48  yangtse

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4,, ares/CHANGES,
	  ares/acinclude.m4, ares/ Autoconf 2.62 has changed
	  the behaviour of the AC_AIX macro which we use.  Prior versions
	  of autoconf defined _ALL_SOURCE if _AIX was defined. But,
	  autoconf 2.62 version of AC_AIX defines _ALL_SOURCE along with
	  other four preprocessor symbols no matter if the system is AIX or
	  not. To keep the traditional behaviour, as well as an uniform
	  one, across autoconf versions AC_AIX is replaced with our own
	  internal macro.

2008-08-04 00:20  bagder

	  tests/data/DISABLED: - Test case 1041 (added by Daniel Fandrich
	  April 14th) proved a bug where PUT   with -C - sent garbage in
	  the Content-Range: header. I fixed this problem by   making sure
	  libcurl always sets the size of the _entire_ upload if an app
	  attemps to do resumed uploads since libcurl simply cannot know
	  the size of	what is currently at the server end. Test 1041 is
	  no longer disabled.

2008-08-03 23:50  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: refer to the new option by its real name

2008-08-03 18:46  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: Update #148

	  Rebooting the Solaris system, releasing allocated memory and
	  swap, has allowed buildconf and configure to complete
	  sucessfully. Further tests on the system might allow
	  determination of the problem origin.	Solaris AutoBuilds suceeded
	  on August 2 and 3.

2008-08-03 07:13  danf

	* tests/data/test1058: Improved title

2008-08-03 05:14  yangtse

	*, ares/ Adjust DEC/Compaq C compiler

2008-08-03 03:01  yangtse

	* Another AC_TRY_COMPILE conversion to

2008-08-02 03:44  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, No longer test availability
	  of the gdi32 library, nor use it for linking, even when we have
	  been doing this since revision 1.47 of 4 years and 5
	  months ago when cross-compiling a Windows target. We actually
	  don't use any function from the Windows GDI (Graphics Device
	  Interface) related with drawing or graphics-related operations.

2008-08-02 00:12  danf

	* tests/data/:, test1057, test1058: Added tests 1057
	  and 1058 to test FTP and HTTPS transfers with ranges relative to
	  end of file.

2008-08-01 21:29  yangtse

	* ares/ Another AC_TRY_LINK conversion to
	  AC_LINK_IFELSE.  Proper definition of HAVE_function if function
	  is found deeper.

2008-08-01 21:01  yangtse

	* Another AC_TRY_LINK conversion to AC_LINK_IFELSE.
	  Sorting of function names.  Proper definition of HAVE_function if
	  function is found deeper.

2008-08-01 20:41  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/MANUAL, docs/curl.1, lib/ssh.c,
	  src/main.c: Added support for --append on SFTP uploads.
	  Unfortunately, OpenSSH doesn't support this so it goes untested.

2008-08-01 09:46  yangtse

	* buildconf: This line was for local testing, not intended to be

2008-08-01 08:21  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Add a whitespace

2008-08-01 08:07  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, buildconf: Ensure that reserved keyword AC_DEFUN is
	  only used for its purpose.

2008-08-01 07:24  yangtse

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4: Removed definition of
	  CURL_CHECK_WORKING_RESOLVER from acinclude.m4 it has not been in
	  use since revision 1.81 of 6 years, 9 months ago.

2008-08-01 05:17  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Sync up with reality

2008-08-01 05:10  yangtse

	* ares/: CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Sync up with reality

2008-08-01 04:48  yangtse

	* ares/m4/cares-reentrant.m4, ares/m4/reentrant.m4,
	  m4/curl-reentrant.m4, m4/reentrant.m4: Rename reentrant.m4 to
	  avoid filename clash.

2008-08-01 04:09  danf

	  tests/data/test279: User names embedded in proxy URLs without a
	  password were parsed incorrectly--the host name is treated as
	  part of the user name and the port number becomes the password.
	  This can be observed in test 279 (was KNOWN_ISSUE #54).

2008-08-01 03:39  danf

	* lib/transfer.c: Added more code under #ifndef CURL_DISABLE_HTTP
	  to fix builds with --disable-http

2008-08-01 02:55  danf

	* lib/url.c: Refactored create_conn by breaking it up into many
	  smaller functions

2008-08-01 02:49  danf

	* lib/: netrc.c, netrc.h: Made a parameter const

2008-08-01 00:46  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: Fixed a problem with any FTP
	  URL or any URLs containing an IPv6 address being mangled when
	  passed to proxies when CURLOPT_PORT is also set (reported by
	  Pramod Sharma).

2008-07-31 22:04  danf

	* CHANGES, docs/MANUAL, lib/url.c: Fixed parsing of an IPv6 proxy
	  address to support a scope identifier, as well as IPv4 addresses
	  in IPv6 format. Also, better handle the case of a malformatted
	  IPv6 address (avoid empty and NULL strings).

2008-07-31 19:58  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: Second version of the patch addressing building
	  outside of CVS tree submitted to the mailing list 2008-07-31.
	  Awaiting Ok to commit.

2008-07-31 15:20  patrickm

	* packages/OS400/ New CURLOPT_ADDRESS_SCOPE option in
	  ILE/RPG binding

2008-07-31 07:00  danf

	* tests/data/test1053: Fixed keyword

2008-07-31 04:51  danf

	* tests/data/: test1029, test1054, test184, test187, test188,
	  test193, test217, test57: Added keywords

2008-07-31 04:38  danf

	* tests/data/:, test1056: Added test of IPv6 scope

2008-07-31 04:18  danf

	* lib/url.c: Fixed a couple of problems in the IPv6 scope code.
	  First, a host name in an URL in a Location: header didn't have
	  the scope ID removed, so an invalid host name was used.  Second,
	  when the scope ID was removed, it also removed any port number
	  that may have existed in the URL.

2008-07-31 03:41  yangtse

	* tests/ s/silly/underquoted definition/

2008-07-31 03:20  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: #149 fully done and verified. Removed from here

2008-07-31 03:12  danf

	* CHANGES, src/main.c: Fixed a couple of buffer overflows in the
	  MS-DOS port of the curl tool.  Factored out unslashquote. Added
	  some 'const's in function parameters.

2008-07-31 01:49  danf

	* docs/MANUAL: Added IPv6 section

2008-07-31 00:09  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: Committed just now and thus removed from here:

	  145 - Phil Blundell's CURLOPT_SCOPE patch/work

2008-07-30 23:57  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: another option added, bump counter

2008-07-30 23:55  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/connect.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: -
	  Phil Blundell added the CURLOPT_SCOPE option, as well as adjusted
	  the URL   parser to allow numerical IPv6-addresses to be
	  specified with the scope   given, as per RFC4007 - with a percent
	  letter that itself needs to be URL   escaped. For example, for an
	  address of fe80::1234%1 the HTTP URL is:

2008-07-30 23:42  bagder


	  147 - PHP's bug report #43158
	  ( identifies	  a true
	  bug in libcurl built with OpenSSL.

2008-07-30 23:24  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssluse.c: - PHP's bug report #43158
	  ( identifies a	true bug in
	  libcurl built with OpenSSL. It made curl_easy_getinfo() more or
	  less always return 0 for CURLINFO_SSL_VERIFYRESULT because the
	  function that   would set it to something non-zero would return
	  before the assign in almost	all error cases. The internal
	  variable is now set to non-zero from the start   of the function
	  only to get cleared later on if things work out fine.

2008-07-30 23:24  bagder

	* docs/curl.1, src/writeout.c: - Made the curl tool's -w option
	  support the %{ssl_verify_result} variable

2008-07-30 23:04  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/DISABLED, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test1028, tests/data/test1052, tests/data/test1053,
	  tests/data/test1054, tests/data/test1055: Added test cases 1052
	  through 1055 to test uploading data from files during redirects.
	  Test cases 1052 and 1055 show problems (maybe the same root cause
	  as 1051) and are disabled.

2008-07-30 22:11  danf

	* lib/: http.c, http.h, transfer.c: Factored out

2008-07-30 14:09  yangtse

	* ares/m4/reentrant.m4, m4/reentrant.m4: Add file version serial
	  number that might be used by 'aclocal' and others.

	  Keep the '#' character as the first one on the line.

2008-07-30 10:27  yangtse

	* ares/setup.h, src/setup.h: Update copyright year.

2008-07-30 10:21  yangtse

	* ares/setup.h, lib/setup.h, src/setup.h: Sync comment with

2008-07-30 09:31  danf

	* TODO-RELEASE: Added the problems with test cases 1041 and 1051

2008-07-30 09:24  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/DISABLED, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test1051, tests/server/sws.c: Added test case 1051 to
	  test Location: following with PUT, as reported by Ben Sutcliffe.
	  The test when run manually shows a problem in curl, but the test
	  harness web server doesn't run the test correctly so it's
	  disabled for now.

2008-07-30 08:20  yangtse

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: Undo using the sreadfrom() wrapper to
	  replace recvfrom() in our code, for real ;-)

2008-07-30 07:15  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: #149 done. Awaiting autobuild verification before

2008-07-30 07:10  yangtse

	* lib/tftp.c, tests/server/tftpd.c: Undo using the sreadfrom()
	  wrapper to replace recvfrom() in our code.

2008-07-30 06:46  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: #148 no longer blocks #144

2008-07-30 06:42  yangtse

	* tests/ Reinstate hiding aclocal 'underquoted
	  definition' warnings.

2008-07-30 05:24  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: updated #148

2008-07-30 05:10  yangtse

	*, acinclude.m4, buildconf, ares/,
	  ares/acinclude.m4, ares/buildconf: Reinstate the 'aclocal -I m4'
	  in buildconf and 'ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I m4' way of including our
	  local m4/reentrant.m4 file. This even takes care of including the
	  file in the distribution tarball.

2008-07-30 03:17  yangtse

	* buildconf: Show autom4te and aclocal versions.

	  Set SED for Solaris to gsed if available.

2008-07-30 02:10  danf

	* lib/config-symbian.h, packages/Symbian/readme.txt: Minor Symbian

2008-07-30 02:09  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/urldata.h: Fixed --use-ascii to
	  properly convert text files on Symbian OS, MS-DOS and OS/2.

2008-07-30 01:56  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: Updtae #148 with link to start of thread

2008-07-30 01:51  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: Updated #144

	  Added #148 and # 149

2008-07-29 23:51  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: 56. When libcurl sends CURLOPT_POSTQUOTE
	  commands when connected to a SFTP   server using the multi
	  interface, the commands are not being sent correctly	 and
	  instead the connection is "cancelled" (the operation is
	  considered done)   prematurely. There is a half-baked
	  (busy-looping) patch provided in the bug   report but it cannot
	  be accepted as-is. See

2008-07-29 23:39  bagder


	  146 - Yehoshua Hershberg's re-using of connections that failed

	  147 - PHP's bug report #43158
	  ( identifies	  a true
	  bug in libcurl built with OpenSSL.

2008-07-29 22:59  danf

	* docs/INSTALL: Document that PKG_CONFIG_PATH is the preferred way
	  to configure with OpenSSL.

2008-07-29 21:31  yangtse

	* buildconf: For testing purposes on SunOS systems; directly feed
	  acinclude.m4 with reentrant.m4 and remove reentrant.m4 before
	  calling aclocal.

2008-07-29 21:01  yangtse

	* buildconf: For debugging purposes, show all sed's available in
	  PATH on SunOS systems.

2008-07-29 20:57  danf

	* tests/data/ Return an error code when extra files are
	  found in filecheck:

2008-07-29 20:26  danf

	* lib/hostthre.c: Eliminate a unnecessary socket creation in
	  Curl_getaddrinfo for an IPv4 address in an IPv6 capable libcurl.

2008-07-29 20:23  yangtse

	* ares/m4/reentrant.m4, m4/reentrant.m4: Add quoting for the
	  AC_DEFINE arguments.

2008-07-29 20:01  yangtse

	* ares/m4/reentrant.m4, m4/reentrant.m4: Also remove the

2008-07-29 19:45  yangtse

	* ares/m4/reentrant.m4, m4/reentrant.m4: Also remove the extra

2008-07-29 18:29  yangtse

	* ares/m4/reentrant.m4, m4/reentrant.m4: Replace some '@%:@'
	  quadigraphs by its actual representation '#'.

	  This quadigraph used before a C preprocessor 'define' directive
	  could be fooling M4, when processing this file, and make it think
	  that the line contains a pure M4 'define' macro.

2008-07-29 04:26  yangtse

	*, acinclude.m4, buildconf, ares/,
	  ares/acinclude.m4, ares/buildconf: Tests done using 'aclocal -I
	  m4' in buildconf and 'ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS = -I m4 in top
	  triggered a problem that prevented aclocal from running
	  successfully on SunOS 5.10 with GNU m4 1.4.5 and GNU Autoconf

	  A tarball which reproduces mentioned problem is the one dated

	  We actually don't need all the bells and whistles that the above
	  mechanism provides. We only need to include our m4/reentrant.m4
	  file in acinclude.m4 so here we go with this simpler mechanism.

2008-07-29 04:05  yangtse

	* lib/.cvsignore: ignore *.dist files

2008-07-29 03:05  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1045,
	  tests/data/test1046, tests/data/test1047, tests/data/test1048,
	  tests/data/test1049, tests/data/test1050: Added test case 1050 to
	  test --ftp-port with an IPv6 address.  Made --interface tests
	  less restrictive on host address.

2008-07-28 23:53  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: I removed: "139 - Christopher Palow's
	  CURLM_EASY_HANDLE_EXISTS patch" simply because at the current
	  point in time I think the benefit of adding that new return code
	  is very slim and it is a lot of work to introduce new return
	  codes (for docs and maintenance etc)

	  I added "145 - Phil Blundell's CURLOPT_SCOPE patch/work" since I
	  want it sorted/committed.

2008-07-28 20:39  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1045,
	  tests/data/test1046, tests/data/test1047, tests/data/test1048,
	  tests/data/test1049: Added test cases 1045 through 1049 as simple
	  tests of --interface using the localhost interface.

2008-07-28 20:35  danf

	* lib/connect.c: Fixed display of the interface bind address in the
	  trace output when it's an IPv6 address.

2008-07-28 18:17  yangtse

	* buildconf: Ensure that buildconf runs from the subdirectory where lives

2008-07-28 17:15  yangtse

	* buildconf: Remove files generated on previous buildconf/configure
	  run, and for debugging purposes show ACLOCAL_FLAGS.

2008-07-28 17:13  yangtse

	* ares/buildconf: for debugging purposes show ACLOCAL_FLAGS

2008-07-28 14:36  yangtse

	* .cvsignore: ignore another file that might be generated

2008-07-28 01:43  yangtse

	*, ares/ These lines were unintentionally
	  removed in previous commit

2008-07-28 00:25  yangtse

	*, ares/ Partially undo change that
	  prevented SED, GREP, EGREP and AR from being changed by libtool
	  or autoconf.

2008-07-27 23:47  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Assert that SED and GREP are set

2008-07-27 22:29  yangtse

	* ares/m4/reentrant.m4, m4/reentrant.m4: Require autoconf 2.57 or

2008-07-27 20:10  yangtse

	* buildconf, ares/buildconf: When calling aclocal, user defined
	  ACLOCAL_FLAGS will now precede ours.

2008-07-27 19:24  yangtse

	* buildconf: For debugging purposes, run aclocal in verbose mode on
	  SunOS systems.

2008-07-27 18:37  yangtse

	*, ares/ move ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS after

2008-07-27 05:16  yangtse

	* ares/setup.h, ares/m4/reentrant.m4, lib/setup.h, m4/reentrant.m4,
	  src/setup.h: setup.h handles definition of _REENTRANT based on
	  NEED_REENTRANT definition which might be defined in config.h or
	  config-*.h files

2008-07-27 04:41  yangtse

	*, ares/ Remove explicit inclusion of our
	  m4 files first. It was interesting as a test, but it breaks
	  aclocal execution on some systems, with the following error:

	  Can't locate object method "rel2abs" via package "File::Spec" at
	  /usr/local/bin/aclocal line 256.

2008-07-27 04:34  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, tests/FILEFORMAT, tests/runtests.1,
	  tests/ Added feature in to select tests
	  based on key word.

2008-07-27 04:20  danf

	* lib/hostip6.c: Eliminate a unnecessary socket creation in
	  Curl_getaddrinfo for an IPv4 address in an IPv6 capable libcurl.

2008-07-27 03:36  yangtse

	*, ares/, ares/m4/reentrant.m4,
	  m4/reentrant.m4: Another step towards detecting if _REENTRANT is
	  already defined or actually needed, and being able to define it
	  if appropriate for further configure tests as well as for the
	  generated config file.

2008-07-26 23:15  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c: - David Bau filed bug
	  report #2026240 "CURL_READFUNC_PAUSE leads to buffer	 overrun"
	  ( identifying two
	  problems, and providing the fix for them:

	    - CURL_READFUNC_PAUSE did in fact not pause the _sending_ of
	  data that it is
	      designed for but paused _receiving_ of data!

	    - libcurl didn't internally set the read counter to zero when
	  this return
	      code was detected, which would potentially lead to junk
	  getting sent to
	      the server.

2008-07-26 22:09  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1044,
	  tests/data/test99: Added test 1044 to test large file support in
	  ftp with -I.

2008-07-26 16:45  yangtse

	*, ares/ Explicitly include our m4 files
	  first. This might minimize the impact that other package's
	  underquoted m4 function definitions have on ours.

2008-07-26 14:11  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, m4/reentrant.m4: simplify multi '#'
	  char comment line

2008-07-26 03:24  yangtse

	* ares/m4/reentrant.m4, m4/reentrant.m4: Add a 3 argument check for

2008-07-26 03:00  yangtse

	* m4/reentrant.m4: additional debug logging of getprotobyname_r on
	  Tru64 and AIX

2008-07-26 02:19  yangtse

	* tests/ No longer hide aclocal 'underquoted
	  definition' warnings.
	  documents that starting with Automake 1.8, aclocal will warn
	  about all underquoted calls to AC_DEFUN due to the fact that in a
	  single aclocal run it might include more than once all .m4 files
	  which it finds available, this includes .m4 files from other
	  software packages.

	  If the first argument to AC_DEFUN is underquoted and the same
	  macro is included more than once, successive inclusions after the
	  first one will expand the macro instead of assuming it is the
	  same as the first one included.

2008-07-25 15:21  yangtse

	*, buildconf, reentrant.m4, ares/,
	  ares/buildconf, ares/reentrant.m4, ares/m4/reentrant.m4,
	  m4/reentrant.m4: move reentrant.m4 to the m4 subdirectory to
	  avoid infinite loop inclusion problem

2008-07-24 20:02  yangtse

	* reentrant.m4, ares/reentrant.m4: add checks for strtok_r and

2008-07-24 17:20  yangtse

	*, acinclude.m4, buildconf,, reentrant.m4,
	  ares/, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/buildconf,
	  ares/, ares/reentrant.m4: Another step towards
	  detecting if _REENTRANT is already defined or actually needed,
	  and being able to define it if appropriate for further configure
	  tests as well as for the generated config file.

	  Introduced reentrant.m4 intended for our reentrant related
	  autotools/m4 macros.

2008-07-24 17:11  yangtse

	* lib/.cvsignore: ignore curllib.vcproj

2008-07-24 04:16  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/ Changed the long logfile elision code
	  in to properly handle lines ending in \r.

2008-07-24 01:03  danf

	* tests/runtests.1: Mention that the test harness can't check every
	  possible feature.

2008-07-24 00:02  danf

	* docs/libcurl/: curl_easy_setopt.3, libcurl-tutorial.3: Eliminated
	  references to TRUE and FALSE since those identifiers aren't
	  defined by the libcurl API. Also changed curl_easy_setopt
	  examples to pass longs where appropriate.

2008-07-23 22:53  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: - I went over the
	  curl_easy_setopt man page and replaced most references to
	  non-zero with the fixed value of 1. We should strive at making
	  options   support '1' for enabling them mentioned explicitly, as
	  that then will allow	 us for to extend them in the future
	  without breaking older programs.

2008-07-23 20:17  danf

	* docs/INSTALL: Simplified Minix compile instructions and added
	  some special cases.

2008-07-23 06:20  yangtse

	* ares/acinclude.m4: reorder argument number detection for
	  getservbyport_r to actually verify if the test is properly

2008-07-22 21:13  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: cleanup duplicate line

2008-07-22 21:04  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/
	  Make sure that configure process tests are done with the same
	  _REENTRANT setting as the one actually used when finally building
	  the library.

2008-07-22 20:56  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: checks for gethostbyaddr_r with 7 and 8 args now
	  also done with -D_REENTRANT

	  checks for gethostbyname_r with 5 and 6 args now also done with

2008-07-22 02:12  yangtse

	* lib/: config-os400.h, setup-os400.h, setup.h: minor reordering in
	  OS/400 config/setup files

2008-07-21 20:24  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h, lib/setup_once.h: Change recvfrom's sixth
	  argument data type to the 'historically standard' 'int' data type
	  for systems where this sixth argument is prototyped as a void

	  Start of thread:

2008-07-21 17:39  giva

	* lib/setup.h: Undefine 'byte' due to dict.c.

2008-07-21 16:01  yangtse

	* ares/acinclude.m4: use prototypes to improve getservbyport_r

2008-07-21 11:23  yangtse

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: fix compiler warning: implicit conversion
	  from "long" to "int"

2008-07-21 05:59  yangtse

	* lib/tftp.c: fix compiler warning: comparison between signed and

2008-07-21 05:50  yangtse

	* ares/Makefile.netware, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  src/Makefile.netware: Adjust recvfrom's sixth arg data type
	  definition for NetWare (LIBC)

2008-07-21 05:06  yangtse

	* CHANGES, ares/setup_once.h, lib/setup_once.h, lib/tftp.c,
	  tests/server/tftpd.c: Use the sreadfrom() wrapper to replace
	  recvfrom() in our code.

2008-07-21 02:36  yangtse

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4, ares/CHANGES, ares/,
	  ares/Makefile.netware, ares/acinclude.m4, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  lib/config-mac.h, lib/config-riscos.h, lib/config-symbian.h,
	  lib/config.dos, packages/vms/config-vms.h, src/Makefile.netware:
	  when recvfrom prototype uses a void pointer for arguments 2, 5 or
	  6 this will now cause the definition of
	  RECVFROM_TYPE_ARG6_IS_VOID, as appropriate.

2008-07-20 19:18  yangtse

	*, ares/ Adjust DEC/Compaq C compiler

2008-07-20 11:51  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Remove showing additional info needed to debug
	  configure failure to properly detect recvfrom arg types on

2008-07-20 11:46  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Added "pointer to void" as
	  another data type to check for the sixth argument of function
	  recvfrom as a result of the info additionally logged when running
	  on a Solaris system.

	  The compiler error showed that the prototype being used on
	  Solaris was the one declared in line 427 of
	  "/usr/include/sys/socket.h" as:

	  function(int, 	 pointer to void,	   unsigned int,
		int,	      pointer to struct sockaddr,	   pointer
	  to void) returning int

2008-07-19 20:32  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Temporarily show additional info needed to debug
	  configure failure to properly detect recvfrom arg types on

2008-07-19 13:27  yangtse

	* ares/, Adjust DEC/Compaq C compiler

2008-07-18 16:46  patrickm

	* packages/OS400/README.OS400: README.OS400 update for new string

2008-07-18 16:43  patrickm

	* packages/OS400/README.OS400: README.OS400 update for new string

2008-07-18 00:39  danf

	* tests/data/: test1026, test1027, test1033, test12, test60: Fixed
	  the XML syntax of a few test files.

2008-07-17 05:07  yangtse

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4, ares/CHANGES, ares/,
	  ares/Makefile.netware, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/config-win32.h,
	  ares/setup_once.h, lib/Makefile.netware, lib/config-amigaos.h,
	  lib/config-mac.h, lib/config-os400.h, lib/config-riscos.h,
	  lib/config-symbian.h, lib/config-tpf.h, lib/config-win32.h,
	  lib/config-win32ce.h, lib/config.dos, lib/setup_once.h,
	  packages/vms/config-vms.h, src/Makefile.netware,
	  src/config-win32.h: RECVFROM_TYPE_ARG2, RECVFROM_TYPE_ARG5 and
	  RECVFROM_TYPE_ARG6 are now defined to the data type pointed by
	  its respective argument and not the pointer type.

2008-07-16 21:24  yangtse

	* lib/config.dos: fix comment

2008-07-16 21:16  yangtse

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4,, ares/CHANGES,
	  ares/, ares/Makefile.netware, ares/acinclude.m4,
	  ares/config-win32.h, ares/, ares/setup_once.h,
	  lib/Makefile.netware, lib/config-amigaos.h, lib/config-mac.h,
	  lib/config-os400.h, lib/config-riscos.h, lib/config-symbian.h,
	  lib/config-tpf.h, lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h,
	  lib/config.dos, lib/setup_once.h, packages/vms/config-vms.h,
	  src/Makefile.netware, src/config-win32.h: Configure process now
	  checks availability of recvfrom() socket function and finds out
	  its return type and the types of its arguments. Added definitions
	  for non-configure systems config files, and introduced macro
	  sreadfrom which will be used on udp sockets as a recvfrom()

2008-07-16 16:17  yangtse

	*, ares/ Initial DEC/Compaq C compiler
	  detection and flags

2008-07-16 14:26  yangtse

	* ares/: CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, acinclude.m4: Improved configure
	  detection of number of arguments for getservbyport_r

2008-07-15 18:43  yangtse

	* ares/: CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES,, setup.h: Allow
	  --enable-largefile and --disable-largefile configurations.
	  Configure process no longer needs nor checks size of curl_off_t.
	  Library will now be built with _REENTRANT symbol defined.

2008-07-15 15:54  yangtse

	* CHANGES, docs/examples/ add comment for include paths

2008-07-15 07:46  yangtse

	* lib/, src/, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/libtest/lib506.c, tests/libtest/test.h,
	  tests/server/ add comment for include paths

2008-07-15 06:12  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1041,
	  tests/data/test1042, tests/data/test1043: Added test1042 and
	  test1043 to test -C - on HTTP.

2008-07-15 05:36  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/DISABLED, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test1040, tests/data/test1041: Added test1040 and
	  test1041 to test -C - on HTTP. Test 1041 failed so it's added to

2008-07-14 19:31  yangtse

	* lib/setup.h, CHANGES: Move _REENTRANT definition earlier in

2008-07-14 18:58  yangtse

	* CHANGES, lib/config-tpf.h, lib/setup.h: Removed inclusion of
	  remaining system header files from configuration files.  These
	  are included from lib/setup.h or specific source code file.

2008-07-14 18:10  yangtse

	* lib/: config-mac.h, setup.h: Inclusion of <extra/stricmp.h> and
	  <extra/strdup.h> is moved to lib/setup.h

2008-07-14 17:58  yangtse

	* lib/config.dos: Remove duplicate file inclusions. These are
	  already done in lib/setup.h and lib/setup_once.h

2008-07-14 17:30  yangtse

	* lib/config-win32ce.h: Remove duplicate file inclusions. These are
	  already done in lib/setup.h

2008-07-14 14:39  yangtse

	* CHANGES, docs/INSTALL, lib/setup.h: HTTP_ONLY definition check in
	  lib/setup.h is now done once that configuration file has been
	  included. In this way if symbol is defined in the config file it
	  will no longer be ignored.

2008-07-11 20:59  yangtse

	* lib/parsedate.h: fix multiple header inclusion prevention

2008-07-11 20:52  yangtse

	* lib/: strdup.h, strtok.h: move multiple header inclusion
	  prevention definition to top of file

2008-07-11 20:42  yangtse

	* CHANGES, lib/content_encoding.h: Added missing multiple header
	  inclusion prevention definition

2008-07-11 20:23  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/libtest/lib552.c, tests/libtest/lib553.c: Fixed
	  test 553 to pass the torture test.

2008-07-11 19:18  danf

	* tests/ Avoid a potential zombie process when killing
	  an old ftpserver

2008-07-11 12:50  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: document the exit codes 82 and 83 that are new in

2008-07-11 11:18  bagder

	* lib/url.c: indent and comment cleanup (no code change)

2008-07-11 11:08  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: - Daniel Fandrich found out we
	  didn't pass on the user-agent properly when	doing
	  "proxy-tunnels" with non-HTTP prototols and that was simply
	  because   the code assumed the user-agent was only needed for

2008-07-11 07:08  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1038,
	  tests/data/test1039: Added test cases 1038 and 1039 to test
	  Adrian Kreher's report that ftp uploads with -C - didn't resume
	  properly, but the tests pass.

2008-07-11 06:38  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/ssh.c: Changed slightly the SFTP quote commands
	  chmod, chown and chgrp to only set the attribute that has changed
	  instead of all possible ones. Hopefully, this will solve the
	  "Permission denied" problem that Nagarajan Sreenivasan reported
	  when setting some modes, but regardless, it saves a protocol
	  round trip in the chmod case.

2008-07-11 00:24  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: (Added in the section for
	  CURLOPT_DNS_CACHE_TIMEOUT, pointed out on the curl-library list
	  on July 9th 2008 by Mathew Hounsell)

	  NOTE: the name resolve functions of various libc implementations
	  don't re-read name server information unless explicitly told so
	  (by for example calling Ires_init(3). This may cause libcurl to
	  keep using the older server even if DHCP has updated the server
	  info, and this may look like a DNS cache issue to the casual
	  libcurl-app user.

2008-07-10 22:29  bagder

	* src/main.c: --remote-name-all

2008-07-10 20:15  danf

	* lib/transfer.c: Fixed another OOM problem, this time with test

2008-07-10 20:01  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/select.h: Peter Lamberg filed bug
	  report #2015126: "poll gives WSAEINVAL when POLLPRI is set in" ( which
	  exactly pinpointed the problem only triggered on Windows Vista,
	  provided reference to docs and also a fix. There is much work
	  behind Peter Lamberg's excellent bug report. Thank You!

2008-07-10 15:40  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_socket.3: updated to match current

2008-07-10 10:21  yangtse

	* ares/: ares_private.h, ares_process.c, ares_send.c: fix compiler

2008-07-10 10:00  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: s/muse/must

2008-07-10 09:53  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: document --remote-name-all

2008-07-10 09:16  yangtse

	* src/curlutil.c, tests/libtest/testutil.c: fallback to
	  gettimeofday when monotonic clock is unavailable at run-time

2008-07-10 08:09  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1036,
	  tests/data/test1037: Added tests 1036 and 1037 to verify resumed
	  ftp downloads with -C -

2008-07-09 20:39  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/hostares.c, lib/hostip.c,
	  lib/hostip.h, lib/hostip4.c: - Andreas Schuldei improved Phil
	  Blundell's patch for IPv6 using c-ares, and I   edited it
	  slightly. Now you should be able to use IPv6 addresses fine even
	  with libcurl built to use c-ares.

2008-07-09 20:33  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/transfer.c: Fixed an OOM handling problem that cause
	  test 11 to fail the torture test.

2008-07-09 18:38  yangtse

	* ares/Makefile.netware: since Jun 30 2008 MAXHOSTNAMELEN define is
	  no longer used

2008-07-08 23:16  danf

	* CHANGES, docs/libcurl/curl_formadd.3, lib/formdata.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib554.c: Fixed test 554 to pass the torture test.

2008-07-08 15:55  giva

	* docs/examples/ Added libidn libs as needed. Added
	  compilation of sendrecv.c and cookie_interface.c.

2008-07-08 01:52  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1034,
	  tests/data/test1035, tests/data/test165: Added test cases 1034 &
	  1035 to test IDN name conversion failures.

2008-07-07 22:37  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, tests/data/test539,
	  tests/libtest/, tests/libtest/lib539.c: - Scott
	  Barrett provided a test case for a segfault in the FTP code and
	  the	fix for it. It occured when you did a FTP transfer using
	  CURLFTPMETHOD_SINGLECWD and then did another one on the same easy
	  handle but   switched to CURLFTPMETHOD_NOCWD. Due to the "dir
	  depth" variable not being   cleared properly.  Scott's test case
	  is now known as test 539 and it   verifies the fix.

2008-07-07 12:39  patrickm

	* lib/qssl.h, packages/OS400/ccsidcurl.c,
	  packages/OS400/ New options added to OS400 wrapper
	  and ILERPG definitions.  Wrong defines (typos) for QSSL layer

2008-07-07 04:11  yangtse

	* ares/:, maketgz: fix c-ares version reported in
	  generated libcares.pc file when building from CVS tree.

2008-07-05 05:31  yangtse

	* lib/sslgen.h: fix compiler warning: empty body in an if-statement

2008-07-05 05:12  yangtse

	* CHANGES: mention that egrep and ar are also mandatory

2008-07-04 06:03  yangtse

	*, ares/ egrep and ar are also mandatory

2008-07-03 13:41  bagder

	* ares/README: just to clarify that c-ares actually have some ipv6

2008-07-03 13:34  bagder

	* ares/RELEASE-NOTES: ares_gethostbyname() fallback from AAA to A
	  records with CNAME present

2008-07-03 13:32  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_gethostbyname.c: - Phil Blundell: If you ask
	  ares_gethostbyname() to do an AF_INET6 lookup and   the target
	  host has only A records, it automatically falls back to an
	  AF_INET lookup and gives you the A results.  However, if the
	  target host has   a CNAME record, this behaviour is defeated
	  since the original query does   return some data even though
	  ares_parse_aaa_reply() doesn't consider it   relevant. Here's a
	  small patch to make it behave the same with and without   the

2008-07-03 10:47  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, lib/transfer.c,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test1033: Phil Blundell
	  provided a fix for libcurl's treatment of unexpected 1xx response
	  codes. Previously libcurl would hang on such occurances. I added
	  test case 1033 to verify.

2008-07-03 08:56  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/getinfo.c, lib/progress.c, lib/progress.h, lib/ssh.c,
	  lib/sslgen.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/writeout.c:
	  Introcuding a new timestamp for curl_easy_getinfo():
	  CURLINFO_APPCONNECT_TIME. This is set with the "application
	  layer" handshake/connection is completed (typically SSL, TLS or
	  SSH). By using this you can figure out the application layer's
	  own connect time. You can extract the time stamp using curl's -w
	  option and the new variable named 'time_appconnect'. This feature
	  was sponsored by Lenny Rachitsky at NeuStar.

2008-07-02 20:34  danf

	* include/curl/curl.h, CHANGES, lib/if2ip.c: Support Open Watcom C
	  on Linux (as well as Windows).

2008-07-02 19:42  yangtse

	* CHANGES,, ares/ The configure process
	  will now halt when sed or grep are unavailable

2008-07-02 05:04  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, acinclude.m4, ares/CHANGES,
	  ares/RELEASE-NOTES, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/ares__timeval.c,
	  lib/timeval.c: fallback to gettimeofday when monotonic clock is
	  unavailable at run-time

2008-07-01 23:53  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/INSTALL, include/curl/curl.h: -
	  Rolland Dudemaine provided fixes to get libcurl to build for the
	  INTEGRITY   operating system.

2008-07-01 23:53  bagder

	* lib/url.c: CreateConnection collided with a function using the
	  exact same name in the INTEGRITY RTOS, so I renamed it to
	  create_conn. It then made sense to also rename SetupConnection to
	  setup_conn to match it.

2008-07-01 12:29  yangtse

	*, ares/ IBM C/C++ compiler predefined
	  macro check

2008-07-01 02:30  yangtse

	*, ares/ set earlier in configure process
	  IBM compilers optimization flags

2008-06-30 16:10  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: make check message wording more

2008-06-30 15:07  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/setup.h, lib/url.c: - Stephen Collyer
	  and Tor Arntsen helped identify a flaw in the range code   which
	  output the range using a signed variable where it should rather
	  use	unsigned.

2008-06-30 14:58  bagder

	* lib/mprintf.c: made %llu work for printing unsigned long longs,
	  added the generic curl source header

2008-06-30 14:48  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_init.c, nameser.h: - As was pointed out to
	  me by Andreas Schuldei, the MAXHOSTNAMELEN define is	 not posix
	  or anything and thus c-ares failed to build on hurd (and possibly
	    elsewhere). The define was also somewhat artificially used in
	  the windows	port. Now, I instead rewrote the use of
	  gethostbyname to enlarge the host   name buffer in case of need
	  and totally avoid the use of the MAXHOSTNAMELEN   define. I thus
	  also removed the defien from the namser.h file where it was
	  once added for the windows build.

	    I also fixed init_by_defaults() function to not leak memory in
	  case if

2008-06-30 11:39  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/ABI: minor language fix

2008-06-29 13:08  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: fix C style comment

2008-06-29 05:19  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: John
	  Lightsey filed bug report #1999181: "CLOCK_MONOTONIC always fails
	  on some systems" (
	  The problem was that the configure script did not use the
	  _POSIX_MONOTONIC_CLOCK feature test macro when checking monotonic
	  clock availability. This is now fixed and the monotonic clock
	  will not be used unless the feature test macro is defined with a
	  value greater than zero indicating always supported.

2008-06-26 09:53  bagder

	* docs/INTERNALS: let's try to maintain compatibility with NSS

2008-06-26 03:43  danf

	* CHANGES, src/main.c: Honour --stderr with the -v option.  Fixed a
	  file handle leak in the command line client if more than one
	  --stderr option was given.

2008-06-24 10:52  bagder

	* lib/:, README.NSS: Added README.NSS to describe the
	  current NSS situation.

2008-06-22 22:38  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test1032: - Eduard Bloch filed the debian bug report
	  pointing out that   libcurl used Content-Range: instead of Range
	  when doing a range request with   --head (CURLOPT_NOBODY). This
	  is now fixed and test case 1032 was added to	 verify.

2008-06-22 08:57  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/parsedate.c, lib/url.c: Stopped using ranges in
	  scanf character sequences (e.g. %[a-z]) since that is not ANSI C,
	  just a common extension.  This caused problems on at least Open
	  Watcom C.

2008-06-21 23:21  bagder

	* lib/ Oops, that was an experimental change not meant
	  to be committed!

2008-06-21 23:19  bagder

	* lib/:, nss.c, nssg.h: made Curl_nss_send() take const
	  data to kill compiler warning

2008-06-21 19:56  danf

	* tests/data/: test1021, test104, test106, test12, test141,
	  test188, test194, test258, test259, test56, test71, test92:
	  Edited some test keywords for consistency

2008-06-20 20:09  yangtse

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4,
	  ares/ Modified configuration script to actually
	  verify if the compiler is good enough at detecting compilation
	  errors or at least it has been properly configured to do so.
	  Configuration heavily depends on this capability, so if this
	  compiler sanity check fails the configuration process will now

2008-06-20 13:15  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/nss.c: - Phil Pellouchoud found a
	  case where libcurl built with NSS failed to	handshake with a
	  SSLv2 server, and it turned out to be because it didn't
	  recognize the cipher named "rc4-md5". In our list that cipher was
	  named   plainly "rc4". I've now added rc4-md5 to work as an alias
	  as Phil reported   that it made things work for him again.

2008-06-20 12:45  bagder

	* lib/ssh.h: remove leftover proto that isn't used, I made it a
	  macro instead

2008-06-20 12:43  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/sendf.c, lib/sendf.h, lib/socks.c,
	  lib/ssh.h: - Hans-Jurgen May pointed out that trying SCP or SFTP
	  over a SOCKS proxy   crashed libcurl. This is now addressed by
	  making sure we use "plain send"   internally when doing the socks
	  handshake instead of the Curl_write()   function which is
	  designed to use the "target" protocol. That's then SCP or   SFTP
	  in this case. I also took the opportunity and cleaned up some
	  ssh-	 related #ifdefs in the code for readability.

2008-06-20 00:24  bagder

	* CHANGES: minor language fix

2008-06-19 23:32  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c: - Christopher Palow fixed a
	  curl_multi_socket() issue which previous caused   libcurl to not
	  tell the app properly when a socket was closed (when the name
	  resolve done by c-ares is done) and then immediately re-created
	  and put to   use again (for the actual connection). Since the
	  closure will make the   "watch status" get lost in several
	  event-based systems libcurl will need to   tell the app about
	  this close/re-create case.

2008-06-19 10:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: - Dengminwen found a bug in
	  the connection re-use function when using the   multi interface
	  with pipelining enabled as it would wrongly check for,   detect
	  and close "dead connections" even though that connection was
	  already   in use!

2008-06-19 07:47  bagder

	* lib/nss.c: Removed the #define of ciphernum since keeping a
	  define updated to be the number of entries in a provided table is
	  doomed to fail in the long run. Now we use the NUM_OF_CIPHERS
	  define instead to figure out the amount.

2008-06-19 07:42  bagder

	* lib/nss.c: s/strcasecmp/strequal to make it more portable

2008-06-19 03:12  danf

	* tests/ Always use $LOGDIR when referring to the log

2008-06-19 02:30  danf

	* CHANGES, src/main.c: Fixed a memory leak in the command-line tool
	  that caused a valgrind error.

2008-06-19 02:18  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test628,
	  tests/data/test629, tests/data/test630, tests/data/test631,
	  tests/data/test632: Added SSH failure test cases 628-632

2008-06-19 00:01  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/nss.c: - Rob Crittenden brought a fix
	  for the NSS layer that makes libcurl no longer   always fire up a
	  new connection rather than using the existing one when the
	  multi interface is used. Original bug report:

2008-06-18 23:50  bagder

	* lib/nss.c: removed warning about unused argument by simply
	  removing that argument from the check_issuer_cert() proto

2008-06-18 23:48  bagder

	* lib/nss.c: check_issuer_cert() now builds and there's one warning
	  less. Still one compiler warning in the code though but we need
	  NSS' base64.h header for that and we don't currently have a
	  suitable way to include it as our own base64.h header kind of
	  "blocks" it.

2008-06-18 06:39  yangtse

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: No longer break out of
	  a shell "for" statement from inside AC_FOO_IFELSE macros,
	  otherwise temp files are not removed.

	  Identation adjustment.

2008-06-13 23:16  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: In checkPendPipeline() we can't be setting the
	  TIMER_CONNECT correctly as that is for the TCP connect. I changed
	  it to TIMER_PRETRANSFER which seems to be what was intended here.

2008-06-13 22:45  bagder

	* tests/ fixed the language somewhat

2008-06-13 02:03  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, acinclude.m4: Fixed curl-config --ca
	  which wasn't being exported by configure.

2008-06-13 01:50  danf

	* tests/data/: test252, test253, test254, test255: Added IPv6
	  keywords for some more tests that require IPv6 networking support

2008-06-13 00:00  bagder

	* lib/nss.c: fixed bad infof() usage!

2008-06-12 23:16  bagder

	* docs/INTERNALS: added the versions of a range of build tools that
	  we want to remain to work

2008-06-12 23:03  bagder

	* docs/INTERNALS: My first attempt at documenting what we try to
	  support and make curl run with in regard to C standard, third
	  party libraries and operating systems etc.

2008-06-11 19:01  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/gtls.h, lib/nss.c, lib/nssg.h, lib/qssl.h,
	  lib/sslgen.c, lib/sslgen.h, lib/ssluse.c, lib/ssluse.h: - I did a
	  cleanup of the internal generic SSL layer and how the various SSL
	    libraries are supported. Starting now, each underlying SSL
	  library support   code does a set of defines for the 16 functions
	  the generic layer (sslgen.c)	 uses (all these new function
	  defines use the prefix "curlssl_"). This   greatly simplified the
	  generic layer in readability by involving much less	#ifdefs and
	  other preprocessor stuff and should make it easier for people to
	   make libcurl work with new SSL libraries.

	    Hopefully I can later on document these 16 functions somewhat
	  as well.

	    I also made most of the internal SSL-dependent functions (using
	    prefix) #defined to nothing when no SSL support is requested -
	    they would unnecessarily call mostly empty functions.

2008-06-11 17:26  yangtse

	* lib/ssluse.c: fix compiler warning: conversion from `pointer to
	  void' to `pointer to int function(pointer to char,int,int,pointer
	  to void)' is compiler dependent

2008-06-11 02:07  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: enable additional CFLAGS from commandline.

2008-06-10 23:53  bagder

	* lib/: gtls.c, gtls.h: fix warning in GnuTLS build by making sure
	  Curl_gtls_send() takes a const void *

2008-06-10 22:49  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/ssluse.c: - I made the OpenSSL code build again with
	  OpenSSL 0.9.6. The CRLFILE   functionality killed it due to its
	  unconditional use of	 X509_STORE_set_flags...

2008-06-09 13:13  mmarek

	* include/curl/typecheck-gcc.h: CURLOPT_CRLFILE and
	  CURLOPT_ISSUERCERT are new string options

2008-06-09 03:06  yangtse

	* ares/: CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES,, fix
	  pkg-config reporting of private libraries needed for static

2008-06-09 00:29  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: enable additional
	  CFLAGS from commandline.

2008-06-09 00:00  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/: curl_easy_getinfo.3, curl_easy_setopt.3: 7.19.0 is

2008-06-08 23:04  bagder

	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, include/curl/curlver.h: the next release is
	  now called 7.19.0

2008-06-08 22:53  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1, src/main.c,
	  tests/, tests/data/test256, tests/data/test38: - curl
	  the tool now deals with its command line options somewhat
	  differently!	 All boolean options (such as -O, -I, -v etc), both
	  short and long versions,   now always switch on/enable the option
	  named. Using the same option multiple   times thus make no
	  difference. To switch off one of those options, you need   to use
	  the long version of the option and type --no-OPTION. Like to
	  disable   verbose mode you use --no-verbose!

	  - Added --remote-name-all to curl, which if used changes the
	  default for all   given URLs to be dealt with as if -O is used.
	  So if you want to disable that   for a specific URL after
	  --remote-name-all has been used, you muse use -o -   or

2008-06-08 17:52  gknauf

	* lib/connect.c: use our *printf functions only.

2008-06-07 00:11  bagder

	* CHANGES, CHANGES.0: Moved all changes from 2007 from CHANGES to

2008-06-06 22:57  bagder

	* lib/nss.c: code style cleanup

2008-06-06 22:52  bagder

	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/gtls.c, lib/nss.c, lib/ssluse.c,
	  lib/strerror.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: - Axel Tillequin and
	  Arnaud Ebalard added support for CURLOPT_ISSUERCERT, for
	  OpenSSL, NSS and GnuTLS-built libcurls.

2008-06-06 20:44  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: MSVC does build Windows native

2008-06-06 20:40  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: mention added in 7.18.3

2008-06-06 20:40  bagder

	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/gtls.c, lib/nss.c, lib/ssluse.c,
	  lib/strerror.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: - Axel Tillequin and
	  Arnaud Ebalard added support for CURLOPT_CRLFILE, for   OpenSSL,
	  NSS and GnuTLS-built libcurls.

2008-06-06 19:33  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/connect.c, lib/getinfo.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  tests/data/test500, tests/libtest/lib500.c: - Added
	  CURLINFO_PRIMARY_IP as a new information retrievable with
	  curl_easy_getinfo. It returns a pointer to a string with the most
	  recently   used IP address. Modified test case 500 to also verify
	  this feature. The   implementing of this feature was sponsored by
	  Lenny Rachitsky at NeuStar.

2008-06-05 14:33  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 7.18.2 is done now

2008-06-05 02:15  danf

	* packages/Symbian/readme.txt: Mention the minimum Symbian OS
	  version required.

2008-06-05 01:44  danf

	* src/main.c: Mention a few options that require an argument in

2008-06-04 18:05  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: start working on 7.18.3!

2008-06-04 18:03  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: new contributors from the 7.18.2 release

2008-06-04 17:38  bagder

	* CHANGES: 7.18.2

2008-06-03 20:03  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/telnet.c: Fixed a problem where
	  telnet data would be lost if an EWOULDBLOCK condition were

2008-06-03 20:00  danf

	* include/curl/curl.h: Fixed typo in comment

2008-06-02 00:10  bagder

	* tests/data/: test1026, test1027: curl returns 0 for these options

2008-06-02 00:04  bagder

	* tests/data/: test1013, test1014, test1022, test1023: now returns

2008-06-01 19:59  bagder

	* CHANGES: (committed this for Marty Kuhrt:) - Updated main.c to
	  return CURLE_OK if PARAM_HELP_REQUESTED was returned	 from
	  getparameter instead of CURLE_FAILED_INIT.  No point in returning
	  an error if --help or --version were requested.

2008-06-01 18:01  curlvms

	* src/main.c: return CURLE_OK instead of CURLE_FAILED_INIT if
	  PARAM_HEKP_REQUESTED returned by getparameter

2008-05-31 03:37  yangtse

	* lib/ssh.c: Fix problem: 'result' may be used uninitialized.
	  Issue detected by Guenter Knauf's NetWare autobuild.

2008-05-31 01:53  curlvms

	* packages/vms/curlmsg_vms.h: updated to match curlmsg.msg 1.7

2008-05-31 01:52  curlvms

	* packages/vms/: curlmsg.h, curlmsg.sdl: resync with curl.h

2008-05-31 01:51  curlvms

	* packages/vms/curlmsg.msg: resync with curl.h curle_ messages

2008-05-30 17:26  yangtse

	* ares/: CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, adig.c: Brad House fixed a missing
	  header file inclusion in adig sample program

2008-05-29 23:48  bagder

	* docs/TheArtOfHttpScripting: Added a new "13. Web Login" chapter

2008-05-29 22:39  bagder

	* ares/ares_version.h: start working on 1.5.3

2008-05-29 22:10  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: 1.5.2

2008-05-28 22:57  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: Fixed 142 and 143 Moved 144 to 7.18.3 instead

2008-05-28 22:56  bagder

	* lib/multi.c, CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: - Emil Romanus found a
	  problem and helped me repeat it. It occured when using   the
	  curl_multi_socket() API with HTTP pipelining enabled and could
	  lead to   the pipeline basically stalling for a very long period
	  of time until it took   off again.

2008-05-28 22:31  bagder

	* lib/ssh.c, CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: - Jeff Weber reported memory
	  leaks with aborted SCP and SFTP transfers and   provided
	  excellent repeat recipes. I fixed the cases I managed to
	  reproduce   but Jeff still got some (SCP) problems even after
	  these fixes:

2008-05-27 18:10  yangtse

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: Known bug #55, libcurl fails to build with MIT
	  Kerberos for Windows (KfW) due to KfW's library header files
	  exporting symbols/macros that should be kept private to the KfW
	  library. See ticket #5601 at

2008-05-26 22:39  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c, CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test1031: - Bug report #1973352
	  ( identified   how
	  the HTTP redirect following code didn't properly follow to a new
	  URL if   the new url was but a query string such as "Location:
	  ?moo=foo". Test case	 1031 was added to verify this fix.

2008-05-26 18:05  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: I'd like to see this fixed for the 7.18,2:

	  144 - Help apps use 64bit/LFS libcurl

2008-05-26 17:09  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES,, lib/select.c: Andreas
	  Faerber and Scott McCreary made (lib)curl build for the Haiku OS

2008-05-26 17:06  bagder

	* docs/INSTALL: Added Haiku OS, sorted the list of i386 OSes

2008-05-26 15:52  yangtse

	* ares/ahost.c: fix compiler warning: unreferenced formal parameter

2008-05-26 05:10  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_negotiate.c: David Rosenstrauch
	  reported that header files spnegohelp.h and openssl/objects.h
	  were needed to compile SPNEGO support.

2008-05-26 03:59  yangtse

	* lib/: nss.c, security.c, ssluse.c: fix: preprocessor complaining
	  about macro redefinition

2008-05-24 21:28  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: summary of the current outstanding issues for
	  upcoming and the subsequent releases

2008-05-24 21:19  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/: curl_multi_add_handle.3, curl_multi_socket.3:
	  Christopher Palow's multi interface docs updates

2008-05-24 13:20  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Nikolai Kondrashov for his man page update

2008-05-24 13:19  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Nikolai Kondrashov provided a
	  clarification for CURLOPT_HEADERFUNCTION

2008-05-23 23:52  bagder

	* ares/ list all local sources the (demo) tools need,
	  add a few missing scripts to the dist tarball and remove a two
	  duplicate file names from EXTRA_DIST (most of it pointed out by
	  Yang Tse)

2008-05-23 23:46  bagder

	* ares/FILES: this is not used (anymore)

2008-05-23 22:52  danf

	* docs/: KNOWN_BUGS, TODO: Added some more to do items and a known

2008-05-23 19:56  bagder

	* lib/ Dan Fandrich pointed out that this is the way we
	  should increase the number for 7.18.2 since we have added
	  functions in this release.

2008-05-22 23:49  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/libtest/lib500.c, tests/libtest/lib501.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib503.c, tests/libtest/lib504.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib505.c, tests/libtest/lib506.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib508.c, tests/libtest/lib510.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib511.c, tests/libtest/lib512.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib513.c, tests/libtest/lib514.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib515.c, tests/libtest/lib516.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib518.c, tests/libtest/lib519.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib520.c, tests/libtest/lib521.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib523.c, tests/libtest/lib524.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib525.c, tests/libtest/lib526.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib530.c, tests/libtest/lib536.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib537.c, tests/libtest/lib540.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib541.c, tests/libtest/lib542.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib544.c, tests/libtest/lib547.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib549.c, tests/libtest/lib552.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib553.c, tests/libtest/lib554.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib555.c: Made sure to pass longs in to
	  curl_easy_setopt where necessary in the libtest code.

2008-05-22 23:20  danf

	* docs/examples/: 10-at-a-time.c, anyauthput.c, cacertinmem.c,
	  cookie_interface.c, curlgtk.c, curlx.c, debug.c, fileupload.c,
	  fopen.c, ftpget.c, ftpupload.c, ftpuploadresume.c, ghiper.c,
	  hiperfifo.c, htmltidy.c,, httpput.c, https.c,
	  multi-app.c, multi-debugcallback.c, multi-post.c, persistant.c,
	  post-callback.c, sepheaders.c, simplepost.c, simplessl.c,
	  synctime.c, threaded-ssl.c: Fixed a surprising number of example
	  programs that were passing int arguments to curl_easy_setopt
	  instead of long.

2008-05-22 22:34  bagder

	* lib/ we bump the SO "revision" for next release due
	  to the new functions added

2008-05-22 21:44  danf

	* lib/: krb5.c, security.c: Fixed some include file problems on
	  Windows reported by David Rosenstrauch

2008-05-22 19:41  bagder

	* ares/maketgz: make sure the file with the correct
	  version number is shipped in the tarball

2008-05-22 18:10  yangtse

	* ares/Makefile.vc6: MSVC6+ clean-up targets must also remove

2008-05-22 17:31  yangtse

	* ares/AUTHORS: sync with reality

2008-05-21 23:36  danf

	* lib/file.c: Renamed MSDOS_FILESYSTEM to avoid conflict with MIT

2008-05-21 23:08  danf

	* lib/: connect.c, ssh.c: Removed some duplicated #includes

2008-05-21 20:24  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: fix: [action-if-found] part of
	  AC_CHECK_TYPE macro cannot be quoted when empty

2008-05-21 16:04  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/setup_once.h,
	  lib/setup_once.h: fix: remove need and definition of
	  HAVE_SOCKLEN_T symbol

2008-05-21 15:57  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4, lib/config-os400.h,
	  lib/config-riscos.h, lib/config-symbian.h, lib/config-tpf.h,
	  packages/vms/config-vms.h, src/config-riscos.h: fix: socklen_t
	  definition comment

2008-05-20 19:30  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: When unable to properly detect gethostbyname_r()
	  usage, configure script will simply issue a warning and
	  gethostbyname() will be used.

2008-05-20 17:55  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/
	  update several macros using AC_TRY_LINK with AC_LINK_IFELSE

2008-05-20 12:21  patrickm

	* include/curl/curl.h, include/curl/mprintf.h,
	  include/curl/multi.h, include/curl/typecheck-gcc.h,
	  lib/config-os400.h, lib/qssl.c, lib/qssl.h, lib/setup-os400.h,
	  packages/OS400/, packages/OS400/,
	  packages/OS400/os400sys.c: Adapting last changes to OS400: _
	  Updated packages/OS400/ with new definitions.  _ New
	  connect/bind/sendto/recvfrom wrappers to support AF_UNIX sockets.
	  _ Include files line length shortened below 100 chars.  _ Const
	  parameter in lib/qssl.[ch].  _ Typos in

2008-05-20 06:23  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4: fix underquoting
	  of AC_LANG_PROGRAM arguments

2008-05-20 03:24  yangtse

	* ares/: ares__timeval.c, ares_private.h: if'def out private
	  function ares__tvdiff(), it is not in use yet.

2008-05-20 03:03  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4: update several
	  macros using AC_TRY_LINK with AC_LINK_IFELSE

2008-05-19 22:58  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: - When trying to repeat a multi interface
	  problem I fell over a few multi   interface problems:

	    o with pipelining disabled, the state should never be set to
	  WAITDO but
	      rather go straight to DO

	    o we had multiple states for which the internal function
	  returned no socket
	      at all to wait for, with the effect that libcurl calls the
	  socket callback
	      (when curl_multi_socket() is used) with REMOVE prematurely
	  (as it would be
	      added again within very shortly)

	    o when in DO and DOING states, the HTTP and HTTPS protocol
	  handler functions
	      didn't return that the socket should be waited for writing,
	  but instead it
	      was treated as if no socket was needing monitoring so again
	  REMOVE was
	      called prematurely.

2008-05-19 22:58  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: with pipelining disabled, the state should never be
	  set to WAITDO but rather go straight to DO

	  we had multiple states for which the internal function returned
	  no socket at all to wait for, with the effect that libcurl calls
	  the socket callback (when curl_multi_socket() is used) with
	  REMOVE prematurely (as it would be added again within very

2008-05-19 22:57  bagder

	* lib/http.c: when the multi handle was in DO and DOING states, the
	  HTTP and HTTPS protocol handler functions didn't return that the
	  socket should be waited for writing, but instead it was treated
	  as if no socket was needing monitoring so REMOVE was called

2008-05-19 22:40  bagder

	* docs/examples/hiperfifo.c: change the code style to be more
	  curlish, and changed some of the output to be more descriptive
	  and finally set VERBOSE mode to 1 by default

2008-05-19 18:57  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, better select() function detection
	  that works even when cross compiling a Windows target.

2008-05-19 14:31  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: fix socklen_t equivalent
	  detection when cross compiling Windows target

2008-05-19 04:50  yangtse

	* ares/, if WINSOCK2 API is used link
	  with 'ws2_32', else

	  if WINSOCK API is used under WinCE link with 'winsock', else

	  if WINSOCK API is used link with 'wsock32'.

2008-05-18 22:13  yangtse

	*, ares/ on winsock systems linking is
	  done using library 'ws2_32' when winsock2.h is available, and
	  library 'winsock' is used when only winsock.h is available.

2008-05-17 03:20  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/ minor change for
	  wince-cegcc and wince-mingw32ce support

2008-05-16 23:14  bagder

	* docs/examples/hiperfifo.c: removed lots of warnings

2008-05-16 00:57  yangtse

	* ares/: ares_process.c, ares_timeout.c: millisecond resolution
	  support followup

2008-05-16 00:31  danf

	* docs/examples/anyauthput.c: Included stdint.h to get the intptr_t
	  type (needed on OpenBSD at least).

2008-05-16 00:02  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: ten days with no further response or feedback,
	  removing: 136 - adding easy handles when using curl_multi_socket*
	  by	   Markus Koetter

2008-05-15 22:47  giva

	* ares/ Replaced "-DHAVE_FIONBIO" with

2008-05-15 12:04  yangtse

	* ares/RELEASE-NOTES: sync with reality

2008-05-15 11:18  yangtse

	* ares/ remove compilation time generated files

2008-05-15 02:00  yangtse

	* ares/ares_init.c: use same time source for timeout initialization
	  and processing

2008-05-15 01:38  danf

	* packages/Symbian/: readme.txt, group/curl.mmp: Reduced the
	  required stack size.

2008-05-15 01:36  danf

	* lib/: config-symbian.h, memdebug.c: Move the CURLDEBUG check
	  after setup.h so it can be set there if necessary.

2008-05-14 21:42  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Improve toolchain detection for
	  WinCE cross compilation:

	  When cross compiling WinCE with the arm-wince-cegcc-gcc C
	  compiler symbol __CEGCC__ is defined and the unix-like
	  compatibility layer is used. For our purposes this is not a
	  native Windows build.

	  When cross compiling WinCE with the arm-wince-mingw32ce-gcc C
	  compiler symbol __MINGW32CE__ is defined and the unix-like
	  compatibility layer is not used. For our purposes this _is_ a
	  native Windows build.

2008-05-14 18:17  yangtse

	* remove duplicate check

2008-05-14 18:14  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/
	  skip checks for Windows specific header files when build target
	  is not a native Windows one

2008-05-14 15:54  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: WinCE cross compilation

	  HAVE_WINSOCK2_H shall not be defined.  HAVE_WS2TCPIP_H shall not
	  be defined.

2008-05-13 23:43  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib556.c: wait for all 129 bytes

2008-05-13 23:42  bagder

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test556,
	  tests/libtest/, tests/libtest/lib556.c: Added test
	  case 556 that uses curl_easy_send() and curl_easy_recv()

2008-05-13 23:12  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: Three out of the four issues are now extinct.

2008-05-13 22:48  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares.h, ares_init.3, ares_init.c, ares_private.h,
	  ares_process.c, ares_send.c, ares_timeout.c: - Introducing
	  millisecond resolution support for the timeout option. See
	  ares_init_options()'s ARES_OPT_TIMEOUTMS.

2008-05-13 20:27  yangtse

	* ares/vc/.cvsignore: also ignore this

2008-05-13 19:50  danf

	* packages/Symbian/: readme.txt, bwins/libcurlu.def,
	  eabi/libcurlu.def, group/bld.inf, group/curl.mmp,
	  group/libcurl.mmp: Added curl_easy_recv & curl_easy_send Symbian
	  exports.  Cleaned up Symbian files.

2008-05-13 19:23  yangtse

	* ares/vc/: acountry/.cvsignore, adig/.cvsignore, ahost/.cvsignore,
	  areslib/.cvsignore: also ignore this

2008-05-13 19:11  yangtse

	* ares/vc/: acountry/.cvsignore, adig/.cvsignore, ahost/.cvsignore,
	  areslib/.cvsignore: ignore this compilation time generated files

2008-05-13 19:03  yangtse

	* ares/vc/: adig/adig.dep, ahost/ahost.dep, areslib/areslib.dep:
	  don't keep in CVS this compilation time generated file

2008-05-13 17:37  yangtse

	* ares/ add MSVC6 project for acountry sample program

2008-05-13 17:34  yangtse

	* ares/vc/: adig/adig.dsp, ahost/ahost.dsp, areslib/areslib.dsp:
	  update MSVC6 projects to use the multithreaded DLL runtime

2008-05-13 17:31  yangtse

	* ares/vc/: acountry/acountry.dsp, vc.dsw: add MSVC6 project for
	  acountry sample program

2008-05-12 23:43  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/examples/,
	  docs/examples/sendrecv.c, docs/libcurl/,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_recv.3, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_send.3,
	  docs/libcurl/index.html, docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, include/curl/easy.h, lib/connect.c,
	  lib/connect.h, lib/easy.c, lib/getinfo.c, lib/strerror.c: -
	  Introducing curl_easy_send() and curl_easy_recv(). They can be
	  used to send	 and receive data over a connection previously
	  setup with curl_easy_perform()   and its CURLOPT_CONNECT_ONLY
	  option. The sendrecv.c example was added to	show how they can
	  be used.

2008-05-12 17:02  yangtse

	* ares/ skip libtool C++ preprocessor compiler and
	  linker checks

2008-05-12 14:22  yangtse

	* ares/.cvsignore: ignore libcares.pc

2008-05-12 04:04  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4,
	  ares/ares__timeval.c, ares/, lib/timeval.c,
	  src/curlutil.c, tests/libtest/testutil.c: configure script will
	  now define HAVE_CLOCK_GETTIME_MONOTONIC symbol only when function
	  clock_gettime() is available and the monotonic timer is also
	  available. Otherwise, in some cases, librt or libposix4 could be
	  used for linking even when finally not using the clock_gettime()
	  function due to lack of the monotonic clock.

2008-05-11 01:50  yangtse

	* ares/ares__timeval.c, lib/timeval.c, src/curlutil.c,
	  tests/libtest/testutil.c: fix syntax error: missing semicolon

2008-05-10 17:46  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/
	  Add library checking for clock_gettime() support

2008-05-09 18:31  yangtse

	  docs/examples/Makefile.m32, lib/Makefile.Watcom,
	  lib/Makefile.m32, lib/Makefile.vc6, lib/config-win32ce.h,
	  lib/msvcproj.head, lib/select.c, lib/timeval.c,
	  src/Makefile.Watcom, src/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.vc6,
	  src/curlutil.c, tests/libtest/testutil.c: Internal time
	  differences now use monotonic time source if available.  This
	  also implies the removal of the winmm.lib dependency for WIN32.

2008-05-09 18:30  yangtse

	* ares/: ares__timeval.c, CHANGES,, Makefile.vc6,
	  RELEASE-NOTES, ares_private.h,, nameser.h,
	  windows_port.c, vc/areslib/areslib.dsp: Use monotonic time source
	  if available.

2008-05-09 15:10  bagder

	* ares/ Removed AC_PROG_CC_STDC again. It enforces
	  C99/gnu99 stdandard which is too liberal for me. Also, autoconf
	  2.61 and earlier doesn't work with icc 10.1 for this macro. (2.62
	  confirmed to work though). See discusson on the mailing list
	  starting here:

2008-05-09 14:59  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c: - Stefan Krause reported a
	  busy-looping case when using the multi interface   and doing
	  CONNECT to a proxy. The app would then busy-loop until the proxy
	  completed its response.

2008-05-09 14:53  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: Removed an unused variable and one do-while loop
	  that wasn't used either.  Added a few comments while at it.

2008-05-09 13:27  mmarek

	* CHANGES, lib/krb4.c, lib/krb4.h, lib/krb5.c, lib/security.c,
	  lib/sendf.c, lib/sendf.h, lib/ssh.c, lib/ssh.h, lib/sslgen.c,
	  lib/sslgen.h, lib/ssluse.c, lib/ssluse.h: - Make Curl_write and
	  it's callees accept a const pointer, in preparation	of
	  tetetest's patch for curl_easy_send()

2008-05-09 00:14  bagder

	* ares/: acountry.c, adig.c, ahost.c: include strings.h (if
	  available) for the strcasecmp() proto

2008-05-09 00:11  bagder

	* ares/: ares_gethostbyname.c, ares_parse_a_reply.c,
	  ares_parse_aaaa_reply.c, ares_parse_ptr_reply.c, ares_process.c, check for strings.h in configure and use it for the
	  strcasecmp() proto

2008-05-08 07:45  yangtse

	* lib/splay.c: fix compiler warning: format '%ld' expects type
	  'long int'

2008-05-07 23:27  bagder

	* ares/maketgz: adjusted to work with the updated

2008-05-07 23:20  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_parse_ptr_reply.c: - Sebastian made c-ares
	  able to return all PTR-records when doing reverse   lookups. It
	  is not common practice to have multiple PTR-Records for a single
	  IP, but its perfectly legal and some sites have those.

2008-05-07 23:16  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, - Doug Goldstein provided a
	  configure patch: updates autoconf 2.13 usage to   autoconf 2.57
	  usage (which is the version you have specified as the minimum
	  version). It's a minor change but it does clean up some warnings
	  with newer   autoconf (specifically 2.62).

2008-05-07 23:11  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: -135 - Busy looping bug in multi_socket interface
	  by -	    Christopher Palow

2008-05-07 23:02  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: - Liam Healy filed the debian
	  bug report #480044
	  identifying a   segfault when using krb5 ftp, but the krb4 code
	  had the same problem.

2008-05-07 17:41  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c, lib/splay.c, lib/splay.h:
	  Christopher Palow provided the patch (edited by me) that
	  introduces the use of microsecond resolution keys for internal
	  splay trees.

2008-05-06 06:37  yangtse

	* lib/transfer.c: fix compiler warning: enumerated type mixed with
	  another type

2008-05-06 00:27  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: mention four outstanding issues we should deal with
	  before release

2008-05-05 19:48  yangtse

	* ares/: CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, ares_init.c: Improved parsing of
	  resolver configuration files

2008-05-04 00:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, - Yuriy Sosov pointed out a
	  configure fix for detecting c-ares when that is   built

2008-05-03 23:49  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: minor spell and language fix of a comment

2008-05-03 23:45  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test1030: - Ben Van Hof filed bug report #1945240:
	  "libcurl sometimes sends body twice	when using CURL_AUTH_ANY"
	  (    The problem was
	  that when libcurl rewound a stream meant for upload when it
	  would prepare for a second request, it could accidentally
	  continue the	  sending of the rewound data on the first request
	  instead of on the second.    Ben also provided test case 1030
	  that verifies this fix.

2008-05-03 23:44  bagder

	* lib/http.c: Added comments, check Curl_http_auth_act()'s return
	  code and added a check that closes the connection somewhat faster
	  when perhapsrewind() has marked the connection for closure.

2008-05-03 15:43  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/connect.c: - Jean-Francois Bertrand
	  reported a libcurl crash with CURLOPT_TCP_NODELAY   since libcurl
	  used getprotobyname() and that isn't thread-safe. We now
	  switched to use IPPROTO_TCP unconditionally, but perhaps the
	  proper fix is   to detect the thread-safe version of the function
	  and use that.

2008-05-01 23:34  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES,, lib/connect.c: - Bart
	  Whiteley provided a patch that made libcurl work properly when an
	  app	uses the CURLOPT_OPENSOCKETFUNCTION callback to create a
	  unix domain socket   to a http server.

2008-05-01 22:58  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: 53. SFTP busy-loop problem when doing SFTP

2008-05-01 19:48  danf

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT, data/test1028: Document that variable
	  replacement now takes place in the test file <stdout> section.

2008-05-01 12:52  bagder

	* tests/data/test1029: use variables to support other IPs and port

2008-05-01 12:51  bagder

	* tests/ do variable replacement in the stdout data
	  read from the test case

2008-05-01 02:20  danf

	* tests/data/test1029: Added precheck for hard-coded test server
	  address and port

2008-05-01 02:18  danf

	* tests/data/test555: Made file XML compatible

2008-04-30 23:32  bagder

	* docs/INSTALL: Christian Vogt told us about OS21 in

2008-04-30 23:20  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/getinfo.c, lib/multi.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/transfer.h,
	  lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/writeout.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test1029: - To make it easier for applications that
	  want lots of magic stuff done on   redirections and thus cannot
	  use CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION easily, we now   introduce the new
	  CURLINFO_REDIRECT_URL option that lets applications	extract the
	  URL libcurl would've redirected to if it had been told to. This
	  then enables the application to continue to that URL as it thinks
	  is   suitable, without having to re-implement the magic of
	  creating the new URL	 from the Location: header etc. Test 1029
	  verifies it.

2008-04-29 06:28  yangtse

	* CHANGES: improved easy interface resolving timeout handling in
	  c-ares enabled builds

2008-04-29 06:18  yangtse

	* lib/hostares.c: improve easy interface resolving timeout handling
	  in c-ares enabled builds

2008-04-29 04:30  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1028: Added test
	  1028 to test an HTTP redirect to a FTP URL.

2008-04-28 23:29  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: - Norbert Frese filed bug
	  report #1951588: "Problem with curlftpfs and	 libcurl"
	  ( which seems to be
	  an   identical report to what Denis Golovan reported in The FTP code
	  didn't reset the   user/password pointers properly even though
	  there might've been a new   struct/cconnection getting used.

2008-04-27 00:02  bagder

	* CHANGES: mention the automake problems and solution even though
	  it doesn't strictly caused any change in curl-related files

2008-04-26 00:49  danf

	* packages/: Symbian/readme.txt, Symbian/group/curl.iby,
	  Symbian/group/curl.mmp, Symbian/group/curl.pkg,
	  Symbian/group/libcurl.iby, Symbian/group/libcurl.mmp,
	  Symbian/group/libcurl.pkg, Updated Symbian UIDs.
	  Added .pkg files for creating .sis packages.

2008-04-25 13:01  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/:, tests/libtest/ no
	  longer used. The 'delay' attribute of the test harness <command>
	  subsection now provides this functionality.

2008-04-25 06:19  yangtse

	* CHANGES, tests/FILEFORMAT, tests/, tests/data/test190:
	  Add 'timeout' and 'delay' attributes support for the test harness
	  <command> subsection

2008-04-25 02:41  danf

	* CHANGES, src/main.c: Made --stderr able to redirect all stderr

2008-04-25 01:24  danf

	* packages/Symbian/: readme.txt, group/curl.mmp, group/libcurl.mmp:
	  Reduced the requested Symbian capabilities.  Correctly noted what
	  happens to stderr.

2008-04-24 01:58  yangtse

	* tests/data/test1001: <postcheck> delay no longer needed for this

2008-04-24 01:55  yangtse

	* tests/:,,, server/sws.c,
	  server/tftpd.c, server/util.c, server/util.h: improve
	  synchronization between test harness script and test
	  harness servers to minimize risk of false test failures.

2008-04-23 20:29  danf

	* lib/config-symbian.h: Symbian OS is a.k.a. EPOC32

2008-04-23 20:14  danf

	* docs/INSTALL: Mention that P.I.P.S. is needed for Symbian.

2008-04-23 07:14  danf

	* packages/ List extra files individually instead of by
	  directory to avoid including CVS directories.

2008-04-23 00:53  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/INSTALL, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/, lib/config-symbian.h, lib/connect.c, lib/easy.c,
	  lib/file.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/if2ip.c, lib/setup.h, lib/url.c,
	  packages/, packages/Symbian/readme.txt,
	  packages/Symbian/group/bld.inf, packages/Symbian/group/curl.iby,
	  packages/Symbian/group/libcurl.mmp, src/getpass.c, src/main.c,
	  src/setup.h: Added support for running on Symbian OS.

2008-04-22 15:07  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: fix minor memory leak triggered upon test

2008-04-22 14:40  yangtse

	*, lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h,
	  src/config-win32.h, tests/data/test1001, tests/server/sws.c:
	  Remove fflush() + fsync() previously introduced accelerated
	  writing of server input and response request files of the test
	  harness sws server.

	  Reintroduce, for test # 1001, the <postcheck> small delay. The
	  delay is needed even with the accelerated writing of server input
	  and response request files in test harness sws server.

2008-04-22 02:23  yangtse

	* tests/data/test1001: Remove previously introduced small delay to
	  verify if it can be avoided with the accelerated writing of
	  server input and response request files in test harness sws

2008-04-22 01:17  danf

	* src/ Allocate the decompression buffer for the --manual
	  option on the heap instead of the stack.

2008-04-22 01:16  danf

	* src/main.c: Fixed typo in log message

2008-04-21 23:44  bagder

	* docs/BINDINGS: added Haskell binding, unified the formatting

2008-04-21 21:17  yangtse

	* lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h, src/config-win32.h:
	  HAVE_FFLUSH and HAVE_FSYNC symbol definitions for WIN32 systems

2008-04-21 19:19  danf

	* tests/ Ignore the result of the postcheck command in
	  torture mode

2008-04-21 18:57  danf

	* tests/data/test1026: Make the test work with nroffs that use
	  special escaping for bold output.

2008-04-20 21:15  yangtse

	*, tests/server/sws.c: accelerate the writing of
	  server input and response request files to disk, trying to defeat
	  file and disk write-behind algorithms

2008-04-19 00:31  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1026,
	  tests/data/test1027: Added test cases 1026 and 1027 to do some
	  rudimentary tests on the --manual and --help options.

2008-04-18 19:25  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/ test 1001 needs a small delay between
	  client part execution and test result file verifications to allow
	  the test server to completely write out all files

2008-04-18 19:17  yangtse

	* tests/: data/test1001, libtest/ test 1001 needs a small
	  delay between client part execution and test result file
	  verifications to allow the test server to completely write out
	  all files

2008-04-17 13:59  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib555.c: fix compiler warning: enumerated type
	  mixed with another type

2008-04-17 02:45  danf

	* include/curl/curl.h, lib/file.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/http.c,
	  src/getpass.c, src/writeout.c, src/writeout.h: Some trivial

2008-04-16 23:11  bagder

	* tests/: data/, data/test555, libtest/,
	  libtest/lib555.c: Added test case 555, a variation of 547 but
	  using multi interface instead of easy. This was reported not
	  working by Penugonda Chenna Reddy in but I fail to
	  repeat that problem.

2008-04-16 16:48  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: Removed 129 and 130 due to lack of response on
	  those issues

2008-04-14 21:01  mmarek

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curl.h: allow disabling the
	  typechecker by defining CURL_DISABLE_TYPECHECK, as discussed in

2008-04-14 17:26  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssluse.c: - Stefan Krause reported a
	  case where the OpenSSL handshake phase wasn't   properly
	  acknowledging the timeout values, like if you pulled the network
	  plug in the midst of it.

2008-04-14 17:22  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/http_negotiate.c: - Andre Guibert de Bruet fixed a
	  second case of not checking the malloc()   return code in the
	  Negotiate code.

2008-04-14 17:20  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: mention Sandor as contributor

2008-04-14 17:19  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/Makefile.vc6: - Sandor Feldi reported bug #1942022
	  ( pointing out a
	  mistake in the   lib/[68] makefiles' release-ssl-dll

2008-04-14 16:42  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c: - Brock Noland reported that
	  curl behaved differently depending on which order   you used -i
	  and -I.

2008-04-12 13:50  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_negotiate.c: - Andre Guibert de
	  Bruet found and fixed a case where malloc() was called but   was
	  not checked for a NULL return, in the Negotiate code.

2008-04-12 10:35  bagder

	* docs/examples/post-callback.c: return 0 not -1 at end of data!

2008-04-10 20:18  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1025: Added test
	  case 1025 to test a command-line cookie with Location: following

2008-04-10 11:06  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_pause.3: mention what happens to the data
	  when a write callback returns pause

2008-04-10 11:03  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: clarify the COOKIE option a bit

2008-04-10 06:21  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1024,
	  tests/data/test46: Added test case 1024 to test a scenario
	  similar to the one reported by Ben Combee where libcurl would
	  send the wrong cookie to a redirected server.  libcurl was doing
	  the right thing in this test case.

2008-04-09 13:27  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/: curl_easy_escape.3, curl_easy_unescape.3: "tag"
	  the function referals properly

2008-04-07 21:12  yangtse

	* ares/adig.c: make previous compiler warning fix more portable

2008-04-07 17:40  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib554.c: fix compiler warning: argument is
	  incompatible with corresponding format string conversion

2008-04-07 16:37  yangtse

	* ares/adig.c: fix compiler warning: indirection to slightly
	  different base types

2008-04-07 16:20  yangtse

	* ares/ares_gethostbyname.c: fix compiler warning: local variable
	  may be used without having been initialized

2008-04-07 15:09  patrickm

	* lib/qssl.c, packages/OS400/ccsidcurl.c,
	  packages/OS400/, packages/OS400/ Adapt
	  OS400 SSL (qssl.h) to V5R4 Fix qssl.c wrong error message Upgrade
	  OS400 wrappers and makefiles to 7.18.1

2008-04-07 14:44  yangtse

	* ares/adig.c: fix compiler warning: unreferenced formal parameter

2008-04-07 14:40  yangtse

	* ares/ares_getopt.c: fix compiler warning: assignment within
	  conditional expression

2008-04-07 11:26  mmarek

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES,, lib/http_negotiate.c,
	  lib/krb5.c: - Fix the MIT / Heimdal check for good:	Define
	  HAVE_GSSMIT if <gssapi/{gssapi.h,gssapi_generic.h,gssapi_krb5.h}>
	  are	available, otherwise define HAVE_GSSHEIMDAL if <gssapi.h>
	  is available.

	    Only define GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE to gss_nt_service_name
	    GSS_C_NT_HOSTBASED_SERVICE isn't declared by the gssapi
	  headers. This should
	    avoid breakage in case we wrongly recognize Heimdal as MIT

2008-04-05 23:13  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/easy.c: - Alexey Simak fixed
	  curl_easy_reset() to reset the max redirect limit properly

2008-04-05 23:13  bagder

	* lib/: url.c, url.h: provide CURL_DEFAULT_PROXY_PORT set to 1080
	  for the default port libcurl assumes proxies to use

2008-04-05 23:02  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/ftp.c: - Based on the Debian bug report #474224 that
	  complained about the FTP error   message when libcurl doesn't get
	  a 220 back immediately on connect, I now   changed it to be more
	  specific on what the problem is. Also worth noticing:   while the
	  bug report contains an example where the response is:

	      421 There are too many connected users, please try again

	    we cannot assume that the error message will always be this
	  readable nor
	    that it fits within a particular boundary etc.

2008-04-04 22:26  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, vc/areslib/areslib.dsp: - Alexey Simak fixed the
	  VC dsp file by adding the missing source file

2008-04-04 22:24  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, adig.c: Alexey Simak made adig support NAPTR

2008-04-04 22:05  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_init.c: Eino Tuominen improved the code when
	  a file is used to seed the randomizer

2008-04-04 20:45  danf

	* docs/examples/fopen.c: Give a hint as to why a url_fopen failed.

2008-04-04 16:47  yangtse

	* tests/ SunSSH sshd ignores UsePrivilegeSeparation

2008-04-04 16:08  yangtse

	* tests/ SunSSH 1.2 options sync

2008-04-04 13:39  bagder

	* tests/data/ oops, forgot to add test554

2008-04-04 04:06  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test627: Added
	  test627 to test SFTP with CURLOPT_NOBODY

2008-04-03 23:44  bagder

	  CURLOPT_NOBODY to FALSE will now switch the HTTP request method
	  to   GET simply because previously when you set CURLOPT_NOBODY to
	  TRUE first and   then FALSE you'd end up in a broken state where
	  a HTTP request would do a   HEAD by still act a lot like for a
	  GET and hang waiting for the content etc.

2008-04-03 22:56  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, TODO-RELEASE, lib/ssh.c: Scott Barrett
	  added support for CURLOPT_NOBODY over SFTP

2008-04-03 22:28  danf

	* CHANGES, docs/examples/multithread.c,
	  docs/examples/smooth-gtk-thread.c, docs/examples/threaded-ssl.c,
	  docs/examples/curlgtk.c: Made sure that curl_global_init is
	  called in all the multithreaded example programs.

2008-04-02 05:11  gknauf

	* docs/examples/Makefile.m32: removed unused var.

2008-04-02 05:08  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.netware: removed double dependency.

2008-04-01 23:49  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 128 - Phil Blundell's ares and ipv6 fix (feedback
	  lacking) removed

	  133 - Setting CURLOPT_NOBODY to "false" causes cURL to wait for
	  content if a	     content-length header is read added

2008-04-01 15:54  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: Eetu contributed back in 2000...

2008-03-31 22:32  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 132 - Xponaut's CURLFORM_STREAM option to
	  curl_formadd() done

2008-03-31 14:51  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware: moved CURL_CA_BUNDLE define to generated

2008-03-31 14:09  mmarek

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4, buildconf.bat,,
	  lib/.cvsignore, lib/Makefile.Watcom, lib/,
	  lib/, lib/Makefile.m32, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  lib/easy.c, lib/url.c, packages/OS400/ Removed the
	  generated ca-bundle.h file. The verbatim value of $ca and $capath
	  is known to configure, so it can be defined in config.h instead.

2008-03-31 12:16  bagder

	* lib/http.c: expanded a comment around some of the new formpost
	  callback usage

2008-03-31 12:02  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_formadd.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/formdata.c, lib/formdata.h, lib/http.c,
	  tests/data/test554, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/libtest/lib554.c: - Added CURLFORM_STREAM as a supported
	  option to curl_formadd() to allow an	 application to provide
	  data for a multipart with the read callback. Note   that the size
	  needs to be provided with CURLFORM_CONTENTSLENGTH when the
	  stream option is used. This feature is verified by the new test
	  case	 554. This feature was sponsored by Xponaut.

2008-03-31 05:01  danf

	* CHANGES,, docs/INSTALL, docs/examples/,
	  docs/examples/, docs/examples/Makefile.m32: Changed
	  the makefile so the doc/examples/ programs are never built in a
	  normal build/install (only with the 'make check' target), so that
	  a build failure in the examples isn't fatal.

2008-03-30 11:30  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: added people from the 7.18.1 release announcement

2008-03-30 11:22  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: back to a blank for 7.18.2

2008-03-30 11:22  bagder

	* include/curl/curlver.h: start working on 7.18.2

2008-03-30 11:11  bagder

	* CHANGES: 7.18.1

2008-03-30 11:08  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 132 - Xponaut's CURLFORM_STREAM option to

2008-03-30 11:07  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: I'm officially pushing the two remaining issues to
	  the next release instead, since they're still not clear enough to
	  be to sort about before 7.18.1

2008-03-28 19:19  danf

	* tests/libtest/ Made the test work on perl 5.00

2008-03-28 00:13  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: - Stephen Collyer pointed out that
	  configure --with-libssh2 without a given   path didn't work
	  properly but now it does!

2008-03-28 00:10  bagder

	* fix --with-libssh2 when given without path

2008-03-27 14:07  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, TODO-RELEASE, lib/http.c: - As found out
	  and reported by Dan Petitt, libcurl didn't show progress/call
	  the progress callback for the first (potentially huge) piece of
	  body data   sent together with the POST request headers in the
	  initial send().

2008-03-25 20:23  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: spell!

2008-03-25 20:19  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: - Made setting the
	  CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_FUNCTION option return a failure in case
	  libcurl wasn't built to use OpenSSL as that is a prerequisite for
	  this	 option to function!

2008-03-25 20:17  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: spell it out loudly and clearly
	  that CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_FUNCTION is only functional if libcurl is
	  built against OpenSSL

2008-03-22 23:00  bagder

	  tests/data/DISABLED: - Fixed the problem with doing a zero byte
	  SCP transfer, verified with test   case 617 (which was added by
	  Daniel Fandrich 5 Mar 2008).

2008-03-21 12:53  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: roadmap ahead

2008-03-20 21:16  danf

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Jes reported the curl-config bug

2008-03-20 21:08  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, Fixed a problem where
	  curl-config --protocols could erroneously show LDAPS support when
	  curl didn't even have regular LDAP support.  It looks like this
	  could happen when the --enable-ldaps configure switch is given
	  but configure couldn't find the LDAP headers or libraries.

2008-03-20 17:10  gknauf

	* tests/ added --extvercmd parameter which can be used
	  to specify an external command to display 'curl --version', f.e.
	  with MinW32 crosscompile --extvercmd=/usr/bin/wine can be used.

2008-03-20 09:09  mmarek

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, acinclude.m4,,
	  lib/, lib/easy.c, lib/url.c: - Added
	  --with-ca-path=DIRECTORY configure option to use an openSSL
	  CApath by   default instead of a ca bundle. The configure script
	  will also look for a	 ca path if no ca bundle is found and no
	  option given.

	  - Fixed detection of previously installed curl-ca-bundle.crt

2008-03-18 23:59  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssh.c, tests/data/DISABLED,
	  tests/data/test626: Fixed an infinite loop when given an invalid
	  SFTP quote command.

2008-03-18 18:05  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/DISABLED, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test626: Added test 626 to reproduce an infinite loop
	  when given an invalid SFTP quote command reported by Vincent Le
	  Normand, but left it disabled.

2008-03-18 09:14  mmarek

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curl.h,
	  include/curl/typecheck-gcc.h, lib/easy.c, lib/multi.c,
	  lib/share.c: - Added curl_easy_getinfo typechecker.

	  - Added macros for curl_share_setopt and curl_multi_setopt to
	  check at least   the correct number of arguments.

2008-03-17 15:22  mmarek

	* include/curl/typecheck-gcc.h: Mark the statement expr with
	  __extension__ so that gcc -pedantic doesn't emit any
	  hard-to-grasp warnings in curl_easy_setopt() calls in
	  applications.  Also delete superfluous semicolons.

2008-03-15 02:03  danf

	* tests/libtest/ Spell the commands right

2008-03-13 23:51  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test622,
	  tests/data/test623, tests/data/test624, tests/data/test625,
	  tests/libtest/ Added tests 622-625 to test SFTP/SCP
	  uploads. Test 625 was an attempt to reproduce the
	  --ftp-create-dirs problem reported by Brian Ulm, but that seems
	  to need a call curl_easy_reset() which this test case doesn't do.

2008-03-13 22:43  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: - Brian Ulm figured out that if you did
	  an SFTP upload with	CURLOPT_FTP_CREATE_MISSING_DIRS to create a
	  directory, and then re-used the   handle and uploaded another
	  file to another directory that needed to be	created, the second
	  upload would fail. Another case of a state variable that   wasn't
	  properly reset between requests.

	  - I rewrote the 100-continue code to use a single state variable
	  instead of   the previous two ones. I think it made the logic
	  somewhat clearer.

2008-03-13 22:43  bagder

	* lib/ssh.c: - Brian Ulm figured out that if you did an SFTP upload
	  with	 CURLOPT_FTP_CREATE_MISSING_DIRS to create a directory, and
	  then re-used the   handle and uploaded another file to another
	  directory that needed to be	created, the second upload would
	  fail. Another case of a state variable that	wasn't properly
	  reset between requests.

2008-03-13 21:56  bagder

	* lib/: transfer.c, urldata.h: Change the confusing two variables
	  for the expect 100 continue stuff into a single state variable to
	  make the code easier to follow and understand.

2008-03-13 21:49  danf

	* docs/curl.1: --ftp-create-dirs works on SFTP as well

2008-03-13 13:36  bagder

	* docs/examples/post-callback.c: fix code that is normally
	  #ifdef'ed out

2008-03-12 14:14  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: Done: 125 - Michal Marek's typechecker-gcc work

2008-03-11 23:58  bagder

	* tests/data/test506: updated according to the name resolve race
	  condition fix just committed

2008-03-11 23:55  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/hostip.c: - Dmitry Popov filed bug
	  report #1911069   (
	  that identified a race   condition in the name resolver code when
	  the DNS cache is shared between   multiple easy handles, each
	  running in simultaneous threads that could cause   crashes.

2008-03-11 14:14  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curl.h: - Added a macro for
	  curl_easy_setopt() that accepts three arguments and simply   does
	  nothing with them, just to make sure libcurl users always use
	  three   arguments to this function. Due to its use of ... for the
	  third argument, it   is otherwise hard to detect abuse.

2008-03-11 13:18  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Recommend passing a 1 as
	  parameter to CURLOPT_SSLENGINE_DEFAULT rather than a "dummy" just
	  to get things as fixed as possible in case we ever get the urge
	  to change this to actually mean something.

2008-03-11 08:37  mmarek

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  include/curl/, include/curl/curl.h,
	  include/curl/typecheck-gcc.h, lib/easy.c: - Added a type checking
	  macro for curl_easy_setopt(), needs gcc-4.3 and only	 works in C
	  mode atm ( , )

2008-03-10 20:40  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test618,
	  tests/data/test619, tests/data/test620, tests/data/test621: Added
	  tests 618-621 to test SFTP/SCP transfers of more than one file
	  (test 620 tests the just-fixed problem reported by Brian Ulm).

2008-03-10 15:32  mmarek

	* tests/README: fixed typo

2008-03-10 10:56  mmarek

	* (try to) use LIBS for libraries (-l) and LDFLAGS
	  for paths (-L) in the gssapi check. Cleans up curl-config --libs
	  output when REQUIRE_LIB_DEPS=no

2008-03-09 12:37  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssh.c: - Brian Ulm reported a crash
	  when doing a second SFTP transfer on a re-used   easy handle if
	  curl_easy_reset() was used between them. I fixed it and Brian
	  verified that it cured his problem.

	  - Brian Ulm reported that if you first tried to download a
	  non-existing SFTP   file and then fetched an existing one and
	  re-used the handle, libcurl would   still report the second one
	  as non-existing as well! I fixed it abd Brian   verified that it
	  cured his problem.

2008-03-08 23:19  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: Done: 123 - Mike Protts' SFTP resume download

2008-03-07 03:49  yangtse

	* lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h, src/config-win32.h:
	  VS2005 and later dafault size for time_t is 64-bit, unless
	  _USE_32BIT_TIME_T has been defined to get a 32-bit time_t

2008-03-06 18:22  mmarek

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, Fix the gssapi configure
	  check to detect newer MIT Kerberos (patch by Michael Calmer)

2008-03-06 13:43  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_socket.3: spellchecked

2008-03-06 13:37  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_socket.3: curl_multi_timeout() is really
	  not recommended with curl_multi_socket()-based usage

2008-03-06 04:48  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/select.c: Regression fix:

	  select/poll calls will only be retried upon EINTR failures as it
	  previously was in lib/select.c revision 1.29

	  In this way Curl_socket_ready() and Curl_poll() will again fail
	  on any select/poll errors different than EINTR.

2008-03-06 02:15  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/DISABLED, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test616, tests/data/test617: Added tests 616 and 617
	  to see how SFTP and SCP cope with zero-length files, as
	  questioned by Mike Protts. SFTP does for me but SCP doesn't so
	  test 617 is disabled for now.

2008-03-06 02:11  danf

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT, Fixed the test harness so it
	  will write out zero-length data files.

2008-03-05 19:27  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: fix log message used when unable to
	  connect to destination port

2008-03-04 12:53  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssh.c: Mike Protts brought a patch
	  that makes resumed transfers work with SFTP.

2008-03-01 23:32  bagder

	  lib/http_negotiate.c: - Anatoli Tubman found and fixed a crash
	  with Negotiate authentication used on   a re-used connection
	  where both requests used Negotiate.

2008-02-29 18:13  yangtse

	* ares/, Force AIX xlc to fail and not
	  generate object code if the source code has compiled with errors.
	  This behaviour is needed for autoconf macros which rely on the
	  ability to compile with or without errors, and is safer than
	  xlc's default of failing only upon severe errors.

2008-02-28 22:25  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: Removed:

	  121 - Kaspar Brand's and Guenter Knauf's work on the TLS
	  extension Server Name       Indication is now committed

	  122 - Progress callback not called during failed socket connect
	  with the multi       interface, is now simply pending a closure
	  since no feedback has been	   received lately.


	  123 - Mike Protts' SFTP resume download

	  124 - Anatoli Tubman's fix for a Negotiate: crash

	  125 - Michal Marek's typechecker-gcc work

2008-02-28 12:34  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.vc6, src/Makefile.vc6: fixed commented define for

2008-02-28 11:15  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: signal handling to properly cleanup on

2008-02-28 11:13  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: when terminating do it falling through
	  cleanup code

2008-02-28 10:38  yangtse

	* tests/server/: util.c, util.h: avoid inclusion of setup.h in

2008-02-28 01:55  yangtse

	* tests/server/: getpart.c, resolve.c, sockfilt.c, sws.c,
	  testpart.c, tftpd.c, util.c, util.h: header inclusion cleanup

2008-02-27 15:54  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: make comment more precise

2008-02-27 10:06  bagder

	* docs/examples/10-at-a-time.c, docs/examples/anyauthput.c,
	  docs/examples/debug.c, docs/examples/ftpget.c,
	  docs/examples/multi-debugcallback.c, tests/libtest/lib506.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib552.c: Michal Marek's cleanup of how
	  curl_easy_setopt() is used in examples and test code. Thanks to
	  his curl_easy_setopt() typechecker work...

2008-02-27 02:51  gknauf

	* ares/get_ver.awk: added get_ver.awk since c-ares is a standalone
	  project, and should therefore also compile when cURL is absent.

2008-02-27 02:43  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: a couple of small fixes to the makefile:
	  fixed comments; fixed INSTDIR define, simplified rules; changed
	  to use get_ver.awk in current dir rather than the curl one.

2008-02-27 02:36  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: another small change
	  to the makefiles to simplify rules.

2008-02-27 00:06  gknauf

	* tests/server/util.c: trial to fix the HP-UX breakage...

2008-02-26 22:42  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.netware: added curl.html to install package.

2008-02-26 22:41  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: some more minor
	  makefile changes; removed useless dist target.

2008-02-26 22:24  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware: fixed install target to create a
	  ca-bundle.crt since we have no longer one in the project.

2008-02-26 19:13  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: all reads from stdin and writes to
	  stdout will be retried until the whole operation completes or an
	  unrecoverable condition is detected

2008-02-26 16:06  yangtse

	* tests/server/: sockfilt.c, sws.c, tftpd.c, util.c, util.h:
	  refactor some code out to write_pidfile() in util.c

2008-02-26 11:30  gknauf

	* CHANGES, lib/gtls.c, lib/ssluse.c: Added support for server name
	  indication (RFC 4366).  Patch submitted by Kaspar Brand.

2008-02-25 08:51  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/gtls.c: - Kaspar Brand made
	  GnuTLS-built libcurl properly acknowledge the option that
	  forces it to prefer SSLv3.

2008-02-24 00:00  bagder

	* docs/examples/threaded-ssl.c: now builds and runs with
	  GnuTLS-built libcurls too

2008-02-23 13:27  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssluse.c: - Sam Listopad provided a
	  patch in feature-request #1900014 that makes libcurl
	  (built to   use OpenSSL) support a full chain of certificates in
	  a given PKCS12   certificate.

2008-02-22 23:53  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/Makefile.vc6: - Georg Lippitsch made
	  the src/Makefile.vc6 makefile use the same memory model   options
	  as the lib/Makefile.vc6 already did.

2008-02-22 10:31  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: Revert sockfilt.c back to revision 1.42

	  Changes introduced in revision 1.43 were useless

2008-02-21 18:52  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c: - Zmey Petroff found a
	  crash when libcurl accessed a NULL pointer, which   happened if
	  you set the connection cache size to 1 and for example failed to
	  login to an FTP site. Bug report #1896698

2008-02-21 16:02  gknauf

	* docs/examples/ftpupload.c: fixed missing header; changed bail out
	  from exit() to return().  Mentioned on the list by Michal Marek.

2008-02-21 13:28  bagder

	* lib/url.c: assert that the *connp is a non-NULL pointer when
	  Curl_done() is called

2008-02-20 18:17  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: Avoid timeout restart when signal caught
	  while awaiting socket and stdin events

2008-02-20 13:36  gknauf

	* docs/examples/ftpupload.c: reformatted comment.

2008-02-20 13:33  gknauf

	* docs/examples/ftpupload.c: added read callback function in order
	  to prevent crashs on Win32 when linked against DLL:

2008-02-20 13:18  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, tests/data/test405: - Fixed test case 405
	  to not fail when libcurl is built with GnuTLS

2008-02-20 13:14  bagder

	* tests/ made the non-matching error code output nicer
	  since we know it is a number and the string contains a newline...

2008-02-20 12:58  gknauf

	* CHANGES: mention removal of SSLv2 by default.

2008-02-20 11:01  bagder

	* lib/gtls.c: oops, fixed to build

2008-02-20 10:58  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: "118 - Gautam Kachroo's issue with proxies and ssl"
	  is now in CVS

2008-02-20 10:56  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/gtls.c, lib/nss.c, lib/qssl.c,
	  lib/sendf.c, lib/sslgen.c, lib/ssluse.c, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h: - Based on initial work done by Gautam Kachroo to
	  address a bug, we now keep   better control at the exact state of
	  the connection's SSL status so that we   know exactly when it has
	  completed the SSL negotiation or not so that there   won't be
	  accidental re-uses of connections that are wrongly believed to be
	  in SSL-completed-negotiate state.

2008-02-20 09:28  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/gtls.c, lib/multi.c, lib/transfer.c,
	  lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test509, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/libtest/lib509.c: - We no longer support setting the
	  CURLOPT_URL option from inside a callback   such as the
	  CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_FUNCTION one treat that as if it was a Location:
	   following. The patch that introduced this feature was done for
	  7.11.0, but	this code and functionality has been broken since
	  about 7.15.4 (March 2006)   with the introduction of non-blocking
	  OpenSSL "connects".

	    It was a hack to begin with and since it doesn't work and
	  hasn't worked
	    correctly for a long time and nobody has even noticed, I
	  consider it a very
	    suitable subject for plain removal. And so it was done.

2008-02-20 00:10  gknauf

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, lib/nss.c, lib/qssl.c,
	  lib/ssluse.c: applied patch to disable SSLv2 by default;
	  Submitted by Kaspar Brand.

2008-02-19 22:57  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test309: Added
	  test309 to test HTTP redirect to HTTPS URL

2008-02-19 19:51  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: juggle() actually returns bool.

	  Remove redundant and unreachable log message.

2008-02-19 18:25  yangtse

	* lib/ssh.c: fix compiler warnings: 'statement is unreachable'

2008-02-19 17:23  gknauf

	* docs/examples/ftpupload.c: fix for new codestyle.

2008-02-19 17:13  gknauf

	* docs/examples/ftpupload.c: made changes to work with Win32;
	  replaced fstat() with stat() call and bail out if local file not

2008-02-19 16:07  yangtse

	* lib/ssh.c: fix compiler warnings: 'enumerated type mixed with
	  another type'

2008-02-18 21:13  yangtse

	* tests/server/: sockfilt.c, util.c, util.h: Reduce to 20 seconds
	  the time allowed to set SO_REUSEADDR option on sockfilt listener

	  Log some more error descriptions.

2008-02-18 20:53  bagder

	* lib/http.c: https_getsock() should be static all over (and did
	  some fixed indenting)

2008-02-18 17:55  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: the ca-bundle is now removed

2008-02-18 16:43  gknauf

	* docs/examples/Makefile.m32: added makefile for MingW32 to build
	  most of the samples.

2008-02-18 16:32  gknauf

	* docs/examples/:, moved sample program
	  defines into separate so that other makefiles can
	  pick up the defines from there.

2008-02-18 16:30  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: added check symbol
	  for linking with POSIX prelude.

2008-02-18 14:05  yangtse

	* lib/ssh.c: fix compiler warnings:

	    'enumerated type mixed with another type'


	    'variable was set but never used'

2008-02-18 12:40  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: just mention in --cacert that curl normally has a
	  default ca cert path built-in

2008-02-18 12:39  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: the ca-bundle is no longer shipped

2008-02-18 12:35  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, acinclude.m4,,
	  docs/SSLCERTS, lib/, lib/ca-bundle.crt: - We're no
	  longer providing a very old ca-bundle in the curl tarball. You
	  can	get a fresh one downloaded and created with 'make
	  ca-bundle' or you can get   one from here => if you want a fresh	new
	  one extracted from Mozilla's recent list of ca certs.

	    The configure option --with-ca-bundle now lets you specify what
	  file to use
	    as default ca bundle for your build. If not specified, the
	  configure script
	    will check a few known standard places for a global ca cert to

2008-02-17 14:49  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: - Jerome Muffat-Meridol helped me fix
	  Curl_done() to close the current   connection by force when it
	  was called before the entire request is   completed, simply
	  because we can't know if the connection really can be   re-used
	  safely at that point.

2008-02-17 14:49  bagder

	* lib/http.c: rephrased comment

2008-02-17 14:43  bagder

	* lib/url.c: In Curl_done() if premature is TRUE, it means this
	  connection was said to be DONE before the entire request
	  operation is complete and thus we can't know in what state it is
	  for re-using, so we're forced to close it. In a perfect world we
	  can add code that keep track of if we really must close it here
	  or not, but currently we have no such detail knowledge.

	  Jerome Muffat-Meridol helped us work this out.

2008-02-17 14:40  bagder

	* lib/http.c: don't do the GOT_NOTHING error check if the DONE
	  function was called with premature set TRUE, which means it was
	  done before the request comleted. It could then very well not
	  have received any data.

2008-02-17 14:38  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: added a comment about the ignoring of the
	  Curl_done() return code

2008-02-17 05:36  yangtse

	*, tests/server/sockfilt.c: sockfilt will quit when

2008-02-16 14:44  bagder

	* lib/gtls.c: oops, that was debug code not meant to be committed
	  like this...

2008-02-16 14:41  bagder

	* lib/gtls.c: fix warnings about shadowing

2008-02-16 01:44  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: seems that curently
	  we dont need the imports from (l)ldapx.imp.

2008-02-16 01:21  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: fixed linker def file for tools when
	  compiled with gcc/nlmconv.

2008-02-16 01:15  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: re-ordered the module
	  dependency list; removed unsused ldap module dependency since the
	  module didnt autounload from protected address space.

2008-02-15 23:37  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/gtls.c: - Made the gnutls code path
	  not even try to get the server cert if no peer   verification is
	  requested. Previously it would even return failure if gnutls
	  failed to get the server cert even though no verification was
	  asked for.

	  - Fix my Curl_timeleft() leftover mistake in the gnutls code

2008-02-15 22:38  bagder

	* lib/url.c: mention that we explicitly ignore the return code

2008-02-15 18:00  yangtse

	* lib/ssh.c: log SSH public key authentication failure and reason

2008-02-15 10:29  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: new mirror and mirror recount after cleansing

2008-02-15 09:56  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c: - Pooyan McSporran found and
	  fixed a flaw where you first would do a normal   http request and
	  then you'd reuse the handle and replace the Accept: header,	as
	  then libcurl would send two Accept: headers!

2008-02-15 01:41  gknauf

	* lib/ fixed version var.

2008-02-15 01:26  gknauf

	* lib/ moved info block up before help block so
	  that it can also be displayed before help option; trial to add a
	  version number.

2008-02-14 22:24  gknauf

	* ares/ added some files which were missing in release

2008-02-14 11:14  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: five current issues we should deal with somehow
	  before the next release

2008-02-14 00:06  danf

	* CVS-INFO: Updated some out-of-date information.

2008-02-13 22:36  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib509.c: make this test disabled properly when
	  built with yassl

2008-02-13 07:06  yangtse

	* tests/ verifyserver() actually returns the pid of the
	  unsecure http and ftp servers when verifying the https and ftps

2008-02-12 14:47  yangtse

	* tests/ On heavily loaded systems any test server
	  start up can take longer than the timeout passed to startnew,
	  when this happens startnew completes without being able to read
	  the pidfile and consequently returns a zero pid2.

	  To fix the above posibility the server pid is recovered from the
	  verification stage which will actually return the server pid when
	  verification is valid.

2008-02-12 02:11  yangtse

	* tests/README: fix grammatical issues

2008-02-11 23:03  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/qssl.c, lib/socks.c, lib/tftp.c: Yang Tse pointed
	  out a few remaining quirks from my timeout refactoring from Feb 7
	  that didn't abort properly on timeouts. These are actually old
	  problems but now they should be fixed.

2008-02-11 21:21  yangtse

	* tests/README: shell startup scripts and possible influence in
	  scp/sftp/socks tests

2008-02-11 21:10  danf

	* tests/ Disable test due to keyword before disabling
	  due to bad server.

2008-02-11 19:52  gknauf

	* lib/ open pipe to openssl commandline instead of
	  writing into temp file.

2008-02-11 19:27  danf

	* lib/tftp.c: Fixed unused variable warning.

2008-02-11 16:00  gknauf

	* lib/ added strict to make sure all vars are
	  properly defined; added -t switch to make text info of CAs
	  optional; added -q switch to be really quiet.

2008-02-11 15:28  yangtse

	* tests/ Additional SunSSH 1.1 ssh server options

2008-02-10 05:20  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/hostthre.c: Bug report #1888932
	  ( points out and
	  provides test program that demonstrates that libcurl might not
	  set error description message for error
	  CURLE_COULDNT_RESOLVE_HOST for Windows threaded name resolver
	  builds. Fixed now.

2008-02-10 03:52  yangtse

	* tests/ Verify only once test harness sftp server
	  connectivity and functionality.

	  Make sure that the sftp client tool uses the ssh client binary
	  that we have used to generate the configuration files, otherwise
	  sftp might be using one located in the preferred path compiled
	  into sftp.

2008-02-10 02:32  gknauf

	*, Makefile.dist: removed 'mv' call and changed to use
	  new backup feature of

2008-02-10 02:29  gknauf

	* lib/ added -b switch to provide a backup
	  functionality for existing ca-bundle.crt file.

2008-02-09 16:32  gknauf

	* lib/ fixed another wrong var in error message.

2008-02-09 16:07  gknauf

	*, Makefile.dist: make use of mv's backup feature so
	  that calling the ca-bundle target more than once will never fail;
	  ignore error which can occure if for whatever reason there's no
	  orignial ca-bundle.crt to rename.

2008-02-09 16:00  gknauf

	* lib/ fixed wrong var in error message.

2008-02-09 03:37  danf

	* tests/data/: test164, test185, test29, test303: Fixed some XML
	  parsing problems.

2008-02-09 03:08  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/test146, tests/data/test183,
	  tests/data/test184, tests/data/test185, tests/data/test300,
	  tests/data/test301, tests/data/test302, tests/data/test304,
	  tests/data/test305, tests/data/test306, tests/data/test307,
	  tests/data/test308, tests/data/test509, tests/data/test94: Added
	  key words to all SSL-using tests so they can be skipped if
	  necessary.  Removed a few unnecessary requires SSL statements.

2008-02-09 03:01  danf

	* tests/data/test303: Fixed test to use HTTPS as documented.

2008-02-08 23:02  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/gtls.c: - Mike Hommey filed and fixed
	  bug report #1889856
	  ( When using the
	  gnutls ssl   layer, cleaning-up and reinitializing curl ends up
	  with https requests	failing with "ASN1 parser: Element was not
	  found" errors. Obviously a   regression added in 7.16.3.

2008-02-08 22:04  gknauf

	* docs/SSLCERTS: fixed a typo.

2008-02-08 19:42  danf

	* tests/data/: test1022, test1023: Missed checking in these test
	  data files.

2008-02-08 18:32  yangtse

	* tests/ Get rid of sftp subsystem additional
	  parameters, they aren't widely supported

2008-02-08 14:54  yangtse

	* CHANGES, tests/.cvsignore, tests/, tests/,
	  tests/ To verify that the sftp server is actually
	  running, responsive and that all curl's tests generated
	  configuration and key files are fine, a real connection is
	  established to the test harness sftp server authenticating and
	  running a simple sftp remote pwd command.

	  The verification is done using OpenSSH's or SunSSH's sftp client
	  tool with a configuration file with the same options as the test
	  harness socks server with the exception that dynamic forwarding
	  is not used for sftp.

2008-02-08 12:20  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: and mention make ca-bundle in the 1.11 faq entry as

2008-02-08 12:18  bagder

	* docs/SSLCERTS: for step 5, mention that we can now generate an
	  own version locally if wanted instead of downloading it from the
	  curl site

2008-02-08 12:16  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Günter Knauf added lib/
	  which gets the Firefox ca bundle and creates a suitable
	  ca-bundle.crt file in PEM format for use with curl. The
	  recommended way to run it is to use 'make ca-bundle' in the build
	  tree root.

2008-02-08 12:12  bagder

	* oops, we make the copyright year ranges the simple

2008-02-08 12:11  bagder

	* provide the ca-bundle target the same way as the
	  Makefile.dist does it so that it works the same way for
	  configure-based platforms as for non-configure ones

2008-02-08 10:56  bagder

	* lib/ include in the tarballs

2008-02-08 03:57  gknauf

	* Makefile.dist: added ca-bundle target to main makefile; for now
	  this does rename the existing ca-bundle.crt to ca-bundle.crt.old;
	  maybe we can remove this once we are 100% sure that the new
	  script works properly, and just overwrite the shipping one?

2008-02-08 03:38  gknauf

	* lib/ use argument to specify output filename if

2008-02-08 02:58  gknauf

	* lib/ fixed regex to fetch certdata.txt version
	  since it was replaced by CVS (argh!) added a switch to display
	  certdata.txt version header.

2008-02-08 02:21  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/libtest/, tests/libtest/ Added tests
	  1022 and 1023 to validate output of curl-config --version and

2008-02-08 02:08  gknauf

	* lib/ added Perl script to create a fresh

2008-02-07 23:25  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/connect.c, lib/connect.h, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/gtls.c, lib/qssl.c, lib/socks.c, lib/ssluse.c, lib/tftp.c: -
	  Refactored a lot of timeout code into a few functions in an
	  attempt to make   them all use the same (hopefully correct) logic
	  to make it less error-prone	and easier to introduce
	  library-wide where it should be used.

2008-02-07 16:43  bagder

	* docs/FAQ, lib/ca-bundle.crt: ca-bundle.crt documentational
	  updates that more clearly describe the bundle ca-bundle.crt file
	  as outdated and in need for replacement by anyone who wants to
	  verify modern peers as the one we have is from year 2000!

2008-02-06 20:01  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/strdup.c: Fix problem in strdup
	  replacement when dealing with absolutely huge strings.

2008-02-06 18:35  yangtse

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: Don't try to compare more than strlen chars

2008-02-06 17:54  yangtse

	* tests/server/: sockfilt.c, sws.c, tftpd.c: Use a long int data
	  type to handle getpid() result

2008-02-05 19:37  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: Fix buffer size specification.

	  Improve handling of boundary conditions for huge requests.

2008-02-05 15:43  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: Minor variable type cleanups.

	  Disable "swsbounce" mode when the received request isn't for the
	  same test and part number.

2008-02-05 03:21  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: proper initialization of httprequest, no
	  longer zeroing out twice the whole 150000+ bytes struct, and also
	  removing an equally big additional buffer for pipelining

2008-02-04 23:40  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: fixed entry symbols
	  when linked with posix prelude.

2008-02-04 23:29  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: added makefile flag
	  to link with NLM POSIX semantics.

2008-02-03 13:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/multi.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: - Dmitry
	  Kurochkin cleaned up the pipelining code and removed the need for
	  and	use of the "is_in_pipeline" struct field.

2008-02-03 13:28  bagder

	* docs/examples/:, threaded-ssl.c: threaded-ssl.c is a
	  little example that does multi-threaded downloads from HTTPS
	  sites with OpenSSL-enabled libcurl (and pthreads) and thus do the
	  thread-locking and things openssl-style.

2008-02-03 11:10  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_timeout.3: it is stable now...

2008-02-01 21:34  danf

	* mkinstalldirs: Make mkinstalldirs ignore umask, for consistency
	  with the rest of the install process.  Note that mkinstalldirs
	  appears to be used only in some configurations.

2008-01-31 17:37  yangtse

	* tests/ When possible, use additional config options
	  for test harness ssh server, which are deprecated in recent
	  OpenSSH versions but are current for SunSSH.

2008-01-31 13:21  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/cookie.c, lib/cookie.h,
	  tests/data/test31, tests/data/test46: - Niklas Angebrand made the
	  cookie support in libcurl properly deal with the   "HttpOnly"
	  feature introduced by Microsoft and apparently also supported by
	  . HttpOnly   is now supported when received from servers in HTTP
	  headers, when written to   cookie jars and when read from
	  existing cookie jars.

2008-01-31 13:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/file.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/http.c, lib/http_chunks.c,
	  lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: - Dmitry Kurochkin
	  moved several struct fields from the connectdata struct to   the
	  SingleRequest one to make pipelining better. It is a bit tricky
	  to keep   them in the right place, to keep things related to the
	  actual request or to	 the actual connection in the right place.

2008-01-31 12:36  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: bug 51 may possibly be fixed, and as such it is
	  not a known bug anymore:

	  51.Kevin Reed's reported problem with a proxy when doing CONNECT
	  and it   wants NTLM and close the connection to the initial
	  CONNECT response:

2008-01-30 00:46  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: silent stupid 'del' message
	  when no files to delete found; added curl.res to clean target.

2008-01-30 00:10  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib509.c: add verbose output to test 509 for easier

2008-01-29 13:58  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/KNOWN_BUGS, lib/url.c: - Dmitry
	  Kurochkin fixed Curl_done() for pipelining, as it could
	  previously   crash!

2008-01-29 13:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, tests/data/test553: - Michal Marek fixed
	  minor mistake in test case 553 that prevented it from   working
	  on other IP-addresses or port numbers.

2008-01-28 22:19  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: start over on 7.18.1

2008-01-28 20:25  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: Added peeps from the 7.18.0 release annoucement

2008-01-28 18:28  bagder

	* CHANGES: 7.18.0

2008-01-28 17:04  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: Add the three currently discussed bugs that
	  won't make it into the 7.18.0 release but hopefully they'll all
	  be fixed in 7.18.1...

2008-01-28 12:56  bagder

	* lib/sendf.c: this was modified this year so we bump the copyright

2008-01-28 12:48  bagder

	* updated copyright year in the generated configure

2008-01-27 23:53  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/multi.c: Dmitry Kurochkin: In "real world" testing I
	  found more bugs in pipelining. Broken connection is not restored
	  and we get into infinite loop. It happens because of wrong
	  is_in_pipeline values.

2008-01-27 03:35  yangtse

	* tests/ Dont rely on PAMAuthenticationViaKbdInt
	  default being 'no'

2008-01-26 01:13  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test1021: added test 1021 to verify my
	  fix for bug report #1879375

2008-01-26 00:33  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c: - Kevin Reed filed bug report
	  #1879375   ( which
	  describes how libcurl   got lost in this scenario: proxy tunnel
	  (or HTTPS over proxy), ask to do any	 proxy authentication and
	  the proxy replies with an auth (like NTLM) and then	closes the
	  connection after that initial informational response.

	    libcurl would not properly re-initialize the connection to the
	  proxy and
	    continue the auth negotiation like supposed. It does now
	  however, as it will
	    now detect if one or more authentication methods were available
	  and asked
	    for, and will thus retry the connection and continue from

	  - I made the progress callback get called properly during proxy

2008-01-25 23:35  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: using anyauth isn't unconditionally an extra

2008-01-25 23:10  bagder

	* docs/INSTALL: just wanted to mention two uclinux archs I've tried
	  libcurl builds on myself

2008-01-25 06:08  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: improve request initialization for test
	  harness HTTP server

2008-01-25 06:07  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: Dmitry Kurochkin's test harness HTTP server
	  pipelining fix fot test 530

2008-01-24 18:17  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: and Igor Franchuk is his name!

2008-01-24 16:39  gknauf

	* packages/NetWare/get_ver.awk: fixed link to latest native awk.

2008-01-24 16:28  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: updated makefiles to
	  use global copyright define.

2008-01-24 16:27  gknauf

	* packages/NetWare/get_ver.awk: updated awk script to fetch
	  copyright from header.

2008-01-24 16:05  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: minor makefile

2008-01-24 15:15  gknauf

	* src/version.h: happy new year

2008-01-24 15:14  gknauf

	* src/: curl.rc, version.h: use more correctly named define.

2008-01-24 15:10  gknauf

	* lib/libcurl.rc, src/curl.rc: use copyright define instead of
	  hardcoded string.

2008-01-24 15:05  gknauf

	* include/curl/curlver.h: added copyright define to curlver.h.

2008-01-23 23:22  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/cookie.c, lib/cookie.h, lib/http.c:
	  "Igor" pointed out that CURLOPT_COOKIELIST set to "ALL" leaked
	  memory, and so did "SESS". Fixed now.

2008-01-23 13:22  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: Dmitry Kurochkin's pipelining close-down segfault

2008-01-23 08:27  yangtse

	* docs/INSTALL, lib/Makefile.vc6, src/Makefile.vc6: update openssl

2008-01-23 07:11  yangtse


2008-01-23 03:12  gknauf

	* lib/nwlib.c: happy new year

2008-01-23 03:10  gknauf

	* lib/nwlib.c: removed inclusion of libcurl memory debug headers
	  since this lib stub is a well proofed method suggested by Novell.
	  This enables usage of the stub with language bindings.

2008-01-22 18:26  yangtse

	* lib/ssh.c: when unable to initialize sftp session, also log
	  failure reason

2008-01-22 15:52  yangtse

	* CHANGES,, lib/select.h, src/main.c,
	  tests/server/util.c: check availability of poll.h header at
	  configuration time, and include it when sys/poll.h is unavailable

2008-01-22 04:48  yangtse

	* lib/libcurl.rc, src/curl.rc: update copyright year

2008-01-22 00:48  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c, lib/sendf.c, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h: Dmitry Kurochkin removed the cancelled state for
	  pipelining, as we agreed that it is bad anyway. Starting now,
	  removing a handle that is in used in a pipeline will break the
	  pipeline - it'll be set back up again but still...

2008-01-21 21:22  yangtse

	* CHANGES, Disable ldap support for cygwin builds,
	  since it breaks whole build process.

2008-01-21 06:35  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/:, lib530.c: undo using internal
	  *printf() clones for test #530

2008-01-20 23:53  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/:, lib530.c: use internal *printf()
	  clones since snprintf() not available on all platforms

2008-01-20 12:29  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Judson provided an example, and the added mirror
	  adds the count

2008-01-20 12:12  bagder

	* docs/examples/smooth-gtk-thread.c: This is a multi threaded
	  application that uses a progress bar to show status.	It uses
	  Gtk+ to make a smooth pulse. Written by Jud Bishop

2008-01-20 12:07  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: is a new mirror in
	  Nuremberg, Germany

2008-01-20 05:05  yangtse

	* tests/ Also disable GSSAPIAuthentication for the
	  test harness ssh client

2008-01-19 12:33  bagder

	* Makefile.dist: added a (sample) target for 64bit msvc builds

2008-01-19 11:30  bagder

	* src/main.c: rephrased the --socks5-hostname help output somewhat

2008-01-19 11:14  bagder

	* tests/: data/test530, libtest/lib530.c: Dmitry Kurochkin fixed
	  test case 530 (pipelining)

2008-01-18 22:51  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c: Lau Hang Kin found and fixed
	  a problem with the multi interface when doing CONNECT over a
	  proxy. curl_multi_fdset() didn't report back the socket properly
	  during that state, due to a missing case in the switch in the
	  multi_getsock() function.

2008-01-18 10:18  yangtse

	* tests/ fix failure to properly detect SSH and SOCKS
	  servers start up on loaded systems

2008-01-18 06:58  yangtse

	* src/main.c: to actually allow really big HTTP POSTs curl's
	  postfieldsize type is changed to curl_off_t and
	  CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE_LARGE is used to pass value to libcurl

2008-01-17 23:43  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: curl-java 0.2.1

2008-01-17 22:46  bagder

	* docs/BINDINGS: the java binding is not really maintained

2008-01-17 19:57  yangtse

	* CHANGES, tests/libtest/lib518.c, tests/libtest/lib537.c: Don't
	  abort tests 518 and 537 when unable to raise the open-file soft

2008-01-17 19:03  yangtse

	* src/main.c: fix compiler warning

2008-01-17 05:10  danf

	* tests/data/: test551, test552: Put the comments in an XML-valid

2008-01-17 02:25  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: updated lib versions.

2008-01-17 02:20  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  src/Makefile.netware: updated copyright for new year.

2008-01-16 23:54  bagder

	* tests/: data/, data/test553, libtest/,
	  libtest/lib553.c: Added test 553. This test case and code is
	  based on the bug recipe Joe Malicki provided for bug report
	  #1871269, fixed on Jan 14 2008 before the 7.18.0 release.

2008-01-16 23:09  bagder

	* tests/ remove trailing comma too, even though I don't
	  think it does any harm

2008-01-16 23:08  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, tests/ Nathan Coulter's patch
	  that makes respect the PATH when figuring out what
	  valgrind to run.

2008-01-16 22:33  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: Dmitry Kurochkin's additional pipelining bugfix

2008-01-16 22:01  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c: fix handling of out of memory
	  in the command line tool that afected data url encoded HTTP POSTs
	  when reading it from a file.

2008-01-16 17:04  patrickm

	* packages/OS400/: README.OS400, ccsidcurl.c, ccsidcurl.h,,,, os400sys.c, os400sys.h:
	  OS/400 update: New declarations in curl.h reported to	Copyrights extended to 2008.  SONAME handling
	  introduced in build scripts.

2008-01-16 13:24  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, TODO-RELEASE, lib/llist.c, lib/llist.h,
	  lib/multi.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, lib/url.h, lib/urldata.h,
	  tests/data/test530: Dmitry Kurochkin worked a lot on improving
	  the HTTP Pipelining support that previously had a number of
	  flaws, perhaps most notably when an application fired up N
	  transfers at once as then they wouldn't pipeline at all that
	  nicely as anyone would think... Test case 530 was also updated to
	  take the improved functionality into account.

2008-01-16 00:19  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, lib/krb4.c, lib/nss.c,
	  lib/qssl.c, lib/ssh.c, lib/ssluse.c, lib/tftp.c, lib/transfer.c:
	  Calls to Curl_failf() are not supposed to provide a trailing
	  newline as the function itself adds that. Fixed on 50 or
	  something strings!

2008-01-15 23:44  bagder

	* lib/: easy.c, hostip.c, hostip.h, url.c, urldata.h: Woops, partly
	  revert my previous commit and do it slightly differently instead.
	   The signalling of that a global DNS cache is wanted is done by
	  setting the option but the setting of the internal variable that
	  it is in use must not be done until it finally actually gets

	  NOTE and WARNING: I noticed that you can't actually switch off
	  the global dns cache with CURLOPT_DNS_USE_GLOBAL_CACHE but you
	  couldn't do that previously either and the option is very clearly
	  and loudly documented as DO NOTE USE so I won't bother to fix
	  this bug now.

2008-01-15 23:15  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/TODO, lib/hostip.c, lib/hostip.h, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h: I made the torture test on test 530 go through.
	  This was actually due to silly code left from when we switched to
	  let the multi handle "hold" the dns cache when using the multi
	  interface... Of course this only triggered when a certain
	  function call returned error at the correct moment.

2008-01-15 09:45  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: Michal Marek's improved .curlrc syntax description

2008-01-14 23:02  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c: Joe Malicki filed bug report
	  #1871269 ( and we
	  could fix his hang- problem that occurred when doing a large HTTP
	  POST request with the response-body read from a callback.

2008-01-14 20:40  yangtse

	* lib/socks.c: fix compiler warning

2008-01-14 20:28  yangtse

	* tests/ startnew() shouldn't return a positive pid as
	  reported in the pidfile by the spawned server itself unless it is
	  actually alive

2008-01-14 18:49  bagder

	* docs/TODO: 5.3 support FF3 sqlite cookie files

2008-01-14 17:51  giva

	* lib/urldata.h: Trying GnuTLS and OpenSSL together fails to
	  compile in not so obvious ways. Give an explicit error.

2008-01-14 02:53  yangtse

	* TODO-RELEASE: #115 is done

2008-01-13 05:39  yangtse

	* lib/socks.c, src/main.c: fix compiler warning

2008-01-13 04:27  yangtse

	* tests/data/: test1016, test1017, test1018, test1019, test1020:
	  add client features part

2008-01-12 23:56  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c: I re-arranged the curl --help
	  output. All the options are now sorted on their long option names
	  and all descriptions are one-liners.

2008-01-12 23:10  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, TODO-RELEASE, docs/curl.1, src/main.c:
	  Eric Landes provided the patch (edited by me) that introduces the
	  --keepalive-time to curl to set the keepalive probe interval. I
	  also took the opportunity to rename the recently added
	  no-keep-alive option to no-keepalive to keep a consistent naming
	  and to avoid getting two dashes in these option names. Eric also
	  provided an update to the man page for the new option.

2008-01-12 11:31  bagder

	* CHANGES.0: added release dates for four very old releases

2008-01-12 05:32  yangtse

	* tests/ Remove hardcoded verbosity

2008-01-12 01:12  yangtse

	* tests/ Ooops

2008-01-11 22:59  yangtse

	* tests/ Ooops

2008-01-11 22:23  bagder

	* COPYING: new year

2008-01-11 21:17  yangtse

	* tests/ When verifying that test harness's SSH and
	  SOCKS servers have been started check also that the process is
	  actually alive, since they could have died once the pidfile was
	  written out

2008-01-11 18:35  yangtse

	* lib/ftp.c: fix compiler warning

2008-01-11 17:49  yangtse

	* lib/file.c: fix compiler warning

2008-01-11 16:21  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: "114 - Ranged downloads on file:// URLs" done

2008-01-11 15:20  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, lib/file.c,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test1016, tests/data/test1017,
	  tests/data/test1018, tests/data/test1019, tests/data/test1020:
	  Daniel Egger made CURLOPT_RANGE work on file:// URLs the very
	  same way it already worked for FTP:// URLs

2008-01-11 15:00  bagder

	* CHANGES,, src/main.c: I made the curl tool switch
	  from using CURLOPT_IOCTLFUNCTION to now use the spanking new
	  CURLOPT_SEEKFUNCTION simply to take advantage of the improved
	  performance for the upload resume cases where you want to upload
	  the last few bytes of a very large file. To implement this
	  decently, I had to switch the client code for uploading from
	  fopen()/fread() to plain open()/read() so that we can use lseek()
	  to do >32bit seeks (as fseek() doesn't allow that) on systems
	  that offer support for that.

2008-01-10 23:14  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, Michal Marek made
	  curl-config --libs not include /usr/lib64 in the output (it
	  already before skipped /usr/lib).  /usr/lib64 is the default
	  library directory on many 64bit systems and it's unlikely that
	  anyone would use the path privately on systems where it's not.

2008-01-10 17:19  yangtse

	* tests/:, Temporary change to help
	  debugging SSH server verification failures

2008-01-10 11:31  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: Two more items done:

	  109 - curl_easy_pause 110 - seekfunction

2008-01-10 11:30  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/ftp.c, lib/http.c, lib/transfer.c,
	  lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/main.c: Georg Lippitsch brought
	  seek in a given input stream. This is particularly important when
	  doing upload resumes when there's already a huge part of the file
	  present remotely. Before, and still if this callback isn't used,
	  libcurl will read and through away the entire file up to the
	  point to where the resuming begins (which of course can be a slow
	  opereration depending on file size, I/O bandwidth and more). This
	  new function will also be preferred to get used instead of the
	  CURLOPT_IOCTLFUNCTION for seeking back in a stream when doing
	  multi-stage HTTP auth with POST/PUT.

2008-01-10 10:17  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_digest.c: Nikitinskit Dmitriy
	  filed bug report #1868255
	  ( with a patch. It
	  identifies and fixes a problem with parsing WWW-Authenticate:
	  headers with additional spaces in the line that the parser wasn't
	  written to deal with.

2008-01-10 10:16  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: corrected comment

2008-01-09 20:11  yangtse

	* lib/socks.c, lib/tftp.c, lib/transfer.c, src/main.c: fix compiler

2008-01-09 02:11  yangtse

	* tests/ Fix file Id

2008-01-09 01:58  yangtse

	* tests/ Add /usr/freeware/sbin and
	  /usr/freeware/libexec to the ssh binaries locations search list.

2008-01-08 23:15  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: added the --retry problems mention on the
	  curl-library list today

2008-01-08 21:12  yangtse

	* tests/ Partially cleanup debugging messages in test
	  harness, introduced for new minimum SSH version support for SCP,
	  SFTP and SOCKS tests.

	  Some verbosity which still remains, will go out before next

2008-01-08 20:18  yangtse

	* tests/ Remove increased loglevel intended to debug
	  autobuild's publickey authentication failures when using OpenSSH
	  2.9.9 or SunSSH.

	  Verified fact: Even when only using publickey authentication,
	  OpenSSH and SunSSH first validate the user, this implies that if
	  the user validation fails, 'invalid user', the publickey
	  authentication will not be allowed to complete.

2008-01-08 15:52  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1, docs/libcurl/,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_pause.3, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, include/curl/curlver.h, lib/easy.c,
	  lib/multi.c, lib/sendf.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h: Introducing curl_easy_pause() and new magic return
	  codes for both the read and the write callbacks that now can make
	  a connection's reading and/or writing get paused.

2008-01-08 12:11  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: removed 113, both bugs #1850730 and #1854175 are
	  fixed in CVS

2008-01-08 02:05  yangtse

	* lib/connect.c: Change typecast due to

2008-01-08 01:40  yangtse

	* tests/ Increase loglevel to debug autobuild's
	  publickey authentication failures when using OpenSSH 2.9.9 or

2008-01-08 01:39  yangtse

	* tests/ Display ssh server log and configuration upon
	  socks server failure

2008-01-07 20:54  danf

	* tests/data/test289: Fixed test description

2008-01-07 17:32  patrickm

	* packages/OS400/ ILE RPG support update (from

2008-01-07 00:22  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: updated URLs and moved down two issues to the new
	  "less likely" section

2008-01-06 22:41  bagder

	* lib/: ftp.c, url.c: more SOCKS5_HOSTNAME adjustments from Richard

2008-01-06 13:56  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: make sure we deal with SOCKS5_HOSTNAME as a proxy type
	  as well

2008-01-06 13:56  bagder

	* src/main.c: Richard Atterer reverted back what I missed in my
	  previous revert ;-)

2008-01-06 13:54  bagder

	* lib/url.c: make sure CURLPROXY_SOCKS5_HOSTNAME is taken care of
	  as well

2008-01-06 12:10  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: fixed: 116 - bug #1863171, curl_getdate() bug
	  added: 117 - Eric Landes patch for introducing the --tcp-keep*

2008-01-06 11:50  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/parsedate.c: Jeff Johnson filed bug
	  report #1863171 (
	  where he pointed out that libcurl's date parser didn't accept a
	  +1300 time zone which actually is used fairly often (like New
	  Zealand's Dailight Savings Time), so I modified the parser to now
	  accept up to and including -1400 to +1400.

2008-01-06 03:02  yangtse

	* tests/ Increase MaxAuthTries from 0 to 10. Using a
	  value of 0 is too restrictive

2008-01-05 23:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/socks.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/main.c: Based on
	  further discussion on curl-library, I reverted yesterday's SOCKS5
	  code to instead introduce support for a new proxy type called
	  CURLPROXY_SOCKS5_HOSTNAME that is used to send the host name to
	  the proxy instead of IP address and there's thus no longer any
	  need for a new curl_easy_setopt() option.

	  The default SOCKS5 proxy is again back to sending the IP address
	  to the proxy.  The new curl command line option for enabling
	  sending host name to a SOCKS5 proxy is now --socks5-hostname.

2008-01-05 22:04  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Added Daniel Egger and extended the
	  --no-keep-alive description

2008-01-05 13:15  bagder

	* tests/data/test200: added keyword

2008-01-05 02:39  yangtse

	* src/main.c: Don't abort operation when attempting to set
	  SO_KEEPALIVE fails, just issue a warning and ignore the failure.

2008-01-05 00:57  danf

	* tests/FILEFORMAT: "yes" must be in quotes to be XML compatible

2008-01-05 00:55  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 111 - DNS resolve over socks5 is done added 116 -
	  bug #1863171, curl_getdate() bug

2008-01-05 00:31  bagder

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT, Daniel Egger provided
	  'nonewline=yes' support for the <stdout> section

2008-01-05 00:01  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/socks.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/main.c: Based on Maxim
	  Perenesenko's patch, we now do SOCKS5 operations and let the
	  proxy do the host name resolving and only if --socks5ip (or
	  CURLOPT_SOCKS5_RESOLVE_LOCAL) is used we resolve the host name
	  locally and pass on the IP address only to the proxy.

2008-01-04 23:16  bagder

	* docs/TODO: 14.3 extend CURLOPT_SOCKOPTFUNCTION prototype (for
	  next SONAME bump)

2008-01-04 20:56  yangtse

	* tests/ Missing newline at end of message

2008-01-04 16:39  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib552.c: Fix 'format string' compiler warning

2008-01-04 15:12  yangtse

	* tests/ 'ControlPath' ssh client configuration file
	  option requires OpenSSH 4.2 or later to accept 'none' as an
	  indication to disable connection multiplexing

2008-01-04 14:24  yangtse

	* tests/ SunSSH 1.1 ssh client does not support config
	  file options:


2008-01-04 14:00  yangtse

	* tests/ - Display curl_ssh_config when socks server
	  fails to start.

	  - Capability of running socks5 tests must be based on ssh daemon
	  version   and not on ssh client version.

2008-01-04 04:05  yangtse

	* tests/ Make sure @INC is modified before 'using' the
	  sshhelp module.

2008-01-04 04:04  yangtse

	* tests/ 'LocalCommand' no longer used for ssh client
	  config file. When used it requires a non blank argument.

2008-01-03 21:48  yangtse

	* CHANGES, TODO-RELEASE, tests/, tests/,
	  tests/, tests/ Modify test harness so that
	  the minimum SSH version required to run SCP, SFTP and SOCKS4
	  tests is now OpenSSH 2.9.9 or SunSSH 1.0

	  For SOCKS5 tests minimum versions are OpenSSH 3.7 or SunSSH 1.0

2008-01-03 16:18  giva

	* lib/: ftp.c, url.c: 'false' and 'true' are not built-ins on most
	  compilers.  Use TRUE/FALSE from setup_once.h.

2008-01-02 23:46  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: one gone, one added

2008-01-02 23:30  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/http_chunks.c: - I fixed two cases of missing return
	  code checks when handling chunked   decoding where a write error
	  (or abort return from a callback) didn't stop   libcurl's

2008-01-02 23:23  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curl.h: I removed the
	  socklen_t use from the public curl/curl.h header and instead made
	  it an unsigned int. The type was only used in the curl_sockaddr
	  struct definition (only used by the curl_opensocket_callback). On
	  all platforms I could find information about, socklen_t is 32
	  unsigned bits large so I don't think this will break the API or
	  ABI. The main reason for this change is of course for all the
	  platforms that don't have a socklen_t definition in their headers
	  to build fine again. Providing our own configure magic and custom
	  definition of socklen_t on those systems proved to work but was a
	  lot of cruft, code and extra magic needed - when this very small
	  change of type seems harmless and still solves the missing
	  socklen_t problem.

2008-01-02 22:40  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/socks.c, lib/socks.h, lib/url.c, src/main.c: Richard Atterer
	  brought a patch that added support for SOCKS4a proxies, which is
	  an inofficial PROXY4 variant that sends the hostname to the proxy
	  instead of the resolved address (which is already supported by
	  SOCKS5).  --socks4a is the curl command line option for it and
	  CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE can now be set to CURLPROXY_SOCKS4A as well.

2008-01-02 22:39  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: updated

2008-01-02 06:30  giva

	* ares/acountry.c: Added '-d' option for Watt-32 debugging.

2008-01-01 22:11  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c: Mohun Biswas pointed out that
	  --libcurl generated a source code with an int function but
	  without a return statement. While fixing that, I also took care
	  about adding some better comments for the generated code.

2007-12-27 22:44  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: --libcurl was added in 7.16.1, a useful information

2007-12-27 00:29  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: Dmitry Kurochkin mentioned a
	  flaw ( in
	  detect_proxy() which failed to set the bits.proxy variable
	  properly when an environment variable told libcurl to use a http

2007-12-26 22:48  bagder

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test552,
	  tests/libtest/, tests/libtest/lib552.c: In an attempt
	  to repeat the problem in bug report #1850730
	  ( I wrote up test
	  case 552. The test is doing a 70K POST with a read callback and
	  an ioctl callback over a proxy requiring Digest auth. The test
	  case code is more or less identical to the test recipe code
	  provided by Spacen Jasset (who submitted the bug report).

2007-12-26 22:46  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: what we're having atm

2007-12-25 14:26  gknauf

	* lib/sslgen.c: added missing semicolon fromn last commit.

2007-12-25 00:45  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/sslgen.c: Gary Maxwell filed bug
	  report #1856628 ( and
	  provided a fix for the (small) memory leak in the SSL session ID
	  caching code. It happened when a previous entry in the cache was

2007-12-22 19:25  danf

	* tests/:,, Use getcwd()
	  to get the directory, which works even if one of the directory
	  components doesn't have read permission set.

2007-12-20 22:21  danf

	* tests/ Use getcwd() to get the directory, which works
	  even if one of the directory components doesn't have read
	  permission set.

2007-12-19 22:19  danf

	* CHANGES, src/ Ensure that nroff doesn't put anything
	  but ASCII characters into the --manual text.

2007-12-18 19:33  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c:
	  ( reported and
	  fixed a file truncation problem on Windows build targets
	  triggered when retrying a download with curl.

2007-12-18 19:08  yangtse

	* CHANGES, ares/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32.h,
	  src/config-win32.h: MSVC 9.0 (VS2008) does not support Windows
	  build targets prior to WinXP, and makes wrong asumptions of build
	  target when it isn't specified. So, if no build target has been
	  defined we will target WinXP when building with MSVC 9.0

2007-12-18 11:36  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/config-win32.h: pollfd struct and
	  WSA_poll fixes for Windows Vista already present in CVS

2007-12-17 22:19  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/config-win32.h: Mateusz Loskot
	  pointed out that VC++ 9.0 (2008) has the pollfd struct and
	  defines in the SDK somehow differently so we have to add a define
	  to the config-win32.h file to make select.h compile nicely.

2007-12-15 23:19  bagder

	* tests/data/test551: spell!

2007-12-15 23:13  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test551: Add test 551 that tests
	  callback-post over a proxy that requires Digest auth.  A failed
	  attempt to repeat bug report #1850730 (ie the test works fine).

2007-12-14 23:09  bagder

	* remove mistaken "-d" from here

2007-12-14 12:19  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: -u addition: If you just give the user name (without
	  entering a colon) curl will prompt for a password. Denis Bredelet
	  pointed out!

2007-12-14 02:09  danf

	* tests/data/: test549, test550: Added missing <features>

2007-12-14 02:05  danf

	* tests/data/: test549, test550: Fixed typo in test title

2007-12-13 15:39  yangtse

	* src/main.c: Fix compiler warning

2007-12-13 11:00  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c: David Wright filed bug report
	  #1849764 ( with an
	  included fix. He identified a problem for re-used connections
	  that previously had sent Expect: 100-continue and in some
	  situations the subsequent POST (that didn't use Expect:) still
	  had the internal flag set for its use. David's fix (that makes
	  the setting of the flag in every single request unconditionally)
	  is fine and is now used!

2007-12-12 12:22  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, TODO-RELEASE, docs/curl.1, src/main.c:
	  Gilles Blanc made the curl tool enable SO_KEEPALIVE for the
	  connections and added the --no-keep-alive option that can disable
	  that on demand.

2007-12-11 22:19  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_setopt.3: clarify that the
	  CURLMOPT_TIMERFUNCTION callback can pass in 0 and -1 as legal
	  values and what they mean

2007-12-11 20:34  bagder

	* ares/ build acountry too

2007-12-11 18:26  giva

	* ares/CHANGES: Added acountry.c.

2007-12-11 18:24  giva

	* ares/Makefile.netware: Added build of acountry.nlm.

2007-12-11 18:23  giva

	* ares/: Makefile.m32, Makefile.vc6: Added build of acountry.exe.

2007-12-11 18:22  giva

	* ares/ Build acountry.exe. Added 'socklen_t' define.

2007-12-11 18:21  giva

	* ares/acountry.c: Another sample application that returns
	  country-code and name from an IPv4-address or host-name. Using
	  the service of

2007-12-10 23:20  bagder

	* ares/ grrr, the previous commit was meant to properly
	  make sure that we don't link any executables when doing debug
	  builds since they kind of assume symbols provided by libcurl, but
	  it also wrongly included acountry.c

2007-12-10 23:19  bagder

	* ares/:, when building

2007-12-10 22:42  bagder

	* ares/ build ahost and adig by default but don't
	  install them

2007-12-10 18:09  patrickm

	* packages/OS400/: README.OS400,,, Define new options in OS400 RPG interface Port OS400
	  compilation scripts to >= V5R2M0

2007-12-10 17:14  giva

	* ares/: ares.h, ares_ipv6.h: Fix for targets that do have 'struct
	  in6_addr', but which doesn't define 's6_addr' as a macro.

2007-12-10 12:33  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: cut out the number of contributors from this file since
	  it'll always be wrong

2007-12-10 11:28  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: 5.13 How do I stop an ongoing transfer?

2007-12-09 23:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/sendf.c: Andrew Moise filed bug
	  report #1847501 ( and
	  pointed out a memcpy() that should be memmove() in the
	  convert_lineends() function.

2007-12-09 13:26  bagder

	* docs/TODO: add in toc too

2007-12-09 13:22  bagder

	* docs/TODO: RTMP support?

2007-12-09 13:20  bagder

	* docs/TODO: oops another bad numbering

2007-12-09 13:12  bagder

	* docs/TODO: oops duplicate numbering

2007-12-09 13:00  bagder

	* docs/TODO: slightly rephrased

2007-12-09 10:58  giva

	* src/Makefile.Watcom: Removed use of '..\lib\libcurl_wc.lib' as
	  this is not really a static-lib. Renamed 'OBJ_DIR' to

2007-12-09 10:44  giva

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom: Removed building 'libcurl_wc.lib' as this
	  isn't a static-library in the common sense. Renamed 'OBJ_DIR' to

2007-12-09 00:01  bagder

	* CHANGES: Travelling some 500km by train back and forth on the
	  same day gives you time to do things you don't otherwise do, but
	  here's the summary of today's work...

2007-12-09 00:00  bagder

	* docs/TODO: reformat to FAQ/CONTRIBUTE style, for nicer web-look
	  when I apply the magic script(s) on it online

2007-12-08 23:58  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: cleanup

2007-12-08 23:57  bagder

	* src/main.c: fix a crash in oom situations (thanks

2007-12-08 23:56  bagder

	* tests/data/: test1008, test137, test138, test139, test140,
	  test141, test142, test143, test144, test145, test146, test35: add

2007-12-08 23:56  bagder

	* tests/data/ add missing files

2007-12-08 23:53  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib547.c: correct the comment about size

2007-12-08 23:53  bagder

	* tests/: data/test549, data/test550, libtest/,
	  libtest/lib549.c: add test 549 and 550

2007-12-08 23:52  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: mention how to enable chunked
	  encoding for POSTs

2007-12-08 23:50  bagder

	* lib/: dict.c, file.c, ftp.c, http.c, parsedate.c, sendf.c,
	  ssluse.c, telnet.c, tftp.c, transfer.c, url.c: All static
	  functions that were previously name Curl_* something no longer
	  use that prefix as we use that prefix only for library-wide
	  internal global symbols.

2007-12-06 23:36  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_timeout.3: clarify that when
	  curl_multi_timeout() returns -1 it just means that there is no
	  current timeout. It does not mean wait forever and it does not
	  mean do not wait at all. It means there is no timeout value known
	  at this point in time.

2007-12-05 22:20  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, tests/data/test547,
	  tests/data/test548, tests/libtest/lib547.c: Spacen Jasset
	  reported a problem with doing POST (with data read with a
	  callback) over a proxy when NTLM is used as auth with the proxy.
	  The bug also concerned Digest and was limited to using callback
	  only. Spacen worked with us to provide a useful patch. I added
	  the test case 547 and 548 to verify two variations of POST over
	  proxy with NTLM.

2007-12-05 12:10  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib547.c: fix compiler warning

2007-12-05 12:08  bagder

	* tests/: data/test548, libtest/, libtest/lib547.c:
	  added test548 which uses the lib547 source file, preparing for
	  test547 which is supposed to repeat the bug report "NTLM proxy
	  authentication with CURLOPT_READDATA seems broken." posted on the
	  curl-library mailing list on dec 3 2007.

2007-12-04 01:15  yangtse

	* lib/ssluse.c: Fix compiler warning: variable may be used

2007-12-03 23:44  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Ray Pekowski filed bug report #1842029

2007-12-03 20:57  yangtse

	* ares/ares_gethostbyaddr.c: Fix three issues previous cleanup

2007-12-03 12:49  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: SSL session id caching bugfix

2007-12-03 12:48  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/sslgen.c: Bug report #1842029
	  ( identified a
	  problem with SSL session caching that prevent it from working,
	  and the associated fix!

2007-12-03 12:41  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: mention "no longer default-appends ;type= on FTP
	  URLs thru proxies" as a bug fix even if kind of implied by the
	  new option

2007-12-03 12:39  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/ssluse.c: Now libcurl (built with OpenSSL) doesn't
	  return error anymore if the remote SSL-based server doesn't
	  present a certificate when the request is told to ignore
	  certificate verification anyway.

2007-12-03 11:25  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_gethostbyaddr.c:  Erik Kline cleaned up
	  ares_gethostbyaddr.c:next_lookup() somewhat

2007-12-03 11:22  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, Brad Spencer fixed the configure
	  script to assume that there's no /dev/urandom when built
	  cross-compiled as then the script cannot check for it.

2007-12-03 10:50  bagder

	* tests/data/: test208, test79: removed the ;type= thing for FTP
	  urls through proxy, since that's now only present when enabled by
	  on option which isn't done by default (and isn't even available
	  for the curl app atm)

2007-12-03 00:39  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 107 - resolve the type= thing for FTP URLs over
	  HTTP proxies, is solved

2007-12-03 00:38  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/http.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: Michal
	  Marek introduced CURLOPT_PROXY_TRANSFER_MODE which is used to
	  control the appending of the "type=" thing on FTP URLs when they
	  are passed to a HTTP proxy. Some proxies just don't like that
	  appending (which is done unconditionally in 7.17.1), and some
	  proxies treat binary/ascii transfers better with the appending

2007-11-30 03:31  danf

	* Upped copyright year

2007-11-29 23:27  bagder

	* CHANGES: uh, corrected pretty major write error!

2007-11-29 23:15  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: ftp resumed upload and long Digest nonces

2007-11-29 23:14  bagder

	* lib/http_digest.c: A bug report on the curl-library list showed a
	  HTTP Digest session going on with a 700+ letter nonce. Previously
	  libcurl only support 127 letter ones and now I bumped it to 1023.

2007-11-29 23:14  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: Fixed the resumed FTP upload loop to not require that
	  the read callback returns a full buffer on each invoke.

2007-11-29 12:25  bagder

	* lib/ssh.c: include the libssh2 return code in the output for
	  these failures to ease debugging

2007-11-28 16:18  bagder

	* ares/ares_gethostbyaddr.c: the gethostbyname fix applied here as

2007-11-28 11:46  bagder

	* ares/ares_gethostbyname.c: fix next_lookup() to continue
	  searching even if c-ares failed to load the /etc/hosts file,
	  pointed out by Erik Kline:

2007-11-28 11:33  bagder

	* When --with-gssapi (without given path) is used, we
	  must use krb5-config to get the libs as well and not only the
	  include path like we used to.

2007-11-28 02:46  yangtse

	* tests/ To allow remote log inspection avoid
	  redirecting messages to stderr.  Cleanup some debugging messages.
	  Unlink log file on exit.

2007-11-27 23:41  bagder

	* ares/ Remove the check for libdl since that isn't
	  actually used and it causes warnings. Pointed out by Robin

2007-11-27 23:38  bagder

	* ares/ pkgconfig fix by Andreas Schuldei

2007-11-27 23:37  bagder

	* ares/ spellfix

2007-11-27 21:57  yangtse

	* tests/ ConnectTimeout requires OpenSSH 3.7 or later

2007-11-27 01:52  yangtse

	* tests/ Explicitly disallow remote hosts to connect
	  to local forwarded ports, the socks server port in the test
	  suite. This is the default setting unless a tinkered built ssh is
	  being used.

2007-11-26 15:26  yangtse

	* tests/ Stop ssh and socks servers when verification

2007-11-26 15:07  yangtse

	* tests/ Providing an explicit bind address besides the
	  port for dynamic application-level port forwarding, our socks
	  port, prevents ssh from running on some systems.

	  By default, ssh binds local port forwardings to the loopback
	  address, since this was the address being given as the explicit
	  bind address, now it isn't given.

2007-11-26 13:26  bagder

	* docs/INTERNALS: more blurb

2007-11-26 12:04  bagder

	* CHANGES: Added recent changes and spellchecked

2007-11-26 12:04  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test1015: test1015 --data-urlencode

2007-11-26 12:03  bagder

	* src/main.c: #1 fixed --data-urlencode when no = or @ was used #2
	  extended the user-agent buffer since I hit the 128 byte boundary!

2007-11-26 12:02  bagder

	* docs/INTERNALS: slightly less outdated

2007-11-26 03:45  yangtse

	* tests/:, Temporary change to better
	  debug startup failures of test suite ssh and socks servers.

2007-11-25 04:55  yangtse

	* tests/ Allow different start timeout specification
	  for each server

2007-11-25 00:18  bagder

	* lib/: ldap.c, tftp.c, url.c: reqdata doesn't exist anymore and
	  the path moved to the UrlState struct

2007-11-25 00:16  bagder

	* lib/: content_encoding.c, content_encoding.h, dict.c, easy.c,
	  file.c, ftp.c, http.c, http_chunks.c, multi.c, progress.c, ssh.c,
	  telnet.c, tftp.c, transfer.c, url.c, urldata.h: struct HandleData
	  is now called struct SingleRequest, and is only for data that is
	  inited at the start of the DO action. I removed the
	  Curl_transfer_keeper struct completely, and I had to move out a
	  few struct members (that had to be set before DO or used after
	  DONE) to the UrlState struct. The SingleRequest struct is
	  accessed with SessionHandle->req.

	  One of the biggest reasons for doing this was the bunch of
	  duplicate struct members in HandleData and Curl_transfer_keeper
	  since it was really messy to keep track of two variables with the
	  same name and basically the same purpose!

2007-11-23 13:18  yangtse

	* tests/ make 'checkdied' in more robust

2007-11-23 10:50  yangtse

	* tests/: data/test1013,,,,
	  data/test1014: Revert last change since it breaks running the
	  test suite when builddir is different from srcdir.

2007-11-23 05:03  yangtse

	* tests/:,,, data/test1013,
	  data/test1014: Improve chance of running from outside
	  the source tree 'tests' directory

2007-11-22 20:56  yangtse

	* tests/ Debugging messages to trace startnew failures

2007-11-22 17:35  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curl.h: Provide a socklen_t
	  definition in curl.h for Win32 API build targets which don't have

2007-11-22 10:39  bagder

	* src/main.c: make nlen a size_t to better hold diffs between
	  pointers etc

2007-11-22 10:36  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1, src/main.c: Alessandro
	  Vesely helped me improve the --data-urlencode's syntax, parser
	  and documentation.

2007-11-21 23:37  bagder

	* lib/url.c: Make the do_complete() function not get called until
	  the DO actually is compelete, which bascially means when used
	  with the multi interface

2007-11-21 20:33  yangtse

	* tests/ Temporary change adding additional debugging
	  messages to better pinpoint startup failures of test suite ssh
	  and socks servers.

2007-11-21 18:50  yangtse

	* tests/ Fix trying to return outside of a

2007-11-21 11:16  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, ares_version.h: and we start on

2007-11-21 11:12  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: change

2007-11-21 11:12  bagder

	* ares/:, RELEASE-NOTES: oops

2007-11-21 10:31  bagder

	* ares/: RELEASE-NOTES, ares_version.h: start working on 1.5.1 now

2007-11-21 10:24  bagder

	* ares/RELEASE-NOTES: this is what 1.5.0 is

2007-11-21 00:17  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, TODO-RELEASE, lib/http_negotiate.c,
	  lib/urldata.h: While inspecting the Negotiate code, I noticed how
	  the proxy auth was using the same state struct as the host auth,
	  so both could never be used at the same time! I fixed it (without
	  being able to check) to use two separate structs to allow
	  authentication using Negotiate on host and proxy simultanouesly.

2007-11-21 00:16  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: clarify somewhat what happens to
	  some data when a share is set to be used

2007-11-21 00:02  bagder

	* lib/: easy.c, http.c, http_negotiate.c: white space changes only
	  to clean up indent and source width

2007-11-20 23:59  bagder

	* lib/url.c: remove the unconditional enabling of cookies if you
	  set a share to use!

2007-11-20 23:57  bagder

	* lib/urldata.h: a bunch of new comments

2007-11-20 23:01  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: rephrased

2007-11-20 17:47  yangtse

	* tests/ Don't gather additional debug info unless
	  sshd actually fails

2007-11-20 15:23  patrickm

	* docs/BINDINGS: ILE RPG binding: OS/400 specific and contained in
	  source distribution

2007-11-20 15:10  yangtse

	* tests/ Improve detection of sshd un/supported

	  Gather additional debug info when the test suite ssh server fails
	  to start.

2007-11-20 11:08  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1, src/main.c: Introuced
	  --data-urlencode to the curl tool for easier url encoding of the
	  data sent in a post.

2007-11-20 11:03  bagder

	* lib/mprintf.c: fix the treatment of the parameter-based
	  precision, as in "%.*s%s" as previously the second %s would
	  wrongly get the numerical argument that is used for the variable
	  precision for the first %s...

2007-11-20 10:44  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 107 - resolve the type= thing for FTP URLs over
	  HTTP proxies

2007-11-20 00:20  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 106 - Share interface force-enable the cookie

2007-11-19 18:20  yangtse

	* tests/:, This is a temporary change to
	  test if OpenSSH 3.6 and SunSSH 1.1 are good/compatible enough to
	  run the test suite ssh server and socks tests

2007-11-19 16:47  bagder

	* ares/: ares_ipv6.h, bitncmp.h, inet_net_pton.h, inet_ntop.h: fill
	  in missing copyrights

2007-11-19 10:24  bagder

	* lib/sslgen.c: I think this is the right fix for other non-OpenSSL
	  libs, based on the NSS fix from the other day. It is time to
	  setup the internal SSL libs and treat them with a "handler"
	  struct similar to how we deal with the protocols these days...

2007-11-19 02:49  yangtse

	* tests/ Temporary change to help debugging string(s)
	  returned by sshd -V when sshd is not being identified as an
	  OpenSSH daemon

2007-11-18 23:48  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  src/Makefile.netware: removed now obsolete defines; updated
	  external library versions to latest.

2007-11-18 10:45  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/sslgen.c: Rob Crittenden fixed SSL
	  connections with NSS done with the multi-interface

2007-11-18 02:16  yangtse

	* tests/ Add /opt/ssh/sbin and /opt/ssh/libexec to the
	  sshd locations search list.

	  Improve wording of a couple of debug messages.

2007-11-17 18:43  yangtse

	* tests/ When unable to start test suite sshserver,
	  log if OpenSSH has not been found or the OpenSSH version found

2007-11-17 11:22  bagder

	* CHANGES,, docs/examples/ Andres Garcia
	  made the examples build fine on Windows (mingw + msys) when the
	  lib was built staticly.

2007-11-17 03:28  yangtse

	* tests/ Add /usr/local/sbin and /usr/freeware/bin to
	  the sshd locations search list

2007-11-17 00:06  bagder

	* CHANGES, tests/ Michal Marek made the test suite
	  remember what test servers that fail to start so that subsequent
	  tries are simply skipped.

2007-11-16 10:36  sesse

	* ares/ares_parse_aaaa_reply.c: Fix a double free.

2007-11-16 02:19  yangtse

	* lib/http.c: Fix unsigned integral math check in add_buffer_send()

2007-11-16 00:42  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c: Ates Goral identified a
	  problem in http.c:add_buffer_send() when a debug callback was
	  used, as it could wrongly pass on a bad size for the outgoing
	  HTTP header. The bad size would be a very large value as it was a
	  wrapped size_t content. This happened when the whole HTTP request
	  failed to get sent in one single send.

2007-11-16 00:30  bagder

	* lib/http.c: removed unnecessary check from add_buffer_send() that
	  only was made within #ifdef CURL_DOES_CONVERSIONS anyway! I
	  turned it into a DEBUGASSERT() instead.

2007-11-15 23:41  bagder

	* CHANGES, tests/ Michal Marek fixed the test suite to
	  better deal with the case when the HTTP ipv6 server can't run.

2007-11-15 22:45  bagder

	* lib/: file.c, http_chunks.c, multi.c, tftp.c, transfer.c,
	  transfer.h, url.c, urldata.h: Rearranged code and changed
	  Curl_readwrite_init() and Curl_pre_readwrite() into do_init() and
	  do_complete() which now are called first and last in the DO
	  function. It simplified the flow in multi.c and the functions got
	  more sensible names!

2007-11-15 20:44  yangtse

	* ares/: ahost.c, ares.h, ares_ipv6.h, ares_parse_a_reply.c,
	  ares_parse_aaaa_reply.c, config-win32.h, nameser.h: Needed now
	  that in6_addr is referenced in ares.h

2007-11-15 14:20  yangtse

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: Replace isupper with our uppercase macro

2007-11-15 14:12  yangtse

	* src/main.c: Replace isgraph with our uppercase macro version

2007-11-15 12:03  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: Make the Transfer() function return earlier
	  without doing any initializations for the cases where there's
	  nothing to do in here, like for SFTP directory listings that
	  already is complete when this function gets called. The init
	  stuff clears byte counters which isn't really desired.

2007-11-15 10:16  sesse

	* ares/ares_gethostbyname.c: When looking up in DNS and then in the
	  hosts file, return the error code from DNS if both fail, instead
	  of returning the error code from the hosts file, as today. Patch
	  from the Google tree.

2007-11-15 09:36  sesse

	* ares/: ares.h, ares_gethostbyname.c, ares_parse_a_reply.3,
	  ares_parse_a_reply.c, ares_parse_aaaa_reply.3,
	  ares_parse_aaaa_reply.c: Return TTL data from
	  ares_parse_{a,aaaa}_reply, if the user is so inclined. Patch from
	  the Google tree.

2007-11-14 23:44  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: use the existing variable instead

2007-11-14 23:41  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: Fix how TFTP connections are treated when re-used, if
	  the SessionHandle has been used for other protocols in between. I
	  found this when test 2004 started to fail for me!

2007-11-14 01:48  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c: Fix a variable potential
	  wrapping in add_buffer() when using absolutely huge send buffer

2007-11-13 00:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/ssh.c, lib/urldata.h: Fixed a remaining problem with
	  doing SFTP directory listings on a re-used persistent connection.
	  Mentioned by Immanuel Gregoire on the mailing list.

2007-11-12 22:42  bagder

	* lib/url.c: comment language

2007-11-12 22:38  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: Bug report #1830637
	  (, which was
	  forwarded from the Gentoo bug tracker by Daniel Black and was
	  originally submitted by Robin Johnson, pointed out that libcurl
	  would do bad memory references when it failed and bailed out
	  before the handler thing was setup. My fix is not done like the
	  provided patch does it, but instead I make sure that there's
	  never any chance for a NULL pointer in that struct member.

2007-11-12 10:24  bagder

	* lib/ssh.c: oops, fixed build when CURL_LIBSSH2_DEBUG is defined

2007-11-11 15:20  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, docs/BINDINGS: new ruby binding, curl-multi
	  version 0.1

2007-11-10 05:23  yangtse

	* lib/select.h: Some versions of winsock2.h have pollfd struct and

2007-11-08 20:28  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: Fix compiler warning: integral size mismatch in

2007-11-08 19:13  yangtse

	* ares/ares.h, ares/ares_private.h, ares/setup.h, lib/setup.h,
	  src/setup.h, include/curl/curl.h: Define WIN32 when build target
	  is Win32 API.  This also defines it for WinCE even though it is a
	  subset of WIN32.

2007-11-08 17:43  yangtse

	* lib/ssh.c: Fix compiler warning: may be used uninitialized

2007-11-08 17:32  yangtse

	* tests/server/tftp.h: Fix comment

2007-11-08 11:25  bagder

	* lib/urldata.h: spell!

2007-11-08 11:22  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssh.c, lib/urldata.h: Bug report
	  #1823487 ( pointed
	  out that SFTP requests didn't use persistent connections. Neither
	  did SCP ones.  I gave the SSH code a good beating and now both
	  SCP and SFTP should use persistent connections fine. I also did a
	  bunch for indent changes as well as a bug fix for the "keyboard
	  interactive" auth.

2007-11-08 02:33  yangtse

	* ares/vc/: adig/adig.dsp, ahost/ahost.dsp: The only libraries
	  actually needed for sample programs adig and ahost are ws2_32.lib
	  and advapi32.lib

2007-11-07 19:18  yangtse

	* ares/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h,
	  src/config-win32.h: MSVC versions prior to VS2005 do not complain
	  about portable C functions

2007-11-07 10:21  bagder

	* lib/: cookie.c, dict.c, escape.c, file.c, ftp.c, getenv.c,
	  getinfo.c, gtls.c, hash.c, hostares.c, hostip.c, hostip4.c,
	  hostip6.c, http_chunks.c, http_digest.c, if2ip.c, inet_ntop.c,
	  inet_pton.c, krb4.c, llist.c, md5.c, memdebug.c, netrc.c,
	  nwlib.c, nwos.c, parsedate.c, qssl.c, security.c, share.c, ssh.c,
	  sslgen.c, strdup.c, strequal.c, strerror.c, strtok.c, telnet.c,
	  tftp.c, version.c: if () => if() while () => while() and some
	  other minor re-indentings

2007-11-07 06:52  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/telnet.c: Improved telnet support by drastically
	  reducing the number of write callbacks needed to pass a buffer to
	  the user.  Instead one per byte it is now as little as one per

2007-11-07 05:53  danf

	* docs/examples/getinmemory.c: Add a call to curl_global_cleanup to
	  show how to do a proper shutdown.

2007-11-06 18:18  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curl.h: Bug report #1824894
	  ( pointed out a
	  problem in curl.h when building C++ apps with MSVC. To fix it,
	  the inclusion of header files in curl.h is moved outside of the
	  C++ extern "C" linkage block.

2007-11-06 17:20  giva

	* lib/strtoofft.h: Added prototype for _strtoi64().

2007-11-06 17:20  giva

	* lib/parsedate.c: Constified from arguments.

2007-11-05 21:54  danf

	* tests/libtest/ Sort the directory listing because the
	  server doesn't always do it.

2007-11-05 21:53  danf

	* tests/data/: test1013, test1014: Added some keywords

2007-11-05 16:43  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: tclcurl and a mirror recount when bad ones have
	  been cut out

2007-11-05 11:07  bagder

	* docs/examples/10-at-a-time.c: Andres Garcia made it build and run
	  on windows

2007-11-05 10:45  bagder

	* lib/: base64.c, connect.c, content_encoding.c, easy.c,
	  formdata.c, ftp.c, hostthre.c, http.c, http_negotiate.c,
	  http_ntlm.c, inet_pton.c, ldap.c, mprintf.c, multi.c, nss.c,
	  select.c, sendf.c, socks.c, splay.c, ssluse.c, strtoofft.c,
	  telnet.c, transfer.c, url.c: removed space after if and while
	  before the parenthesis for better source code consistency

2007-11-05 10:31  bagder

	* docs/CONTRIBUTE: I check the code right now and while() and if()
	  are in majority over while () and if () so the rule is from now
	  on => no space before the parenthesis.

2007-11-05 10:30  bagder

	* lib/: ssh.c, urldata.h: Move connection-oriented variables from
	  the SessionHandle struct to the connectdata struct. This will in
	  theory enable us to do persistent connections with SCP+SFTP, but
	  currently the state machine always (and wrongly) cleanup
	  everything in the 'done' action instead of in 'disconnect'. Also
	  did a bunch of indent fixes, if () => if() and a few other source
	  cleanups like added comments etc.

2007-11-03 15:44  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: make sure the code deals with failures on the
	  DO_MORE state properly

2007-11-03 00:34  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: avoid setting up a transfer when the state machine
	  failed previously

2007-11-01 22:49  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/homedir.c: Toby Peterson patched a
	  memory problem in the command line tool that happened when a user
	  had a home dir as an empty string. curl would then do free() on a
	  wrong area.

2007-11-01 22:43  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: minor re-indent

2007-11-01 22:20  danf

	* tests/libtest/ Ignore more features that curl-config
	  is not expected to know about

2007-11-01 19:55  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, Fixed curl-config
	  --features to not display libz when it wasn't used due to a
	  missing header file.

2007-11-01 18:42  danf

	* tests/ Make postcheck failure message more like the

2007-11-01 04:09  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1013,
	  tests/data/test1014, tests/libtest/ Added test case
	  1014 to compare curl-config --features with curl --version

2007-11-01 01:36  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1013,
	  tests/libtest/, tests/libtest/ Added test
	  case 1013 to check that curl-config --protocols matches the
	  protocols listed in curl --version

2007-11-01 00:33  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, Fixed the output of
	  curl-config --protocols which showed SCP and SFTP always, except
	  when --without-libssh2 was given

2007-10-31 19:32  danf

	* tests/ Detect curl source when valgrind provides an
	  absolute source file name

2007-10-31 11:58  giva

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom: Add support for LDAP urls. Allthough the
	  OpenWatcom headers <winlap.h> and <winber.h> defines wrong
	  calling convention.

2007-10-31 11:20  giva

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom: Added optional use of zlib (USE_ZLIB=1).
	  Use a response-file for the C-compiler.

2007-10-31 10:21  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: contributor re-count (we'll break the 600 limit
	  very very soon now) and I made all the numericals at the top
	  phrased "shorter" and I cut out the "number of releases since the
	  very beginning" since that's just the number curl releases + 26
	  and not a very interesting number anyway.

2007-10-31 00:00  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/file.c, lib/file.h, lib/url.c: Fixed an OOM problem
	  with file: URLs Moved Curl_file_connect into the protocol handler

2007-10-30 23:48  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: added new people from the 7.17.1 announcement

2007-10-29 23:57  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test546: Added test
	  case 546 to check that subsequent FTP transfers work after a
	  failed one using the multi interface

2007-10-29 23:13  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: curl-config --features and --protocols show the
	  correct output when built with NSS

2007-10-29 23:13  bagder

	* CHANGES,, Based on one of those bug
	  reports that are intercepted by a distro's bug tracker
	  (, I now made
	  curl-config --features and --protocols show the correct output
	  when built with NSS.

2007-10-29 21:57  danf

	* lib/: sendf.c, sendf.h: Reverted the const change--what was I

2007-10-29 19:32  danf

	* lib/: sendf.c, sendf.h: Made some pointers const

2007-10-29 16:06  bagder

	* include/curl/curlver.h: 7.17.2

2007-10-29 16:05  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: start working on 7.17.2

2007-10-29 15:49  bagder

	* CHANGES: 7.17.1!

2007-10-29 15:48  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: correct mirror count

2007-10-29 11:19  bagder

	* lib/ let 7.17.1 be version-info 4:1:0

2007-10-28 13:02  giva

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom: OpenWatcom cannot use wldap32.lib (wrong
	  calling convention?).  Added generation of dummy ca-bundle.h.
	  Sorted objects.

2007-10-28 10:33  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: is a new web mirror in
	  Nuremberg, Germany

2007-10-27 03:04  danf

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT, data/test2000, data/test2001, data/test2002,
	  data/test2003, data/test2004: Fixed the 2000-series tests so that
	  the downloaded data is actually checked

2007-10-27 03:02  danf

	* tests/ Made the magic testnumber > 10000 support
	  actually work

2007-10-26 22:19  danf

	* tests/data/test2004: Fixed the test case to create only a single
	  test file, which is all the test harness supports.

2007-10-26 21:26  danf

	* lib/ftp.c: Fixed a valgrind uninitialized variable error.

2007-10-26 21:26  danf

	* tests/ Check that all servers in the <server> section
	  are supported, not just the first.

2007-10-26 09:46  bagder

	* docs/curl-config.1: mention --static-libs as added in 7.17.1

2007-10-26 03:12  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: typecast to prevent compiler warning

2007-10-26 02:36  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: Detect, log and avoid storing a request with
	  a negative size.

2007-10-26 00:30  danf

	  docs/curl-config.1: Added the --static-libs option to curl-config

2007-10-25 23:49  danf

	* tests/data/test518: Disable valgrind for this test to avoid the
	  rlimit = soft rlimit problem found by Michal Marek.

2007-10-25 23:14  bagder


2007-10-25 23:08  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/nss.c: Made libcurl built with NSS
	  possible to ignore the peer verification.  Previously it would
	  fail if the ca bundle wasn't present, even if the code ignored
	  the verification results.

2007-10-25 23:04  danf

	* tests/data/:, test1004, test2004: Added test case
	  2004.  Disable valgrind in test case 1004 due to a libtool bug.

2007-10-25 22:54  bagder

	* lib/nss.c: prevent compiler warnings about shadowing and one case
	  of unused variable

2007-10-25 21:40  patrickm

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test35,
	  tests/data/test544, tests/data/test545,
	  tests/libtest/, tests/libtest/lib544.c,
	  tests/server/sws.c: Allow test server to handle binary POSTs.
	  Tests 35, 544 545 added: binary data POSTs.

2007-10-25 21:39  danf

	* tests/ When valgrind is disabled in the test file,
	  don't run it at all (as opposed to running it and ignoring its

2007-10-25 20:07  yangtse

	* tests/ Don't show valgrind log files of other tests

2007-10-25 16:30  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, tests/ Michal Marek fixed the
	  test script to be able to use valgrind even when the lib is built
	  shared with libtool.

2007-10-25 11:41  bagder

	* lib/url.c: Don't assume there's a sessionhandle around when a
	  connection is disconnected, so do the data->reqdata.current_conn
	  assignment when we know there is an easy handle existing! Fixes
	  the valgrind report on test 509.

2007-10-25 11:34  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: fix the check

2007-10-25 09:47  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/tftp.c, tests/data/DISABLED: Fixed a
	  TFTP memory leak. Enabled test 2003 to verify this.

2007-10-25 00:48  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/DISABLED, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test2002, tests/data/test2003, tests/server/tftpd.c:
	  Fixed the test TFTP server to support the >10000 test number
	  notation Added test cases 2002 and 2003 (the latter disabled for

2007-10-24 23:27  bagder

	* tests/data/DISABLED: enable 2000 and 2001

2007-10-24 23:14  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: Curl_ftp_disconnect() no longer relies on anything in
	  the reqdata struct. That was even mentioned to be bad in a
	  comment! Should make test 2000 and 2001 work fine.

	  Also, freedirs() now take a ftp_conn struct pointer which saves
	  some extra unnecessary variable assignments.

2007-10-24 23:09  bagder

	* lib/urldata.h: added clarifying comment

2007-10-24 21:40  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/README, tests/data/DISABLED,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test2000, tests/data/test2001,
	  tests/data/test51: Added test cases 2000 and 2001 which test
	  multiple protocols using the same easy handle Fixed the
	  filecheck: make target to work outside the source tree

2007-10-24 21:39  danf

	* tests/ Fixed the test FTP server to support the
	  >10000 test number notation

2007-10-24 18:40  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Missing double quotes

2007-10-24 16:39  yangtse

	* ares/config-win32.h, ares/setup.h, ares/setup_once.h,
	  lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h, lib/setup_once.h,
	  src/config-win32.h: Windows build targets have socklen_t
	  definition in ws2tcpip.h but some versions of ws2tcpip.h do not
	  have the definition. It seems that when the socklen_t definition
	  is missing from ws2tcpip.h the definition for INET_ADDRSTRLEN is
	  also missing, and that when one definition is present the other
	  one also is available.

2007-10-24 15:03  patrickm

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: Close log/server.input ASAP to avoid
	  lengthy file lock on cygwin

2007-10-24 11:28  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, maketgz, src/Makefile.vc6: Vladimir
	  Lazarenko pointed out that we should do some 'mt' magic when
	  building with VC8 to get the "manifest" embedded to make fine
	  stand-alone binaries. The maketgz and the src/Makefile.vc6 files
	  were adjusted accordingly.

2007-10-23 23:00  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, TODO-RELEASE, lib/url.c: Bug report
	  #1812190 ( points out
	  that libcurl tried to re-use connections a bit too much when
	  using non-SSL protocols tunneled over a HTTP proxy.

2007-10-23 17:16  yangtse

	* lib/file.c: File is not a protocol that can deal with

2007-10-23 17:10  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib508.c: Read callback should return 0 when no
	  more data left

2007-10-23 12:14  yangtse

	* lib/http.c: Fix compiler warning: subscript has type `char'

2007-10-23 01:31  gknauf

	* ares/ares_init.c: removed dependency on gettimeofday() since we
	  use only 1 sec resolution here.

2007-10-22 17:07  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: removed 105, it is now assumed to be fixed!

	  105 - "invalid free after an http redirect to ftp"

2007-10-22 17:05  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/file.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/http.c,
	  lib/ssh.c, lib/url.c, lib/url.h, lib/urldata.h: Michal Marek
	  forwarded the bug report about a HTTP
	  redirect to FTP that caused memory havoc. His work together with
	  my efforts created two fixes:

	  #1 - FTP::file was moved to struct ftp_conn, because is has to be
	  dealt with	  at connection cleanup, at which time the struct
	  HandleData could be	   used by another connection.	     Also,
	  the unused char *urlpath member is removed from struct FTP.

	  #2 - provide a Curl_reset_reqproto() function that frees
	  data->reqdata.proto.* on connection setup if needed (that is if
	  the	   SessionHandle was used by a different connection).

2007-10-22 16:48  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: Removed 93 and 100, there's no work on these and
	  they're not critical in any way:

	  93 - Digest for IIS fix (subject for removal) 100 - icc
	  segmentation faults (subject for removal)

2007-10-22 12:23  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: #103 is fixed

2007-10-22 11:28  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: mention Patrick Monnerat's recent work on the
	  postfields problems

2007-10-22 11:25  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: Bug report #1815530
	  ( points out that
	  specifying a proxy with a trailing slash didn't work (unless it
	  also contained a port number).

2007-10-20 23:06  gknauf

	* maketgz: Mohun Biswas sent a patch to fix generated MSVC8

2007-10-20 17:47  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: We use this ZERO_NULL to avoid picky compiler
	  warnings, when assigning a NULL pointer to a function pointer

2007-10-20 17:11  yangtse

	* ares/ares_init.c, lib/hostares.c, lib/url.c: Fix compiler
	  warning: conversion from "int" to "unsigned short" may lose
	  significant bits

2007-10-19 18:15  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Add custom check for WINLDAP libraries.

	  with no additional library even when the optional list of
	  libraries has been given.

2007-10-19 14:15  yangtse

	*, ares/ Fix message shown when detecting
	  icc version

2007-10-19 12:52  yangtse

	* ares/ares.h: Avoid shadowing a global declaration

2007-10-18 19:31  yangtse

	* ares/ares_init.c: Renamed a variable to avoid shadowing a global

2007-10-18 19:17  yangtse

	* ares/ares_process.c: Renamed internal function to avoid a
	  variable shadowing it

2007-10-18 18:24  yangtse

	*, ares/ Fix compiler warning:
	  feupdateenv is not implemented and will always fail.
	  Specifically for linux x86-64 with Intel's icc.

2007-10-18 17:11  yangtse

	* ares/acinclude.m4: Sync PLATFORM_AIX_V3 detection and
	  CURL_CC_DEBUG_OPTS() icc warning level with libcurl's

2007-10-18 12:54  patrickm

	* lib/url.c: Allow CURLOPT_COPYPOSTFIELDS with explicit data size =

2007-10-18 03:04  danf

	* lib/url.c: Avoid a NULL pointer dereference in an OOM condition.

2007-10-18 03:01  yangtse

	* ares/: ares_init.c, ares_query.c: Fix compiler warning:
	  conversion from "int" to "unsigned char" may lose significant

2007-10-17 21:29  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: Fix overflow detection, take four. Avoiding zero size

2007-10-17 20:47  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Fix CURL_CHECK_LIBS_LDAP failure when no parameter
	  is given

2007-10-17 20:18  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h: actually sync with lib/setup_once.h

2007-10-17 20:06  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: Fix overflow detection, thanks to Patrick Monnerat
	  detecting test failure condition:

2007-10-17 18:59  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h: sync with lib/setup_once.h

2007-10-17 18:58  yangtse

	* lib/dict.c, lib/file.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/http.c, lib/ldap.c,
	  lib/setup_once.h, lib/ssh.c, lib/telnet.c, lib/tftp.c, lib/url.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib509.c: We use this ZERO_NULL to avoid picky
	  compiler warnings, when assigning a NULL pointer to a function
	  pointer var.

2007-10-17 15:08  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Default check for more libraries in
	  CURL_CHECK_LIBS_LDAP, and allow parameter specification of
	  libraries to check.

2007-10-17 02:44  yangtse

	* lib/connect.c: Fix compiler warning: signed and unsigned type in
	  conditional expression

2007-10-17 02:10  yangtse

	* lib/connect.c: Fix compiler warning: comparison between signed
	  and unsigned

2007-10-17 01:32  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: ANSI C compliant overflow check

2007-10-16 23:27  sesse

	* ares/ares_search.c: Fix a bug where fallback from AF_INET6 to
	  AF_INET would not work properly together with relative search; if
	  you had a search path of and, and would
	  return ARES_ENODATA and would return ARES_ENOTFOUND,
	  the lookup would not properly retry with AF_INET as it forgot the
	  first ARES_ENODATA.

2007-10-16 20:09  danf

	* lib/url.c: Fixed compiler warning re: unused variable `bigsize'

2007-10-16 01:58  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Avoid depending on a header file for the definition
	  of NULL

2007-10-15 23:19  danf

	* ares/ares_expand_string.3, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_formadd.3: Mention first version with

2007-10-15 23:03  danf

	* docs/INSTALL: Updated minimum libcurl size

2007-10-15 20:32  patrickm

	* CHANGES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/config-os400.h, lib/http.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h, packages/OS400/README.OS400,
	  packages/OS400/ccsidcurl.c: Fix dynamic CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS bug:
	  back to static.  CURLOPT_COPYPOSTFIELDS option added for dynamic.
	  Fix some OS400 features.

2007-10-15 18:24  danf

	* acinclude.m4, lib/url.c: Fix LDAP compile error when LDAP is not
	  available.  Fixed a typo in the LDAP configure code and made sure
	  NULL is defined in a test programs that need it.

2007-10-15 01:47  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Fix custom check for LDAP libraries

2007-10-14 23:25  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, Add custom check for LDAP libraries

2007-10-14 04:37  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, Add custom checks for lber, ldap,
	  ldapssl and ldap_ssl header files

2007-10-13 22:49  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: Chris Leighton:

	  My understanding is that we use "number" for discrete variables
	  and "amount" for continuous variables.

	  So you can say "The amount of flour required depends on..." or,
	  "Last night I consumed a large amount of beer!".

	  And, "That tank contains a large number of fish" or, "Over the
	  week I consumed a number of cases of beer."

	  I think that features are discrete, so the man page would read
	  "...the number of features will make your head spin!".

2007-10-13 16:23  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, Add check for winldap and winber
	  header files

2007-10-13 02:47  danf

	* lib/: file.c, file.h, ftp.c, url.c: Made a few more functions
	  static with the protocol handler table in place.

2007-10-12 22:53  bagder

	* lib/url.c: another Curl_handler fix, the #ifdefs got a bit mixed

2007-10-12 20:49  danf

	* lib/: ftp.c, http.c, url.c: Fixed a few compile errors and

2007-10-12 17:26  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: added three serious bugs to fix before release, and
	  marked the previous two as subject for removal from this list
	  (without any fix)

2007-10-12 15:36  patrickm

	* CHANGES, lib/curl_ldap.h, lib/dict.c, lib/dict.h, lib/file.c,
	  lib/file.h, lib/ftp.c, lib/ftp.h, lib/http.c, lib/http.h,
	  lib/ldap.c, lib/ssh.c, lib/ssh.h, lib/telnet.c, lib/telnet.h,
	  lib/tftp.c, lib/tftp.h, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: Added
	  per-protocol callback static tables, replacing callback ptr
	  storage in the connectdata structure by a single handler table

2007-10-12 04:09  danf

	* tests/data/: test171, test194: Fixed a couple of typos that
	  messed up the tests.

2007-10-12 03:44  danf

	* tests/data/: test1001, test1002, test131, test153, test154,
	  test167, test168, test169, test171, test172, test175, test177,
	  test179, test188, test194, test206, test233, test242, test243,
	  test245, test246, test258, test33, test506, test540, test6,
	  test62, test7, test73, test92: Added some <keywords> sections and
	  use some key words more consistently.

2007-10-11 23:15  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/runtests.1, tests/ Fixed the -l option
	  of Added support for skipping tests based on key

2007-10-10 15:00  yangtse

	* improve checking for ldap.h and ldap_ssl.h header

2007-10-10 01:51  yangtse

	* lib/ldap.c: lber.h needs to be included since ldap.h might not
	  include it

2007-10-10 01:44  yangtse

	* Add check for lber.h and ldap.h header files

2007-10-10 01:25  gknauf

	* lib/ldap.c: added check for MSVC6 standard PSDK and bail out
	  since insufficient for LDAP support with current code.

2007-10-10 01:24  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: also log error message string

2007-10-10 01:21  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: logmsg already appends '\n'

2007-10-10 00:10  gknauf

	* lib/config-win32.h: fix socklen_t for MSVC6 & 7.

2007-10-09 22:15  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: added two more module
	  dependencies for LDAPS.

2007-10-09 18:49  danf

	* docs/curl.1: Documented error codes 77-80, and fixed the one for

2007-10-09 16:53  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Add a paragraph about
	  CURLOPT_CUSTOMREQUEST not actually changing libcurl's behavior,
	  it only changes the actual request method keyword and this is not
	  always what the user/app wants.

2007-10-09 10:42  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/curl.1: Michal Marek removed the no longer existing
	  return codes from the curl.1 man page.

2007-10-08 16:39  giva

	* ares/ Added needed 'HAVE_*' defines.

2007-10-08 16:38  giva

	* ares/ares_process.c: 'FD_CLOXEC' is meaningless on MSDOS/Watt-32.

2007-10-07 10:28  bagder

	* CHANGES, TODO-RELEASE, docs/KNOWN_BUGS, lib/http.c: Known bug
	  #47, which confused libcurl if doing NTLM auth over a proxy with
	  a response that was larger than 16KB is now improved slightly so
	  that now the restriction at 16KB is for the headers only and it
	  should be a rare situation where the response-headers exceed
	  16KB. Thus, I consider #47 fixed and the header limitation is now
	  known as known bug #48.

2007-10-06 19:20  giva

	* include/curl/curl.h: <ws2tcpip.h> needed for 'socklen_t' typedef.

2007-10-05 17:18  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/ABI: add url to the wikipedia article for a longer

2007-10-05 17:16  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Alexey Pesternikov documented

2007-10-05 16:37  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  lib/url.c: Michael Wallner made the CULROPT_COOKIELIST option
	  support a new magic string: "FLUSH". Using that will cause
	  libcurl to flush its cookies to the CURLOPT_COOKIEJAR file.

2007-10-05 00:05  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/libcurl/ABI, docs/libcurl/ The new file
	  docs/libcurl/ABI describes how we view ABI breakages, soname
	  bumps and what the version number's significance to all that is.

2007-10-04 23:26  bagder

	* CHANGES, tests/data/DISABLED, tests/data/test1009: I enabled test
	  1009 and made the --local-port use a wide range to reduce the
	  risk of failures.

2007-10-04 12:01  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/connect.c, lib/tftp.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  tests/data/DISABLED, tests/data/, tests/data/test1009:
	  Kim Rinnewitz reported that --local-port didn't work with TFTP
	  transfers.  This happened because the tftp code always
	  uncondionally did a bind() without caring if one already had been
	  done and then it failed. I wrote a test case (1009) to verify
	  this, but it is a bit error-prone since it will have to pick a
	  fixed local port number and since the tests are run on so many
	  different hosts in different situations I add it in disabled

2007-10-04 10:12  sesse

	* ares/ares_process.c: Removed a piece of redundant code
	  (process_answer already takes care of it).

2007-10-04 10:09  sesse

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c: Another timeout fix in

2007-10-04 10:09  sesse

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c: Send the timeout count in

2007-10-04 10:07  sesse

	* ares/ares_destroy.c: Moved the NULL check for channel upwards in

2007-10-04 10:06  sesse

	* ares/ares_cancel.c: Clarified the comment over ares_cancel.

2007-10-04 04:09  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: On error, close "log/server.response"

2007-10-04 01:38  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: If TCP_NODELAY is not defined we can't
	  disable the Nagle algorithm

2007-10-03 18:58  yangtse

	* lib/select.c: Cleanup no longer used macros

2007-10-03 18:26  yangtse

	* lib/select.c: Fix compiler warning: local variable may be used
	  without having been initialized

2007-10-03 17:09  patrickm

	* packages/OS400/: README.OS400, ccsidcurl.c, Upgrade
	  OS400 wrappers and RPG copy file according to latest code updates

2007-10-03 15:19  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/hostares.c: Fix issue related with
	  the use of ares_timeout() result.

2007-10-03 10:58  bagder

	* include/curl/curl.h, lib/connect.c: exported symbols must use
	  lowercase "curl_", and I also fixed two compiler warnings, one
	  C99 thing and the bad pointer sent to the callback

2007-10-03 10:54  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: recount contributors after the 7.17.0 release

2007-10-03 10:51  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: people from the 7.17.0 announcement

2007-10-03 10:46  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: "97 - check ip callback", check

2007-10-03 10:45  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curl.h, lib/connect.c,
	  lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: Alexey Pesternikov introduced
	  callback that allows an application to replace the socket() call
	  used by libcurl. It basically allows the app to change address,
	  protocol or whatever of the socket. (I also did some whitespace
	  indent/cleanups in lib/url.c which kind of hides some of these
	  changes, sorry for mixing those in.)

2007-10-03 10:07  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/curl.1, docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/gtls.c, lib/qssl.c, lib/ssh.c,
	  lib/ssluse.c, lib/strerror.c: I renamed the
	  and made this return code get used by the previous SSH MD5
	  fingerprint check in case it fails.

2007-10-03 10:00  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h, lib/ssh.c,
	  lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/main.c: Based on a patch brought by
	  Johnny Luong, libcurl now offers CURLOPT_SSH_HOST_PUBLIC_KEY_MD5
	  and the curl tool --hostpubmd5. They both make the SCP or SFTP
	  connection verify the remote host's md5 checksum of the public
	  key before doing a connect, to reduce the risk of a
	  man-in-the-middle attack.

2007-10-03 00:00  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: "99 - curl_easy_close()" seems to have gone

2007-10-02 23:59  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 102, check

2007-10-02 21:19  yangtse

	* lib/ftp.c: Fix memory leak under low memory conditions.

2007-10-02 20:26  yangtse

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_init.c: Avoid a segfault when generating a
	  DNS "Transaction ID" in internal function init_id_key() under low
	  memory conditions.

2007-10-02 18:05  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: first.c, lib503.c, lib504.c, lib505.c, lib509.c,
	  lib521.c, lib523.c, lib525.c, lib533.c, lib536.c, lib540.c,
	  lib541.c, test.h: Renamed a couple of global variables to avoid
	  shadowing warnings

2007-10-02 17:26  yangtse

	* lib/: ftp.c, url.c: Fix compiler warning

2007-10-02 16:48  yangtse

	* lib/ldap.c: <winber.h> needed for Windows LDAP client 32 API

2007-10-02 16:26  yangtse

	* lib/msvcproj.head: Linking with wldap32.lib needed for Windows
	  LDAP client 32 API support

2007-10-02 13:13  yangtse

	* ares/vc/areslib/areslib.dsp: Add ares_llist.c and ares_llist.h to
	  MSCV project file.

2007-10-02 12:21  bagder

	  lib/http_chunks.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test1008: known bug #46:
	  chunked-encoded CONNECT responses from a http proxy now works.
	  Added test case 1008 to verify. Note that #47 is still there.

2007-10-02 12:13  bagder

	* tests/server/sws.c: Disable the Nagle algorithm and send back
	  responses in small chunks in an attempt to force smaller bits to
	  get read by clients.

2007-10-02 11:57  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: document --post301, based on the phrasing in
	  curl_easy_setopt.3 for CURLOPT_POST301 written by Philip Langdale

2007-10-02 11:56  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: CURLOPT_POST301 section, added
	  by Philip Langdale

2007-10-02 10:12  bagder

	* ares/ares_gethostbyname.c: Fixed the problem where next_lookup
	  would use 'status' uninitialized. Now it gets passed the initial
	  value as an argument.

2007-10-02 04:18  yangtse

	* ares/:, Makefile.vc6, ares_llist.c, ares_llist.h,
	  ares_private.h: Avoid inline C99ism, and move c-ares routines for
	  managing doubly-linked lists.

2007-10-02 00:52  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: ares_strerror() segfaulted if the input error
	  number was out of the currently supported range.

2007-10-02 00:51  bagder

	* ares/ares_strerror.c: Prevent ares_strerror() from segfaulting if
	  an invalid error code is passed in as argument!

2007-10-01 00:58  bagder

	* tests/data/ Added test536 that was accidentally
	  missing. I also wrote up a new makefile target called 'filecheck'
	  so that if you run 'make filecheck' in this directory it'll check
	  if the local files are also mentioned in the so that
	  they are properly included in release archives!

2007-10-01 00:40  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/escape.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test543, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/libtest/lib543.c: Alex Fishman reported a
	  curl_easy_escape() problem that was made the function do wrong on
	  all input bytes that are >= 0x80 (decimal 128) due to a signed /
	  unsigned mistake in the code. I fixed it and added test case 543
	  to verify.

2007-09-30 21:43  yangtse

	* ares/ares_process.c: Fix compiler warning

2007-09-30 04:12  yangtse

	* ares/: ares_process.c, check availability of

2007-09-30 03:27  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib518.c, lib537.c: Fix missing right parenthesis

2007-09-30 03:01  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib518.c, lib537.c: Fix comparison between signed
	  and unsigned

2007-09-30 02:37  yangtse

	* ares/nameser.h: improve portability, defining MAXDNAME and

2007-09-30 02:08  sesse

	* ares/ares_gethostbyname.c: Fix a memory leak that I recently
	  inadvertedly introduced.

2007-09-29 23:57  sesse

	* ares/: ares_gethostbyname.c, ares_process.c: Use ISDIGIT instead
	  of isdigit; fixes a gcc warning.

2007-09-29 23:34  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssh.c: Immanuel Gregoire fixed a
	  problem with persistent transfers over SFTP - the previous proto
	  struct was kept.

2007-09-29 21:26  sesse

	* ares/ares_getsock.c: Port the TCP socket fix made in ares_fds()
	  to ares_getsock() as well.

2007-09-29 20:18  sesse

	* ares/: ares_cancel.c, ares_destroy.c, ares_fds.c, ares_getsock.c,
	  ares_init.c, ares_private.h, ares_process.c, ares_query.c,
	  ares_send.c, ares_timeout.c: Previously, processing a large batch
	  of timeouts was O(n^2) in the number of outstanding queries, and
	  processing a DNS response packet was O(n) in the number of
	  outstanding queries. To speed things up in Google, we added a few
	  circular, doubly-linked lists of queries that are hash-bucketed
	  based on the attributes we care about, so most important
	  operations are now O(1).

	  It might be that the number of buckets are higher than most
	  people would need, but on a quick calculation it should only be
	  100kB or so even on a 64-bit system, so I've let it stay as-is.

2007-09-29 16:37  giva

	* ares/ares_expand_name.c: We should standarise on C comments.

2007-09-29 16:34  giva

	* ares/ares_process.c: Fix compiler warning in setsockopt().

2007-09-29 16:25  sesse

	* ares/ares_process.c: TCP queries can time out too, not just UDP
	  queries. (Patch from the Google tree.)

2007-09-29 16:21  sesse

	* ares/ares_process.c: Read and process as many packets as possible
	  in read_udp_packets, to avoid having to run the entire event loop
	  once per packet. (Patch from the Google tree.)

2007-09-29 16:09  sesse

	* ares/ares_process.c: There are two different places in
	  write_tcp_data() that advance the send_queue; however, they are
	  slightly different and only the first one properly uses a while
	  loop. Consolidate both into a single function that DTTR. (Patch
	  from the Google tree.)

2007-09-29 15:58  sesse

	* ares/ares_mkquery.c: Reject names that are longer than 255
	  characters, to avoid problems with strict or buggy DNS server
	  implementations. (Patch from the Google tree)

2007-09-29 15:56  sesse

	* ares/ares_mkquery.c: In ares_mkquery, make sure we set buflen and
	  buf to reasonable values if there's an error. (Patch from the
	  Google tree)

2007-09-29 15:52  sesse

	* ares/ares_gethostbyname.c: Be stricter about what's a valid IP
	  address in fake_hostent. (Patch from the Google tree.)

2007-09-29 15:38  sesse

	* ares/ares_expand_name.c: Handle the root of the DNS tree
	  correctly in ares_expand_name.

2007-09-28 23:48  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/hostasyn.c, lib/hostip.h: Adapted the
	  c-ares code to the API change c-ares 1.5.0 brings in the notifier

2007-09-28 23:45  bagder

	* lib/ssh.c: rename variable to prevent shadow warning

2007-09-28 22:28  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: today's modifications by Steinar and me

2007-09-28 22:28  bagder

	* ares/:, ares_version.h: Bumped version to 1.5.0 for
	  next release and soname bumped to 2 due to ABI and API changes in
	  the progress callback (and possibly more coming up from Steinar)

2007-09-28 20:47  danf

	* lib/hostip.c: Renamed a variable to avoid shadowing a global

2007-09-28 17:56  sesse

	* ares/ares_gethostbyname.c: Unrevert previous 'missing' hunks.
	  They were missing since the patch is still in for review :-)

2007-09-28 17:55  sesse

	* ares/ares_gethostbyname.c: Yet more missing hunks... Nggh.

2007-09-28 17:53  sesse

	* ares/ares_fds.c: Always register for TCP events even if there are
	  no outstanding queries, as the other side could always close the
	  connection, which is a valid event which should be responded to.

2007-09-28 17:51  sesse

	* ares/ares_process.c: Forgot to include a few hunks from
	  ares_process.c earlier. Fixing now.

2007-09-28 17:15  sesse

	* ares/: ares.h, ares_init.c, ares_process.c: Support a few more
	  socket options, and refactor the option setting a bit. (Patch
	  from the Google tree.)

2007-09-28 16:46  sesse

	* ares/: adig.c, ahost.c, ares.h, ares_cancel.c, ares_destroy.c,
	  ares_gethostbyaddr.3, ares_gethostbyaddr.c, ares_gethostbyname.3,
	  ares_gethostbyname.c, ares_getnameinfo.3, ares_getnameinfo.c,
	  ares_private.h, ares_process.c, ares_query.3, ares_query.c,
	  ares_search.3, ares_search.c, ares_send.3, ares_send.c: Make the
	  query callbacks return the number of timeouts that happened
	  during the execution of a query, and update documentation
	  accordingly. (Patch from the Google tree.)

2007-09-28 16:28  sesse

	* ares/: ares__close_sockets.c, ares_cancel.c, ares_destroy.c,
	  ares_init.c, ares_private.h, ares_process.c, ares_send.c: Three
	  fixes in one commit (sorry): a) Take care of the tcpbuf if it
	  ends while queued for transmission, note broken servers and close
	  them in the main loop, and store TCP socket generation number in
	  order not to send the same query twice over the same socket.

2007-09-28 16:26  sesse

	* ares/ares_process.c: Don't skip a server if it's the only one.
	  (Bugfix from the Google tree.)

2007-09-27 20:39  danf

	* lib/getenv.c: Don't strdup an empty string

2007-09-27 20:12  danf

	* lib/hash.c: Renamed a few variables to avoid shadowing global

2007-09-27 19:22  danf

	* tests/libtest/lib542.c: Removed cut-and-paste cruft leading to
	  fclose() of an unopened file

2007-09-27 14:05  bagder

	* lib/hostares.c: a name resolve that times out is still a failed
	  name resolve

2007-09-27 14:04  bagder

	* ares/ares_process.c: wrong, revert the previous "fix" and instead
	  check that the fd_set pointer is non-NULL before we FD_CLR

2007-09-27 14:02  bagder

	* ares/ares_process.c: eek, fix the conditions to return on either
	  problem instead of requiring both to occur

2007-09-27 04:45  danf

	* lib/: ftp.c, gtls.h, nssg.h: Renamed a few variables to avoid
	  shadowing global declarations.

2007-09-27 03:45  danf

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4, lib/file.c, lib/formdata.c, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/http_ntlm.c, lib/multi.c, lib/sendf.c, lib/splay.c,
	  lib/splay.h, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, lib/url.h,
	  tests/libtest/lib506.c, tests/server/sockfilt.c,
	  tests/server/tftpd.c: Enabled a few more gcc warnings with
	  --enable-debug.  Renamed a few variables to avoid shadowing
	  global declarations.

2007-09-27 02:58  yangtse

	* lib/getenv.c: Fix compiler warning: the address of 'env' will
	  always evaluate as 'true'

2007-09-26 14:46  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: we added a curl_easy_setopt() option too

2007-09-26 14:44  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curl.h, lib/transfer.c,
	  lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, packages/OS400/, src/main.c,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test1011, tests/data/test1012:
	  Philip Langdale provided the new CURLOPT_POST301 option for
	  curl_easy_setopt() that alters how libcurl functions when
	  following redirects. It makes libcurl obey the RFC2616 when a 301
	  response is received after a non-GET request is made. Default
	  libcurl behaviour is to change method to GET in the subsequent
	  request (like it does for response code 302 - because that's what
	  many/most browsers do), but with this CURLOPT_POST301 option
	  enabled it will do what the spec says and do the next request
	  using the same method again. I.e keep POST after 301.

	  The curl tool got this option as --post301

	  Test case 1011 and 1012 were added to verify.

2007-09-26 14:00  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  tests/data/test542, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/libtest/lib542.c: Max Katsev reported that when doing a
	  libcurl FTP request with CURLOPT_NOBODY enabled but not
	  CURLOPT_HEADER, libcurl wouldn't do TYPE before it does SIZE
	  which makes it less useful. I walked over the code and made it do
	  this properly, and added test case 542 to verify it.

2007-09-25 19:33  danf

	* lib/strequal.c: Make glibc define the prototype for strcasestr

2007-09-25 10:46  bagder

	* docs/BINDINGS: a new Lua binding and I shortened the wording on
	  several bindings by cutting out "written"

2007-09-25 08:45  danf

	* lib/: sslgen.c, ssluse.c: #ifdef out a few more functions when
	  SSL is disabled.

2007-09-25 08:43  danf

	*, lib/strequal.c: Use a native strcasestr() if found.

2007-09-24 23:47  bagder

	  tests/data/DISABLED, tests/data/, tests/data/test1010:
	  Immanuel Gregoire fixed KNOWN_BUGS #44: --ftp-method nocwd did
	  not handle URLs ending with a slash properly (it should list the
	  contents of that directory). Test case 351 brought back and also
	  test 1010 was added.

2007-09-24 12:56  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: Bad use of "its" replaceed with a rephrase. I
	  noticed this flaw thanks to the Debian bug report

2007-09-22 23:23  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_process.c: Steinar H. Gunderson fixed:
	  Correctly clear sockets from the fd_set on in several functions
	  (write_tcp_data, read_tcp_data, read_udp_packets) so that if it
	  fails and the socket is closed the following code doesn't try to
	  use the file descriptor.

2007-09-22 23:04  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_process.c: Steinar H. Gunderson modified
	  c-ares to now also do to DNS retries even when TCP is used since
	  there are several edge cases where it still makes sense.

2007-09-22 22:45  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_init.c: Brad House provided a fix for
	  ares_save_options(): Apparently I overlooked something with the
	  ares_save_options() where it would try to do a malloc(0) when no
	  options of that type needed to be saved.  On most platforms, this
	  was fine because malloc(0) doesn't actually return NULL, but on
	  AIX it does, so ares_save_options would return ARES_ENOMEM.

2007-09-21 13:53  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: --proxy-negotiate is added in 7.17.1

2007-09-21 13:19  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: the NSS patch has been committed

2007-09-21 13:08  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Available command line options: 119

2007-09-21 13:05  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1, lib/http.c,
	  lib/http_negotiate.c, lib/http_negotiate.h, src/main.c: Mark
	  Davies fixed Negotiate authentication over proxy, and also
	  introduced the --proxy-negotiate command line option to allow a
	  user to explicitly select it.

2007-09-20 22:39  danf

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT, README,,,
	  data/test172, data/test46, data/test53: Added variable
	  substitution to the <verify><file> section.  Made a few more
	  tests work remotely.

2007-09-20 16:43  bagder

	* docs/CONTRIBUTE: reformatted to be similar to the FAQ to make it
	  look nicer on the site:

2007-09-20 16:19  bagder

	* docs/CONTRIBUTE: Achint Mehta pointed out this dead link

2007-09-20 16:05  bagder

	* docs/INTERNALS: the winsock stuff is made by curl_global_init

2007-09-20 16:05  bagder

	* docs/BINDINGS: fix bad link

2007-09-20 16:02  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Immanuel Gregoire is the man

2007-09-20 02:37  danf

	* src/urlglob.c: Fixed typo in error message.

2007-09-19 00:21  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES,, docs/curl.1, lib/nss.c,
	  lib/urldata.h: Rob Crittenden provided an NSS update with the
	  following highlights:

	  o It looks for the NSS database first in the environment variable
	  SSL_DIR,   then in /etc/pki/nssdb, then it initializes with no
	  database if neither of   those exist.

	  o If the NSS PKCS#11 driver is available then PEM
	  files may be	 loaded, including the ca-bundle. If it is not
	  available then only	certificates already in the NSS database
	  are used.

	  o Tries to detect whether a file or nickname is being passed in
	  so the right	 thing is done

	  o Added a bit of code to make the output more like the OpenSSL
	  module,   including displaying the certificate information when
	  connecting in   verbose mode

	  o Improved handling of certificate errors (expired, untrusted,

	  The PKCS#11 module is currently only available in
	  Fedora 8/rawhide. Work will be done soon to upstream it. The NSS
	  module will work with or without it, all that changes is the
	  source of the certificates and keys.

2007-09-18 23:33  bagder

	* docs/CONTRIBUTE: mention the prefered source code line length to
	  be less than 80 columns

2007-09-18 23:14  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssh.c: Immanuel pointed out that
	  public key SSH auth failed if no public/private key was specified
	  and there was no HOME environment variable, and then it didn't
	  continue to try the other auth methods. Now it will instead try
	  to get the files and id_dsa from the current directory
	  if none of the two conditions were met.

2007-09-18 22:41  danf

	* tests/data/: test15, test18, test192, test193, test199, test214,
	  test217, test22, test258, test27, test44, test57: Use double
	  quotes in command lines for consistency.

2007-09-18 20:18  gknauf

	* lib/config-win32.h: added a define for Win32 to detect already
	  defined ssize_t.

2007-09-18 19:41  danf

	* tests/data/: test116, test212: IPv6 is a required feature for
	  these two tests, even if it's not obvious.

2007-09-18 01:23  danf

	* tests/data/test212: Fixed the required server entry

2007-09-17 23:44  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/test101, tests/data/test103,
	  tests/data/test108, tests/data/test116, tests/data/test119,
	  tests/data/test144, tests/data/test145, tests/data/test146,
	  tests/data/test147, tests/data/test148, tests/data/test149,
	  tests/data/test212, tests/data/test251, tests/data/test406,
	  tests/data/test408, tests/data/test525, tests/data/test529,
	  tests/data/test531: Changed some FTP tests to validate the format
	  of the PORT and EPRT commands sent by curl, if not the addresses

2007-09-17 23:42  danf

	  data file substitution variables.  Added hooks to the test suite
	  to make it possible to test a curl running on a remote host.

2007-09-17 23:39  danf

	* tests/:, Allow setting the IP address
	  on which to listen for connections.

2007-09-17 22:43  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Günter's ldap fixes

2007-09-17 20:12  danf

	* tests/:, server/sockfilt.c: Make the ftp server
	  connect to the address given by curl in the PORT/EPRT instead of
	  hard-coding it to

2007-09-17 19:22  danf

	* tests/: libtest/, data/test613, data/test614: Made the
	  directory postprocessor more forgiving of input directory format

2007-09-16 00:05  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: three done, seven to go

2007-09-15 23:14  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, tests/data/test208,
	  tests/data/test79: Michal Marek made libcurl automatically append
	  ";type=<a|i>" when using HTTP proxies for FTP urls.

2007-09-15 23:06  bagder

	* maketgz: offer a friendlier single-line command

2007-09-15 22:03  gknauf

	* lib/ldap.c: fixed ldap support for winldap.

2007-09-15 22:02  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.vc6, src/Makefile.vc6: fixed VC6 makefiles for new
	  ldap linkage.

2007-09-15 10:51  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: I want these CONNECT problems fixed too

2007-09-15 10:50  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 7.17.1 planned release in November 2007, and a
	  bunch of things to deal with

2007-09-14 21:32  danf

	* tests/data/: test1, test10, test11, test12, test13, test14,
	  test15, test150, test151, test152, test153, test154, test155,
	  test156, test157, test158, test159, test160, test162, test163,
	  test164, test166, test17, test172, test173, test174, test175,
	  test176, test177, test178, test18, test180, test181, test186,
	  test187, test188, test189, test192, test193, test194, test197,
	  test198, test2, test207, test218, test22, test220, test221,
	  test222, test223, test224, test24, test249, test25, test256,
	  test26, test260, test262, test266, test267, test268, test269,
	  test27, test273, test274, test276, test277, test28, test29,
	  test292, test293, test3, test30, test300, test301, test303,
	  test304, test306, test307, test31, test32, test33, test34,
	  test36, test37, test38, test39, test4, test40, test42, test43,
	  test44, test45, test46, test47, test48, test49, test5, test50,
	  test500, test503, test504, test508, test509, test51, test510,
	  test512, test513, test514, test518, test52, test522, test53,
	  test535, test536, test537, test54, test55, test56, test57,
	  test58, test59, test6, test60, test64, test65, test66, test67,
	  test68, test69, test7, test70, test700, test701, test71, test72,
	  test74, test77, test78, test79, test8, test80, test81, test82,
	  test83, test84, test85, test86, test88, test89, test9, test90,
	  test91, test92, test93, test95, test97, test98, test99: Replaced with %HOSTIP where possible

2007-09-14 03:56  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Added LDAPS, SCP and SFTP to curl-config
	  --protocols. Removed and fixed some AC_SUBST configure entries.

2007-09-14 03:24  danf

	*, Added LDAPS, SCP and SFTP to
	  curl-config --protocols.  Removed and fixed some AC_SUBST
	  configure entries.

2007-09-14 00:20  danf

	* docs/examples/ Compile samples with -DCURL_NO_OLDIES

2007-09-13 23:06  bagder

	* include/curl/curlver.h: 7.17.1-CVS is now the dev version

2007-09-13 23:05  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: start over on 7.17.1

2007-09-13 22:36  danf

	* docs/examples/: README, Remove remaining traces of
	  ftp3rdparty.c and mention htmltidy.c

2007-09-13 22:22  bagder

	* CHANGES: Version 7.17.0 (13 September 2007)

2007-09-13 11:02  bagder

	* docs/TODO: added some further stuff from the feature-requests
	  tracker, and a bunch of URLs to the specific tracker entries

2007-09-12 20:20  danf

	* RELEASE-NOTES: TFTP error 0 is no longer treated as success

2007-09-12 12:46  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib540.c: Extracting the CURLINFO_PRIVATE pointer
	  makes no point since nothing set it. This caused a segfault in
	  some fprintf() implementations. Like on Solaris.

2007-09-12 00:37  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: rephrased to mention ftp

2007-09-12 00:36  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: is a new mirror in Amsterdam,
	  the Netherlands

2007-09-12 00:23  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test541, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/libtest/lib541.c: Daniel S (12 September 2007) - Bug report
	  #1792649 ( pointed
	  out a problem with doing an empty upload over FTP on a re-used
	  connection.	 I added test case 541 to reproduce it and to
	  verify the fix.

	  - I noticed while writing test 541 that the FTP code wrongly did
	  a CWD on the	 second transfer as it didn't store and remember
	  the "" path from the	 previous transfer so it would instead CWD
	  to the entry path as stored. This   worked, but did a superfluous
	  command. Thus, test case 541 now also verifies   this fix.

2007-09-12 00:21  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: - I noticed while writing test 541 that the FTP code
	  wrongly did a CWD on the   second transfer as it didn't store and
	  remember the "" path from the   previous transfer so it would
	  instead CWD to the entry path as stored. This   worked, but did a
	  superfluous command. Thus, test case 541 now also verifies   this

2007-09-12 00:21  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: - Bug report #1792649
	  ( pointed   out a
	  problem with doing an empty upload over FTP on a re-used
	  connection.	 I added test case 541 to reproduce it and to
	  verify the fix.

2007-09-10 00:22  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, docs/BINDINGS: A brand new binding for SP-Forth
	  was written

2007-09-07 22:35  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/tftp.c: TFTP now reports the "not defined" TFTP
	  error code 0 as an error, not success.

2007-09-07 22:05  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test1007: Added test
	  case 1007 to test permission problem when uploading with TFTP (to
	  validate bug #1790403).

2007-09-06 23:38  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: is a new mirror in
	  Tel-Aviv, Israel

2007-09-06 15:38  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: two new CONNECT response problems that have

2007-09-06 00:01  danf

	* lib/: connect.c, setup_once.h: Minix doesn't support getsockopt
	  on UDP sockets or send/recv on TCP sockets.

2007-09-05 23:41  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/ftp.c: Curl_GetFTPResponse() now checks and properly
	  deals with the fact that the underlying ftp_readresp() function
	  has a separate "cache" where there might in fact be leftover

2007-09-05 19:22  danf

	* CHANGES: Minix doesn't support getsockopt on UDP sockets or
	  send/recv on TCP sockets.

2007-09-05 19:17  danf

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS, tests/FILEFORMAT: Minor updates

2007-09-03 16:10  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: I can't spell

2007-09-03 16:08  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: curlpp 0.7.1 was relased

2007-09-03 13:10  gknauf

	* docs/INSTALL: added some comments for MingW32 builds.

2007-09-01 23:21  danf

	* docs/INSTALL: bash is not required when compiling under Minix

2007-08-31 21:36  danf

	* CHANGES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3, include/curl/curl.h, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/strerror.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  packages/OS400/, src/main.c: Renamed the
	  the curl_ftpssl enum to curl_usessl and its enumerated constants,
	  creating macros for backward compatibility.

2007-08-31 19:56  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/strerror.c: Made some of the error strings returned
	  by the *strerror functions more generic, and more consistent with
	  each other.

2007-08-31 19:54  danf

	* lib/multi.c: Fixed an invalid returned error code added in my
	  last submission.

2007-08-31 01:03  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssh.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test615: Added more accurate error code returns from
	  SFTP operations.  Added test case 615 to test an SFTP upload

2007-08-30 22:34  danf

	  docs/examples/ftpuploadresume.c, docs/examples/simplessl.c,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3,
	  docs/libcurl/libcurl-tutorial.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/base64.c, lib/connect.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/gtls.c, lib/nss.c,
	  lib/speedcheck.c, lib/ssh.c, lib/ssluse.c, lib/strerror.c,
	  lib/telnet.c, lib/tftp.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c,
	  packages/OS400/README.OS400, packages/OS400/ccsidcurl.c,
	  packages/OS400/, src/main.c, tests/data/test189,
	  tests/data/test190, tests/data/test99: Renamed several libcurl
	  error codes and options to make them more general and allow reuse
	  by multiple protocols. Several unused error codes were removed.
	  In all cases, macros were added to preserve source (and binary)
	  compatibility with the old names.  These macros are subject to
	  removal at a future date, but probably not before 2009.  An
	  application can be tested to see if it is using any obsolete code
	  by compiling it with the CURL_NO_OLDIES macro defined.

	  Documented some newer error codes in libcurl-error(3)

2007-08-30 22:28  gknauf

	* added --enable-ldaps switch; renamed LDAP(S)
	  messages from 'yes' to 'enabled'.

2007-08-30 20:26  danf

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c, lib/multi.c: Fixed a few compiler
	  warnings. Try to do a slightly better job of cleaning up after an
	  OOM condition in curl_multi_add_handle

2007-08-30 16:06  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: Made Curl_GetFTPResponse() use lots less code and
	  instead use the proper low-level ftp_readresp() function.
	  Hopefully adressing bug #1779054.

2007-08-29 07:36  danf

	* lib/: cookie.c, cookie.h, file.c, hash.c, tftp.c, url.c: Added
	  lots of consts

2007-08-28 20:23  danf

	* tests/README: Mention that 'make test' does more than just run
	  all the tests (suggested by Kris/tinker105 in bug #1779054) and
	  mention the torture tests.

2007-08-27 08:31  danf

	* lib/: formdata.c, ftp.c, http.c, http.h, http_digest.c,
	  http_digest.h, http_negotiate.c, http_negotiate.h, http_ntlm.c,
	  http_ntlm.h, socks.c, socks.h, sslgen.c, sslgen.h, ssluse.c,
	  transfer.c, transfer.h: Fixed some minor type mismatches and
	  missing consts mainly found by splint.

2007-08-26 07:53  danf

	* lib/: dict.c, easy.c, escape.c, hostip.c, http.c, http.h,
	  multi.c, multiif.h, url.c, urldata.h: Fixed some minor mismatched
	  types found by splint.

2007-08-25 14:10  gknauf

	* lib/ldap.c: bail out with error if someone tries to use another
	  cert than PEM with OpenLDAP.

2007-08-25 14:08  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: only link with -lwldap32 if
	  we dont use other LDAP SDKs.

2007-08-24 19:08  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, lib/config-win32.h, src/Makefile.m32: added
	  defines to build with OpenLDAP.

2007-08-24 17:56  patrickm

	* packages/OS400/:, Adding DOCS file
	  in OS400 installation library with license and various other
	  documentation text files.  Setting character set of OS400
	  installed source components

2007-08-24 16:00  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test1006: Bug report #1779054
	  ( pointed out that
	  libcurl didn't deal with large responses from server commands,
	  when the single response was consisting of multiple lines but of
	  a total size of 16KB or more. Dan Fandrich improved the ftp test
	  script and provided test case 1006 to repeat the problem, and I
	  fixed the code to make sure this new test case runs fine.

2007-08-24 11:06  patrickm

	* lib/: gtls.c, nss.c, ssluse.c, version.c: Remove leading space in
	  curl_version_info ss_version field.

2007-08-24 01:25  danf

	* tests/data/:, test1005: Added test case 1005 to test
	  excessively-long replies spread out over multiple lines (similar
	  to test case 1003).

2007-08-24 01:24  danf

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT, Allow ftp server alternate
	  replies to contain backslash-escaped control characters.

2007-08-23 20:46  patrickm

	* packages/OS400/os400sys.c: Make ldap.h, gssapi.h and qsossl.h
	  inclusions conditional.

2007-08-23 20:45  danf

	* tests/ Need even more time to wait for an accept.

2007-08-23 19:35  danf

	* tests/data/:, test1004, test16: Added test1004 to
	  validate a previous fix for a memory leak when an empty proxy
	  server is selected.

2007-08-23 19:26  danf

	* docs/INSTALL: Mention OS/400 and TPF

2007-08-23 17:00  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: ported to OS/400

2007-08-23 16:58  bagder

	* lib/ added the two new os400 files

2007-08-23 16:46  bagder

	* packages/ Add the files in the OS400 dir to the dist.
	  I didn't add it as a new subdir just because if I do that
	  automake does funny things automatically with the
	  file in that directory and thus doing it this way was a quick
	  work-around that annoyance!

2007-08-23 16:33  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: --libcurl does not support -F

2007-08-23 16:30  patrickm

	* CHANGES, include/curl/curl.h, lib/config-os400.h,
	  lib/inet_ntop.c, lib/setup-os400.h, lib/setup.h,
	  packages/OS400/README.OS400, packages/OS400/ccsidcurl.c,
	  packages/OS400/ccsidcurl.h, packages/OS400/,
	  packages/OS400/, packages/OS400/,
	  packages/OS400/, packages/OS400/,
	  packages/OS400/, packages/OS400/,
	  packages/OS400/os400sys.c, packages/OS400/os400sys.h: Porting
	  library to OS/400

2007-08-23 02:10  gknauf

	* lib/ldap.c: added support for CA cert verification; default now
	  to verify cert unless data->set.ssl.verifypeer is 0.

2007-08-23 00:48  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/file.c: Bug report #1779751
	  ( pointed out that
	  doing first a file:// upload and then an FTP upload crashed
	  libcurl or at best caused furious valgrind complaints. Fixed now
	  by making sure we free and clear the file-specific struct
	  properly when done with it.

2007-08-22 20:05  giva

	* lib/ldap.c: Reversed the 'HAVE_LDAP_URL_PARSE' ifdef statement.

2007-08-22 16:18  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test1003: Bug report #1779054
	  ( pointed out that
	  libcurl didn't deal with very long (>16K) FTP server response
	  lines properly. Starting now, libcurl will chop them off (thus
	  the client app will not get the full line) but survive and deal
	  with them fine otherwise. Test case 1003 was added to verify

2007-08-22 16:09  bagder

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: added a size > buffer size check to make
	  it easier to track this in the future

2007-08-22 15:57  bagder

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: Upped the buffer size to 17000+ bytes to
	  prepare for the upcoming test 1003 that verfies ridiculously long
	  server response lines. Also changed sprintf to snprintf in a few

2007-08-22 13:28  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_cleanup.3: 1) the talk about strings used
	  by libcurl doesn't apply to libcurl >= 7.17.0 2) added nroff

2007-08-22 12:14  gknauf

	* lib/ldap.c: for now comment the tls_start section...

2007-08-21 05:04  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: sync libssh2 paths with

2007-08-21 04:42  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: added targets to create the
	  files missing in CVS which makes calling buildconf.bat obsolete;
	  removed obsolete wsock32 link lib.

2007-08-21 01:31  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.m32: fixed wrong CLAGS define.

2007-08-21 01:31  gknauf

	* lib/ldap.c: fixed warning with unused var; removed now obsolete
	  defines since we include now ldap headers which define these.

2007-08-20 23:54  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: Based on a patch by Christian
	  Vogt, the FTP code now sets the upcoming download transfer size
	  much earlier to be possible to get read with

2007-08-20 21:33  gknauf

	* converted tabs to spaces.

2007-08-20 21:30  gknauf

	* removed trailing spaces.

2007-08-20 19:53  danf

	* tests/ Increase timeout for accept for improved
	  reliability on loaded servers.

2007-08-20 18:34  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: compile with ldaps by
	  default since it seems to work fine so far.

2007-08-20 18:30  gknauf

	* lib/ldap.c: fixed ldaps section for OpenLDAP. Still not working,
	  but at least it compiles now, and should serve as base to get it
	  finally working. Also seems that the ifdefs can be arranged some
	  better because the Solaris and Netscape/iPlanet/Mozilla LDAP SDKs
	  seem to be closer to the Novell section than the OpenLDAP one.

2007-08-20 18:21  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: added some comments about the
	  paths and build options; added define to build with ldaps
	  support; enabled build with the Novell LDAP SDK.

2007-08-20 17:51  gknauf

	* dont set CURL_LDAP_HYBRID for MingW32 configure

2007-08-20 14:50  gknauf

	*, lib/Makefile.netware, lib/config-win32.h,
	  src/Makefile.netware: added define for ldap_ssl.h.

2007-08-20 01:23  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: ignore errors of the RM
	  command; seems that the del command fails on W2K when the file to
	  delete isnt found while on XP it only prints the warning but make

2007-08-19 02:26  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: added some comments in the
	  makefiles about build options.

2007-08-18 00:33  bagder

	* docs/examples/.cvsignore: ignore all the binaries and the .deps
	  and .libs

2007-08-18 00:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: - Robson Braga Araujo filed
	  bug report #1776232
	  ( about libcurl
	  calling   Curl_client_write(), passing on a const string that the
	  caller may not   modify and yet it does (on some platforms).

2007-08-18 00:24  bagder

	* tests/data/test1000: remove stupid comment since there's no
	  content in this test case

2007-08-18 00:22  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test1000: Robson Braga Araujo filed bug report
	  #1776235 ( about ftp
	  requests with NOBODY on a directory would do a "SIZE (null)"
	  request. This is now fixed and test case 1000 was added to

2007-08-18 00:21  bagder

	* docs/TODO:  NEXT soname bump

	   * #undef CURL_FTP_HTTPSTYLE_HEAD in lib/ftp.c to remove the
	  HTTP-style headers
	     from being output in NOBODY requests over ftp

2007-08-18 00:17  bagder

	* tests/data/: test1001, test1002: some keywords for future
	  stats/coverage checks

2007-08-18 00:11  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test1001, test1002, test5320, test5322:
	  Moved the 5320 and 5322 into the 1000-series instead which is a
	  documented range. They are about FTP but the 100-199 range is

2007-08-17 22:21  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test5320, tests/data/test5322: Song Ma provided a
	  patch that cures a problem libcurl has when doing resume HTTP PUT
	  using Digest authentication. Test case 5320 and 5322 were also
	  added to verify the functionality.

2007-08-16 17:23  gknauf

	* lib/ldap.c: fixed warning about uninitialized.

2007-08-16 16:08  gknauf

	* lib/: ldap.c, url.c, version.c: added basic ldaps support; for
	  now its ifdef'd with HAVE_LDAP_SSL unless we know its fully
	  working, and available with all LDAP SDKs.  Win32 requires to
	  have the trusted CA in local keystore - I've not found yet a way
	  to disable the cert check.

2007-08-15 18:17  gknauf

	* lib/urldata.h: added define PORT_LDAPS.

2007-08-15 16:49  patrickm

	* lib/version.c: Fix a potential buffer overflow bug in

2007-08-15 10:18  gknauf

	* lib/ldap.c: added ldap_msgfree() to fix memory leak.

2007-08-14 20:39  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: added a dependency for
	  libcares if build with ares support; other minor makefile tweaks.

2007-08-14 19:23  danf

	* docs/INSTALL: LDAP is no longer excluded on Minix.

2007-08-14 18:43  gknauf

	* docs/INSTALL: updated NetWare docu about recent LDAP changes.

2007-08-14 18:31  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: only include LDAP
	  headers if we build with LDAP support.

2007-08-14 16:48  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: added  -lwldap32 to link

2007-08-14 15:01  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: changed autoload
	  dependent LDAP NLM.

2007-08-14 14:02  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: trial to enable LDAP
	  support again with patched Novell headers.

2007-08-14 12:28  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_ntlm.c: Andrew Wansink provided
	  an NTLM bugfix: in the case the server sets the flag
	  NTLMFLAG_NEGOTIATE_UNICODE, we need to filter it off because
	  libcurl doesn't unicode encode the strings it packs into the NTLM
	  authenticate packet.

2007-08-14 12:11  bagder

	* docs/TODO: the curl_multi_handle_control() idea

2007-08-13 20:11  danf

	* tests/libtest/ Removed redundant dependency lines

2007-08-13 18:37  danf

	* lib/ldap.c: Removed unused variable.

2007-08-13 15:03  patrickm

	* lib/ldap.c: Simplify and rename internal structure to avoid
	  potential name clash with LDAP header file.

2007-08-13 00:25  bagder

	* lib/ldap.c: Fixed the LDAP_DEPRECATED #define as suggested by
	  Daniel Johnson, and indented some of the code to curl-style

2007-08-12 22:36  bagder

	* src/main.c: minor change in language for the --libcurl source

2007-08-12 02:48  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware: disable LDAP since we can no longer compile
	  due to header incompatiblities.

2007-08-11 23:05  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c: Allen Pulsifer provided a
	  patch that makes libcurl set the expected download size earlier
	  when doing HTTP downloads, so that applications and the progress
	  meter etc know get the info earlier in the flow than before.

2007-08-11 22:57  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, acinclude.m4,,
	  docs/examples/Makefile.example, hiper/Makefile,
	  lib/Makefile.Watcom, lib/, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  lib/config-riscos.h, lib/config-tpf.h, lib/config-win32.h,
	  lib/config-win32ce.h, lib/curl_ldap.h, lib/ldap.c, lib/ldap.h,
	  lib/url.c, packages/vms/config-vms.h, src/Makefile.netware,
	  src/config-riscos.h: Patrick Monnerat modified the LDAP code and
	  approach in curl. Starting now, the configure script checks for
	  openldap and friends and we link with those libs just like we
	  link all other third party libraries, and we no longer dlopen()
	  those libraries. Our private header file lib/ldap.h was renamed
	  to lib/curl_ldap.h due to this. I set a tag in CVS
	  (curl-7_17_0-preldapfix) just before this commit, just in case.

2007-08-10 00:33  gknauf

	* lib/nwos.c: fixed warning with gcc 4.x (hopefully); dynamincally
	  imported UseAccurateCaseForPaths() for CLIB port to be
	  stonetime-compatible (NW 3.x).

2007-08-09 23:05  gknauf

	* lib/mprintf.c: fixed a warning which MingW gcc 4.2.1.

2007-08-09 05:28  danf

	* tests/data/test56: There's no need to ignore the User-Agent for
	  this test.

2007-08-08 22:09  gknauf

	* lib/: inet_ntop.c, nwos.c: moved ugly CLIB define to nwos.c.

2007-08-08 19:51  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/content_encoding.c: Song Ma noted a
	  zlib memory leak in the illegal compressed header countermeasures
	  code path.

2007-08-08 19:07  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.m32: removed asm rules since we have no asm in the
	  sources, and this produced 2 warnings.

2007-08-08 18:59  gknauf

	* lib/config-win32.h, src/config-win32.h: blocked ssize_t define
	  for MingW32.

2007-08-08 12:37  patrickm

	* lib/: krb5.c, memdebug.c: Fix getsockname argument type Improve
	  "universal" alignment type in struct memdebug

2007-08-07 23:14  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Usage of the
	  BCURLOPT_PROGRESSFUNCTION callback is not recommended when using
	  the multi interface, but having the comment in here caused more
	  questions than we fixed problems so I remove it now. It still
	  works fine.

2007-08-07 20:24  danf

	* lib/url.c: Fixed torture test for test 509

2007-08-07 19:40  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom, lib/Makefile.m32, lib/config-win32.h,
	  src/Makefile.Watcom, src/config-win32.h: moved HAVE_LONGLONG from
	  makefiles to config-win32.h.

2007-08-07 15:01  bagder

	* docs/TODO: add URL to more "generated public config.h" details

2007-08-07 14:44  patrickm

	* include/curl/mprintf.h, lib/ssluse.c, lib/strtoofft.h: Some #if
	  --> #ifdef undef standard *printf before (re)defining them

2007-08-07 02:10  danf

	* tests/libtest/lib540.c, lib/url.c: Fixed some icc compiler

2007-08-07 00:21  gknauf

	* docs/INSTALL: Peteris Krumins pointed out that MingW32 doesnt
	  provide a batch file to set the path to the bin folder.

2007-08-06 17:58  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: ontributors from the 7.16.4 release notes and a
	  removed duplicate

2007-08-06 17:54  bagder

	* docs/INSTALL: removed the rsaglue hint since it doesn't apply to
	  modern OpenSSL, and added some brief hints about gssapi and

2007-08-06 16:56  bagder

	* docs/TODO: we now support GSS/Kerberos 5 for ftp file transfers!

2007-08-05 23:33  bagder

	* lib/formdata.c: Patrick Monnerat updated the _FORM_DEBUG-enabled
	  code, and I updated comments based on his comments/suggestions.

2007-08-05 01:35  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: changed to use
	  libssh2 0.16; fixed link order in case libssh2 is build with

2007-08-04 22:58  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: another mirror

2007-08-04 22:47  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/escape.c, lib/strtoofft.c: Patrick Monnerat fixed
	  curl_easy_escape() and curlx_strtoll() to work on non-ASCII

2007-08-04 18:54  danf

	* lib/url.c: Fixed a couple of compiler warnings.

2007-08-04 00:46  danf

	* lib/url.c: Refactored CreateConnection() somewhat to reduce its
	  length by splitting it into a few new functions.  Fixed a few
	  leaks in out of memory conditions, including for test case 231.

2007-08-03 21:54  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.m32: fixed small fix issue I introduced with my
	  previous commit.

2007-08-03 16:30  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: some more makefile

2007-08-03 15:57  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: Start adding some expanded error conversion of libssh2

2007-08-03 15:46  jehousley

	* lib/: transfer.c, url.c: The previous commit to force the use of
	  libssh2-0.16 by removing LIBSSH2_APINO

2007-08-03 14:53  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: changed 'rm -f' to 'del /f'
	  so it works without GnuUtils as Peteris Krumins pointed out;
	  changed to use latest external libs.

2007-08-03 13:46  gknauf

	* docs/: INSTALL, README.win32: Peteris Krumins pointed out some
	  MingW32 related build issues.

2007-08-03 13:24  gknauf

	* Makefile.dist: Peteris Krumins pointed out that the standard
	  MingW32 build depends on zlib; removed that, and added another
	  option for zlib build, and renamed all other targets to reflect
	  zlib dependency.

2007-08-03 10:31  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: SCP and SFTP support now requires libssh2 0.16 or

2007-08-03 10:25  bagder

	* lib/ssh.c: remove left-over partly support for libssh2 0.14

2007-08-03 10:14  bagder

	* lib/: ssh.c, ssh.h: The SSH code now only works with libssh2 0.16
	  or later. Thus we must not release the next curl until there is a
	  libssh2 0.16 released.

2007-08-02 22:10  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: Scott Cantor filed bug report
	  #1766320 ( pointing
	  out that the libcurl code accessed two curl_easy_setopt() options
	  ints even though they're documented to be passed in as longs, and
	  that makes a difference on 64 bit architectures.

2007-08-02 21:23  danf

	* lib/url.c: Fixed a compiler warning.

2007-08-02 16:42  bagder

	* lib/: connect.c, qssl.c: Patrick Monnerat's cleanup fix after my
	  alloc-strings commit

2007-08-02 16:09  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test231: Dmitriy Sergeyev reported a regression:
	  resumed file:// transfers broke after 7.16.2. This is much due to
	  the different treatment file:// gets internally, but now I added
	  test 231 to make it less likely to happen again without us

2007-08-02 15:26  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: clarify that setting POSTFIELDS
	  to NULL or "" is not enough to make a zero byte POST

2007-08-02 13:34  bagder

	* lib/http.c: argh, Greg Morse pointed out that the NTLM POST fix
	  only worked if VERBOSE was set, this should make it work for all

2007-08-01 23:20  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curlver.h,
	  lib/connect.c, lib/easy.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/getinfo.c, lib/gtls.c,
	  lib/gtls.h, lib/http.c, lib/nss.c, lib/nssg.h, lib/ssh.c,
	  lib/sslgen.c, lib/ssluse.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, lib/url.h,
	  lib/urldata.h: Patrick Monnerat and I modified libcurl so that
	  now it *copies* all strings passed to it with curl_easy_setopt()!
	  Previously it has always just refered to the data, forcing the
	  user to keep the data around until libcurl is done with it. That
	  is now history and libcurl will instead clone the given strings
	  and keep private copies.

2007-08-01 14:58  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c: Greg Morse reported a problem
	  with POSTing using ANYAUTH to a server requiring NTLM, and he
	  provided test code and a test server and we worked out a bug fix.
	  We failed to count sent body data at times, which then caused
	  internal confusions when libcurl tried to send the rest of the
	  data in order to maintain the same connection alive.

	  (and then I did some minor reformatting of code in lib/http.c)

2007-07-31 00:54  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: AIX 4 and 5 get to use non-blocking sockets

2007-07-31 00:53  bagder

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4: Peter O'Gorman pointed out (and fixed)
	  that the non-blocking check in configure made libcurl use
	  blocking sockets on AIX 4 and 5, while that wasn't the intention.

2007-07-31 00:01  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_socket.3: users should use the
	  CURLMOPT_TIMERFUNCTION rather than curl_multi_timeout when using
	  the socket API

2007-07-30 23:47  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-multi.3: less blocking these days

2007-07-30 23:47  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_socket.3: updated based on suggestion
	  from Jeff Pohlmeyer

2007-07-30 23:41  bagder

	* lib/: http.c, qssl.h: Patrick Monnerat restored qssl successful
	  compilation and loading

2007-07-30 22:07  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: give credit to Greg Zavertnik

2007-07-30 19:08  danf

	* lib/setup.h: Properly set USE_SSL on OS/400

2007-07-30 19:05  danf

	* lib/sslgen.c: Fixed compiler warning on non-SSL builds

2007-07-30 00:17  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: Added "4.15 FTPS doesn't work" and updated a few other
	  sections slightly

2007-07-29 14:54  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, lib/gtls.c, lib/nss.c,
	  lib/qssl.c, lib/sslgen.c, lib/sslgen.h, lib/ssluse.c,
	  lib/ssluse.h, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: Bug report #1759542
	  ( A bad use of a
	  socket after it has been closed, when the FTP-SSL data connection
	  is taken down.

2007-07-27 10:33  bagder

	* lib/urldata.h: added missing part for the qsossl support

2007-07-26 23:56  bagder

	* ares/:,, added initial
	  pkg-config file (attempt)

2007-07-24 17:23  danf

	* lib/qssl.c: Removed unused variable.

2007-07-23 23:48  bagder

	* lib/url.c: #if that should be #ifdef

2007-07-23 23:46  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/, lib/qssl.c, lib/qssl.h,
	  lib/sslgen.c: Implemented the parts of Patrick Monnerat's OS/400
	  patch that introduces support for the OS/400 Secure Sockets Layer

2007-07-23 20:51  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/easy.c, lib/file.c, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/http.c, lib/sendf.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h, tests/libtest/lib506.c: Implemented only the parts
	  of Patrick Monnerat's OS/400 patch that renamed some few internal
	  identifiers to avoid conflicts, which could be useful on other

2007-07-23 19:51  danf

	* tests/ Log the "<CMD> wasn't handled" error normally
	  since it is now expected to occur in a couple of tests.

2007-07-23 03:05  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.vc6: added 2 system libs necessary for linking
	  OpenSSL 0.9.8e statically.

2007-07-22 12:19  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: fix mess added in my previous commit

2007-07-22 12:17  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_digest.c: HTTP Digest auth fix
	  on a re-used connection

2007-07-22 12:08  bagder

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test354: Added test
	  case 354 that makes a simple FTP retrieval without password,
	  which verifies the bug fix in #1757328.

2007-07-21 23:49  bagder

	* tests/data/test141: test and verify curl -I on a single FTP file
	  somewhat more than before

2007-07-21 23:48  bagder

	* tests/ To allow more flexibility in FTP test cases,
	  I've removed the enforced states from the test server code as
	  they served no real purpose. The test server is here to serve for
	  the test cases, not to attempt to function as a real server!

2007-07-21 23:47  bagder


2007-07-21 04:08  danf

	* lib/: ftp.c, ssh.c: Make the pointers of a few static const
	  arrays const, too, for safety.

2007-07-20 23:50  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: added curl include for debug builds.

2007-07-20 19:29  danf

	* docs/: curl.1, libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Document pwd as an
	  sftp quote command for curl(1), and show it as lower case for
	  consistency since sftp commands are case insensitive.

2007-07-20 18:01  gknauf

	* src/getpass.c: added lf to Win32  getpass_r() so that next output
	  appears in new line.

2007-07-20 17:33  bagder


2007-07-20 11:38  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: the "libssh2 owns the memory don't free it" case

2007-07-20 11:35  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: Ralf S. Engelschall filed bug
	  report #1757328 ( and
	  submitted a patch. It turns out we broke login to FTP servers
	  that don't require (nor understand) PASS after the USER command

2007-07-20 03:03  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: Fix a loop with PWD

2007-07-20 02:41  danf

	* lib/: ftp.c, gtls.c, nss.c, splay.c, ssh.c: Made some const
	  arrays static to avoid unnecessary stack usage.

2007-07-19 23:35  bagder

	* docs/BUGS: minor addition, re-count of the number of lines of

2007-07-19 17:08  bagder

	* CHANGES: libssh2 fix

2007-07-19 03:42  danf

	* tests/ Revert the 512 change since newer versions of
	  OpenSSH don't support DSA keys that small.

2007-07-19 01:21  jehousley

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: SFTP also supports PWD

2007-07-19 00:23  danf

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Added the list of sftp quote

2007-07-18 20:31  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: As has been pointed out, err_msg should not be freed
	  here.  The actual issue is in libssh2 and not freeing a dynamic
	  error message during cleanup.

2007-07-18 02:27  danf

	* tests/ Use 512 bit keys to reduce the time taken to
	  generate them.  This shouldn't really reduce security since in
	  the common case of a daily automated build the keys are only used
	  for a single test run lasting a few minutes before being deleted.

2007-07-17 23:53  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/libtest/ Fixed test cases 613 and 614
	  by improving the log postprocessor to handle a new directory
	  listing format that newer libssh2's can provide.  This is
	  probably NOT sufficient to handle all directory listing formats
	  that server's can provide and should be revisited.

2007-07-17 22:59  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: Jofell Gallardo posted a
	  libcurl log using FTP that exposed a bug which made a control
	  connection that was deemed "dead" to yet be re-used in a
	  following request. We must make sure the connection gets closed
	  on this situation.

2007-07-16 23:44  bagder

	* tests/data/test540: make it do all three requests on the same

2007-07-16 23:22  danf

	* docs/examples/: anyauthput.c, cookie_interface.c, ftpget.c,
	  ftpgetresp.c, ftpupload.c, getinmemory.c, httpput.c,
	  post-callback.c, sepheaders.c: Fixed some more simple compile
	  warnings in the examples.

2007-07-16 23:08  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: 45. libcurl built to support ipv6 uses
	  getaddrinfo() to resolve host names.	  getaddrinfo() sorts the
	  response list which effectively kills how libcurl    deals with
	  round-robin DNS entries. All details:    initial
	  suggested function to use for randomizing the response:

2007-07-15 23:00  bagder

	* tests/: data/test540, libtest/lib540.c: convert test case 540 to
	  use a custom Host: header as well

2007-07-15 22:59  bagder

	* tests/libtest/: first.c, test.h: let's just export the whole argc
	  + argv pair globally so that each test tool can take advantage of
	  it however they see fit!

2007-07-15 15:00  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.vc6, src/Makefile.vc6: make users use the latest
	  OpenSSL and Zlib libraries; added hint to compile with SSPI with
	  MSVC6 without PSDK.

2007-07-15 01:01  bagder

	* ares/ares_free_hostent.3: added another SEE ALSO

2007-07-15 00:39  bagder

	* tests/: data/, data/test540, libtest/,
	  libtest/lib540.c: Added test case 540 and lib540.c, the
	  'proxyauth.c' test app posted by Shmulik Regev on the libcurl
	  mailing list on 10 Jul 2007, converted to a test case.

2007-07-15 00:38  bagder

	* tests/libtest/: first.c, test.h: add support for arg3 as the
	  third argument...

2007-07-15 00:33  bagder

	* tests/ add some better logging when HTTP server start
	  fails, and make the failure really hard if the test server can't
	  be resolved (like for ::1 ipv6)

2007-07-14 17:59  gknauf

	* lib/: ssh.c, ssh.h, transfer.c, url.c: for now unless we do
	  better fixed LIBSSH2_APINO compares to use long constants.

2007-07-14 15:14  bagder

	* ares/ares_init.c: Brad House's fix to hish a win32 compiler

2007-07-14 15:11  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: added Vlad's entire description of his valgrind fix

2007-07-14 15:08  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_init.c, ares_process.c, ares_query.c: Vlad
	  Dinulescu fixed two outstanding valgrind reports

2007-07-13 23:31  danf

	* docs/examples/ The examples don't need access to curl
	  internal source files.

2007-07-13 22:17  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/connect.c: Colin Hogben filed bug
	  report #1750274 ( and
	  submitted a patch for the case where libcurl did a connect
	  attempt to a non-listening port and didn't provide a human
	  readable error string back.

2007-07-13 22:09  bagder

	* docs/INSTALL: Daniel Cater added the mentioning of

2007-07-13 22:07  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3: Daniel Cater: libcurl-errors needs
	  updating to reflect a couple of deprecated error codes

2007-07-13 22:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/connect.c, lib/ftp.c: Daniel Cater
	  made libcurl build with CURL_NO_OLDIES defined (which doesn't
	  define the symbols for backwards source compatibility)

2007-07-13 21:38  bagder

	* Makefile.dist: Daniel Cater made the vc8-generating line use
	  double-quotes to run fine on windows

2007-07-12 23:34  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/krb5.c: Made the krb5 code build with
	  Heimdal's GSSAPI lib

2007-07-12 23:11  danf

	* CHANGES, docs/examples/cacertinmem.c,
	  docs/examples/cookie_interface.c, docs/examples/curlx.c,
	  docs/examples/fileupload.c, docs/examples/fopen.c,
	  docs/examples/ftp3rdparty.c, docs/examples/ftpget.c,
	  docs/examples/ftpupload.c, docs/examples/ftpuploadresume.c,
	  docs/examples/ghiper.c, docs/examples/hiperfifo.c,
	  docs/examples/httpput.c, docs/examples/https.c,
	  docs/examples/multi-app.c, docs/examples/multi-post.c,
	  docs/examples/multithread.c, docs/examples/opensslthreadlock.c,
	  docs/examples/post-callback.c, docs/examples/postit2.c,
	  docs/examples/sepheaders.c, docs/examples/simplepost.c,
	  docs/examples/simplessl.c, docs/examples/synctime.c: Fixed some
	  compile warnings and errors and improved portability in the
	  examples.  Removed ftp3rdparty.c since libcurl doesn't support
	  3rd party FTP transfers any longer.

2007-07-12 22:55  bagder

	* docs/examples/anyauthput.c: make it compile fine

2007-07-12 22:54  bagder

	* docs/examples/ fix include path

2007-07-12 22:38  danf

	*, docs/examples/ Compile most of the
	  example apps in docs/examples when doing a 'make check'.

2007-07-12 22:15  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: Shmulik Regev found an (albeit
	  rare) case where the proxy CONNECT operation could in fact get
	  stuck in an endless loop.

2007-07-12 19:03  bagder

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: start the retry delay at 10 ms, double
	  it for every failed attempt which makes it 10 seconds delay after
	  11 attempts

2007-07-12 12:54  gknauf

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: the timeout was probably too short with
	  max = 1 sec, so lets test with 5 sec.

2007-07-12 12:44  gknauf

	* lib/ added nwos.c so that it gets distributed with
	  releases and tarballs.

2007-07-12 03:07  gknauf

	* tests/server/: sockfilt.c, util.c, util.h: added time loop to
	  sockfilt.c in order to wait for SO_REUSEADDR; added go_sleep() to

2007-07-12 01:17  curlvms

	* packages/vms/: curlmsg.h, curlmsg.msg, curlmsg.sdl,
	  curlmsg_vms.h: Updated to match curl.h

2007-07-12 00:20  bagder

	  set to 1 acts as described in the documentation: fail to connect
	  if there is no Common Name field found in the remote cert.  We
	  should deprecate the support for this set to 1 anyway soon, since
	  the feature is pointless and most likely never really used by

2007-07-11 23:47  gknauf

	* lib/: connect.c, hostip4.c, nwlib.c: removed now obsolete
	  NETDB_DEFINE_CONTEXT macro calls.

2007-07-11 23:38  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware: updated makefile to compile nwos.c.

2007-07-11 23:34  gknauf

	* lib/: easy.c, nwos.c, setup.h: added NetWare-own file to provide
	  some init functions (for now only CLIB); added call to
	  netware_init() in curl_global_init() to make sure it gets called
	  before any library functions get used.

2007-07-11 21:21  danf

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Added the first libcurl version
	  to which the SSH options were added.

2007-07-11 11:08  gknauf

	* lib/http_ntlm.c: added netdb.h for NetWare CLIB since
	  gethostname() is defined there.

2007-07-11 11:03  gknauf

	* lib/url.c: fixed endif comment.

2007-07-11 10:55  gknauf

	* lib/ssh.h: fixed endif comment.

2007-07-11 00:55  danf

	* tests/README: Added a code coverage section using gcc and gcov.

2007-07-11 00:45  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_chunks.c: Shmulik Regev: The
	  tiny patch below fixes a bug (that I introduced :) which happens
	  when negotiating authentication with a proxy (probably with web
	  servers as well) that uses chunked transfer encoding for the 407
	  error pages. In this case the ''ignorebody'' flag was ignored (no
	  pun intended).

2007-07-11 00:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c: Giancarlo Formicuccia
	  reported and fixed a problem with a closed connection to a proxy
	  during CONNECT auth negotiation.

2007-07-11 00:27  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, tests/data/test31, tests/data/test46,
	  tests/data/test506, tests/data/test517, tests/data/test61: Force
	  the time zone to GMT in the cookie tests in case the user is
	  using one of the so-called 'right' time zones that take into
	  account leap seconds, which causes the tests to fail (as reported
	  by Daniel Black in bug report #1745964).

2007-07-11 00:26  jehousley

	* tests/data/test605: The previous commits changed the error code

2007-07-11 00:26  jehousley

	* lib/: ssh.c, ssh.h, transfer.c, url.c, urldata.h: * Finish moving
	  sftp:// into a state machine so it won't block in multi mode *
	  Move scp:// into a state machine so it won't block in multi mode
	  * When available use the full directory entry from the sftp://

2007-07-11 00:23  danf

	* src/main.c, tests/data/, tests/data/test289: Fixed a
	  curl memory leak reported by Song Ma with a modified version of
	  the patch he suggested.  Added his test case as test289 to

2007-07-11 00:07  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: start working on 7.16.5...

2007-07-10 23:36  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/gtls.c: 7.16.4 preps

2007-07-09 04:00  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware: added better CodeWarrior detection (forgot
	  to add with previos version).

2007-07-09 01:19  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.netware: added better CodeWarrior detection; added
	  defines for setlocale().

2007-07-09 01:18  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware: added better CodeWarrior detection; moved
	  autounload flag so that its used for both lib architectures.

2007-07-09 01:17  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: added better CodeWarrior detection.

2007-07-07 18:26  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  src/Makefile.netware: removed some obsolete include paths and

2007-07-07 00:14  bagder

	* lib/: krb5.c, security.c: Thomas J. Moore made it build with less

2007-07-06 23:56  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Gavrie Philipson's change, updated numbers

2007-07-06 22:14  bagder

	* docs/examples/ftpgetresp.c: add note about windows and dlls with

2007-07-06 16:58  gknauf

	* src/getpass.c: fixed NetWare CLIB implementation of getpass_r()

2007-07-05 14:48  jehousley

	* CHANGES, lib/ssh.c: Gavrie Philipson provided a patch that will
	  use a more specific error message for an scp:// upload failure.
	  If libssh2 has his matching patch, then the error message return
	  by the server will be used instead of a more generic error.

2007-07-05 03:38  danf

	* tests/ Add -a when running torture tests now that
	  it's supported.

2007-07-05 00:54  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: Fix spelling error in error message

2007-07-04 19:20  gknauf

	* ares/ add test for gettimeofday() so that
	  HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY gets defined.

2007-07-04 15:45  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: enabled ares build.

2007-07-04 12:54  gknauf

	* ares/nameser.h: although the check for HAVE_STRUCT_TIMEVAL solved
	  the redefine it is incorrect; lets see if a check for
	  HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY also works; if gettimeofday() is present then
	  we can assume we have the timezone struct too.

2007-07-04 11:01  gknauf

	* ares/ added check for sys/param.h.

2007-07-03 20:18  gknauf

	* ares/nameser.h: trial to catch problem with Daniels cross-mingw
	  ares builds.

2007-07-03 18:21  gknauf

	* ares/ares.h: added NetWare CLIB-own header to solve gcc warnings.

2007-07-03 18:00  gknauf

	* ares/: Makefile.netware, ares.h, ares_getnameinfo.c, ares_init.c:
	  few minor changes to make ares compile for NetWare CLIB

2007-07-03 02:50  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: fixed rule to build
	  libcares when needed.

2007-07-03 02:42  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: changed to build for CLIB / LIBC.

2007-07-03 02:12  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.netware: added libcares to static build if ares

2007-07-03 00:04  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: contributors from the 7.16.3 release notes

2007-07-02 20:50  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: sync'd with lib makefile changes: use var
	  for awk; fixed RECV* / SEND* defines; debug var can be
	  overwritten; added better compiler path handling.

2007-07-02 20:42  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: some more makefile
	  tweaks and hacks to deal with both lib architectures.

2007-07-02 19:22  jehousley

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Fix problem with the indenting
	  noticed by Pavel

2007-07-02 00:17  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.netware: ignore make error when trying to copy
	  curl.pdf which isnt in CVS.

2007-07-02 00:03  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: mention the old name

2007-07-02 00:01  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/FEATURES, docs/MANUAL, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/, lib/ftp.c, lib/hostip.c, lib/hostip4.c,
	  lib/hostip6.c, lib/krb4.h, lib/krb5.c, lib/security.c,
	  lib/sendf.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/main.c: Thomas J.
	  Moore provided a patch that introduces Kerberos5 support in
	  libcurl. This also makes the options change name to --krb (from
	  --krb4) and CURLOPT_KRBLEVEL (from CURLOPT_KRB4LEVEL) but the old
	  names are still

2007-07-01 23:28  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: Song Ma helped me verify and
	  extend a fix for doing FTP over a SOCKS4/5 proxy

2007-07-01 23:06  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: changed RECV_* /
	  SEND_* defines to correctly reflect NetWare APIs; some more minor
	  Makefile tidyups.

2007-07-01 18:55  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: disabled 64bit type
	  for CLIB build which removes compiler runtime dependency.

2007-07-01 14:09  gknauf

	* docs/INSTALL: updated NetWare docu.

2007-07-01 03:33  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: added lib
	  architecture to NLM description.

2007-07-01 01:53  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: added
	  HAVE_SYS_IOCTL_H define; added gcc runtime.

2007-07-01 01:45  gknauf

	* lib/setup.h, lib/timeval.c, src/curlutil.c, src/setup.h: moved
	  includes to setup.h so that the project headers also pick them up
	  (eleminate gcc warning).

2007-06-30 23:20  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: fixed path to
	  Metrowerks tools and runtime since they changed between compiler

2007-06-30 22:16  gknauf

	* include/curl/curl.h: minor patches to enable building for NetWare
	  CLIB.  sent by Dmitry Mityugov.

2007-06-30 22:08  gknauf

	* lib/connect.c, lib/hostip.h, lib/hostip4.c, lib/inet_ntop.c,
	  lib/timeval.c, src/curlutil.c, src/getpass.c, src/main.c: minor
	  patches to enable building for NetWare CLIB.	sent by Dmitry

2007-06-30 22:02  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, lib/nwlib.c, src/Makefile.netware: enabled
	  building for NetWare CLIB architecture.

2007-06-29 00:31  gknauf

	* tests/ revert previous patch since it turned out that
	  older cp dont know this switch, argh!

2007-06-28 13:11  jehousley

	* lib/file.c, lib/memdebug.c, lib/memdebug.h, tests/
	  Using fdopen() is a more correct way to implement the
	  CURLOPT_NEW_FILE_PREMS file.c, but the debug interface was
	  missing.  This adds the routines needed to make the memory
	  debuging work for fdopen().

2007-06-28 12:47  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: reality sync

2007-06-28 03:20  gknauf

	* tests/ fixed nasty cp warnings about not beeing able
	  to preserve ownership.

2007-06-27 23:35  bagder

	* docs/examples/10-at-a-time.c: James Bursa's improvement

2007-06-27 23:29  bagder

	* docs/examples/10-at-a-time.c: fix little flaw that could make the
	  transfer loop end prematurely

2007-06-27 22:15  jehousley

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h, lib/easy.c,
	  lib/file.c, lib/ssh.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: Add two new
	  options for the SFTP/SCP/FILE protocols: CURLOPT_NEW_FILE_PERMS
	  and CURLOPT_NEW_DIRECTORY_PERMS.  These control the premissions
	  for files and directories created on the remote server.
	  CURLOPT_NEW_FILE_PERMS defaults to 0644 and

2007-06-27 12:14  gknauf

	* lib/ssh.c: removed trailing spaces.

2007-06-27 12:12  gknauf

	* lib/ssh.c: fixed wrong var name

2007-06-26 23:53  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: add an FTP rename example to 3.7

2007-06-26 23:09  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/hash.c, lib/hash.h, lib/hostip.c,
	  lib/multi.c: Robert Iakobashvili re-arranged the internal hash
	  code to work with a custom hash function for different hashes,
	  and also expanded the default size for the socket hash table used
	  in multi handles to greatly enhance speed when very many
	  connections are added and the socket API is used.

2007-06-26 22:23  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: The results for a list only directory should be sent
	  to the callback

2007-06-26 21:12  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: ftp_list_only mode should list all file types, not
	  just directories.

2007-06-25 16:17  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: gah, adding missing braces, removed silly debug
	  output, added new debug output

2007-06-25 15:58  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c, tests/data/test282:
	  Adjusted how libcurl treats HTTP 1.1 responses without
	  content-lenth or chunked encoding (that also lacks "Connection:
	  close"). It now simply assumes that the connection WILL be closed
	  to signal the end, as that is how RFC2616 section 4.4 point #5
	  says we should behave.

2007-06-25 15:52  bagder

	* include/curl/curlver.h: fix the version string as well

2007-06-25 11:34  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: start working towards

2007-06-25 11:18  bagder

	* CHANGES: 7.16.3

2007-06-24 21:32  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: As reported by "Tro" in and, libcurl didn't
	  properly do no-body requests on FTP files on re-used connections
	  properly, or at least it didn't provide the info back in the
	  header callback properly in the subsequent requests.

2007-06-22 23:10  gknauf

	* Makefile.dist: added netware install target

2007-06-22 23:10  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: made debug flag
	  settable from outside; add allways debug stuff when DB != NDEBUG

2007-06-22 22:24  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: remove annoying debug output

2007-06-21 16:23  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c, tests/data/test506: Gerrit
	  Bruchhäuser pointed out a warning that the Intel(R) Thread
	  Checker tool reports and it was indeed a legitimate one and it is
	  one fixed. It was a use of a share without doing the proper
	  locking first.

2007-06-20 23:57  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c: Adam Piggott filed bug report
	  #1740263 ( Adam
	  discovered that when getting a large amount of URLs with curl,
	  they were fetched slower and slower... which turned out to be
	  because the --libcurl data collecting which wrongly always was
	  enabled, but no longer is...

2007-06-20 13:30  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: If the creation of rsa and rsa_pub fail due to memory,
	  don't try other authentication methods.  Terminate with a memory

2007-06-19 15:23  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: Check both variables, not the same one twice.  Pointed
	  out by Colin Hogben

2007-06-19 14:33  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c, tests/data/, tests/data/test353: and fix
	  another flaw in the singlecwd case when we get,
	  also from the #1739100 bug report

2007-06-19 13:50  bagder

	* lib/ssh.c: extra precaution to make PATH_MAX always be defined

2007-06-19 13:31  jehousley

	* lib/: ssh.c, urldata.h: Change rsa and rsa_pub from static arrays
	  in ssh_conn to be dynamically allocated when needed

2007-06-19 00:28  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: If LIBSSH2DEBUG was defined "i" was undefined

2007-06-18 23:09  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Robson Braga Araujo filed bug report
	  #1739100 ( that
	  mentioned that libcurl could not actually list the contents of
	  the root directory of a given FTP server if the login directory
	  isn't root. I fixed the problem and added three test cases (one
	  is disabled for now since I identified KNOWN_BUGS #44, we cannot
	  use --ftp-method nocwd and list ftp directories).

2007-06-18 23:04  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: make the ftp-method multicwd case possible to LIST the
	  root directory of a server!

2007-06-18 23:04  bagder

	* tests/data/: DISABLED,, test350, test351, test352:
	  Test listing of root dir with the three ftp-methods. KNOWN_BUGS
	  #44 make me disable test 351 by default by I add the test case
	  anyway to make it easier to work on this problem in the future.

2007-06-18 23:03  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: 44. --ftp-method nocwd does not handle URLs
	  ending with a slash properly (it should list the contents of that
	  directory). See test case 351.

2007-06-18 10:57  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: Daniel Johnson reported the tests now run fine
	  on OS X!

2007-06-16 18:58  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: Curl_ssh_connect() was using an uninitialized variable
	  in one location.  Caught by the auto-builds

2007-06-14 23:16  bagder

	* tests/ Tom Regner added /usr/lib/misc to the path to
	  scan for sftp to make the sftp tests run fine on gentoo

2007-06-14 16:42  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c: Shmulik Regev fixed a flaw
	  in the multi interface that occurred when doing HTTP CONNECT over
	  a proxy

2007-06-14 16:15  bagder


2007-06-14 15:22  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: Remove duplicate code that was left in as part of
	  1.35.  This code only affected sftp_sendquote() for the
	  "chgrp/chmod/chown" commands.

	  This also fixed failure of test 614 on a system that previously

2007-06-14 13:21  bagder

	* lib/select.h: Make our own definitions of the POLL* defiens and
	  the pollfd struct only get done if the sys/poll.h file is
	  missing, as we have seen machines with poll() present but without
	  the header file and machines that don't get HAVE_POLL defined but
	  that do have the sys/poll.h header file...

2007-06-14 12:36  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: BUG FIX:  When reading a directory listing that
	  contains symlinks with the latest libssh2, the listing would be
	  truncated at the symlink.  Fix by looping on
	  LIBSSH2_ERROR_EAGAIN, like the rest of the calls.

2007-06-13 22:17  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Tom Regner provided a patch and worked
	  together with James Housley, so now
	  CURLOPT_FTP_CREATE_MISSING_DIRS works for SFTP connections as
	  well as FTP ones.

2007-06-13 22:08  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Rich Rauenzahn filed bug report #1733119
	  ( and we collaborated
	  on the fix.  The problem is that for 64bit HPUX builds, several
	  socket-related functions would still assume int (32 bit)
	  arguments and not socklen_t (64 bit) ones.

2007-06-13 19:13  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: Restore functionality mistakenly removed in the
	  previous commit

2007-06-13 17:02  jehousley

	* docs/: curl.1, libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Update documentation
	  to reflect SFTP's ability to create directories on upload.  Some
	  text provieded by Tom Regner

2007-06-13 16:01  giva

	* lib/ssh.c: libssh2_session_free() returns void. Fix "#endif".

2007-06-13 14:15  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: Commit Tom Regner's code for SFTP create missing
	  directories.	This patch uses the --ftp-create-dirs flag to
	  control if cURL will try and create directories that are
	  specified in an upload path, but don't exist.

2007-06-13 13:27  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: Add a define to protect the state machine from older
	  versions of libssh2, ie 0.14, that don't know about newer
	  constants used in the state machine.

2007-06-12 23:39  bagder

	*, lib/setup_once.h: With lots of help from Rich
	  Rauenza(?) in bug #1733119, we introduce a fairly complicated
	  work-around for 64bit HPUX compiles. We do the fix using inline
	  static functions to make them follow the header file properly and
	  thus get used fine in the test suite too etc.

2007-06-12 23:32  jehousley

	* lib/: ssh.c, urldata.h: * Updates for the latest version of
	  libssh2, specifically   libssh2_sftp_shutdown() and
	  libssh2_session_free() can now return   LIBSSH2_ERROR_EAGAIN.

	  * Fix the _send() and _recv() return values so non-blocking works

2007-06-12 18:15  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: While connect and transfer works fine in non-blocking
	  mode for the test suite, transfer fails in the real world.  So
	  after connect set to blocking as full non-blocking is migrated

2007-06-12 15:51  bagder

	* CHANGES: mention James current work on ssh

2007-06-12 15:47  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: Prevent the state machine from getting stuck in

2007-06-12 14:31  jehousley

	* lib/: ssh.c, ssh.h, urldata.h: Convert Curl_ssh_connect() to run
	  in a state machine for LIBSSH2_APINO >= 200706012030.  More to

2007-06-12 10:15  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: remove unused field in the state struct

2007-06-11 19:53  danf

	* tests/ Wait longer for servers to start up since the
	  ssh server needs to generate keys the first time (which can take
	  a while on a slow or loaded host).  Enforce a longer startup wait
	  time for the ssh client SOCKS server, too.  Check for an error
	  code from startnew() when starting any server.

2007-06-11 19:49  danf

	* tests/ We do not use RSA keys in the test suite.

2007-06-11 15:35  bagder

	* lib/hostares.c: restore the correct timeout time that my previous
	  commit broke

2007-06-11 15:32  bagder

	* lib/hostares.c: Properly wait for the c-ares resolve to complete,
	  hopefully the cure for bug #1733955

2007-06-11 09:27  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: Daniel Black's clarfication about the NTLM support

2007-06-11 06:33  giva

	* lib/hostthre.c: constify 'hostname' in init_thread_sync_data().
	  Simply clear the whole 'tsd' structure on exit in

2007-06-11 06:07  giva

	* lib/ssh.c: Squelsh some warnings for libssh older than 0.1.5.

2007-06-08 20:56  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/ Fixed the test harness so that it
	  actually kills the ssh being used as the SOCKS server.

2007-06-08 19:32  danf

	* tests/ Improved compatibility with perl 5.0 on the
	  'open' calls.

2007-06-08 19:21  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test706, tests/data/test707: Incorporated Daniel
	  Black's test706 and test707 SOCKS test cases.

2007-06-08 19:03  danf

	* tests/ Improved compatibility with perl 5.0 on the
	  'open' calls.

2007-06-08 18:19  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: Curl_scp_done() needs to call libssh2_channel_free()
	  to prevent a memory leak, and it is the right thing to do.

2007-06-08 18:02  jehousley

	* lib/ssh.c: Fix to work with the latest CVS version of libssh2

	  * As of (LIBSSH2_APINO >= 200706012030) there are not *nb()
	  functions * As of (LIBSSH2_APINO >= 200706012030) most
	  libssh2_*() functions   can return LIBSSH2_ERROR_EAGAIN to
	  indicate that the call would block.

	  To make the code work as previously, blocking, all the code has
	  been updated so that when (LIBSSH2_APINO >= 200706012030) it
	  loops simulating blocking.  This allows the existing code to
	  function and not hold up the upcoming release.

2007-06-08 11:01  bagder

	* ares/: RELEASE-NOTES, ares_version.h: start working on 1.4.1

2007-06-08 10:46  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES,, RELEASE-NOTES: 1.4.0 preps

2007-06-08 00:42  danf

	* tests/ Changed the opens to work on older versions of
	  perl.  Redirect ssh output to ssh.log

2007-06-08 00:24  danf

	* lib/file.c: Fixed a compiler warning on uClibc.

2007-06-07 23:56  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: bug #1720605, There seems to be a problem when
	  connecting to the Microsoft telnet server

2007-06-07 23:47  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Daniel S (6 June 2007) - -s/--silent can
	  now be used to toggle off the silence again if used a second

	  Daniel S (5 June 2007) - Added Daniel Black's work that adds the
	  first few SOCKS test cases. I also   fixed two minor SOCKS
	  problems to make the test cases run fine.

2007-06-07 23:42  danf

	* tests/ Renamed the sshd log file to sshd.log.  Added
	  more options to the ssh config file to improve the consistency of
	  the test environment.  Force a rewrite of the ssh config files on
	  every invocation.  Changed the opens to work on older versions of

2007-06-07 22:14  danf

	* tests/data/: test700, test701, test702, test703, test704,
	  test705: Cleaned up SOCKS tests.  Use a magic port number instead
	  of killserver to do nonlistening server tests, like other tests.

2007-06-07 21:49  danf

	* tests/:, Fixed some problems in
	  starting SSH for use in SOCKS.

2007-06-06 22:08  bagder

	* src/main.c: make -s/--silent properly toggle as it is documented

2007-06-05 15:53  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: the revert

2007-06-05 15:52  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test703: added 703: a socks5 version of

2007-06-05 15:50  bagder

	* tests/: .cvsignore, FILEFORMAT, README,,, data/, data/test700, data/test701,
	  data/test702, data/test704, data/test705: Daniel Black's test
	  suite fixes and initial test cases for SOCKS4/5 using openssh

2007-06-05 15:42  bagder

	* lib/socks.c: if we read zero bytes from the proxy, the connection
	  is broken and we need to bail out

2007-06-05 15:41  bagder

	* lib/url.c: mark connect failures as non-connected when
	  ConnectPlease() fails, like when a connection through a socks
	  proxy doesn't work

2007-06-04 23:33  bagder

	* ares/ares_gethostbyname.c: Revered Ashish Sharma's multiple
	  entries patch, as it caused memory madness

2007-06-04 23:26  bagder

	* ares/ares_query.c: minor edit since getting an ID seems pointless
	  when failure happens

2007-06-04 23:04  bagder

	* ares/ares_free_hostent.c: fix the bad bad bad mess this caused on
	  name resolves returning more than one name... Reported by James

2007-06-02 22:09  bagder

	* ares/: AUTHORS, CHANGES, ares_init.c: Brad Spencer found and
	  fixed three flaws in the code, found with the new gcc 4.2.0
	  warning: -Waddress

2007-06-02 21:48  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_process.c, ares_timeout.c, setup.h: Brad
	  House fixed VS2005 compiler warnings due to time_t being 64bit.
	  He also made recent Microsoft compilers use _strdup() instead of

2007-06-02 21:42  bagder

	* ares/: AUTHORS, CHANGES, ares__get_hostent.c,
	  ares_free_hostent.c, ares_gethostbyname.c: Ashish Sharma provided
	  a patch for supporting multiple entries in the /etc/hosts file.
	  Patch edited for coding style and functionality by me (Daniel).

2007-06-02 21:32  bagder

	* ares/:, ares_destroy_options.3, ares_save_options.3:
	  ares_destroy_options() and ares_save_options() man pages by Brad

2007-06-01 23:24  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: ouch, two conditionals were turned backwards!

2007-06-01 23:01  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: do the update timer stuff even when

2007-05-31 13:34  bagder

	  lib/easy.c, lib/hostares.c, lib/select.c, lib/select.h: When
	  transferring 500 downloads in parallel with a c-ares enabled
	  build only to find that it crashed miserably, and this was due to
	  some select()isms left in the code. This was due to API
	  restrictions in c-ares 1.3.x, but with the upcoming c-ares 1.4.0
	  this is no longer the case so now libcurl runs much better with
	  c-ares and the multi interface with > 1024 file descriptors in

2007-05-31 10:59  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/file.c: Feng Tu made (lib)curl
	  support "upload" resuming work for file:// URLs.

2007-05-30 23:45  bagder

	* ares/ares_version.h: make next version 1.4.0

2007-05-30 23:37  bagder

	* ares/: ares_init.c, first take at detecting a
	  random device and seeding the random key using data from it in

2007-05-30 23:11  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_init.c, ares_private.h, ares_query.c:
	  Shmulik Regev brought cryptographically secure transaction IDs

2007-05-30 22:49  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares.h, ares_destroy.c, ares_init.c: Brad House
	  added ares_save_options() and ares_destroy_options() that can be
	  used to keep options for later re-usal when ares_init_options()
	  is used.

2007-05-30 22:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_multi_setopt.3, include/curl/multi.h,
	  lib/multi.c: Added CURLMOPT_MAXCONNECTS which is a
	  curl_multi_setopt() option for setting the maximum size of the
	  connection cache maximum size of the multi handle.

2007-05-30 19:15  yangtse

	* tests/ In case of test failure, try not to show log
	  files of other tests

2007-05-30 14:58  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares.h, ares_process.3, ares_process.c, setup.h:
	  added ares_process_fd() to allow applications to ask for
	  processing on specific sockets and thus avoiding select() and
	  associated functions/macros.	This function will be used by
	  upcoming libcurl releases for this very reason. It also made me
	  export the ares_socket_t type in the public ares.h header file,
	  since ares_process_fd() uses that type for two of the arguments.

2007-05-30 11:24  bagder

	* lib/url.c: remove really annoying debug output that makes life
	  miserable when you do hundreds of parallel transfers...

2007-05-27 00:09  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: When working with a problem Stefan Becker
	  had, I found an off-by-one buffer overwrite in Curl_select().
	  While fixing it, I also improved its performance somewhat by
	  changing calloc to malloc and breaking out of a loop earlier
	  (when possible).

2007-05-27 00:02  bagder

	* lib/select.c: Primarily this fixes an off-by-one buffer overwrite
	  (rare but still existing).

	  I also switched from calloc() to malloc() as a minor performance
	  boost since the rest of the code fills in the structs fine anyway
	  - and they must for the case when we use the stack-based auto
	  variable array instead of the allocated one.

	  I made the loop filling in poll_fds[] break when poll_nfds is
	  reached as a minor speed improvement.

2007-05-26 22:50  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-multi.3: Clarify a bit about the fact that
	  easy handles remain in the multi stack when transfers are done
	  and need to be removed and closed or re-added.

2007-05-26 22:47  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_info_read.3: make it a WARNING since this
	  hits people hard in their faces

2007-05-25 23:56  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/KNOWN_BUGS, lib/nss.c: Rob
	  Crittenden fixed bug #1705802
	  (, which was filed by
	  Daniel Black identifying several FTP-SSL test cases fail when we
	  build libcurl with NSS for TLS/SSL. Listed as #42 in KNOWN_BUGS.

2007-05-25 23:20  bagder

	* docs/FEATURES: updated

2007-05-25 23:11  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_init.c: Ravi Pratap fixed a flaw in the
	  init_by_resolv_conf() function for windows that could cause it to
	  return a bad return code.

2007-05-24 23:11  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/tftp.c: Song Ma filed bug report #1724016
	  ( noticing that
	  downloading glob-ranges for TFTP was broken in CVS.

2007-05-24 23:11  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: stay within 80 cols

2007-05-24 22:58  bagder

	* src/main.c, CHANGES: 'mytx' in bug report #1723194
	  ( pointed out that
	  the warnf() function in the curl tool didn't properly deal with
	  the cases when excessively long words were used in the string to
	  chop up.

2007-05-23 14:59  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-multi.3: TFTP transfers are also blocking

2007-05-23 14:51  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-multi.3: fix the formatting of the trailing

2007-05-22 22:46  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssluse.c: Andre Guibert de Bruet
	  fixed a memory leak when PKCS #12 parsing failed

2007-05-22 21:51  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssluse.c: Andre Guibert de Bruet
	  fixed a memory leak in the function that verifies the peer's name
	  in the SSL certificate when built for OpenSSL. The leak happens
	  for libcurls with CURL_DOES_CONVERSIONS enabled that fail to
	  convert the CN name from UTF8.

2007-05-21 00:11  bagder

	* lib/hostthre.c: WaitForSingleObject() uses a millisecond timeout
	  and CURL_TIMEOUT_RESOLVE is counted in seconds...

2007-05-18 12:40  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: better fix for the dl/ul counters

2007-05-18 12:32  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/tftp.c, lib/transfer.c: Feng Tu
	  reported that curl -w did wrong on TFTP transfers in bug report
	  #1715394 (, and the
	  transfer-related info "variables" were indeed overwritten with
	  zeroes wrongly and have now been adjusted. The upload size still
	  isn't accurate.

2007-05-18 12:12  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: bail out with error codes on failures

2007-05-17 23:41  bagder

	* CHANGES: they spell five with a v...

2007-05-17 23:40  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/tftp.c: Feng Tu pointed out a
	  division by zero error in the TFTP connect timeout code for
	  timeouts less than fice seconds, and also provided a fix for it.

2007-05-17 08:04  danf

	* CHANGES,, docs/INSTALL, lib/setup.h: Added support
	  for compiling under Minix 3.1.3 using ACK.

2007-05-16 19:45  danf

	* tests/libtest/ Match file times occurring in the

2007-05-15 02:36  danf

	* lib/memdebug.c: Added call to setvbuf (disabled by default for
	  speed) to flush the memdebug log file after every line and avoid
	  losing the last few log entries if curl crashes.

2007-05-15 02:28  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, lib/ssh.c,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test614: Added support for
	  quote commands before a transfer using SFTP and test case 614.
	  Allow SFTP quote commands chmod, chown, chgrp to set a value of

2007-05-15 00:03  danf

	* CHANGES, docs/curl.1, tests/data/, tests/data/test613,
	  tests/libtest/, tests/libtest/ Added SFTP
	  directory listing test case 613.

2007-05-10 22:03  danf

	* tests/data/:, test408, test409: Added FTPS upload
	  tests 408 and 409.

2007-05-09 20:24  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssh.c: Kristian Gunstone fixed a
	  problem where overwriting an uploaded file with sftp didn't
	  truncate it first, which would corrupt the file if the new file
	  was shorter than the old.

2007-05-09 20:05  danf

	* docs/curl.1: Added the list of SFTP post-quote commands, and
	  fixed a few typos.

2007-05-09 00:14  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test406,
	  tests/data/test407: Added FTPS test cases 406 and 407

2007-05-08 13:34  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3, include/curl/curl.h, lib/ssh.c,
	  lib/strerror.c: CURLE_FTP_COULDNT_STOR_FILE is now known as
	  CURLE_UPLOAD_FAILED. This is because I just made SCP uploads
	  return this value if the file size of the upload file isn't given
	  with CURLOPT_INFILESIZE*. Docs updated to reflect this news, and
	  a define for the old name was added to the public header file.

2007-05-07 09:07  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c: James Bursa fixed a bug in
	  the multi handle code that made the connection cache grow a bit
	  too much, beyond the normal 4 * easy_handles.

2007-05-06 10:14  bagder

	* CHANGES: extended the description for the
	  curl_multi_socket_action() change

2007-05-03 22:50  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: 42. Daniel Black filed bug report #1705802 where
	  he accurately mentions that	several FTP-SSL test cases fail
	  when we build libcurl with NSS for TLS/SSL:

2007-05-03 21:12  danf

	* docs/libcurl/: curl_easy_getinfo.3, curl_easy_setopt.3: Fixed a
	  few typos.

2007-05-03 14:30  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: document the new 200alias

2007-05-02 22:42  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c: Anders Gustafsson
	  remarked that requiring CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION set to 1.0 when
	  CURLOPT_HTTP200ALIASES is used to avoid the problem mentioned
	  below is not very nice if the client wants to be able to use
	  _either_ a HTTP 1.1 server or one within the aliases list... so
	  starting now, libcurl will simply consider 200-alias matches the
	  to be HTTP 1.0 compliant.

2007-05-02 21:13  danf

	* lib/: multi.c, url.c, url.h: Fixed an out of memory handling
	  issue with HTTP pipelines.

2007-05-02 19:35  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c: Tobias Rundstrom reported
	  a problem they experienced with xmms2 and recent libcurls, which
	  turned out to be the 25-nov-2006 change which treats HTTP
	  responses without Content-Length or chunked encoding as without
	  bodies. We now added the conditional that the above mentioned
	  response is only without body if the response is HTTP 1.1.

2007-05-02 15:52  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/examples/hiperfifo.c: - Jeff
	  Pohlmeyer improved the hiperfifo.c example to use the
	  CURLMOPT_TIMERFUNCTION callback option.

2007-05-02 15:47  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c: - Set the timeout for easy
	  handles to expire really soon after addition or   when
	  CURLM_CALL_MULTI_PERFORM is returned from
	  curl_multi_socket*/perform,	to make applications using only
	  curl_multi_socket() to properly function   when adding easy
	  handles "on the fly". Bug report and test app provided by
	  Michael Wallner.

2007-05-02 15:14  bagder

	  CHANGES.2002, CHANGES.2003, CHANGES.2004, CHANGES.2005: Merged
	  _all_ old changelogs into the single CHANGES.0 file. Having a new
	  one for every year is giving us too many files! I also split out
	  the changes from 2006 from CHANGES to CHANGES.0 now.

2007-05-02 13:14  bagder

	* lib/sendf.c: spell and language fix

2007-05-02 08:02  danf

	* tests/libtest/lib536.c: Check the return code from

2007-05-02 02:50  danf

	* src/main.c: Fixed a logic error in the last patch and another out
	  of memory issue.  Reduce the scope of some variables.

2007-05-01 22:52  danf

	* src/main.c: Improved behaviour in out of memory conditions.

2007-05-01 22:50  danf

	* lib/strdup.c: Use memcpy instead of strcpy to improve

2007-04-30 23:47  bagder

	* brlcad on #curl provided this patch (edited by me)
	  since "configure will fail looking for a C++ preprocessor on
	  libtool-using projects" with the factory- installed libtool
	  version on Mac OS X.

2007-04-30 22:15  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/FILEFORMAT, tests/README, tests/,
	  tests/data/test75, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/libtest/ Improved the test harness to allow
	  running test servers on other than the default port numbers,
	  allowing more than one test suite to run simultaneously on the
	  same host.

2007-04-30 21:05  danf

	* tests/data/: test239, test243, test245, test246: Fixed some tests
	  to stop hard-coding the port number.

2007-04-29 09:04  danf

	* lib/url.c: Rearranged some allocs so they will be freed correctly
	  in the error path.

2007-04-28 23:01  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/gtls.c: Peter O'Gorman fixed libcurl
	  to not init GnuTLS as early as we did before, since it then inits
	  libgcrypt and libgcrypt is being evil and EXITS the application
	  if it fails to get a fine random seed. That's really not a nice
	  thing to do by a library.

2007-04-28 22:27  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/easy.c: Frank Hempel fixed a
	  curl_easy_duphandle() crash on a handle that had been removed
	  from a multi handle, and then fixed another flaw that prevented
	  curl_easy_duphandle() to work even after the first fix - the
	  handle was still marked as using the multi interface.

2007-04-27 10:30  bagder

	* lib/url.c: Move the explictit free of the range string to
	  Curl_close() from Curl_disconnect() since it easy-handle related
	  and not connection-related.

2007-04-27 10:19  bagder

	* lib/url.c: oops, this was supposed to be properly removed

2007-04-27 10:18  bagder

	* lib/url.c: As a follow-up to the removal of the free of the range
	  data in Curl_done() - this moves and re-arranges how range/resume
	  is setup and freed.

2007-04-26 23:30  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c: Peter O'Gorman found a
	  problem with SCP downloads when the downloaded file was 16385
	  bytes (16K+1) and it turned out we didn't properly always "suck
	  out" all data from libssh2. The effect being that libcurl would
	  hang on the socket waiting for data when libssh2 had in fact
	  already read it all...

2007-04-26 01:18  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/README, tests/ Added support in for "!n" test numbers to disable individual tests.

2007-04-25 22:54  danf

	* lib/ftp.c: Fixed an out of memory handling issue.

2007-04-25 22:20  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: Sonia Subramanian brought our
	  attention to a problem that happens if you set the
	  CURLOPT_RESUME_FROM or CURLOPT_RANGE options and an existing
	  connection in the connection cache is closed to make room for the
	  new one when you call curl_easy_perform(). It would then wrongly
	  free range-related data in the connection close funtion.

2007-04-25 22:09  danf

	* tests/ When displaying log files, truncate the really
	  longs ones such as you would get from a torture test.

2007-04-25 05:00  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, ares/setup_once.h, lib/base64.c,
	  lib/hostip.c, lib/netrc.c, lib/setup_once.h, lib/splay.c,
	  packages/vms/, src/main.c: Steve Little's fixes to
	  allow compilation on VMS 64-bit mode

2007-04-25 01:28  danf

	* tests/ Treat log files and -k the same when running
	  torture tests as when not.

2007-04-24 23:30  danf

	* tests/:, Clear out FTP server options before
	  each new client.  Wait for child processes to die to avoid
	  creating zombies.

2007-04-24 12:18  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/sendf.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h: Robert Iakobashvili made the 'master_buffer' get
	  allocated first once it is can/will be used as it then makes the
	  common cases save 16KB of data for each easy handle that isn't
	  used for pipelining.

2007-04-24 01:00  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test610,
	  tests/data/test611, tests/data/test612, tests/libtest/
	  Added tests 610-612 to test more SFTP post-quote commands.

2007-04-24 00:58  danf

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT, README, Added <postcheck>
	  support to the test harness.

2007-04-23 23:18  danf

	* tests/FILEFORMAT: Mention NSS, <postcmd> commands

2007-04-23 03:51  danf

	* tests/data/test20: Changed another nonexistent host name to be
	  under the domain to guarantee against it ever being

2007-04-22 20:17  yangtse

	* lib/: connect.c, ftp.c: Avoid an unnecessary call to
	  gettimeofday() when using custom timeout values.

2007-04-22 11:37  bagder

	* --without-ssl disables OpenSSL only

2007-04-22 11:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/curl.1, src/main.c: - Song Ma's warning if
	  -r/--range is given with a "bad" range, also noted in   the man
	  page now.

2007-04-22 10:51  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: configure fix and new mirror

2007-04-22 10:05  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: clarify a bit on the follow-redirect logic and when
	  curl switches from POST to GET on redirect

2007-04-22 09:36  bagder

	* shell script assigns should not have spaces,
	  hopefully fixes bug #1705177

2007-04-21 23:32  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/gtls.c: Daniel Black filed bug
	  #1704675 (
	  identifying a double-free problem in the SSL-dealing layer,
	  telling GnuTLS to free NULL credentials on closedown after a
	  failure and a bad #ifdef for NSS when closing down SSL.

2007-04-21 23:24  bagder

	* lib/sslgen.c: Curl_ssl_close(): mark the connection as not using
	  SSL anymore, to better survive getting called twice

2007-04-21 17:32  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware, lib/Makefile.netware: fixed ARFLAGS for
	  CodeWarrior build.

2007-04-20 19:16  danf

	* tests/ Changed an error message slightly so it can
	  be caught easier by the autobuild logs scanner.

2007-04-20 09:19  bagder

	* include/curl/curl.h: ifndef check the CURL_MAX_WRITE_SIZE define
	  to allow this value to easier be changed at build time (from
	  command line or similar)

2007-04-20 03:58  yangtse

	* lib/select.c: initialize pending_ms to zero to avoid compiler
	  warning: 'pending_ms' may be used uninitialized in this function

2007-04-20 02:07  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/select.c: - Save one call to
	  curlx_tvnow(), which calls gettimeofday(), in each of
	  Curl_socket_ready(), Curl_poll() and Curl_select() when these are
	  called   with a zero timeout or a timeout value indicating a
	  blocking call should	 be performed.

	    These unnecessary calls to gettimeofday() got introduced in
	  7.16.2 when
	    fixing 'timeout would restart when signal caught while awaiting
	    events' on 20 March 2007.

	  - Move some loop breaking logic from the while clause into the
	  loop,   avoiding compiler warning 'assignment within conditional

2007-04-19 22:20  bagder

	* lib/select.c: keep lines < 80 columns

2007-04-19 22:16  yangtse

	* lib/connect.c: fix comment and line spacing

2007-04-18 22:22  danf

	* tests/data/: test100, test102, test105, test109, test110,
	  test111, test112, test113, test114, test115, test116, test117,
	  test118, test119, test120, test122, test124, test125, test126,
	  test130, test131, test132, test133, test134, test137, test138,
	  test144, test145, test147, test148, test190, test195, test196,
	  test211, test212, test227, test228, test229, test235, test236,
	  test237, test238, test250, test252, test254, test261, test280,
	  test290, test302, test305, test400, test402, test511, test520,
	  test521, test526, test527, test528, test530, test532, test533,
	  test534, test538: Various test file cleanups, including using
	  <servercmd> instead of writing directly to ftpserver.cmd and
	  removing unneeded empty sections.

2007-04-18 22:15  bagder

	* lib/ssh.c: clarify the comment about libssh2_sftp_write's return

2007-04-18 22:11  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssh.c: - James Housley made SFTP
	  uploads use libssh2's non-blocking API (if available)

2007-04-18 22:02  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/progress.c: - Prevent the internal
	  progress meter from updating more frequently than once   per

2007-04-18 08:30  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test296,
	  tests/data/test297, tests/data/test298: Added test cases 296, 297
	  and 298 to test --ftp-method handling

2007-04-16 22:54  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware, lib/Makefile.netware: added ranlib when
	  library is created with ar.

2007-04-16 18:52  giva

	* ares/ No need for USE_MANUAL. Use select_s() instead
	  of select().	Added ares_getopt.o to program sample objects.

2007-04-16 18:34  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_multi_socket.3,
	  include/curl/multi.h, lib/connect.c, lib/multi.c, lib/select.c,
	  lib/select.h, lib/socks.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/urldata.h: -
	  Robert Iakobashvil added curl_multi_socket_action() to libcurl,
	  which is a   function that deprecates the curl_multi_socket()
	  function. Using the new   function the application tell libcurl
	  what action that was found in the   socket that it passes in.
	  This gives a significant performance boost as it   allows libcurl
	  to avoid a call to poll()/select() for every call to

2007-04-16 17:35  yangtse

	* ares/: adig.c, ahost.c, ares_getopt.c, ares_getopt.h: move
	  linkage var declarations to ares_getopt.h

2007-04-16 15:53  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.m32: use to determine sources.

2007-04-16 15:17  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: ares_getopt() command-line parser function
	  does not belong to actual c-ares library. It is just a
	  convinience source code helper function for use in example
	  programs adig.c and ahost.c

2007-04-16 13:55  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Jay Austin added "DH PARAMETERS" to the
	  stunnel.pem certificate

2007-04-16 11:08  yangtse

	* ares/CHANGES: ares_getopt() command-line parser function does not
	  belong to actual c-ares library. It is just a convinience source
	  code helper function for use in example programs adig.c and

2007-04-16 11:01  yangtse

	* ares/:, Makefile.vc6, adig.c, ahost.c, ares.h,
	  ares_getopt.c, ares_getopt.h, vc/adig/adig.dsp,
	  vc/ahost/ahost.dsp, vc/areslib/areslib.dsp: ares_getopt()
	  command-line parser function does not belong to actual c-ares
	  library. It is just a convinience source code helper function for
	  use in example programs adig.c and ahost.c

2007-04-15 08:24  danf

	* src/main.c: Minor updates to --help output

2007-04-14 22:29  bagder

	* tests/stunnel.pem: jayjwa added the "DH PARAMETERS" to make this
	  work with recent stunnels

2007-04-14 22:27  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: updates

2007-04-14 18:55  gknauf

	* src/getpass.c: removed unneeded brackets with NetWare

2007-04-14 18:45  gknauf

	* src/getpass.c: ups - c&p error.

2007-04-14 18:38  gknauf

	* src/getpass.c: use system-own getpassword() function on NetWare.

2007-04-13 22:59  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test294,
	  tests/data/test295: Added test cases 294 and 295 to test
	  --ftp-account handling

2007-04-13 13:35  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, tests/data/test534: Fix test case 534
	  which started to fail 2007-04-13 due to the existance of a new
	  host on the net with the same silly domain the test was using for
	  a host which was supposed not to exist.

2007-04-13 10:45  yangtse

	* lib/base64.c: proper fix for compiler warning

2007-04-13 10:22  yangtse

	* lib/libcurl.rc, src/curl.rc: Take in account that it can be built
	  with compiler debug info and without the curl memory debugging
	  leak detection code enabled.

2007-04-13 09:57  yangtse

	* lib/: base64.c, inet_pton.c, multi.c: fix compiler warning

2007-04-12 23:53  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: update!

2007-04-12 22:41  bagder

	* Makefile.dist: add a 'vc8' target that (re-)builds the
	  */Makefile.vc8 files

2007-04-12 22:09  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/if2ip.c: Song Ma found a memory leak in the if2ip
	  code if you pass in an interface name longer than the name field
	  of the ifreq struct (typically 6 bytes), as then it wouldn't
	  close the used dummy socket.

2007-04-12 21:14  yangtse

	* ares/vc/: adig/adig.dsp, areslib/areslib.dsp: update MSVC project
	  files with ares_getopt()

2007-04-12 21:01  yangtse

	* ares/:, Makefile.vc6, adig.c, ahost.c: use
	  ares_getopt for all platforms

2007-04-12 20:59  yangtse

	* ares/: ares.h, ares_getopt.c: add ares_getopt prototype

2007-04-12 20:06  yangtse

	* ares/ares_getopt.c: Rename function as ares_getopt()

2007-04-12 19:45  yangtse

	* ares/ares_getopt.c: Replace tabs with spaces

2007-04-12 18:53  yangtse

	* ares/ares_getopt.c: Add file ares_getopt.c

	  Original file name getopt.c  Initial import into the c-ares
	  source tree on 2007-04-11.  Lifted from version 5.2 of the 'Open
	  Mash' project with the modified BSD license, BSD license without
	  the advertising clause.

2007-04-12 03:26  danf

	* lib/ftp.c: Work around an out of memory situation in
	  Curl_ftp_done instead of returning an error code, to allow
	  connections to be torn down cleanly since this function can be
	  called AFTER an OOM situation has already been reached.

2007-04-11 15:32  bagder

	* include/curl/curlver.h: start working on 7.16.3

2007-04-11 15:31  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: restart towards 7.16.3

2007-04-11 15:30  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: add recent contributors

2007-04-11 15:12  bagder


2007-04-11 13:02  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h, lib/setup_once.h: convenience SIG_ATOMIC_T
	  macro definition

2007-04-11 02:25  danf

	* lib/: ftp.c, tftp.c: Fixed some out of memory handling issues.

2007-04-11 00:52  danf

	* lib/: http.c, http_ntlm.c: Fixed some out of memory handling

2007-04-10 22:52  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: blah

2007-04-10 22:51  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: 41. When doing an operation over FTP that
	  requires the ACCT command (but not   when logging in), the
	  operation will fail since libcurl does detect this and   thus
	  fails to issue the correct command:

2007-04-10 22:46  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/ftp.c, lib/http.c, lib/multi.c, lib/multiif.h,
	  lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: Ravi Pratap provided
	  fixes for HTTP pipelining

2007-04-10 21:09  yangtse

	* CHANGES: configure script will ignore --enable-sspi option for
	  non-native Windows

2007-04-10 20:53  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, --enable-sspi only supported on
	  Windows native builds

2007-04-10 04:17  yangtse

	* lib/: http_ntlm.c, http_ntlm.h: Update NTLM flag and description

2007-04-10 02:38  danf

	* lib/http.c: Fixed an out of memory handling issue.

2007-04-10 02:37  danf

	* tests/ Honour the -a option when -t is enabled.

2007-04-09 20:24  danf

	* tests/data/: test600, test601, test604, test606, test607: Changed
	  error return codes to match update code.

2007-04-09 19:46  yangtse

	* lib/config-win32.h, src/config-win32.h: VC8+ (VS2005+) has C99
	  variadic macro support

2007-04-09 00:49  yangtse

	* lib/: easy.c, url.c: fix out of memory handling issue

2007-04-09 00:44  bagder

	* CHANGES,, lib/ssh.c: Nick Zitzmann did ssh.c

2007-04-09 00:23  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: builds on QNX 6 again

2007-04-07 19:25  yangtse

	* lib/multi.c: fix out of memory handling issue

2007-04-07 06:51  yangtse

	* lib/: cookie.c, ssluse.c: fix out of memory handling issue

2007-04-07 02:38  yangtse

	* lib/transfer.c: fix compiler warning

2007-04-06 22:53  yangtse

	* lib/http.c: fix out of memory handling issue

2007-04-06 08:32  danf

	* lib/ssh.c: Fixed a few memory leaks in OOM conditions.  Made
	  libssh2 logging more verbose when debugging is enabled.

2007-04-06 06:24  yangtse

	* tests/ In case of test failure, try not to show log
	  files of other tests

2007-04-05 21:28  danf

	* tests/data/DISABLED: Enabled the ssh tests 600-609.

2007-04-05 13:09  yangtse

	* lib/http.c: runtests -t discovered this out of memory handling

2007-04-05 13:05  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib518.c, lib537.c: unify fopen() failure error
	  message among tests, allowing the testsuite to count them as
	  errors of the same kind

2007-04-05 02:14  yangtse

	* tests/ Further improve displaying of individual

2007-04-05 01:41  danf

	* lib/: base64.c, http_negotiate.c, http_ntlm.c, url.c: Fixes some
	  more out of memory handling bugs.

2007-04-05 00:49  danf

	* lib/cookie.c: Fixed file handle leak in OOM condition.

2007-04-04 22:27  danf

	* src/main.c: Fixed curl_slist_append handling of out of memory
	  conditions on the easycode list (discovered by runtests' torture

2007-04-04 20:03  yangtse

	* docs/INSTALL: Building Windows DLLs and C run-time (CRT) linkage

2007-04-04 10:58  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib518.c, lib537.c: add debug message and expand

2007-04-04 08:39  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib518.c, lib537.c: test can be allowed to run if
	  fopen() is capable of fopen()ing three additional files once that
	  we have already open()ed the big bunch of file descriptors.

2007-04-04 08:06  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h, lib/inet_pton.c, lib/select.c,
	  lib/setup_once.h: move WinSock definitions of EBADF, EINTR,
	  EINVAL and  EAFNOSUPPORT to setup_once.h

2007-04-04 07:04  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib518.c, lib537.c: cleanup

2007-04-04 06:57  danf

	* tests/data/DISABLED: Whoops--didn't mean to enable the ssh tests
	  quite yet.

2007-04-04 05:19  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib518.c, lib537.c: test can be allowed to run if
	  fopen() is capable of fopen()ing SAFETY_MARGIN additional files
	  once that we have already open()ed the big bunch of file

2007-04-04 02:48  danf

	* tests/data/: DISABLED,, test606, test607, test608,
	  test609: Added more SSH tests (left disabled for now).

2007-04-04 02:46  danf

	* lib/ssh.c: Fixed a memory leak and improper shutdown on SFTP
	  post-quote command failure.

2007-04-03 23:15  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: Only one issue left to deal with. Most of the
	  others cut due to lack of response and/or my personal lack of
	  time to deal further with them at this point.

2007-04-03 22:54  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/easy.c, lib/http.c, lib/transfer.c,
	  lib/url.c: Rob Jones fixed better #ifdef'ing for a bunch of
	  #include lines.

2007-04-03 20:25  yangtse

	* ares/ares_getsock.c, lib/, lib/hostasyn.c,
	  lib/hostsyn.c, lib/socks.h, lib/timeval.h, lib/transfer.h,
	  tests/server/ update copyright year

2007-04-03 20:02  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib518.c, lib537.c: Verify if the test is limited
	  by an ancient stdio with a 256 open file limit.  In this case the
	  test is skipped with a message showing this limitation when the
	  number of open files needed for the test is greater than 256.

2007-04-03 17:59  yangtse

	* tests/ fix enumeration of disabled tests when they
	  have the highest number

2007-04-03 17:35  yangtse

	* lib/select.c, src/main.c: fix MSDOS symbol check

2007-04-03 15:26  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: recover code simplification lost with last commit

2007-04-03 14:27  yangtse

	* tests/ Improve displaying of logfiles making sure all
	  lines end with \n and avoid using ! as last char of line.

2007-04-03 12:55  giva

	* src/main.c: djgpp isn't the only possible DOS target.  Use the
	  more traditional DJGPP define.  Added basename() for non-djgpp

2007-04-03 12:30  giva

	* src/main.c: Simplify setting binary mode on file-descriptors.
	  Work around the non-standard _setmode() in Metaware's HighC.

2007-04-03 12:18  giva

	* lib/config.dos: DOS targets do have setmode().

2007-04-03 06:11  danf

	* src/main.c: Added --ftp-account to --help output.

2007-04-03 04:57  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/ try not to link with unneeded libs,
	  avoiding global LDADD

2007-04-03 04:45  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Cleanup. Warnings related with
	  FD_SET, FD_ISSET, and FD_ZERO macros are not icc 9.0 specific.

2007-04-03 04:36  yangtse

	* tests/ when detecting un/supported sshd options use
	  curl's sshd config file.

2007-04-03 02:06  danf

	* tests/ Eliminate the sshd option checking dependency
	  on wc and make it faster.

2007-04-02 23:24  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssh.c: Nick Zitzmann made
	  CURLOPT_POSTQUOTE work for SFTP as well.

2007-04-02 06:14  yangtse

	* tests/ fix error in previous commit

2007-04-02 05:38  yangtse

	* lib/getinfo.c: fix compiler warning

2007-04-02 04:13  yangtse

	* lib/select.c: fix compiler warning

2007-04-02 03:21  yangtse

	* tests/ verify ssh daemon version

2007-04-01 15:59  gknauf

	* tests/ print update message only if we really update

2007-04-01 14:37  gknauf

	* .cvsignore: ignore another generated file.

2007-04-01 10:24  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/multi.c, lib/urldata.h: Robert Iakobashvili made
	  curl_multi_remove_handle() a lot faster when many easy handles
	  are added to a multi handle, by avoiding the looping over all the
	  handles to find which one to remove.

2007-04-01 09:51  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES,, lib/strequal.c,
	  src/config-win32.h, src/main.c: Matt Kraai provided a patch that
	  makes curl build on QNX 6 fine again. Mostly by letting configure
	  check for setmode and ifdef on HAVE_SETMODE. NOTE: non- configure
	  platforms that havve setmode() needs their hard-coded config.h
	  files fixed. I fixed the src/config-win32.h.

2007-04-01 08:28  danf

	* tests/data/: DISABLED, test604, test605: Added scp and sftp
	  nonexistent file retrieval tests, but leave them disabled for

2007-03-31 23:38  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: 26 flaws identified by

2007-03-31 23:35  bagder

	* src/main.c: Since the str2num() function gets called with the
	  'nextarg' pointer from within the getparameter a lot, we must
	  check it for NULL before accessing the str data.  CID 14 of the scan

2007-03-31 23:28  bagder

	* src/main.c: check the correct variable to want about --stderr
	  failures properly CID 18 by the scan

2007-03-31 23:20  bagder

	* src/main.c: fix memory leak in case of memory problems CID 16 by scan

2007-03-31 23:15  bagder

	* src/main.c: fix a (minor) memory leak in case of error CID 21 in
	  the scan

2007-03-31 23:10  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.c: Pointless to check for non-NULL pointers that
	  already have been dereferenced and they have to be non-NULL long
	  before this check.  CID 22 in the scan

2007-03-31 23:06  bagder

	* lib/dict.c: avoid dereferencing a NULL pointer by setting a
	  default word to lookup in case it is missing CID 5 in the scan

2007-03-31 23:01  bagder

	* lib/formdata.c: Better deal with NULL pointers.  CID 3 and 4 from
	  the scan.

2007-03-31 22:47  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: "Pixel" fixed a problem that appeared
	  when you used -f with user+password embedded in the URL.

2007-03-31 22:46  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: [no log message]

2007-03-31 22:19  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3: add units to a few info

2007-03-31 22:17  bagder

	* docs/BINDINGS: new URL for wxWidgets binding

2007-03-31 22:00  danf

	* tests/data/DISABLED: Disable the SSH tests until the libssh2 bugs
	  that causes test hangs are sorted out.

2007-03-31 13:28  bagder

	* lib/easy.c: When curl_easy_duphandle() fails because it can't get
	  or make a connection cache, we must make sure not to derefence
	  the NULL pointer...  CID 6 scan

2007-03-31 13:12  bagder

	* lib/getinfo.c: The info types cannot be checked for explicity by
	  ANDing the types since they have not been properly defined to
	  allow this! Instead of changing the defines and break the
	  ABI/API, I opted to modify the code to check for exact type
	  matches.  CID 10 scan

2007-03-31 12:56  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: Check for a NULL easy->easy_conn in multi_getsock()
	  since it can in fact happen when curl_multi_remove_handle() is
	  called.  CID 13. scan

2007-03-31 12:39  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: Removed check for ftpcode being NULL, as later it is
	  derefenced unconditionally anyway and we can just as well rely on
	  it being valid.  CID 12, scan

2007-03-31 05:21  yangtse

	* tests/ sshd might fail to start if given an
	  unsupported configuration option.  Try to avoid this problem
	  checking for some possible unsupported options, and avoid using
	  them in the configuration file.

2007-03-31 00:07  danf

	* tests/data/: test206, test209, test213, test265: Fixed some typos
	  in the comments.

2007-03-31 00:04  danf

	* tests/data/:, test404, test405: Resurrected old FTPS
	  error tests 402 and 403 as 404 and 405.

2007-03-30 22:54  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: Pointer "conn" dereferenced before NULL check.
	  found by scan

2007-03-30 22:52  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: Pointer "cur_pos" dereferenced before NULL check,
	  found by scan.  Removed the NULL check since the
	  pointer must be valid already.

2007-03-30 22:50  bagder

	* src/main.c: pointless check for 'out' being non-NULL, since it
	  was badly done and is unnecessary - found by scan

2007-03-30 21:59  bagder

	* lib/socks.c: dead code removed, found by the scan

2007-03-30 20:50  danf

	* tests/data/:, test292, test293, test403: Added HTTP
	  --max-filesize tests and FTPS CCC failure test.

2007-03-30 12:11  yangtse

	* tests/ Searching for sshd and sftp-server will be
	  done first in the PATH and afterwards in other common locations.

2007-03-30 04:59  yangtse

	* tests/.cvsignore: ignore more generated files

2007-03-30 03:13  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/ftp.c, tests/data/, tests/data/test283,
	  tests/data/test290, tests/data/test291: Don't tear down the ftp
	  connection if the maximum filesize was exceeded and added tests
	  290 and 291 to check.

2007-03-30 02:08  danf

	* tests/data/:, test402: Added FTP-SSL failure test 402

2007-03-30 00:50  danf

	* tests/data/:, test401: Added ftps upload test 401

2007-03-29 23:01  danf

	* docs/LICENSE-MIXING: Added a libssh2 section.

2007-03-29 22:44  danf

	* docs/MANUAL: Show an absolute sftp: file path to give an
	  additional example.

2007-03-29 21:19  danf

	* tests/data/: test600, test601, test602, test603: Eliminated extra
	  / in scp/sftp URLs.

2007-03-29 21:17  danf

	* lib/ssh.c: Send an EOF message before closing a channel, as
	  recommended by RFC4254.  Enable libssh2 tracing when ssh
	  debugging is turned on.

2007-03-29 20:46  danf

	* tests/ Add another option to tighten the test

2007-03-29 14:29  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: fix compiler warning

2007-03-29 07:25  danf

	* tests/ Abort if attempting to run as root.

2007-03-29 02:11  yangtse

	* lib/select.c: fix error introduced in last commit

2007-03-29 01:53  yangtse

	* packages/vms/config-vms.h: Update comment

2007-03-28 21:05  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: fix compiler warning

2007-03-28 20:59  yangtse

	* lib/select.c: Improve detection of socket events which allow a
	  further recv() call to complete with no delay and actually find
	  out what happened with the socket. As well as detection of socket
	  send()able condition.

	  This also allows removal of a Cygwin specific block of code.

2007-03-28 06:48  giva

	* lib/config.dos: djgpp uses gcc which has varadic macros.

2007-03-28 06:44  giva

	* lib/url.c: Fix compiler warning.

2007-03-28 06:36  danf

	* tests/ Only show exit status in verbose mode.

2007-03-28 06:23  giva

	* lib/url.c: Simplified code around 'tld_errmsg' a bit.

2007-03-28 06:05  danf

	* tests/ Don't launch sshd as a daemon so its output
	  can be logged.

2007-03-27 21:27  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  src/Makefile.netware: added variadic macro stuff.

2007-03-27 20:16  yangtse

	* lib/: ftp.c, gtls.c, http.c, ssluse.c: Update message

2007-03-27 20:15  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/easy.c, lib/hostares.c, lib/select.c,
	  lib/select.h: New Internal wrapper function Curl_select() around
	  select (2), it uses poll() when a fine poll() is available, so
	  now libcurl can be built without select() support at all if a
	  fine poll() is available.

2007-03-27 17:22  yangtse

	* lib/select.c: don't retry select() call upon unrecoverable error

2007-03-27 07:10  danf

	* acinclude.m4: Daniel Johnson's fix for shared object extension
	  detection on Mac OS X.

2007-03-27 06:17  yangtse

	* lib/sendf.h: Platforms that lack autotools support should define
	  specific compiler versions that support variadic macros with C99
	  style and/or old gcc style in their specific config.h file.

	  If previous definitions are not done, even when aplicable, and
	  --disable-verbose is used, the fallback (void) method will be
	  used to define infof, avoiding the inclusion of unwanted strings
	  in the resulting library/executable.

2007-03-27 06:01  danf

	* tests/: README, Tighten up a few more OpenSSH

2007-03-27 01:26  yangtse

	* CHANGES: Fix date

2007-03-27 01:23  yangtse

	* CHANGES, lib/connect.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/gtls.c, lib/http.c,
	  lib/select.c, lib/select.h, lib/socks.c, lib/ssluse.c,
	  lib/tftp.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c: Internal function
	  Curl_select() renamed to Curl_socket_ready()

2007-03-26 21:23  danf

	* tests/data/:, test600, test601, test602, test603:
	  Added SFTP and SCP upload tests in test602 & test603

2007-03-26 20:04  danf

	* tests/: README, data/test600, data/test601: Added test600 and
	  test601, SFTP and SCP file retrieval tests.

2007-03-26 19:18  gknauf

	* tests/ catch up new lib extension when build with

2007-03-26 19:01  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: changed link lib
	  order to make nlmconv happy.

2007-03-26 03:54  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  src/Makefile.netware: added CVS Id tag.

2007-03-26 03:50  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  src/Makefile.netware: fixed  build to use compiler-default lib

2007-03-25 10:41  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: #92 is fixed

2007-03-25 10:41  bagder

	* docs/CONTRIBUTE: Added the How to get your patches into the
	  libcurl sources instruction posted recently

2007-03-25 10:16  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: added Daniel Johnson

2007-03-25 10:16  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/multi.c: - Daniel Johnson fixed multi code to
	  traverse the easy handle list properly.    A left-over bug from
	  the February 21 fix.

2007-03-25 09:44  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE, docs/KNOWN_BUGS: addressed (replied to with
	  comments) most out-stading release issues and moved one over to

2007-03-25 05:20  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: fix compiler warning

2007-03-25 04:30  yangtse

	* lib/: cookie.c, ftp.c, ssluse.c, telnet.c: fix compiler warning

2007-03-25 03:59  yangtse

	* lib/: ftp.c, hostip4.c, url.c: fix compiler warning

2007-03-24 18:23  danf

	* lib/: ssh.c, url.c: Fixed a couple of compile problems.

2007-03-24 07:29  danf

	* tests/ Added

2007-03-24 03:15  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/url.c, tests/data/, tests/data/test288:
	  Fixed a memory leak when specifying a proxy with a file: URL and
	  added test case 288 to verify it.

2007-03-24 02:01  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/FILEFORMAT, tests/, tests/
	  Changed the test harness to attempt to gracefully shut down
	  servers before resorting to the kill -9 hammer.

	  Added test harness infrastructure to support scp/sftp tests,
	  using OpenSSH as the server.

2007-03-23 23:25  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: add missing state name for the debug state switch

2007-03-23 23:24  bagder

	* lib/url.c: fix debug message

2007-03-23 18:59  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/MANUAL, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, lib/ssh.c, src/main.c: Added
	  --pubkey option to curl and made --key also work for SCP/SFTP,
	  plus made --pass work on an SSH private key as well.

2007-03-23 13:13  yangtse

	* lib/sendf.h: fix yet another leftover in previous commit

2007-03-23 13:09  yangtse

	* lib/sendf.h: fix leftover in previous commit

2007-03-23 13:01  yangtse

	* lib/sendf.h: fix compiler warning: empty body in an

2007-03-23 05:23  yangtse

	* lib/progress.c: Change spelling, ONE_TERRABYTE -> ONE_TERABYTE

	  Shave off a couple of function calls in the part of
	  Curl_pgrsUpdate() which is always executed when called.

	  Fix a couple of comments.

2007-03-23 01:03  danf

	* lib/ssh.c: Don't shut down sftp in an error if it was never

2007-03-22 20:45  danf

	* src/main.c: Free some additional strings on exit to avoid memory

2007-03-22 19:59  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: fix wrong macro name introduced in las commit

2007-03-22 19:25  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, Add check for compiler variadic macro
	  support in configuration script

2007-03-22 18:58  danf

	* lib/hostip4.c: Fixed unused variable compiler warning.

2007-03-22 18:18  danf

	* lib/sendf.h: Use C99-style variadic macros when available.

2007-03-22 16:32  yangtse

	* lib/select.c: Add a couple of local macros to improve code

	  For completeness sake, wait_ms() might also get interrupted when
	  experimental CURL_ACKNOWLEDGE_EINTR is defined.

2007-03-22 16:23  bagder

	* docs/MANUAL: -z hasn't supported "yesterday" for quite some

2007-03-22 15:41  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: attempt to keep message length
	  below 80 chars

2007-03-21 14:09  yangtse

	* lib/: sendf.c, sendf.h: reverted back to previous version =>

2007-03-21 09:17  yangtse

	* lib/: sendf.c, sendf.h: avoid the use of variadic macros for
	  greater portability

2007-03-21 08:29  yangtse

	* lib/select.c: fix compiler warning: implicit conversion from
	  "long" to "int"

2007-03-20 21:00  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/select.c: Fixed: When a signal was
	  caught awaiting for an event using Curl_select() or Curl_poll()
	  with a non-zero timeout both functions would restart the
	  specified timeout. This could even lead to the extreme case that
	  if a signal arrived with a frecuency lower to the specified
	  timeout neither function would ever exit.

	  Added experimental symbol definition check CURL_ACKNOWLEDGE_EINTR
	  in Curl_select() and Curl_poll(). When compiled with
	  CURL_ACKNOWLEDGE_EINTR defined both functions will return as soon
	  as a signal is caught. Use it at your own risk, all calls to
	  these functions in the library should be revisited and checked
	  before fully supporting this feature.

2007-03-20 17:30  giva

	* lib/: Makefile.netware, config-tpf.h, config-win32ce.h: Remove
	  unneeded 'HAVE_*' defines.

2007-03-19 16:41  yangtse

	* Avoid false positive detection of yaSSL

2007-03-19 13:14  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: committed

2007-03-19 13:02  yangtse

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/progress.c: Bryan Henderson fixed the
	  progress function so that it can get called more frequently
	  allowing same calling frecuency for the client progress callback,
	  while keeping the once a second frecuency for speed calculations
	  and internal display of the transfer progress.

2007-03-19 00:16  bagder

	* tests/FILEFORMAT: language fix

2007-03-19 00:13  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: Removed: yassl build breaks Added: Frequent calling
	  of user progress callback

2007-03-18 23:37  bagder

	* tests/ detect and show if built with yassl, but also
	  set the "openssl" flag internally since that is the API yassl
	  attempts to provide

2007-03-18 23:36  bagder

	* detect if built with the OpenSSL API "emulated" by

2007-03-18 18:29  yangtse

	* lib/select.c: Fix compiler warning/error: ISO C90 forbids mixed
	  declarations and code

2007-03-18 05:51  yangtse

	* lib/: select.c, select.h: Code refactoring, extracting a new
	  function wait_ms() from Curl_select and Curl_poll() which is
	  called whenever not a single valid file descriptor is passed to
	  these functions.

	  Improve readibility using a poll() macro to replace WSApoll().

2007-03-17 19:19  giva

	* lib/config-win32.h: Remove unneeded 'HAVE_*' defines. Detect i386
	  OS-target (gcc).

2007-03-17 18:58  giva

	* docs/examples/ Added cvs id. Use TOPDIR variable.
	  Updated CSOURCES.  Dependencies are now put in external file

2007-03-17 18:56  giva

	* ares/ Added a hack to work around the circular
	  dependency when CURL_DEBUG is defined.

2007-03-16 23:44  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib509.c: openssl/bio.h doesn't exist when we build
	  with yassl so avoid trying

2007-03-16 05:34  danf

	* tests/data/test75: Fixed the test case to use a truly invalid
	  urlglob range.

2007-03-15 23:43  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: Sebastien Trottier's issue

2007-03-15 23:34  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: eight fresh issues to keep track of

2007-03-15 23:29  danf

	* CHANGES: Various memory leaks plugged and NULL pointer fixes made
	  in the ssh code.

2007-03-15 23:05  bagder

	* CHANGES, src/urlglob.c: - Nick made the curl tool accept globbing
	  ranges that only is one number, i.e	you can now use [1-1]
	  without curl complaining.

2007-03-15 22:25  danf

	* lib/ssh.c: Fixed some memory leaks in various error paths.

2007-03-15 16:35  yangtse

	* ares/, show better description for
	  AMD64-linux static libraries PIC check

2007-03-15 01:04  danf

	* lib/ssh.c: Fixed a memory leak.

2007-03-15 00:40  bagder

	*, lib/ssluse.c: yassl doesn't have SSL_get_shutdown()
	  in its OpenSSL() layer so we check for it and avoid it, even if
	  this cripples the CCC command

2007-03-14 03:04  danf

	* lib/ssh.c: Fixed a NULL pointer dereference on sftp
	  initialization failure.  Added some more debug logs.

2007-03-13 20:54  danf

	* RELEASE-NOTES: --ftp-ssl-control is now honoured on ftps:// URLs

2007-03-13 13:52  giva

	* lib/connect.c: Use Curl_inet_pton() instead of inet_pton().

2007-03-12 21:50  danf

	* tests/ libcurl supplies its own crypto hash functions
	  when SSL is disabled, so 'crypto' tests aren't dependent on SSL.
	  Compiling with --disable-crypto-auth will cause test failures,

2007-03-12 14:20  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: RECV is for download

2007-03-12 06:09  yangtse

	* lib/ldap.c: Emmanuel Dreyfus fixed not being able to find
	  ber_free() in libldap when available in liblber.

2007-03-11 23:48  bagder

	* lib/url.c: can just as well NULLify the pointer in a single spot

2007-03-11 10:11  bagder

	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, lib/progress.c, lib/select.c,
	  lib/select.h, lib/transfer.c: reverted the pselect patch =>

2007-03-11 01:26  yangtse

	* lib/connect.c: fix compiler warning: unused variable

2007-03-10 23:51  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: Eygene Ryabinkin fixed a
	  use-after-free issue with HTTP transfers with the multi interface

2007-03-10 23:36  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Bryan Henderson

2007-03-10 13:11  bagder

	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, lib/progress.c, lib/select.c,
	  lib/select.h, lib/transfer.c: - Bryan Henderson introduces two
	  things:   1) the progress callback gets called more frequently
	  (at times)   2) libcurl *might* call the callback when it
	  receives a signal

2007-03-10 12:54  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: pycurl 7.16.1

2007-03-10 01:19  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib502.c, lib503.c, lib504.c, lib507.c, lib509.c,
	  lib525.c, lib526.c, lib530.c, lib533.c, lib536.c: change max
	  allowed time for this test to complete to 90 seconds

2007-03-10 00:39  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/FILEFORMAT, tests/, tests/data/test153,
	  tests/data/test154, tests/data/test167, tests/data/test168,
	  tests/data/test175, tests/data/test177, tests/data/test206,
	  tests/data/test245, tests/data/test246, tests/data/test258,
	  tests/data/test259, tests/data/test273, tests/data/test64,
	  tests/data/test65, tests/data/test72, tests/data/test88: Updated
	  the test harness to add a new "crypto" feature check and updated
	  the appropriate test case to use it.	For now, this is treated
	  the same as the "SSL" feature because curl doesn't list it

2007-03-09 23:48  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/connect.c: - Robert Iakobashvili
	  fixed CURLOPT_INTERFACE for IPv6.

2007-03-09 23:26  bagder

	* CHANGES, maketgz, lib/Makefile.vc6, src/Makefile.vc6: - Robert A.
	  Monat improved the maketgz and VC6/8 generating to set the
	  correct   machine type too.

2007-03-09 22:51  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c: - Justin Fletcher fixed a
	  file descriptor leak in the curl tool when trying to	 upload a
	  file it couldn't open. Bug #1676581

2007-03-09 22:01  danf

	* CHANGES, docs/KNOWN_BUGS, tests/FILEFORMAT, tests/,
	  tests/data/test19, tests/data/test20, tests/data/test200,
	  tests/data/test201, tests/data/test202, tests/data/test203,
	  tests/data/test204, tests/data/test205, tests/data/test208,
	  tests/data/test212, tests/data/test501, tests/data/test504,
	  tests/data/test75, tests/data/test76, tests/data/test79,
	  tests/data/test87: Updated the test harness to check for protocol
	  support before running each test, fixing KNOWN_BUGS #11.  Fixed
	  some tests to more accurately specify their required servers and

2007-03-08 21:00  danf

	* tests/FILEFORMAT: Made a few cleanups.

2007-03-08 20:50  danf

	* CHANGES, tests/data/test400: Added SSL as a required feature for
	  test case 400.

2007-03-08 13:04  yangtse

	* ares/acinclude.m4: remove code superceeded by the new method used
	  to force libtool to skip C++ and Fortran checks in patchset:

2007-03-08 03:38  danf

	* tests/: README,,, data/,
	  data/test400: Added test infrastructure to support basic FTPS
	  tests.  This currently supports only ftps:// URLs with
	  --ftp-ssl-control specified, which implicitly encrypts the
	  control channel but not the data channels.  That allows stunnel
	  to be used with an unmodified ftp server in exactly the same way
	  that the test https server is set up.  Added test case 400 as a
	  basic FTPS test.

2007-03-07 23:42  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/url.c: Honour --ftp-ssl-control on ftps:// URLs to
	  allow encrypted control and unencrypted data connections.

2007-03-07 19:02  yangtse

	*, ares/ fix test leftover in previous

2007-03-07 18:59  yangtse

	* ares/, force libtool to build static
	  libraries with PIC on AMD64

2007-03-07 02:13  yangtse

	*, ares/ Autoconf redefines the M4
	  builtin macro 'm4_undefine' in such a way that it fails if the
	  macro that is being undefined is not already defined. To make
	  this work under all cases and be sure that at a certain point
	  some specific macro isn't defined we must use the following style
	  in configure:

	  m4_ifdef([macro], [m4_undefine([macro])])

2007-03-06 20:55  danf

	* src/main.c: Fixed a couple of problems detected by valgrind in
	  test cases 181 & 216

2007-03-06 19:08  danf

	*, ares/ Autoconf 2.57 didn't like these
	  m4_undefine for some reason (probably a bug).  Luckily, they
	  weren't needed.

2007-03-06 17:53  yangtse

	*, ares/ skip libtool C++ and Fortran
	  linker checks

2007-03-06 06:05  yangtse

	*, ares/ skip libtool C++ and Fortran

2007-03-03 06:16  yangtse

	* tests/data/: test278, test279: stricter newline policy

2007-03-03 05:27  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib530.c: 30 seconds isn't long enough for this
	  test on a loaded server.

2007-03-03 03:06  yangtse

	* tests/data/: test278, test279: stricter newline policy

2007-03-02 23:42  bagder

	* CHANGES, Makefile.dist, RELEASE-NOTES, maketgz: - Robert A. Monat
	  and Shmulik Regev helped out to fix the new */Makefile.vc8
	  makefiles that are included in the source release archives,
	  generated from   the Makefile.vc6 files by the maketgz script. I
	  also modified the root   Makefile to have a VC variable that
	  defaults to vc6 but can be overridden to   allow it to be used
	  for vc8 as well. Like this:

	      nmake VC=vc8 vc

2007-03-01 22:26  bagder

	* docs/MANUAL: remove unncessary and wrong remark

2007-03-01 17:42  yangtse

	* tests/ Reduce the posibility of leaving the
	  sockfilter hanging around when tearing down the test ftp server
	  due to a read error condition.

2007-03-01 13:02  yangtse

	* lib/multi.c: Do not remove CURLM_STATE_WAITPROXYCONNECT from the
	  CURLMstate enum in builds with HTTP support disabled to keep
	  consistent enum values for CURLMstate in all kind of builds.

2007-02-28 16:10  yangtse

	* lib/nwlib.c: proper symbol definition check for Novell NetWare

2007-02-28 15:45  yangtse

	* lib/amigaos.c, lib/amigaos.h, lib/config-amigaos.h, lib/easy.c,
	  lib/if2ip.c, lib/mprintf.c, lib/setup.h, src/config-amigaos.h,
	  src/main.c, src/setup.h: proper symbol definition check for all
	  AmigaOS flavours

2007-02-28 11:30  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: clarify that -K files are expected to have one
	  option per line

2007-02-28 06:15  yangtse

	* lib/: amigaos.c, amigaos.h, nwlib.c: protect from themselves
	  those who need it

2007-02-28 00:46  yangtse

	* tests/ log a 1120 chars long string to aid in
	  quoted-printable and soft line break detection in daily build

2007-02-27 23:12  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: - Hang Kin Lau found and
	  fixed: When I use libcurl to connect to an https   server through
	  a proxy and have the remote https server port set using the
	  CURLOPT_PORT option, protocol gets reset to http from https after
	  the first   request.

	    User defined URL was modified internally by libcurl and
	  subsequent reuse of
	    the easy handle may lead to connection using a different
	  protocol (if not
	    originally http).

	    I found that libcurl hardcoded the protocol to "http" when it
	  tries to
	    regenerate the URL if CURLOPT_PORT is set. I tried to fix the
	  problem as
	    follows and it's working fine so far

2007-02-27 16:44  giva

	* src/ Added "CSOURCES = $(CURL_SOURCES)".

2007-02-27 16:35  giva

	* ares/ Added TOPDIR variable. Put dependencies in
	  external file.  Added -DHAVE_STRUCT_TIMEVAL to CFLAGS.

2007-02-27 16:32  giva

	* src/ Remove $(CURL_SOURCES).

2007-02-27 16:27  giva

	* src/ Added TOPDIR variable. Put dependencies in
	  external file.  config.h includes ../lib/config.dos.

2007-02-27 16:24  giva

	* lib/ Added TOPDIR variable. Put dependencies in
	  external file.

2007-02-27 16:22  giva

	* packages/DOS/ Added TOPDIR variable. Updated package
	  locations.  Simplified dependency generation.

2007-02-27 14:51  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: HTTP Digest header parsing fix

2007-02-27 13:44  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-tutorial.3: Somewhat updated, changes
	  include: I tried to be more agnostic about the specific SSL
	  library that might be used, and I cut out the closepolicy stuff
	  that we no longer support

2007-02-27 03:24  yangtse

	* lib/multi.c: no proxy support if libcurl is built with HTTP

2007-02-26 23:03  bagder

	* lib/http_digest.c: Jose Kahan pointed out a Digest server that
	  provided the algorith last in the header line without quotes and
	  with a CRLF immediately following...

2007-02-26 05:33  giva

	* ares/: adig.c, ahost.c, ares__get_hostent.c, ares_expand_name.c,
	  ares_expand_string.c, ares_fds.c, ares_gethostbyaddr.c,
	  ares_gethostbyname.c, ares_getnameinfo.c, ares_getsock.c,
	  ares_init.c, ares_mkquery.c, ares_parse_a_reply.c,
	  ares_parse_aaaa_reply.c, ares_parse_ns_reply.c,
	  ares_parse_ptr_reply.c, ares_process.c, ares_query.c,
	  ares_send.c, ares_timeout.c, bitncmp.c, inet_net_pton.c,
	  inet_ntop.c: Removed inclusion of <sys/types.h> in .c-files since
	  it's already included through "setup.h".

2007-02-26 05:24  giva

	* lib/: connect.c, dict.c, easy.c, file.c, formdata.c, ftp.c,
	  gtls.c, hostares.c, hostasyn.c, hostip.c, hostip4.c, hostip6.c,
	  hostsyn.c, hostthre.c, http.c, inet_ntop.c, inet_pton.c, ldap.c,
	  mprintf.c, multi.c, netrc.c, nss.c, select.c, sendf.c, ssh.c,
	  sslgen.c, ssluse.c, telnet.c, tftp.c, transfer.c, url.c: Removed
	  inclusion of <sys/types.h> and <sys/stat.h> in .c-files since
	  they're already included through "setup.h".

2007-02-26 04:41  giva

	* lib/config.dos: Removed unneeded 'HAVE_x' defines.

2007-02-26 04:38  giva

	* lib/setup.h: Fix typo.

2007-02-25 19:02  giva

	* src/main.c: Constify some arguments.

2007-02-25 18:34  giva

	* src/Makefile.Watcom: Use dynamic version of libcurl. Use '\' in

2007-02-25 12:50  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Two new mirrors, but the total amount of mirrors
	  still don't go up very much due to the frequent dying of

2007-02-25 12:38  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, lib/multi.c, lib/urldata.h: -
	  Adam D. Moss made the HTTP CONNECT procedure less blocking when
	  used from   the multi interface. Note that it still does a part
	  of the connection in a   blocking manner.

2007-02-23 11:08  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: Works for me

2007-02-23 10:48  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/curl.1, src/main.c: - Added warning outputs if the
	  command line uses more than one of the options   -v, --trace and
	  --trace-ascii, since it could really confuse the user.
	  Clarified this fact in the man page.

2007-02-22 22:21  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: setting CURLOPT_PROXY to ""
	  explicitly disables the use of a proxy (even if there is an
	  environment variable set)

2007-02-22 19:35  danf

	* tests/ 5 seconds isn't always enough time to start a
	  server on a loaded system.

2007-02-22 18:34  yangtse

	* tests/ remove redundant check in timestamp detection

2007-02-22 17:44  yangtse

	* ares/, include <sys/types.h> when
	  checking availability of the bool type

2007-02-22 08:39  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-22 07:22  yangtse

	* lib/http_chunks.c: Fix compiler warning "statement is

2007-02-22 07:19  yangtse

	* lib/: content_encoding.c, urldata.h: Fix compiler warnings

	  "case label value exceeds maximum value for type" and "comparison
	  is always false due to limited range of data type"

	  Both triggered when using a bool variable as the switch variable
	  in a switch statement and using enums for the case targets.

2007-02-22 03:51  yangtse

	* ares/ares_process.c,, ares/,
	  ares/setup_once.h, lib/connect.c, lib/setup.h, lib/setup_once.h,
	  src/setup.h, tests/libtest/test.h, tests/server/util.h: Check for
	  stdbool.h at configuration stage, and include it if available.

	  Check for lowercase 'bool' type at configuration stage. If not
	  available provide a suitable replacement with a type definition
	  of 'unsigned char' in setup_once.h

	  Move definitions of TRUE and FALSE to setup_once.h

2007-02-21 23:02  bagder

	* lib/http_ntlm.c: silence two cases of "comparison between signed
	  and unsigned"

2007-02-21 22:59  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_chunks.c, lib/http_chunks.h,
	  lib/multi.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/transfer.h, lib/url.c,
	  tests/data/test34: - Ravi Pratap provided work on libcurl making
	  pipelining more robust and   fixing some bugs:   o Don't mix GET
	  and POST requests in a pipeline   o Fix the order in which
	  requests are dispatched from the pipeline   o Fixed several curl
	  bugs with pipelining when the server is returning	chunked
	  encoding:	* Added states to chunked parsing for final CRLF
	  * Rewind buffer after parsing chunk with data remaining     *
	  Moved chunked header initializing to a spot just before receiving

2007-02-21 20:03  yangtse

	* ares/ares_strerror.c, ares/setup_once.h, lib/connect.c,
	  lib/hostip.c, lib/hostthre.c, lib/http.c, lib/http_ntlm.c,
	  lib/inet_ntop.c, lib/memdebug.c, lib/setup.h, lib/setup_once.h,
	  lib/ssluse.c, lib/strerror.c, lib/telnet.c, lib/transfer.c:
	  curlassert macro replaced with DEBUGASSERT macro defined in

2007-02-21 19:05  danf

	* lib/socks.c: Include some possible dependencies of arpa/inet.h

2007-02-21 16:01  giva

	* ares/: adig.c, ahost.c: Cleanup WIN32 target using WSACleanup().

2007-02-21 06:48  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: fix compiler warning "enumerated type mixed with
	  another type"

2007-02-20 23:08  linus

	* RELEASE-NOTES, docs/KNOWN_BUGS: New FTP CCC functionality - adds
	  passive and active mode to accomodate for different server

2007-02-20 23:02  linus

	* docs/curl.1, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/ftp.c, lib/gtls.c, lib/ssluse.c,
	  lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/main.c: New FTP CCC functionality -
	  adds passive and active mode to accomodate for different server

2007-02-20 18:31  danf

	* lib/socks.c: Include network byte order conversion macros on

2007-02-20 15:26  yangtse

	* lib/getinfo.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-20 15:01  yangtse

	* lib/socks.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-20 13:13  yangtse

	* src/: Makefile.Watcom,, Makefile.m32, Makefile.vc6,
	  curlutil.c, curlutil.h, main.c, makefile.amiga, curl
	  tool was using functions curlx_tvnow and curlx_tvdiff which are
	  not part of the official libcurl API The documented
	  way of using them would be to use timeval.c as a source code

	  The above described method works very well when statically
	  linking libcurl and apps, curl tool, but has several drawbacks
	  when you build a true shared libcurl (i.e. Name space clash at
	  linkage stage as functions are defined more than once. Windows
	  makefiles are not capable of handling this system of source-level


	  Now curlutil.h and curlutil.c define and implement cutil_tvnow
	  and cutil_tvdiff which replace curlx_tvnow and curlx_tvdiff for
	  the curl tool. Doing this we avoid the above described problems.

2007-02-20 13:12  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h, lib/setup_once.h, lib/timeval.h,
	  tests/libtest/testutil.c, tests/libtest/testutil.h: Move header
	  file inclusion logic and definition of timeval struct for
	  platforms that don't have it to setup_once.h

2007-02-20 06:28  yangtse

	* tests/ Several corrections & changes to what has been
	  stated in revision 1.45

	  1) The maketgz script does not insert the timestamp in curlver.h,
	     it actually updates it. For CVS versions it is the "CVS"

	  2) will always print the "date" string which
	  represents	the moment the test build is run.

	  3) may not print the "timestamp" string since the
	  script    may end before it is printed out. (i.e. unable to
	  update from CVS)

	  4) The "timestamp" string printed will be the same as the "date"
	  one	 unless one of the following conditions is met.

	     *) It is a tarball-based build. Timestamp will be creation

	     *) CVS update has been done. Timestamp will be end of CVS

2007-02-20 02:09  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: testutil.c, testutil.h: add tutil_tvdiff_secs()
	  for completeness

2007-02-19 22:50  danf

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Mention curl-config dependencies fix.

2007-02-19 20:46  yangtse

	* tests/ fix typo

2007-02-19 20:41  yangtse

	* tests/ Show libcurl's timestamp. This timestamp is
	  only available in curlver.h for tarball-based tests and builds,
	  the maketgz script inserts it when the tarball is created. For
	  CVS-based tests and builds the timestamp we show is the current
	  UTC build time as it is the CVS version timestamp.

	  In this way, all builds will have a valid source code timestamp
	  which isn't related to the moment the tests and build is
	  performed, with the exception of CVS-based ones which have the
	  same "date" and "timestamp"

2007-02-19 18:44  giva

	* ares/Makefile.vc6: Added ares_parse_ns_reply.obj etc.

2007-02-19 18:41  giva

	* ares/adig.c: INADDR_NONE no longer used.

2007-02-19 18:40  giva

	* ares/windows_port.c: Fixed typo.

2007-02-19 15:06  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES,, ares.h, ares_parse_ns_reply.3,
	  ares_parse_ns_reply.c: Vlad Dinulescu added ares_parse_ns_reply()

2007-02-19 13:37  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/libcurl.m4: Ian Turner fixed
	  the libcurl.m4 macro's support for --with-libcurl.  AC_PATH_PROG
	  was not used properly.

2007-02-19 13:20  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: - Shmulik Regev found a memory
	  leak in re-used HTTPS connections, at least	when the multi
	  interface was used.

2007-02-19 12:55  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: and fix warnings due to lack of protos

2007-02-19 12:53  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/KNOWN_BUGS, lib/ftp.c, lib/socks.c,
	  lib/socks.h, lib/url.c: - Robson Braga Araujo made passive FTP
	  transfers work with SOCKS (both 4 and   5).

2007-02-19 12:47  bagder

	* lib/gtls.c: fixed code to compile and removed one warning

2007-02-19 05:51  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib509.c: log a message, stating the need of
	  openssl to run this test

2007-02-19 04:59  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: Oops missing var

2007-02-19 03:29  yangtse

	* ares/ares_mkquery.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-19 03:03  yangtse

	* ares/ares_gethostbyaddr.c, ares/ares_gethostbyname.c,
	  ares/ares_init.c, ares/ares_search.c, tests/server/sockfilt.c,
	  tests/server/sws.c, tests/server/tftpd.c, tests/server/util.c:
	  add debug messages for initialization failures

2007-02-19 00:02  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/KNOWN_BUGS, lib/http.c, lib/multi.c,
	  lib/url.c: - Jeff Pohlmeyer identified two problems: first a
	  rather obscure problem with	the multi interface and connection
	  re-use that could make a   curl_multi_remove_handle() ruin a
	  pointer in another handle.

	    The second problem was less of an actual problem but more of
	  minor quirk:
	    the re-using of connections wasn't properly checking if the
	  connection was
	    marked for closure.

2007-02-18 01:54  yangtse

	* lib/urldata.h: Michal Marek comment fix

2007-02-18 01:34  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h, lib/setup_once.h: fix ENAMETOOLONG and
	  ENOTEMPTY may already be defined in errno.h

2007-02-17 18:55  danf

	*, Use configure's new LIBCURL_LIBS

2007-02-17 14:51  yangtse

	* ares/nameser.h, ares/setup_once.h, lib/connect.c,
	  lib/inet_ntop.c, lib/setup_once.h, tests/server/util.h: Move
	  portable error number symbolic name definitions to setup_once.h

2007-02-17 12:59  yangtse

	* ares/ares_gethostbyaddr.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-17 12:43  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/testutil.h: Replicate the configure tests that
	  determined that timeval was available.

2007-02-17 12:34  yangtse

	* ares/: ares_gethostbyaddr.c, ares_search.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-17 09:49  danf

	* Do a better job at determining what test servers
	  *really* need to link against.

2007-02-17 09:16  danf

	* tests/server/ getpart implicitly drags in some
	  networking functions, so it needs to be linked to the networking

2007-02-17 02:29  danf

	*, lib/, src/,
	  tests/server/ Better separate the library
	  dependencies into those required by libcurl and those required by
	  other components to avoid forcing unneeded dependencies into the
	  target objects.

2007-02-17 02:25  danf

	* tests/server/util.c: Remove C99isms

2007-02-17 02:23  danf

	* lib/timeval.h: Replicate the configure tests that determined that
	  timeval was available.

2007-02-16 20:41  yangtse

	* tests/server/util.c: add debug messages for fopen() failures

2007-02-16 20:17  yangtse

	* ares/ares_gethostbyaddr.c, ares/ares_search.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib505.c, tests/libtest/lib525.c: add debug
	  messages for fopen() failures

2007-02-16 19:19  yangtse

	* lib/connect.c, lib/connect.h, lib/easy.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/gtls.c,
	  lib/hostares.c, lib/hostip4.c, lib/hostip6.c, lib/hostthre.c,
	  lib/inet_pton.c, lib/memdebug.c, lib/nss.c, lib/select.c,
	  lib/sendf.c, lib/ssluse.c, lib/strtoofft.c, lib/telnet.c,
	  lib/tftp.c, lib/transfer.c, tests/server/sockfilt.c,
	  tests/server/util.c, tests/server/util.h: use macros ERRNO,
	  SET_ERRNO(), SOCKERRNO and SET_SOCKERRNO() for errno handling

2007-02-16 17:01  yangtse

	* src/main.c, tests/libtest/lib518.c, tests/libtest/lib537.c,
	  tests/libtest/test.h, tests/server/sockfilt.c,
	  tests/server/sws.c, tests/server/tftpd.c, tests/server/util.c,
	  tests/server/util.h: use macros ERRNO, SET_ERRNO(), SOCKERRNO and
	  SET_SOCKERRNO() for errno handling

2007-02-16 16:37  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: - Duncan Mac-Vicar Prett and
	  Michal Marek reported problems with resetting   CURLOPT_RANGE
	  back to no range on an easy handle when using FTP.

2007-02-16 16:27  bagder

	* lib/urldata.h: maxdownload is actually -1 for unlimited

2007-02-16 16:04  yangtse

	* ares/: adig.c, ares_init.c, ares_process.c, inet_net_pton.c,
	  inet_ntop.c, windows_port.c: use macros ERRNO, SET_ERRNO(),
	  SOCKERRNO and SET_SOCKERRNO() for errno handling

2007-02-16 15:22  yangtse

	* ares/ares_dns.h: compiler warning fix

2007-02-15 19:44  yangtse

	* lib/inet_ntop.c: avoid redefinition of SET_ERRNO()

2007-02-15 17:23  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h, lib/setup_once.h: introduce uppercase macros
	  available to any source code file which includes "setup.h".

	  Macro SOCKERRNO / SET_SOCKERRNO() returns / sets the
	  *socket-related* errno (or equivalent) on this platform to hide
	  platform details to code using it.

	  Macro ERRNO / SET_ERRNO() returns / sets the NOT *socket-related*
	  errno (or equivalent) on this platform to hide platform details
	  to code using it.

2007-02-15 15:02  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: icc 9.0 when compiling its
	  generated code for its own FD_SET, FD_ISSET, and FD_ZERO macros
	  emits warnings #1469 and #593.  So for icc 9.0 we also ignore
	  warnings #1469 and #593.  * 593 warns on "variable __d0 was set
	  but never used" * 1469 warns on "cc clobber ignored"

2007-02-15 13:14  yangtse

	* ares/ares_dns.h: compiler warning fix

2007-02-15 02:58  yangtse

	* lib/config-win32.h: Do not define HAVE_GMTIME_R for native
	  Windows builds

2007-02-15 02:38  yangtse

	* lib/strerror.c: Daniel Mirchandani fix to make libcurl build
	  nicely on Winsock build targets when --disable-verbose is

2007-02-15 02:36  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: enabled IPV6 builds.

2007-02-14 21:02  danf

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: Added --ftp-ssl-ccc issue.

2007-02-14 19:13  danf

	* CHANGES, Don't bother adding a library path of
	  /usr/lib in curl-config --libs

2007-02-14 18:38  yangtse

	* ares/ares_init.c: Oops, missing argument separator comma

2007-02-14 15:11  yangtse

	* ares/ares_init.c: in debug messages also show error description

2007-02-14 14:46  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-14 14:31  yangtse

	* ares/, ares/setup_once.h,, lib/cookie.c,
	  lib/setup_once.h: avoid using funtion isblank() and just use our
	  ISBLANK macro to provide this functionality on all platforms

2007-02-14 05:45  yangtse

	* lib/cookie.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-14 04:00  danf

	*, Fixed the problem of curl-config
	  --libs specifying unneeded libraries dependencies to

2007-02-14 01:28  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: enhance HTTP server request input writing,
	  retrying upon EINTR errors.

2007-02-13 23:50  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/urldata.h, tests/data/test100,
	  tests/data/test101, tests/data/test102, tests/data/test103,
	  tests/data/test104, tests/data/test106, tests/data/test107,
	  tests/data/test108, tests/data/test109, tests/data/test110,
	  tests/data/test111, tests/data/test112, tests/data/test114,
	  tests/data/test115, tests/data/test116, tests/data/test117,
	  tests/data/test118, tests/data/test119, tests/data/test120,
	  tests/data/test121, tests/data/test122, tests/data/test123,
	  tests/data/test124, tests/data/test125, tests/data/test126,
	  tests/data/test127, tests/data/test128, tests/data/test135,
	  tests/data/test137, tests/data/test138, tests/data/test139,
	  tests/data/test140, tests/data/test141, tests/data/test142,
	  tests/data/test143, tests/data/test144, tests/data/test145,
	  tests/data/test146, tests/data/test147, tests/data/test148,
	  tests/data/test149, tests/data/test161, tests/data/test182,
	  tests/data/test190, tests/data/test195, tests/data/test196,
	  tests/data/test210, tests/data/test211, tests/data/test212,
	  tests/data/test215, tests/data/test216, tests/data/test227,
	  tests/data/test228, tests/data/test229, tests/data/test235,
	  tests/data/test236, tests/data/test237, tests/data/test238,
	  tests/data/test247, tests/data/test248, tests/data/test250,
	  tests/data/test251, tests/data/test252, tests/data/test253,
	  tests/data/test254, tests/data/test255, tests/data/test261,
	  tests/data/test270, tests/data/test272, tests/data/test280,
	  tests/data/test505, tests/data/test511, tests/data/test520,
	  tests/data/test524, tests/data/test525, tests/data/test526,
	  tests/data/test527, tests/data/test529, tests/data/test531,
	  tests/data/test532, tests/data/test533, tests/data/test534,
	  tests/data/test538: is now the new anonymous FTP
	  password. I opted for 'ftp' on the left side of @ to make it

2007-02-13 22:21  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/config-win32.h: - Robert A. Monat made libcurl build
	  fine with VC2005 - it doesn't have   gmtime_r() like the older VC
	  versions. He also made use of some machine-	specific defines to
	  differentiate the "OS" define.

2007-02-13 20:59  danf

	* acinclude.m4: Added last-resort dynamic library names.

2007-02-13 20:01  yangtse

	*, ares/, ares/setup_once.h,
	  lib/setup_once.h: check for isblank() at configuration stage. If
	  not available provide a suitable replacement for use in our
	  ISBLANK macro

2007-02-13 19:02  yangtse

	* ares/inet_net_pton.c, ares/setup_once.h, ares/windows_port.c,
	  lib/setup_once.h: use our own ISUPPER and ISLOWER macros

2007-02-13 18:47  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h, lib/cookie.c, lib/setup_once.h: use our own
	  ISBLANK macro

2007-02-13 18:28  yangtse

	* lib/nss.c: use our own ISSPACE macro

2007-02-13 17:14  yangtse

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_init.c: Fix c-ares failing to get the search
	  sequence of /etc/hosts and DNS from /etc/nsswitch.conf,
	  /etc/host.conf or /etc/svc.conf when /etc/resolv.conf did not
	  exist or was unable to read it.

2007-02-13 03:30  yangtse

	* lib/sslgen.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-12 23:41  bagder

	* CHANGES: mention today's LIBCURL_TIMESTAMP fix

2007-02-12 23:32  bagder

	  docs/INSTALL, docs/LICENSE-MIXING, docs/TODO, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, lib/, lib/http.c,
	  lib/nss.c, lib/nssg.h, lib/setup.h, lib/sslgen.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  tests/ Rob Crittenden added support for NSS (Network
	  Security Service) for the SSL/TLS layer.

2007-02-12 22:13  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/http_chunks.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  src/main.c: - Shmulik Regev fixed so that the final CRLF of HTTP
	  response headers are sent   to the debug callback.

	  - Shmulik Regev added CURLOPT_HTTP_CONTENT_DECODING and
	  CURLOPT_HTTP_TRANSFER_DECODING that if set to zero will disable
	  libcurl's   internal decoding of content or transfer encoded
	  content. This may be	 preferable in cases where you use libcurl
	  for proxy purposes or similar. The   command line tool got a
	  --raw option to disable both at once.

2007-02-12 13:17  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Jeff Pohlmeyer for his bug fix today, but too
	  specific to get desrcibed as a bugfix here ;-)

2007-02-12 13:15  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/multi.c: - Jeff Pohlmeyer fixed a flaw in
	  curl_multi_add_handle() when adding a handle	 that has an easy
	  handle present in the "closure" list pending closure.

2007-02-12 12:53  bagder

	* maketgz, include/curl/curlver.h: When building tarballs, we also
	  set the timestamp of the generated package. This is meant to
	  primarily be used for the autobuilds to know from what point in
	  time a particular tarball is, and thus what changes it contains
	  (or not).

2007-02-11 11:10  bagder

	* docs/DISTRO-DILEMMA: updated with recent info and cut out some of
	  the more speculating parts and instead focus on explaining on how
	  the libs differ from each other

2007-02-11 10:55  bagder

	* docs/: FAQ, TODO: updated

2007-02-11 00:24  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: darned tab completion on a late evening... :-P

2007-02-11 00:23  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: minor updates to reflect reality better

2007-02-10 13:07  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-multi.3: file:// transfers are blocking

2007-02-09 13:41  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/ Include both testutil.c and
	  testutil.h, and not just testutil.c, in the list of source files
	  for those tests that use it. Otherwise testutil.h might not be
	  found by the compiler.

2007-02-09 02:17  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: testutil.c, testutil.h: Some tests were using
	  functions curlx_tvnow and curlx_tvdiff which are not part of the
	  official libcurl API The documented
	  way of using them would be to use timeval.c as a source code

	  The above described method works very well when statically
	  linking libcurl and apps, test programs, but has several
	  drawbacks when you build a true shared libcurl (i.e. Name space
	  clash at linkage stage as functions are defined more than once.
	  Windows makefiles are not capable of handling this system of
	  source-level sharing)


	  Now testutil.h and testutil.c define and implement tutil_tvnow
	  and tutil_tvdiff which replace curlx_tvnow and curlx_tvdiff for
	  the libtest programs. Doing this we avoid the above described
	  problems, and the code in the testsuite does not impose the need
	  to keep those functions public in libcurl even when not part of
	  the API.

2007-02-09 02:11  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/:, lib502.c, lib503.c, lib504.c,
	  lib507.c, lib509.c, lib525.c, lib526.c, lib530.c, lib533.c,
	  lib536.c: Some tests were using functions curlx_tvnow and
	  curlx_tvdiff which are not part of the official libcurl API The documented
	  way of using them would be to use timeval.c as a source code

	  The above described method works very well when statically
	  linking libcurl and apps, test programs, but has several
	  drawbacks when you build a true shared libcurl (i.e. Name space
	  clash at linkage stage as functions are defined more than once.
	  Windows makefiles are not capable of handling this system of
	  source-level sharing)


	  Now testutil.h and testutil.c define and implement tutil_tvnow
	  and tutil_tvdiff which replace curlx_tvnow and curlx_tvdiff for
	  the libtest programs. Doing this we avoid the above described
	  problems, and the code in the testsuite does not impose the need
	  to keep those functions public in libcurl even when not part of
	  the API.

2007-02-08 18:01  yangtse

	* ares/: ares_dns.h, ares_send.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-08 01:28  yangtse

	* ares/ use macro AC_AIX to define `_ALL_SOURCE', if
	  on AIX.

2007-02-07 23:00  bagder

	* lib/ssh.c: SCP upload done non-blocking

2007-02-07 19:13  yangtse

	* ares/ use same AIX XLC compiler options as curl's

2007-02-07 18:34  yangtse

	* AIX xlc has to have strict aliasing turned off. If
	  not, the optimizer assumes that pointers can only point to an
	  object of the same type.

2007-02-07 16:15  yangtse

	* ares/acinclude.m4: *) Remove duplicate declaration of

2007-02-06 20:14  giva

	* ares/ahost.c: INADDR_NONE no longer used.

2007-02-06 20:12  giva

	* ares/ahost.c: Added debug option ('-d') for Watt-32 programs.

2007-02-06 20:09  giva

	* ares/:, ares_init.c, config-win32.h: Added
	  HAVE_PROCESS_H for DOS/Win32.  Include <process.h> for getpid()
	  in ares_init.c.

2007-02-06 20:00  giva

	* ares/adig.c: Fix compiler warning.

2007-02-06 19:56  giva

	* ares/ahost.c: Include <sys/time.h> and <unistd.h> inside
	  HAVE_x_H.  Added 'optind' and 'optarg' as in adig.c.

2007-02-06 19:54  giva

	* ares/adig.c: Include <sys/time.h> and <unistd.h> inside HAVE_x_H.

2007-02-06 19:08  yangtse

	* lib/: socks.c, tftp.c: fix for millisecond resolution timeouts

2007-02-06 19:06  yangtse

	* lib/: ftp.c, http.c, transfer.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-06 17:07  bagder

	* CHANGES: non-blocking SSH stuff

2007-02-06 16:41  bagder

	* lib/ssh.c: read SFTP with the non-blocking API

2007-02-06 04:31  yangtse

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c, lib/hostip4.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-05 23:51  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/connect.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/gtls.c,
	  lib/hostares.c, lib/hostthre.c, lib/http.c, lib/socks.c,
	  lib/ssluse.c, lib/telnet.c, lib/tftp.c, lib/transfer.c,
	  lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: - Michael Wallner provided a patch that
	  adds support for CURLOPT_TIMEOUT_MS	and
	  CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT_MS that, as their names should hint, do
	  the	timeouts with millisecond resolution instead. The only
	  restriction to that	is the alarm() (sometimes) used to abort
	  name resolves as that uses full   seconds. I fixed the FTP
	  response timeout part of the patch.

	    Internally we now count and keep the timeouts in milliseconds
	  but it also
	    means we multiply set timeouts with 1000. The effect of this is
	  that no
	    timeout can be set to more than 2^31 milliseconds (on 32 bit
	  systems), which
	    equals 24.86 days.	We probably couldn't before either since
	  the code did
	    *1000 on the timeout values on several places already.

2007-02-05 12:32  giva

	* ares/ Remove '-Dselect=select_s'. Remove

2007-02-05 05:10  yangtse

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c, lib/hostip4.c, lib/tftp.c: compiler
	  warning fix

2007-02-05 03:43  yangtse

	* RELEASE-NOTES: cookie expiry date in several test cases set to
	  year 2030/2035

2007-02-05 03:38  yangtse

	* tests/data/: test31, test46, test506, test61, test62: Year 2038
	  has its own problems (32 bit integer overflow).  So cookie
	  expiration date is lowered to expire at most in 2035.

2007-02-04 14:34  giva

	* ares/ares_process.c: Use correct 3rd argument for ioctlsocket()
	  under Watt-32.

2007-02-04 14:02  giva

	* ares/windows_port.c: Use correct calling convention.

2007-02-04 13:50  giva

	* ares/windows_port.c: Added DllMain() function for Watcom.

2007-02-04 13:18  giva

	* lib/sendf.c: Suppress warning "'nread' might be used
	  uninitialized in this function".

2007-02-04 13:12  giva

	* tests/libtest/lib506.c: Constify argument to suburl(). Remove
	  trailing space.

2007-02-03 22:35  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-multi.3: some additional info

2007-02-03 14:05  yangtse

	* lib/hostip4.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-03 10:34  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: - Yang Tse fixed the cookie expiry date
	  in several test cases that started to   fail since they used "1
	  feb 2007"...

	  - Manfred Schwarb reported that socks5 support was broken and
	  help us pinpoint   the problem. The code now tries harder to use
	  httproxy and proxy where   apppropriate, as not all proxies are

2007-02-03 10:33  bagder

	* lib/: url.c, urldata.h: - Manfred Schwarb reported that socks5
	  support was broken and help us pinpoint   the problem. The code
	  now tries harder to use httproxy and proxy where   apppropriate,
	  as not all proxies are HTTP...

2007-02-02 18:16  yangtse

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c, lib/hostip4.c, src/urlglob.c,
	  tests/server/tftpd.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-02 17:01  yangtse

	* ares/ares_init.c: add debug messages for initialization failures

2007-02-02 17:01  yangtse

	* ares/ares_strerror.c: add missing strings for existing error

2007-02-02 16:31  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h, lib/setup.h, lib/setup_once.h: move DEBUGF
	  macro definition to setup_once.h

2007-02-02 16:26  bagder

	* lib/: sendf.c, ssh.c: prefer using the (upcoming) non-blocking
	  libssh2 API

2007-02-02 16:26  bagder

	* don't require OpenSSL for libssh2 linking to work,
	  in preparation for upcoming libgcrypt-capable libssh2-versions

2007-02-02 12:49  yangtse

	* tests/data/test46: fix leftover updating cookie expiration date

2007-02-02 03:30  yangtse

	* RELEASE-NOTES: In testsuite, update test cookies expiration from
	  2007-Feb-1 to 2038-Feb-1

2007-02-02 03:12  yangtse

	* tests/data/test46: reported in bug: #1566077 the former URL
	  mentioned in the generated cookie jar has died and we now instead
	  point out our own version of that

2007-02-02 02:36  yangtse

	* tests/data/test62: fix test case 62 which was failing due to
	  cookies expiring 1 Feb 2007

2007-02-02 02:05  yangtse

	* tests/data/: test31, test46, test506, test61: more fixes for the
	  testsuite cookie expiration issue

2007-02-02 01:10  yangtse

	* tests/data/: test31, test46, test506, test61: cookie expiration
	  time got us with pants at our knees.	Next time in 2038 :-)

2007-02-01 16:36  yangtse

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c, ares/ares_process.c, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/sslgen.c, src/urlglob.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-01 13:23  giva

	* lib/base64.c: Suppress the "'convbuf' might be used uninitialized
	  in this function" warning.

2007-02-01 12:27  yangtse

	* lib/url.h: fogot to change Curl_mk_connc in header file

2007-02-01 02:42  yangtse

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c, ares/ares_init.c, ares/ares_mkquery.c,
	  ares/ares_send.c, ares/inet_net_pton.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/mprintf.c,
	  lib/url.c: compiler warning fix

2007-02-01 00:15  danf

	* acinclude.m4: Properly use libtool macros to fix OpenLDAP library
	  name detection on Darwin.

2007-01-31 20:47  yangtse

	* lib/: easy.c, url.c: add debug messages for initialization

2007-01-31 16:34  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib518.c, lib537.c: when using select() instead
	  of poll, skip the test if the number of open file descriptors is
	  greater than FD_SETSIZE minus SAFETY_MARGIN, also skip the test
	  if any of the open file descriptors has a number greater than

2007-01-31 10:37  bagder

	* packages/vms/: config-vms.h, curlmsg.h, curlmsg.msg, curlmsg.sdl,
	  curlmsg_vms.h: Marty Kuhrt's VMS updates

2007-01-30 14:21  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib537.c: fix temp string buffer variable name

2007-01-30 14:15  giva

	* ares/: nameser.h, setup.h: Support for OpenWatcom (Win32): It do
	  have getpid(), but no <sys/time.h>.

2007-01-30 13:25  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: start working on 7.16.2

2007-01-30 04:48  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib518.c, lib537.c: skip test on platforms on
	  which we use select() instead of poll() and select() happens to
	  be bound by FD_SETSIZE

2007-01-29 21:56  yangtse

	* ares/: ares_free_hostent.c, ares_gethostbyname.c,
	  ares_getnameinfo.c: fix compiler warning "discards qualifiers
	  from pointer target type" in debug builds

2007-01-29 21:37  bagder

	* tests/libtest/ the same source file is re-used for
	  multiple tests and I missed to add the timval.c dependency on
	  some of those

2007-01-29 21:24  giva

	* tests/libtest/: lib503.c, lib504.c, lib509.c: Some compilers
	  lacks <sys/time.h>. Include "timeval.h" to simplify the #ifdefs.

2007-01-29 20:08  giva

	* lib/: vc8proj.foot, vc8proj.head: Use DOS line-endings.

2007-01-29 15:53  bagder

	* CHANGES: release time

2007-01-29 11:12  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: the user-agent fix

2007-01-29 11:09  bagder

	* tests/libtest/ the libtest source codes that use
	  curlx_tv* functions MUST use the lib/timeval.c source code since
	  those functions are not in the API (and might not be accessible)

2007-01-29 10:26  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test287: - Michael Wallner reported that when doing a
	  CONNECT with a custom User-Agent   header, you got _two_
	  User-Agent headers in the CONNECT request...! Added	test case
	  287 to verify the fix.

2007-01-29 01:51  gknauf

	* buildconf.bat, lib/Makefile.m32, lib/setup.h: fixed segfault when
	  compiled with MingW32 and cmd or command shell.

2007-01-28 23:45  bagder

	* lib/url.c: Andreas Rieke added extra infof() for when a
	  connection is not re-used due to SSL conditions not being the

2007-01-28 23:36  bagder

	* lib/ssh.c: silence compiler warnings

2007-01-28 22:54  gknauf

	* Makefile.dist, lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: enabled build
	  with sspi.

2007-01-28 16:31  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: enabled build with
	  hardcoded ca-bundle path; added distclean target.

2007-01-28 16:07  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware: force to create ca-bunde.h even if it
	  exists already.

2007-01-28 15:43  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: use var for awk.

2007-01-28 13:58  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/easy.c: curl_easy_reset() now resets
	  the CA bundle path correctly

2007-01-28 13:35  gknauf

	* lib/ssh.c: another small fix to directory listing output;
	  disabled CURL_LIBSSH2_DEBUG.

2007-01-28 10:59  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: recent contributors

2007-01-28 04:51  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib518.c, lib537.c: Compiler warning fix

2007-01-28 00:02  bagder

	* CHANGES, TODO-RELEASE, docs/KNOWN_BUGS, src/main.c: - David
	  McCreedy fixed the Curl command line tool for HTTP on non-ASCII

2007-01-27 13:14  gknauf

	* lib/ssh.c: fix sftp directory listing so that it works without -v
	  and is redirectable with -o/-O.

2007-01-27 12:50  gknauf

	* lib/ssh.c: tell us what we put out here...

2007-01-27 04:43  yangtse

	* Makefile.dist, lib/formdata.c, lib/formdata.h, lib/ftp.h,
	  lib/http.h, lib/url.h, tests/, tests/
	  update copyright year notice

2007-01-27 04:14  yangtse

	* lib/: multi.c, sendf.c: Compiler warning fix

2007-01-27 02:56  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h: sync with lib/setup_once.h

2007-01-27 02:56  yangtse

	* lib/setup_once.h: sync comment with reality

2007-01-26 22:00  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.m32: remove the res file too with clean target.

2007-01-26 21:05  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.m32: removed CFLAGS from linking.

2007-01-26 21:00  gknauf

	* buildconf.bat: fix redefine warning when build from CVS.

2007-01-26 18:50  danf

	* lib/transfer.c: Fixed compiler warning.

2007-01-26 17:36  giva

	* src/main.c: Remove LoadLibrary() (from my private build).

2007-01-26 17:24  giva

	* src/main.c: Free 'config->libcurl' at exit.

2007-01-26 17:18  giva

	* src/main.c: Use "%Od" instead of CURL_FORMAT_OFF_T for <curlx.h>

2007-01-26 16:15  giva

	* src/main.c: Options of type CURLOPTTYPE_FUNCTIONPOINT are never

2007-01-26 14:55  gknauf

	* docs/INSTALL: updated mingw build instructions for libssh2.

2007-01-26 09:53  gknauf

	* lib/libcurl.rc, src/curl.rc: added project header to lib resource
	  file; fixed header copyright.

2007-01-26 09:50  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.m32: use provided resource file for exe.

2007-01-25 22:00  bagder

	* lib/: sslgen.c, sslgen.h: fix compiler warnings for SSL-disabled

2007-01-25 21:47  bagder

	* src/main.c: ugha, prevent a buffer overflow and allow very long
	  strings in the generated libcurl source...

2007-01-25 16:58  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1, src/main.c: - Added the
	  --libcurl [file] option to curl. Append this option to any
	  ordinary curl command line, and you will get a libcurl-using
	  source code	written to the file that does the equivalent
	  operation of what your command   line operation does!

2007-01-25 16:00  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: removed unused define.

2007-01-25 15:06  gknauf

	* tests/ set proper lib extension for non-configure
	  mingw32 builds on Win32.

2007-01-25 14:17  gknauf

	* lib/libcurl.rc, src/curl.rc: fixed copyright for new year.

2007-01-25 14:15  gknauf

	* Makefile.dist: added targets for libssh2 builds.

2007-01-25 14:14  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.m32, src/Makefile.m32: enabled build with libssh2.

2007-01-25 12:09  bagder

	* lib/sslgen.h: fix non-SSL builds again

2007-01-25 02:35  danf

	* CHANGES, TODO-RELEASE, lib/url.c, tests/ Fixed a
	  dangling pointer problem that prevented the http_proxy
	  environment variable from being properly used in many cases (and
	  caused test case 63 to fail).

2007-01-25 01:26  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: removed not used

2007-01-24 20:09  danf

	* lib/ftp.c: Only shut down SSL if the CCC command succeeded.

2007-01-24 18:19  bagder

	* lib/: sslgen.c, sslgen.h, transfer.c: moved the SSL pending
	  function to the proper place and name

2007-01-24 13:34  bagder

	* lib/http.c: bail out on strdup() errors

2007-01-23 23:57  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/http_ntlm.c: - David McCreedy did NTLM changes
	  mainly for non-ASCII platforms:

	    There's a compilation error in http_ntlm.c if USE_NTLM2SESSION
	  is NOT
	    defined.  I noticed this while testing various configurations.
	  Line 867 of
	    the current http_ntlm.c is a closing bracket for an if/else
	  pair that only
	    gets compiled in if USE_NTLM2SESSION is defined.  But this
	  closing bracket
	    wasn't in an #ifdef so the code fails to compile unless
	    defined.  Lines 198 and 140 of my patch wraps that closing
	  bracket in an
	    #ifdef USE_NTLM2SESSION.

	    I noticed several picky compiler warnings when DEBUG_ME is
	  defined.  I've
	    fixed them with casting.  By the way, DEBUG_ME was a huge help
	    understanding this code.

	    Hopefully the last non-ASCII conversion patch for libcurl in a
	  while.  I
	    changed the "NTLMSSP" literal to hex since this signature must
	  always be in

	    Conversion code was strategically added where necessary.  And
	    Curl_base64_encode calls were changed so the binary "blobs"
	    creates are NOT translated on non-ASCII platforms.

2007-01-23 23:13  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: recount

2007-01-23 23:13  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: #79 is no problem to me (and no response on my

2007-01-23 23:13  bagder

	* lib/ssh.c: very minor indent change

2007-01-23 21:24  danf

	* tests/server/getpart.c: Ignore XML DOCTYPEs and declarations.

2007-01-23 09:57  giva

	* src/main.c: Speed-up djgpp's stat() by avoid checking for uneeded

2007-01-23 03:29  danf

	* CHANGES: Convert (most of) the test data files into genuine XML.
	  A handful still are not, due mainly to the lack of support for
	  XML character entities (e.g. & => &amp; ).  This will make it
	  easier to validate test files using tools like xmllint, as well
	  as edit and view them using XML tools.

2007-01-23 03:25  danf

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT, data/test1, data/test10, data/test100,
	  data/test101, data/test102, data/test103, data/test104,
	  data/test105, data/test106, data/test107, data/test108,
	  data/test109, data/test11, data/test110, data/test111,
	  data/test112, data/test113, data/test114, data/test115,
	  data/test116, data/test117, data/test118, data/test119,
	  data/test12, data/test120, data/test121, data/test122,
	  data/test123, data/test124, data/test125, data/test126,
	  data/test127, data/test128, data/test13, data/test130,
	  data/test131, data/test132, data/test133, data/test134,
	  data/test135, data/test136, data/test137, data/test138,
	  data/test139, data/test14, data/test140, data/test141,
	  data/test142, data/test143, data/test144, data/test145,
	  data/test146, data/test147, data/test148, data/test149,
	  data/test15, data/test150, data/test151, data/test152,
	  data/test153, data/test154, data/test155, data/test156,
	  data/test157, data/test158, data/test159, data/test16,
	  data/test160, data/test161, data/test162, data/test163,
	  data/test164, data/test165, data/test166, data/test167,
	  data/test168, data/test169, data/test17, data/test170,
	  data/test171, data/test172, data/test173, data/test174,
	  data/test175, data/test176, data/test177, data/test178,
	  data/test179, data/test18, data/test180, data/test181,
	  data/test182, data/test183, data/test184, data/test185,
	  data/test186, data/test187, data/test188, data/test189,
	  data/test19, data/test190, data/test191, data/test192,
	  data/test193, data/test194, data/test195, data/test196,
	  data/test197, data/test198, data/test199, data/test2,
	  data/test20, data/test200, data/test201, data/test202,
	  data/test203, data/test204, data/test205, data/test206,
	  data/test207, data/test208, data/test209, data/test21,
	  data/test210, data/test211, data/test212, data/test213,
	  data/test214, data/test215, data/test216, data/test217,
	  data/test218, data/test22, data/test220, data/test221,
	  data/test222, data/test223, data/test224, data/test225,
	  data/test226, data/test227, data/test228, data/test229,
	  data/test23, data/test233, data/test234, data/test235,
	  data/test236, data/test237, data/test238, data/test239,
	  data/test24, data/test240, data/test241, data/test242,
	  data/test243, data/test245, data/test246, data/test247,
	  data/test248, data/test249, data/test25, data/test250,
	  data/test251, data/test252, data/test253, data/test254,
	  data/test255, data/test256, data/test257, data/test258,
	  data/test259, data/test26, data/test260, data/test261,
	  data/test262, data/test263, data/test264, data/test265,
	  data/test266, data/test267, data/test268, data/test269,
	  data/test27, data/test270, data/test271, data/test272,
	  data/test273, data/test274, data/test275, data/test276,
	  data/test277, data/test278, data/test279, data/test28,
	  data/test280, data/test281, data/test282, data/test283,
	  data/test284, data/test285, data/test286, data/test29,
	  data/test3, data/test30, data/test300, data/test301,
	  data/test302, data/test303, data/test304, data/test305,
	  data/test306, data/test307, data/test308, data/test31,
	  data/test32, data/test33, data/test34, data/test36, data/test37,
	  data/test38, data/test39, data/test4, data/test40, data/test41,
	  data/test42, data/test43, data/test44, data/test45, data/test46,
	  data/test47, data/test48, data/test49, data/test5, data/test50,
	  data/test500, data/test501, data/test502, data/test503,
	  data/test504, data/test505, data/test506, data/test507,
	  data/test508, data/test509, data/test51, data/test510,
	  data/test511, data/test512, data/test513, data/test514,
	  data/test515, data/test516, data/test517, data/test518,
	  data/test519, data/test52, data/test520, data/test521,
	  data/test522, data/test523, data/test524, data/test525,
	  data/test526, data/test527, data/test528, data/test529,
	  data/test53, data/test530, data/test531, data/test532,
	  data/test533, data/test534, data/test535, data/test536,
	  data/test537, data/test538, data/test54, data/test55,
	  data/test56, data/test57, data/test58, data/test59, data/test6,
	  data/test60, data/test61, data/test62, data/test63, data/test64,
	  data/test65, data/test66, data/test67, data/test68, data/test69,
	  data/test7, data/test70, data/test71, data/test72, data/test73,
	  data/test74, data/test75, data/test76, data/test77, data/test78,
	  data/test79, data/test8, data/test80, data/test81, data/test82,
	  data/test83, data/test84, data/test85, data/test86, data/test87,
	  data/test88, data/test89, data/test9, data/test90, data/test91,
	  data/test92, data/test93, data/test94, data/test95, data/test97,
	  data/test98, data/test99, server/getpart.c: Convert (most of) the
	  test data files into genuine XML.  A handful still are not, due
	  mainly to the lack of support for XML character entities (e.g. &
	  => &amp; ).  This will make it easier to validate test files
	  using tools like xmllint, as well as edit and view them using XML

2007-01-23 01:26  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  src/Makefile.netware: enabled build with libssh2; fixed copyright
	  for new year..

2007-01-18 21:32  danf

	* tests/:, Make the test script tag parser
	  a bit more robust.  Check for the .exe extension on mingw32

2007-01-18 19:04  danf

	* tests/:, data/test307, libtest/,
	  libtest/ Added precheck that curl supports the
	  'openssl' engine in test 307.

2007-01-17 21:36  danf

	* tests/data/: test133, test150, test155, test159, test161,
	  test169, test180, test181, test209, test212, test213, test22,
	  test239, test243, test265, test267, test36, test37, test67,
	  test68, test69, test81, test89, test90, test91: Fixed some tag
	  typos in the test data files.

2007-01-17 20:23  danf

	* tests/data/: test307, test308: Disabled test 307 for now.

2007-01-17 16:15  giva

	* lib/sendf.c: Supress "comparison between signed and unsigned"

2007-01-17 13:00  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: two other still outstanding issues

2007-01-17 11:15  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: more reported bugs we need to address at some
	  point, possibly before a release

2007-01-17 09:57  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: clarify the INFILESIZE option(s)

2007-01-16 23:26  bagder

	* lib/http_chunks.c: David McCreedy fixed a flaw from his previous
	  non-ascii HTTP patch

2007-01-16 23:22  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/file.c, lib/file.h, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/ftp.h, lib/http.c, lib/http.h, lib/multi.c, lib/ssh.c,
	  lib/ssh.h, lib/telnet.c, lib/telnet.h, lib/tftp.c, lib/tftp.h,
	  lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, lib/url.h, lib/urldata.h: - Armel
	  Asselin improved libcurl to behave a lot better when an easy
	  handle   doing an FTP transfer is removed from a multi handle
	  before completion. The   fix also fixed the "alive counter" to be
	  correct on "premature removal" for   all protocols.

2007-01-16 22:28  bagder

	* lib/sendf.c: restore previous addition to the amount of data that
	  is returned

2007-01-16 19:34  danf

	* tests/data/:, test307, test308: Added simple OpenSSL
	  crypto engine tests.

2007-01-16 19:33  danf

	* CHANGES, lib/tftp.c: Fixed a small memory leak in tftp uploads
	  discovered by curl's memory leak detector.  Also changed tftp
	  downloads to URL-unescape the downloaded file name.

2007-01-15 22:06  danf

	* tests/data/:, test285, test286: Added TFTP upload

2007-01-15 22:03  danf

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: Leave the TFTPD test server running after a
	  file upload.	Flush the protocol log data so it's immediately
	  available to the test harness.

2007-01-14 15:57  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/formdata.c, lib/formdata.h,
	  lib/http.c, lib/http_chunks.c, lib/http_digest.c, lib/sendf.c,
	  lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c: - David McCreedy provided libcurl
	  changes for doing HTTP communication on   non-ASCII platforms. It
	  does add some complexity, most notably with more   #ifdefs, but I
	  want to see this supported added and I can't see how we can	add
	  it without the extra stuff added.

2007-01-14 00:33  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: 4GB download and cookielist "ALL" fixes

2007-01-14 00:33  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: fixed bad variable use when getting the size
	  which we should read when attempting not to read data that might
	  belong to the next response (if pipelining)

2007-01-14 00:32  bagder

	* lib/cookie.c: make Curl_cookie_clearall() survive getting called
	  with a NULL pointer

2007-01-11 00:40  danf

	* tests/data/:, test284: Added test for TFTP retrieve
	  of boundary case 512 byte file.

2007-01-10 22:21  danf

	* lib/ssluse.c: Display crypto engine name correctly in debug

2007-01-10 04:32  danf

	* tests/data/:, test283: Added test of TFTP server
	  error reporting.

2007-01-09 19:58  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_slist_append.3: corrected example

2007-01-08 12:24  linus

	* include/curl/curl.h, lib/ftp.c, lib/sslgen.c, lib/strerror.c:
	  Correct error code for CCC/SSL shutdown failure

2007-01-08 11:03  linus

	* lib/ssluse.c: Removed unused variable in Curl_ossl_shutdown()

2007-01-08 10:32  bagder

	* docs/INSTALL: no suprise really, but it works fine on SH4 as

2007-01-06 11:49  linus

	* lib/sslgen.c: Fix compilation errors when building without SSL

2007-01-06 00:11  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/gtls.c, lib/gtls.h, lib/sslgen.c, lib/sslgen.h, lib/ssluse.c,
	  lib/ssluse.h, lib/strerror.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  src/main.c: - Linus Nielsen Feltzing introduced the --ftp-ssl-ccc
	  command line option to   curl that uses the new
	  CURLOPT_FTP_SSL_CCC option in libcurl. If enabled, it   will make
	  libcurl shutdown SSL/TLS after the authentication is done on a
	  FTP-SSL operation.

2007-01-05 16:56  giva

	* lib/select.c: Include <dos.h> for delay() on MSDOS.

2007-01-05 00:04  bagder

	* tests/server/getpart.c: prevent compiler warning since we use
	  base64.h from libcurl which now has function(s) using
	  SessionHandle pointers

2007-01-04 00:13  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: one issue less before release

2007-01-04 00:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/base64.c, lib/base64.h, lib/http.c,
	  lib/http_digest.c, lib/http_negotiate.c, lib/http_ntlm.c,
	  lib/krb4.c, lib/ldap.c: - David McCreedy made changes to allow
	  base64 encoding/decoding to work on	non-ASCII platforms.

2007-01-03 23:24  bagder

	* COPYING: new year

2007-01-03 23:18  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/sendf.c: - Matt Witherspoon fixed the
	  flaw which made libcurl 7.16.0 always store	downloaded data in
	  two buffers, just to be able to deal with a special HTTP
	  pipelining case. That is now only activated for pipelined
	  transfers. In   Matt's case, it showed as a considerable
	  performance difference,

2007-01-02 23:34  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/KNOWN_BUGS, lib/select.c: - Victor
	  Snezhko helped us fix bug report #1603712
	  ( (known bug #36)
	  --limit-rate	 (CURLOPT_MAX_SEND_SPEED_LARGE and
	  CURLOPT_MAX_RECV_SPEED_LARGE) are broken   on Windows (since
	  7.16.0, but that's when they were introduced as previous   to
	  that the limiting logic was made in the application only and not
	  in the   library). It was actually also broken on select()-based
	  systems (as apposed	to poll()) but we haven't had any such
	  reports. We now use select(), Sleep()   or delay() properly to
	  sleep a while without waiting for anything input or	output when
	  the rate limiting is activated with the easy interface.

2007-01-02 13:14  bagder

	* CHANGES, - Modified to use
	  Libs.private for the libs libcurl itself needs   to get built
	  static. It has been mentioned before and was again brought to
	  our attention by Nathanael Nerode who filed debian bug report

2006-12-31 14:53  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_info_read.3: curl_easy_cleanup kills this
	  memory too

2006-12-29 12:32  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/easy.c: curl_easy_duphandle() sets
	  the magic number in the new handle

2006-12-25 23:35  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: mention the no_proxy work

2006-12-22 16:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/easy.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h: - Robert Foreman provided a prime example snippet
	  showing how libcurl would   get confused and not acknowledge the
	  'no_proxy' variable properly once it	 had used the proxy and you
	  re-used the same easy handle. I made sure the   proxy name is
	  properly stored in the connect struct rather than the
	  sessionhandle/easy struct.

2006-12-22 14:44  bagder

	* lib/getinfo.c: Curl_getinfo() now checks for a NULL SessionHandle

2006-12-22 14:30  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/connect.c: - David McCreedy fixed a bad call to
	  getsockname() that wrongly used a size_t   variable to point to
	  when it should be a socklen_t.

2006-12-22 08:30  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: When setting a proxy with
	  environment variables and (for example) running 'curl [URL]' with
	  a URL without a protocol prefix, curl would not send a correct
	  request as it failed to add the protocol prefix.

2006-12-21 16:47  bagder

	* lib/ssh.c: minor indent fix

2006-12-21 11:18  bagder

	* lib/: ftp.c, transfer.c: removed unused variables

2006-12-21 11:15  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, lib/http.c, lib/transfer.c,
	  lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: Robson Braga Araujo reported bug
	  #1618359 ( and
	  subsequently provided a patch for it: when downloading 2 zero
	  byte files in a row, curl 7.16.0 enters an infinite loop, while
	  curl 7.16.1-20061218 does one additional unnecessary request.

	  Fix: During the "Major overhaul introducing http pipelining
	  support and shared connection cache within the multi handle."
	  change, headerbytecount was moved to live in the
	  Curl_transfer_keeper structure. But that structure is reset in
	  the Transfer method, losing the information that we had about the
	  header size. This patch moves it back to the connectdata struct.

2006-12-21 10:36  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: CURLOPT_CAPATH is OpenSSL-only

2006-12-19 15:28  bagder

	* docs/TODO: * removed the SSH-based protocols as they are now
	  being implemented * added mentioning of doing the stunnel
	  equivalent ourselves for the test suite * spell-check

2006-12-19 10:09  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: 37. Having more than one connection to the same
	  host when doing NTLM	 authentication (with performs multiple
	  "passes" and authenticates a	 connection rather than a HTTP
	  request), and particularly when using the   multi interface,
	  there's a risk that libcurl will re-use a wrong connection   when
	  doing the different passes in the NTLM negotiation and thus fail
	  to   negotiate (in seemingly mysterious ways).

	  36. --limit-rate (CURLOPT_MAX_SEND_SPEED_LARGE and
	  CURLOPT_MAX_RECV_SPEED_LARGE) are broken on Windows (since
	  7.16.0, but	that's when they were introduced as previous to
	  that the limiting logic was	made in the application only and
	  not in the library). This problem is easily	repeated and it
	  takes a Windows person to fire up his/hers debugger in order	 to

2006-12-16 23:28  bagder

	* lib/setup_once.h: recv() doesn't take MSG_NOSIGNAL in its forth
	  argument so let's not pass it.  Brendan Jurd pointed out.

2006-12-16 22:33  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/gtls.c: Brendan Jurd provided a fix
	  that now prevents libcurl from getting a SIGPIPE during certain
	  conditions when GnuTLS is used.

2006-12-16 22:05  bagder

	* lib/sslgen.c: Brendan Jurd pointed out these typos

2006-12-15 17:57  giva

	* src/main.c: Plug more leaks.

2006-12-15 17:49  giva

	* lib/http.c: Fix typo.

2006-12-14 19:20  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: minor syntax mistake

2006-12-14 17:42  giva

	* src/main.c: Free 'config->iface' if set.

2006-12-11 16:18  giva

	* ares/Makefile.vc6: ahost.exe needs getopt.obj.

2006-12-11 10:32  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, lib/url.c,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test538: Alexey Simak found
	  out that when doing FTP with the multi interface and something
	  went wrong like it got a bad response code back from the server,
	  libcurl would leak memory. Added test case 538 to verify the fix.

	  I also noted that the connection would get cached in that case,
	  which doesn't make sense since it cannot be re-use when the
	  authentication has failed. I fixed that issue too at the same
	  time, and also that the path would be "remembered" in vain for
	  cases where the connection was about to get closed.

2006-12-11 10:31  bagder

	* lib/urldata.h: PROT_CLOSEACTION doesn't have to be its own bit
	  but can just as well just include the protocol bits of such
	  actions, which currently only means FTP

2006-12-07 16:33  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: fixed the printf formatting after I changed the
	  type of 'excess'

2006-12-06 11:07  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: 7.16.1 knows SFTP too

2006-12-06 10:52  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: clarify --limit-rate somewhat: it might send
	  away/receive chunks of date in temporarily higher speeds than
	  requested, but the given limiting is considered "over time" and
	  is an average

2006-12-06 10:37  bagder

	  lib/urldata.h: Sebastien Willemijns reported bug #1603712
	  ( which is about
	  connections getting cut off prematurely when --limit-rate is
	  used. While I found no such problems in my tests nor in my
	  reading of the code, I found that the --limit-rate code was
	  severly flawed (since it was moved into the lib, since 7.15.5)
	  when used with the easy interface and it didn't work as
	  documented so I reworked it somewhat and now it works for my

2006-12-05 22:40  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/sendf.c, lib/transfer.c: Stefan
	  Krause pointed out a compiler warning with a picky MSCV compiler
	  when passing a curl_off_t argument to the Curl_read_rewind()
	  function which takes an size_t argument. Curl_read_rewind() also
	  had debug code left in it and it was put in a different source
	  file with no good reason when only used from one single spot.

2006-12-05 22:39  bagder

	* lib/: url.c, urldata.h: removed the final traces of the
	  closepolicy option

2006-12-05 17:04  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: update after today's work

2006-12-05 17:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Sh Diao
	  reported that CURLOPT_CLOSEPOLICY doesn't work, and indeed, there
	  is no code present in the library that receives the option. Since
	  it was not possible to use, we know that no current users exist
	  and thus we simply removed it from the docs and made the code
	  always use the default path of the code.

2006-12-05 16:36  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/easy.c, lib/multi.c, lib/url.c,
	  lib/url.h: Jared Lundell filed bug report #1604956
	  ( which identified
	  setting CURLOPT_MAXCONNECTS to zero caused libcurl to SIGSEGV.
	  Starting now, libcurl will always internally use no less than 1
	  entry in the connection cache.

2006-12-05 16:24  bagder

	* lib/config-win32.h: better preprocessor check for recent MSVC

2006-12-05 16:17  bagder

	  again with a cleaned up order of doing things in Curl_done()

2006-12-05 16:00  bagder

	* lib/config-win32.h: oops, fix belonging to the previous
	  curl_getdate() fix since it makes MSVC use gmtime_r

2006-12-05 15:57  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/parsedate.c: Martin Skinner brought
	  back bug report #1230118 to haunt us once again.
	  ( curl_getdate() did
	  not work properly for all input dates on Windows. It was mostly
	  seen on some TZ time zones using DST. Luckily, Martin also
	  provided a fix.

2006-12-05 14:49  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: Alexey Simak filed bug report
	  #1600447 ( in which
	  he noted that active FTP connections don't work with the multi
	  interface. The problem is here that the multi interface state
	  machine has a state during which it can wait for the data
	  connection to connect, but the active connection is not done in
	  the same step in the sequence as the passive one is so it doesn't
	  quite work for active. The active FTP code still use a blocking
	  function to allow the remote server to connect.

	  The fix (work-around is a better word) for this problem is to set
	  the boolean prematurely that the data connection is completed, so
	  that the "wait for connect" phase ends at once.

2006-12-05 14:37  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/select.c: Matt Witherspoon fixed a
	  problem case when the CPU load went to 100% when a HTTP upload
	  was disconnected:

	  "What appears to be happening is that my system (Linux 2.6.17 and
	  2.6.13) is setting *only* POLLHUP on poll() when the conditions
	  in my previous mail occur. As you can see, select.c:Curl_select()
	  does not check for POLLHUP. So basically what was happening, is
	  poll() was returning immediately (with POLLHUP set), but when
	  Curl_select() looked at the bits, neither POLLERR or POLLOUT was
	  set. This still caused Curl_readwrite() to be called, which
	  quickly returned. Then the transfer() loop kept continuing at
	  full speed forever."

2006-12-05 14:21  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: is another mirror

2006-12-05 14:20  bagder

	* docs/TODO: fixed in CVS

2006-12-03 10:19  bagder

	* fix the libssh2 include path somewhat when
	  --with-libssh2 is used and added a warning output if no OpenSSL
	  was found

2006-12-01 12:54  bagder


2006-12-01 08:49  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c: Toon Verwaest reported
	  that there are servers that send the Content-Range: header in a
	  third, not suppported by libcurl, format and we agreed that we
	  could make the parser more forgiving to accept all the three
	  found variations.

2006-11-30 10:21  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: the extra copy of downloads should be fixed too

2006-11-29 22:47  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: two more

2006-11-29 15:39  bagder


2006-11-27 23:07  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: adding notes of what to work on and fix before next

2006-11-27 14:38  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: no need to access it with conn->data since data
	  is already a local variable holding the conn->data value

2006-11-25 14:32  bagder

	* tests/data/ added the new test 282

2006-11-25 14:32  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c, tests/data/test11,
	  tests/data/test150, tests/data/test153, tests/data/test155,
	  tests/data/test159, tests/data/test163, tests/data/test166,
	  tests/data/test167, tests/data/test168, tests/data/test173,
	  tests/data/test174, tests/data/test175, tests/data/test176,
	  tests/data/test186, tests/data/test187, tests/data/test233,
	  tests/data/test234, tests/data/test239, tests/data/test243,
	  tests/data/test257, tests/data/test26, tests/data/test264,
	  tests/data/test267, tests/data/test27, tests/data/test273,
	  tests/data/test276, tests/data/test277, tests/data/test278,
	  tests/data/test279, tests/data/test28, tests/data/test281,
	  tests/data/test282, tests/data/test43, tests/data/test44,
	  tests/data/test45, tests/data/test515, tests/data/test516,
	  tests/data/test56, tests/data/test59, tests/data/test62,
	  tests/data/test63, tests/data/test64, tests/data/test67,
	  tests/data/test69, tests/data/test71, tests/data/test73,
	  tests/data/test79, tests/data/test80, tests/data/test81,
	  tests/data/test83, tests/data/test84, tests/data/test85,
	  tests/data/test89, tests/data/test9, tests/data/test90,
	  tests/data/test91, tests/data/test95, tests/server/sws.c: Venkat
	  Akella found out that libcurl did not like HTTP responses that
	  simply responded with a single status line and no headers nor
	  body. Starting now, a HTTP response on a persistent connection
	  (i.e not set to be closed after the response has been taken care
	  of) must have Content-Length or chunked encoding set, or libcurl
	  will simply assume that there is no body.

	  To my horror I learned that we had no less than 57(!) test cases
	  that did bad HTTP responses like this, and even the test http
	  server (sws) responded badly when queried by the test system if
	  it is the test system. So although the actual fix for the problem
	  was tiny, going through all the newly failing test cases got
	  really painful and boring.

2006-11-25 10:49  bagder

	* lib/: ssh.c, transfer.c: James Housley fixed SCP downloading by
	  setting the maxdownload.

2006-11-25 02:02  yangtse

	* ares/, ares/config-win32.h, ares/,, ares/setup_once.h, lib/config-mac.h,
	  lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h, lib/setup_once.h,
	  lib/url.c, src/config-win32.h: Make sure RETSIGTYPE is properly

2006-11-24 23:14  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/sendf.c, lib/ssh.c, lib/ssh.h,
	  lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, lib/version.c: James Housley did lots
	  of work and introduced SFTP downloads.

2006-11-24 17:38  yangtse

	* ares/, ares/Makefile.netware, ares/config-win32.h,
	  lib/Makefile.netware, lib/config-amigaos.h, lib/config-mac.h,
	  lib/config-riscos.h, lib/config-tpf.h, lib/config-win32.h,
	  lib/config-win32ce.h, lib/config.dos, packages/vms/config-vms.h,
	  src/Makefile.netware, src/config-win32.h: Define HAVE_SIGNAL_H,
	  for platforms that don't have autotools support

2006-11-22 23:54  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_init.c: Michael Wallner fixed this problem:
	  When I set domains in the options struct, and there are
	  domain/search entries in /etc/resolv.conf, the domains of the
	  options struct will be overridden.

2006-11-22 23:51  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, Install ares_dns.h too

2006-11-22 19:41  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/,
	  ares/setup_once.h, lib/setup_once.h: Added a check in configure
	  that verifies if <signal.h> is available, defining HAVE_SIGNAL_H
	  if the header is available.

	  Added a check in configure that tests if the sig_atomic_t type is
	  available, defining HAVE_SIG_ATOMIC_T if it is available.
	  Providing a suitable default in setup_once.h if not available.

	  Added a check in configure that tests if the sig_atomic_t type is
	  already defined as volatile, defining HAVE_SIG_ATOMIC_T_VOLATILE
	  if it is available and already defined as volatile.

2006-11-21 08:45  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: new french mirror

2006-11-20 17:58  yangtse

	* tests/ Revert back to revision 1.74
	  Adding change done in 1.76 This is done to back out changes done
	  in revisions 1.77 and 1.75

2006-11-20 17:58  yangtse

	* tests/ Revert back to revision 1.212 This
	  is done to back out changes done from revisions 1.213 to 1.217

2006-11-20 17:57  yangtse

	* tests/ Revert back to revision 1.5 Adding copyright
	  notice.  This is done to back out changes done from revisions 1.6
	  to 1.10

2006-11-20 11:35  yangtse

	* tests/:,, Add some message

2006-11-20 07:22  yangtse

	* tests/ stop slaves before stopping servers

2006-11-20 04:25  yangtse

	* tests/ Revert to KILL test servers until all test servers
	  have proper TERM and INT signal handlers implemented.

2006-11-19 23:48  bagder

	* tests/ log the sleep, like when done in test 190

2006-11-19 22:55  bagder

	* docs/examples/synctime.c: Frank Teo provided an updated, mostly
	  docs changed

2006-11-19 04:47  yangtse

	* tests/ Avoid passing child pid and test server pid,
	  using the running servers hash, and adjust message arguments

2006-11-19 04:47  yangtse

	* tests/ Comment out the use of the "warnings" module now
	  that seems to be clear of warnings. Uncomment it if this
	  module is further modified.

	  The "warnings" module requires perl 5.006 or later. Previous perl
	  versions don't have it and die on missing modules.

2006-11-18 15:46  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, docs/BINDINGS: new ruby binding, new tclcurl

2006-11-18 05:07  yangtse

	* tests/ Avoid keeping dupe pids When forked pid and
	  test server pid is the same one.

2006-11-18 05:05  yangtse

	* tests/ Fix warning "Use of uninitialized value in ...".
	  If the list has only one item avoid sort subroutine.

2006-11-17 17:44  yangtse

	* tests/:,, The hash of running
	  servers is now a hash of hashes which for each running server
	  holds not only its two main pids, but also the pidfile of the
	  test server and the 'slavepidfiles' for ftp* servers. This allows
	  a better control when stopping servers.

	  Now from when test servers are stopped they are
	  signalled in sequence TERM, INT and KILL allowing time in between
	  for them to die. This will give us a chance of gracefully
	  stopping test servers, which we didn't have when we were killing
	  them in first instance.

2006-11-15 06:35  giva

	* lib/ssh.c: Call libssh2_session_free() to release memory
	  allocated during libssh2 startup.

2006-11-14 21:26  giva

	* lib/ssh.c: Free 'scp->path' in case of libssh2 setup failure.

2006-11-13 18:29  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Ron in bug #1595348
	  ( pointed out a stack
	  overwrite (and the corresponding fix) on 64bit Windows when
	  dealing with HTTP chunked encoding.

2006-11-13 18:26  bagder

	* lib/config-win32.h: bug #1595348 by Ron pointed out this flaw and

2006-11-13 14:48  bagder

	* tests/server/sws.c: Tor Arntsen spotted this mistake

2006-11-11 23:23  bagder

	* ares/ares_version.h: we did 1.3.2 and are now on the 1.3.3 track!

2006-11-11 23:05  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.h: fix header to match actual proto

2006-11-11 22:34  bagder

	* lib/: gtls.c, gtls.h, krb4.h, security.c, sendf.c, sslgen.c,
	  sslgen.h, ssluse.c: cleaned up Curl_write() and the sub functions
	  it uses for various protocols.  They all now return ssize_t to

	  Unfortunately, Curl_read() is in a sorrier state but it too would
	  benefit from a similar cleanup.

2006-11-09 22:58  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/libcurl.framework.make: Nir Soffer
	  updated libcurl.framework.make: fix symlinks, should link to
	  Versions, not to ./Versions and indentation improvments

2006-11-09 22:54  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: Dmitriy Sergeyev found a
	  SIGSEGV with his test04.c example posted on 7 Nov 2006. It turned
	  out we wrongly assumed that the connection cache was present when
	  tearing down a connection.

2006-11-09 22:36  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/tftp.c: Ciprian Badescu found a
	  SIGSEGV when doing multiple TFTP transfers using the multi
	  interface, but I could also repeat it doing multiple sequential
	  ones with the easy interface. Using Ciprian's test case, I could
	  fix it.

2006-11-09 14:20  yangtse

	* tests/ Remove showing stderr log files
	  unconditionally for tests 518 and 537.

	  Add failure checking for servers when fork()ed.

	  Use same code path in 'stopserver' when called with a single or
	  multiple pids.

2006-11-08 22:49  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssluse.c: Bradford Bruce reported
	  set to non-zero, you still got a few debug messages from the SSL
	  handshake. This is now stopped.

2006-11-08 09:49  bagder

	* docs/examples/sepheaders.c: ok stop using old and deprecated

2006-11-07 16:21  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: add missing names

2006-11-07 15:07  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/url.c: Olaf fixed a leftover problem with the
	  CONNECT fix of his that would leave a wrong error message in the
	  error message buffer.

2006-11-07 14:29  giva

	* ares/:, ares_private.h: Moved select_s() to since select() is used in applications.

2006-11-07 14:20  giva

	* src/curl.rc: Update copyright year.

2006-11-06 19:28  yangtse

	* lib/sendf.c: add TODO note

2006-11-06 19:27  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: compiler warning fix

2006-11-06 19:26  yangtse

	* lib/ssh.c: remove redundant check for Win32

2006-11-06 14:56  yangtse

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_cancel.c, ares_destroy.c, ares_init.c: avoid
	  a couple of potential zero size memory allocations

2006-11-06 00:11  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: mention the areslib.dsp fix

2006-11-06 00:11  bagder

	* ares/AUTHORS: add the recent crowd of contributors

2006-11-06 00:08  bagder

	* ares/vc/areslib/areslib.dsp: Andreas Rieke fixed back the correct
	  line endings!

2006-11-05 13:42  yangtse

	* lib/memdebug.c: Prevent multiple initialization of memdebug
	  configuration variables.

	  This was possible on debug c-ares enabled builds when both
	  CURL_MEMDEBUG and CARES_MEMDEBUG environment variables were set.
	  Leading to a file handle leak even when both variables had the
	  same value, and wierd test suite results when different.

2006-11-03 16:52  giva

	* lib/ssh.c: Ifdef around S_IRGRP and S_IROTH (meaningless on

2006-11-03 15:13  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib518.c, lib537.c: add a couple more of
	  debugging messages

2006-11-03 14:45  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: SCP support added

2006-11-03 13:43  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/KNOWN_BUGS, lib/http.c, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h: Olaf Stueben provided a patch that I edited
	  slightly. It fixes the notorious KNOWN_BUGS #25, which happens
	  when a proxy closes the connection when libcurl has sent CONNECT,
	  as part of an authentication negotiation. Starting now, libcurl
	  will re-connect accordingly and continue the authentication as it

2006-11-03 13:22  bagder

	* docs/TODO: initial SCP support is now added

2006-11-03 11:56  bagder

	* lib/README.ares: Update the information about what c-ares version
	  that's required. 1.3.1 had a fatal bug so we must require 1.3.2
	  to get flawless functionality with c-ares.

2006-11-03 11:47  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: stand clear for release 1.3.2

2006-11-03 11:41  bagder

	* ares/vc/areslib/areslib.dsp: Andreas Rieke added missing file and
	  changed line endings

2006-11-03 11:05  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib518.c, lib537.c: reduce max size of
	  dinamically allocated arrays to minimize the nasty behaviour some
	  versions of IRIX exhibit of committing suicide on big mallocs
	  instead of just returning a friendly null pointer

2006-11-03 04:05  yangtse

	* fix missing '$' for var OPT_LIBSSH2

2006-11-03 03:36  yangtse

	* src/curl.rc: update copyright year

2006-11-03 02:57  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib537.c: fix comments and  renumber rlimit return
	  codes fix closing of fd's when limit is reached

2006-11-03 02:56  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib518.c: fix comments and  renumber rlimit return

2006-11-02 23:11  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: update the counter

2006-11-02 23:10  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: mention the new options

2006-11-02 22:56  bagder

	  docs/libcurl/curl_version_info.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/, lib/easy.c, lib/sendf.c, lib/ssh.c, lib/ssh.h,
	  lib/strerror.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, lib/version.c: James
	  Housley brought support for SCP transfers

2006-11-02 21:56  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib537.c: remove leftover comment

2006-11-02 21:50  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/:, lib518.c, lib537.c: update and split
	  test cases 518 and 537 into its own source code file

2006-11-02 16:47  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib518.c: code cleanup

2006-11-02 04:45  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib518.c: use our internal string functions and
	  replace sprintf with snprintf

2006-11-02 02:21  yangtse

	* tests/data/test537: Update protocol verification end of lines

2006-11-02 01:34  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib518.c: check symbol HAVE_UNISTD_H instead of
	  UNISTD_H to include unistd.h

2006-11-02 01:33  yangtse

	* lib/http_ntlm.c: prototype for gethostname is in unistd.h

2006-11-01 19:33  yangtse

	* tests/:, data/, data/test537,
	  libtest/, libtest/lib518.c: test 518 is all about
	  testing libcurl functionality when more than FD_SETSIZE file
	  descriptors are open.  This means that if for any reason we are
	  not able to open more than FD_SETSIZE file descriptors then test
	  518 should not be run.

	  test 537 is all about testing libcurl functionality when the
	  system has nearly exhausted the number of free file descriptors.
	  Test 537 will try to run with very few free file descriptors.

2006-10-31 21:45  giva

	* ares/config-win32.h: Updated dependency output.

2006-10-31 21:44  giva

	* ares/ Updated dependencies to not include config.h.

2006-10-31 19:01  giva

	* ares/config-win32.h: Removed unneeded stuff.

2006-10-31 18:54  giva

	* ares/config-win32.h: Added Watt-32 section to fix things for
	  Watt32+Win32 targets.

2006-10-31 18:51  giva

	* ares/: adig.c, ahost.c: Don't include "nameser.h" for Watt32. Use
	  the normal BSD-socket headers.

2006-10-31 18:25  giva

	* ares/ares_private.h: Added definition of select() for Watt32.

2006-10-31 18:24  giva

	* ares/ Rewritten to use ../packages/DOS/

2006-10-31 17:25  giva

	* src/curl.rc: Change 'FILETYPE' to ' VFT_APP'.

2006-10-31 02:30  yangtse

	* tests/ Show stderr log file for test 518

	  In this way we'll be able to sort out problems that might arise
	  in the prechek phase of the 518 test.

	  Once that 518 has been verified this change will be undone.

2006-10-31 02:24  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib518.c: Sync comment with code and add three
	  messages more

2006-10-30 18:24  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib518.c: Address some pitfalls in the rlimit()
	  function check that were preventing execution of this test on
	  many platforms

2006-10-30 17:26  giva

	* include/curl/mprintf.h: Allow 'curl_*printf()' to be used in C++

2006-10-30 10:03  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: add contributors from the 7.16.0 release

2006-10-30 09:52  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: start working on 7.16.1

2006-10-30 00:03  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: 7.16.0 material

2006-10-30 00:00  bagder

	* lib/README.memoryleak: corrected how tests/ is used

2006-10-29 22:19  yangtse

	* docs/examples/curlx.c, tests/libtest/lib509.c: Compiler warning

2006-10-29 15:58  yangtse

	* lib/: ldap.c, url.c: Make more human readable and maintainable
	  previous compiler warning fix since it was Ok and actually avoids
	  the targeted compiler warning.

2006-10-29 10:18  bagder

	* lib/README.multi_socket: updated to current status

2006-10-29 10:11  bagder

	* lib/README.pipelining: updated to reflect reality

2006-10-27 23:07  bagder

	* tests/ a small unification of the error text on
	  failed server startups

2006-10-27 17:37  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h: Sync with lib/setup_once.h

2006-10-27 17:32  yangtse

	* lib/: ldap.c, url.c: Compiler warning fix.

	  Assigning the const value zero to a pointer to function results
	  in a null pointer value assignment to the function pointer.

	  Assignment of any nonzero value is what should result in a
	  implementation compiler dependent result.

	  Since what we want to do here is the first case, this should not
	  trigger compiler warnings related with conversions from 'pointer
	  to data' to 'pointer to function'.

	  Our autobuild test suite will judge.

2006-10-27 16:13  giva

	* lib/config.dos: Fixed 'x_TYPE_ARG2' to match prototypes of recv()
	  and send().

2006-10-27 16:07  giva

	* lib/: config.dos, setup_once.h: Get rid of the special
	  sread()+swrite() for MSDOS. Use recv() and send(). Added needed
	  HAVE_x defines.

2006-10-27 15:57  giva

	* lib/config.dos: Added 'RECV_TYPE_ARGx' needed in getinfo.c.

2006-10-27 05:47  yangtse

	* buildconf,, lib/curlx.h, lib/easyif.h,
	  lib/hostip4.c, lib/ldap.c, lib/memdebug.h, lib/progress.c,
	  lib/sendf.h, lib/sslgen.h, lib/strequal.c, lib/timeval.h,
	  lib/transfer.h, tests/server/getpart.c, tests/server/sockfilt.c,
	  tests/server/util.h: Update copyright year, since the file has
	  been modified

2006-10-27 04:18  yangtse

	* lib/socks.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-10-27 03:58  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib525.c: 30 seconds isn't long enough for this
	  test on a loaded server.

2006-10-27 03:04  yangtse

	* lib/: ldap.c, url.c: Do an explicit typecast of data pointers to
	  function pointers to avoid picky compiler warnings, since this is
	  what we want!

2006-10-26 16:30  giva

	* tests/libtest/lib525.c: Use proper 'stat' structure for fstat().
	  I.e. 'struct _stati64' and '_fstati64()' on Win32.

2006-10-26 15:55  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib518.c: Improved rlimit logic: - Take in account
	  RLIM_INFINITY.  - Verify that soft limit is actually changed when
	  doing so.  - Show errno in case getrlimit or setrlimit fails.  -
	  Keep file descriptors open only while runing this test.

2006-10-26 13:15  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: Fix Curl_open() not reporting failure when allocation
	  of the buffer used to store headers in the SessionHandle failed.

2006-10-26 11:50  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib526.c: 30 seconds isn't long enough for this
	  test on a loaded server.

2006-10-25 23:07  bagder

	* docs/BINDINGS: a Smalltalk binding

2006-10-25 22:40  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, lib/transfer.c,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test281: Fixed
	  the case when 401 or 407 are returned, *IF* no auth credentials
	  have been given.  The CURLOPT_FAILONERROR option is not possible
	  to make fool-proof for 401 and 407 cases when auth credentials is
	  given, but we've now covered this somewhat more.

	  You might get some amounts of headers transferred before this
	  situation is detected, like for when a "100-continue" is received
	  as a response to a POST/PUT and a 401 or 407 is received
	  immediately afterwards.

	  Added test 281 to verify this change.

2006-10-25 16:16  giva

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c: Fixed "'x' might be used uninitialized
	  in this function" warning.  Removed trailing whitespace.

2006-10-25 16:13  giva

	* ares/adig.c: Added '-d' option for Watt32 targets. Added cvs id.

2006-10-25 12:25  yangtse

	* ares/ares_process.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-10-25 11:20  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: first.c, lib500.c, lib501.c, lib502.c, lib503.c,
	  lib504.c, lib506.c, lib507.c, lib508.c, lib509.c, lib510.c,
	  lib511.c, lib512.c, lib513.c, lib514.c, lib515.c, lib516.c,
	  lib517.c, lib518.c, lib519.c, lib520.c, lib521.c, lib523.c,
	  lib524.c, test.h: Add project notice and file Id

2006-10-25 10:52  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib504.c, lib507.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-10-25 09:19  bagder

	* lib/: if2ip.c, llist.c: updated copyright year

2006-10-25 07:59  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib500.c, lib501.c, lib502.c, lib503.c, lib504.c,
	  lib505.c, lib506.c, lib507.c, lib508.c, lib509.c, lib510.c,
	  lib511.c, lib512.c, lib513.c, lib514.c, lib515.c, lib516.c,
	  lib518.c, lib519.c, lib520.c, lib521.c, lib523.c, lib524.c,
	  lib525.c, lib526.c, lib530.c, lib533.c, lib536.c, test.h: Use
	  curl_global_init() and curl_global_cleanup().  Improve cleanup in
	  case of initialization failure.

2006-10-24 23:14  bagder

	* lib/url.c: other pipelining fixes by Ravi Pratap, that now makes
	  pipelines get used better

2006-10-24 17:51  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib503.c: Abort test if it seems that it would have
	  run forever. This is just to prevent test hanging and actually is
	  an indication that there's a condition that is not being properly
	  handled at some point in the library.

	  Remove a pair of braces and adjust indentation appropriately.

2006-10-23 22:41  bagder

	* lib/url.c: the check in ConnectionExists() for not re-using a
	  non-resolved connection now applies for asynch name resolves in
	  general and not only ares

2006-10-23 22:34  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/multi.c, lib/sendf.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h: Ravi Pratap provided a major update with
	  pipelining fixes. We also no longer re-use connections (for
	  pipelining) before the name resolving is done.

2006-10-23 21:16  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: Avoid trying to compare more than strlen

2006-10-23 21:15  danf

	* tests/libtest/lib504.c: 30 seconds isn't long enough for this
	  test on a loaded server.

2006-10-23 21:14  yangtse

	* tests/server/: getpart.c, sockfilt.c, sws.c, tftpd.c: Replace
	  is*() macros with our own IS*() ones.

2006-10-23 00:18  bagder

	* lib/libcurl.framework.make: Nir Soffer fixed a cp line and got
	  rid of an rm

2006-10-22 09:43  bagder

	* lib/libcurl.framework.make: until we learn how to use from here, I've added socks.o in here as well

2006-10-21 19:08  yangtse

	* packages/EPM/ Provide 'datarootdir' parameter to
	  shutup configuration warning, 'packages/EPM/ seems to
	  ignore the --datarootdir setting'

2006-10-21 18:25  yangtse

	* lib/Makefile.vc6: Fix misplaced runtime library specification for
	  'release-dll' target

2006-10-21 15:00  bagder

	* tests/libtest/ rely on the global LDADD instead of
	  having specific ones for every program

2006-10-21 14:49  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Nir Soffer for his fix

2006-10-21 14:36  yangtse

	* lib/telnet.c: Fix copy-paste error

2006-10-21 14:35  yangtse

	* lib/sendf.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-10-21 13:40  bagder

	* CHANGES, tests/libtest/ Nir Soffer made the
	  tests/libtest/ use a proper variable for all the
	  single test applications' link and dependences, so that you
	  easier can override those from the command line when using make.

2006-10-21 13:32  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/gtls.c, lib/ssluse.c, lib/strerror.c,
	  tests/data/test305: Armel Asselin separated CA cert verification
	  problems from problems with reading the (local) CA cert file to
	  let users easier pinpoint the actual problem.
	  CURLE_SSL_CACERT_BADFILE (77) is the new libcurl error code.

2006-10-21 12:54  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib536.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-10-20 23:26  bagder

	* docs/examples/debug.c: made the arrow for 'Send SSL data' point
	  in the right direction!

2006-10-20 19:54  yangtse

	* lib/transfer.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-10-20 19:16  yangtse

	* src/config-win32.h: Since now src/setup.h includes setup_once.h,
	  src/config-win32.h needs the definitions for the return type and
	  arguments types of functions recv() and send().

2006-10-20 17:45  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib504.c, lib507.c, lib509.c, lib525.c, lib526.c,
	  lib530.c, lib533.c, lib536.c: Oops! Actually set the limit to 30

2006-10-20 17:39  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib504.c, lib507.c, lib509.c, lib525.c, lib526.c,
	  lib530.c, lib533.c, lib536.c: Decrease the posibility of aborting
	  a test which actually is not stale by replacing loop counters
	  with timeouts. In this way the main loop of the test will be
	  allowed to run up to 30 seconds on any platform before aborting

2006-10-20 14:25  bagder

	* lib/: url.c, urldata.h: When a resolve is made on a pipelined
	  connection we need to detect it properly (when the resoling isn't
	  completede yet) and not confuse it with a simple connection
	  re-use (non-pipelined).

2006-10-20 01:35  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib530.c: Set loop2 counter limit to 60 on this
	  test to avoid a false positive.

2006-10-20 00:49  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib536.c: Replace tabs with spaces and Compiler
	  warning fix.

2006-10-20 00:48  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib504.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-10-19 23:12  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib504.c, lib507.c, lib509.c, lib525.c, lib526.c,
	  lib530.c, lib533.c: When aborting, show loop counter values when
	  more than one counter exists.

2006-10-19 19:29  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib504.c, lib507.c, lib509.c, lib525.c, lib526.c,
	  lib530.c, lib533.c, lib536.c: Abort test if it seems that it
	  would have run forever. This is just to prevent test hanging and
	  actually is an indication that there's a condition that is not
	  being properly handled at some point in the library.

	  Loop counter limits might need to be further increased on false

2006-10-19 16:28  bagder

	* src/main.c: Here's an effort to avoid saying 'data not shown' in
	  the debug parts when the data is actually shown on screen. Like
	  when you do 'curl -v host' with data and debug info sent to the
	  same terminal.

2006-10-19 04:30  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: Builds using synchronous name resolver dislike marking
	  the connection as async.

2006-10-18 23:25  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h: Sync with lib/setup_once.h

2006-10-18 23:05  yangtse

	* ares/adig.c, ares/ahost.c, ares/ares_process.c, ares/setup.h,
	  lib/connect.c, lib/easy.c, lib/inet_ntop.c, lib/inet_pton.c,
	  lib/select.c, lib/sendf.c, lib/strerror.c, lib/telnet.c,
	  tests/libtest/first.c, tests/server/sockfilt.c,
	  tests/server/util.c, tests/server/util.h: Check for USE_WINSOCK
	  instead of WIN32 where the check was done to verify winsock API

2006-10-18 17:57  yangtse

	* ares/setup.h, lib/setup.h, src/setup.h: Introduce symbol
	  USE_WINSOCK which will be defined when using winsock or winsock2

2006-10-18 17:11  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: the expire timer is a bit too annoying to see all
	  the time ;-)

2006-10-18 17:10  bagder

	* lib/url.c: When a connection is re-used, it can be flagged for
	  re-use before the name resolving is completed so we must make
	  sure to survive it and mark the connection as async (ie not yet
	  connected completely).

2006-10-18 16:47  bagder

	* lib/file.c: use the return code from lseek() to detect problems
	  and bail out if so

2006-10-18 15:50  giva

	* lib/setup_once.h: Added ISPRINT() required for src/main.c.

2006-10-18 14:59  bagder

	* ares/setup_once.h, lib/setup_once.h: Tor's spell fixes

2006-10-18 13:13  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: changes done the last few days

2006-10-18 13:13  bagder

	* lib/url.c: cut out matching host names starting with telnet or
	  ftps, since they hardly ever actually are used

2006-10-18 09:53  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: the "work in progress" for #25 was ditched a
	  long time ago

2006-10-18 05:42  yangtse

	* ares/: adig.c, ares__get_hostent.c, ares_init.c, ares_search.c,
	  inet_net_pton.c: Replace is*() macros with our own IS*() ones.
	  Get rid of non ANSI/ISO isascii().

2006-10-18 05:41  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h, lib/setup.h, lib/setup_once.h, src/setup.h:
	  Move definition of IS*() macros to setup_once.h

2006-10-17 23:45  danf

	* lib/url.c: Fixed compile error in HAVE_SIGACTION case.

2006-10-17 23:32  bagder

	* lib/base64.c, lib/escape.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/http.c,
	  lib/http_chunks.c, lib/http_digest.c, lib/http_negotiate.c,
	  lib/http_ntlm.c, lib/mprintf.c, lib/parsedate.c, lib/setup.h,
	  lib/strtoofft.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, src/main.c,
	  src/setup.h, src/urlglob.c: Avoid typecasting a signed char to an
	  int when using is*() functions, as that could very well cause a
	  negate number get passed in and thus cause reading outside of the
	  array usually used for this purpose.

	  We avoid this by using the uppercase macro versions introduced
	  just now that does some extra crazy typecasts to avoid byte codes
	  > 127 to cause negative int values.

2006-10-17 22:34  bagder

	* lib/hostthre.c: clear the struct size not the pointer size,
	  pointed out in bug report #1579171

2006-10-17 13:46  bagder

	* tests/ buildconf already runs ares/buildconf by
	  itself if there is an ares subdir present, so there's no use to
	  doing it again in this script!

2006-10-17 12:04  yangtse

	* lib/: ftp.c, http.c, sendf.c, ssluse.c, transfer.c: Explicit
	  typecast for Curl_debug() size argument

2006-10-17 11:07  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: Typo

2006-10-17 11:05  bagder

	* lib/speedcheck.c: make the low_speed check set the expire timer
	  so that it has a chance to work even when using
	  curl_multi_socket() or even using the multi_perform() when
	  relying on multi_timeout() to be good.

2006-10-17 10:07  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Please welcome our new curl mirror, for
	  really fast Swedish access.

2006-10-17 10:06  bagder

	* lib/hostares.c: Jeff helped me pinpoint that we didn't properly
	  set the expire timer during c-ares name resolves, but now we do!

2006-10-17 10:05  bagder

	* lib/url.c: fix the name resolve abort timeout calculation (when
	  signals are used)

2006-10-17 04:31  yangtse

	* lib/http.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-10-16 10:30  bagder

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4, Added a check in configure
	  that simply tries to run a program (not when cross-compiling) in
	  order to detect problems with run-time libraries that otherwise
	  would occur when the sizeof tests for curl_off_t would run and
	  thus be much more confusing to users. The check of course should
	  run after all lib-checks are done and before any other test is
	  used that would run an executable built for testing-purposes.

2006-10-16 01:13  yangtse

	* lib/http.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-10-15 22:28  giva

	* lib/: strerror.c, url.c: Replace ";;" with ";".

2006-10-15 21:41  giva

	* lib/config.dos: Rearranged target HAVE_x section.

2006-10-14 14:02  yangtse

	* lib/timeval.h: Declare our own timeval struct if
	  HAVE_STRUCT_TIMEVAL is not defined

2006-10-14 14:01  yangtse

	* ares/, ares/Makefile.netware, ares/config-win32.h,
	  lib/Makefile.netware, lib/config-amigaos.h, lib/config-mac.h,
	  lib/config-riscos.h, lib/config-tpf.h, lib/config-win32.h,
	  lib/config-win32ce.h, lib/config.dos, src/Makefile.netware,
	  src/config-amigaos.h, src/config-mac.h, src/config-riscos.h,
	  src/config-win32.h: Define HAVE_STRUCT_TIMEVAL as appropriate for
	  platforms that lack autotools support

2006-10-13 23:25  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: Prevent ares_getsock() to overflow if more than 16
	  sockets are used.

2006-10-13 23:02  danf

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, src/main.c: The tagging of
	  application/x-www-form-urlencoded POST body data sent to the
	  CURLOPT_DEBUGFUNCTION callback has been fixed (it was erroneously
	  included as part of the header).  A message was also added to the
	  command line tool to show when data is being sent, enabled when
	  --verbose is used.

2006-10-13 16:54  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: print the actual (externally known) easy handle and
	  not the internal container for it

2006-10-13 16:01  bagder

	* docs/examples/: 10-at-a-time.c, fopen.c, multi-app.c,
	  multi-debugcallback.c, multi-double.c, multi-post.c,
	  multi-single.c: Added comments about checking return code and the
	  maxfd counter

2006-10-13 09:11  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: Added curl_multi_dump() when built with CURLDEBUG -
	  this is not a stable public function, this is only meant to allow
	  easier tracking of the internal handle's state and what sockets
	  they use. Only for research and development.

2006-10-13 03:35  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/,
	  lib/timeval.h: Check for struct timeval at configuration time

2006-10-12 23:26  bagder

	* docs/examples/: README, ghiper.c: ghiper now uses the timer
	  callback in the multi interface

2006-10-12 18:47  bagder

	* ares/ares_getsock.c: avoid an overflow if an excessive amount of
	  servers are used

2006-10-12 16:35  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_cleanup.3: clarify more

2006-10-12 16:30  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3,
	  lib/multi.c: Starting now, adding an easy handle to a multi stack
	  that was already added to a multi stack will cause
	  CURLM_BAD_EASY_HANDLE to get returned.

2006-10-12 11:02  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: deleted #19 since it concerted FTP third party
	  transfers and they are no longer supported

2006-10-12 10:55  bagder

	* docs/FEATURES: we've cut out third party transfers

2006-10-12 10:52  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: point out the sslcert web page for -k/--insecure

2006-10-12 10:36  bagder

	  docs/libcurl/curl_multi_setopt.3, include/curl/multi.h,
	  lib/multi.c: Jeff Pohlmeyer has been working with the hiperfifo.c
	  example source code, and while doing so it became apparent that
	  the current timeout system for the socket API really was a bit
	  awkward since it become quite some work to be sure we have the
	  correct timeout set.

	  Jeff then provided the new CURLMOPT_TIMERFUNCTION that is yet
	  another callback the app can set to get to know when the general
	  timeout time changes and thus for an application like hiperfifo.c
	  it makes everything a lot easier and nicer. There's a
	  CURLMOPT_TIMERDATA option too of course in good old libcurl

2006-10-12 10:14  bagder

	* src/main.c: the textual arraw for "Send SSL data" was the wrong

2006-10-12 05:57  yangtse

	* lib/timeval.h: Inclusion of time header files based on header

2006-10-11 18:01  yangtse

	* ares/ares.h, lib/dict.c, lib/easy.c, lib/file.c, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/http.c, lib/strerror.c, lib/timeval.h, lib/transfer.c,
	  lib/url.c, src/main.c, tests/libtest/first.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib518.c, tests/server/resolve.c,
	  tests/server/sockfilt.c, tests/server/sws.c,
	  tests/server/tftpd.c, tests/server/util.c, tests/server/util.h:
	  Remove redundant __CYGWIN__ symbol check

2006-10-11 01:58  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib536.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-10-11 01:50  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/: lib525.c, lib526.c, lib530.c, lib533.c: Call
	  curl_global_cleanup() in all code paths before exiting test

2006-10-10 21:48  bagder

	* docs/examples/ghiper.c: repair id string

2006-10-10 21:46  bagder

	* docs/examples/:, ghiper.c: Added ghiper.c, Jeff
	  Pohlmeyer's example code using the curl_multi_socket() API with

2006-10-10 16:23  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: mark the handle as no longer having a broken pipe
	  when a transfer has failed

2006-10-09 23:29  bagder

	* tests/: data/test536, libtest/, libtest/lib536.c:
	  Added test case 536 in an attempt to add Bogdan Nicula's
	  problematic case with multi interface and pipelining. This test
	  just works and did not repeat the problem his test code showed,
	  but could still serve as a useful test.

2006-10-09 23:26  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib533.c: used for test 535 too

2006-10-09 23:24  bagder

	* lib/url.c: minor indent fix

2006-10-09 23:24  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: when going to completed due to error, mark the
	  handle as not in a pipeline anymore

2006-10-09 23:04  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: new mirrors

2006-10-09 16:59  bagder

	* src/ kill trailing whitespace

2006-10-09 16:54  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: changed the wording about removal of internal
	  headers with -H

2006-10-09 13:21  yangtse

	* lib/multi.c, tests/libtest/lib533.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-10-09 08:58  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/multi.c, lib/url.c, lib/url.h,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test535,
	  tests/libtest/lib533.c: Bogdan Nicula's second test case (posted
	  Sun, 08 Oct 2006) converted to test case 535 and it now runs
	  fine. Again a problem with the pipelining code not taking all
	  possible (error) conditions into account.

2006-10-09 02:35  yangtse

	* lib/select.c: Cygwin 1.5.21 needs this hack to pass test 160.  In
	  this way 304 tests out of 304 reported OK.

2006-10-09 00:19  bagder

	* docs/examples/hiperfifo.c: slightly improved

2006-10-08 23:41  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_info_read.3: clarified more

2006-10-08 12:51  bagder

	* tests/: data/, data/test534, libtest/lib533.c: test
	  534 added in an attempt to repeat Bogdan Nicula's bug...

2006-10-08 10:50  bagder

	* tests/: data/test533, libtest/lib533.c: modified lib533 to accept
	  both URLs on the command line

2006-10-08 10:43  bagder

	* tests/ Fix a "sockfilt" leak. When a new 'data'
	  connection sockfilt server is started, make sure that a
	  previously used one is killed first (since they re-use the same
	  .pid file etc)

2006-10-07 23:04  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: don't display or act on state changes that doesn't
	  actually change state

2006-10-06 23:19  bagder

	  tests/data/test533, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/libtest/lib533.c: Bogdan Nicula's hanging test case was
	  converted to test case 533 and the test now runs fine.

2006-10-06 23:19  bagder

	* tests/ catch silly mistakes better

2006-10-06 02:24  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: updated for latest
	  OpenSSL release.

2006-10-05 16:33  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: planned stuff to do before release

2006-10-04 23:11  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/easy.c, lib/multi.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test532, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/libtest/lib526.c: Dmitriy Sergeyev provided an example
	  source code that crashed CVS libcurl but that worked nicely in
	  7.15.5. I converted it into test case 532 and fixed the problem.

2006-10-02 15:00  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: removed more dead code that is unused since the
	  removal of the third party transfer support

2006-09-30 22:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/, lib/ftp.c, lib/sendf.c, lib/transfer.c,
	  lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/main.c, tests/data/DISABLED,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test230, tests/data/test231,
	  tests/data/test232: Support for FTP third party transfers is now

2006-09-28 23:26  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c, lib/multiif.h, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h, tests/data/, tests/data/test529,
	  tests/libtest/, tests/libtest/lib525.c: Reported in
	  #1561470 (, libcurl
	  would crash if a bad function sequence was used when shutting
	  down after using the multi interface (i.e using easy_cleanup
	  after multi_cleanup) so precautions have been added to make sure
	  it doesn't any more - test case 529 was added to verify.

2006-09-27 23:15  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_info_read.3: added more explanations

2006-09-27 23:00  bagder

	* lib/cookie.c, tests/data/test171, tests/data/test172,
	  tests/data/test31, tests/data/test46, tests/data/test506,
	  tests/data/test61, tests/data/test62, tests/data/test73: As
	  reported in bug: #1566077 the former URL mentioned in the
	  generated cookie jar has died and we now instead point out our
	  own version of that

2006-09-26 12:38  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Armel Asselin's fix for the

2006-09-25 02:54  yangtse

	* lib/getinfo.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-09-25 02:16  yangtse

	* lib/multi.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-09-25 02:05  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-09-25 01:55  yangtse

	* lib/socks.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-09-25 00:03  bagder

	* CHANGES, Bernard Leak fixed configure

2006-09-24 12:41  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/select.c, lib/select.h: Cory Nelson
	  made libcurl use the WSAPoll() function if built for Windows
	  Vista (_WIN32_WINNT >= 0x0600)

2006-09-24 12:33  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: eeep, tab completion error

2006-09-24 12:30  bagder

	* docs/curl.1, src/main.c: --ftp-ssl-control requires SSL/TLS, it
	  does not "try" it

2006-09-24 12:30  bagder

	* tests/ allow user in passwd state for test 280 to
	  work (--ftp-alternative-to-user)

2006-09-23 22:50  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: updated numbers

2006-09-23 22:46  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: minor edits

2006-09-23 22:39  bagder

	* tests/FILEFORMAT: filled in some docs for the FTP server control

2006-09-23 22:39  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test280: added simple test of

2006-09-23 22:25  bagder

	* src/main.c: --ftp-alternative-to-user was missing in the help

2006-09-23 21:37  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1, src/main.c: Mike Protts
	  added --ftp-ssl-control to make curl use FTP-SSL, but only
	  encrypt the control connection and use the data connection

2006-09-23 21:09  bagder

	* lib/: socks.c, socks.h: standard curl source code headers

2006-09-23 21:07  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/Makefile.Watcom, lib/,
	  lib/Makefile.vc6, lib/socks.c, lib/socks.h, lib/url.c: Dmitriy
	  Sergeyev provided a patch that made the SOCKS[45] code work
	  better as it now will read the full data sent from servers. The
	  SOCKS-related code was also moved to the new lib/socks.c source

2006-09-22 00:15  danf

	* docs/curl.1: -z works on FTP, too

2006-09-21 22:52  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, lib/multi.c: (FTP) a failed
	  upload does not invalidate the control connection

2006-09-21 22:52  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test236, test531: Added test case 531
	  in an attempt to repeat bug report #1561470
	  ( that is said to
	  crash when an FTP upload fails with the multi interface. It did
	  not, but I made a failed upload still assume the control
	  connection to be fine.

2006-09-21 13:09  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_perform.3: Extended the explanation for

2006-09-20 23:49  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test278, tests/data/test279: Armel Asselin fixed
	  problems when you gave a proxy URL with user name and empty
	  password or no password at all. Test case 278 and 279 were added
	  to verify.

2006-09-20 15:09  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: lots of "HTTPS" features are really "SSL" ones as
	  they are also valid for FTPS

2006-09-20 14:03  bagder

	* lib/: multi.c, url.c: Michael Wallner's test program again help
	  me track down a problem. This time it basically was that we
	  didn't remove the current connection from the pipe list when
	  following a redirect. Also in this commit: several cases of
	  additional debug code for debug builds helping to check and track
	  down some signs of run-time trouble.

2006-09-20 13:35  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: PEM is default type for key and cert

2006-09-16 23:50  bagder

	* lib/: multi.c, url.c, url.h, urldata.h: Resize the connection
	  cache upwards when adding more handles than what currently fits
	  in the cache, to make the cache work better especially for
	  pipelining cases but also for "mere" (persistent) connection

2006-09-16 22:57  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: Armel Asselin - When the easy handle is removed from
	  the multi while libcurl is still trying to resolve the host name,
	  it seems that the ftp struct is not yet initialized, but the
	  removal action calls Curl_done() which calls Curl_ftp_done. So we
	  simply return success from there if no ftp pointer is set.

2006-09-15 10:47  bagder

	* lib/: url.c, url.h: file-local function should be static and not
	  use Curl_ prefix! Curl_signalPipeClose is now signalPipeClose().

2006-09-13 15:51  giva

	* docs/examples/ Use CSOURCES as other makefiles. Add
	  line for dependency generation.

2006-09-13 15:41  giva

	* tests/server/: util.c, util.h: 'in6addr_any' must be placed in
	  .c-file. Added 'REAL_WIN32' for all Win32 targets except CygWin.

2006-09-13 14:42  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-09-13 12:48  bagder

	* tests/ nicer reporting of disabled tests

2006-09-13 12:18  bagder

	* tests/data/DISABLED: added CVS id and clarified the comment lines

2006-09-13 12:16  bagder

	* tests/:, data/DISABLED, data/ Added a
	  generic way to disable test cases when "all" is run, and added
	  the FTP 3rd party transfers to that file for now until I have
	  them sorted out.

2006-09-13 03:35  yangtse

	* src/main.c: Fix error introduced in file version 1.369

2006-09-13 01:51  yangtse

	* lib/ftp.c, lib/http.c, lib/multi.c, lib/sendf.c, lib/sslgen.c,
	  lib/url.c, src/main.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-09-12 13:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: stuff we do

2006-09-12 13:25  bagder

	* docs/examples/:, README, hiperfifo.c: hiperfifo.c by
	  Jeff Pohlmeyer

2006-09-12 11:39  bagder

	* docs/TODO: pipelining support is added now

2006-09-12 09:54  bagder

	* docs/examples/10-at-a-time.c: example code by Michael Wallner

2006-09-12 08:28  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: corrected URL

2006-09-12 08:14  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: so it seems SOCKS5 too (still) has problems with
	  connect timeouts

2006-09-12 03:17  yangtse

	* tests/: libtest/first.c, libtest/lib518.c, server/resolve.c,
	  server/sockfilt.c, server/sws.c, server/tftpd.c, server/util.c:
	  Cygwin preprocessor adjustments

2006-09-11 22:50  bagder

	* lib/url.c: If the current connection doesn't fit to get added to
	  the connection cache, we certainly MUST NOT kill an active
	  connection... Problem tracked down thanks to Michael Wallner's
	  excellent test program.

2006-09-11 22:25  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_init.c: - Guilherme Balena Versiani: I noted
	  a strange BUG in Win32 port
	  (ares_init.c/get_iphlpapi_dns_info() function): when I disable
	  the network	by hand or disconnect the network cable in Windows
	  2000 or Windows XP, my   application gets as the only
	  name server. The problem comes from	'GetNetworkParams'
	  function, that returns the empty string "" as the only   name
	  server in that case. Moreover, the Windows implementation of
	  inet_addr() returns INADDR_LOOPBACK instead of INADDR_NONE.

2006-09-11 19:18  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/multi.c, lib/sslgen.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/main.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib526.c: - Fixed my breakage from earlier today so
	  that doing curl_easy_cleanup() on a	handle that is part of a
	  multi handle first removes the handle from the   stack.

	  - Added CURLOPT_SSL_SESSIONID_CACHE and --no-sessionid to disable
	  SSL	session-ID re-use on demand since there obviously are
	  broken servers out   there that misbehave with session-IDs used.

2006-09-11 13:25  bagder

	* lib/url.c: stupid mistake rectified by Jeff Pohlmeyer

2006-09-11 01:45  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-09-11 01:37  yangtse

	* lib/: ftp.c, http.c, ssluse.c, transfer.c, url.c: Compiler
	  warning fix

2006-09-11 00:15  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: curl_multi_socket() fix thanks to Jeff's
	  test code

2006-09-11 00:15  bagder

	* lib/: multi.c, url.c, urldata.h:   Jeff Pohlmeyer presented a
	  *multi_socket()-using program that exposed a
	    problem with it (SIGSEGV-style). It clearly showed that the
	    socket-state and state-difference function wasn't good enough
	  so I rewrote
	    it and could then re-run Jeff's program without any crash. The
	    version clearly could miss to tell the application when a
	  handle changed
	    from using one socket to using another.

	    While I was at it (as I could use this as a means to track this
	    down), I've now added a 'magic' number to the easy handle
	  struct that is
	    inited at curl_easy_init() time and cleared at
	  curl_easy_cleanup() time that
	    we can use internally to detect that an easy handle seems to be
	  fine, or at
	    least not closed or freed (freeing in debug builds fill the
	  area with 0x13
	    bytes but in normal builds we can of course not assume any
	  particular data
	    in the freed areas).

2006-09-11 00:12  bagder

	* lib/hash.c: Added a useful debug function within #if 0. The
	  function makes it easy to "dump" a hash table which is useful
	  when tracking problems with data stored in one of our hashes.

2006-09-10 21:01  giva

	* tests/libtest/: first.c, lib503.c, lib504.c, lib507.c, lib509.c,
	  lib525.c, lib526.c, lib530.c, test.h: Added select_test()
	  function to allow selecting on no sockets on Winsock.

2006-09-09 21:13  giva

	* lib/url.c: SIGALARM -> SIGALRM.

2006-09-09 21:11  giva

	* lib/url.c: #ifdef around alarmfunc() to supress warning.

2006-09-09 20:23  giva

	* lib/easy.c: iconv-data needs to be fully reallocated (to prevent
	  a double-free).

2006-09-09 18:55  giva

	* tests/libtest/lib525.c: Print usage in case 'arg2 == NULL'.

2006-09-09 18:36  giva

	* lib/easy.c: Duplicate iconv-data too in curl_easy_duphandle().

2006-09-09 15:24  yangtse

	* lib/: ftp.c, multi.c: Compiler warning fix

2006-09-09 13:45  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_ntlm.c: Michele Bini fixed how
	  the hostname is put in NTLM packages. As servers don't expect
	  fully qualified names we need to cut them off at the first dot.

2006-09-09 13:45  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: tab => space

2006-09-09 00:17  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: Peter Sylvester cleaned up and
	  fixed the getsockname() uses in ftp.c. Some of them can be
	  completetly removed though...

2006-09-08 15:06  giva

	* lib/url.c: signal() returns 'void (*)(int)'.

2006-09-08 14:46  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Mention that
	  CURLOPT_MAX_RECV/SEND* were added in 7.15.5

2006-09-08 14:17  giva

	* lib/ldap.c: Update comment reflecting structure change.

2006-09-08 14:03  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib530.c: removed the comment that isn't valid for
	  this file, just a copy'n paste error

2006-09-08 14:03  giva

	* lib/ldap.c: Compilation fix; 'reqdata' is not a pointer. 'path'
	  is part of SessionHandle.

2006-09-08 13:56  bagder

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT, data/, data/test530,
	  libtest/, libtest/lib530.c, server/sws.c: test 530 is
	  the first ever HTTP pipelining test for libcurl

2006-09-08 07:18  yangtse

	* lib/: ftp.c, hostip.h, ldap.c, multi.c: Compilation fix

2006-09-07 23:49  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_multi_setopt.3,
	  include/curl/curlver.h, include/curl/multi.h, lib/dict.c,
	  lib/easy.c, lib/easyif.h, lib/file.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/getinfo.c,
	  lib/hostip.h, lib/http.c, lib/http_chunks.c, lib/http_digest.h,
	  lib/ldap.c, lib/llist.c, lib/multi.c, lib/multiif.h,
	  lib/progress.c, lib/sendf.c, lib/sendf.h, lib/telnet.c,
	  lib/tftp.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/transfer.h, lib/url.c, lib/url.h,
	  lib/urldata.h, tests/data/, tests/data/test526,
	  tests/data/test527, tests/data/test528,
	  tests/libtest/, tests/libtest/lib526.c: Major overhaul
	  introducing http pipelining support and shared connection cache
	  within the multi handle.

2006-09-07 03:18  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: Fix compiler warning

2006-09-06 12:03  bagder

	* tests/ Invoke memanalyze from the source path and
	  hush up about killing the FTP server as part of test cases

2006-09-05 23:17  bagder

	* docs/MANUAL: added some fresh new blurb

2006-09-05 00:21  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: spell fix and added Jari

2006-09-05 00:19  bagder

	* lib/splay.c: Jari Sundell's minor cleanup, added comments and
	  some extra error-checkings for easier future error-tracking.

2006-09-04 10:53  bagder

	* buildconf: I fell over a new libtool that starts with a newline
	  so we need to fetch the two first lines to get the version
	  string. The good news is that older libtools have an empty line
	  after the first so I think this works fine all over...

2006-09-04 10:43  bagder

	* include/curl/curlver.h: oops, we're on the .6 track now

2006-09-04 08:17  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: proper credit

2006-09-04 00:52  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/KNOWN_BUGS, lib/url.c: - "Dortik"
	  ( provided a patch
	  that	 while not fixing things very nicely, it does make the
	  SOCKS5 proxy	 connection slightly better as it now acknowledges
	  the timeout for connection   and it no longer segfaults in the
	  case when SOCKS requires authentication   and you did not specify

2006-09-04 00:12  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_formadd.3: Mohun Biswas' improvements and
	  clarifications about the options and how to use them.

2006-09-03 15:52  giva

	* lib/: dict.c, easy.c, file.c, ftp.c, http.c, setup.h, timeval.h,
	  transfer.c, url.c: Simplified #ifdef on WIN32; the statement "
	  !defined(__GNUC__) || defined(__MINGW32__)" implies CygWin.

2006-09-03 15:45  giva

	* include/curl/curl.h: Watcom lacks <sys/time.h>.

2006-09-01 00:18  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test525: added missing test

2006-08-31 14:53  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c: Dmitriy Sergeyev found and
	  fixed a multi interface flaw when using asynch name resolves. It
	  could get stuck in the wrong state.

2006-08-30 18:18  giva

	* lib/config.dos: Added HAVE_SYS_TIME_H for djgpp and HighC.

2006-08-30 18:17  giva

	* lib/: connect.c, cookie.h, dict.c, easy.c, file.c, http.c,
	  telnet.c, tftp.c, timeval.h, transfer.c, url.c: Removed
	  "#ifndef__WATCOMC__". Use "#ifdef HAVE_SYS_TIME_H" instead.

2006-08-30 14:10  giva

	* CHANGES: Added support for more MS-DOS compilers.

2006-08-29 23:11  giva

	* lib/: dict.c, formdata.c, ftp.c, hostip4.c: Avoid Metaware's
	  High-C warning "'=' encountered where '==' may have been

2006-08-29 20:45  giva

	* lib/: connect.c, dict.c, easy.c, file.c, http.c, telnet.c,
	  cookie.h, tftp.c, timeval.h, transfer.c, url.c: Watcom lacks

2006-08-29 20:40  giva

	* lib/config.dos: Added support for Watcom/DOS.

2006-08-29 20:17  giva

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom: Updated dependency section.

2006-08-29 20:13  giva

	* lib/ Don't include zlib headers in dependency output.

2006-08-29 18:40  giva

	* lib/ Renamed -> config.dos.

2006-08-29 18:35  giva

	* lib/ Use config.dos instead.  Updated generated

2006-08-29 18:34  giva

	* lib/ Removed. New file is config.dos.

2006-08-29 18:33  giva

	* lib/config.dos: Renamed -> config.dos. Added
	  #ifdef-section for djgpp.

2006-08-29 18:27  giva

	* lib/urldata.h: BUFSIZE defined in Metaware's <stdio.h>. Undefine
	  to avoid warning.

2006-08-29 18:26  giva

	* lib/: setup.h, setup_once.h: Support other MS-DOS compilers
	  (MSDOS is a djgpp built-in define).

2006-08-29 18:16  giva

	* include/curl/curl.h: Metaware's High-C has an ISO cpp.

2006-08-29 17:17  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_getnameinfo.c, ares_process.c,
	  ares_version.h: Brad Spencer did  o made ares_version.h use
	  extern "C" for c++ compilers	o fixed compiler warnings in
	  ares_getnameinfo.c  o fixed a buffer position init for TCP reads

2006-08-29 16:39  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, include/curl/multi.h, lib/connect.c,
	  lib/setup.h, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: David McCreedy added
	  applications to set their own socket options.

2006-08-25 15:53  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c: Armel Asselin reported that
	  the 'running_handles' counter wasn't updated properly if you
	  removed a "live" handle from a multi handle with

2006-08-23 23:49  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: clarify the string syntax
	  support in the CURLOPT_PROXY section

2006-08-23 23:20  danf

	* tests/:, Use /usr/bin/env to invoke
	  perl like the other test scripts.

2006-08-22 23:23  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c: David McCreedy fixed a
	  remaining mistake from the August 19 TYPE change.

2006-08-22 23:21  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: Peter Sylvester pointed out a
	  flaw in the AllowServerConnect() in the FTP code when doing pure
	  ipv6 EPRT connections.

2006-08-22 08:29  bagder

	* hiper/hipev.c: as Jeff Pohlmeyer pointed out, first get the multi
	  handle _then_ use it

2006-08-22 00:28  danf

	* lib/hostip.c: Workaround for Cray UNICOS 9.0 to fix ftp.

2006-08-21 08:39  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: clarify for what protocols the changes are

2006-08-19 23:18  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/content_encoding.c,
	  lib/content_encoding.h, lib/file.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/http.c,
	  lib/http_chunks.c, lib/ldap.c, lib/sendf.c, lib/sendf.h,
	  lib/telnet.c, lib/tftp.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h, tests/data/test146, tests/data/test149,
	  tests/data/test210, tests/data/test211, tests/data/test212,
	  tests/data/test215, tests/data/test216: Based on a patch by Armel
	  Asselin, the FTP code no longer re-issues the TYPE command on
	  subsequent requests on a re-used connection unless it has to.

2006-08-19 01:17  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: Armel Asselin fixed a crash in
	  the FTP code when using SINGLECWD mode and files in the root

2006-08-19 00:54  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, lib/http.h,
	  tests/data/test508, tests/data/test510, tests/data/test513,
	  tests/data/test515: Andrew Biggs pointed out a "Expect:
	  100-continue" flaw where libcurl didn't send the whole request at
	  once, even though the Expect: header was disabled by the
	  application. An effect of this change is also that small (< 1024
	  bytes) POSTs are now always sent without Expect: header since we
	  deem it more costly to bother about that than the risk that we
	  send the data in vain.

2006-08-16 20:48  danf

	* docs/INSTALL, lib/hostip.c, lib/if2ip.c, src/main.c: Minor
	  portability fixes to get things running on UNICOS 9.0 on a Cray

2006-08-16 19:56  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: related info

2006-08-16 19:05  giva

	* lib/gtls.c: Use gnutls_strerror() for clearer error message.

2006-08-15 19:02  giva

	* lib/version.c: Use '_LIBICONV_VERSION' instead of variable
	  '_libiconv_version' to support older iconv versions.

2006-08-14 19:00  yangtse

	* tests/server/: sws.c, tftpd.c: Replace exit() with return() in

2006-08-14 09:21  bagder

	* ares/ add missing man page

2006-08-11 20:11  danf

	* include/curl/multi.h, lib/if2ip.c: Use __minix to detect Minix,
	  which works on both ACK and GCC.

2006-08-09 22:54  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: option name spell fix

2006-08-09 18:36  danf

	* lib/strequal.c: Only define the string prototypes in ANSI mode to
	  reduce interference on systems that prototype them slightly

2006-08-09 18:10  danf

	* docs/INSTALL: Added eCos and Minix sections.

2006-08-09 16:04  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware: added build info output.

2006-08-09 15:59  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: fixed some web links.

2006-08-09 01:37  gknauf

	* docs/INSTALL: fixed some web links.

2006-08-09 00:56  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  lib/ftp.c: Armel Asselin made the CURLOPT_PREQUOTE option work
	  fine even when CURLOPT_NOBODY is set true. PREQUOTE is then run
	  roughly at the same place in the command sequence as it would
	  have run if there would've been a transfer.

2006-08-09 00:37  gknauf

	* lib/: hostip.h, hostip4.c: moved ugly NetWare hack to hostip.h so
	  that hostip.c uses it too.

2006-08-08 23:12  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, lib/transfer.c,
	  lib/urldata.h: Fixed a flaw in the "Expect: 100-continue"
	  treatment. If you did two POSTs on a persistent connection and
	  allowed the first to use that header, you could not disable it
	  for the second request.

2006-08-08 23:11  bagder

	* maketgz: make REALLY sure src/ is a copy of

2006-08-08 20:47  danf

	* lib/getinfo.c: Minix 3 doesn't have MSG_PEEK

2006-08-08 15:39  bagder

	* hiper/hipev.c: better updating of the single timeout

2006-08-07 20:06  yangtse

	* lib/, src/, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/server/ Allow again proper compilation outside
	  of the source tree

2006-08-07 18:54  bagder

	* hiper/hipev.c: Jeff Pohlmeyer pointed out this stupid variable
	  type error

2006-08-07 08:48  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: start working towards 7.15.6

2006-08-07 08:46  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: added contributors to 7.15.5

2006-08-07 08:32  bagder

	* CHANGES: release time for 7.15.5

2006-08-06 12:58  yangtse

	* ares/ Check for network libraries the _same_ way it
	  is done in cURL.

2006-08-06 00:02  yangtse

	* ares/ Check for network libraries the same way it is
	  done in cURL.

2006-08-04 20:53  danf

	* lib/if2ip.c, include/curl/multi.h: Initial stab at making libcurl
	  compile under Minix 3.

2006-08-04 19:35  yangtse

	* ares/inet_ntop.c, lib/inet_ntop.c: Minor compatibility fix

2006-08-04 18:10  giva

	* lib/version.c: Added version info for iconv.

2006-08-04 18:08  giva

	* include/curl/curl.h: Added
	  'curl_version_info_data::iconv_ver_num' for iconv version.

2006-08-04 18:05  giva

	* include/curl/curl.h: Fixed typo.

2006-08-04 17:57  giva

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom: Added dependency for splay.obj.

2006-08-04 17:41  giva

	* ares/ares_gethostbyname.c: Fixed comment.

2006-08-04 16:39  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: oops, the previous commit was incomplete as we made
	  an unconditional call to multi_runsingle() without it being
	  really necessary or good

2006-08-04 15:06  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: even when we get a single connection to deal with,
	  we must still check for timeout'ed connections and possibly deal
	  with them too

2006-08-04 04:49  yangtse

	* ares/inet_ntop.c, lib/inet_ntop.c: Fix compiler warning

2006-08-04 03:13  yangtse

	* ares/setup.h, lib/setup.h, src/setup.h: Avoid redundant check.
	  configure script takes care of not defining HAVE_WINDOWS_H,
	  __CYGWIN__ is defined.

2006-08-04 02:39  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Being unable to link or find out
	  recv() or send() args types is a fatal error.

2006-08-04 00:57  bagder

	* hiper/hipev.c: This is now a working example using libevent and
	  curl_multi_socket() for really fast treatment of many
	  simultaneous transfers

2006-08-03 23:31  bagder

	* include/curl/multi.h: adding CURLM_CALL_MULTI_SOCKET that's just

2006-08-03 23:19  yangtse

	* ares/ MinGW/MSYS needs lib ws2_32 for proper
	  operation of configure script.

2006-08-03 20:20  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_getsock.c: Ravi Pratap fixed ares_getsock()
	  to actually return the proper bitmap and not always zero!

2006-08-03 13:47  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: removed running_handles argument from
	  multi_runsingle() since it wasn't really used anymore since
	  multi->num_alive was introduced

2006-08-03 13:41  yangtse

	* lib/multi.c: Silence compiler warning 'unused parameter
	  running_handles' in function multi_runsingle(). This is done here
	  returning multi->num_alive in the running_handles parameter even
	  when functions that call multi_runsingle() at this moment
	  overwrite the returned value with the one that is valid when
	  those functions curl_multi_perform() and multi_socket() have
	  removed expired timers from the splay. Most probably, parameter
	  'running_handles' in function multi_runsingle() should be just

2006-08-03 00:29  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: keep count of the number of "alive" handles in a
	  struct member, as otherwise *multi_socket*() can't return the
	  proper number

2006-08-02 20:18  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c: Mark Lentczner fixed how
	  libcurl was not properly doing chunked encoding if the header
	  "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" was set by the application.

2006-08-02 11:33  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: a CURLOPT_PROGRESSFUNCTION

2006-08-01 11:39  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/strerror.c: Maciej Karpiuk fixed a
	  crash that would occur if we passed Curl_strerror() an unknown
	  error number on glibc systems.

2006-08-01 11:38  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: spell-fixed a comment

2006-08-01 10:57  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_socket.3: updated docs with the new

2006-07-31 20:41  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Avoid the risk of a false
	  positive detection of MSG_NOSIGNAL when cross compiling a Windows

2006-07-31 19:46  yangtse

	* lib/: cookie.h, transfer.c, url.c: Silence warning: empty body in
	  an if-statement

2006-07-31 19:12  yangtse

	* ares/setup_once.h, lib/setup_once.h: Force compilation failure in
	  case macros sread() or swrite() are not defined.

2006-07-31 18:58  yangtse

	* ares/Makefile.netware, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  src/Makefile.netware: Provide definitions needed for macros
	  sread() and swrite() in config file.

2006-07-31 00:47  bagder

	* hiper/shiper.c: adapt to the new protos

2006-07-31 00:44  bagder

	* CHANGES, hiper/STATUS, hiper/hipev.c, include/curl/multi.h,
	  lib/multi.c: curl_multi_socket() and curl_multi_socket_all() got
	  modified prototypes: they both now provide the number of running
	  handles back to the calling function.

2006-07-29 18:17  yangtse

	* lib/tftp.c: Winsock and Cygwin need address family specification
	  before bind(), this should be harmless for others.

2006-07-29 11:15  yangtse

	* ares/ares_process.c, tests/server/tftpd.c: Fix compiler warnings.

2006-07-29 10:39  yangtse

	* ares/Makefile.vc6: include setup_once.h dependency and adjust to
	  80 char lines.

2006-07-29 00:04  bagder

	* docs/BINDINGS: new D binding

2006-07-28 20:01  yangtse

	* ares/ares_process.c, ares/windows_port.c, tests/server/tftpd.c:
	  Replace send() and recv() with swrite() and sread() macros.

2006-07-28 16:19  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/, ares/acinclude.m4,
	  ares/, ares/setup.h, ares/setup_once.h,
	  lib/, lib/setup.h, lib/setup_once.h: First step
	  trying to avoid the multiple header inclusion and recursion

	  Reintroduce checking for HAVE_MSG_NOSIGNAL in configure script,
	  so that we don't depend on header inclusion order for a valid

2006-07-28 00:44  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test277: test case 277 - HTTP
	  RFC1867-type formposting with custom Content-Type

2006-07-28 00:35  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/formdata.c, lib/formdata.h,
	  lib/http.c: Yves Lejeune fixed so that replacing Content-Type:
	  when doing multipart formposts work exactly the way you want it
	  (and the way you'd assume it works)

2006-07-28 00:28  bagder

	* lib/hostip6.c: put back the correct logic, as the change dated
	  July 11th 2006 added bad behaviour and a socket leak

2006-07-27 01:20  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1, src/main.c: David McCreedy
	  added --ftp-ssl-reqd which makes curl *require* SSL for both
	  control and data connection, as the existing --ftp-ssl option
	  only requests it.

2006-07-27 00:25  bagder

	  proto change

2006-07-27 00:19  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/libcurl/,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_multi_socket.3, hiper/STATUS, hiper/hipev.c,
	  include/curl/multi.h, lib/multi.c: [Hiper-related work] Added a
	  function called curl_multi_assign() that will set a private
	  pointer added to the internal libcurl hash table for the
	  particular socket passed in to this function.

2006-07-26 12:54  yangtse

	* ares/ares_private.h: Provide multiple header inclusion prevention
	  definition __ARES_PRIVATE_H

2006-07-26 12:47  yangtse

	* ares/bitncmp.h: Change multiple header inclusion prevention
	  definition to __ARES_BITNCMP_H

2006-07-26 12:43  yangtse

	* ares/inet_net_pton.h: Change multiple header inclusion prevention
	  definition to __ARES_INET_NET_PTON_H

2006-07-26 12:33  yangtse

	* ares/inet_ntop.h: Sync header with source code

2006-07-26 00:45  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/main.c: Dan Nelson added the
	  CURLOPT_FTP_ALTERNATIVE_TO_USER libcurl option and curl tool
	  option named --ftp-alternative-to-user. It provides a mean to
	  send a particular command if the normal USER/PASS approach fails.

2006-07-26 00:06  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/, lib/vc8proj.foot, lib/vc8proj.head:
	  Michael Jerris added magic that builds lib/curllib.vcproj
	  automatically (for newer MSVC versions)

2006-07-25 20:48  yangtse

	* lib/hostip.c: Fix warning: no newline at end of file

2006-07-25 20:38  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c: Georg Horn made the
	  transfer timeout error message include more details

2006-07-25 15:49  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4, lib/config-riscos.h,
	  lib/config-tpf.h, lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h,
	  lib/hostares.c, lib/hostasyn.c, lib/hostip.c, lib/hostip4.c,
	  lib/hostip6.c, lib/hostsyn.c, lib/hostthre.c, lib/ldap.c,
	  packages/vms/config-vms.h, src/config-riscos.h: Simplify check
	  for NEED_MALLOC_H, and make more explicit that NEED_MALLOC_H
	  shall be defined if <malloc.h> header file must be included even
	  when including <stdlib.h>.

2006-07-25 13:35  giva

	* lib/easy.c: Silence iconv() warnings.

2006-07-25 13:08  giva

	* src/main.c: Added CURL_VERSION_CONV feature string.

2006-07-25 12:49  giva

	* lib/hostasyn.c: Added note for CURLRES_ARES and CURLRES_IPV6.

2006-07-25 12:31  giva

	* lib/: hostares.c, hostip.c, hostip4.c: Moved functions common to
	  IPv4 and C-ares to hostip.c; Curl_freeaddrinfo() and

2006-07-25 12:23  giva

	* lib/hostip.c: Remove comment about c-ares not supporting IPv6.

2006-07-24 17:58  giva

	* lib/: hostares.c, hostip6.c: Use the proper Curl_freeaddrinfo()

2006-07-24 17:56  giva

	* lib/url.c: Fix typo.

2006-07-24 17:48  giva

	* lib/hostip.h: Ares needs CURLRES_ADDRINFO_COPY.
	  Curl_hostent_relocate() is gone.

2006-07-23 14:01  bagder

	* lib/libcurl.framework.make: added splay.o

2006-07-23 12:10  giva

	* ares/CHANGES: Added getopt() processing.

2006-07-22 19:31  giva

	* ares/ahost.c: Added getopt() processing of [-t {a|aaaa}].

2006-07-22 17:38  giva

	* ares/: setup.h, ares_init.c: Added CVS id.

2006-07-22 17:37  giva

	* ares/: ares__close_sockets.c, ares__get_hostent.c,
	  ares__read_line.c, ares_cancel.c, ares_destroy.c,
	  ares_expand_name.c, ares_expand_string.c, ares_free_hostent.c,
	  ares_free_string.c, ares_gethostbyname.c, ares_mkquery.c,
	  ares_parse_a_reply.c, ares_parse_aaaa_reply.c,
	  ares_parse_ptr_reply.c, ares_process.c, ares_query.c,
	  ares_search.c, ares_send.c, ares_strerror.c, ares_timeout.c,
	  bitncmp.c, inet_net_pton.c, windows_port.c: 2nd try adding CVS

2006-07-22 17:21  giva

	* ares/: inet_net_pton.c, windows_port.c, ares__close_sockets.c,
	  ares__get_hostent.c, ares__read_line.c, ares_cancel.c,
	  ares_destroy.c, ares_expand_name.c, ares_expand_string.c,
	  ares_free_hostent.c, ares_free_string.c, ares_gethostbyname.c,
	  ares_mkquery.c, ares_parse_a_reply.c, ares_parse_ptr_reply.c,
	  ares_query.c, ares_search.c, ares_send.c, ares_strerror.c,
	  ares_timeout.c, bitncmp.c, setup.h: Added CVS id.

2006-07-22 17:12  giva

	* ares/adig.c: Use ares_free_string() to avoid detecting leaks.

2006-07-22 16:51  giva

	* ares/ares_init.c: If CURLDEBUG defined, call curl_memdebug() if
	  $CARES_MEMDEBUG is set.

2006-07-21 08:50  giva

	* lib/: connect.c, connect.h: Constify some arguments in
	  Curl_connecthost() and singleipconnect().

2006-07-21 08:21  giva

	* lib/: hostip.c, hostip.h, hostip4.c, hostip6.c: Constify
	  arguments to Curl_he2ai() and Curl_addrinfo_copy().

2006-07-21 07:51  giva

	* lib/: hostares.c, hostip.c, hostip.h, hostip4.c, hostip6.c,
	  hostthre.c: Constify 'hostname' and 'service' to various resolver

2006-07-21 06:22  giva

	* lib/: setup.h, hostares.c, hostip4.c, hostip6.c: Changes for
	  combination ENABLE_IPV6 and USE_ARES.

2006-07-21 06:19  giva

	* lib/url.c: Use calloc() instead.

2006-07-20 22:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/formdata.c: David McCreedy fixed a build error when
	  building libcurl with HTTP disabled, problem added with the
	  curl_formget() patch.

2006-07-20 18:37  giva

	* lib/hostip6.c: Avoid warning "comparison of unsigned expression <
	  0 is always false"

2006-07-20 17:54  giva

	* lib/ftp.c: Avoid warning 'port' might be used uninitialized in
	  this function.

2006-07-20 00:27  danf

	*, lib/setup.h, lib/timeval.h, src/setup.h: Changes to
	  support building for eCos 1.3.1.  This has been tested with file:
	  URLs only.

2006-07-19 23:14  yangtse

	* lib/: base64.c, http_ntlm.c, ssluse.c, telnet.c, tftp.c, url.c:
	  Fix compiler warnings

2006-07-19 21:09  yangtse

	* src/main.c: Avoid variable declaration shadowing previously
	  declared one

2006-07-19 20:46  yangtse

	* lib/ssluse.c: Avoid variable declaration shadowing previously
	  declared one

2006-07-19 20:32  yangtse

	* lib/http.c: remove variable declaration shadowing previously
	  declared one

2006-07-19 20:19  yangtse

	* lib/http.c: Remove variable declaration shadowing previously
	  declared one

2006-07-19 17:28  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: Abort if unable to write pid file, and
	  close socket when aborting.

2006-07-19 17:26  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: Abort if unable to write pid file.

2006-07-18 00:44  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: -Use curl_socket_t instead of int.

	  -Log errno in message if setsockopt() fails.

	  -Close listener socket on major errors.

2006-07-17 21:22  yangtse

	* lib/connect.c: "*connected" must be set to FALSE if trynextip()

2006-07-17 20:35  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c: Jari Sundell did some
	  excellent research and bug tracking, figured out that we did
	  wrong and patched it: When nodes were removed from the splay
	  tree, and we didn't properly remove it from the splay tree when
	  an easy handle was removed from a multi stack and thus we could
	  wrongly leave a node in the splay tree pointing to (bad) memory.

2006-07-17 18:47  yangtse

	* tests/data/test506: tests/libtest/lib506.c version 1.11 is now
	  CURLSHOPT_USERDATA, so we now also have to check them here.

2006-07-17 17:25  yangtse

	* lib/strdup.c: Return NULL if argument is NULL.

2006-07-17 16:52  yangtse

	* lib/url.c: Fix compiler warning "enumerated type mixed with
	  another type"

2006-07-17 16:32  yangtse

	* tests/libtest/lib506.c: Fix compiler warning "enumerated type
	  mixed with another type"

2006-07-17 07:05  yangtse

	* lib/ssluse.c: Update error buffer size used for SSL_strerror()

2006-07-17 05:38  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: Minor cleanup

2006-07-15 20:57  bagder

	* lib/splay.h: don't use 'new' in the proto

2006-07-14 20:58  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: David McCreedy fixed a flaw
	  where the CRLF counter wasn't properly cleared for FTP ASCII

2006-07-14 13:04  yangtse

	* ares/ares_process.c: Fix compiler warning

2006-07-14 12:30  yangtse

	* ares/ares_ipv6.h, lib/connect.c, lib/hostip.h, lib/hostip4.c:
	  Change the ai_addrlen type of struct addrinfo from size_t to
	  socklen_t, per RFC 3493.

2006-07-14 08:31  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: Null terminate string in buffer before
	  feeding it to strtol()

2006-07-13 20:57  yangtse

	* lib/multi.c: Oops, missing "u"

2006-07-13 20:50  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: Change to meaningful var names and take
	  care of a compiler warning on IRIX 6.5.22 MIPSPro C 7.3 64bit

2006-07-13 20:44  yangtse

	* lib/multi.c: Fix compiler warning.

2006-07-12 15:57  giva

	* lib/ Remove unneeded stuff.

2006-07-12 12:41  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: Remove var not used.

2006-07-12 11:39  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: Log a message if not all data is sent.

2006-07-12 11:03  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: Fix compiler warning: comparison between
	  signed and unsigned

2006-07-12 09:33  yangtse

	* lib/telnet.c: Read the return value of the swrite() macro and
	  'print' a message in case of failure.

2006-07-12 08:52  yangtse

	* lib/setup.h, tests/server/sws.c: Place parenthesis surrounding
	  macro parameters so that the use of sread and swrite is more

2006-07-12 08:14  yangtse

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: sread now returns ssize_t

2006-07-12 08:09  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: Pay attention when typecasting an operation

2006-07-12 07:54  yangtse

	* tests/server/sws.c: sread now returns ssize_t

2006-07-12 07:20  yangtse

	* lib/ DJGPP/WATT32 does not have functions named recv()
	  send() getnameinfo().

2006-07-12 07:19  yangtse

	* lib/sendf.c, lib/setup.h, lib/telnet.c, tests/server/sockfilt.c,
	  tests/server/sws.c: Use platform's native types for recv() and
	  send() arguments.

2006-07-11 23:35  danf

	*, include/curl/curl.h: Enable --enable-hidden-symbols
	  for SunPro C

2006-07-11 23:34  yangtse

	* lib/config-amigaos.h, lib/config-riscos.h, lib/config-tpf.h,
	  lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h, lib/,
	  lib/hostares.c, lib/hostasyn.c, lib/hostip.c, lib/hostip4.c,
	  lib/hostip6.c, lib/hostsyn.c, lib/hostthre.c, lib/ldap.c,
	  packages/vms/config-vms.h, src/config-riscos.h: include
	  <malloc.h> only if HAVE_MALLOC_H and NEED_MALLOC_H are both

2006-07-11 22:40  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/
	  Define NEED_MALLOC_H if including <stdlib.h> is not enough for
	  proper compilation and <malloc.h> must also be included.

2006-07-11 19:02  danf

	* lib/, lib/easy.c, lib/strdup.c, lib/strdup.h,
	  src/, src/main.c, src/setup.h: Moved strdup
	  replacement from src/main.c into src/strdup.c so it's available
	  in libcurl as well, if necessary.

2006-07-11 15:12  giva

	* lib/ Added comment and CVS id.

2006-07-11 02:23  yangtse

	* lib/connect.c: Socket must be set to CURL_SOCKET_BAD after
	  closing it.

2006-07-10 18:14  yangtse

	* lib/multi.c: DNS cache must use the multi DNS cache if the easy
	  handle's one is not using anyone in curl_multi_add_handle.

2006-07-08 23:30  bagder

	* README: the tool is named curl with lowercase c

2006-07-08 23:29  bagder

	* docs/INSTALL: just some more blurb

2006-07-08 20:52  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/cookie.c, tests/data/test8: Ates
	  Goral pointed out that libcurl's cookie parser did case
	  insensitive string comparisons on the path which is incorrect and
	  provided a patch that fixes this. I edited test case 8 to include
	  details that test for this.

2006-07-08 20:49  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 7.15.5 is planned for August 2006

2006-07-08 01:08  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_add_handle.3: mention the shared DNS

2006-07-08 00:58  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/easy.c, lib/hostip.c, lib/multi.c,
	  lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: Ingmar Runge provided a source snippet
	  that caused a crash. The reason for the crash was that libcurl
	  internally was a bit confused about who owned the DNS cache at
	  all times so if you created an easy handle that uses a shared DNS
	  cache and added that to a multi handle it would crash. Now we
	  keep more careful internal track of exactly what kind of DNS
	  cache each easy handle uses: None, Private (allocated for and
	  used only by this single handle), Shared (points to a cache held
	  by a shared object), Global (points to the global cache) or Multi
	  (points to the cache within the multi handle that is
	  automatically shared between all easy handles that are added with
	  private caches).

2006-07-08 00:07  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_share_setopt.3: mention the by-default

2006-07-07 22:48  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, docs/LICENSE-MIXING: yassl can be used now

2006-07-07 22:45  bagder

	* lib/README.pipelining: HTTP Pipelining is for GET and HEAD
	  requests only.

2006-07-07 20:37  danf

	* lib/ Fixed building curllib.dsp when running make
	  outside the source tree.

2006-07-07 19:34  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Finally get rid of
	  CURL_CHECK_HEADERS_ONCE since it adds very little value and has
	  portability issues.

	  Change some shell tests into case...esac tests
	  which demand less resources.

2006-07-07 16:03  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Substitution of the literal '-'
	  is only done if it's the first or last character.

2006-07-07 14:59  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Using backslashes and slashes in
	  the strings of the sed 'y' command shall be avoided since its
	  interpretation is not the same across platforms.

	  Now we use the sed 's' command with a bracket expression.

2006-07-07 09:49  giva

	* lib/hostthre.c: Correct the trace for WinCE.

2006-07-07 09:46  giva

	* lib/hostthre.c: WinCE uses CreateThread(). Hence error is not in

2006-07-07 09:41  giva

	* lib/hostthre.c: Removed copying 'stderr' since it doesn't have
	  the desired effect.

2006-07-07 09:22  bagder

	* lib/README.pipelining: updated after discussions and thinking

2006-07-07 07:39  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Fix excessive escaping.

2006-07-07 06:42  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Fix CURL_CHECK_HEADERS_ONCE

2006-07-06 17:51  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Fix MinGW/MSYS support in

2006-07-06 15:57  giva

	* lib/curlx.h: Undefine symbols before redefining them.

2006-07-06 15:33  giva

	* lib/mprintf.c: Undefine correct symbol.

2006-07-06 01:16  yangtse

	* lib/ Oops !

2006-07-06 01:10  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/ares.h, ares/nameser.h,
	  ares/setup.h, docs/examples/synctime.c, include/curl/multi.h,
	  lib/setup.h, src/setup.h: Prevent definition of HAVE_WINxxx_H
	  symbols and avoid inclusion of Windows headers when compiled with
	  Cygwin in POSIX emulation mode.

2006-07-05 16:23  giva

	* lib/mprintf.c: Cludge fix for djgpp 2.03 or older; it doesn't
	  have snprintf() etc.	So avoid using x_was_used().

2006-07-05 16:15  giva

	* lib/  Add types and qualifiers for getnameifo(), send()
	  and recv().
	  (Yang Tse forgot about djgpp)

2006-07-04 19:19  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Use a more descriptive var name.

2006-07-04 18:54  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/config-win32.h,
	  lib/config-amigaos.h, lib/config-mac.h, lib/config-riscos.h,
	  lib/config-tpf.h, lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h,
	  packages/vms/config-vms.h: Get qualifier of arg 2 for send()
	  apart into SEND_QUAL_ARG2.

2006-07-04 18:10  yangtse

	* ares/config-win32.h, lib/config-amigaos.h, lib/config-mac.h,
	  lib/config-riscos.h, lib/config-tpf.h, lib/config-win32.h,
	  lib/config-win32ce.h, packages/vms/config-vms.h: Platforms that
	  don't have/run configure need default values in their config
	  files for:




2006-07-04 15:03  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/
	  Find out return types and argument types for functions recv() and
	  send() at configuration stage.

2006-07-04 14:01  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c: Toshiyuki Maezawa fixed a
	  problem where you couldn't override the Proxy-Connection: header
	  when using a proxy and not doing CONNECT.

2006-07-04 04:27  yangtse

	* lib/: hostip.h, hostip6.c, memdebug.h: Test HAVE_GETNAMEINFO
	  definition before using GETNAMEINFO_XXX definitions.

2006-07-03 20:38  yangtse

	* lib/: hostip.h, hostip6.c: Fix compiler warning.

2006-07-03 17:32  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4: Use

2006-07-03 01:09  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Make CURL_CHECK_NI_WITHSCOPEID
	  actually try to compile NI_WITHSCOPEID when cross-compiling.

2006-07-02 03:21  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Fix shell globbing in

2006-07-02 03:17  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Fix shell globbing in

2006-07-01 19:07  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Get some debug info

2006-07-01 17:01  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Get some debug info

2006-07-01 14:53  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Avoid shell globbing

2006-07-01 13:21  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Get qualifier of arg 1 for getnameinfo apart. Take

2006-07-01 05:07  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Get qualifier of arg 1 for getnameinfo apart.

2006-07-01 04:53  yangtse

	* ares/acinclude.m4: Get qualifier of arg 1 for getnameinfo apart.
	  Take 2.

2006-06-30 21:20  yangtse

	* ares/acinclude.m4: Get qualifier of arg 1 for getnameinfo apart.

2006-06-30 12:26  bagder

	* docs/examples/httpput.c: typecast the number passed to

2006-06-30 02:22  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Remove experimental notice from

2006-06-29 09:35  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.c: with a very recent yassl, we now can display
	  'yassl' when the OpenSSL API is in fact provided by yassl instead

2006-06-28 13:31  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: changed wording on the curl_multi_fdset() problem
	  and moved the -K change from bugfixes

2006-06-28 07:22  yangtse

	* lib/multi.c: fix better minor compiler warning

2006-06-28 06:17  yangtse

	* lib/multi.c: fix minor compiler warning

2006-06-28 04:45  yangtse

	* lib/formdata.c: fix minor compiler warning

2006-06-26 10:56  bagder

	* ares/ include config-win32.h in release archives

2006-06-26 08:43  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-multi.3: changed wording slightly, and added
	  standard boiler-plate header

2006-06-25 01:11  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_formget.3: Wallner's update

2006-06-24 23:54  bagder

	* lib/ Added README.pipelining but also extracted the
	  "docs" files to a separate list to get a better overview

2006-06-24 23:51  bagder

	* lib/README.pipelining: thoughts and ideas as posted to the list
	  the other day

2006-06-24 23:49  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/: curl_multi_setopt.3, curl_multi_socket.3,
	  curl_multi_timeout.3, libcurl-errors.3: corrected introduction
	  version number

2006-06-24 23:46  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_formget.3, include/curl/curl.h, lib/formdata.c:
	  Michael Wallner added curl_formget(), which allows an application
	  to extract (serialise) a previously built formpost (as with

2006-06-24 20:29  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: 1.3.1

2006-06-24 17:21  bagder

	* docs/TODO: Provide a libcurl API for setting mutex callbacks in
	  the underlying SSL library, so that the same application code can
	  use mutex-locking independently of OpenSSL or GnutTLS being used.

2006-06-24 00:07  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c: Arve Knudsen found a flaw in
	  curl_multi_fdset() for systems where curl_socket_t is unsigned
	  (like Windows) that could cause it to wrongly return a max fd of

2006-06-22 23:36  bagder

	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/multi.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  src/main.c: Peter Silva introduced CURLOPT_MAX_SEND_SPEED_LARGE
	  and CURLOPT_MAX_RECV_SPEED_LARGE that limit tha maximum rate
	  libcurl is allowed to send or receive data. This kind of adds the
	  the command line tool's option --limit-rate to the library.

	  The rate limiting logic in the curl app is now removed and is
	  instead provided by libcurl itself. Transfer rate limiting will
	  now also work for -d and -F, which it didn't before.

2006-06-21 19:34  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/: libcurl-tutorial.3, libcurl.3: minor language
	  edits bug reports 1510080 1510098

2006-06-20 09:27  bagder

	* docs/BINDINGS: the D binding link is dead but we know of no new

2006-06-20 09:03  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: bad syntax

2006-06-19 23:39  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c: make -K on a bad file now
	  displays a warning

2006-06-19 08:41  wahern

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_dns.h: Remove "big endian" DNS section and
	  RR data integer parser macros from ares_dns.h, which break c-ares
	  on my Sparc64. Bit-wise operations in C operate on logical
	  values. And in any event the octets are already in big-endian
	  (aka network) byte order so they're being reversed (thus the
	  source of the breakage).

2006-06-19 03:18  wahern

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_process.c: Handle EAGAIN/EWOULDBLOCK
	  readiness errors, which can occur for both TCP and UDP even when
	  a poll(2) or select(2) suggest otherwise.

2006-06-16 09:27  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: when mentioning the default config file, point back
	  to the actual description of how to write such a file

2006-06-15 23:30  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: select_res is not a socket, it should be a plain

2006-06-13 19:43  danf

	* Check whether gcc supports --enable-hidden-symbols
	  before allowing it.

2006-06-12 22:33  danf

	* docs/INSTALL,, include/curl/curl.h: Implemented
	  --enable-hidden-symbols configure option to enable
	  -fvisibility=hidden on gcc >= 4.0.  This reduces the size of the
	  libcurl binary and speeds up dynamic linking by hiding all the
	  internal symbols from the symbol table.

2006-06-12 11:32  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: oops

2006-06-12 11:30  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: added contributors from the 7.15.4 release

2006-06-12 09:24  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: starting the journey
	  towards the next release

2006-06-12 08:53  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: 7.15.4 coming up

2006-06-12 08:51  bagder

	* README: Nah, we refer people to the generic site that lists the
	  mirrors instead of trying to maintain an accurate list in this
	  file (too).

2006-06-10 19:35  giva

	* tests/libtest/: lib505.c, lib507.c: Fix "'x' might be used
	  uninitialized in this function" warnings.

2006-06-09 23:08  bagder

	* README: sync with existing list of up-to-date mirrors

2006-06-09 14:07  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.c: proper use of newlines

2006-06-09 10:25  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib525.c: stricter type use to please compilers

2006-06-09 09:08  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: oops, serious breakage in the fdset() function

2006-06-09 00:43  bagder

	* tests/libtest/:, lib525.c: lib525.c does a FTP upload
	  with PORT using multi interface

2006-06-08 13:06  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3: corrected the
	  CURLINFO_TOTAL_TIME description

2006-06-08 08:12  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES,, lib/if2ip.c, lib/setup.h,
	  lib/url.c, src/main.c, src/setup.h: Brian Dessent's fixes for
	  cygwin builds

2006-06-07 16:14  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_ntlm.c, lib/ssluse.c,
	  lib/ssluse.h, tests/data/test150, tests/data/test155,
	  tests/data/test159, tests/data/test162, tests/data/test169,
	  tests/data/test170, tests/data/test176, tests/data/test209,
	  tests/data/test213, tests/data/test239, tests/data/test243,
	  tests/data/test265, tests/data/test267, tests/data/test67,
	  tests/data/test68, tests/data/test69, tests/data/test81,
	  tests/data/test89, tests/data/test90, tests/data/test91: NTLM2
	  session response support

2006-05-31 07:49  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: two new mirrors and a recount of them

2006-05-31 07:17  bagder

	* lib/ Added config-tpf.h to the release package

2006-05-30 10:45  bagder

	* docs/TODO: Removed a few fixed issues and a few issues currently
	  in progress in the Hiper project. Also added a few obvious ones.

2006-05-28 13:28  bagder

	* docs/FEATURES: correct explicit/implicit terms for FTPS

2006-05-28 00:26  bagder

	* lib/splay.h: one modified proto and one removed proto

2006-05-28 00:26  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: adapted to the new Curl_splayremovebyaddr() proto

2006-05-28 00:25  bagder

	* lib/splay.c: Ifdef'ed out unused function, added lots of comments
	  and renamed a few variables, simplified the splayprint function,
	  modified Curl_splayremovebyaddr() to return error code. All in an
	  effort to track down the reported splay problem, but I've failed
	  to do that so far...

2006-05-27 13:36  bagder

	* tests/ reverted the previous .libs check for libs,
	  but instead make mingw32 builds more similar to other configure
	  builds (== use .la for libext and no binext)

2006-05-27 00:23  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/libcurl.framework.make: Óscar Morales Vivó updated
	  the libcurl.framework.make file.

2006-05-26 13:26  bagder

	* lib/: multi.c, url.c, urldata.h: long/int cleanup to silence
	  picky compiler warnings

2006-05-26 01:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_digest.c: Olaf Stüben fixed a
	  bug that caused Digest authentication with md5-sess to fail. When
	  using the md5-sess, the result was not Md5 encoded and Base64

2006-05-25 13:15  bagder

	* docs/: MANUAL, curl.1: minor RFC updates, Dan Fandrich brought my
	  attention to them

2006-05-25 13:04  bagder

	* tests/ better check for libs created in the .libs
	  directory since libtool does this kind of magic

2006-05-25 01:16  bagder

	* CHANGES: added some missing items

2006-05-25 01:02  bagder

	* ares/:, Copied the NO_UNDEFINED magic
	  from libcurl to make this build fine again with libtool
	  cross-compiled on linux with mingw32

2006-05-25 00:46  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  lib/cookie.c, lib/cookie.h, lib/url.c: Michael Wallner provided a
	  patch that allows "SESS" to be set with CURLOPT_COOKIELIST, which
	  then makes all session cookies get cleared. (slightly edited by
	  me, and the re-indent in cookie.c was also done by me)

2006-05-24 23:39  bagder

	* tests/server/util.c: make sure we pass a time_t * to localtime(),
	  and the timeval struct members are not always time_t ones

2006-05-24 18:11  bagder

	* lib/splay.c: minor fix to make Curl_splayremove() return a NULL
	  as "removed" in case nothing matched fine

2006-05-24 17:22  bagder

	* tests/: data/test271, server/tftpd.c: based on Tor Arntsen's fix,
	  this should correct test case 271 to again run fine

2006-05-24 00:55  bagder

	* Fixed a shell script syntax error that all of a
	  sudden started causing this script to fail on debian unstable
	  (some specific bash version perhaps?)

2006-05-23 23:19  bagder

	* lib/config-tpf.h: David McCreedy's update

2006-05-15 10:09  bagder

	* docs/DISTRO-DILEMMA: updated with more recent facts

2006-05-15 00:49  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: The SOCKS connection codes don't properly
	  acknowledge (connect) timeouts.

2006-05-12 00:24  bagder

	* docs/examples/:, ftpuploadresume.c: The new
	  ftpuploadresume.c example by Philip Bock

2006-05-11 23:37  bagder

	* Ok, when checking for old-style SSLeay headers we
	  cannot just use AC_CHECK_HEADERS() and the action-if-found since
	  that action is run even if just one of the six headers is found
	  and I just now fell over a case with a duplicate file name (a
	  krb4 implementation with an err.h file).

	  I converted the check to manually make sure three of the headers
	  are present before considering them fine.

2006-05-11 08:34  bagder

	* tests/:, data/test190: 1 - allow much longer time for
	  the test FTP server to startup and get verified 2 - store the
	  time it took to verify it and allow that time to be used as
	  %FTPTIME[23] in command lines to allow us to adjust better to
	  slow hosts   since test 190 failed on my slow solaris machine
	  just because it hadn't   gotten time to run all the way the test
	  assumed all machines would reach   before the time-out elapsed.

2006-05-11 07:17  bagder

	* lib/getinfo.c: make sure the LASTSOCKET check only checks for SSL
	  status if the socket truly use SSL

2006-05-11 07:16  bagder

	* lib/sslgen.c: silence warning

2006-05-11 00:17  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/getinfo.c, lib/sslgen.c,
	  lib/sslgen.h, lib/ssluse.c, lib/ssluse.h: David McCreedy provided
	  a fix for CURLINFO_LASTSOCKET that does extended checks on the
	  to-be-returned socket to make sure it truly seems to be alive and
	  well. For SSL connection it (only) uses OpenSSL functions.

2006-05-10 23:38  bagder

	* tests/ My Solaris test server was simply too slow to
	  be able to respond within 4 seconds even when everything is fine!
	  Now we allow a test server 8 seconds to respond to still be
	  considered ok.

2006-05-10 16:16  bagder

	* packages/AIX/: .cvsignore, RPM/.cvsignore: cvsignore these files

2006-05-10 13:44  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/dict.c: 1 - allow DICT with properly
	  URL-escaped words, like using %20 for spaces 2 - properly escape
	  certain letters within a DICT word to comply to the RFC2229

2006-05-10 11:53  bagder

	* tests/server/sws.c: removed variable declarations shadowing
	  previously declared variables

2006-05-10 10:03  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, acinclude.m4, Bram Matthys brought
	  my attention to a libtool peculiarity where detecting things such
	  as C++ compiler actually is a bad thing and since we don't need
	  that detection I added a work-around, much inspired by a previous
	  patch by Paolo Bonzini. This also shortens the configure script
	  quite a lot.

2006-05-09 15:02  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: oops, could return an uninitialized variable

2006-05-09 14:56  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/libcurl.m4: Andreas Ntaflos
	  reported a bug in libcurl.m4: When configuring my GNU autotools
	  project, which optionally (default=yes) uses libcurl on a system
	  without a (usable) libcurl installation, but not specifying
	  `--without-libcurl', configure determines correctly that no
	  libcurl is available, however, the LIBCURL variable gets expanded
	  to `LIBCURL = -lcurl' in the resulting Makefiles.

	  David Shaw fixed the flaw.

2006-05-09 14:44  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: mention the other TFTP cleanup sweep from yday

2006-05-09 14:43  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/ssluse.c: Robson Braga Araujo fixed two problems in
	  the recently added non-blocking SSL connects. The state machine
	  was not reset properly so that subsequent connects using the same
	  handle would fail, and there were two memory leaks.

2006-05-09 13:33  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c: Robson Braga Araujo fixed a
	  memory leak when you added an easy handle to a multi stack and
	  that easy handle had already been used to do one or more easy
	  interface transfers, as then the code threw away the previously
	  used DNS cache without properly freeing it.

2006-05-09 00:23  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: check more return codes and skip the initial slash in
	  given file names

2006-05-08 23:00  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: no longer uses errno but Curl_sockerrno() and now
	  acknowledges return codes from Curl_client_write

2006-05-08 21:41  danf

	* lib/tftp.c: Stop sending retransmitted received blocks up to
	  client Fixed handling of retransmitted blocks on transmit
	  Properly aligned data to transmit within packet Replaced calls to
	  strerror() with Curl_strerror()

2006-05-08 17:09  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/KNOWN_BUGS, lib/tftp.c: Fixed known
	  bug #28. The TFTP code no longer assumes a packed struct and thus
	  works reliably on more platforms.

2006-05-07 20:27  bagder

	* lib/urldata.h: Fix GnuTLS compile warning. Risking breakage with
	  some older version of GnuTLS?

2006-05-06 00:14  bagder

	* lib/http.c: Curl_https_getsock() was OpenSSL-specific and really
	  should not be present like this in this source file. The quickfix
	  for now is to provide a simple version for GnuTLS builds. The
	  GnuTLS version of libcurl doesn't yet allow fully non-blocking
	  connects anyway so this function doesn't get used.

2006-05-06 00:07  bagder

	* lib/hostares.c: get the Curl_sockerrno proto

2006-05-05 23:08  bagder

	* ares/AUTHORS: two more contributors

2006-05-05 12:24  bagder

	* lib/: gtls.c, hostip6.c, select.c, sendf.c, ssluse.c: additional
	  renames of Curl_ourerrno => Curl_sockerrno

2006-05-05 00:39  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/connect.c, lib/connect.h, lib/dict.c,
	  lib/file.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/hostares.c, lib/hostasyn.c,
	  lib/hostip.c, lib/hostip6.c, lib/hostsyn.c, lib/http.c,
	  lib/http_negotiate.c, lib/sendf.c, lib/ssluse.c, lib/telnet.c,
	  lib/tftp.c: Roland Blom filed bug report #1481217
	  (, with follow-ups by
	  Michele Bini and David Byron. libcurl previously wrongly used
	  GetLastError() on windows to get error details after
	  socket-related function calls, when it really should use
	  WSAGetLastError() instead.

	  When changing to this, the former function Curl_ourerrno() is now
	  instead called Curl_sockerrno() as it is necessary to only use it
	  to get errno from socket-related functions as otherwise it won't
	  work as intended on Windows.

2006-05-04 08:00  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/gtls.c: Mark Eichin submitted bug
	  report #1480821 ( He
	  found and identified a problem with how libcurl dealt with GnuTLS
	  and a case where gnutls returned GNUTLS_E_AGAIN indicating it
	  would block. It would then return an unexpected return code,
	  making Curl_ssl_send() confuse the upper layer - causing random
	  28 bytes trash data to get inserted in the transfered stream.

	  The proper fix was to make the Curl_gtls_send() function return
	  the proper return codes that the callers would expect. The
	  Curl_ossl_send() function already did this.

2006-05-04 00:39  bagder

	* ares/ moved the curl_off_t check to within the
	  --enable-debug block where it belongs since it is a somewhat ugly

2006-05-03 08:11  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares.h, ares__close_sockets.c, ares_cancel.c,
	  ares_destroy.c, ares_init.3, ares_init.c, ares_private.h,
	  ares_process.c: Nick Mathewson added the ARES_OPT_SOCK_STATE_CB
	  option that when set makes c-ares call a callback on socket state
	  changes. A better way than the ares_getsock() to get full control
	  over the socket state.

2006-05-03 00:48  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES,, docs/curl-config.1:
	  curl-config got a --checkfor option

2006-05-02 11:19  bagder

	* docs/examples/multi-post.c: Make this code use the proper

2006-04-26 19:27  giva

	* lib/strerror.c: Added revision ID-tag.

2006-04-26 19:26  giva

	* lib/: formdata.c, multi.c, select.c, strerror.c: Fixed
	  signed/unsigned convertion errors in Salford-C.  #ifdef around
	  WSAEDISCON in strerror.c.

2006-04-26 19:23  giva

	* lib/: hostares.c, hostasyn.c, hostip.c, hostip4.c, hostip6.c,
	  hostsyn.c, hostthre.c, ldap.c: Use the HAVE_MALLOC_H and
	  HAVE_PROCESS_H defines (more logical).

2006-04-26 19:15  giva

	* lib/ djgpp has <process.h> too.

2006-04-26 19:11  giva

	* lib/: config-win32.h, config-win32ce.h, setup.h, share.h: Added
	  support for Salford-C under Win32 (scc). HAVE_MALLOC_H and
	  HAVE_PROCESS_H added for all except scc.

2006-04-26 19:04  giva

	* include/curl/curl.h: Added SalfordC support.

2006-04-26 15:08  bagder

	* lib/urldata.h: crlf_conversions needs to be a curl_off_t for
	  ASCII transfers > 4GB on 32bit systems

2006-04-26 15:00  bagder

	* docs/: curl.1, libcurl/libcurl-errors.3: updated with more error

2006-04-26 09:40  bagder

	  lib/sendf.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/urldata.h, tests/data/test100,
	  tests/data/test101, tests/data/test130, tests/data/test131,
	  tests/data/test132, tests/data/test133, tests/data/test134,
	  tests/data/test215, tests/data/test250, tests/data/test251,
	  tests/data/test252, tests/data/test253, tests/data/test254,
	  tests/data/test255, tests/data/test521: David McCreedy brought
	  line end conversions when doing FTP ASCII transfers. They are
	  done on non-windows systems and translate CRLF to LF.

2006-04-25 23:41  bagder

	* src/main.c: --ftp-method was missing in the --help output, as
	  mentioned by Manfred Schwarb

2006-04-25 22:49  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/content_encoding.c: Paul Querna fixed
	  libcurl to better deal with deflate content encoding when the
	  stream (wrongly) lacks a proper zlib header. This seems to be the
	  case on too many actual server implementations.

2006-04-25 07:32  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: prevent signed/unsigned warnings

2006-04-25 00:41  bagder

	* hiper/STATUS: Mention my April 20 thoughts. I already changed the
	  README in the lib dir to be accurate on this.

2006-04-25 00:40  bagder

	* hiper/Makefile: added the hipev build

2006-04-25 00:40  bagder

	* hiper/hipev.c: the example that _is_ supposed to use libevent

2006-04-25 00:39  bagder

	* hiper/shiper.c: this example does NOT use libevent!

2006-04-21 15:46  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/connect.c: Ale Vesely fixed
	  CURLOPT_INTERFACE when using a hostname

2006-04-21 15:40  bagder

	* lib/: README.multi_socket, multi.c: each socket is used by
	  exactly one easy handle, but of course each easy handle can and
	  will use more than one socket

2006-04-21 13:17  bagder

	* docs/BINDINGS: added SPL and XBLite

2006-04-20 12:26  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  src/Makefile.netware: removed  -fpack-struct because gcc4 seems
	  to know its obsolete and warns...

2006-04-19 13:11  bagder

	* acinclude.m4, detect ICC and pass on "-we 147" so
	  that the configure checks for function arguments work properly -
	  and the option is not harmful for the rest of the curl build

2006-04-19 11:08  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/: curl_easy_setopt.3, curl_version_info.3: the new
	  conversion stuff documented (mostly by David McCreedy)

2006-04-19 11:03  bagder

	* include/curl/curl.h, lib/version.c: CURL_VERSION_CONV is returned
	  by curl_version_info if libcurl has been built to allow/support
	  character conversions

2006-04-19 01:24  bagder

	* hiper/STATUS: mention the recent thoughts/progress I had

2006-04-19 01:14  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: Robson Braga Araujo provided a
	  patch that makes libcurl less eager to close the control
	  connection when using FTP, for example when you remove an easy
	  handle from a multi stack.

2006-04-19 00:12  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: mention Katie Wang as author of the patch

2006-04-19 00:10  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.c: corrected the SSL timeout, as Ates Goral's patch
	  did it and that works (opposed to my previous brain-damaged

2006-04-18 12:55  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: attempt to silence the MIPSPro compiler warning

2006-04-18 12:51  bagder

	* lib/connect.c: avoid a warning about declaring a variable that
	  shadows an earlier declared one

2006-04-18 11:23  bagder

	* lib/libcurl.imp: there's an curl_easy_unescape too now

2006-04-17 20:04  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: minor Makefile fix - let's go 2006; use
	  correct version var.

2006-04-17 19:06  gknauf

	* lib/libcurl.imp: added missing symbol export.

2006-04-12 20:12  bagder

	* lib/Makefile.vc6: added splay

2006-04-12 16:01  giva

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom: Added splay.c.

2006-04-12 15:54  giva

	* lib/hostthre.c: Add "multiif.h" for GETSOCK_WRITESOCK() macro.

2006-04-11 12:49  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c: #1468330
	  ( pointed out a bad
	  typecast in the curl tool leading to a crash with (64bit?) VS2005
	  (at least) since the struct timeval field tv_sec is an int while
	  time_t is 64bit.

2006-04-11 09:23  bagder

	* lib/hostthre.c: adjusted to the new internal *_getsock() concept
	  for providing info internally about what sockets to wait for what
	  action on

2006-04-11 09:22  bagder

	* lib/hostip.h: added docs and removed proto

2006-04-10 23:57  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: mention recent additions

2006-04-10 23:55  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/ adding the new man pages to the package

2006-04-10 23:49  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.c: Ates Goral found out that if you specified both
	  would wrongly be used for the SSL connection time-out!

2006-04-10 17:00  bagder

	* lib/:, connect.c, ftp.c, ftp.h, hash.c, hostares.c,
	  hostip.h, hostsyn.c, http.c, http.h, multi.c, multiif.h,
	  speedcheck.c, splay.c, splay.h, strerror.c, transfer.c,
	  transfer.h, url.c, url.h, urldata.h: First curl_multi_socket()
	  commit. Should primarily be considered as an internal code
	  rearrange to fit the future better.

2006-04-10 16:58  bagder

	* hiper/Makefile: This no longer needs the extra define!

2006-04-10 16:54  bagder

	* lib/ added README.multi_socket

2006-04-10 16:44  bagder

	* lib/README.multi_socket: state of the multi_socket API works

2006-04-10 15:31  bagder

	* check for fork() as well, so that we can build the
	  sws http test server with fork support for cooler tests

2006-04-10 15:14  bagder

	* lib/setup.h: avoid duplicate typedefs, as this type is also
	  defined in our public headers

2006-04-10 15:12  bagder

	* include/curl/multi.h: curl_multi_socket() updates

2006-04-10 15:11  bagder

	* tests/server/sws.c: if configure found a fork(), sws supports
	  --fork which is *NOT* used by the ordinary test suite. Also
	  removed the perror() calls and instead made the logging output
	  the errno code to ease error tracking using logs.

2006-04-10 15:10  bagder

	* tests/ output the exit code from stunnel to stderr
	  in case it is non-zero

2006-04-10 15:09  bagder

	* tests/ support --fork and pass that on to sws

2006-04-10 15:03  bagder

	* tests/ Scan for 'stunnel4' before 'stunnel' since
	  debian have them setup this way and it should break most other
	  systems. The "funny" part is that debian actually have a
	  'stunnel' setup to simulate stunnel v3 but it breaks our own
	  stunnel-version-detect-and-adjust-to-it system.

	  Added initial support for optionally running servers with fork

2006-04-10 14:26  bagder

	* tests/data/: test169, test239, test243: Use correct
	  content-length. Found out by patching the libcurl read to only
	  read one byte at a time...

2006-04-10 10:24  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: 33. Doing multi-pass HTTP authentication on a
	  non-default port does not work.    This happens because the
	  multi-pass code abuses the redirect following code	for doing
	  multiple requests, and when we following redirects to an absolute
	  URL we must use the newly specified port and not the one
	  specified in the    original URL. A proper fix to this would need
	  to separate the negotiation	 "redirect" from an actual

2006-04-10 10:17  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 65 - curl_multi_socket() added but not extensively
	  tested nor particularly      documented or pushed for.

2006-04-10 10:16  bagder

	* CVS-INFO: we haven't been using yacc/bison in a long time!

2006-04-10 10:14  bagder

	* CHANGES, CHANGES.2005: forked off the changes from 2005 into its
	  own file

2006-04-10 00:41  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/strerror.c, src/main.c: CURLE_FTP_USER_PASSWORD_INCORRECT is
	  not returned by libcurl anymore!

2006-04-10 00:40  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: mention RFC 2396 for URL syntax

2006-04-09 10:39  bagder

	* docs/examples/:, sampleconv.c: new little example
	  using the new conversion callbacks added in 7.15.4

2006-04-08 23:29  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_unescape.3: mention the outlength argument

2006-04-08 13:04  giva

	* lib/http_ntlm.c: readint_le() not needed in USE_WINDOWS_SSPI

2006-04-08 13:01  giva

	* lib/ldap.c: curl_easy_unescape() takes 4 arguments.

2006-04-07 23:50  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_escape.3,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_unescape.3, docs/libcurl/curl_escape.3,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_unescape.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/config-tpf.h, lib/easy.c, lib/easyif.h, lib/escape.c,
	  lib/escape.h, lib/file.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/ldap.c, lib/select.c,
	  lib/select.h, lib/sendf.c, lib/setup.h, lib/ssluse.c,
	  lib/strerror.c, lib/tftp.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h, src/main.c, src/setup.h: First commit of David
	  McCreedy's EBCDIC and TPF changes.

2006-04-07 14:10  bagder

	* src/urlglob.c: minor re-arrange to return a value in order to
	  avoid compiler warnings for not returning a value from a non-void
	  function (even though the code never actually reached that point

2006-04-07 13:47  bagder

	* lib/: url.c, urldata.h: added typedefed function pointers and
	  typecast the NULL assignments in an attempt to silence picky
	  compilers when assigning data pointers to a function pointer

2006-04-07 13:46  bagder

	* lib/telnet.c: attempt to avoid warnings in picky environments by
	  storing options as unsigned chars

2006-04-05 14:46  bagder

	* tests/data/: test150, test155, test159, test169, test209,
	  test267, test67, test68, test69, test81, test89, test90, test91:
	  cut off a bit more of the type-2 ntlm message since it differs
	  between hosts

2006-04-05 14:35  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_ntlm.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  tests/data/test150, tests/data/test155, tests/data/test159,
	  tests/data/test162, tests/data/test169, tests/data/test170,
	  tests/data/test176, tests/data/test209, tests/data/test213,
	  tests/data/test239, tests/data/test243, tests/data/test265,
	  tests/data/test267, tests/data/test67, tests/data/test68,
	  tests/data/test69, tests/data/test81, tests/data/test89,
	  tests/data/test90, tests/data/test91: Michele Bini modified the
	  NTLM code to work for his "weird IIS case"
	  ( by adding the
	  NTLM hash function in addition to the LM one and making some
	  other adjustments in the order the different parts of the data
	  block are sent in the Type-2 reply.  Inspiration for this work
	  was taken from the Firefox NTLM implementation.

	  I edited the existing 21(!) NTLM test cases to run fine with
	  these news. Due to the fact that we now properly include the host
	  name in the Type-2 message the test cases now only compare parts
	  of that chunk.

2006-03-28 12:08  bagder

	* include/curl/mprintf.h: for the CURLDEBUG case, we redefine
	  sprintf and vsprintf to make us notice if any use of such a
	  function slip through

2006-03-28 10:03  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test276: #1451929
	  ( detailed a bug that
	  occurred when asking libcurl to follow HTTP redirects and the
	  original URL had more than one question mark (?). Added test case
	  276 to verify.

2006-03-28 09:51  bagder

	* src/urlglob.c: converted sprintf() to snprintf() to reduce risk

2006-03-27 23:59  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c: David Byron found a problem
	  multiple -d options when libcurl was built with --enable-debug,
	  as then curl used free() on memory allocated both with normal
	  malloc() and with libcurl-provided functions, when the latter
	  MUST be freed with curl_free() in debug builds.

2006-03-27 16:34  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: minor Makefile fix -
	  let's go 2006; avoid kiling hugehelp.c when not built from CVS.

2006-03-26 10:52  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/tftp.c: Tor Arntsen figured out that
	  TFTP was broken on a lot of systems since we called bind() with a
	  too big argument in the 3rd parameter and at least Tru64, AIX and
	  IRIX seem to be very picky about it.

2006-03-21 23:30  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3, include/curl/curl.h, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/getinfo.c, lib/urldata.h, src/writeout.c: David McCreedy
	  added CURLINFO_FTP_ENTRY_PATH to export the FTP entry path

2006-03-21 22:54  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, lib/http.h, lib/sslgen.c,
	  lib/sslgen.h, lib/ssluse.c, lib/ssluse.h, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h: Xavier Bouchoux made the SSL connection
	  non-blocking for the multi interface (when using OpenSSL).

2006-03-21 14:34  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, Tor Arntsen fixed the AIX
	  Toolbox RPM spec

2006-03-20 23:51  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: David McCreedy fixed libcurl
	  to no longer ignore AUTH failures and now it reacts properly
	  according to the CURLOPT_FTP_SSL setting.

2006-03-20 23:25  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: mention today's fixes

2006-03-20 23:24  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: 7.15.3 contributors

2006-03-20 23:15  danf

	* lib/tftp.c: Fixed a bug whereby a received file whose length was
	  a multiple of 512 bytes could have random garbage appended.
	  Also, stop processing TFTP packets which are too short to be

2006-03-20 14:14  bagder

	* src/main.c: off-by-one for the case when it adds /? and a
	  terminating zero to the URL

2006-03-20 10:03  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: start working
	  towards 7.15.4

2006-03-20 08:59  bagder

	*, packages/, packages/AIX/
	  fixed the AIX packages

2006-03-20 08:37  bagder

	* packages/AIX/:, RPM/ missing in CVS

2006-03-20 08:32  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/tftp.c: fixed tftp packet overflow

2006-03-17 09:22  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_getenv.3: slight rewording based on debian bug
	  report #357388 by Justin Pryzby

2006-03-16 23:31  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: fixed in CVS

2006-03-16 22:23  bagder

	* packages/:, AIX/RPM/README, AIX/RPM/ AIX
	  Toolbox RPM spec file by Tor Arntsen

2006-03-15 22:21  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: slightly edited explanation for -f/--fail by the
	  help of Kjell Ericson

2006-03-14 01:07  bagder

	* src/main.c: use the new types accordingly

2006-03-14 01:05  bagder

	* include/curl/curl.h, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: --ftp-method and
	  CURLOPT_FTP_FILEMETHOD are now documented and usable

2006-03-14 00:34  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.c: David McCreedy found a use of the wrong variable
	  when display the error text from OpenSSL.

2006-03-14 00:33  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: David McCreedy found a missing return code assignment

2006-03-13 20:44  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/: curl_easy_getinfo.3, libcurl-tutorial.3: Scott
	  Worley's typo fixes

2006-03-08 16:46  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: Peter Heuchert's correction for the clear control
	  connection case

2006-03-08 00:11  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: Markus Koetter
	  filed debian bug report #355715 which identified a problem with
	  the multi interface and multi-part formposts. The fix from
	  February 22nd could make the Curl_done() function get called
	  twice on the same connection and it was not designed for that and
	  thus tried to call free() on an already freed memory area!

2006-03-07 23:28  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: Peter Heuchert made sure the
	  CURLFTPSSL_CONTROL setting for CURLOPT_FTP_SSL is used properly.

2006-03-06 23:35  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssluse.c: Lots of users on Windows
	  have reported getting the "SSL: couldn't set callback" error
	  message so I've now made the setting of that callback not be as
	  critical as before. The function is only used for additional
	  loggging/ trace anyway so a failure just means slightly less
	  data. It should still be able to proceed and connect fine to the

2006-03-04 23:39  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/if2ip.h: build fix for Interix

2006-03-03 15:37  bagder

	* tests/ If run on a curl built shared, detect this and
	  invoke libtool for gdb accordingly.

2006-03-03 14:12  bagder

	* tests/data/ added test524

2006-03-03 14:09  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, tests/data/test524,
	  tests/libtest/, tests/libtest/lib524.c: Prevent
	  uploading to a URL that has no file name part.

2006-03-02 23:09  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: point out that CAINFO points out
	  a file name by default

2006-03-02 23:04  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: added large chunk of blurb about the progress meter

2006-03-02 14:35  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: I'm pretty sure #24 is fixed in 7.15.2

2006-03-02 12:41  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: mention Dan F's out-of-file handles fix
	  from the other day

2006-03-02 12:37  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, check for and use

2006-02-28 19:21  danf

	* src/main.c: Don't lock up at start when there aren't any free
	  file descriptors.

2006-02-27 22:32  bagder

	* packages/vms/ added missing files

2006-02-27 19:17  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: ack, removed duplicate

2006-02-27 19:16  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: 7.15.2 contributors added

2006-02-27 19:14  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: start over on what might
	  become 7.15.3

2006-02-27 17:09  bagder

	* CHANGES: hehe, wrong year but who reads these lines anyway? ;-)

2006-02-27 17:05  bagder

	* CHANGES: 7.15.2

2006-02-26 19:20  giva

	* lib/connect.c: Small fix.

2006-02-26 18:08  giva

	* lib/: config-win32.h,, connect.c: Use getprotobyname()
	  to retrieve protocol number for TCP (sorry, I don't know how to
	  add this to the configure process).

2006-02-25 19:57  giva

	* tests/server/sws.c: Fix typo.

2006-02-24 22:35  danf

	* lib/url.c: Added user ID support to SOCKS4.

2006-02-23 22:33  bagder

	* src/writeout.c: Fixed typo, the option is called --write-out. Bob
	  Bagwill pointed out.

2006-02-23 22:29  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: argh, forgot the check for a connection before we
	  call Curl_done

2006-02-23 19:39  danf

	* lib/url.c: Fixed a few more comment typos.

2006-02-23 15:42  bagder

	* lib/url.c: Peter Su's SOCKS4 fix

2006-02-23 13:21  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: the last planned fix is done

2006-02-23 13:20  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/hostip.h, lib/multi.c, lib/url.c:
	  Lots of work and analysis by "xbx___" in bug #1431750
	  ( helped me identify
	  and fix two different but related bugs:

	  1) Removing an easy handle from a multi handle before the
	  transfer is done    could leave a connection in the connection
	  cache for that handle that is    in a state that isn't suitable
	  for re-use. A subsequent re-use could then	read from a NULL
	  pointer and segfault.

	  2) When an easy handle was removed from the multi handle, there
	  could be an	 outstanding c-ares DNS name resolve request. When
	  the response arrived,    it caused havoc since the connection
	  struct it "belonged" to could've    been freed already.

	  Now Curl_done() is called when an easy handle is removed from a
	  multi handle pre-maturely (that is, before the transfer was
	  complteted). Curl_done() also makes sure to cancel all (if any)
	  outstanding c-ares requests.

2006-02-23 00:55  danf

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS, tests/data/test57: Fixed test case 57 (KNOWN_BUG

2006-02-22 20:09  danf

	* lib/url.c: Fixed some spelling errors in comments, and extraneous
	  \n in failf logs.

2006-02-21 16:25  bagder

	* src/main.c: two typos in comments

2006-02-21 08:46  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, lib/url.c, src/main.c: Peter Su
	  added support for SOCKS4 proxies. Enable this by setting the
	  proxy type to the already provided type CURLPROXY_SOCKS4.  I
	  added a --socks4 option that works like the current --socks5
	  option but instead use the socks4 protocol.

2006-02-20 11:05  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: ftp upload with url ending with slash

2006-02-20 00:16  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c: Shmulik Regev fixed an
	  issue with multi-pass authentication and compressed content when
	  libcurl didn't honor the internal ignorebody flag.

2006-02-18 23:27  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_negotiate.c, tests/server/sws.c:
	  Ulf Härnhammar fixed a format string (printf style) problem in
	  the Negotiate code. It should however not be the cause of any
	  troubles. He also fixed a few similar problems in the HTTP test
	  server code.

2006-02-17 16:58  yangtse

	* lib/config-win32ce.h: Fix spacing.

2006-02-17 14:31  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_global_cleanup.3: fixed formatting

2006-02-17 00:42  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, TODO-RELEASE, lib/hostip.c: Shmulik Regev
	  provided a fix for the DNS cache when using short life times, as
	  previously it could be holding on to old cached entries longer
	  than requested.

2006-02-16 20:19  danf

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: Gopher is no longer supported.

2006-02-16 13:11  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: two items before release

2006-02-16 11:02  bagder

	* lib/url.c: Added some clarifying comments

2006-02-15 10:36  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: 32. (At least on Windows) If libcurl is built
	  with c-ares and there's no DNS   server configured in the system,
	  the ares_init() call fails and thus	curl_easy_init() fails as
	  well. This causes weird effects for people who use   numerical IP
	  addresses only.

2006-02-11 23:36  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3: mention the

2006-02-11 23:35  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h, lib/easy.c,
	  lib/ftp.c, lib/getinfo.c, lib/http.c, lib/multi.c,
	  lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: Karl M added the
	  can use to let libcurl only connect to a remote host and then
	  extract the socket from libcurl. libcurl will then not attempt to
	  do any transfer at all after the connect is done.

2006-02-11 13:56  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, Kent Boortz improved the
	  configure check for GnuTLS to properly set LIBS instead of

2006-02-09 23:25  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-tutorial.3: CURLOPT_NOSIGNAL might be a MUST
	  to make threaded use work, like on AIX 5.2 due to the use of the
	  static variable for sigsetjmp()

2006-02-08 00:09  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c: Philippe Vaucher provided
	  a brilliant piece of test code that show a problem with re-used
	  FTP connections. If the second request on the same connection was
	  set not to fetch a "body", libcurl could get confused and
	  consider it an attempt to use a dead connection and would go
	  acting mighty strange.

2006-02-07 19:56  bagder

	* src/main.c: avoid illegal memory access when doing "-T [URL]

2006-02-07 15:03  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-tutorial.3: Rene Bernhardt found this typo

2006-02-06 21:02  bagder

	* tests/data/test46: how silly, the cookie expired! ;-)

2006-02-04 19:08  bagder

	* docs/examples/:, README, synctime.c: Frank's
	  synctime.c example and an updated list in README

2006-02-02 00:28  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c: fixed --limit-rate

2006-02-02 00:26  bagder

	* src/main.c: Make --limit-rate [num] mean bytes. Seems I broke it
	  back in november 2005...

2006-01-30 19:57  giva

	* lib/connect.c: Squelch the "warning: 'port' might be used
	  uninitialized in this function".  (occurs w/o ENABLE_IPV6).

2006-01-30 09:24  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/connect.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/main.c: Added
	  the curl tool with --local-port. Plain and simply set the range
	  of ports to bind the local end of connections to. Implemented on
	  to popular demand.

	  Not extensively tested. Please let me know how it works.

2006-01-30 09:20  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c: Based on an error report
	  by Philippe Vaucher, we no longer count a retried connection
	  setup as a follow-redirect. It turns out 1) this fails when a FTP
	  connection is re-setup and 2) it does make the max-redirs counter
	  behave wrong. This fix was not verified since the reporter
	  vanished, but I believe this is the right fix nonetheless.

2006-01-29 14:13  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: more mirrors

2006-01-28 14:14  bagder

	* docs/TODO: we should fix the system includes in the public
	  headers to be based on checks of the system instead of depending
	  on what particular systems we think need various headers

2006-01-28 14:13  bagder

	* include/curl/multi.h: include sys/select.h on NetBSD as well

2006-01-27 22:23  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3: typo pointed out by Mike Griffiths

2006-01-27 16:01  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Cyrill Osterwalder pointed out
	  that sending "" as data in a header is in fact equal to a blank
	  one according to the spec.

2006-01-26 11:39  bagder

	* lib/krb4.c: updated source header

2006-01-24 15:40  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, tests/data/test238: Michal
	  Marek provided a patch for FTP that makes libcurl continue to try
	  PASV even after EPSV returned a positive response code, if
	  libcurl failed to connect to the port number the EPSV response
	  said. Obviously some people are going through protocol-sensitive
	  firewalls (or similar) that don't understand EPSV and then they
	  don't allow the second connection unless PASV was used. This also
	  called for a minor fix of test case 238.

2006-01-20 19:56  danf

	* docs/curl.1: Fixed some statements about handling multiple
	  occurrences of options.  Tried to make some of the wording a bit
	  more consistent.

2006-01-20 18:50  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: the second -P fix

2006-01-20 00:52  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/ftp.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, tests/data/test212:
	  Duane Cathey was one of our friends who reported that curl -P
	  [IP] (CURLOPT_FTPPORT) didn't work for ipv6-enabed curls if the
	  IP wasn't a "native" IP while it works fine for ipv6-disabled

	  In the process of fixing this, I removed the support for LPRT
	  since I can't think of many reasons to keep doing it and asking
	  on the mailing list didn't reveal anyone else that could either.
	  The code that sends EPRT and PORT is now also a lot simpler than
	  before (IMHO).

2006-01-19 23:02  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: Jon Turner pointed out that
	  doing -P [hostname] with curl (built ipv4-only) didn't work.

2006-01-19 21:40  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: clarify what "-P -" does

2006-01-19 10:53  bagder

	* docs/LICENSE-MIXING: corrected factual mistake about BSD license
	  in the krb4.c code

2006-01-18 13:17  bagder


2006-01-18 11:00  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, acinclude.m4: configure no longer warns
	  on "missing" if the current path contains a space

2006-01-17 18:39  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl.m4: David Shaw: Here is the latest
	  libcurl.m4 autoconf tests.  It is updated with the latest
	  features and protocols that libcurl supports and has a minor fix
	  to better deal with the obscure case where someone has more than
	  one libcurl installed at the same time.

2006-01-17 08:53  bagder

	* COPYING: happy new year!

2006-01-16 23:14  bagder

	  docs/FEATURES, docs/INSTALL, docs/MANUAL, docs/curl-config.1,
	  docs/curl.1, docs/libcurl/libcurl.m4, lib/setup.h, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h, lib/version.c,
	  packages/Linux/RPM/, packages/Win32/cygwin/README,
	  perl/contrib/, tests/README, tests/
	  David Shaw finally removed all traces of Gopher and we are now
	  officially not supporting it. It hasn't been functioning for
	  years anyway, so this is just finally stating what already was
	  true. And a cleanup at the same time.

2006-01-16 01:00  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: improved the description of the -L/--location option

2006-01-16 00:55  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_init.3,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_global_init.3, docs/libcurl/libcurl.3,
	  lib/easy.c: Bryan Henderson turned the 'initialized' variable for
	  curl_global_init() into a counter, and thus you can now do
	  multiple curl_global_init() and you are then supposed to do the
	  same amount of calls to curl_global_cleanup().  Bryan also
	  updated the docs accordingly.

2006-01-16 00:17  bagder

	* hiper/shiper.c: adjusted to use curl_multi_setopt() to set the

2006-01-16 00:15  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/: curl_multi_setopt.3, curl_multi_socket.3: adjusted
	  to the new concept of the callback

2006-01-13 13:16  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, tests/ Andrew Benham fixed a
	  race condition in the test suite that could cause the test script
	  to kill all processes in the current process group!

2006-01-12 23:18  bagder

	  FTP_USE_EPSV to "do right" when used on FTP thru HTTP proxy.

2006-01-12 13:40  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/ftp.c: Michael Jahn fixed ftp over CONNECT

2006-01-11 00:08  bagder

	* CHANGES: mention the "secret" option as I've got no feedback and
	  it is actually present in 7.15.1

2006-01-11 00:03  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, lib/urldata.h: When using a
	  bad path over FTP, as in when libcurl couldn't CWD into all given
	  subdirs, libcurl would still "remember" the full path as if it is
	  the current directory libcurl is in so that the next
	  curl_easy_perform() would get really confused if it tried the
	  same path again - as it would not issue any CWD commands at all,
	  assuming it is already in the "proper" dir.

	  Starting now, a failed CWD command sets a flag that prevents the
	  path to be "remembered" after returning.

2006-01-09 14:17  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/mprintf.h,
	  include/curl/multi.h, lib/amigaos.c, lib/amigaos.h, lib/cookie.h,
	  lib/escape.h, lib/getenv.c, lib/http.c, lib/setup.h,
	  lib/strtoofft.c, lib/timeval.c, lib/timeval.h,
	  tests/server/, tests/server/resolve.c,
	  tests/server/sws.c, tests/server/tftp.h: Made the copyright year
	  match the latest modification's year.

2006-01-09 09:31  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, acinclude.m4: Alexander Lazic improved the
	  getservbyport_r() configure check.

2006-01-09 00:28  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: one more mirror, now fortunately in Japan

2006-01-08 23:55  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: use the proper dash

2006-01-07 23:24  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c: Mike Jean fixed so that the
	  second CONNECT when doing FTP over a HTTP proxy actually used a
	  new connection and not sent the second request on the first

2006-01-06 23:59  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, ares/CHANGES: buildconf fixes

2006-01-06 23:08  bagder

	* buildconf: As Alexander Lazic pointed out, run the buildconf from
	  the ares dir if that is present instead of trying to duplicate
	  that stuff in this script.

2006-01-06 23:07  bagder

	* ares/buildconf: Use $ACLOCAL_FLAGS too, pointed out by Alexander

2006-01-05 15:58  bagder

	* hiper/STATUS: summary of what we have

2006-01-05 08:57  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_init.c, ares_private.h: James Bursa fixes:
	  find the hosts file on RISC OS, and made it build with newer gcc
	  versions that no longer defines "riscos".

2006-01-05 08:56  bagder

	* ares/AUTHORS: Yang Tse has been helping out

2006-01-05 00:02  bagder

	* tests/server/resolve.c: modified output to prevent the autobuild
	  system to trap on the 'FAILED' output mistaking it for an actual
	  failed test case

2006-01-04 15:21  giva

	* ares/Makefile.vc6: Added ares_getsock.obj.

2006-01-04 15:11  bagder

	* hiper/: hiper.c, shiper.c: updated test programs to use the API
	  as it currently works

2006-01-04 15:09  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_socket.3: removed easy handle argument
	  from proto

2006-01-04 15:09  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3: upcoming new error code

2006-01-04 11:07  bagder

	* CHANGES: Andres Garcia made the TFTP test server build with

2006-01-04 11:04  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: not much recent stuff, but still I had this
	  modified locally

2006-01-03 23:47  bagder

	* tests/server/:, tftp.h: Added remake of the
	  arpa/tftp.h file to make the TFTP server build on systems without
	  the real header file.

2006-01-03 23:44  bagder

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: killed trailing whitespace

2006-01-03 23:19  bagder

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: Andres Garcia made the TFTP test server
	  build with mingw ("I also had to copy the 'tftp.h' file from a
	  linux box, since it doesn't come with mingw.")

2006-01-03 16:53  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: CURLOPT_PROGRESSFUNCTION is
	  really not a good idea when using the multi interface

2006-01-03 16:52  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_timeout.3: fixed the prototype

2006-01-03 13:18  bagder

	* tests/server/sws.c: modified to hush compiler warnings

2006-01-03 00:37  bagder

	* include/curl/multi.h: Removed inaccurate comment for upcoming
	  curl_multi_socket() and family.  Modified the callback proto used
	  for it.

2006-01-03 00:32  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/: curl_easy_reset.3, curl_easy_strerror.3,
	  curl_multi_fdset.3, curl_multi_perform.3, curl_multi_strerror.3,
	  curl_share_strerror.3: minor edits

2006-01-03 00:00  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_timeout.3: Initial description of the
	  upcoming curl_multi_timeout() function

2006-01-02 23:58  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_socket.3: I removed the timeout argument
	  from the socket callback and did some other cleanups of this man
	  page. The lengthy description has now also been removed from
	  curl/multi.h since it immediately got tedious to maintain the
	  info on two places when I did major updates...

2006-01-02 19:35  giva

	* lib/setup.h: Include <sys/ioctl.h> before redefining ioctl().

2006-01-02 13:19  bagder

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT, server/sws.c: 1. sws now supports two new
	  "commands" and 2. if built with CURL_SWS_FORK_ENABLED defined it
	  forks for each new connection and thus can support any amount of
	  connection clients (used for hiper tests and not for the standard
	  plain curl test suite)

2006-01-02 10:13  bagder

	* ares/ares_version.h: we're working on 1.3.1 (or more)

2005-12-30 01:35  curlvms

	* lib/parsedate.c: fix questionable compare

2005-12-30 01:20  curlvms

	* lib/file.c: fix questionable compare compiler error (unsigned
	  can't be < 0)

2005-12-30 01:07  curlvms

	* packages/vms/: curlmsg.msg, curlmsg_vms.h: added TFTP errors to
	  match curl.h

2005-12-30 01:07  curlvms

	* packages/vms/config-vms.h: changed HAVE_STRTOK to follow CRTL

2005-12-30 01:07  curlvms

	* packages/vms/curlmsg.h: put back into dist since most people
	  didn't want to use SDL

2005-12-30 01:07  curlvms

	* packages/vms/curlmsg.sdl: put back into dist to lessen build
	  confusion for some

2005-12-30 01:07  curlvms

	* lib/: file.c, parsedate.c: putting back into dist

2005-12-30 01:07  curlvms

	* packages/vms/.cvsignore: removed .h and .sdl

2005-12-30 01:07  curlvms

	* packages/vms/ removed defunct email address

2005-12-24 00:40  bagder

	* lib/Makefile.vc6: Kirill Vasiliev fixed the 'release-ssl-dll'
	  target to properly build a static libcurl using openssl as dll.

2005-12-24 00:22  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/: curl_easy_init.3, curl_global_init.3: clarified
	  that curl_global_init() isn't thread-safe and that it might
	  affect curl_easy_init() if you don't call curl_global_init()
	  explicitly in your app

2005-12-23 23:33  danf

	* Mention that PKG_CONFIG_PATH is preferred to

2005-12-22 16:31  bagder

	* ares/: ares_cancel.3, ares_getsock.3: This function was added in
	  c-ares [version]

2005-12-22 16:29  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: added ares_getsock()

2005-12-22 16:27  bagder

	* ares/:, ares.h, ares_getsock.3, ares_getsock.c:
	  Added ares_getsock() to extract sockets to wait for action on,
	  without being limited to select().

2005-12-22 16:11  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/: curl_multi_socket.3, curl_multi_socket_all.3: The
	  inital early embryos to describe the curl_multi_socket() API.
	  Committed now to enable them to get added as web pages easier,
	  they are not ready for anything "real" just yet.

2005-12-22 15:14  bagder

	* hiper/shiper.c: the curl_multi_socket() test application (still
	  using select())

2005-12-22 09:33  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: #31 curl-config --libs" will include details set
	  in LDFLAGS when configure is run that might be needed only for
	  building libcurl.

2005-12-21 21:44  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/
	  Checking for function getnameinfo and its arguments is finally
	  done in one single function CURL_CHECK_FUNC_GETNAMEINFO which
	  will only define HAVE_GETNAMEINFO if the function has been found
	  AND the type of its arguments has been properly been detected

2005-12-21 18:51  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Undefine HAVE_GETNAMEINFO if
	  unable to find proper types to use for getnameinfo args

2005-12-21 18:20  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Undefine HAVE_GETNAMEINFO if
	  unable to find proper types to use for getnameinfo args

2005-12-21 17:08  yangtse

	* ares/ Make sure we're using 'c-ares' sources and not
	  'ares' ones.

2005-12-21 10:15  bagder

	* buildconf: added our regular source header

2005-12-21 09:09  bagder

	* buildconf: allow more evironment variables to control what tools
	  to check for and use

2005-12-21 08:59  bagder

	* buildconf: use ACLOCAL even when using 'find' to find the aclocal

2005-12-21 00:49  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: In
	  CURL_FUNC_GETNAMEINFO_ARGTYPES, when cross-compiling a windows
	  target use calling convention WSAAPI for getnameinfo() prototype.
	  Checking type DWORD as argument 4 and 6 of getnameinfo not

2005-12-20 23:46  bagder

	* lib/url.c: explain tld_check_name()

2005-12-20 23:20  giva

	* include/curl/curl.h: Changes for PellesC compiler under Win32.

2005-12-20 23:20  giva

	* lib/: config-win32.h, setup.h, timeval.h: Changes for PellesC
	  compiler under Win32. A bit limited, but we just love swedish

2005-12-20 21:58  giva

	* ares/ares__read_line.c: Fix PellesC warning.

2005-12-20 21:48  giva

	* ares/: ares_process.c, config-win32.h, setup.h: Changes for
	  PellesC for Win32. It needs <unistd.h> for 'ssize_t'. Hence the
	  rearrangement in ares_process.c.

2005-12-20 21:29  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: fix ioctlsocket detection

2005-12-20 19:50  yangtse

	*, ares/ Fix, header checks must be done
	  before using its results.

2005-12-20 10:19  bagder

	* hiper/: Makefile, shiper.c: shiper is the new test tool for the
	  new API

2005-12-20 10:19  bagder

	* hiper/hiper.c: show dl speed

2005-12-20 10:02  bagder

	* acinclude.m4, added our standard source header

2005-12-20 09:51  bagder

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: fix closing parentheses

2005-12-20 09:51  bagder


2005-12-20 04:23  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4: Fix quoting

2005-12-20 03:48  yangtse

	* Give third argument to AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED

2005-12-20 01:27  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Use native type SOCKET instead
	  of int when testing functionality of ioctlsocket on Windows

2005-12-20 00:32  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Ooops

2005-12-19 23:36  danf

	* src/main.c: Fixed compiler warning on libc5.

2005-12-19 22:45  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Add checking for type DWORD as
	  argument 4 and 6 of getnameinfo

2005-12-19 22:38  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/
	  Adjust more windows header includes

2005-12-19 20:47  danf

	* lib/ssluse.c, tests/server/tftpd.c: Fixed lcc compiler warnings.

2005-12-19 06:57  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Fix guard detection of

2005-12-19 06:32  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Add check for 'unsigned int' as
	  type of arguments 4 and 6 of getnameinfo

2005-12-19 01:15  yangtse

	* ares/ares.h, ares/nameser.h, include/curl/multi.h: Undo previous
	  change. This header file belongs to the public interface and the
	  change could break the compilation of thrid party apps which link
	  against this library.

2005-12-18 21:24  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: When checking the type of the
	  first argument of getnameinfo do it in the following order:
	  'struct sockaddr *' 'const struct sockaddr *' 'void *'.

2005-12-18 17:50  yangtse

	* ares/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h,
	  src/config-win32.h: Fix spacing. When defining, define to 1.

2005-12-18 16:36  yangtse

	* ares/ares.h, ares/nameser.h, include/curl/multi.h, lib/connect.c,
	  lib/getenv.c, lib/ldap.c, lib/timeval.c, src/homedir.c,
	  src/main.c, tests/server/util.h: Cleanup windows header includes.
	  Where aplicable, inclusion of windows.h winsock.h winsock2.h
	  ws2tcpip.h is done in setup.h

2005-12-18 07:07  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: MingW guards getnameinfo,
	  getaddrinfo and freeaddrinfo with _WIN32_WINNT >= 0x0501

2005-12-18 05:47  yangtse

	*, ares/ Fix Msys/Mingw not detecting
	  getnameinfo() with AC_CHECK_FUNCS

2005-12-18 01:27  yangtse

	* ares/Makefile.vc6: Make it compatible with vc60 and vc71

2005-12-18 00:35  yangtse

	* ares/setup.h: Fix typo

2005-12-18 00:34  yangtse

	* ares/adig.c: Fix compiler warning

2005-12-17 22:20  yangtse

	* ares/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h,
	  src/config-win32.h: Cleanup

2005-12-17 21:37  yangtse

	* ares/setup.h, lib/setup.h, src/setup.h: Windows related cleanup

2005-12-17 18:33  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Check first arg of getnameinfo
	  with and without const qualifier.

2005-12-17 07:04  yangtse

	* lib/setup.h: Change multiple header inclusion prevention
	  definition to __LIB_CURL_SETUP_H

2005-12-17 03:41  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Avoid breaking configure due to
	  CURL_FUNC_GETNAMEINFO_ARGTYPES failure, since at this point
	  nothing depends on it.

2005-12-17 03:32  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: const qualifier in getnameinfo

2005-12-17 00:15  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, ares/acinclude.m4: Since there is no proof of the
	  existence of a platform which would justify checking for
	  socklen_t in more than one function, the code used to find a
	  valid socklen_t replacement is simplified back. The only function
	  that will be used to find a socklen_t replacement is getpeername,
	  as it has been since revision 1.4 of curl/acinclude.m4

2005-12-16 21:55  yangtse

	* ares/config-win32.h, ares/setup.h, lib/config-win32.h,
	  lib/config-win32ce.h, lib/setup.h, src/config-win32.h,
	  src/setup.h: 'Fix' windows builds

2005-12-16 19:18  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4,, ares/acinclude.m4, ares/
	  TYPE_SOCKLEN_T completely replaced by CURL_CHECK_TYPE_SOCKLEN_T.
	  CURL_FUNC_GETNAMEINFO_ARGTYPES now also checks first argument.
	  All related changes taken to cares configuration scripts.

2005-12-16 15:52  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: Jean Jacques Drouin pointed
	  out that you could only have a user name or password of 127 bytes
	  or less embedded in a URL, where actually the code uses a 255
	  byte buffer for it! Modified now to use the full buffer size.

2005-12-16 08:28  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: More quotes

2005-12-16 07:50  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Fix copy paste bug

2005-12-16 06:05  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, Test CURL_CHECK_TYPE_SOCKLEN_T

2005-12-16 05:54  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4: Oops. Wrong double quotes

2005-12-16 05:18  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, Experimental check for socklen_t

2005-12-15 20:39  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, Tests to check the availability of
	  compilable and valid windows.h winsock.h winsock2.h and
	  ws2tcpip.h header files: CURL_CHECK_HEADER_WINDOWS

2005-12-15 08:43  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: minor edit

2005-12-14 22:09  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, Some preprocessors have problems if
	  the # character isn't at position 1.

2005-12-14 21:58  yangtse

	* Check getnameinfo() argument types only if we have

2005-12-14 20:00  yangtse

	* acinclude.m4, Determine the correct type to be
	  passed to four of the `getnameinfo' function's arguments, and
	  define those types in `GETNAMEINFO_TYPE_ARG2',

2005-12-14 14:10  bagder

	* docs/examples/post-callback.c: Rene Bernhardt's corrections

2005-12-13 20:07  danf

	* tests/ Log CPPFLAGS environment variable along with
	  the others.

2005-12-13 19:54  danf

	* lib/connect.c, lib/ssluse.c, src/getpass.c, tests/server/tftpd.c:
	  Fixed some compiler warnings on lcc.

2005-12-13 14:50  yangtse

	* lib/hostip6.c: Undo last 'fix', since it was not the proper one.

2005-12-13 00:05  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: another SOCKS-related problem added

2005-12-12 23:50  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: added #29 and #30

2005-12-12 19:40  yangtse

	* lib/hostip6.c: Fix compiler warning

2005-12-12 18:11  danf

	* include/curl/curl.h: lcc isn't Windows-only, so check for it in
	  conjunction with WIN32

2005-12-12 00:37  yangtse

	* ares/ares.h, ares/ares_getnameinfo.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/hostip.h,
	  lib/hostip6.c: Undo last changes

2005-12-12 00:14  bagder

	* lib/setup.h: Dov Murik made defining HTTP_ONLY also disable TFTP

2005-12-11 19:29  yangtse

	* lib/ftp.c: Avoid generation of additional warnings

2005-12-11 13:03  yangtse

	* ares/ares.h, ares/ares_getnameinfo.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/hostip.h,
	  lib/hostip6.c: Fix compiler warning and compatibility issue with
	  the type of the parameter used in getnameinfo() to receive the
	  length of the sockaddr struct.

2005-12-10 23:14  bagder

	* docs/TODO: use c-ares' IPv6 abilities fix CONNECT to a proxy that
	  disconnects during the auth phase

2005-12-10 23:12  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: fix CURLOPT_FAILONERROR error,
	  pointed out by Shailesh N. Humbad

2005-12-10 20:21  yangtse

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c: Modified lookup_service() to avoid the
	  risk of a potential buffer overflow

2005-12-09 23:23  yangtse

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c: Fix compiler warning

2005-12-09 22:09  yangtse

	* ares/ares_process.c: Fix compiler warning

2005-12-09 16:19  yangtse

	* lib/setup.h: Unset HAVE_STRUCT_SOCKADDR_STORAGE when using msvc
	  6.0 with no PSDK

2005-12-09 11:41  bagder

	* hiper/Makefile: build ulimiter too

2005-12-09 11:41  bagder

	* hiper/hiper.c: Work around the 1024 connection limit in select(),
	  or rather in the FD_* macros.

2005-12-09 11:40  bagder

	* hiper/ulimiter.c: Handy little tool that increases the amount of
	  max open file descriptors and then runs a given command line.

2005-12-08 23:59  danf

	* lib/: inet_ntop.c, inet_pton.c: Replaced nonstandard u_char and
	  u_int types

2005-12-08 21:38  yangtse

	* lib/tftp.c: Fix compiler warning

2005-12-08 20:47  yangtse

	* lib/hostip6.c: Fix compiler warning

2005-12-08 19:59  danf

	* lib/README.encoding: Fixed a lingering omission of gzip support.

2005-12-08 17:43  yangtse

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: Fix compiler warning

2005-12-08 15:01  yangtse

	* src/main.c: Fix a couple of compiler warnings

2005-12-08 12:29  yangtse

	* tests/ If unable to get curl's version, log all
	  failure details.

2005-12-07 16:43  bagder

	* hiper/hiper.c: Lots of updates to detect what problems we got.
	  They are related to the 1024 file descriptor limit in the

2005-12-07 11:07  bagder

	* hiper/hiper.c: New version for testing connections against a
	  local server for easier setting up N idle and Z active
	  connections in a controlled manner. This requires a a HTTP server
	  that supports the server end. I have a modified sws for this
	  (from the curl test suite) and I may commit the changes required
	  for that soonish.

2005-12-07 00:36  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: start working on 7.15.2

2005-12-07 00:34  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: fresh contributors in the 7.15.1 release

2005-12-07 00:05  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: 7.15.1 with the now to be
	  announced security flaw fixed

2005-12-06 14:56  bagder

	* hiper/ my first collect-random-urls script, just
	  for reference

2005-12-06 14:56  bagder

	* hiper/: Makefile, hiper.c: ok, these are the test build I've used
	  so far

2005-12-06 08:47  bagder

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: Yang Tse: fixed compiler warning

2005-12-06 08:44  bagder

	* tests/ Yang Tse: With last change logging directory
	  needs to be created sooner.

2005-12-05 21:07  danf

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS, lib/tftp.c: Added a run-time check to warn if
	  TFTP is going to fail due to portability issues in the code.

2005-12-05 20:23  bagder

	* tests/ Yang Tse: make more talkative when
	  unable to find out curl's version.

2005-12-05 16:14  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.c: Yang Tse fixed: Openssl 0.9.9 makes 'const' the
	  SSL_METHOD parameter in SSL_CTX_new and others, and also makes
	  functions SSLv23_client_method, TLSv1_client_method, etc return a
	  'const' SSL_METHOD pointer. Previous versions do not use the
	  'const' qualifier.

2005-12-05 15:10  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c, lib/tftp.c, src/main.c, src/,
	  tests/server/tftpd.c: Another Yang Tse warning cleanup raid!

2005-12-04 19:47  giva

	* lib/ssluse.c: Recent OpenSSL returns a 'const' in
	  '*_client_method()'. So avoid 'assignment discards qualifiers
	  from pointer target type' warning.

2005-12-03 00:23  bagder

	* include/curl/mprintf.h: Yang Tse adjusted the multiple header
	  inclusion prevention definition H_MPRINTF to our more used style

2005-12-03 00:22  bagder

	* lib/strerror.c: Yang Tse's fix to only provide the proto if there
	  is such a function and we didn't find any proto

2005-12-03 00:22  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: Yang Tse fixed the 4th argument in the sendto() calls

2005-12-02 00:42  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/file.c: Jamie Newton pointed out that
	  libcurl's file:// code would close() a zero file descriptor if
	  given a non-existing file.

2005-11-30 23:09  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: #27 is fixed

2005-11-30 14:09  bagder

	* lib/url.c: cast the va_arg() assignment to ftp_filemethod

2005-11-29 17:17  bagder

	* Yang Tse's fix of the inet_pton check

2005-11-29 00:06  bagder

	* include/curl/curl.h, lib/ftp.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  src/main.c: new experimental "ftp method" code

2005-11-29 00:05  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Bryan Henderson

2005-11-28 21:21  bagder

	*, lib/inet_pton.h: Yang Tse's changes to provide an
	  inet_pton() proto for the platforms who don't have one in order
	  to fix a remaining warning on IRIX 6.2.

2005-11-28 08:43  bagder

	* include/curl/multi.h: added note about the inclusion of curl.h
	  from within this file

2005-11-25 23:45  bagder

	* .cvsignore, src/.cvsignore: Bryan Henderson: added missing

2005-11-25 23:45  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: Yang Tse fixed compiler warnings

2005-11-25 23:23  bagder

	* ares/ares_process.c: read_tcp_data() fix to get the proper buffer
	  pointer and size

2005-11-25 23:20  bagder

	* lib/: inet_ntop.h, inet_pton.h: Yang Tse: fixes the use of
	  Curl_inet_ntop and Curl_inet_pton with no prototypes on some
	  platforms, ie IRIX 6.2 MIPS C 6.2

2005-11-25 23:14  bagder

	* ares/ares_process.c: Yang Tse: fixed compiler warnings

2005-11-25 23:14  bagder

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c: Change based on Yang Tse's excellent fix
	  to reduce buffer overflow risk and fixing a compiler warning in
	  the append_scopeid() function.

2005-11-25 10:52  bagder

	* Doug Kaufman corrected my attempt to a generic
	  "skip extra test for function F"

2005-11-25 00:03  bagder

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c: avoid doing #if an a predef symbol that
	  might not be defined

2005-11-24 21:39  bagder

	* lib/hostthre.c: Yang Tse: use static on file-private functions

2005-11-24 21:38  bagder

	* lib/formdata.c: Yang Tse: fix compilation errors when SSL is not
	  disabled and HTTP is disabled

2005-11-24 21:37  bagder

	* lib/setup.h: Yang Tse: removes GOPHER protocol when HTTP is

2005-11-24 21:33  giva

	* lib/: Makefile.Watcom, config-win32.h: Changes for OpenWatcom

2005-11-24 11:22  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES,, lib/setup.h,
	  lib/transfer.c, src/setup.h: Doug Kaufman's set of patches to
	  make curl build fine on DJGPP again using configure.

2005-11-24 08:20  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: mention the colon-only thing for -u and SSPI+NTLM

2005-11-23 23:59  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: Yang Tse's patch to silence MSVC warnings

2005-11-23 12:51  bagder

	* lib/: http_ntlm.h, setup.h: only enable NTLM if HTTP and NTLM is
	  not disabled, and if NTLM is disabled we define an empty macro
	  for the ntlm cleanup function

2005-11-23 10:10  bagder

	* lib/setup.h, src/main.c: Yang Tse fixed MSVC 6.0 warnings

2005-11-18 08:23  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: fix compiler warning

2005-11-17 15:29  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  lib/transfer.c: I extended a patch from David Shaw to make
	  libcurl _always_ provide an error string in the given error
	  buffer to address the flaw mention on 21 sep 2005.

2005-11-17 15:28  bagder


2005-11-16 08:20  bagder

	* CHANGES,, RELEASE-NOTES: Applied Albert Chin's patch
	  that makes the libcurl.pc pkgconfig file get installed on 'make
	  install' time.

2005-11-16 08:12  bagder

	* ares/ check for and use winsock2.h instead of
	  winsock.h and I fixed a typo in the ifdefs where . was used
	  instead of _!

2005-11-15 15:39  bagder

	* ares/ include ws2tcpip.h in an attempt to detect
	  some of the ipv6 structs better in mingw builds

2005-11-15 00:14  bagder

	* ares/: ares_dns.h, Detect big/little endian in the
	  configure script and adjust the ares_dns.h macros accordingly.

2005-11-14 23:10  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/http_ntlm.c: Quagmire reported that he needed to
	  raise a NTLM buffer for SSPI to work properly for a case, and so
	  we did. We raised it even for non-SSPI builds but it should not
	  do any harm.

2005-11-14 14:40  giva


2005-11-14 14:26  giva

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c: Added CVS id.  Avoid warning 'x might be
	  used uninitialized in this function'.

2005-11-14 13:32  giva

	* ares/config-win32.h: We have HAVE_SOCKADDR_IN6_SIN6_SCOPE_ID.

2005-11-14 08:48  bagder

	* lib/libcurl.def: Yang Tse: msvc7+ has deprecated the
	  'DESCRIPTION' section in module-definition files. this section is
	  not mandatory for msvc60 so it could be completely removed from

2005-11-14 01:18  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/ftp.c: Jan Kunder's debian bug report
	  identified a weird error message for when you try to upload a
	  file and the requested directory doesn't exist on the target

2005-11-14 01:17  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: extended the description for exit code 9

2005-11-14 00:53  bagder

	* lib/: memdebug.h, ssluse.c: Yang Tse fixed compiler warnings

2005-11-14 00:04  bagder

	* lib/gtls.c: to build with old gnutls verions, don't use the *_t

2005-11-13 23:54  bagder

	* src/main.c: prevent compiler warning

2005-11-13 14:32  giva

	* lib/config-win32.h: Add HAVE_STRUCT_SOCKADDR_STORAGE.  My
	  mistake; WinCE has it's own config-file.

2005-11-13 14:20  giva

	* lib/tftp.c: Fix for WIN32. WIN32 does have 'struct
	  sockaddr_storage', but that's in <winsock2.h>. Hence tftp.c
	  wouldn't compile on WinCE.

2005-11-13 12:06  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c: Debian bug report 338681 by
	  Jan Kunder: make curl better detect and report bad limit-rate
	  Now curl will return error if a bad unit is used.

2005-11-13 10:24  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES,, lib/select.c: Thanks to
	  this nice summary of poll() implementations: and further
	  tests by Eugene Kotlyarov, we now know that cygwin's poll returns
	  only POLLHUP on remote connection closure so we check for that
	  case (too) and re-enable poll for cygwin builds.

2005-11-12 23:49  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, Eugene Kotlyarov found out
	  that cygwin's poll() function isn't doing things right: so we now
	  disable poll() and use select() on cygwin too (we already do the
	  same choice on Mac OS X)

2005-11-12 23:13  bagder

	* lib/sockaddr.h: oops * 2

2005-11-12 23:12  bagder

	* lib/sockaddr.h: oops

2005-11-12 23:10  bagder

	* lib/: ftp.c, sockaddr.h, tftp.c: Reversed the logic for
	  sockaddr_storage and made our own Curl_sockaddr_storage struct
	  instead to use.

2005-11-12 20:11  bagder

	* acinclude.m4: on windows (mingw32) the sockaddr_storage struct is
	  in winsock2.h

2005-11-12 19:33  giva

	* ares/Makefile.vc6: Fixed typo. Detabified.

2005-11-12 16:15  giva

	* ares/ares_dns.h: Support big-endian machines.

2005-11-12 15:59  giva

	* ares/inet_ntop.c: Added CVS id, Detabified, applied c-ares

2005-11-12 15:44  giva

	* ares/nameser.h: Added CVS id. Detabified.

2005-11-12 15:41  giva

	* ares/adig.c: Include <getopt.h>.  Use DNS__32BIT() and
	  DNS__16BIT()	(How about BE machines?).  Display T_AAAA resource.

2005-11-12 01:01  bagder

	* ares/ removed files no longer existing

2005-11-12 00:20  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/gtls.c: Dima Barsky patched problem
	  #1348930: the GnuTLS code completely ignored client certificates!

2005-11-11 23:04  bagder

	* lib/:, ftp.c, setup.h, sockaddr.h, tftp.c: Moved the
	  sockaddr_storage definition to lib/sockaddr.h and only include
	  that in files that actually need the struct.

2005-11-11 20:25  giva

	* ares/inet_ntop.c: Squelch gcc 4.x warning.

2005-11-11 20:20  giva

	* ares/: ares_fds.c, ares_gethostbyaddr.c: Detabified. Added CVS

2005-11-11 20:14  giva

	* ares/vc/: areslib/areslib.dsp, ahost/ahost.dsp: HAVE_xx defines
	  moved to config-win32.h.

2005-11-11 09:52  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: mention how to set domain when
	  using NTLM

2005-11-11 05:28  giva

	* ares/ahost.c: Update using ares_inet_pton() and ares_inet_ntop().

2005-11-11 00:30  bagder

	* README: one in, one out

2005-11-11 00:24  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Fun while it lasted. New mirror already

2005-11-10 23:25  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/tftp.c: David Lang fixed IPv6 support
	  for TFTP!

2005-11-10 23:24  bagder

	* lib/: ftp.c, setup.h: David Lang: if there is no
	  sockaddr_storage, make up our own and use that

2005-11-10 23:22  bagder

	* tests/data/test75: modified to the new error text for range error

2005-11-10 23:11  bagder

	* docs/TODO: just implemented

2005-11-10 23:11  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1, src/urlglob.c,
	  src/urlglob.h: Introducing range stepping to the curl globbing
	  support. Now you can specify step counter by adding :[num] within
	  the brackets when specifying a range.

2005-11-10 17:55  giva

	* ares/setup.h: Use config-win32.h on Windows. Fixes for djgpp.

2005-11-10 17:52  giva

	* ares/: Makefile.m32, Makefile.vc6: Defines moved to

2005-11-10 17:50  giva

	* ares/config-win32.h: Easy configuration with this file.

2005-11-10 17:42  giva

	* ares/vc/areslib/: areslib.mak, areslib.plg: Remove generated
	  files areslib.plg areslib.mak from CVS.

2005-11-10 17:40  giva

	* ares/vc/ahost/: ahost.mak, ahost.plg: Remove generated files
	  ahost.plg ahost.mak from CVS.

2005-11-10 17:38  giva

	* ares/vc/adig/: adig.mak, adig.plg: Remove generated files
	  adig.plg adig.mak from CVS.

2005-11-10 00:15  bagder

	* docs/TODO: * Add step parameter to the globbing. Like [0-1000;10]
	  that would walk the	range increasing the number with 10 for
	  every step. Requested by Jose:

2005-11-09 23:52  giva

	* ares/ Update with "new" HAVE_xx.

2005-11-09 23:32  giva

	* ares/ares.h: Replace <winsock.h> with <winsock2.h> since IPv6
	  support is required.

2005-11-09 23:18  giva

	* ares/Makefile.vc6: Add cvs id.

2005-11-09 23:17  giva

	* ares/FILES: Added Makefile.vc6.

2005-11-09 23:16  giva

	* ares/Makefile.vc6: I hate MS-devstudio project files.

2005-11-09 22:51  giva

	* ares/Makefile.m32: Updated for MingW. Added inet_ntop.o
	  inet_net_pton.o bitncmp.o.  Added -D'efines'.

2005-11-09 22:38  giva

	* ares/setup.h: MSVC fix for 'socklen_t'. Replace <winsock.h> with
	  <winsock2.h> + <ws2tcpip.h> since IPv6 is no longer optional (was
	  it ever?)

2005-11-09 22:32  giva

	* ares/vc/areslib/: areslib.dsp, areslib.dsw, areslib.mak: Fixes
	  for building with MSVC-6/7. Added inet*.c.  Replace <winsock.h>
	  with <winsock2.h> + <ws2tcpip.h> (ala libcurl since IPv6 is not
	  optional now).

2005-11-09 22:29  giva

	* ares/vc/ahost/: ahost.dep, ahost.dsp: Fixes for building ahost
	  with MSVC-6/7. Added inet*.c.

2005-11-08 15:45  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/hostip6.c, lib/hostthre.c: Removed
	  the use of AI_CANONNAME in the IPv6-enabled resolver functions
	  since we really have no use for reverse lookups of the address.

	  I truly hope these are the last reverse lookups we had lingering
	  in the code!

2005-11-08 15:37  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: SSPI-fix and a new mirror

2005-11-08 15:15  bagder

	* CHANGES,, lib/Makefile.vc6, lib/http_ntlm.c,
	  src/Makefile.vc6: Dmitry Bartsevich discovered some issues in
	  compatibilty of SSPI-enabled version of libcurl with different
	  Windows versions. Current version of libcurl imports SSPI
	  functions from secur32.dll. However, under Windows NT 4.0 these
	  functions are located in security.dll, under Windows 9x - in
	  secur32.dll and Windows 2000 and XP contains both these DLLs
	  (security.dll just forwards calls to secur32.dll).

	  Dmitry's patch loads proper library dynamically depending on
	  Windows version. Function InitSecurityInterface() is used to
	  obtain pointers to all of SSPI function in one structure.  :

2005-11-07 14:54  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: 27. "libcurl built with GNUTLS ignores the
	  SSLCERT option" - Unlike   Curl_ossl_connect(), the
	  Curl_gtls_connect() function does not send the user	certificate
	  to the peer. In fact, it ignores the conn->data->set.cert field
	  completely, it always uses the anonymous credentials. See

2005-11-07 09:37  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: mention the need for a "fake" -u when --negotiate is

2005-11-06 00:39  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: CurlPas 2005-11-05 was released:

2005-11-02 10:38  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: oops

2005-11-02 10:34  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: Added:

	   1.9 Where do I buy commercial support for curl?
	   1.10 How many are using curl?
	   6.7 What are my obligations when using libcurl in my commerical

	  Edited a few other paragraphs slightly.

2005-11-01 17:27  giva

	* lib/ldap.c: Use an empty '*mod_name'.

2005-10-31 09:55  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ldap.c: Vilmos Nebehaj improved
	  libcurl's LDAP abilities:

	  The LDAP code in libcurl can't handle LDAP servers of LDAPv3 nor
	  binary attributes in LDAP objects. So, I made a quick patch to
	  address these problems.

	  The solution is simple: if we connect to an LDAP server, first
	  try LDAPv3 (which is the preferred protocol as of now) and then
	  fall back to LDAPv2.	In case of binary attributes, we first
	  convert them to base64, just like the openldap client does. It
	  uses ldap_get_values_len() instead of ldap_get_values() to be
	  able to retrieve binary attributes correctly. I defined the
	  necessary LDAP macros in lib/ldap.c to be able to compile libcurl
	  without the presence of libldap

2005-10-31 09:47  bagder

	* lib/escape.h: kill trailing whitespace

2005-10-31 00:15  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test275: test 275 makes a CONNECT
	  through a proxy and then gets two pages from the same server

2005-10-30 00:22  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: --max-redirs 0

2005-10-30 00:18  bagder

	* docs/INSTALL: re-arranged the win32 section and added a pointer
	  to the INSTALL.devcpp document

2005-10-28 23:34  bagder

	* docs/: INSTALL.devcpp, Tom Kyer's DevCpp-Mingw
	  Install & Compilation guide

2005-10-28 14:59  bagder

	* docs/curl-config.1: mention brokenness

2005-10-28 09:22  bagder

	* docs/CONTRIBUTE: elaborated somewhat in the license chapter

2005-10-28 00:05  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/curl.1, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/main.c,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test274: Nis Jorgensen filed
	  bug report #1338648 (
	  which really is more of a feature request, but anyway. It pointed
	  out that --max-redirs did not allow it to be set to 0, which then
	  would return an error code on the first Location: found. Based on
	  Nis' patch, now libcurl supports CURLOPT_MAXREDIRS set to 0, or
	  -1 for infinity. Added test case 274 to verify.

2005-10-27 23:02  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c: tommink[at] reported
	  in bug report #1337723
	  ( that curl could not
	  upload binary data from stdin on Windows if the data contained
	  control-Z (hex 1a) since that is treated as end-of-file when read
	  in text mode. Gisle Vanem pointed out the fix, and I made both -T
	  and --data-binary take advantage of it.

2005-10-27 22:51  bagder

	* docs/DISTRO-DILEMMA: updates to reflect current status in Debian
	  land, and added some known differences between OpenSSL and GnuTLS
	  (that is probably a suitable subject for a separate document...)

2005-10-27 14:56  giva

	* src/Makefile.Watcom: Removed dependency on zlib.h. Added
	  dependency for ..\lib\timeval.c.

2005-10-27 14:45  giva

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom: Added option '-zc' puts const data in
	  code-segment.  Added CURL_DISABLE_TFTP; tftp.c doesn't compile

2005-10-27 14:05  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1, src/main.c: Jaz Fresh
	  pointed out that if you used "-r [number]" as was wrongly
	  described in the man page, curl would send an invalid HTTP Range:
	  header. The correct way would be to use "-r [number]-" or even
	  "-r -[number]". Starting now, curl will warn if this is
	  discovered, and automatically append a dash to the range before
	  passing it to libcurl.

2005-10-25 16:05  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: multi IP socket description leak with
	  multi interface

2005-10-25 16:04  bagder

	* README: added new dutch mirror and removed the "--" separators

2005-10-25 15:15  bagder

	* lib/connect.c: close the existing socket when trying next IP, as
	  otherwise we leak one! bug #1326306

2005-10-22 23:05  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/gtls.c:	 Dima Barsky reported a problem with
	  GnuTLS-enabled libcurl in bug report
	    #1334338 ( When
	  reading an SSL
	    stream from a server and the server requests a "rehandshake",
	  the current
	    code simply returns this as an error. I have no good way to
	  test this, but
	    I've added a crude attempt of dealing with this situation
	  slightly better -
	    it makes a blocking handshake if this happens. Done like this
	  because fixing
	    this the "proper" way (that would handshake asynchronously)
	  will require
	    quite some work and I really need a good way to test this to do
	  such a

2005-10-21 23:00  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/url.c: "Ofer" reported a problem when libcurl
	  re-used a connection and failed to do it, it could then
	  accidentally actually crash. Presumably, this concerns FTP

2005-10-21 21:32  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/Makefile.vc6: Temprimus improved the
	  MSVC makefile so that the static debug SSL libs are linked to the
	  executable and not to the libcurld.lib

2005-10-21 21:21  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/hostthre.c: Bradford Bruce made the
	  windows resolver code properly return CURLE_COULDNT_RESOLVE_PROXY
	  and CURLE_COULDNT_RESOLVE_HOST on resolving errors (as

2005-10-20 23:19  bagder

	* src/main.c: shorted and unified language in the --help output

2005-10-20 23:01  bagder

	* README: 2 gone, 2 added, 1 moved, 1 changed name

2005-10-20 22:07  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test273: Dave Dribin made libcurl understand and
	  handle cases when the server (wrongly) sends *two*
	  WWW-Authenticate headers for Digest. While this should never
	  happen in a sane world, libcurl previously got into an infinite
	  loop when this occurred. Dave added test 273 to verify this.

2005-10-20 21:40  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: 2 mirrors, 1 binding release

2005-10-20 21:40  bagder

	* lib/hostip6.c: Added a dump_addrinfo() function to ease debugging
	  of resolved names. Define DEBUG_ADDRINFO to enable.

2005-10-20 21:07  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/Makefile.vc6: Temprimus improved the MSVC makefile:
	  "makes a build option available so if you set rtlibcfg=static for
	  the make, then it would build with /MT. The default behaviour is
	  /MD (the original)."

2005-10-18 20:15  danf

	* docs/TODO: Removed mention of TFTP now that it's implemented.

2005-10-18 09:26  bagder

	* include/curl/multi.h: Mohun Biswas' suggested change to prevent
	  GNU indent to warn on the =-1 line.

2005-10-14 23:21  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, maketgz, include/curl/curlver.h: Reverted
	  the LIBCURL_VERSION_NUM change from October 6. As Dave Dribin
	  reported, the define is used by the configure script and is
	  assumed to use the 0xYYXXZZ format. This made "curl-config
	  --vernum" fail in the 7.15.0 release version.

2005-10-14 15:22  bagder

	* lib/Makefile.vc6: Reported by 'TemPRImus' in bug 1326665: use the
	  "Multi-Threaded" options even when building the static library.

2005-10-13 23:49  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Slight editing of wording in the

2005-10-13 11:23  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: start working on 7.15.1

2005-10-13 11:22  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: added names from the 7.15.0 release

2005-10-13 10:19  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: 7.15.0 time

2005-10-13 09:57  bagder

	* lib/http_ntlm.c: Make sure that the user and domain strings fit
	  in the target buffer before we copy them there.

2005-10-13 08:20  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: NTLM requires windows or
	  OpenSSL. If you build with GnuTLS for example you do not get NTLM
	  support enabled.

2005-10-11 14:54  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 7.15.0 in november?

2005-10-10 22:58  bagder

	* docs/examples/getinmemory.c: make it compile warning-free and
	  free() the memory before exit

2005-10-10 20:28  bagder

	* lib/hostip6.c: pass a NULL pointer in the service argument (the
	  second) if the port number was 0 as it seems at least some AIX
	  versions don't like a "0" string there

2005-10-06 20:47  giva

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom: Added tftp.obj.

2005-10-06 14:56  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, maketgz, include/curl/curlver.h: we all the next
	  version 7.15.0 due to the new TFTP support

2005-10-06 11:05  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/ remove getinfo-times from the dist
	  archive since the info is now in the curl_easy_getinfo man page

2005-10-06 11:03  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3: end the .nf section, mark the
	  option names properly so that they end up as links in the html

2005-10-06 10:58  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3: Added the info from
	  getinfo-times as it really belongs in this man page.

2005-10-05 11:15  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: mention the recent fixes

2005-10-05 08:23  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test272: added test case 272 for -z
	  download over FTP when the timestamp is identical to the remote

2005-10-05 08:09  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: CURL_TIMECOND_IFMODSINCE actually requires that the
	  remote document has been modded since the given time, so we
	  should compare <= and not just <.

2005-10-04 22:32  bagder

	* Domenico Andreoli's patch that removes a few
	  0xa0(!) bytes

2005-10-04 20:15  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/parsedate.c: Michael Wallner reported
	  that the date parser had wrong offset stored for the MEST and
	  CEST time zones.

2005-10-04 12:58  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_escape.3: Domenico Andreoli's SEE ALSO patch

2005-10-03 12:12  bagder

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c: Ok, based on the online docs for AIX'es
	  getservbyport_r() I adjusted to code to do (what I believe is)
	  "right". See docs on:

2005-10-03 10:38  bagder

	* docs/HISTORY: recent action

2005-10-02 20:22  giva

	* lib/http_ntlm.c: Avoid gcc warning "dereferencing type-punned
	  pointer will break strict-aliasing rules".

2005-10-02 18:52  giva

	* lib/: hostthre.c, setup.h: Fix for building with MS Visual-C and
	  single-threaded runtime libs.

2005-09-30 16:25  bagder

	* tests/ fixed the proper path to the tftpd server

2005-09-30 10:59  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: a new mirror, but we don't increase the amount
	  since one of the former ones are now officially no longer
	  considered a mirror... ;-)

2005-09-30 10:34  bagder

	* docs/DISTRO-DILEMMA: Update in the "which license is best"
	  section as it seems Debian people have made up their mind.
	  Spell-checked as well.

2005-09-29 13:37  bagder

	* lib/url.c: Starting now, the verbose text that goes like "About
	  to connect() to" will now contain the word "proxy" is the
	  hostname is in fact a proxy. This will help users detect
	  situations when they mistakenly use a proxy.

2005-09-27 22:22  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: David Yan brought the Content-Range

2005-09-27 11:13  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c: An anonymous submitter
	  filed bug #1299181 (
	  that identified a silly problem with Content-Range: headers with
	  the 'bytes' keyword written in a different case than all
	  lowercase! It would cause a segfault!

2005-09-27 10:46  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: TJ Saunders of the proftpd
	  project identified and pointed out problems with the modified
	  FTPS negotiation change of August 19 2005. Thus, we revert the
	  change back to pre-7.14.1 status.

2005-09-22 12:15  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: clarify what the default read
	  callback does and how it uses the READDATA option

2005-09-21 13:29  bagder

	* CHANGES: three debian bug reports addressed

2005-09-21 13:28  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: stricter type usage for time variables to avoid picky
	  compiler warnings

2005-09-21 12:45  bagder

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c: 1 - attempted fix of uninitialized
	  variable 2 - indented and edited to fit better within 80 columns
	  3 - fixed possible buffer overflow in the service name lookup

2005-09-21 11:10  bagder

	* ares/ simplified the sin6_scope_id test and removed
	  some left-overs from the previous way of detecting it

2005-09-21 11:01  bagder

	* ares/ fixed the check for the addrinfo struct

2005-09-21 08:59  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: clarified ERRORBUFFER - some
	  errors just don't write a string even though they should. And I
	  removed all uses 'Note' (as they are pretty useless) and did some
	  other language and phrasing cleanups.

2005-09-21 08:38  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: return an error string for the missing URL case

2005-09-21 08:12  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: mention what WRITEFUNCTION and
	  WRITEDATA do by default

2005-09-21 08:07  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-tutorial.3: oops, broken sentence fixed:

2005-09-20 10:29  bagder

	* lib/http_ntlm.c: Uses __stdcall instead of SEC_ENTRY since it
	  seems (at least) mingw doesn't define SEC_ENTRY and thus fails
	  unless this is done!

2005-09-20 09:53  bagder

	* Since newer ares versions should work with ipv6, I
	  modified the error message to a warning message as a first step.
	  We should persue to make curl use c-ares properly even when built
	  with ipv6 support.

2005-09-20 08:51  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: typecasts added in an attempt to please the picky

2005-09-20 00:04  bagder

	* tests/data/ added test 271

2005-09-20 00:04  bagder

	* tests/data/test271: test 271, the first ever TFTP test

2005-09-20 00:03  bagder

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: seems to work for test 271 on Linux now!

2005-09-19 23:45  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_ntlm.c: Dmitry Bartsevich made
	  the SSPI support work on Windows 9x as well

2005-09-18 18:44  dmeglio

	* ares/: CHANGES, acinclude.m4, ares.h, ares_getnameinfo.c, Added constants that will be used by
	  ares_getaddrinfo. Made ares_getnameinfo use the reentrant
	  getservbyport (getservbyport_r) if it isavailable to ensure it
	  works properly in a threaded environment

2005-09-16 23:30  bagder

	* lib/: connect.c, ftp.c, hostip4.c, hostip6.c, hostthre.c, url.c,
	  urldata.h: keep 'socktype' in the connectdata struct and make
	  sure we use that for all protocol sockets even if the resolved
	  address may say otherwise

2005-09-16 23:03  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: recent changes

2005-09-16 12:52  bagder

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: renamed sendfile() since some systems have
	  a system call named like this - now the functions are named
	  sendtftp() and recvtftp() instead.

2005-09-16 12:50  bagder

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: In the Solaris 7 header files for tftp, the
	  th_stuff struct member is an unsigned short. Trying a typecast
	  here to fix.

2005-09-16 09:19  bagder

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: prevent warnings on re-defining MIN

2005-09-16 09:18  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/TODO: added URLs to bug reports

2005-09-16 09:09  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: Added known bugs #26, started using my new
	  "bounce URL" that jumps to the correct (and overly complicated)
	  sourceforge bug tracker URL given the bug report ID number.

2005-09-16 08:14  bagder

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: use int "subscripts" to prevent warnings
	  from picky compilers

2005-09-16 07:49  bagder

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: use internal *printf() clones

2005-09-15 23:50  bagder

	*, tests/server/tftpd.c: ifdef for includes, added
	  checking for two not previously checked files (one being
	  necessary for solaris builds)

2005-09-15 23:49  bagder

	* tests/ use make -k when running the tests

2005-09-15 22:36  bagder

	* tests/server/.cvsignore: ignore this too

2005-09-15 22:36  bagder

	* tests/server/ build tftpd too!

2005-09-15 22:32  bagder

	* tests/server/tftpd.c: First version of the TFTP server. Basic
	  functionality is there.

2005-09-15 22:25  bagder

	* tests/ added TFTP and TFTP-ipv6 support

2005-09-15 22:22  bagder

	* tests/server/: sws.c, util.c, util.h: moved test2file() to util.c

2005-09-15 22:21  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: minor changes, the biggest one being using

2005-09-15 21:23  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: mention the configure change

2005-09-14 17:04  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: oops, return error if an error did occur!

2005-09-12 22:36  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE clarification

2005-09-10 23:09  bagder

	* ares/: acinclude.m4, Use the AC_CHECK_MEMBER()
	  function for check struct members instead of inventing and
	  providing our own. Hopefully this solves a HP-UX 11.00 problem.

2005-09-08 22:21  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: --max-time should work just as good on win32 these

2005-09-08 08:16  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: mention the protocol-guessing when no protocol part
	  is given in the URL added TFTP to the list of supported protocols

2005-09-07 16:42  bagder

	* lib/Makefile.vc6: added tftp.c

2005-09-07 13:05  bagder

	* src/main.c: Ben Madsen reported a problem that only seemed to
	  occur with certain specific glibc versions, and with this patch
	  applied it no longer shows up to me. The problem was indeed a
	  flaw that made curl use a file handle already closed.

2005-09-07 12:51  bagder

	* tests/server/sws.c: Thanks to Scott Davis' detailed reports, I
	  found this premature detection of the end of a chunked-encoded
	  POST request.

2005-09-06 17:58  giva

	* lib/hostthre.c: Fix warning about missing initializers.

2005-09-06 17:43  giva

	* lib/tftp.c: Fix for bind() on Winsock; AF_UNSPEC (0) is illegal.
	  Should we do this for all targets?

2005-09-06 15:27  bagder

	* CHANGES, src/writeout.c: Now curl warns if an unknown variable is
	  used in the -w/--writeout argument.

2005-09-06 13:53  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, docs/BINDINGS: binding updates

2005-09-06 12:39  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: sockets are curl_socket_t to build cleaner

2005-09-06 12:37  bagder

	* lib/hostthre.c: Use SOCK_DGRAM for TFTP. Consider setting this up
	  at one central place, we have this check done on far too many
	  places by now...

2005-09-06 02:39  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: minor Makefile fixes.

2005-09-05 16:22  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: Added the people from the 7.14.1 release

2005-09-05 08:03  bagder

	* docs/DISTRO-DILEMMA: new release, work has been "initiated"

2005-09-05 00:10  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: mention the recent improvements

2005-09-04 23:53  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: don't start lines with apostrophes!

2005-09-04 20:33  bagder

	* lib/tftp.c: check that bind() returns success

2005-09-04 20:15  bagder

	* --protocols now supports TFTP

2005-09-04 07:23  bagder

	* docs/curl.1, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, src/main.c: 7.14.2

2005-09-04 07:16  bagder

	* docs/curl.1, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/ftp.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  src/main.c, tests/FILEFORMAT, tests/,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test270: Added
	  FTP_SKIP_PASV_IP and --ftp-skip-pasv-ip

2005-09-02 17:11  bagder

	* CHANGES,, include/curl/curl.h, lib/,
	  lib/connect.c, lib/hostip4.c, lib/hostip6.c, lib/strerror.c,
	  lib/tftp.c, lib/tftp.h, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, lib/version.c:
	  John Kelly added TFTP support to libcurl. A bunch of new error
	  codes was added. TODO: add them to docs. add TFTP server to test
	  suite. add TFTP to list of protocols whereever those are

2005-09-02 15:40  bagder

	* docs/DISTRO-DILEMMA: explain why the ABI depends on the SSL libs

2005-09-01 23:41  bagder

	* buildconf: use -c to automake to copy the new files

2005-09-01 23:08  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: work on 7.14.2 starts now

2005-09-01 22:54  bagder

	* CHANGES: 7.14.1 coming right up

2005-09-01 17:03  bagder

	* docs/DISTRO-DILEMMA: softened my opinions, added API benefit -
	  Thanks to Eric Cooper

2005-09-01 15:41  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: clarify that the ctxfunc is
	  called on all new connects

2005-09-01 10:44  bagder

	* docs/ added DISTRO-DILEMMA

2005-09-01 10:43  bagder

	* docs/DISTRO-DILEMMA: added the URL

2005-09-01 10:35  bagder

	* docs/DISTRO-DILEMMA: new

2005-08-31 23:23  bagder

	* oops, the GNU GSS patch could clobber the CPPFLAGS
	  variable and it thus broke krb4 builds!

2005-08-31 22:51  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: ocurl release

2005-08-31 08:04  bagder

	* lib/hostthre.c: use it as 'struct addrinfo' so perhaps it builds
	  on mingw again

2005-08-30 20:37  gknauf

	* tests/ quick hack to make it working again on Win32 -
	  however we should consider to set some defaults depending on the
	  compiler architecture we guess we are since it doesnt work well
	  if we prefer building the msvc makefile with gmake instead of
	  nmake because we found gmake first in path....

2005-08-29 23:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Kevin Lussier pointed out a problem with

2005-08-29 22:56  bagder

	* lib/msvcproj.head: Use the more correct BUILDING_LIBCURL define
	  instead of CURLLIB_EXPORTS.  Kevin Lussier pointed this out!

2005-08-29 17:19  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: spell-fix

2005-08-29 16:23  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/hostthre.c: Igor Polyakov fixed a
	  rather nasty problem with the threaded name resolver for Windows,
	  that could lead to an Access Violation when the multi interface
	  was used due to an issue with how the resolver thread was and was
	  not terminated.

2005-08-29 15:58  bagder

	* docs/LICENSE-MIXING: Added GNU GSS and separate sections for MIT
	  GSS and Heimdal and added info about what each single lib may be
	  used for.

2005-08-29 10:42  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES,, lib/urldata.h: Simon
	  Josefson brought GNU GSS support

2005-08-29 09:03  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: 1.3.0 coming just up

2005-08-29 08:59  bagder

	* docs/TODO, lib/TODO.gnutls: Moved the GnuTLS related TODO items
	  from lib/TODO.gnutls to the proper docs/TODO

2005-08-26 15:22  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: 4.14 Redirects work in browser but not with curl!

2005-08-25 14:19  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: ok, the right term (using RFC2616 lingo) for the -X
	  keyword is method and not request

2005-08-25 09:06  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: "Added in 7.14.1" notes and some
	  minor edits

2005-08-25 09:06  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3: CURLINFO_COOKIELIST is added in

2005-08-24 19:07  bagder

	* docs/examples/:, cacertinmem.c: Theo Borm's example,
	  as was posted here:

2005-08-24 12:57  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/main.c,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test269: Toby Peterson added
	  CURLOPT_IGNORE_CONTENT_LENGTH to the library, accessible from the
	  command line tool with --ignore-content-length. This will make it
	  easier to download files from Apache 1.x (and similar) servers
	  that are still having problems serving files larger than 2 or 4
	  GB. When this option is enabled, curl will simply have to wait
	  for the server to close the connection to signal end of transfer.
	  I wrote test case 269 that runs a simple test that this works.

2005-08-24 12:49  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, tests/ valgrind version 3
	  renames the --logfile command line option to --log-file...

2005-08-24 09:45  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: fixed #26, GnuTLS CA cert verification

2005-08-24 09:40  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/gtls.c: Fixed CA cert verification
	  using GnuTLS with the default bundle, which previously failed due
	  to GnuTLS not allowing x509 v1 CA certs by default.

2005-08-23 10:51  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: known bug #26, pretty fatal for anyone who wants
	  to use proper SSL and GnuTLS

2005-08-22 04:39  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: enabled statically
	  linked builds.

2005-08-21 23:27  bagder

	* ares/ well hit me, that wasn't possible, use 1:0:0

2005-08-21 23:25  bagder

	* ares/ modified the version-info, we only added

2005-08-21 23:25  bagder

	* ares/ increase version info

2005-08-21 23:15  bagder

	* avoid adding a blank dir to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
	  when OpenSSL is found in a default dir

2005-08-21 23:09  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_init.c: Alfredo Tupone provided a fix for
	  the Windows code in get_iphlpapi_dns_info() when getting the DNS
	  server etc.

2005-08-19 23:38  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Using CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE
	  serveral times add more files to read from.

2005-08-19 17:07  bagder

	* acinclude.m4: removed the unreachable code warning from gcc debug
	  builds, even the most recent gcc versions give far too many false
	  positives for this to be valuable

2005-08-19 16:41  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: Norbert Novotny had problems
	  with FTPS and he helped me work out a patch that made curl run
	  fine in his end. The key was to make sure we do the SSL/TLS
	  negotiation immediately after the TCP connect is done and not
	  after a few other commands have been sent like we did previously.
	  I don't consider this change necessary to obey the standards, I
	  think this server is pickier than what the specs allow it to be,
	  but I can't see how this modified libcurl code can add any
	  problems to those who are interpreting the standards more

2005-08-19 09:33  bagder

	* README: one german mirror has died while another one was added,
	  and yet another Texas one!

2005-08-19 09:32  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: Added new contributors from RELEASE-NOTES. The
	  somewhat different sort order is due to now using emacs to sort
	  but I'm not in a mood to fix it better just now.

2005-08-19 09:02  bagder

	* acinclude.m4: removed some inaccurate comments about the
	  TYPE_IN_ADDR_T check

2005-08-19 08:43  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE, docs/KNOWN_BUGS: The big POST to HTTPS is probably
	  not a bug.

	  The CONNECT problem is now bug #25 planned to get fixed in next

2005-08-18 18:39  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: minor Makefile fixes.

2005-08-18 18:33  gknauf

	* docs/INSTALL: updated NetWare section.

2005-08-18 10:48  bagder

	* ares/: ares.h, ares_gethostbyaddr.c, ares_gethostbyname.c:

2005-08-18 10:47  bagder

	* tests/server/sws.c: detabify

2005-08-18 10:18  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE, docs/KNOWN_BUGS: Harshal Pradhan's use-after-free
	  bug with ares is now known bug #24 to be fixed after 7.14.1

2005-08-18 08:14  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3: it isn't strictly necessary to
	  use it after a perform

2005-08-17 11:43  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: removed issue 20 that was about valgrind
	  complaints on other libs/parts, as we have a fancier valgrind
	  error parser these days and it seems to work rather well

2005-08-17 11:41  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: the SOCKS situation

2005-08-17 11:12  bagder

	* include/curl/curl.h: removed old info about curl_getdate() just
	  simply isn't true and hasn't been true since the getdate() parser
	  code rewrite

2005-08-17 11:11  bagder

	* lib/cookie.c: remove the typecast to long from time_t, since we
	  now store it as curl_off_t

2005-08-17 11:01  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: handles expiry times in cookie files that go
	  beyond 32 bits in size

2005-08-17 10:55  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/cookie.c, lib/cookie.h,
	  lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c: - Jeff Pohlmeyer found out that if you
	  ask libcurl to load a cookiefile (with   CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE), add
	  a cookie (with CURLOPT_COOKIELIST), tell it to   write the result
	  to a given cookie jar and then never actually call
	  curl_easy_perform() - the given file(s) to read was never read
	  but the   output file was written and thus it caused a "funny"

	  - While doing some tests for the bug above, I noticed that
	  Firefox generates   large numbers (for the expire time) in the
	  cookies.txt file and libcurl	 didn't treat them properly. Now it

2005-08-16 22:12  gknauf

	* lib/libcurl.def: added curl_mvsnprintf to the export list; I
	  appened to the end cause of the numbering ...

2005-08-16 22:11  gknauf

	* lib/libcurl.imp: added curl_mvsnprintf to the export list.

2005-08-16 13:40  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: client side fixes

2005-08-16 09:32  bagder

	* src/main.c: typecase the isspace() argument to int

2005-08-15 23:48  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: recent changes

2005-08-15 23:48  bagder

	* src/main.c: Added more verbose "warning" messages to the curl
	  client for cases where it fails to open/read files etc to help
	  users diagnose why it doesn't do what you'd expect it to.
	  Converted lots of old messages to use the new generic function I
	  wrote for this purpose.

2005-08-13 23:28  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: James Bursa identified a libcurl HTTP bug and a
	  good way to repeat it. If a site responds with bad HTTP response
	  that doesn't contain any header at all, only a response body, and
	  the write callback returns 0 to abort the transfer, it didn't
	  have any real effect but the write callback would be called once
	  more anyway.

2005-08-13 00:09  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test268: added test 268 that makes curl
	  -d @nonexisting

2005-08-12 23:47  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_getdate.3: clarify

2005-08-12 23:25  bagder

	* src/main.c: o curl -d @filename when 'filename' was not possible
	  to access no longer	converts the request to a GET, but now
	  instead makes it a POST of no data o The time condition illegal
	  syntax warning is now inhibited if -s is used.

2005-08-12 22:56  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: -H needs no CRLF or similar added

2005-08-11 23:41  bagder

	* lib/sslgen.c: removed old debug left-over infof() call

2005-08-11 23:33  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test267: do a POST with NTLM and add
	  two custom headers

2005-08-11 22:42  bagder

	* lib/strtoofft.c: Added comment about strtoimax()

2005-08-11 20:02  gknauf

	* tests/ fix for NetWare crossbuilds to display the
	  right config.h when build on Win32.

2005-08-11 00:57  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.c: the debug callback was called with CURLINFO_TEXT
	  with the data size one too big

2005-08-10 23:45  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: minor Makefile fix.

2005-08-10 22:45  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: minor Makefile fix.

2005-08-10 21:26  gknauf

	* Makefile.dist: added some more NetWare targets.

2005-08-10 21:19  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: some minor Makefile
	  fixes for SSL.

2005-08-10 19:08  gknauf

	* ares/ares_process.c: make ares compile again for NetWare.

2005-08-10 19:03  gknauf

	* ares/ares_private.h: make ares compile again for NetWare.

2005-08-10 18:55  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: make ares compile again for NetWare.

2005-08-10 18:54  gknauf

	* ares/ fixed line endings so it works again with gnu
	  make on Win32.

2005-08-09 23:59  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/parsedate.c: Christopher R. Palmer
	  fixed the offsets used for date parsings when the time zone name
	  of a daylight savings time was used. For example, PDT vs PDS.
	  This flaw was introduced with the new date parser (11 sep 2004 -
	  7.12.2).  Fortunately, no web server or cookie string etc should
	  be using such time zone names thus limiting the effect of this

2005-08-09 01:09  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: mention two other bugs we should fix before release

2005-08-08 00:59  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: Jon Grubbs filed bug report
	  #1249962 which identified a problem with NTLM on a HTTP proxy if
	  an FTP URL was given. libcurl now properly switches to pure HTTP
	  internally when an HTTP proxy is used, even for FTP URLs. The
	  problem would also occur with other multi-pass auth methods.

2005-08-07 23:45  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, When curl is built with
	  GnuTLS, curl-config didn't include "SSL" when --features was used

2005-08-07 23:39  bagder

	* lib/url.c: Don't prevent FTPS:// through a http proxy, as we
	  cannot know if it works or not!

2005-08-07 16:36  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: mention our security related mail alias in the "who do
	  I mail" section

2005-08-05 01:05  bagder

	* tests/ Support realloc() on a NULL pointer properly
	  (printf(%p) on a NULL pointer outputs (nil) and not a 0x0 or

2005-08-04 10:07  bagder

	* ares/ares_init.c: killed trailing whitespace, narrowed a few
	  lines to 80 cols

2005-08-01 13:56  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: mention that the NOBODY reset
	  thing is added in 7.14.1

2005-07-31 01:48  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE, docs/TODO: Moved items from TODO-RELEASE to TODO
	  since they're not really bound to happen in any specific release.

2005-07-31 01:37  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: clarified the PHP/CURL topic a bit more

2005-07-31 01:19  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: correction and added new mirror

2005-07-30 10:27  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: CURLOPT_COOKIELIST change since
	  it no longer modifies the input string contents

2005-07-28 23:53  bagder

	* lib/url.c: reset the numcookies counter too (I missed it in the
	  previous commit)

2005-07-28 23:51  bagder

	* docs/examples/cookie_interface.c: fixed example since this is how
	  the interface works now

2005-07-28 23:50  bagder

	* lib/url.c: now strdups the cookielist inpointer before passed on,
	  as the cookie function modifies it

2005-07-28 23:49  bagder

	* lib/cookie.c: curl standard indent/format

2005-07-28 15:20  giva

	* tests/libtest/lib505.c: Needs 'struct_stat'. Increased verbosity.

2005-07-28 00:29  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  lib/url.c: If any of the options CURLOPT_HTTPGET, CURLOPT_POST
	  and CURLOPT_HTTPPOST is set to 1, CURLOPT_NOBODY will now
	  automatically be set to 0.

2005-07-28 00:17  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/examples/,
	  docs/examples/cookie_interface.c, docs/examples/,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/cookie.c, lib/cookie.h, lib/getinfo.c, lib/url.c: Peteris
	  is a simple interface to extracting and setting cookies in
	  libcurl's internal "cookie jar". See the new cookie_interface.c
	  example code.

2005-07-27 23:44  bagder

	* lib/http_ntlm.h: disabling HTTP should also nullify this function

2005-07-27 20:22  danf

	* Fixed --without-gnutls

2005-07-22 00:18  danf

	* lib/: connect.c, ftp.c, strerror.c: Fixed some typos in output

2005-07-21 01:00  danf

	* Properly support the options --without-spnego
	  --without-gssapi --without-krb4

2005-07-20 23:58  danf

	* acinclude.m4: Add -Wdeclaration-after-statement to gcc to detect
	  accidental C99-style variable declarations.

2005-07-17 14:44  bagder

	* lib/: easy.c, url.c, url.h: Simplified the code within
	  curl_easy_perform() that calls Curl_perform().  Pointed out by
	  Bjorn Reese.

2005-07-15 08:57  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: cURLpp 0.5.1

2005-07-13 20:06  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/amigaos.c, lib/amigaos.h,
	  lib/config-amigaos.h, lib/if2ip.c, lib/makefile.amiga,
	  lib/mprintf.c, src/config-amigaos.h, src/makefile.amiga: Diego
	  Casorran patches to make (lib)curl build fine on Amiga again

2005-07-13 11:46  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: better description for

2005-07-13 11:37  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: elaborate a bit on how to deal
	  with chunked-encoded trailers that now are passed to the app
	  using the header callback

2005-07-13 09:44  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: converted this back to one name per line to make it
	  easier/better to diff and merge when new names are added

2005-07-12 20:20  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: mention the Rexx/CURL release

2005-07-12 20:15  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_chunks.c, lib/http_chunks.h,
	  lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test266: Adrian Schuur added trailer support in the
	  chunked encoding stream. The trailer is then sent to the normal
	  header callback/stream.

2005-07-08 15:28  bagder

	* docs/TODO: mention an old idea

2005-07-07 07:43  bagder

	* docs/LICENSE-MIXING: mention the exception only once ;-)

2005-07-06 00:07  bagder

	* lib/http.c: correction for the 407 with response-body case

2005-07-05 20:07  giva

	* lib/libcurl.rc: Update copyright.

2005-07-05 16:57  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/parsedate.c: Gisle Vanem came up with
	  a nice little work-around for bug #1230118. It seems the Windows
	  (MSVC) libc time functions may return data one hour off if TZ is
	  not set and automatic DST adjustment is enabled. This made
	  curl_getdate() return wrong value, and it also concerned internal
	  cookie expirations etc.

2005-07-04 23:53  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: mention the strerror_r detection fix in

2005-07-04 00:25  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, lib/http.c, lib/http.h,
	  tests/, tests/data/, tests/data/test265:
	  Andrew Bushnell provided enough info for me to tell that we badly
	  needed to fix the CONNECT authentication code with multi-pass
	  auth methods (such as NTLM) as it didn't previously properly
	  ignore response-bodies - in fact it stopped reading after all
	  response headers had been received. This could lead to libcurl
	  sending the next request and reading the body from the first
	  request as response to the second request. (I also renamed the
	  function, which wasn't strictly necessary but...)

	  The best fix would to once and for all make the CONNECT code use
	  the ordinary request sending/receiving code, treating it as any
	  ordinary request instead of the special-purpose function we have
	  now. It should make it better for multi-interface too. And
	  possibly lead to less code...

	  Added test case 265 for this. It doesn't work as a _really_ good
	  test case since the test proxy is too stupid, but the test case
	  helps when running the debugger to verify.

2005-06-30 16:07  bagder

	* tests/ add more info when this script gets
	  confused, and added getaddrinfo and freeaddrinfo to the trace

2005-06-30 15:30  bagder

	* lib/memdebug.c: use %p to printf pointers since %x doesn't work
	  properly on tru64 for this (and besides, we should be using the
	  same %-code for all pointers)

2005-06-30 15:28  bagder

	* lib/memdebug.h: enable memory debugging on tru64 with ipv6
	  support by doing a little different defining, since the system
	  headers themselves redefine getaddrinfo

2005-06-30 06:53  danf

	* acinclude.m4: Detect (or at least infer) glibc-style strerror_r
	  even when cross-compiling.

2005-06-28 11:08  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, docs/BINDINGS: new Lua binding

2005-06-26 12:08  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: clarify that ftp ascii transfers
	  don't do right in current libcurl

2005-06-24 01:07  bagder

	* docs/: curl.1, libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: added docs about the
	  new proxy string support

2005-06-23 00:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: David Shaw fixes

2005-06-23 00:30  bagder

	* docs/INSTALL: mention more ARMs

2005-06-23 00:24  bagder

	* tests/data/test264: verify that the URL decoding is done properly

2005-06-23 00:24  bagder

	* lib/url.c, tests/data/, tests/data/test264: David
	  Shaw's fix that unifies proxy string treatment so that a proxy
	  given with CURLOPT_PROXY can use a http:// prefix and user +
	  password. The user and password fields are now also URL decoded

	  Test case 264 added to verify.

2005-06-22 08:58  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl.m4: David Shaw's updated version:

	  It now properly handles code that uses curl_free() (since not all
	  versions of curl have it), and also fixes a few problems when
	  detecting libcurl on MinGW, and a linker problem on OSX Panther.

2005-06-21 00:32  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_formadd.3: mistake

2005-06-19 23:38  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: possible windows memory leak fixed by

2005-06-19 18:58  dmeglio

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_ipv6.h, Added some checks for
	  the addrinfo structure.

2005-06-14 16:47  giva

	* lib/hostthre.c: Ensure thread handle is closed too.

2005-06-13 20:33  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: 4.13 Why is curl -R on Windows one hour off?

2005-06-13 13:20  bagder

	* CHANGES: recent buildconf fiddling

2005-06-13 12:49  bagder

	* buildconf: run libtoolize in the ares dir as well, and modified
	  the output slightly for all tools run in the ares dir - now shown
	  like "running ares/[tool]"

2005-06-12 00:04  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3: CURLINFO_FILETIME returns the
	  time for GMT

2005-06-10 00:43  bagder

	* buildconf: make sure the found tool is a regular file (and not a
	  dir or something)

2005-06-09 08:45  bagder

	* buildconf: Modified to use 'head -n 1' instead of 'head -1' since
	  some versions of head complains and claims this is deprecated.

2005-06-08 01:00  bagder

	* buildconf: Reverted Tupone Alfredo's patch, as it broke NUMEROUS
	  autobuilds. Let's do the changes in a slower and more controlled

2005-06-06 23:19  bagder

	* CHANGES, buildconf, docs/libcurl/ Tupone Alfredo's

	  1) findtool does look per tool in PATH and think ./perl is the
	  perl executable, while is just a local directory (I have . in the

	  2) I got several warning for head -1 deprecated in favour of head
	  -n 1

	  3) ares directory is missing some file (missing is missing :-) )
	  because automake and friends is not run.

	  (Let's hope number 2 doesn't break somewhere "out there", if so
	  we can always search/replace that back.)

2005-06-03 23:38  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/getinfo-times: first rough version

2005-06-03 16:06  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, tests/, tests/data/test500,
	  tests/data/test502, tests/data/test506, tests/data/test508,
	  tests/data/test510, tests/data/test512, tests/data/test514,
	  tests/data/test515, tests/data/test516, tests/data/test519,
	  tests/data/test522: Andres Garcia's text mode fix for the 'data'

2005-06-03 09:39  bagder

	* ares/: ares_process.c, FIONBIO is in sys/ioctl.h on

2005-06-02 23:10  bagder

	* ares/ares_process.c: sigh, define TRUE if not already

2005-06-02 13:58  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, acinclude.m4, ares_process.c,
	  William Ahern:

	    Make UDP sockets non-blocking. I've confirmed that at least on
	  Linux 2.4 a
	    read event can come back from poll() on a valid SOCK_DGRAM
	  socket but
	    recv(2) will still block. This patch doesn't ignore EAGAIN in
	    read_udp_packets(), though maybe it should. (This patch was
	  edited by Daniel
	    Stenberg and a new configure test was added (imported from
	  curl's configure)
	    to properly detect what non-blocking socket approach to use.)

2005-06-02 13:09  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_expand_name.c: William Ahern:

	    I'm not quite sure how this was happening, but I've been seeing
	  PTR queries
	    which seem to return empty responses. At least, they were empty
	  when calling
	    ares_expand_name() on the record. Here's a patch which
	  guarantees to
	    NUL-terminate the expanded name. The old behavior failed to
	  NUL-terminate if
	    len was 0, and this was causing strlen() to run past the end of
	  the buffer
	    after calling ares_expand_name() and getting ARES_SUCCESS as
	  the return
	    value. If q is not greater than *s then it's equal and *s is
	    allocated with at least one byte.

2005-06-01 23:30  bagder

	* specify the cares lib before the other libs, to
	  make it build fine with mingw - inspired by Tupone Alfredo's bug
	  report (and patch) #1212940

2005-05-31 15:03  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test263: Todd Kulesza reported a flaw in the proxy
	  option, since a numerical IPv6 address was not possible to use.
	  It is now, but requires it written RFC2732-style, within brackets
	  - which incidently is how you enter numerical IPv6 addresses in
	  URLs. Test case 263 added to verify.

2005-05-31 14:57  bagder

	* tests/data/: test240, test241, test242, test243: added keywords

2005-05-30 00:38  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: recent changes

2005-05-30 00:30  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/transfer.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test262: Eric Cooper reported about a problem with
	  HTTP servers that responds with binary zeroes within the headers.
	  They confused libcurl to do wrong so the downloaded headers
	  become incomplete. The fix is now verified with test case 262.

2005-05-27 13:39  bagder

	* lib/hostip4.c: avoid the sensitive word as it looks bad in some
	  people's eyes

2005-05-27 13:01  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib505.c: Andrés García fixed a warning appearing
	  on windows

2005-05-26 22:56  bagder

	* lib/: inet_ntoa_r.h, inet_ntop.c: provide the proper copyright
	  texts for these

2005-05-26 00:14  bagder

	* set LD_LIBRARY_PATH properly even when the openssl
	  lib dir is found using pkg-config

2005-05-26 00:12  bagder

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: silense a warning

2005-05-25 15:07  bagder

	* README: minor rephrase

2005-05-25 14:29  bagder

	* src/main.c: output the full usec when --trace-time is used

2005-05-25 14:27  bagder

	* tests/ no more time/re-start of sockfilt, no more
	  redirect of stdin/stdout when talking to sockfilt

2005-05-25 14:26  bagder

	* tests/ added function for individual ftp slave kills

2005-05-25 14:26  bagder

	* tests/ modified output logging, fixed the ftpslave

2005-05-25 14:04  bagder

	* tests/server/util.c: utilize the whole usec in the log and don't
	  output to stderr if the logfile can't be opened

2005-05-25 14:04  bagder

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: nicer raw logging and put code into
	  (nicer) functions

2005-05-24 23:09  bagder

	* tests/ don't restart sockfilt after only 5 seconds
	  of inactivity

2005-05-24 23:02  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: recent action

2005-05-24 12:03  bagder

	* tests/data/: test171, test46, test517, test523, test61, test73:
	  Andres Garcia's mode=text patch to make these do fine on Windows

2005-05-24 11:40  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test261: add test case 261, response
	  code 226 to TYPE

2005-05-24 11:39  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: Now allow TYPE responses to be any 2xx code, and log
	  if it isn't 200.

2005-05-22 19:54  bagder

	* removed leftover debug message ("moo moo")

2005-05-22 00:38  bagder

	* tests/data/: test220, test221, test222, test223, test224,
	  test225, test226, test227, test228, test229: added keywords

2005-05-20 13:24  bagder

	* tests/: testcurl.1, added -nobuildconf

2005-05-20 13:15  bagder

	* tests/data/: test230, test231, test232, test233: keywords added

2005-05-20 13:15  bagder

	* tests/data/test25: shorter name

2005-05-20 13:14  bagder

	* tests/ sum up

2005-05-20 12:40  bagder

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT,, data/test75: Add support for
	  text mode on stdout tests as well, and add the mode=text to the

2005-05-19 11:55  bagder

	* tests/server/sws.c: include ctype.h for isdigit()

2005-05-19 09:21  bagder

	* lib/url.c: additional fix for the malformed URL fix of yday

2005-05-19 09:12  bagder

	* tests/server/util.h: removed duplicate

2005-05-18 22:02  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: three fixes since 7.14.0

2005-05-18 22:01  bagder

	* lib/url.c, tests/data/, tests/data/test260,
	  tests/server/sws.c: Bug report #1204435 identified a problem with
	  malformed URLs like "http://somehost?data" as it added a slash
	  too much in the request ("GET /?data/"...). Added test case 260
	  to verify.

2005-05-18 22:00  bagder

	* CHANGES: update

2005-05-18 17:15  bagder

	* acinclude.m4: adjusted the strerror_r test more, use _REENTRANT
	  instead of _THREAD_SAFE when looking for the prototype

2005-05-18 15:24  bagder

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4, lib/strerror.c: The configure check for
	  strerror_r() failed to detect the proper API at times, like on my
	  HP-UX 10.20 tests. And then lib/strerror.c badly assumed the
	  glibc version if the posix define wasn't set (since it _had_
	  found a strerror_r).

2005-05-18 12:38  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: #15 is now fixed

2005-05-18 12:14  bagder

	* docs/FEATURES: clarified for GnuTLS

2005-05-18 12:12  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: several updates

2005-05-18 12:05  bagder

	* tests/server/.cvsignore: ignore resolve too

2005-05-18 12:01  bagder

	* tests/server/resolve.c: use less code and prevent compiler

2005-05-18 11:26  bagder

	* README: removed the separate table with download links, and
	  extended the curl site list with all current mirrors

2005-05-17 14:07  bagder

	* tests/ scan for gmake and make to prefer gmake on
	  systems that have it

2005-05-17 12:27  bagder

	* tests/:, data/test241, server/resolve.c: Made test
	  case 241 precheck that the given name resolves to an ipv6
	  address, or the test is skipped. Ideally, we should let this test
	  case go over a few frequently used IPv6 localhost aliases...

2005-05-17 12:22  bagder

	* tests/server/:, resolve.c, sockfilt.c, sws.c, util.c,
	  util.h: Moved more generic functions to util.[ch] Added resolve.c
	  to simply resolve a given host name

2005-05-17 11:18  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: check if getsockname() returns failure before using
	  the address it provides

2005-05-17 11:15  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: reduced typecasts, from two to one

2005-05-17 06:20  dmeglio

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c: More of the same

2005-05-17 06:18  dmeglio

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c: More compiler warning cleanups

2005-05-17 00:30  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3: bad formatting

2005-05-16 21:23  dmeglio

	* ares/ares_free_hostent.3: Made ares_free_hostent man page refer
	  to ares_parse_aaaa_reply

2005-05-16 21:14  dmeglio

	* ares/ares_getnameinfo.c: Cleaned up some compile warnings

2005-05-16 20:06  dmeglio

	* ares/: CHANGES,, acinclude.m4, ares.h,
	  ares_getnameinfo.3, ares_getnameinfo.c, ares_ipv6.h,
	  ares_strerror.c,, setup.h: Added ares_getnameinfo
	  which mimics the getnameinfo API

2005-05-16 17:09  bagder

	* Modified the gmtime_r check to not check for it
	  until the "check for a working one" is made, and only if that
	  test runs ok we define it as present. Unless crosscompiling,
	  since then we use the former AC_CHECK_FUNCS method.

2005-05-16 16:53  bagder

	* define GMTIME_R to 0 if not working

2005-05-16 16:40  bagder

	* attempt to detect a bad (as in HPUX 10.20 bad)
	  gmtime_r function

2005-05-16 15:27  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: start working on 7.14.1

2005-05-16 14:58  bagder

	* CHANGES: Version 7.14.0

2005-05-16 09:07  bagder

	* tests/ return, not exit, on several places

2005-05-15 18:31  dmeglio

	* ares/inet_ntop.c: Converted some macros to use NS_* so they work
	  on non-IPv6 systems

2005-05-15 06:38  dmeglio

	* ares/inet_ntop.c: Forgot to ares_-ize inet_ntop

2005-05-14 23:15  bagder

	* lib/connect.c: fix warning about redefined symbol

2005-05-14 22:45  bagder

	* ares/ replaced the CRLF newlines with plain LF ones

2005-05-14 20:35  dmeglio

	* ares/: CHANGES,,, inet_ntop.c,
	  inet_ntop.h: Added an inet_ntop function from BIND for systems
	  that do not have it

2005-05-14 08:04  giva

	* lib/ Updated generated dependencies.

2005-05-14 08:00  giva

	* lib/: ftp.c, url.c: Some patches for (a stricter/smarter) gcc 4.0
	  and warnings like:   'x' may be used uninitialized in this

2005-05-14 07:59  giva

	* lib/ 'ssize_t' seems to be a gcc 4.x built-in.

2005-05-14 07:58  giva

	* lib/connect.c: Change for systems with >1 ways of setting
	  (non-)blocking mode. (djgpp/Watt-32 has 3 ways). Should rewrite
	  this using "#elif ..", but maybe there is still broken cpp

2005-05-14 01:00  bagder

	* docs/VERSIONS: updated

2005-05-14 00:24  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: uses select() instead of poll() even on Mac OS X

2005-05-13 23:19  bagder

	* CHANGES, adjusted the configure to always skip the
	  fine-poll() test on Mac OS X (darwin)

2005-05-12 23:56  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: remove blank lines

2005-05-12 23:49  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: CURLOPT_SSLVERSION clarified

2005-05-12 16:00  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: -z bad use warning and NTLM proxy auth in
	  reconnect fix

2005-05-12 15:44  bagder

	* lib/url.c: oops, found by bug reported in bug report #1200661

2005-05-12 14:53  bagder

	* lib/config-win32.h: spell

2005-05-12 10:51  bagder

	* lib/url.c: typecast to fix warning on 64bit systems

2005-05-12 09:28  bagder

	* src/main.c: warn about bad -z syntax

2005-05-11 13:56  bagder

	* docs/TODO: MatrixSSL and yaSSL are two free libs we _could_

2005-05-11 12:23  bagder

	* CHANGES: mention the select() error fix as well

2005-05-11 11:56  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: the new HTTP headers

2005-05-11 11:56  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: removed duplicate

2005-05-11 11:52  bagder

	* lib/http.c, tests/data/test1, tests/data/test10,
	  tests/data/test11, tests/data/test12, tests/data/test13,
	  tests/data/test14, tests/data/test15, tests/data/test150,
	  tests/data/test151, tests/data/test152, tests/data/test153,
	  tests/data/test154, tests/data/test155, tests/data/test156,
	  tests/data/test157, tests/data/test158, tests/data/test159,
	  tests/data/test16, tests/data/test160, tests/data/test162,
	  tests/data/test163, tests/data/test164, tests/data/test165,
	  tests/data/test166, tests/data/test167, tests/data/test168,
	  tests/data/test169, tests/data/test17, tests/data/test170,
	  tests/data/test171, tests/data/test172, tests/data/test173,
	  tests/data/test174, tests/data/test175, tests/data/test176,
	  tests/data/test177, tests/data/test178, tests/data/test179,
	  tests/data/test18, tests/data/test180, tests/data/test181,
	  tests/data/test183, tests/data/test184, tests/data/test185,
	  tests/data/test186, tests/data/test187, tests/data/test188,
	  tests/data/test189, tests/data/test192, tests/data/test193,
	  tests/data/test194, tests/data/test197, tests/data/test198,
	  tests/data/test199, tests/data/test2, tests/data/test206,
	  tests/data/test207, tests/data/test208, tests/data/test209,
	  tests/data/test213, tests/data/test214, tests/data/test217,
	  tests/data/test218, tests/data/test22, tests/data/test220,
	  tests/data/test221, tests/data/test222, tests/data/test223,
	  tests/data/test224, tests/data/test233, tests/data/test234,
	  tests/data/test239, tests/data/test24, tests/data/test240,
	  tests/data/test241, tests/data/test242, tests/data/test243,
	  tests/data/test245, tests/data/test246, tests/data/test249,
	  tests/data/test25, tests/data/test256, tests/data/test257,
	  tests/data/test258, tests/data/test259, tests/data/test26,
	  tests/data/test27, tests/data/test28, tests/data/test29,
	  tests/data/test3, tests/data/test30, tests/data/test300,
	  tests/data/test301, tests/data/test303, tests/data/test304,
	  tests/data/test306, tests/data/test31, tests/data/test32,
	  tests/data/test33, tests/data/test34, tests/data/test36,
	  tests/data/test37, tests/data/test38, tests/data/test39,
	  tests/data/test4, tests/data/test40, tests/data/test42,
	  tests/data/test43, tests/data/test44, tests/data/test45,
	  tests/data/test46, tests/data/test47, tests/data/test48,
	  tests/data/test49, tests/data/test5, tests/data/test50,
	  tests/data/test500, tests/data/test503, tests/data/test508,
	  tests/data/test509, tests/data/test51, tests/data/test510,
	  tests/data/test512, tests/data/test513, tests/data/test514,
	  tests/data/test515, tests/data/test516, tests/data/test518,
	  tests/data/test519, tests/data/test52, tests/data/test522,
	  tests/data/test523, tests/data/test53, tests/data/test54,
	  tests/data/test55, tests/data/test56, tests/data/test57,
	  tests/data/test58, tests/data/test59, tests/data/test6,
	  tests/data/test60, tests/data/test61, tests/data/test62,
	  tests/data/test63, tests/data/test64, tests/data/test65,
	  tests/data/test66, tests/data/test67, tests/data/test68,
	  tests/data/test69, tests/data/test7, tests/data/test70,
	  tests/data/test71, tests/data/test72, tests/data/test73,
	  tests/data/test74, tests/data/test77, tests/data/test78,
	  tests/data/test79, tests/data/test8, tests/data/test80,
	  tests/data/test81, tests/data/test82, tests/data/test83,
	  tests/data/test84, tests/data/test85, tests/data/test86,
	  tests/data/test88, tests/data/test89, tests/data/test9,
	  tests/data/test90, tests/data/test91, tests/data/test92,
	  tests/data/test93, tests/data/test94, tests/data/test95,
	  tests/data/test97, tests/data/test98, tests/data/test99: Modified
	  the default HTTP headers used by libcurl:

	  A) Normal non-proxy HTTP:

	   - no more "Pragma: no-cache" (this only makes sense to proxies)

	  B) Non-CONNECT HTTP request over proxy:

	   - "Pragma: no-cache" is used (like before)
	   - "Proxy-Connection: Keep-alive" (for older style 1.0-proxies)

	  C) CONNECT HTTP request over proxy:

	   - "Host: [name]:[port]"
	   - "Proxy-Connection: Keep-alive"

2005-05-11 08:47  bagder

	* ares/ares_ipv6.h: prevent NS_IN6ADDRSZ from getting set to zero
	  if the struct doesn't exist

2005-05-11 01:02  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: Hm, this doesn't feel right. The error bits
	  returned from Curl_select() can be returned at times when we want
	  to ignore them. Test case 160 fails on Linux, so I modify the
	  comparison to check for _only_ the error bit set...

2005-05-11 00:48  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: me stupid, errno is not set for mere

2005-05-11 00:46  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: include protos to fix warnings

2005-05-11 00:44  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: If Curl_select() returns with the error bit set,
	  bail out.

2005-05-10 13:21  bagder

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: prevent 64bit warnings

2005-05-10 13:19  bagder

	* tests/ allow the ares/config.h display to fail

2005-05-09 23:12  bagder

	* docs/examples/:, opensslthreadlock.c: Jeremy Brown's
	  OpenSSL thread-locking example

2005-05-09 15:57  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: new counter

2005-05-09 15:53  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: Jamie Lokier added. And I now recounted the amount
	  better: 437 named as of now.

2005-05-09 15:26  bagder

	* docs/INSTALL: update the "PORTS" section a little

2005-05-09 15:13  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-tutorial.3: add multi-thread details for

2005-05-09 14:34  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: new mirror, added amount of contributors

2005-05-09 13:43  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: Jeff is short for Jeffrey

2005-05-09 13:39  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: updated with the current RELEASE-NOTES names

2005-05-09 11:11  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: I decided to make this list more complete. I took
	  the 5-year anniversary list from 2003 and added all names from
	  all release notes in the CVS (there is a slight gap though). I
	  removed names with only first names (Like "Chris" and "Ralph") ,
	  as that won't make anyone happy and we might list their full
	  names as well anyway.

	  This list is now intended to include _all_ people that
	  contribute: big or small. 389 names at the time of this commit.

2005-05-09 09:45  bagder

	* tests/ no need to display src/config.h anymore since
	  it is a duplicate of lib/config.h but we could use having a look
	  at ares/config.h when that is used

2005-05-09 00:45  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c, src/main.c: silence compiler warnings

2005-05-07 22:41  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: fix warnings about unused variables for non-debug

2005-05-07 22:28  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: fix

2005-05-07 16:23  bagder

	* docs/HISTORY: January 2003. Started working on the distributed
	  curl tests. The autobuilds.

2005-05-07 15:57  bagder

	* lib/: ftp.c, setup.h: DEBUGF() is a new conveniant macro to add
	  infof() calls (or similar) for debug builds only. Made the ftp
	  code use it on several places.

2005-05-07 15:52  bagder

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: Added an active disconnected state, to
	  make the code clearer.

2005-05-07 10:55  bagder

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: removed unnecessary logging to ease REAL

2005-05-07 01:46  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: one more command line option, fixed the AIX 4.3
	  enabled IPv6 build (it now detects a bad Ipv6 situation and
	  disables it automatically)

2005-05-07 01:22  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test258, test259: Added two test cases
	  for multipart formpost over a proxy with --anyauth. Our HTTP test
	  server is a bit limited though, as it never responds to the POST
	  request until all data has been sent (and received)...

2005-05-07 01:21  bagder

	* tests/ When a server is clearly running, curl is now
	  invoked to verify that it can download a file from the server
	  before the server is considered fine to use for the given test
	  case. This should fix the cases where the server can run but curl
	  cannot work with it.

2005-05-05 08:04  bagder

	* lib/sslgen.c: use calloc instead of malloc to save a call to

2005-05-04 23:58  bagder

	* tests/ now add --trace-time by default for curl tests

2005-05-04 23:57  bagder

	* tests/ removed lots of (now) redundant logging

2005-05-04 23:51  bagder

	* tests/ modify a value we are allowed to

2005-05-04 23:49  bagder

	* tests/ improved logging (all FTP protocol data, both
	  ways) to possibly help us realize why sometimes the control
	  connection dies after a RETR has been sent

2005-05-04 17:11  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: towards 7.14.0 - really

2005-05-04 16:52  bagder

	* lib/sslgen.c: prevent memory leak when built SSL disabled

2005-05-04 01:14  bagder

	* tests/ *MAN* was this hard to track down. Had I just
	  read the docs properly from the start... Anyway, fork() + exec()
	  makes _two_ pids (in perl) that we need to track and kill after
	  use. Thankyouverymuch.

2005-05-04 01:13  bagder

	* tests/ add more info to the log to ease debugging

2005-05-03 00:53  bagder

	* lib/: connect.c, ftp.c: improved failf() error messages

2005-05-03 00:33  bagder

	* ares/ares_version.h: the new functions and the upcoming ipv6
	  calls for the next version to become 1.3.0

2005-05-02 16:33  bagder

	* src/: homedir.c, setup.h: corrected copyright years

2005-05-02 16:33  bagder

	* lib/: formdata.c, md5.c, netrc.c: corrected copyright year

2005-05-02 16:06  bagder

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4, docs/KNOWN_BUGS: Sort of "fixed"
	  KNOWN_BUGS #4: curl now builds IPv6 enabled on AIX 4.3. At least
	  it should no longer cause a compiler error. However, it does not
	  have AI_NUMERICHOST so we cannot getaddrinfo() any numerical
	  addresses with it (we use that for FTP PORT/EPRT)! So, I modified
	  the configure check that checks if the getaddrinfo() is working,
	  to use AI_NUMERICHOST since then it'll fail on AIX 4.3 and it
	  will automatically build with IPv6 support disabled.

2005-05-02 13:56  bagder

	* acinclude.m4,, lib/ftp.c: Now configure checks for
	  struct sockaddr_storage and the ftp code tries to survive without
	  it if not found. AIX 4.3 targetted adjustment.

2005-05-02 13:55  bagder

	* tests/ another <case> converted to sysread

2005-05-02 13:31  bagder

	* tests/ read from the open2 filehandle with sysread,
	  not <handle>

2005-05-02 12:22  bagder

	* tests/:, Fixed the FTP server read
	  stuff when waiting for a connect after a PASV/EPSV.

	  Made the ftp server use the passed in pidfile name, and made pass it in properly.

2005-05-02 12:03  bagder

	* tests/ fix the server for the slow response case

2005-05-02 11:38  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1, src/main.c: Added
	  --trace-time that when used adds a time stamp to each trace line
	  that --trace, --trace-ascii and --verbose output. I also made the
	  '>' display separate each line on the linefeed so that HTTP
	  requests etc look nicer in the -v output.

2005-05-02 11:08  bagder

	* tests/ When starting the ftp server, wait a few
	  seconds to make really sure that a pidfile for the server appears
	  as otherwise it failed.

2005-05-02 11:08  bagder

	* tests/ Make sure there's no pidfile if we cannot
	  start the initial sockfilt tool - this happens for some
	  ipv6-enabled hosts on which sockfilt cannot listen on ipv6.

2005-05-02 10:40  bagder

	* CHANGES: two bugfixes, one change and one test script

2005-05-02 09:59  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: two bugs, one change

2005-05-02 09:54  bagder

	* tests/ blank a few more environment variables before
	  running a test

2005-05-02 09:53  bagder

	* src/main.c: Made curl recognize the environment variables Lynx
	  (and others?) support for pointing out the CA cert path/file:
	  they are checked afterwards.

2005-05-02 09:28  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: Bryan Henderson's fine update of

2005-05-02 01:16  bagder

	* src/main.c: prevent two compiler warnings on comparisons between
	  signed and unsigned

2005-05-01 15:20  bagder

	* tests/ fixed to use fork()+exec() to start test

2005-05-01 14:56  bagder

	* tests/server/: sockfilt.c, sws.c, util.c: always use the
	  libcurl-provided *printf() functions

2005-05-01 14:51  bagder

	* tests/server/ util.h added as "source" to make it get
	  added in dist archives

2005-05-01 01:35  bagder

	* tests/server/util.c: logfile name is const

2005-05-01 01:30  bagder

	* tests/server/:, sockfilt.c, sws.c, util.c, util.h:
	  Moved common code to util.[ch] instead of having it duplicated in
	  sws.c and sockfilt.c. For good-to-have functions for the servers
	  written in C.

2005-05-01 01:07  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: there cannot be chunked problem when no_body
	  (HEAD) is true since without body there is nothing

2005-04-30 17:16  bagder

	* lib/connect.c: singleipconnect() returns a socket descriptor, not
	  a CURLcode (but perhaps we should make it do that...)

2005-04-29 14:34  bagder


2005-04-28 23:26  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: Updated with (new and old) default config file
	  search path explanation.

2005-04-28 23:07  bagder

	* tests/data/test31: Set mode text on the section that is written
	  by curl in text mode, to allow the to check this
	  differently on operating systems that differentiate on this.

2005-04-28 23:06  bagder

	* tests/ basic signal handler for sigint and sigkill

2005-04-28 23:05  bagder

	* tests/ fixed the attribute parser to better handle
	  multiple ones, with or without quotes around the contents

2005-04-28 23:04  bagder

	* tests/ moved two functions to, made some more
	  changes on stopping servers and fixed the textmode attribute
	  thing for windows a bit

2005-04-28 23:04  bagder

	* tests/ moved in functions from to enable the
	  ftpserver to use the killslaves function

2005-04-28 16:31  bagder

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: AF_INET6 for ipv6 addresses!

2005-04-28 16:25  bagder

	* tests/:, no, the kill servers messages need
	  to be verbose, they're too frequent

2005-04-28 16:03  bagder

	* tests/:, display killed pids to make it
	  easier to see for autobuilds etc

2005-04-28 15:55  bagder

	* tests/ historic thing we will not use

2005-04-28 15:55  bagder

	* tests/ removed

2005-04-28 15:54  bagder

	* tests/ When staring a HTTP server, use the pidfile
	  preferably since it turns out sometimes the server can start but
	  curl cannot speak to it, and then we must remember the server (in
	  order to kill it properly) anyway.

	  Also, make sure to kill all servers on exit everywhere.

2005-04-28 13:22  bagder

	* tests/.cvsignore: ignore more generated files

2005-04-28 10:23  bagder

	* tests/ remove unused ftps-server code and fixed two

2005-04-28 10:20  bagder

	* tests/ if diff -u makes zero output, try diff -c

2005-04-28 09:36  bagder

	* tests/ kill slave processes when they fail

2005-04-28 08:50  bagder

	* tests/ 1. no longer ask the server for the HTTPS pid,
	  as it returns the HTTP pid (problem identified by Dan F) 2.
	  initial text mode fix for file checks, to allow better text file
	  testing on windows (with regard to line endings) 3. fixed to use
	  the proper ftpserver pidfile to find pid

2005-04-27 23:24  bagder

	* CHANGES, src/homedir.c, src/main.c: Paul Moore made curl check
	  for the .curlrc file (_curlrc on windows) on two more places.
	  First, CURL_HOME is a new environment variable that is used
	  instead of HOME if it is set, to point out where the default
	  config file lives. If there's no config file in the dir pointed
	  out by one of the environment variables, the Windows version will
	  instead check the same directory the executable curl is located

2005-04-27 14:28  bagder

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: listen(..., 1) as 0 doesn't work on

2005-04-27 14:27  bagder

	* tests/server/sws.c: display listening port in log

2005-04-27 12:12  bagder

	* tests/ show what error codes we test for too, and
	  show 10 test case numbers

2005-04-27 11:59  bagder

	* tests/data/: test100, test101, test102, test103, test104,
	  test105, test106, test107, test108, test109, test110, test111,
	  test112, test113, test114, test115, test116, test117, test118,
	  test119, test12, test120, test121, test122, test123, test124,
	  test125, test126, test127, test128, test130, test131, test132,
	  test133, test134, test135, test136, test256, test3, test38,
	  test81, test82, test83, test84, test85, test86, test87, test88,
	  test89, test90, test91, test92, test93, test94, test95, test97,
	  test98, test99: keyword update

2005-04-27 11:59  bagder

	* tests/ detect SSL library properly and display it on

2005-04-26 23:47  bagder


2005-04-26 15:08  bagder

	* lib/: connect.c, cookie.c, formdata.c, ftp.c, hostthre.c,
	  inet_pton.c, md5.c, mprintf.c, parsedate.c, select.c, strerror.c,
	  transfer.c, url.c: Cory Nelson's work on nuking compiler warnings
	  when building on x64 with VS2005.

2005-04-26 15:08  bagder

	* lib/setup.h: Since Windows doesn't have/use the POSIX prototype
	  for send() and recv(), we typecast the third argument in the
	  macros to avoid compiler warnings.

2005-04-26 12:55  bagder

	* lib/setup.h: adding a bunch of comments for each #endif

2005-04-25 23:39  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/http.c, lib/netrc.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test257: Fred New reported a
	  bug where we used Basic auth and user name and password in
	  .netrc, and when following a Location: the subsequent requests
	  didn't properly use the auth as found in the netrc file. Added
	  test case 257 to verify my fix.

2005-04-25 10:55  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_fdset.3: be specific about what max_fd
	  contains after a call

2005-04-25 00:25  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/config-win32.h, lib/setup.h, src/config-win32.h,
	  src/setup.h: Based on feedback from Cory Nelson, I added some
	  preprocessor magic in */setup.h and */config-win32.h to build
	  fine with VS2005 on x64.

2005-04-24 00:08  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: 2 days, 4 fixes

2005-04-23 23:26  bagder

	* src/main.c: Alex Suykov's ftp upload show progress meter patch,
	  slightly adjusted.

2005-04-23 13:59  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: fix for recent changes.

2005-04-23 00:29  bagder

	* tests/ show up to 5 (random) test cases using the

2005-04-22 23:59  bagder

	* tests/data/: test33, test34, test36, test37, test39, test40,
	  test41, test42, test43, test44, test45, test46, test47, test48,
	  test49, test50, test51, test52, test53, test54, test55, test56,
	  test57, test58, test59, test60, test61, test62, test63, test64,
	  test65, test66, test67, test68, test69, test70, test71, test72,
	  test73, test74, test75, test76, test77, test78, test79, test80:
	  keywords added

2005-04-22 23:16  bagder

	* lib/Makefile.vc6: Dave Dribin: set CURL_STATICLIB when it builds
	  static library variants.

2005-04-22 23:13  bagder

	* Andres Garcia's fix for building static curl on

2005-04-22 22:56  bagder

	* lib/gtls.c: Fixed the CN extraction

2005-04-22 22:49  bagder

	* src/curl.rc: update the copyright year

2005-04-22 22:48  bagder

	* lib/: getinfo.c, strequal.h: modified this year

2005-04-22 22:47  bagder

	* tests/ ignore the memdump file when showing files
	  after a failure

2005-04-22 22:47  bagder

	* tests/server/ copyright this year

2005-04-22 17:01  bagder

	* ares/: ares_gethostbyname.c, ares_parse_aaaa_reply.c: Fixed for
	  Mac OS X builds based on excellent feedback from Heinz

2005-04-22 15:03  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: changes for building with IPV6.

2005-04-22 13:51  bagder

	* tests/ modified the test case success reporting,
	  added "test N out of Y" and "remaining: [time]" outputs to hint
	  users about what to expect

2005-04-22 12:15  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test256, test38: test 256 is like test
	  38 but with proxy + proxy auth

2005-04-22 12:06  bagder

	* tests/data/test38: keywords

2005-04-22 12:01  bagder

	* src/main.c: Set the retry delay variables after the option
	  parsing, as bug report #1187787 points out.

2005-04-21 22:11  bagder

	* ares/ added missing headers

2005-04-21 01:41  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.netware, src/Makefile.netware: changes for building
	  with IPV6 and LDAP.

2005-04-20 01:38  bagder

	* lib/sslgen.c: prevent compiler warning

2005-04-20 01:37  bagder

	* lib/url.c: added typecast when converting from long to unsigned
	  short, to prevent compiler warning

2005-04-20 01:36  bagder

	* ares/inet_net_pton.c: indented source to look more like other
	  ares code, added (somewhat ugly) typecasts to build warning-free
	  on 64bit platforms (the result of a (char *) - (char *) cannot be
	  stored in an int universally)

2005-04-20 01:26  bagder

	* ares/ares_init.c: sortlist_alloc() is never used on win32, so
	  ifdef out it to prevent warning

2005-04-20 01:19  bagder

	* lib/: hostares.c, hostasyn.c, hostip.c, hostip4.c, hostip6.c,
	  hostsyn.c, hostthre.c, setup.h: only define _REENTRANT if not
	  already defined, and only in setup.h

2005-04-20 00:23  bagder

	* Check for and config for the ca cert bundle
	  properly when built with GnuTLS.  Previously this was only done
	  for OpenSSL builds.

2005-04-20 00:12  bagder

	* when --with-gnutls is used, we assume a
	  bin/libgnutls-config file in the given prefix. Building something
	  with gnutls without it just is too error- prone.

2005-04-20 00:03  bagder

	* remove the warning for a lacking crypto lib since
	  it migth just be a gnutls build...

2005-04-19 10:10  bagder

	* tests/data/test523: added CURLOPT_PORT test when using proxy

2005-04-18 21:53  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: two bugfixes of today

2005-04-18 21:41  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/url.c, tests/data/, tests/data/test521,
	  tests/data/test522, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/libtest/lib521.c, tests/libtest/lib523.c: Olivier reported
	  that even though he used CURLOPT_PORT, libcurl clearly still used
	  the default port. He was right. I fixed the problem and added the
	  test cases 521, 522 and 523 to verify the fix.

2005-04-18 19:14  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/http.c, tests/data/test508, tests/data/test510,
	  tests/data/test513, tests/data/test515: Toshiyuki Maezawa
	  reported that when doing a POST with a read callback, libcurl
	  didn't properly send an Expect: 100-continue header. It does now.

2005-04-18 16:32  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: digest works in the proxyauth

2005-04-18 13:40  bagder

	* include/curl/multi.h: Initial curl_multi_socket() stuff,
	  #ifdef'ed out for now but committed for documentational purposes.

2005-04-18 10:59  bagder

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: better fix for the socket -1 case

2005-04-18 10:51  bagder

	* tests/server/.cvsignore: ignore sockfilt

2005-04-18 10:49  bagder

	* tests/server/sockfilt.c: safety measure to avoid using -1 as

2005-04-18 10:49  bagder

	* tests/ allow some more time

2005-04-18 09:56  bagder

	* tests/data/test103: ARGH my stupidity is endless. Ipv4-only hosts
	  don't send EPRT or LPRT.

2005-04-18 08:57  bagder

	* tests/:,,,,
	  data/, data/test103, data/test252, data/test253,
	  data/test254, data/test255, server/, server/getpart.c,
	  server/sockfilt.c, server/testpart.c: Modified the FTP server to
	  use the new 'sockfilt' program to do all the socket level stuff.
	  The FTP server communicates with sockfilt using perl's open2().
	  This enables easier IPv6 support and hopefully FTP-SSL support in
	  the future.  Added four test cases for FTP-ipv6.

2005-04-18 07:46  bagder

	* tests/ Modified to not mix ordinary print to STDOUT
	  with a system() that prints to stdout, since I've found cases on
	  Solaris where the second output mixes with the first and thus the
	  big check-script doesn't properly find the first string in the
	  output stream.

2005-04-18 01:01  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_fdset.3: somewhat clarified that this
	  only sets the fd_sets and expects them to be cleared before this
	  function is called

2005-04-17 01:15  bagder

	* tests/data/: test11, test12, test13, test14, test15, test16,
	  test17, test18, test19, test20, test21, test22, test23, test24,
	  test25, test26, test27, test28, test29, test30, test31, test32,
	  test8: keywords added

2005-04-17 01:15  bagder

	* tests/ minor edits, report the test cases without

2005-04-16 14:43  bagder

	* tests/ starting to produce a summary in HTML

2005-04-16 14:30  bagder

	* ares/ares_init.c: avoid warning on windows

2005-04-16 14:24  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: clarify that > in the verbose output can contain

2005-04-16 02:00  bagder

	* tests/data/: test10, test6, test7, test8, test9: keywords added

2005-04-16 01:48  bagder

	* tests/ initial tool to report info/keywords of the
	  test cases

2005-04-16 01:48  bagder

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT, data/test1, data/test2, data/test3,
	  data/test4, data/test5: started adding "keywords" for each test,
	  to better allow us to sum up what kind of tests we have and how
	  many tests that test certain features

2005-04-15 23:51  bagder

	* ares/inet_net_pton.c: add needed include

2005-04-15 17:25  dmeglio

	* ares/: ares_ipv6.h, ares_private.h, inet_net_pton.h: Attempted to
	  fix c-ares not building on non-IPv6 systems

2005-04-15 10:45  bagder

	* if libgnutls-config isn't found in the given path,
	  deal with it nicer (but it is still likely to not do very good
	  since it can't figure out all the lib dependencies)

2005-04-15 00:52  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test250, test251: Two new slowdown
	  tests for better testing of the FTP response reader function when
	  the response come in many small chunks.

2005-04-15 00:52  bagder

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT,, make the ftp
	  server support reply/servercmd, and make SLOWDOWN work, and
	  update the docs accordingly

2005-04-13 23:17  bagder

	* lib/gtls.c: oops, only negative numbers are errors

2005-04-13 21:31  danf

	* docs/FAQ: Mention GnuTLS and fix a few spelling errors.

2005-04-13 14:38  bagder

	* lib/gtls.c: don't bail out just because the ca file has a
	  problem, it might be OK

2005-04-13 14:37  bagder

	* tests/data/test305: fix port number

2005-04-13 10:50  bagder

	* docs/HISTORY: GnuTLS support

2005-04-13 10:47  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: extended the multi-thread explanation

2005-04-13 08:52  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.c: fix compiler warning

2005-04-13 02:32  danf

	* ares/buildconf: Allow environment variables to override default

2005-04-12 16:17  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, TODO-RELEASE, include/curl/curlver.h: next release
	  will be version 7.14.0 thanks to the added GnuTLS support

2005-04-12 09:56  bagder

	* lib/strequal.h: Provides an unconditional strlcat() proto even if
	  strlcat() was found by configure. An attempt to fix warnings when
	  we build and the strlcat() function is provided by one if the
	  libs (gss or krb4) since then we have no protos for it in a
	  system header.

2005-04-12 09:19  bagder

	* tests/data/test509: requires OpenSSL, as our GnuTLS doesn't
	  provide support for CURLOPT_SSL_CTX_FUNCTION (yet).

2005-04-12 09:18  bagder

	* tests/ support tests that requires 'OpenSSL'

2005-04-11 16:07  bagder

	* ares/: AUTHORS, credits

2005-04-11 15:50  bagder

	* docs/TODO: refresh

2005-04-11 15:39  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: 5.12 Can I make libcurl fake or hide my real IP

2005-04-11 00:56  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: HTTP 304 response with Content-Length:

2005-04-10 01:46  dmeglio

	* ares/: bitncmp.c, inet_net_pton.c: Removed usage of u_int and

2005-04-10 00:33  bagder

	* lib/gtls.c: Blah, revert my removal of the extra check since the
	  problem is there for real.

	  Archived thread of the help-gnutls mailing list regarding this

	  (and I _am_ sorry for my confused behaviour on this problem.)

2005-04-09 23:38  bagder

	* lib/gtls.c: OK, I must've been halucinating or something because
	  I no longer see the bug I thought I saw before when I changed

2005-04-09 21:59  dmeglio

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_gethostbyaddr.c, ares_gethostbyname.c,
	  ares_init.c, ares_private.h: Made sortlist support IPv6 (this can
	  probably use some testing)

2005-04-09 18:49  dmeglio

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_gethostbyname.c, ares_init.c,
	  ares_private.h, bitncmp.c: Made sortlist support CIDR matching
	  for IPv4

2005-04-08 21:46  dmeglio

	* ares/: CHANGES,, ares_gethostbyaddr.c,
	  ares_gethostbyname.c, bitncmp.c, bitncmp.h, Added
	  preliminary IPv6 support to ares_gethostbyname

2005-04-08 18:59  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c, lib/urldata.h, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test249: fixed the 304 response-with-content-length
	  problem reported by Cory Nelson

2005-04-08 18:22  dmeglio

	* ares/ares__get_hostent.c: Added include for inet_net_pton.h to

2005-04-08 17:41  dmeglio

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares__get_hostent.c, ares_gethostbyaddr.c,
	  ares_gethostbyname.c, ares_private.h: Made ares_gethostbyaddr
	  support IPv6 by specifying AF_INET6 as the family

2005-04-08 11:25  bagder

	* lib/sslgen.c: re-arrange some code to prevent warnings on
	  unreachable code

2005-04-08 10:48  bagder

	* ares/ include sys/types.h too when checking for
	  headers as otherwise this breaks on Solaris and FreeBSD. At

2005-04-08 07:07  curlvms

	* packages/vms/curlmsg.msg: updated instructions

2005-04-08 07:06  curlvms

	* packages/vms/ fixed control_y trap problem

2005-04-08 07:01  curlvms

	* lib/if2ip.c: cast the call to Curl_inet_ntop for DECC compiler

2005-04-08 00:47  bagder

	* lib/gtls.c: Unfortunately, if a ca file name is set the function
	  fails for whatever reason (missing file, bad file, etc), gnutls
	  will no longer handshake properly but it just loops forever.
	  Therefore, we must return error if we get an error when setting
	  the CA cert file name. This is not the same behaviour as with

	  Question/report posted to the help-gnutls mailing list, April 8

2005-04-08 00:14  bagder

	* lib/TODO.gnutls: one down

2005-04-08 00:13  bagder

	* set LD_LIBRARY_PATH when GnuTLS has been found

2005-04-07 23:12  bagder

	* lib/ cut 'n paste error

2005-04-07 23:10  bagder

	* lib/: Makefile.Watcom, Makefile.riscos, GnuTLS

2005-04-07 23:05  bagder


2005-04-07 22:56  bagder

	* lib/: libcurl.framework.make, makefile.amiga: added new files

2005-04-07 22:36  bagder

	* lib/Makefile.vc6: fixed to build after the GnuTLS fixes

2005-04-07 17:28  bagder

	* docs/LICENSE-MIXING: added some blurb about the GnuTLS license

2005-04-07 17:27  bagder

	* lib/:, TODO.gnutls, easy.c, ftp.c, getinfo.c,
	  gtls.c, gtls.h, http.c, http_ntlm.c, http_ntlm.h, krb4.h,
	  sendf.c, setup.h, sslgen.c, sslgen.h, ssluse.c, ssluse.h,
	  transfer.c, url.c, url.h, urldata.h, version.c: GnuTLS support
	  added. There's now a "generic" SSL layer that we use all over
	  internally, with code provided by sslgen.c. All
	  SSL-layer-specific code is then written in ssluse.c (for OpenSSL)
	  and gtls.c (for GnuTLS).

	  As far as possible, internals should not need to know what SSL
	  layer that is in use. Building with GnuTLS currently makes two
	  test cases fail.

	  TODO.gnutls contains a few known outstanding issues for the
	  GnuTLS support.

	  GnuTLS support is enabled with configure --with-gnutls

2005-04-07 17:21  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_version_info.3: ssl_version_num is not used

2005-04-07 17:18  bagder

	* include/curl/curl.h: ssl_version_num won't be used anymore since
	  we will soon offer multiple SSL layers and it won't make sense to
	  provide a numerical version for it. I also doubt that many people
	  have used this for anything critical.

2005-04-07 17:12  bagder

	* Add support for --with-gnutls. If configure detects
	  OpenSSL, you need to to explicitly disable that first with
	  --without-ssl. Initial attempt.

2005-04-07 16:26  bagder

	* buildconf: bail out if perl is missing, it is needed for building
	  curl anyway

2005-04-07 10:59  bagder

	* buildconf: check for libtoolize and aclocal to doublecheck the
	  installations better

2005-04-07 09:38  bagder

	* ares/ Try harder to see if arpa/nameser_compat.h
	  REALLY is a good header file to include, as it seems at least
	  some AIX versions don't really allow it to be include at the same
	  time as the original nameser.h.

2005-04-07 09:30  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: add SSPI

2005-04-07 00:27  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_expand_name.c, ares_gethostbyaddr.c,
	  ares_gethostbyname.c, ares_init.c, ares_mkquery.c,
	  ares_parse_a_reply.c, ares_parse_ptr_reply.c, ares_process.c,
	  ares_query.c, ares_send.c: Tupone Alfredo fixed includes of
	  arpa/nameser_compat.h to build fine on Mac OS X.

2005-04-06 23:14  bagder

	* ares/nameser.h: better errno constant replacements, as mentioned
	  by Gisle Vanem

2005-04-06 20:58  giva

	* ares/ares_parse_aaaa_reply.c: Include inet_net_pton.h for 'struct
	  in6_addr'. Ideally this should come from <ws2tcpip.h>, but
	  Winsock 1.1 should suffice.

2005-04-06 20:55  giva

	* ares/ Moved  inet_net_pton.h to HHEADERS.

2005-04-06 16:11  bagder

	* ares/:, inet_net_pton.h: check for struct sizes and
	  use those sizes if the NS_* defines are lacking (IRIX 6.5.22 it

2005-04-06 16:02  bagder

	* ares/:, inet_net_pton.c, inet_net_pton.h, setup.h:
	  moved the *_inet_pton protos to inet_net_pton.h instead

2005-04-06 15:54  bagder

	* ares/setup.h: made the ares_inet_net_pton() proto use size_t
	  size, as the function in the code uses that

2005-04-06 02:39  danf

	* docs/curl.1: Removed extraneous comma

2005-04-05 23:14  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: too late hacking error

2005-04-05 23:07  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test247, test248: test time-conditioned
	  FTP uploads

2005-04-05 22:59  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: Christophe Legry's fix to grok time-conditoned uploads

2005-04-05 22:20  bagder

	* ares/: inet_net_pton.c, nameser.h: with these changes, it builds
	  on my win32 cross-compiler

2005-04-05 22:19  bagder

	* ares/ check for another arpa header

2005-04-05 22:08  bagder

	* ares/ check for the arpa/* headers

2005-04-05 20:26  dmeglio

	* ares/: CHANGES,,, setup.h,
	  inet_net_pton.c: Provided implementations of inet_net_pton and
	  inet_pton from BIND for systems that do not include these
	  functions. These will be necessary for CIDR support and IPv6

2005-04-05 17:11  bagder

	* include/curl/curlver.h: 7.13.3 in progress

2005-04-05 16:38  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: 5.11 How do I make libcurl not receive the whole HTTP

2005-04-05 16:36  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: two more actual FAQs

2005-04-05 09:55  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: restart with a blank page again

2005-04-05 09:37  bagder

	* CHANGES: the smell of release

2005-04-05 09:33  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: bug report #1156287, ftp upload from VMS

2005-04-05 00:38  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: win resolve crash, win makefile fix

2005-04-04 23:23  bagder

	* lib/hostip.h: kill warnings

2005-04-04 15:21  bagder

	* lib/Makefile.vc6: Marcelo Juchem's improvements

2005-04-04 14:30  giva

	* lib/: hostip.h, hostthre.c, url.c: hostthre.c:
	  destroy_thread_data() made public. Called from url.c:

2005-04-04 10:07  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: spell fixes, based on the Debian bug report #302820
	  submitted by "A Costa"

2005-04-04 01:01  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: fix of tonight

2005-04-04 00:46  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/http.c, tests/data/, tests/data/test246:
	  Hardeep Singh reported a problem doing HTTP POST with Digest. (It
	  was actually also affecting NTLM and Negotiate.) It turned out
	  that if the server responded with 100 Continue before the initial
	  401 response, libcurl didn't take care of the response properly.
	  Test case 245 and 246 added to verify this.

2005-04-04 00:18  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test245: Test 245 was just added in an
	  attempt to repeat Hardeep Singh's recent bug.  But this works
	  just fine on my host. Plain HTTP POST using Digest.

2005-03-31 22:34  bagder

	* lib/Makefile.vc6: fixed bad comment, pointed out by Marcelo

2005-03-31 16:42  bagder

	* tests/ copyright this year

2005-03-31 16:10  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib504.c: Attempt to make this code more forgiving
	  for systems that doesn't detect the failed connect "immediately".

2005-03-31 09:02  bagder

	*, Makefile.dist, ares/Makefile.netware,
	  include/curl/curl.h, include/curl/multi.h, lib/,
	  lib/Makefile.netware, lib/base64.c, lib/base64.h,
	  lib/content_encoding.c, lib/cookie.c, lib/easy.c, lib/easyif.h,
	  lib/hostasyn.c, lib/hostip4.c, lib/http_chunks.c,
	  lib/http_chunks.h, lib/http_negotiate.c, lib/if2ip.c,
	  lib/if2ip.h, lib/inet_ntop.h, lib/inet_pton.h, lib/memdebug.c,
	  lib/memdebug.h, lib/multiif.h, lib/parsedate.c, lib/parsedate.h,
	  lib/select.c, lib/setup.h, lib/ssluse.c, lib/ssluse.h,
	  lib/transfer.h, src/, src/Makefile.netware,
	  src/getpass.c, src/urlglob.c, tests/,
	  tests/server/getpart.c, tests/server/sws.c: Updated the copyright
	  year since changes have been this year.

2005-03-31 08:55  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: the cookie API is better and more likely to happen
	  in a separate release

2005-03-30 22:55  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, fix configure's
	  SSL-detection for msys/mingw (from Andres Garcia)

2005-03-30 08:31  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: format mistake in --form-string, pointed out by Owen

2005-03-29 23:08  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Better connection keep-alive when POSTing
	  with HTTP Digest or Negotiate.

2005-03-29 14:28  bagder

	* lib/http.c: Don't close the connection if we're in a known
	  negotiation mode and we won't send any data anyway. Probably the
	  bug Tom Moers noticed.

2005-03-29 13:54  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: proxy multi auth fix, --proxy-anyauth,
	  ftp-ssl and ftp response reading fix

2005-03-29 13:53  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: postpone these

2005-03-29 13:43  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: When doing FTP-SSL, advance to the next state properly
	  when the response to AUTH has been received successfully.

2005-03-29 13:35  bagder

	* lib/: ftp.c, urldata.h: Fixed the FTP response reader function to
	  properly deal with responses split up in several chunks when

2005-03-29 11:09  bagder

	* tests/ Made the server send data to the control/data
	  connections using two dedicated functions. This enabled me to add
	  a function that automatically delays between each byte, to proper
	  test curl's ability to read FTP server responses sent in many
	  (small) chunks. See also upcoming libcurl fixes...

2005-03-29 00:19  bagder

	* lib/http.c, tests/data/, tests/data/test239,
	  tests/data/test243: Based on Augustus Saunders' comments and
	  findings, the HTTP output auth function was fixed to use the
	  proper proxy authentication when multiple ones were added as
	  accepted. test 239 and test 243 were added to repeat the problems
	  and verify the fixes.

2005-03-29 00:17  bagder

	* docs/curl.1, src/main.c: Added --proxy-anyauth

2005-03-29 00:15  bagder

	* tests/server/sws.c: modified some log outputs, added comment
	  about auth required as used in test 154

2005-03-22 20:58  bagder

	* tests/ can you spell copy and paste error for me loud
	  and clear? ;-P

2005-03-22 20:46  bagder

	* tests/ provide HTML and PDF versions of the man pages
	  in the dist archive

2005-03-22 19:02  bagder

	* acinclude.m4: When cross-compiling, we do some better checking
	  for the NI_WITHSCOPEID option instead of just assuming it is

2005-03-22 11:37  giva

	* ares/ares_private.h: CURL_EXTERN is already in <curl/curl.h>.

2005-03-22 11:36  giva

	* ares/setup.h: Prevent redefinition warning with CURLDEBUG.

2005-03-22 10:23  bagder

	* CHANGES, CHANGES.2004: moved out the changes from 2004 to

2005-03-22 02:24  danf

	* lib/select.c: Fixed typo.

2005-03-21 23:38  bagder

	* ares/ares_gethostbyname.c: the same fix here too, typecast to
	  prevent win32 compiler warning

2005-03-21 23:37  bagder

	* ares/ares_gethostbyaddr.c: typecase to fix win32 compiler warning
	  (and intended as other code is)

2005-03-21 23:34  bagder

	* lib/select.c: Modified the VALID_SOCK() macro to become
	  VERIFY_SOCK() instead. It is slighly more involved, but should
	  hopefully not generate any compiler warnings on win32 systems
	  (that can't check the socket based on the numeric).

2005-03-21 09:14  bagder

	* tests/:, data/test150, data/test155, data/test159,
	  data/test162, data/test169, data/test170, data/test176,
	  data/test209, data/test213, data/test67, data/test68,
	  data/test69, data/test70, data/test81, data/test89, data/test90,
	  data/test91: Make NTLM tests depend on the NTLM feature at not
	  SSL, since the NTLM support is no longer only present when built
	  with SSL support.

2005-03-21 08:45  bagder

	* tests/runtests.1: format mistake

2005-03-20 13:46  bagder

	* lib/hostthre.c: removed a (fairly useless) debug output just to
	  compile without warning

2005-03-20 13:29  bagder

	* ares/ares_init.c: silence win32 compiler warnings

2005-03-20 01:38  bagder

	* ares/ attempt to fix the ares link breakage with
	  --enable-debug in libcurl and here

2005-03-19 02:03  bagder

	* ares/ares_init.c: silence warnings on win32 about static
	  functions that are never used

2005-03-19 02:00  bagder

	* tests/ some additional debug output

2005-03-19 01:44  bagder

	* lib/setup.h: fix compiler warning

2005-03-18 19:41  danf

	* tests/testcurl.1: Fixed spelling of --runtestopts

2005-03-18 19:03  danf

	* tests/ Netware builds don't use configure.

2005-03-18 11:16  bagder

	* lib/Makefile.vc6: fix by Kyrre Kristiansen

2005-03-18 10:21  bagder

	* tests/ adjust to use plain 'make' even for
	  cross-compiles if using configure- style build

2005-03-18 10:01  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: a Common Lisp binding

2005-03-17 21:50  danf

	* tests/data/test237: Change the bogus address used in test237 to
	  be more reliable when run on a host with a buggy resolver that
	  strips all but the bottom 8 bits of each octet.  The resolved
	  address in this case ( is guaranteed never to belong
	  to a real host (see RFC3330).

2005-03-17 21:32  danf

	* lib/setup.h: Use the proper macro to do uClibc detection.

2005-03-17 20:12  bagder

	* lib/hostip6.c: include inet_pton.h

2005-03-17 13:16  bagder

	* tests/runtests.1: added descriptions

2005-03-17 13:00  bagder

	* COPYING: update year

2005-03-17 10:44  bagder

	* tests/ don't set TEST_F to blank when --runtestopts
	  isn't used, as that will override the default options set in the

2005-03-17 09:17  bagder

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT,, data/test237: support multiple
	  error codes for a test case since some things just vary between

2005-03-17 09:09  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: add 'FTP ASCII transfers' here, since they seem
	  to be frequently attempted these days...!

2005-03-17 09:04  bagder

	* tests/testcurl.1: add new option

2005-03-17 09:04  bagder

	* tests/ add new file

2005-03-17 09:03  bagder

	* tests/runtests.1: its a start

2005-03-17 08:40  bagder

	* lib/: hostip4.c, hostip6.c: use Curl_inet_pton(), not

2005-03-17 01:57  danf

	* tests/:, Added the --runtestsopts option
	  to to override the default options used by during testing (useful for disabling valgrind).

2005-03-17 00:09  danf

	* lib/, src/ Removed references to
	  config-vms.h from the makefiles.

2005-03-16 23:27  danf

	* lib/config-vms.h, src/config-vms.h: Removed old VMS config files
	  (on behalf of Marty Kuhrt). The VMS build scripts use the version
	  in packages/vms/

2005-03-16 23:03  bagder


2005-03-16 23:02  bagder

	* tests/ check for the HTTPS server in a manner similar
	  to how we check for the HTTP server

2005-03-16 23:01  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/hostip4.c, lib/inet_pton.h: - Tru64 and some IRIX
	  boxes seem to not like test 237 as it is. Their   inet_addr()
	  functions seems to use &255 on all numericals in a ipv4 dotted
	  address which makes a different failure... Now I've modified the
	  ipv4	 resolve code to use inet_pton() instead in an attempt to
	  make these systems   better detect this as a bad IP address
	  rather than creating a toally bogus	address that is then passed
	  on and used.

2005-03-16 03:25  danf

	* lib/: if2ip.c, inet_ntop.c, inet_ntop.h: Fixed some compiler
	  warnings I should have noticed before.

2005-03-15 22:00  danf

	* lib/: ftp.c, if2ip.c, inet_ntoa_r.h, inet_ntop.c, setup.h, url.c:
	  Fixed ftp support with uClibc due to differing inet_ntoa_r()

2005-03-15 13:33  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test237, test238: test EPSV and PASV
	  response handling when they get well-formated data back but using
	  illegal values

2005-03-15 13:13  bagder

	* tests/:, testcurl.1, initial man page
	  attempt for

2005-03-15 08:50  bagder

	* CHANGES: new options to, fixed curl-config and
	  removed compiler warnings

2005-03-15 08:49  bagder

	*, added missing features to

2005-03-15 08:48  bagder

	* lib/telnet.c: nonsense change for(;;) => while(1) just to prevent
	  gcc from warning on never executed code when -Wunreachable-code
	  is used

2005-03-15 08:47  bagder

	* lib/strerror.c: prevent compiler warning

2005-03-15 08:35  bagder

	* tests/ Added lots of new command line options, made
	  confsuffix get set based on targetos only and not build os.
	  Commented away the line that enables perl warnings.

2005-03-15 05:47  danf

	* acinclude.m4: Finally fixed the LDAP library searching bug on
	  libtool ver. 1.5

2005-03-15 05:04  danf

	* tests/data/: test20, test507: Make nonexistent host names
	  absolute so tests will pass on machines with a wildcard DNS
	  search domain.

2005-03-14 20:37  danf

	* acinclude.m4: Use the libtool variables better to make LDAP
	  library search work on more platforms.

2005-03-14 16:51  bagder

	* lib/: http_ntlm.c, if2ip.c: hushing up more warnings

2005-03-14 16:43  bagder

	* lib/: connect.c, ftp.c, if2ip.h, strerror.c: silence compiler
	  warnings for mingw win32 builds --enable-debug

2005-03-14 13:26  bagder

	* tests/ show LDFLAGS too

2005-03-14 10:39  bagder

	* if ws2_32 is used, append the lib last in the LIBS
	  list (too) to make it build and link fine with c-ares

2005-03-14 10:37  giva

	* lib/http_ntlm.c: Avoid "unused variable" warnings.

2005-03-14 09:15  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: configure --enable-sspi

2005-03-14 08:46  bagder

	* lib/ security.h is removed

2005-03-14 01:52  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: two issues fixed

2005-03-14 01:01  bagder

	* lib/urldata.h: include security.h with lowercase s to work on
	  cross-compiled mingw

2005-03-14 01:00  bagder

	* lib/: ftp.c, krb4.c, krb4.h, security.c, security.h, sendf.c,
	  url.c: Removed security.h since it shadows an include file mingw
	  needs when building for SSPI support. The contents of the file
	  has been moved into the krb4.h file.

2005-03-14 00:59  bagder

	* Added --enable-sspi that now make libcurl build
	  with SSPI support. This only works when built for win32.

2005-03-13 10:21  giva

	* ares/ares_process.c: Prevent gcc warning.

2005-03-12 23:55  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, docs/BINDINGS: found a common lisp binding

2005-03-12 20:49  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: --form-string

2005-03-12 20:39  bagder

	* docs/MANUAL, docs/curl.1, src/main.c, tests/data/test39: David
	  Houlder added --form-string

2005-03-12 18:31  giva

	* lib/urldata.h: Swap <security.h> and <sspi.h> (needed for MingW).

2005-03-12 00:07  danf

	* acinclude.m4: Work around a bug in libtool ver. 1.5 during LDAP
	  library detection.

2005-03-11 16:18  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_version_info.3: added CURL_VERSION_SSPI

2005-03-11 16:10  bagder

	* CHANGES, include/curl/curl.h, lib/version.c, src/main.c:
	  curl_version_info() returns the feature bit CURL_VERSION_SSPI

2005-03-11 16:10  bagder

	* Makefile.dist, src/Makefile.vc6: fixed two leftover from
	  Christopher's patch

2005-03-11 09:34  bagder

	* ares/:, ares_parse_aaaa_reply.3: the
	  ares_parse_aaaa_reply man page

2005-03-11 09:14  bagder

	* ares/ Check for winsock.h to work with win32. Only
	  include system headers we know exist.

2005-03-11 09:06  bagder

	* ares/acinclude.m4: Replace AC_TRY_RUN() with AC_EGREP_CPP() when
	  checking for constants to work fine with cross-compiled builds.

2005-03-11 09:03  bagder

	* ares/Makefile.netware: oops, once is enough! ;-)

2005-03-11 08:53  bagder

	* ares/Makefile.netware: Define HAVE_AF_INET6_H for Netware too, as
	  Guenter Knauf's builds indicate.

2005-03-11 08:52  danf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: Added HAVE_AF_INET6 to Netware's config.h

2005-03-11 06:49  danf

	* lib/: http_ntlm.c, url.c: Fixed some compiler warnings.

2005-03-11 06:39  danf

	* ares/Makefile.netware: Added HAVE_STRUCT_IN6_ADDR to Netware's

2005-03-11 06:28  danf

	* acinclude.m4,, docs/KNOWN_BUGS,
	  lib/Makefile.netware, lib/config-amigaos.h, lib/config-mac.h,
	  lib/config-riscos.h, lib/config-win32.h, lib/,
	  lib/ldap.c, packages/vms/config-vms.h: Fixed LDAP library file
	  name bug (KNOWN_BUGS #1).  configure now auto-detects the correct
	  dynamic library names by default, and provides override switches
	  --with-ldap-lib, --with-lber-lib and --without-lber-lib.  Added
	  CURL_DISABLE_LDAP to platform-specific config files to disable
	  LDAP support on those platforms that probably don't have dynamic
	  OpenLDAP libraries available to avoid compile errors.

2005-03-11 01:44  bagder

	* Add an alert already here if 'make test' is
	  attempted for a cross-compile since there's no use building the
	  whole test suite first and _then_ tell it doesn't work anyway...

2005-03-11 01:20  bagder

	* tests/ no more rewriting of the setup file

2005-03-11 00:30  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES,, acinclude.m4, ares.h,
	  ares_parse_aaaa_reply.c,, setup.h: Dominick Meglio
	  added ares_parse_aaaa_reply.c and did various adjustments. The
	  first little steps towards IPv6 support!

2005-03-11 00:15  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/Makefile.vc6, lib/http.c, lib/http_ntlm.c,
	  lib/http_ntlm.h, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, lib/version.c,
	  src/Makefile.vc6: Christopher R. Palmer made it possible to build
	  libcurl with the USE_WINDOWS_SSPI on Windows, and then libcurl
	  will be built to use the native way to do NTLM. SSPI also allows
	  libcurl to pass on the current user and its password in the

2005-03-10 00:35  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: configure, socks, debug, getdate

2005-03-09 23:13  bagder

	* lib/url.c: As reported by 'nodak sodak' we should check for a
	  NULL pointer before referencing the proxy name pointer.

2005-03-09 19:40  danf

	* Stopped linking to the SSL libs if a full
	  installation isn't found.  Removed a redundant library check.

2005-03-09 08:56  bagder

	* tests/: data/test517, libtest/lib517.c: skip the test of "2094
	  Nov 6" for now, since the 64bit time_t systems return different
	  values for it...

2005-03-08 23:21  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: remove old printf() debug leftover

2005-03-08 17:31  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_getdate.3, lib/parsedate.c: mktime() returns a
	  time_t. time_t is often 32 bits, even on many architectures that
	  feature 64 bit 'long'.

	  Some systems have 64 bit time_t and deal with years beyond 2038.
	  However, even some of the systems with 64 bit time_t returns -1
	  for dates beyond 03:14:07 UTC, January 19, 2038. (Such as AIX

2005-03-08 12:15  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_getdate.3: days are english

2005-03-08 09:09  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test520, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/libtest/lib520.c: Dominick Meglio reported that using
	  CURLOPT_FILETIME when transferring a FTP file got a
	  Last-Modified: header written to the data stream, corrupting the
	  actual data. This was because some conditions from the previous
	  FTP code was not properly brought into the new FTP code. I fixed
	  and I added test case 520 to verify. (This bug was introduced in

2005-03-08 04:24  danf

	* Fixed the --with-zlib configure option so that it
	  always adds the specified path to the compiler flags.  Before, a
	  zlib installation in the default path was always used in
	  preference to the one in the desired location.

2005-03-07 19:59  danf

	* src/main.c: fseek() with SEEK_SET is broken on large file capable
	  32-bit systems, so revert to the SEEK_END method of repositioning
	  the stream after a ftruncate() and only use SEEK_SET if
	  ftruncate() isn't available.

2005-03-07 09:29  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test236: test 236: FTP resume upload
	  but denied access to remote file

2005-03-07 09:11  bagder

	* CHANGES: fixed

2005-03-06 23:33  bagder

	* tests/ added to the dist

2005-03-05 01:54  danf

	* packages/vms/config-vms.h, src/Makefile.netware,
	  src/config-amigaos.h, src/config-mac.h, src/config-riscos.h,
	  src/config-vms.h, src/config-win32.h, src/main.c: Better cope
	  with a failed or unavailable ftruncate().  Added HAVE_FTRUNCATE
	  to all the static config-*.h files on the assumption that all
	  those systems provide it.

2005-03-05 01:04  bagder

	* ares/vc/: adig/adig.mak, ahost/ahost.mak: Samuel Díaz García's

2005-03-05 00:52  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test235: Added test case 235 that makes a resumed
	  upload of a file that isn't present on the remote side. This then
	  converts the operation to an ordinary STOR upload. This was
	  requested/pointed out by Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams.

	  It also proved (and I fixed) a bug in the newly rewritten ftp
	  code (and present in the 7.13.1 release) when trying to resume an
	  upload and the servers returns an error to the SIZE command.
	  libcurl then loops and sends SIZE commands infinitely.

2005-03-04 23:36  danf

	* lib/ssluse.c: Reduced the length of data read from the random
	  entropy file.

2005-03-04 21:10  danf

	* lib/ssluse.c: Don't try to read the whole of the random file
	  because when /dev/urandom is used, it slows initialization too
	  much reading an infinitely long file!

2005-03-04 16:42  bagder

	* include/curl/curlver.h: 7.13.2-CVS

2005-03-04 15:09  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: starting over

2005-03-04 14:41  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, TODO-RELEASE: stand clear for release

2005-03-04 01:26  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  lib/cookie.c: Dave Dribin made it possible to set
	  CURLOPT_COOKIEFILE to "" to activate the cookie "engine" without
	  having to provide an empty or non-existing file.

2005-03-04 01:24  bagder

	* lib/http_chunks.h: killed trailing whitespace

2005-03-04 01:14  bagder

	* lib/http_chunks.c: killed trailing whitespace

2005-03-04 01:12  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/main.c: Rene Rebe fixed a -# crash
	  when more data than expected was retrieved.

2005-03-04 00:27  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: new VB binding

2005-03-04 00:25  bagder

	* docs/BINDINGS: VB binding, updated the .NET info

2005-03-03 14:13  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: mention buffer overflows fixed

2005-03-03 07:51  bagder

	* packages/vms/ fix the distribution files

2005-03-01 00:54  danf

	* lib/base64.c: Fix for a base64 decode heap buffer overflow

2005-02-24 19:54  danf

	* lib/http_negotiate.c, tests/server/getpart.c: Fixed some compiler
	  warnings.  Fixed a low incidence memory leak in the test server.

2005-02-22 19:39  bagder

	* ares/vc/: adig/adig.mak, ahost/ahost.mak: Updated as suggested by
	  Samuel Díaz García

2005-02-22 13:20  bagder

	* lib/: krb4.c, security.c: krb4 fixed

2005-02-22 13:10  bagder

	* lib/base64.c, lib/base64.h, lib/http_negotiate.c,
	  lib/http_ntlm.c, lib/krb4.c, tests/server/getpart.c:
	  Curl_base64_decode() now returns an allocated buffer

2005-02-22 08:44  bagder

	* lib/http_ntlm.c: Thanks for the notification iDEFENCE. We are the
	  "initial vendor" and we sure got no notification, no mail, no

	  You didn't even bother to mail us when you went public with this.

	  NTLM buffer overflow fix, as reported here:

2005-02-19 23:33  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test234: added test case 234 which is
	  like 233 but uses --location-trusted instead so thus the second
	  request to the new host will use authentication fine

2005-02-19 00:53  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test233: Ralph Mitchell reported a flaw when you used
	  a proxy with auth, and you requested data from a host and then
	  followed a redirect to another host. libcurl then didn't use the
	  proxy-auth properly in the second request, due to the host-only
	  check for original host name wrongly being extended to the proxy
	  auth as well. Added test case 233 to verify the flaw and that the
	  fix removed the problem.

2005-02-18 12:54  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: socket leak, mingw build

2005-02-18 09:24  bagder

	* Based on Mike Dobbs' report, BUILDING_LIBCURL is
	  now defined in here if it runs to build with mingw.

2005-02-17 15:45  bagder

	* lib/connect.c: close the socket properly when returning error due
	  to failing localbind Bug report #1124588 by David

2005-02-17 08:47  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: mention filename= for the -F

2005-02-16 15:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, lib/transfer.c: Christopher
	  R. Palmer reported a problem with HTTP-POSTing using "anyauth"
	  that picks NTLM. Thanks to David Byron letting me test NTLM
	  against his servers, I could quickly repeat and fix the problem.
	  It turned out to be:

	  When libcurl POSTs without knowing/using an authentication and it
	  gets back a list of types from which it picks NTLM, it needs to
	  either continue sending its data if it keeps the connection
	  alive, or not send the data but close the connection. Then do the
	  first step in the NTLM auth. libcurl didn't send the data nor
	  close the connection but simply read the response-body and then
	  sent the first negotiation step. Which then failed miserably of
	  course. The fixed version forces a connection if there is more
	  than 2000 bytes left to send.

2005-02-15 00:50  bagder

	* check for ENGINE_load_builtin_engines() as well if
	  engine is around

2005-02-14 23:37  curlvms

	* packages/vms/readme: changed config-vms info

2005-02-14 23:36  curlvms

	* packages/vms/.cvsignore: changed curlmsg.* entries to see if CVS
	  would ignore it now

2005-02-14 10:30  bagder

	* lib/: transfer.c, transfer.h: Rename Curl_pretransfersec() to
	  *_second_connect() since it does not just do pretransfer stuff
	  like Curl_pretransfer().

2005-02-11 23:50  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: Fixed bad krb4 code. It always tried to use krb4 if
	  built enabled.

2005-02-11 23:42  curlvms

	* packages/vms/ rename amigaos.c and nwlib.c if they
	  exist before building

2005-02-11 23:05  bagder

	* packages/vms/: config-vms.h_with_ssl, config-vms.h_without_ssl,
	  curlmsg.h, curlmsg.sdl: Removed per Marty's request: The .h_*
	  files aren't needed anymore, I consolidated them into one file
	  called config-vms.h.	The curlmsg.h and .sdl files are generated
	  from the curlmsg.msg file and, thus, shouldn't be in the dist.

2005-02-11 22:17  curlvms

	* packages/vms/curlmsg_vms.h: re-sync'd with curlmsg.msg

2005-02-11 22:07  curlvms

	* packages/vms/.cvsignore: ignore curlmsg.h and .sdl as they are
	  generated by curlmsg.msg

2005-02-11 22:01  curlvms

	* packages/vms/curlmsg.msg: sync'd error codes with include/curl.h

2005-02-11 21:17  curlvms

	* packages/vms/ Added $Id$ and pre-exisiting logical

2005-02-11 20:34  bagder

	* remove the check for strftime(), we don't need it

2005-02-11 01:03  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/, lib/file.c, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/http.c, lib/parsedate.c, lib/parsedate.h: Removed all uses of
	  strftime() since it uses the localised version of the week day
	  names and month names and servers don't like that.

2005-02-10 09:57  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: valgrind stuff for test suite, vms build
	  and more

2005-02-10 09:50  bagder

	* tests/:, Moved out the valgrind report
	  parser to, to make it easier to test it outside the
	  test suite. Now we also disable valgrind usage if libcurl was
	  built shared, as then valgrind is only testing the wrapper-script
	  running shell which is pointless.

2005-02-10 08:45  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: typecast assign to ftpport from int to prevent

2005-02-10 08:45  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.c: init fix for non-SSL builds

2005-02-10 02:54  curlvms

	* packages/vms/:, config-vms.h, Reduced
	  the two config-vms.h_* files into this one.

2005-02-10 00:16  bagder

	* CHANGES, TODO-RELEASE: David Byron fixed his SSL problems,
	  initially mentioned here: It turned out we
	  didn't use SSL_pending() as we should.

	  This was TODO-RELEASE issue #59.

2005-02-10 00:09  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: David Byron identified the lack of SSL_pending()
	  use, and this is my take at fixing this issue.

2005-02-10 00:04  bagder

	* lib/: easy.c, ssluse.c, ssluse.h: better error checking and SSL
	  init by David Byron

2005-02-09 23:47  bagder

	* lib/url.c: prevent a compiler warning

2005-02-09 16:15  giva

	* docs/examples/ Some functions are static here, but
	  extern in libxml's SAX.h. gcc doesn't like that. Rename.

2005-02-09 15:34  bagder

	* CHANGES: the new ftp code and Gisle's DICT fix

2005-02-09 15:29  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: issue #54 done

2005-02-09 15:28  giva

	* lib/ldap.c: Set 'bits.close' in case of malloc fail.	Don't free
	  'lud_dn' twice in case curl_unescape() fails.

2005-02-09 15:13  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3: add missing error codes

2005-02-09 15:01  giva

	* lib/ftp.c: Use CURL_SOCKET_BAD.

2005-02-09 14:59  giva

	* lib/: ftp.c, strerror.c: Handle CURLE_LOGIN_DENIED in strerror.c.
	  For ftp only?

2005-02-09 14:47  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: FD_SET can be big macro, use braces

2005-02-09 14:06  bagder

	* include/curl/curl.h, lib/dict.c, lib/dict.h, lib/file.c,
	  lib/file.h, lib/ftp.c, lib/ftp.h, lib/hostares.c, lib/hostasyn.c,
	  lib/hostip.c, lib/hostip.h, lib/hostip6.c, lib/hostsyn.c,
	  lib/hostthre.c, lib/http.c, lib/http.h, lib/ldap.c, lib/ldap.h,
	  lib/multi.c, lib/multiif.h, lib/sendf.h, lib/telnet.c,
	  lib/telnet.h, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, lib/url.h,
	  lib/urldata.h, src/main.c, tests/data/test113,
	  tests/data/test114, tests/data/test190, tests/data/test195,
	  tests/data/test196, tests/libtest/lib511.c: FTP code turned into
	  state machine. Not completely yet, but a good start.	The tag
	  'before_ftp_statemachine' was set just before this commit in case
	  of future need.

2005-02-09 12:50  giva

	* lib/dict.c: Replace LF with CRLF. Ref RFC-2229, sec 2.3: "Each
	  command line must be terminated by a CRLF".

2005-02-09 00:39  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: -O clarification

2005-02-08 20:07  bagder

	* CHANGES: inflate and out of memory fixes

2005-02-08 20:03  bagder

	* lib/hostares.c: ares_gethostbyname wants a 'ares_host_callback'
	  in the 4th argument

2005-02-08 13:36  giva

	* lib/: hostares.c, hostasyn.c, hostip.h, hostthre.c:
	  Curl_addrinfo?_callback() and addrinfo_callback() now returns
	  CURLE_OK or CURLE_OUT_OF_MEMORY.  Add typecast in hostares.c.

2005-02-08 13:32  giva

	* lib/ftp.c: Don't free too much in freedirs() if realloc() fails.

2005-02-08 08:36  bagder

	* lib/: hostares.c, transfer.c: Curl_wait_for_resolv() no longer
	  disconnects on failure, but leaves that operation to the caller.
	  Disconnecting has the disadvantage that the conn pointer gets
	  completely invalidated and this is not handled on lots of places
	  in the code.

2005-02-07 20:12  danf

	* lib/content_encoding.c: Fix for a bug report that compressed
	  files that are exactly 64 KiB long produce a zlib error.

2005-02-06 13:43  giva

	* lib/http.c: Preserve previous status in Curl_http_done().

2005-02-05 11:25  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: valgrind errors occur too often when 'make test'
	  is used. It is because too many third-party libs and tools have
	  problems. When curl is built without --disable-shared, the
	  testing is done with a front-end script which makes the valgrind
	  testing include (ba)sh as well and that often causes valgrind
	  errors. Either we improve the valgrind error scanner a lot to
	  better identify (lib)curl errors only, or we disable valgrind
	  checking by default

2005-02-05 00:53  bagder

	* docs/examples/getinmemory.c: fix type

2005-02-05 00:43  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/ftp.c: Eric Vergnaud found a use of an uninitialized

2005-02-04 14:42  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: David Byron pointed out that this -1 on the
	  buffer size is pointless since the buffer is already BUFSIZE +1
	  one big to fit the extra trailing zero. This change is reported
	  to fix David's weird SSL problem...

2005-02-02 20:25  bagder

	* docs/examples/ another example

2005-02-02 20:25  bagder

	* docs/examples/htmltidy.c: HTML parsing example with libtidy, by
	  Jeff Pohlmeyer

2005-02-01 09:46  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: and we start over again

2005-02-01 08:54  bagder

	  coming up

2005-01-31 21:03  bagder

	* docs/examples/ somewhat nicer libcurl usage

2005-01-31 19:23  bagder

	* docs/examples/README: htmltitle

2005-01-31 19:22  bagder

	* docs/examples/:, HTML <head> parsing
	  (with libxml) example code by Lars Nilsson.

2005-01-30 23:57  bagder

	* CHANGES: four changes

2005-01-30 23:54  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: if the DO operation returns failure, bail out and
	  close down nicely to prevent memory leakage

2005-01-30 14:26  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: Let's add a cookie interface in 7.14

2005-01-30 13:56  bagder

	* tests/ Bugfixed the parser that scans the valgrind
	  report outputs. I noticed that it previously didn't detect and
	  report the "Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised
	  value(s)" error.

	  When I fixed this, I caught a few curl bugs with it. And then I
	  had to spend time to make the test suite IGNORE these errors when
	  OpenSSL is used since it produce massive amounts of valgrind
	  warnings (but only of the "Conditional..." kind it seems).

	  So, if a test that requires SSL is run, it ignores the
	  "Conditional..." errors, and you'll get a "valgrind PARTIAL"
	  output instead of "valgrind OK".

2005-01-30 13:53  bagder

	* tests/data/: test300, test301, test302, test303, test304,
	  test305, test306: properly mark tests as requiring feature 'SSL'

2005-01-30 13:42  bagder

	* lib/url.c: Use calloc() to save us the memset() call and
	  terminate conn-> properly, to avoid reading uninited
	  variables when using file:// (valgrind)

2005-01-30 00:46  bagder

	* src/urlglob.c: Clear the urlglob struct when allocated, since we
	  might otherwise use uninitialized variables. Pointed out to us by
	  the friendly Valgrind.

2005-01-29 23:38  bagder

	* lib/connect.c: include "url.h" for the Curl_safefree() proto

2005-01-29 23:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/multi.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/transfer.h: Using the
	  multi interface, and doing a requsted a re-used connection that
	  gets closed just after the request has been sent failed and did
	  not re-issue a request on a fresh reconnect like the easy
	  interface did. Now it does! (define CURL_MULTIEASY, run test case

2005-01-29 23:26  bagder

	* lib/easy.c: Define CURL_MULTIEASY when building this, to use my
	  new curl_easy_perform() that uses the multi interface to run the
	  request. It is a great testbed for the multi interface and I
	  believe we shall do it this way for real in the future when we
	  have a successor to curl_multi_fdset().

2005-01-29 14:54  bagder

	* docs/TheArtOfHttpScripting: corrected the URL

2005-01-29 14:07  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/connect.c, lib/connect.h, lib/ftp.c, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h: conn->ip_addr MUST NOT be used on re-used

2005-01-29 14:06  bagder

	* tests/ when using valgrind, include a much longer
	  stack trace

2005-01-29 13:01  bagder

	* lib/multi.c, CHANGES: multi interface: when a request is denied
	  due to "Maximum redirects followed" libcurl leaked the last
	  Location: URL.

2005-01-29 00:21  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/connect.c: Connect failures with the multi interface
	  was often returned as "connect() timed out" even though the
	  reason was different. Fixed this problem by not setting this
	  timeout to zero when using multi.

2005-01-28 23:22  bagder

	* tests/data/test506: adjusted to the moved unlock of the DNS entry

2005-01-28 23:14  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/KNOWN_BUGS, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: KNOWN_BUGS
	  #17 fixed. A DNS cache entry may not remain locked between two
	  curl_easy_perform() invokes. It was previously unlocked at
	  disconnect, which could mean that it remained locked between
	  multiple transfers. The DNS cache may not live as long as the
	  connection cache does, as they are separate.

	  To deal with the lack of DNS (host address) data availability in
	  re-used connections, libcurl now keeps a copy of the IP adress as
	  a string, to be able to show it even on subsequent requests on
	  the same connection.

2005-01-28 09:26  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: Stephen More pointed out that
	  CURLOPT_FTPPORT and the -P option didn't work when built
	  ipv6-enabled. I've now made a fix for it. Writing test cases for
	  custom port strings turned too tricky so unfortunately there's

2005-01-28 00:03  bagder

	* tests/data/test212: test the EPRT/LPRT/PORT somewhat more

2005-01-27 23:40  bagder

	* tests/libtest/first.c: Use the same work-around for the memdebug
	  stuff as in the command line client, to allow the contents of the
	  env var decide the file name.

2005-01-27 16:59  bagder

	* src/main.c: a slightly involved work-around to prevent the
	  debug-tracing from logging a free-without-alloc as the first call

2005-01-27 16:51  bagder

	* src/main.c, tests/ Make the debug build get the debug
	  dump file path from the environment variable to allow the test
	  suite to better control where it ends up.

2005-01-27 13:59  bagder

	* tests/data/test103: verify a part of the PORT line

2005-01-27 00:18  bagder

	* tests/ Make the server ignore the given PORT
	  address, to make it possible to test curl's -P option easier.

2005-01-26 13:05  bagder

	* README: added more official web and download mirrors

2005-01-26 12:53  bagder

	* docs/BINDINGS: new curlpp URL

2005-01-26 12:53  bagder

	* docs/BINDINGS: fixed sort, mention C, the java binding is now
	  maintained by Vic Hanson

2005-01-26 00:40  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: add number to the bugs to make them easier to
	  refer to

2005-01-25 23:21  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: two known bugs

2005-01-25 23:13  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h, src/main.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test228, tests/data/test229: Ian Ford asked about
	  support for the FTP command ACCT, and I discovered it is present
	  in RFC959... so now (lib)curl supports it as well. --ftp-account
	  and CURLOPT_FTP_ACCOUNT set the account string. (The server may
	  ask for an account string after PASS have been sent away. The
	  client responds with "ACCT [account string]".) Added test case
	  228 and 229 to verify the functionality. Updated the test FTP
	  server to support ACCT somewhat.

2005-01-25 22:45  bagder

	* tests/:, data/test10, data/test100, data/test101,
	  data/test102, data/test103, data/test104, data/test105,
	  data/test106, data/test107, data/test108, data/test109,
	  data/test11, data/test110, data/test111, data/test112,
	  data/test113, data/test114, data/test115, data/test116,
	  data/test117, data/test118, data/test119, data/test12,
	  data/test120, data/test121, data/test122, data/test123,
	  data/test124, data/test125, data/test126, data/test127,
	  data/test128, data/test13, data/test130, data/test131,
	  data/test132, data/test133, data/test134, data/test135,
	  data/test136, data/test137, data/test138, data/test139,
	  data/test14, data/test140, data/test141, data/test142,
	  data/test143, data/test144, data/test145, data/test146,
	  data/test147, data/test148, data/test15, data/test150,
	  data/test151, data/test152, data/test153, data/test159,
	  data/test16, data/test160, data/test161, data/test162,
	  data/test164, data/test165, data/test167, data/test168,
	  data/test169, data/test17, data/test170, data/test174,
	  data/test175, data/test176, data/test177, data/test18,
	  data/test182, data/test183, data/test184, data/test185,
	  data/test187, data/test188, data/test189, data/test19,
	  data/test190, data/test191, data/test195, data/test196,
	  data/test2, data/test20, data/test200, data/test201,
	  data/test202, data/test203, data/test206, data/test207,
	  data/test208, data/test209, data/test21, data/test213,
	  data/test217, data/test22, data/test227, data/test23,
	  data/test24, data/test25, data/test26, data/test27, data/test28,
	  data/test29, data/test3, data/test30, data/test300, data/test301,
	  data/test302, data/test303, data/test304, data/test305,
	  data/test306, data/test31, data/test33, data/test34, data/test36,
	  data/test37, data/test39, data/test4, data/test41, data/test43,
	  data/test44, data/test45, data/test47, data/test5, data/test54,
	  data/test56, data/test6, data/test63, data/test64, data/test65,
	  data/test67, data/test68, data/test69, data/test7, data/test70,
	  data/test71, data/test72, data/test79, data/test8, data/test80,
	  data/test81, data/test82, data/test83, data/test84, data/test85,
	  data/test89, data/test90, data/test91, data/test95, data/test97:
	  A minor "syntax error" in numerous test files corrected

2005-01-25 14:59  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: new web mirror

2005-01-25 13:06  bagder

	* docs/curl-config.1: --protocols is added in 7.13.0

2005-01-25 10:29  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/libcurl/,
	  docs/libcurl/libcurl-tutorial.3, docs/libcurl/libcurl.m4: David
	  Shaw contributed a fairly complete and detailed autoconf macro
	  you can use to detect libcurl and setup variables for the
	  protocols the installed libcurl supports: docs/libcurl/libcurl.m4

2005-01-25 01:06  bagder

	* lib/: hash.c, hash.h, hostip.c, hostip.h, llist.c, llist.h,
	  multi.c, share.h, urldata.h: Use plain structs and not typedef'ed
	  ones in the hash and linked-list code.

2005-01-23 01:08  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: two options less

2005-01-22 23:43  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-tutorial.3: \fI marked \fP more function
	  calls etc.

2005-01-22 23:24  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-tutorial.3: If you're using libcurl as a
	  win32 DLL, you MUST use the CURLOPT_WRITEFUNCTION if you set
	  CURLOPT_WRITEDATA - or you will experience crashes.

2005-01-22 20:26  bagder

	* include/curl/curlver.h: next release will be 7.13.0

2005-01-22 10:03  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: added a few items I plan to do

2005-01-21 10:32  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1, docs/examples/ftp3rdparty.c,
	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, include/curl/curl.h, lib/ftp.c,
	  lib/http.c, lib/sendf.c, lib/sendf.h, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h, src/main.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test230, tests/data/test231, tests/data/test232: FTP
	  third transfer support overhaul. See CHANGES for details.

2005-01-21 09:56  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: clarify the struct name for

2005-01-20 23:48  bagder

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT, Added support for "verify" =>
	  "stripfile" to strip contents of the file that is being checked.

	  Also made the server retrying sleep only one second instead of
	  three, to reduce some waiting when fooling around with the

2005-01-20 23:47  bagder

	* tests/ Support file names passed to RETR that don't
	  start with a number. In that case, all non-numeric prefixing
	  letters are cut off to figure out the test number.

2005-01-20 23:22  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1, src/main.c,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test227: Philippe Hameau found
	  out that -Q "+[command]" didn't work, although some code was
	  written for it. I fixed and added test case 227 to verify it.
	  The curl.1 man page didn't mention the '+' so I added it.

2005-01-20 23:05  bagder

	* tests/ add support for NOOP

2005-01-20 15:24  bagder

	* docs/examples/ftpupload.c: If you give a *_LARGE option you MUST
	  make sure that the type of the passed-in argument is a
	  curl_off_t. If you use CURLOPT_INFILESIZE (without _LARGE) you
	  must make sure that to pass in a type 'long' argument. */

2005-01-19 23:00  bagder

	* tests/data/ added test226 too

2005-01-19 22:56  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/KNOWN_BUGS, docs/TODO, lib/ftp.c,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test225, tests/data/test226:
	  Stephan Bergmann made libcurl return CURLE_URL_MALFORMAT if an
	  FTP URL contains %0a or %0d in the user, password or CWD parts.
	  (A future fix would include doing it for %00 as well - see
	  KNOWN_BUGS for details.) Test case 225 and 226 were added to
	  verify this

2005-01-19 19:05  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: today's proxy fixes

2005-01-19 11:20  giva

	* lib/hostthre.c: Don't copy 'stderr' for Win-CE in IPv6 code.
	  Don't call GetCurrentProcess() twice; use a local variable.

2005-01-19 11:09  bagder

	* docs/examples/httpput.c: add a URL to an article about making
	  Apache support PUT

2005-01-19 10:36  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/url.c: Stephan Bergmann pointed out two flaws in
	  libcurl built with HTTP disabled:

	  1) the proxy environment variables are still read and used to set
	  HTTP proxy

	  2) you couldn't disable http proxy with CURLOPT_PROXY (since the
	  option was	disabled)

2005-01-18 16:13  bagder

	* include/curl/multi.h: skip sys/socket.h on windows CE

2005-01-18 15:34  bagder

	* check for errno.h

2005-01-18 11:17  bagder

	* CHANGES, Makefile.dist, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/Makefile.vc6,
	  src/Makefile.vc6: Cody Jones' enhanced version of Samuel Díaz
	  García's MSVC makefile patch.

2005-01-17 21:20  bagder

	* tests/ Add support for server 'ftp2' which is a
	  second FTP server. Useful for 3rd party transfer tests or tests
	  that need two FTP servers.

2005-01-17 20:49  bagder

	* tests/ support the new --id command line option,
	  that allows a second (or third or whatever) instance to run
	  without overwriting the previous' logfiles

2005-01-17 15:57  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: mention the name-prefix protocol guess thing

2005-01-17 10:18  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: updated the wording for -B/--use-ascii

2005-01-16 09:51  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/url.c: Alex aka WindEagle pointed out that when
	  doing "curl -v", curl assumed this used the DICT
	  protocol. While guessing protocols will remain fuzzy, I've now
	  made sure that the host names must start with "[protocol]." for
	  them to be a valid guessable name. I also removed "https" as a
	  prefix that indicates HTTPS, since we hardly ever see any host
	  names using that.

2005-01-16 09:34  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: mention --netrc in the -u description

2005-01-15 10:26  giva

	* lib/select.c: errrno can by freak accident become EINTR on DOS or
	  Windows (unrelated to select). select() can never set errno to
	  EINTR on Windows.

2005-01-15 10:21  bagder

	* tests/ output better error detection, like when ipv6
	  can't resolve

2005-01-14 14:43  bagder

	* lib/:, README.hostip: Added README.hostip

2005-01-14 10:39  bagder

	* tests/data/test511: verify the protocol too

2005-01-13 22:51  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/select.c: Inspired by Martijn
	  Koster's patch and example source at, I now
	  made the select() and poll() calls properly loop if they return
	  -1 and errno is EINTR. glibc docs for this is found here:

	  This last link says BSD doesn't have this "effect". Will there be
	  a problem if we do this unconditionally? S:

2005-01-12 16:32  giva

	* src/Makefile.Watcom: Added dependencies.

2005-01-12 16:32  giva

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom: Added '-bd' option; target is a DLL.  Added

2005-01-11 23:26  bagder

	* docs/TODO: support for retrieving used IP addresses

2005-01-11 21:22  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_multi_fdset.3,
	  lib/transfer.c, lib/urldata.h: Dan Torop cleaned up a few no
	  longer used variables from David Phillips' select() overhaul fix.

2005-01-11 18:08  giva

	* src/Makefile.Watcom: Removed CURLTOOLDEBUG. It caused
	  libcurl_wc.dll to fail in mysterious ways.

2005-01-11 16:25  bagder

	* lib/:, easy.c, easy.h, easyif.h, multi.c, multi.h,
	  multiif.h, strerror.c, url.c: Renamed easy.h and multi.h to
	  easyif.h and multiif.h to make sure they don't shadow our public
	  headers with the former names.

2005-01-11 15:59  giva

	* lib/easy.h: ".\lib\easy.h" shadows for <curl/easy.h> in Watcom.
	  Force including ../include/curl/easy.h.

2005-01-11 15:52  giva

	* src/Makefile.Watcom: Fix '!if' expression.

2005-01-11 15:32  giva

	* lib/: multi.h, strerror.c: ".\lib\multi.h" shadows for
	  <curl/multi.h> in Watcom.  Force including

2005-01-11 15:00  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/multi.c, lib/transfer.c,
	  lib/transfer.h: Cyrill Osterwalder posted a detailed analysis
	  about a bug that occurs when using a custom Host: header and curl
	  fails to send a request on a re-used persistent connection and
	  thus creates a new connection and resends it. It then sent two
	  Host: headers. Cyrill's analysis was posted here:

2005-01-11 00:32  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c: Bruce Mitchener identified
	  (bug report #1099640) the never-ending SOCKS5 problem with the
	  version byte and the check for bad versions. Bruce has lots of
	  clues on this, and based on his suggestion I've now removed the
	  check of that byte since it seems to be able to contain 1 or 5.

2005-01-10 12:42  bagder

	* lib/multi.c: Use Curl_easy_addmulti() to clear associations from
	  easy handles to multi handles. Include multi.h to get proto.

2005-01-10 12:27  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: edited wording

2005-01-10 11:07  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/easy.c, lib/easy.h, lib/multi.c,
	  lib/multi.h, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: Pavel Orehov reported
	  memory problems with the multi interface in bug report #1098843.
	  In short, a shared DNS cache was setup for a multi handle and
	  when the shared cache was deleted before the individual easy
	  handles, the latter cleanups caused read/writes to already freed

2005-01-10 10:48  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssluse.c: Hzhijun reported a memory
	  leak in the SSL certificate code, that leaked the remote
	  certificate name when it didn't match the used host name.

2005-01-08 17:35  giva

	* docs/INSTALL: Note about the static lib requirement;

2005-01-08 17:15  giva

	* CHANGES: Watcom additions.

2005-01-08 17:12  giva

	* Makefile.dist: Added Watcom targets.

2005-01-08 17:06  giva

	* lib/Makefile.Watcom, src/Makefile.Watcom: New file.

2005-01-08 17:03  giva

	* lib/, src/ Added Makefile.Watcom to

2005-01-07 22:14  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: three recent bug fixes

2005-01-07 22:11  bagder

	* tests/data/test509: disable the valgrind log checking

2005-01-07 22:11  bagder

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT, fixed the valgrind log check and
	  make it possible to disable it for a specific test, see test 509

2005-01-07 22:09  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test199: added test 199

2005-01-06 23:54  bagder

	* src/main.c: prevent a single byte read outside the string in test
	  case 39

2005-01-06 23:25  bagder

	* src/main.c: fixed #1097019, multiple GET posts (-G) error

2005-01-05 15:12  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: recent events

2005-01-04 17:16  giva

	* docs/FAQ: Changed curl.dll to libcurl.dll.

2005-01-04 17:13  giva

	* src/getpass.c: Minor comment fix.

2005-01-04 17:01  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: just narrowed some text to fit within 80 cols

2005-01-04 17:00  giva

	* lib/setup.h: Removed _WIN32_WINNT to support IPv6 under Win-2K.

2005-01-03 20:17  bagder

	* packages/vms/hpssl_alpha.opt: Marty Kuhrt's VMS update

2005-01-02 22:15  bagder

	* lib/Makefile.vc6: reverted the bad naming of the implib names

2005-01-02 20:19  bagder

	* lib/Makefile.vc6, src/Makefile.vc6: Alex Neblett's minor update

2004-12-26 10:17  bagder

	*, src/getpass.c: nah, don't use the system's
	  getpass() function since it too often is limited to 8(!) or
	  similar lengths passwords

2004-12-26 00:15  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: issue 54 - this takes sweat

2004-12-25 23:51  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: Test case 241 fails on all systems that support
	  IPv6 but that don't have the host name 'ip6-localhost' in
	  /etc/hosts (or similar) since the test case uses that host name
	  to test the IPv6 name to address resolver.

2004-12-25 23:30  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: --protocols, license, src/

2004-12-25 23:10  bagder

	* buildconf, src/ ./src/ is now removed from
	  CVS. It is copied from the lib/ file by buildconf

2004-12-25 23:08  bagder

	*, src/getpass.c, src/getpass.h, src/setup.h: My
	  reimplementation and cleanup of the getpass source code. We
	  officially no longer use Angus Mackay's getpass code due to the
	  weirdo license his code was donated to us under.

2004-12-24 10:02  bagder

	* docs/curl-config.1: mention the new --protocols

2004-12-24 09:59  bagder

	* David Shaw added --protocols, and thus the
	  --feature no longer mentions what protocols that are disabled.

2004-12-23 23:34  danf

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: Added LDAP library issue.

2004-12-23 23:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: recent changes

	  and Merry Christmas!

2004-12-23 09:48  bagder

	* David Shaw fixed the disable variables so that
	  curl-config --feature works correctly!

2004-12-22 23:46  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: issue 47 in next release?

2004-12-22 23:33  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/cookie.c: Rune Kleveland fixed a minor memory leak
	  for received cookies with the (rare) version attribute set.

2004-12-22 23:28  bagder

	* CHANGES, acinclude.m4,, lib/select.c: Marcin Konicki
	  provided two configure fixes and a source fix to make curl build
	  out-of-the-box on BeOS.

2004-12-22 21:12  danf

	* lib/: easy.c, formdata.c: C ensures that static variables are
	  initialized to 0

2004-12-22 13:31  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3: added CURLINFO_HTTP_CONNECTCODE

2004-12-22 10:21  bagder

	* docs/TODO: uh, fixed!

2004-12-22 10:19  bagder

	* docs/TODO: Added: 4 protocols we _could_ support and the CONNECT
	  HTTP/1.0 detail we might fix one day.

2004-12-21 22:35  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: more about error codes

2004-12-21 21:19  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test218: test enforced chunked encoding
	  with PUT on a local file

2004-12-21 20:59  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/curl.1, src/writeout.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test217: Added test case 217 that verified
	  CURLINFO_HTTP_CONNECTCODE, and I made the -w option support
	  'http_connect' to make it easier to verify!

2004-12-21 15:33  bagder

	* lib/sendf.c: oops, variables first then code

2004-12-21 15:22  bagder

	* lib/sendf.c: Prevent failf() from using the va_list variable more
	  than once.  See bug report #1088962 and  Single Unix

2004-12-21 11:54  bagder

	* docs/TODO: mention how the FTP code should be fixed one day

2004-12-21 11:11  bagder

	* lib/select.c: include sys/types.h before sys/select.h

2004-12-21 11:10  bagder

	* tests/ set debug curl too when -c is used

2004-12-21 10:37  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: How do I list the root dir of an FTP server?

2004-12-20 22:14  danf

	* include/curl/curl.h, src/main.c: Fixed a compile warning
	  introduced by making the protocol table const. This involves a
	  binary-compatible change to the API struct curl_version_info_data

2004-12-20 19:23  danf

	* lib/: arpa_telnet.h, parsedate.c, version.c: Make some more
	  arrays of pointers const.

2004-12-20 19:20  danf

	* acinclude.m4: gcc 2.7 can't handle a few warning options that gcc
	  2.95 can.

2004-12-20 14:09  bagder

	* include/curl/curlver.h: start working on 7.12.4

2004-12-20 13:51  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: and we start all over again

2004-12-20 13:35  bagder

	* CHANGES: 7.12.3

2004-12-19 12:52  giva

	* lib/Makefile.m32: OpenSSL updates; get CA_BUNDLE from env. Assume
	  no Kerberos, have <pkcs12.h>, <engine.h> and built-in engines.

2004-12-19 12:39  giva

	* lib/ssluse.c: Remove 'data' initialiser.

2004-12-19 11:11  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: clarified a few changes

2004-12-19 10:37  bagder

	* CHANGES: fixed the solaris pkcs12 build problem

2004-12-19 10:37  bagder

	* lib/: ssluse.c, urldata.h: if the pkcs12.h header exists, include
	  it already in urldata.h to work around a precedence problem with
	  the zlib header. See CHANGES for details.

2004-12-19 10:36  bagder

	* check for openssl/pkcs12.h

2004-12-18 11:42  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ssluse.c: Samuel Listopad added
	  support for PKCS12 formatted certificates.

2004-12-18 11:28  bagder

	* src/main.c: Samuel Listopad fixed -E to support "C:/path" (with
	  forward slash) as well.

2004-12-18 11:28  bagder

	* docs/TODO: mention the new cookie api plans

2004-12-18 11:24  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_info_read.3: Jean-Marc Ranger pointed out
	  that the returned data doesn't survive a call to
	  curl_multi_remove_handle() either.

2004-12-17 21:18  danf

	* lib/inet_pton.c: Renamed a variable to avoid conflict with a C++
	  reserved word.

2004-12-17 20:57  giva

	* lib/config-win32.h: Watcom has strtoll().

2004-12-17 19:33  giva

	* lib/strtoofft.h: Watcom uses 'i64' suffix.

2004-12-17 19:32  giva

	* lib/timeval.c: <windows.h> required for Watcom.

2004-12-17 19:31  giva

	* src/main.c: s/_write/write/g

2004-12-17 18:54  giva

	* lib/ldap.c: Fix calling convention of wlap32.dll function. Watcom
	  uses fastcall by default, so force cdecl.

2004-12-17 18:49  giva

	* lib/timeval.h: Watcom has 'struct timeval'.

2004-12-17 13:43  giva

	* src/ Add libidn.a and iconv libraries if USE_IDNA=1.

2004-12-17 13:38  giva

	* packages/DOS/ Added option for using C-ares and libidn.
	  Dependencies generated from $(CSOURCES).

2004-12-17 13:28  giva

	* lib/ getdate.c is gone.

2004-12-17 13:26  giva

	* lib/url.c: Print true netrc name (.netrc/_netrc).

2004-12-17 11:09  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: avoid an extra malloc

2004-12-17 11:09  bagder

	* tests/ duplicate ! typo

2004-12-17 10:00  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: fixed minor memory leak when running out of memory

2004-12-17 09:58  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: oops, add missing return keyword

2004-12-16 23:45  bagder

	* tests/ fix skip-reason

2004-12-16 23:22  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: several windows large-file fixes

2004-12-16 23:22  bagder

	* CHANGES, tests/data/, tests/data/test215,
	  tests/data/test216: two more ftp directory re-use tests added

2004-12-16 23:20  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: Based on Gisle Vanem's patch: make sure the directory
	  re-use works even when a URL-encoded path is used.

2004-12-16 22:27  giva

	* lib/setup.h: Must include <io.h> and <sys/stat.h> before
	  redefining stat(), fstat() and lseek().

2004-12-16 22:27  danf

	* lib/: getinfo.c, url.c, urldata.h: Renamed a struct member to
	  avoid conflict with a C++ reserved word.

2004-12-16 19:18  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: reduced the number of sub-blocks

2004-12-16 19:09  bagder

	* lib/: file.c, formdata.c, setup.h: moved the lseek() and stat()
	  magic defines to setup.h and now take advantage of struct_stat in
	  formdata.c as well, to support formpost uploads of large files on
	  Windows too

2004-12-16 17:49  giva

	* src/main.c: Support uploading and resuming of >2GB files.  Ref.

2004-12-16 15:18  bagder

	* tests/ Provide better reasons for why test cases are
	  skipped. Also, don't show the SKIPPED stuff in the short output.
	  Some platforms get quite a lot of SKIPPED and they don't add much
	  value and only clutter screen space.

2004-12-16 14:55  bagder

	* lib/http.c: NULL the fp pointer after it has been fclosed()

2004-12-16 10:52  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, tests/ Dinar in
	  bug report #1086121, found a file handle leak when a multipart
	  formpost (including a file upload part) was aborted before the
	  whole file was sent.

2004-12-15 22:09  danf

	* acinclude.m4: Fix the --enable-debug compiler warning options for
	  older versions of gcc.

2004-12-15 15:09  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: yet another mirror!

2004-12-15 15:05  bagder

	* lib/setup.h, src/setup.h: precaution to prevent double typedefs
	  of the bool

2004-12-15 11:33  bagder

	* src/: main.c, setup.h: moved the bool typedef to setup.h

2004-12-15 10:23  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, src/urlglob.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test214: fixed how backslashes are treated in glob

2004-12-15 04:03  danf

	* src/main.c: Make some arrays of pointers const, too.

2004-12-15 03:32  danf

	* lib/: ftp.c, security.c: Make some arrays of pointers const, too.

2004-12-15 02:38  danf

	* lib/base64.c, lib/formdata.c, lib/md5.c, lib/md5.h,
	  lib/mprintf.c, lib/security.c, lib/urldata.h, src/main.c,
	  src/writeenv.c, src/writeout.c: Add 'const' to immutable arrays.

2004-12-14 23:47  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3: clarify that the app must free
	  the engine list

2004-12-14 23:06  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.c: prevent compiler warning when built without engine

2004-12-14 22:52  bagder

	* tests/:,, server/sws.c: make sure the
	  ipv6 http server gets its pid stored in a separate file

2004-12-14 22:25  bagder

	* tests/data/test519: use the correct variables, not fixed values

2004-12-14 22:22  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/url.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test519, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/libtest/lib519.c: Harshal Pradhan fixed changing
	  username/password on a persitent HTTP connection.

2004-12-14 22:22  bagder

	* tests/FILEFORMAT: mistake

2004-12-14 21:44  danf

	* lib/ldap.c: Only declare static variables if they're needed.
	  Fixed some compile warnings.

2004-12-14 21:25  danf

	* lib/ssluse.c: Header files are in openssl/ only if USE_OPENSSL is

2004-12-14 21:17  danf

	* lib/mprintf.c: Removed fputc() prototype since it's already in

2004-12-14 15:24  giva

	* src/main.c: Caller must free 'engines' list.

2004-12-14 15:20  giva

	* lib/: getinfo.c, ssluse.c, ssluse.h, urldata.h: urldata.h:
	  Removed engine_list.	ssluse.*: Added SSL_strerror().
	  Curl_SSL_engines_list() now returns a slist which must be freed
	  by caller.

2004-12-14 10:58  bagder

	* include/curl/curl.h: Moved the CURLE_SSL_ENGINE_INITFAILED error
	  code last in the list so that the others remain at previous

2004-12-14 10:36  bagder

	* lib/: getinfo.c, ssluse.c, urldata.h: Moved the engine stuff from
	  the root-level of the SessionHandle struct to the UrlState
	  sub-struct. Also made the engine_list exist for non-ssl builds to
	  make curl build.

2004-12-13 21:14  giva

	* docs/: curl.1, libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3: Document
	  CURLINFO_SSL_ENGINES and "--engine".

2004-12-13 18:52  giva

	* lib/connect.c: Set 'data->state.os_errno = error' in some places.
	  Needed elsewhere too?

2004-12-13 17:47  giva

	* src/main.c: Support for "--engine list" option.  Moved
	  CURLOPT_SSLENGINE* options to after verbose mode is set.  Added a
	  goto. Eek!

2004-12-13 17:43  giva

	* lib/: ssluse.c, ssluse.h, strerror.c, url.c, urldata.h: Added
	  handling of CURLINFO_SSL_ENGINES; Added Curl_SSL_engines_list(),
	  cleanup SSL in url.c (no HAVE_OPENSSL_x etc.).

2004-12-13 17:37  giva

	* lib/getinfo.c: Handle new type CURLINFO_SLIST.  Handle new info

2004-12-13 17:35  giva

	* include/curl/curl.h: Added CURLcode CURLE_SSL_ENGINE_INITFAILED,
	  Added CURLINFO_SLIST type for returing a 'struct slist' in
	  curl_easy_getinfo().	Added CURLINFO_SSL_ENGINES.

2004-12-13 12:31  giva

	* tests/server/sws.c: Fixed missing braces warning.

2004-12-13 11:58  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: large file file:// resumes on windows

2004-12-13 11:25  bagder

	* lib/file.c: Gisle's fix for resuming large file:// files on
	  windows - slightly edited by me.

2004-12-13 09:34  bagder

	*, packages/vms/config-vms.h_with_ssl,
	  packages/vms/config-vms.h_without_ssl: Dan Fandrich did minor
	  corrections to his SSL cleanup patch

2004-12-13 09:34  bagder

	* Dan Fandrich added to the dist

2004-12-13 00:31  bagder

	* tests/ when failing to verify a HTTP server, display
	  what curl said on stderr to help debugging. (when using ipv6 I
	  fell over this server that didn't have the ipv6 module loaded)

2004-12-12 21:14  giva

	* tests/server/sws.c: Missing 'in6addr_any' in MingW's lib. ld bug?

2004-12-11 23:18  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: modified to use the current error code name, not the
	  obsolete one

2004-12-11 23:17  bagder

	* include/curl/curl.h: undef more obsolete defines if
	  CURL_NO_OLDIES is defined

2004-12-11 22:41  bagder

	  tests/, tests/data/, tests/data/test1,
	  tests/data/test240, tests/data/test241, tests/data/test242,
	  tests/server/sws.c: HTTP IPv6 support added to the test suite

2004-12-11 19:55  bagder

	* lib/file.c: provide an error string when resuming fails - and use
	  the proper error code, not the former one

2004-12-11 19:55  bagder

	* lib/strerror.c: fixed error message

2004-12-11 19:47  bagder

	*,, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  lib/config-amigaos.h, lib/config-riscos.h, lib/config-vms.h,
	  lib/, lib/setup.h, packages/vms/config-vms.h_with_ssl,
	  packages/vms/config-vms.h_without_ssl, src/config-riscos.h: Dan

	  Here's a stab at a consolidation of the SSL detection heuristics
	  into configure. Source files aren't changed by this patch, except
	  for setup.h and the various config*.h files.	Within the
	  configure script, OPENSSL_ENABLED is used to determine if SSL is
	  being used or not, and outside configure, USE_SSLEAY means the
	  same thing; this could be even further unified some day.

	  Now, when SSL is not detected, configure skips the various checks
	  that are dependent on SSL, speeding up the configure process and
	  avoiding complications with cross compiles.  I also updated all
	  the architecture- specific config files I could see, but I
	  couldn't test them.

2004-12-11 19:46  bagder

	* Dan F's initial pkg-config file (not installed

2004-12-11 19:38  bagder

	* docs/curl-config.1: mention the maybe-missing initial zero in the
	  vernum output

2004-12-10 22:58  bagder

	* lib/: Makefile.riscos, makefile.amiga: Dan Fandrich: added some
	  missing files. "I can't try them so they might still be broken,
	  but at least they'll be less broken than they are now."

2004-12-10 22:56  bagder

	* docs/: MANUAL, curl.1: Dan Fandrich corrects spelling mistakes

2004-12-10 22:55  bagder

	* docs/INSTALL: Dan Fandrich extended the cross compile section and
	  corrected spelling errors

2004-12-10 22:46  bagder

	* ares/: ares_fds.c, ares_gethostbyaddr.c, ares_gethostbyname.c,
	  ares_init.c: untabified

2004-12-10 22:42  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: username and IPv6 numerical address URL
	  parser fix

2004-12-10 20:16  bagder

	* src/Makefile.vc6: David Byron's debug build fix

2004-12-10 16:11  bagder

	* lib/url.c: move the port number extraction to after the
	  extraction of user name/password, as suggested by Kai Sommerfeld

2004-12-10 15:48  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test209, test213: two new test cases
	  for proxy-CONNECT with NTLM (one doing GET, one doing POST)

2004-12-10 15:45  bagder

	* lib/http.c: don't try the rewind if no http struct is allocated

2004-12-10 10:46  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: configure and curl-config fixes

2004-12-10 10:45  bagder

	* docs/TheArtOfHttpScripting: Added two chapters: Custom Request
	  Elements and Debug.

2004-12-09 10:58  bagder

	* tests/server/.cvsignore: ignore the getpart tool

2004-12-09 10:58  bagder

	* tests/server/sws.c: close the connection when a bad test number
	  was requested

2004-12-09 10:27  bagder

	* CHANGES, Ton Voon provided a configure fix that
	  should fix the notorious (mostly reported on Solaris) problem
	  where the size_t check fails due to the SSL libs being found in a
	  dir not searched through by the run-time linker.  patch-tracker
	  entry #1081707.

2004-12-09 09:06  bagder

	* CHANGES, maketgz: Bryan Henderson pointed out in bug report
	  #1081788 that the curl-config --vernum output wasn't zero
	  prefixed properly (as claimed in documentation).  This is fixed
	  in maketgz now.

2004-12-09 00:09  bagder

	* maketgz: update the version numbers in the libcurl.plist
	  automaticly on release

2004-12-09 00:09  bagder

	* lib/libcurl.plist: Matt Veenstra updated to 7.12.3. Starting now,
	  we'll update the version number in this file automatically on
	  releases using the maketgz script.

2004-12-09 00:02  bagder

	* lib/libcurl.framework.make: Matt Veenstra:

	  - removal of getdate.c - Added hostares.c, hostasyn.c, hostip4.c,
	  hostip6.c, hostsync.c, hostthre.c, inet_ntop.c, nwlib.c,
	  parsedate.c, sterror.c, strtoofft.c

	  I have tested the build on 10.3, and will build on 10.2.8 in the
	  next days.

2004-12-08 00:09  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http_ntlm.c: Rene Bernhardt found and
	  fixed a buffer overrun in the NTLM code, where libcurl always and
	  unconditionally overwrote a stack-based array with 3 zero bytes.
	  I edited the fix to make it less likely to occur again (and added
	  a comment explaining the reason to the buffer size).

2004-12-08 00:08  bagder

	* docs/TheArtOfHttpScripting: minor updates

2004-12-07 11:43  bagder

	* ares/: ares_destroy.3, ares_init.3: NORECURSE clarification,
	  minor formatting update

2004-12-07 11:00  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: CURLFTPSSL_ALL should make sure that the transfer
	  fails if the data connection isn't set to encrypted properly

2004-12-07 00:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/sendf.c: Fixed so that the final error message is
	  sent to the verbose info "stream" even if no errorbuffer is set.

2004-12-06 23:45  bagder

	* lib/connect.c: Gisle Vanem's fix for better info messages when
	  failing to connect using the multi interface

2004-12-06 17:36  giva

	* lib/urldata.h: 'crypto_engine' not used.

2004-12-06 15:43  giva

	* lib/config-win32.h, lib/config-win32ce.h, src/config-win32.h:
	  Replace MINGW32 with built-in __MINGW32__.

2004-12-06 13:54  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test208: HTTP PUT a to a FTP URL with
	  username+password - over HTTP proxy

2004-12-06 00:59  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES,, lib/cookie.c, lib/easy.c,
	  lib/http.c, lib/share.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c: Dan Fandrich
	  added the --disable-cookies option to configure to build libcurl
	  without cookie support. This is mainly useful if you want to
	  build a minimalistic libcurl with no cookies support at all. Like
	  for embedded systems or similar.

2004-12-06 00:33  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c: Richard Atterer fixed
	  libcurl's way of dealing with the EPSV response. Previously,
	  libcurl would re-resolve the host name with the new port number
	  and attempt to connect to that, while it should use the IP from
	  the control channel. This bug made it hard to EPSV from an FTP
	  server with multiple IP addresses!

2004-12-03 12:25  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: CURLOPT_FTPSSLAUTH was added in

2004-12-03 12:06  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: credit where credit is due

2004-12-03 10:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test207: Bug report #1078066: when a chunked transfer
	  was pre-maturely closed exactly at a chunk boundary it was not
	  considered an error and thus went unnoticed.	Added test case 207
	  to verify.

2004-12-03 00:30  bagder

	* lib/http.c: made the intended one hour default timeout in the
	  CONNECT loop actually work

2004-12-02 23:52  bagder

	* lib/http.c: comment cleanup

2004-12-02 18:11  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test206: test 206 - HTTP proxy CONNECT
	  auth Digest

2004-12-02 18:11  bagder

	* tests/server/sws.c: added comment about port number in CONNECT
	  string being used as test number

2004-12-02 18:08  bagder

	* lib/http.c: prevent an initial "(nil)" to get sent in the initial
	  request when doing CONNECT to a proxy with digest

2004-12-01 14:41  giva

	* tests/libtest/lib505.c: Use "HAVE_SYS_TYPES_H".

2004-12-01 11:34  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib518.c: make the "check" actually open all those
	  file desciptors as well to make sure it works, as it has proved
	  to not work in some cases (like on Tor Arntsen's AIX 5100-06 xlc
	  5.0 --disable-shared runs).

2004-11-30 15:59  giva

	* lib/ alarm() works unreliable on djgpp 2.03. Don't use

2004-11-30 11:21  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: recent changes

2004-11-30 11:20  bagder

	* tests/data/: test156, test210, test211, test212: fixed test case

2004-11-30 10:54  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test222, test223, test224: three new
	  compress test cases

2004-11-30 10:53  bagder

	* tests/:, Fixed the array comparison
	  function even more, made the temporary files used for diff output
	  get created in the log/ dir and no longer deletes them since they
	  help in understanding the problem, fixing the test case and
	  fixing curl problems.

2004-11-30 10:44  bagder

	* lib/content_encoding.c: Dan Fandrich's fix for libz 1.1 and
	  "extra field" usage in a gzip stream

2004-11-30 10:27  bagder

	* tests/:, no longer use the package as it seems to not be standard on lots of
	  perl versions, provide our own base64 decoder

2004-11-29 23:37  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test221: added test 221 to test a
	  broken gzip content download

2004-11-29 23:15  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test220: added test 220 - simple gzip
	  auto decompress

2004-11-29 22:45  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: --disable-epsv when connecting to an IPv6 ftp

2004-11-29 22:44  bagder

	* tests/server/ removed comment

2004-11-29 22:44  bagder

	* tests/server/getpart.c: include setup.h first

2004-11-29 22:25  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3, lib/ftp.c: As reported
	  in Mandrake's bug tracker bug 12285
	  (, when
	  connecting to an IPv6 host with FTP, --disable-epsv (or
	  --disable-eprt) effectively disables the ability to transfer a
	  file. Now, when connected to an FTP server with IPv6, these FTP
	  commands can't be disabled even if asked to with the available
	  libcurl options.

2004-11-29 19:26  bagder

	* tests/server/getpart.c: zero terminate the buffer spitout()
	  returns, as the sws.c code depends on that!

2004-11-29 13:23  bagder

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT, make it possible for a test case
	  to depend on the feature 'libz'

2004-11-29 13:11  bagder

	* lib/base64.h: killed trailing whitespace

2004-11-29 13:10  bagder

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT,,, server/,
	  server/getpart.c, server/getpart.h, server/sws.c: Enable test
	  cases to provide sections base64-encoded to be able to test with
	  binary data.

2004-11-29 13:09  bagder

	* tests/server/ utility to base encode data passed on

2004-11-29 13:01  bagder

	* tests/data/: test130, test131, test132, test133, test134,
	  test139, test141, test155, test16, test162, test169, test212,
	  test32, test48, test503, test509, test510, test63, test64,
	  test80, test83, test88, test95, test97, test98: stricter newline

2004-11-29 09:47  bagder


2004-11-29 09:10  bagder

	* lib/parsedate.c: if gmtime() returns NULL, this returns -1 to
	  bail out nicely

2004-11-28 14:04  bagder

	* docs/TODO: removed one we won't do, removed the CWD optimize as
	  it is (partly) done

2004-11-28 09:57  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib518.c: add more info to the stderr output

2004-11-27 10:27  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: typecast the coversion from long to int

2004-11-26 22:35  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: progress meter newline

2004-11-26 17:08  giva

	* lib/: urldata.h, setup.h, transfer.c, url.c: I changed my mind.
	  Remove ioctl() macro in setup.h instead.

2004-11-26 16:04  giva

	* docs/examples/ Added anyauthput.exe.

2004-11-26 15:57  giva

	* lib/: transfer.c, url.c, urldata.h: Renamed urldata.h members
	  'ioctl*' to 'ioctrl*' due to clash with djgpp ioctl() macro in

2004-11-26 15:33  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/progress.c, lib/transfer.c: As reported in
	  Mandrake's bug tracker bug 12289
	  (, curl would
	  print a newline to "finish" the progress meter after each
	  redirect and not only after a completed transfer.

2004-11-26 09:52  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: removed no longer used variable

2004-11-26 09:41  bagder

	* tests/ last-second-before-commit changes corrected

2004-11-25 23:21  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ftp.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  tests/FILEFORMAT, tests/, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test210, tests/data/test211, tests/data/test212: FTP

	  If EPSV, EPRT or LPRT is tried and doesn't work, it will not be
	  retried on the same server again even if a following request is
	  made using a persistent connection.

	  If a second request is made to a server, requesting a file from
	  the same directory as the previous request operated on, libcurl
	  will no longer make that long series of CWD commands just to end
	  up on the same spot. Note that this is only for *exactly* the
	  same dir. There is still room for improvements to optimize the
	  CWD-sending when the dirs are only slightly different.

	  Added test 210, 211 and 212 to verify these changes. Had to
	  improve the test script too and added a new primitive to the test
	  file format.

2004-11-25 17:49  bagder

	* lib/hostthre.c: made the code fit within 80 cols

2004-11-24 23:11  bagder

	* src/config-win32.h: mingw _has_ a ftruncate() but it doesn't work
	  with 64bit file sizes so we can just safely pretend we don't have

2004-11-24 20:34  giva

	* src/main.c:
	  Provide a 64-bit capable ftruncate(). MingW has one, but it takes
	  only 32-bit offsets.

2004-11-24 19:25  bagder

	* lib/strerror.c: added missing new error string

2004-11-24 17:16  bagder

	* src/config-win32.h: mingw has a ftruncate() function

2004-11-24 17:11  bagder

	  docs/examples/, docs/examples/README,
	  docs/examples/anyauthput.c, docs/examples/https.c,
	  docs/examples/multi-post.c, docs/examples/persistant.c,
	  docs/examples/simplepost.c, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/README.httpauth, lib/http.c, lib/http.h,
	  lib/transfer.c, lib/transfer.h, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  packages/vms/config-vms.h_without_ssl, src/main.c,
	  tests/data/test154, tests/data/test155, tests/data/test156,
	  tests/data/test170, tests/data/test174, tests/data/test175,
	  tests/data/test176, tests/data/test177, tests/data/test88: HTTP
	  "auth done right". See lib/README.httpauth

2004-11-24 17:08  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: decided to skip the MSVC makefile fixes, nobody
	  seems to really want them and they are rather excessive

2004-11-24 16:49  bagder

	* CHANGES, Andrés García fixed the configure script
	  to detect select properly when run with Msys/Mingw on Windows.

2004-11-24 16:14  giva

	* docs/FAQ:
	  Clarify the static vs. import lib issue on Win32.

2004-11-23 23:15  bagder

	* docs/THANKS: added a bunch of people who really deserve to be

2004-11-23 11:05  bagder

	* tests/data/test518: oops, use the precheck too!

2004-11-23 10:52  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: cut out release with no issue to fix

2004-11-23 10:50  bagder

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT,, libtest/lib518.c: introducing
	  the client/precheck concept to allow test 518 to *only* run when
	  it actually can run and test the FD_SETSIZE stuff it is meant to

2004-11-23 10:22  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, docs/BINDINGS: yet another binding

2004-11-22 23:26  bagder

	* CHANGES,, tests/FILEFORMAT, tests/,
	  tests/data/test518, tests/libtest/lib518.c: David Phillips fix
	  for test 518 and my extension to make it not run on systems that
	  can't run it fine.

2004-11-22 17:24  bagder

	* docs/examples/getinfo.c: trying a version with URLs for all
	  function calls

2004-11-22 16:49  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: issue 52 is fixed, I work on 51

2004-11-22 15:41  bagder

	* docs/examples/http-post.c: removed trailing whitespace

2004-11-22 15:41  bagder

	* docs/examples/httpput.c: removed unused variable and trailing

2004-11-22 15:07  bagder

	* docs/examples/fopen.c: remove curl_ prefix from functions not
	  present in libcurl

2004-11-22 14:48  bagder

	* docs/examples/curlx.c: re-indented to curl style

2004-11-22 14:43  bagder

	* docs/examples/curlgtk.c: renamed curl_thread to my_thread to
	  avoid confusion

2004-11-22 14:39  bagder

	* docs/examples/ add URLs in comments for all libcurl
	  function calls

2004-11-22 14:28  bagder

	* lib/: connect.c, ssluse.c: Curl_select's timeout arg is an int

2004-11-22 00:13  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: the FD_SETSIZE problem is fixed

2004-11-21 14:18  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: The FD_SETSIZE issue is already sorted, at least
	  internally. We still need to provide a better multi-API to allow
	  apps to avoid select().

2004-11-21 13:42  bagder

	* docs/examples/ftpupload.c: added comment for windows people about
	  READFUNCTION being needed

2004-11-20 09:57  bagder

	* lib/select.c: Dan Fandrich fix to compile with libc5

2004-11-19 16:15  giva

	* lib/Makefile.m32:
	  Enable >2GB files for MingW.

2004-11-19 15:38  giva

	* lib/: select.c, select.h: Suppress signed vs. unsigned warnings
	  on Win32

2004-11-19 15:03  bagder

	* lib/: select.c, select.h: Curl_select() now uses curl_socket_t on
	  socket arguments

2004-11-19 14:50  giva

	* tests/libtest/lib518.c: ifdef for portable "/dev/null".

2004-11-19 14:46  giva

	* lib/select.c:
	  Winsock sockets are not in range 0..FD_SETSIZE.  Shouldn't
	  Curl_select() use curl_socket_t ?

2004-11-19 14:45  bagder

	* lib/Makefile.vc6: add select.obj

2004-11-19 09:52  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/, lib/connect.c,
	  lib/ftp.c, lib/http.c, lib/select.c, lib/select.h, lib/ssluse.c,
	  lib/telnet.c, lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test518, tests/libtest/,
	  tests/libtest/lib518.c: David Phillips' FD_SETSIZE fix

2004-11-18 15:04  bagder

	* lib/: hostip.c, telnet.c, transfer.c, url.c: Dan Fandrich fix:
	  eliminates some pedantic CodeWarrior compiler warnings and

2004-11-16 18:15  giva

	* src/Makefile.vc6:
	  Added revision tag.

2004-11-16 15:24  bagder

	* lib/ Added README.httpauth to the dist

2004-11-16 15:02  bagder

	* lib/README.httpauth: saved for the future

2004-11-16 09:49  bagder

	* docs/examples/multithread.c: mention the openssl callbacks for
	  SSL multithread

2004-11-15 22:49  bagder

	* tests/: data/, data/test517, libtest/,
	  libtest/lib517.c: added test case 517: 22 tests of the
	  curl_getdate() function

2004-11-15 22:41  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_getdate.3: tiny format fix for nicer man output

2004-11-15 12:27  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/connect.c, lib/progress.h,
	  lib/ssluse.c, lib/url.c: clean up start time and t_startsingle
	  use so that redirect_time works properly

2004-11-15 12:25  bagder

	* docs/curl.1, src/writeout.c: new -w variables supported

2004-11-15 11:41  giva

	* src/ Added top_srcdir.

2004-11-15 11:38  giva

	* src/ Added revision id, test for USE_ARES.  Uses

2004-11-15 09:54  bagder

	* docs/BINDINGS: binding for R

2004-11-14 14:51  giva

	* src/Makefile.b32:
	  Changes for static/dynamic linking of libcurl.  No need to
	  generate a dummy sys/utime.h. Cleanup.

2004-11-14 14:50  giva

	* src/: config-win32.h, main.c:
	  Borland doesn't have <sys/utime.h>, utime() nor _lseeki64().

2004-11-14 14:49  giva

	* lib/config-win32.h:
	  Borland doesn't have <sys/utime.h> nor utime().

2004-11-14 14:48  giva

	* lib/Makefile.b32:
	  Static lib is libcurl.lib and import lib libcurl_imp.lib.  Added
	  implib command. Cleanup

2004-11-13 22:57  bagder

	* lib/sendf.h: Dan fixed the CURL_DISABLE_VERBOSE_STRINGS stuff for
	  older gcc versions since they don't support C99 varargs macros.

2004-11-13 17:57  giva

	* Makefile.dist: MingW/djgpp: Use GNU make's internal 'cd' to avoid

2004-11-13 17:55  giva

	* src/Makefile.vc6: Fix location of timeval.c.

2004-11-13 17:54  giva

	* include/curl/curl.h: Update comment.

2004-11-13 16:47  giva

	* src/Makefile.m32: Add "-DCURL_STATICLIB" for static build.  Add
	  ../lib/timeval.c for objects.

2004-11-13 15:17  giva

	* lib/Makefile.vc6:
	  Renamed import lib to "libcurl_imp.lib".  Some cleanup and making
	  it more readable.

2004-11-13 15:17  giva

	* src/Makefile.vc6:
	  Set OpenSSL path to same as in ../lib/Makefile.vc6.  Import lib
	  is now "libcurl_imp.lib".  Some cleanup and making it more

2004-11-12 12:48  giva

	* src/Makefile.vc6: MSVC with static link must define
	  CURL_STATICLIB.  zlib path set to same as in lib/Makefile.vc6.

2004-11-12 12:45  giva

	* include/curl/curl.h, lib/Makefile.netware: Netware target (hosted
	  on Linux gcc) doesn't support or need __declspec.

2004-11-12 10:18  bagder

	*, lib/http.c, lib/http_digest.c, lib/md5.c,
	  lib/url.c: Dan Fandrich added the --disable-crypto-auth option to
	  configure to allow libcurl to build without Digest support. (I
	  figure it should also explicitly disable Negotiate and NTLM.)

2004-11-12 07:42  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: format mistake fixed

2004-11-12 00:13  bagder

	* Dan Fandrich can spell, I cannot

2004-11-12 00:13  bagder

	* lib/dict.c: Dan Fandrich: make --disable-dict actually disable

2004-11-12 00:11  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: clarify and update according to
	  commit made just now

2004-11-12 00:11  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/easy.c, lib/http.c, lib/url.c, src/main.c,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test515, tests/data/test516,
	  tests/libtest/, tests/libtest/lib515.c,
	  tests/libtest/lib516.c: Fix behaviour when passing NULL to

2004-11-11 23:01  bagder

	* fix a IDN detect/use mistake

2004-11-11 17:56  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: added some details on what to come

2004-11-11 17:34  bagder

	* CHANGES,, lib/krb4.c, lib/sendf.h, lib/strerror.c,
	  lib/telnet.c: Dan Fandrich added --disable-verbose

2004-11-11 15:41  bagder

	* When libidn is detected without explicitly told to,
	  we provide -L/lib and -I/include options. Not anymore.

2004-11-11 15:15  bagder

	* ares/ fix the -I path to the proper include dir when
	  --enable-debug is used

2004-11-11 13:25  giva

	* ares/ares.h:
	  Adapted for C++.

2004-11-11 10:51  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: recent fixes

2004-11-11 10:26  bagder

	* CHANGES,, docs/libcurl/curl_getdate.3,
	  lib/parsedate.c, lib/setup.h: dates from 2038 or later now return
	  0x7fffffff when 32 bit time_t is used

2004-11-11 09:03  bagder

	* include/curl/mprintf.h: fix curl.h include

2004-11-10 22:43  bagder

	* CHANGES, configure --with-gssapi fix

2004-11-10 16:50  bagder


2004-11-10 15:30  giva

	* ares/ares_private.h: Replace IsNT with IS_NT().

2004-11-10 15:23  giva

	* ares/: ares_fds.c, ares_gethostbyaddr.c, ares_gethostbyname.c,
	  ares_init.c, windows_port.c: Replace IsNT with IS_NT().  Return
	  correct timeval in windows_port.c.  Squelch gcc warnings:   use
	  'ares_socket_t' in ares_fds.c.    Don't cast a 'lvalue' in

2004-11-09 19:10  bagder

	* ares/ares_private.h: fix CURL_EXTERN for debug builds

2004-11-09 15:57  giva

	* lib/file.c: Handle drive-letter on MS-DOS.

2004-11-09 15:55  giva

	* packages/Win32/README: Removed libcurl.def

2004-11-09 15:42  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: with all external functions marked with
	  CURL_EXTERN it is easy to count them and... yes, they are 46!

2004-11-09 15:02  giva

	* include/curl/: curl.h, easy.h, mprintf.h, multi.h:
	  Changes for removing libcurl.def file on Win32.  Mark public
	  functions with "CURL_EXTERN".

2004-11-09 15:00  giva

	* lib/:, Makefile.m32, Makefile.netware, Makefile.vc6,
	  memdebug.h, strequal.h:
	  Changes for removing libcurl.def file on Win32.  Added
	  "CURL_EXTERN" to memdebug.h functions.  Cleaned up Makefile.vc6.

2004-11-08 22:39  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: today's work

2004-11-08 22:31  bagder

	* src/main.c: another lame change in an attempt to fix the moot gcc
	  3.4 warning

2004-11-08 20:41  bagder

	* CHANGES,, src/, src/main.c: weirdo hack
	  to fix debian bug report 278691: 'curl -v writes debugging to its
	  network socket if stderr is closed'

2004-11-08 15:46  bagder

	* src/main.c: added a default in the switch in an attempt to avoid
	  the moot "will never be executed" warning by gcc 3.4.0

2004-11-08 15:21  giva

	* lib/config-win32ce.h:
	  Change OS name. Fix header guard.

2004-11-08 15:20  giva

	* lib/mprintf.c:
	  Un-do changes for WinCE; cdecl decoration is not needed.
	  Confirmed by Paul Nolan.

2004-11-08 08:47  bagder

	*, lib/setup.h: check for and require tld.h to be
	  present before libidn usage is activated in the build, since
	  libidn 0.3.X didn't have the header and we don't support that old
	  libidn versions anyway.

	  This was mentioned on the list by Jean-Philippe Barrette-LaPierre
	  and in bug report #1062264.

2004-11-08 00:48  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: two post-1.2.1 changes

2004-11-07 14:37  bagder

	* ares/vc/areslib/: areslib.dsp, areslib.mak: added ares_cancel and

2004-11-05 15:43  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/http.c, lib/http.h,
	  packages/vms/config-vms.h_without_ssl: Tim Sneddon's VMS fix for
	  huge HTTP POSTs

2004-11-05 09:22  bagder

	* lib/config-win32ce.h: removed errno, added EAGAIN

2004-11-05 09:19  bagder

	* lib/config-win32ce.h: it has a sys/stat.h file, according to Paul

2004-11-04 17:18  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: update

2004-11-04 17:17  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/curl.1, src/main.c: more retry stuff

2004-11-04 17:15  bagder

	* docs/TODO: test server port numbers are now easily changed

2004-11-04 17:14  bagder

	* lib/timeval.h: delete trailing whitespace

2004-11-04 15:19  bagder

	* based Andres Garcia's patch, added for mingw build

2004-11-02 22:46  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: recent changes

2004-11-02 15:02  bagder

	* lib/mprintf.c: use ifdef not if

2004-11-02 11:12  bagder

	* CHANGES, include/curl/curl.h, include/curl/multi.h,
	  lib/, lib/config-win32ce.h, lib/connect.c, lib/dict.c,
	  lib/easy.c, lib/file.c, lib/formdata.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/getenv.c,
	  lib/hostthre.c, lib/http.c, lib/if2ip.c, lib/ldap.c,
	  lib/mprintf.c, lib/setup.h, lib/strerror.c, lib/telnet.c,
	  lib/transfer.c, lib/url.c: Paul Nolan fix to make libcurl build
	  nicely on Windows CE

2004-11-02 10:43  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: documented the current --retry options

2004-11-02 09:26  bagder

	* docs/examples/getinmemory.c: modified to not use realloc() on a
	  NULL pointer

2004-11-01 23:50  bagder

	* CHANGES, When cross-compiling, the configure script
	  no longer attempts to use pkg-config on the build host in order
	  to detect OpenSSL compiler options.

2004-10-28 15:18  giva

	* src/main.c:
	  Fixed _write() arguments.

2004-10-28 15:13  giva

	* src/main.c: [no log message]

2004-10-28 09:23  bagder

	* src/main.c: use longs

2004-10-27 23:46  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/content_encoding.c: Dan Fandrich's gzip handling fix

2004-10-27 23:29  bagder

	* CHANGES, src/main.c, tests/data/, tests/data/test195,
	  tests/data/test196, tests/data/test197, tests/data/test198: Added
	  --retry and --retry-delay first attempt with four related test

2004-10-27 16:18  bagder

	* tests/ log client disconnects

2004-10-26 15:31  bagder

	* lib/setup.h: Testing to define _REENTRANT unconditionally in

2004-10-26 10:09  bagder

	* docs/INSTALL: mention how LDFLAGS=-R can be used (or

2004-10-26 10:08  bagder

	* ares/: ares_cancel.3, ares_strerror.3: mention incompatibilities
	  with ares

2004-10-25 13:28  bagder

	* CHANGES, docs/TODO, lib/http.c, lib/transfer.c,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test194: Tomas Pospisek filed
	  bug report #1053287 that proved -C - and --fail on a file that
	  was already completely downloaded caused an error, while it
	  doesn't if you don't use --fail! I added test case 194 to verify
	  the fix.  Grrr. CURLOPT_FAILONERROR is now added to the list
	  stuff to remove in libcurl v8 due to all the kludges needed to
	  support it.

2004-10-25 13:28  bagder

	* tests/ just nicer output when this is seen

2004-10-25 13:28  bagder

	* tests/ the array sizes _can_ differ and the arrays can
	  still match, since chomp is used at times but it doesn't decrease
	  the array size

2004-10-25 13:05  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_formadd.3: format update

2004-10-25 00:31  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/formdata.c: Mohun Biswas found out that formposting
	  a zero-byte file didn't work very good. I fixed.

2004-10-24 15:02  bagder

	* ares/.cvsignore: ignore this

2004-10-24 15:02  bagder

	* ares/:, maketgz: maketgz now creates a
	  ares_version.h.dist file with the given version data properly
	  set, and the is now fixed to use that when building a
	  new package with make dist.

2004-10-21 10:22  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: Dan Fandrich's better ifdef for include fix

2004-10-20 10:01  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: 1.2.1 release time

2004-10-19 20:50  bagder

	* CHANGES: this change was reverted since it broke on solaris

2004-10-19 20:49  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: iconv 2.1.3 is considered bad for test case 165

2004-10-19 20:46  bagder

	* tests/data/test165: revert the charset fix as it broke the
	  solaris tests (native iconv doesn't like that name)

2004-10-19 20:36  bagder

	* perl/contrib/formfind: Ralph Mitchell fixed: input field with
	  NAME= and VALUE= weren't processed properly case insensitive

2004-10-19 20:26  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/transfer.c: Alexander Krasnostavsky made it possible
	  to make FTP 3rd party transfers with both source and destination
	  being the same host. It can be useful if you want to move a file
	  on a server or similar.

2004-10-19 17:34  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: snart isn't really used these days so we cut out the
	  reference to it

2004-10-19 17:32  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: added num_connects

2004-10-19 17:30  bagder

	  docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3, include/curl/curl.h,
	  lib/connect.c, lib/getinfo.c, lib/urldata.h, src/writeout.c,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test192, tests/data/test193:

2004-10-19 12:14  giva

	* lib/
	  djgpp has locale.h and setlocale().

2004-10-19 12:13  giva

	* src/config-win32.h:
	  All Win compilers have locale.h + setlocale().

2004-10-19 08:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, tests/data/test165: bug 1049275 fixes test 165

2004-10-18 15:37  bagder

	* CHANGES,, src/, src/main.c: Peter
	  Wullinger pointed out that curl should call setlocale() properly
	  to initiate the specific language operations, to make the IDN
	  stuff work better.

2004-10-18 10:42  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, include/curl/curlver.h: start over on 7.12.3

2004-10-18 09:48  bagder

	* CHANGES: 7.12.2

2004-10-17 09:48  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: new mirror

2004-10-16 16:07  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, TODO-RELEASE: today's changes

2004-10-16 16:06  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/ftp.c: Alexander Krasnostavsky made the
	  CURLOPT_FTP_CREATE_MISSING_DIRS option work fine even for third
	  party transfers.

2004-10-16 15:54  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/cookie.c: libcurl leaked memory for cookies with the
	  "max-age" field set.

2004-10-16 15:20  giva

	  Changes for issue 50

2004-10-16 15:17  giva

	* docs/examples/fileupload.c:
	  Open "debugit" in binary mode ("rb").

2004-10-16 14:59  giva

	* lib/hostthre.c:
	  Added Traian Nicolescu's patches for threaded resolver on
	  Windows. Plugged some potential handle and memory leaks.


2004-10-14 15:44  bagder

	  tests/data/, tests/data/test191: Eric Vergnaud pointed
	  out that libcurl didn't treat ?-letters in the user name and
	  password fields properly in URLs, like
	  ftp://us?er:pass? Added test 191 to verify the

2004-10-14 15:44  bagder

	* tests/data/test59: use quotes to make gdb usage on this easier

2004-10-14 15:34  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: let's fix this too

2004-10-13 21:11  giva

	* lib/memdebug.c:
	  Set errno = ENOMEM on faild countcheck().

2004-10-13 10:46  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: .NET binding

2004-10-12 20:20  bagder

	* tests/FILEFORMAT: correction

2004-10-12 14:49  bagder

	* lib/sendf.c: #include "strerror.h" to get the strerror proto

2004-10-12 14:47  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: recent fixes

2004-10-12 14:47  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: one item fixed, one added for 7.12.2 and two more
	  for 7.12.3

2004-10-12 09:24  bagder

	* lib/sendf.c: add proper error message when send() fails

2004-10-11 19:26  bagder

	* lib/strerror.h: removed trailing whitespace

2004-10-11 19:23  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/connect.c: SO_NOSIGPIPE

2004-10-10 16:36  bagder

	* lib/url.c: another lame attempt to avoid the "warning: will never
	  be executed" warning by gcc 3.4

2004-10-10 16:08  giva

	* lib/strtoofft.h:
	  MSVC uses 'i64' suffix for 64-bit sizes.

2004-10-10 09:51  bagder

	* tests/ attempt to make the configure output appear in
	  the build log when it runs on my solaris 2.7 box too (currently
	  unknown perl version)

2004-10-10 09:45  bagder

	* src/ set the SIZEOF_LONG define to get the new
	  lib/strtoofft.h fine

2004-10-10 05:39  bagder

	* lib/strtoofft.h: If long is 8 bytes we can use strtol() to get 64
	  bit numbers and won't need our strtoll() replacement function.

2004-10-10 05:32  bagder

	* lib/hostip.c: Prevent a longjmp warning by moving the rc assign
	  within Curl_resolv().  Andy Cedilnik reported. Warning on HP-UX?

2004-10-10 05:28  bagder

	* lib/: strtoofft.c, strtoofft.h: Use LL suffix for long long
	  constants if the compiler supports it, to prevent warnings.

2004-10-10 05:22  bagder

	* If long long is supported, check if [num]LL is
	  supported for numerical constants.

2004-10-08 14:59  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: --enable-ares on AIX has problem

2004-10-08 11:57  bagder

	* docs/TODO: Use 'struct lifreq' and SIOCGLIFADDR

2004-10-08 11:39  bagder

	* lib/strtoofft.c: killed trailing whitespace

2004-10-08 10:18  bagder

	*, lib/formdata.c: if basename was found, check for a
	  prototype and if none was found, provide our own in the
	  formdata.c file to prevent warnings on systems without it

2004-10-08 10:16  bagder

	* lib/progress.c: prevent warning with comparison between signed
	  and unsigned

2004-10-08 00:57  bagder

	* tests/server/:, sws.c: use curlx_strnequal() from the
	  private lib sources instead of strncasecmp() for maximum

2004-10-08 00:56  bagder

	* lib/security.c: use curl_strnequal(), not strncasecmp()

2004-10-07 14:17  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Gisle's new fix, the old file:// leak

2004-10-07 09:41  bagder

	* lib/url.c: use tld_strerror() only if previously detected, since
	  otherwise we can't work with libidn < 0.5.6

2004-10-07 09:41  bagder

	* check for tld_strerror

2004-10-06 21:00  giva

	  Added tld_check_name().

2004-10-06 20:55  giva

	* lib/url.c:
	  Fixed tld_check_name(). idna_to_unicode_lzlz() should never fail,
	  but return FALSE if 'uc_name == NULL' just in case.

2004-10-06 20:40  giva

	* lib/url.c:
	  USE_LIBIDN: Added Top-level-domain (TLD) check for host->name.
	  Only print a warning if check fails.

2004-10-06 16:58  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test188, test189, test99: test resume
	  and redirect

2004-10-06 15:37  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/transfer.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test99: Chih-Chung Chang reported that if you use
	  reported error if a redirect happened even if the new URL would
	  provide the resumed file. Test case 188 added to verify the fix
	  (together with existing test 99).

2004-10-06 15:24  giva

	* docs/examples/multi-app.c: [no log message]

2004-10-06 11:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: updates of today

2004-10-06 09:52  bagder

	* lib/hostip4.c: avoid warnings on systems with this member set

2004-10-06 09:50  bagder

	* curl-style.el, ares/adig.c, ares/ahost.c, ares/ares.h,
	  ares/ares__get_hostent.c, ares/ares__read_line.c,
	  ares/ares_dns.h, ares/ares_expand_name.c, ares/ares_fds.c,
	  ares/ares_gethostbyaddr.c, ares/ares_gethostbyname.c,
	  ares/ares_init.c, ares/ares_mkquery.c, ares/ares_parse_a_reply.c,
	  ares/ares_parse_ptr_reply.c, ares/ares_private.h,
	  ares/ares_process.c, ares/ares_query.c, ares/ares_search.c,
	  ares/ares_send.c, ares/ares_timeout.c, docs/MANUAL,
	  docs/examples/curlx.c, docs/examples/fopen.c,
	  docs/examples/multi-app.c, include/curl/curl.h, lib/amigaos.c,
	  lib/amigaos.h, lib/config-mac.h, lib/config-vms.h, lib/connect.c,
	  lib/cookie.c, lib/cookie.h, lib/dict.c, lib/file.c,
	  lib/formdata.c, lib/ftp.c, lib/getenv.c, lib/hostares.c,
	  lib/hostasyn.c, lib/hostip.c, lib/hostip4.c, lib/hostip6.c,
	  lib/hostsyn.c, lib/hostthre.c, lib/http.c, lib/http_digest.c,
	  lib/inet_ntop.c, lib/inet_pton.c, lib/krb4.c, lib/ldap.c,
	  lib/memory.h, lib/netrc.c, lib/progress.c, lib/security.c,
	  lib/security.h, lib/sendf.c, lib/speedcheck.c, lib/ssluse.c,
	  lib/strequal.c, lib/telnet.c, lib/transfer.h, lib/url.c,
	  lib/urldata.h, src/config-amigaos.h, src/config-mac.h,
	  src/getpass.c, src/homedir.c, src/main.c, src/urlglob.c: removed
	  tabs and trailing whitespace from source

2004-10-06 09:33  bagder

	* Dan Fandrich fix for hosts that need both -lnsl and

2004-10-06 08:58  bagder

	* lib/if2ip.c: untabify

2004-10-05 15:48  giva

	* lib/
	  djgpp has basename()

2004-10-05 13:03  bagder

	* lib/url.c: minor edit to re-use a variable and to hopefully avoid
	  a (moot) warning about code that won't be reached

2004-10-05 12:52  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: recent fixes

2004-10-05 10:45  bagder

	* make the given path to --with-libidn override any
	  other installation

2004-10-05 10:42  bagder

	* lib/strerror.c: avoid warning for unused variable

2004-10-05 10:40  bagder

	* lib/strerror.c: use idna_strerror() if it is available (only in
	  libidn 0.5.6 or later)

2004-10-05 08:55  bagder

	* lib/formdata.c: Only include libgen.h if we have a basename as

	  Mainly meant to deal with the IRIX case which seems to requrie a
	  "-lgen" lib to find the basename function and thus without the
	  gen lib, it finds the header but not the function and our
	  replacement function has a prototype that doesn't match the IRIX

	  A different approach would be to make configure detect and use
	  -lgen for the systems that require it.

2004-10-05 08:49  bagder

	* lib/formdata.c: let our basename() be static

2004-10-04 14:54  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: name mix fix

2004-10-04 12:37  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, TODO-RELEASE: closing in on release

2004-10-04 12:36  bagder

	* lib/easy.c, lib/hostip.c, lib/url.c, tests/data/test506: Made the
	  dns entry remain locked while a connection to the host remains to
	  allow verbose output during this period. Bertrand Demiddelaer
	  reported and helped fixing.

2004-10-03 23:32  bagder

	* lib/hostasyn.c: set async.done to TRUE last in the addrinfo
	  callback to prevent the risk that the multi-threaded resolver
	  does wrong

2004-10-03 23:02  bagder

	* lib/cookie.c: Replaced the use of isspace() with our own version
	  instead since we have most data as 'char *' and that makes us
	  pass in negative values if there is 8bit data in the string.
	  Changing to unsigned causes too much warnings or too many
	  required typecasts to the normal string functions.

2004-10-03 22:50  bagder

	* when building with libidn support, check for
	  idna_strerror() which is included in very recent versions

2004-10-03 19:38  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_multi_perform.3: added info about how users get
	  info (like the CURLcode return code) from individual transfers

2004-10-03 10:15  bagder

	* tests/libtest/lib503.c: removed trailing whitespace

2004-10-02 15:01  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/strerror.c, lib/strerror.h, lib/url.c: Gisle Vanem
	  provided code that displays an error message when the (libidn
	  based) IDN conversion fails. This is really due to a missing
	  suitable function in the libidn API that I hope we can remove
	  once libidn gets a function like this.

2004-10-02 14:58  bagder

	* lib/setup.h: removed weird preprocessor juggling not needed

2004-10-01 13:27  bagder

	* lib/formdata.c: someone should hit me

2004-10-01 13:22  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/ftp.c: Aleksandar Milivojevic reported a problem in
	  the Redhat bugzilla (see and
	  not to anyone involved in the curl project! This happens when you
	  try to curl a file from a proftpd site using SSL. It seems
	  proftpd sends a somewhat unorthodox PASS response code (232
	  instead of 230). I relaxed the response code check to deal with
	  this and similar cases.

2004-10-01 13:20  bagder

	* lib/formdata.c: fixed the basename() replacement, reported by

2004-10-01 08:43  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3: mention when this option was

2004-10-01 08:43  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: reflect the last few changes

2004-10-01 08:36  bagder

	* CHANGES, TODO-RELEASE,, lib/formdata.c,
	  tests/data/test166, tests/data/test304, tests/data/test39,
	  tests/data/test44, tests/data/test71, tests/data/test9: - Based
	  on Fedor Karpelevitch's formpost path basename patch, file parts
	  in   formposts no longer include the path part. If you _really_
	  want them, you   must provide your preferred full file name with

	    Added detection for libgen.h and basename() to configure. My
	    basename() replacement function for systems without it, might
	  be a bit too

	    Updated 6 test cases to make them work with the stripped paths.

2004-09-30 23:01  bagder

	* CHANGES, TODO-RELEASE, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/connect.c, lib/getinfo.c, lib/urldata.h:
	  - Larry Campbell added CURLINFO_OS_ERRNO to curl_easy_getinfo()
	  that allows an   app to retrieve the errno variable after a
	  (connect) failure. It will make   sense to provide this for more
	  failures in a more generic way, but let's   start like this.

2004-09-30 22:50  bagder

	* lib/sendf.h: killed trailing whitespace

2004-09-30 21:50  bagder

	* CHANGES, include/curl/multi.h: Günter Knauf and Casey O'Donnell
	  worked out an extra #if condition for the curl/multi.h header to
	  work better in winsock-using apps.

2004-09-30 21:46  bagder

	* CHANGES, buildconf: Jean-Philippe Barrette-LaPierre made
	  buildconf run better on Mac OS X by properly using glibtoolize
	  instead of plain libtoolize. (This is made if glibtool was found
	  and used instead of plain libtool.)

2004-09-30 16:38  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: --max-redirs is _not_ -Z

2004-09-30 14:20  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: 48 - Harshal Pradhan's isspace() fix for 8bit
	  cookie content

2004-09-30 13:41  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: issue 47 - Peter Sylvester's patch related to the
	  new SRP on the TLS layer

2004-09-30 13:38  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: fix the multi.h too

2004-09-30 10:01  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: added issue 45 "Chris' suspected race condition in
	  the windows threaded resolver"

2004-09-30 09:59  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: added five things I want fixed before the next

2004-09-29 09:21  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: Fixed an error message: we use CWD, we don't cd into
	  dirs with FTP

2004-09-29 00:26  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/easy.c: Bertrand Demiddelaer fixed
	  curl_easy_reset() so that it doesn't mistakingly enable the
	  progress meter.

2004-09-29 00:19  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_init.c: - Henrik Stoerner fix: got a report
	  that Tru64 Unix (the unix from Digital   when they made Alpha's)
	  uses /etc/svc.conf for the purpose fixed below for   other OSes.
	  He made c-ares check for and understand it if present.

	  - Now c-ares will use local host name lookup _before_ DNS
	  resolving by default	 if nothing else is told.

2004-09-29 00:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: recent stuff

2004-09-29 00:04  bagder

	* made pkg-config not get used if a path is given
	  with --with-ssl

2004-09-28 09:11  bagder

	* lib/url.c: Only active the engine code if ssl is enabled. This is
	  how the actual engine member in the struct is used.

2004-09-27 00:35  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_init.c: - Henrik Stoerner: found out that
	  C-ARES does not look at the /etc/host.conf   file to determine
	  the sequence in which to search /etc/hosts and DNS.  So on
	  systems where this order is defined by /etc/host.conf instead of
	  a "lookup"   entry in /etc/resolv.conf, C-ARES will always
	  default to looking in DNS   first, and /etc/hosts second.

	    c-ares now looks at

	    1) resolv.conf (for the "lookup" line);
	    2) nsswitch.fon (for the "hosts:" line);
	    3) host.conf (for the "order" line).

	    First match wins.

2004-09-26 20:20  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES, ares_gethostbyaddr.c, ares_gethostbyname.c,
	  ares_private.h: Dominick Meglio host file path discovery patch
	  for windows

2004-09-26 08:53  bagder

	* lib/ldap.c: Ben Greear's minor fix to build (better) with
	  cross-compiled(?) mingw

2004-09-25 23:28  bagder

	* lib/url.c: allow setting CURLOPT_SSLENGINE to NULL even if no SSL
	  engine is supported

2004-09-22 20:23  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: Dan Fandrich patched three tests

2004-09-22 20:21  bagder

	* tests/: data/test503, data/test504, data/test509,
	  libtest/lib509.c: Dan Fandrich's fix to use instead of
	  localhost to not depend on it resolving nicely

2004-09-22 14:54  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Jean-Claude Chauve is a friend!

2004-09-22 14:53  bagder

	* CHANGES: typo

2004-09-22 10:01  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/ldap.c: jean-claude Chauve fixed an
	  LDAP bug

2004-09-20 15:21  bagder

	* lib/parsedate.c: less long => int implicit conversion warnings

2004-09-20 01:30  gknauf

	* lib/: Makefile.b32, Makefile.netware: removed getdate.c hack.

2004-09-20 00:37  bagder

	* docs/LICENSE-MIXING: added URL to the exception paragraph in the

2004-09-19 16:30  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: the error message fix for failed connects

2004-09-19 16:28  bagder

	* lib/strerror.c: kill trailing whitespace and clarify a few errors

2004-09-19 16:27  bagder

	* lib/connect.c: set an error message when connection fails

2004-09-17 09:55  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: Location:-follow problem

2004-09-17 00:10  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: one more option, one more friend

2004-09-16 23:45  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3,
	  include/curl/curl.h, lib/ftp.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h: Added

2004-09-16 23:28  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/transfer.c, tests/data/,
	  tests/data/test187: Location: problem with bad original URL,
	  identified in bug report #1029478

2004-09-16 16:26  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_share_cleanup.3: Bertrand Demiddelaer's

2004-09-16 10:45  bagder

	* docs/curl.1: ftp-ssl mistake corrected

2004-09-15 10:07  bagder

	* buildconf.bat, tests/ no more getdate.c to care about

2004-09-15 10:05  bagder

	* lib/Makefile.vc6: fixed to use the new file. Can we make this use somehow?

2004-09-15 09:31  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1: the new date parser affects -z

2004-09-15 09:28  bagder

	* CHANGES,, docs/libcurl/curl_getdate.3,
	  lib/, lib/, lib/getdate.c.cvs,
	  lib/getdate.h, lib/getdate.y, lib/parsedate.c: Replaced the
	  former date parser with a rewrite. No more yacc/bison needed.

2004-09-14 23:31  bagder

	* ares/.cvsignore: ignore more

2004-09-13 22:49  bagder

	* lib/parsedate.c: and moved back the month array to a static one
	  since the ftp code won't need it anymore

2004-09-13 22:48  bagder

	* lib/parsedate.h: removed this file again, we only provide a
	  single public function and that is already in the public header

2004-09-13 22:47  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: no longer includes getdate.h, there's no need for

2004-09-13 22:47  bagder

	* lib/cookie.c: getdate.h is not required to include, it adds
	  nothing new

2004-09-13 22:43  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: revert the change for the new date parser, as the new
	  one can deal with the old format now

2004-09-13 22:40  bagder

	* lib/parsedate.c: support for YYYYMMDD added, which allows us to
	  keep using the lib/ftp.c code I was previously #ifdef'ing to a
	  different look when this parser is used

2004-09-13 09:57  bagder

	* lib/parsedate.c: added more examples/docs in the top comment

2004-09-13 09:45  bagder

	* lib/parsedate.c: Since many users probably already use local time
	  strings as input, I now made it deal with named time zones as
	  well as mail-style +0200 ones.

	  Seems to work fine. I'm comparing with GNU date command:

	  date -d [date] -u +%s

2004-09-12 20:27  bagder

	* docs/SSLCERTS: describes how you can extract the CA cert from a
	  site using the openssl tool

2004-09-11 22:06  bagder

	* CHANGES: Added parsedate.[ch]

2004-09-11 22:06  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: mention more friends

2004-09-11 21:19  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c: Minor adjustment needed for the new date parser to
	  succeed. ifdef'ed out for now.

2004-09-11 21:16  bagder

	* lib/parsedate.c: more docs and fixed the delta compared to GMT
	  that prevented test case 141 to work with this

2004-09-11 21:12  bagder

	* tests/data/: test31, test506, test61, test77, test78: 1. cookie
	  expire-strings MUST use GMT timezones 2. adjusted date strings to
	  upcoming date parser rewrite

2004-09-11 15:07  bagder

	* lib/parsedate.c: slightly better but still lacks

2004-09-11 11:24  bagder

	* lib/: parsedate.c, parsedate.h: getdate replacement code.
	  smaller, slicker, faster.

2004-09-10 23:47  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/curl.1, src/main.c,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test186: fixed -F to support
	  setting type= even on parts that aren't file-uploads

2004-09-10 23:46  bagder

	* include/curl/curl.h: minor indent change

2004-09-10 23:13  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: up to date with recent changes

2004-09-10 22:58  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/http.c, lib/url.c, lib/urldata.h,
	  tests/data/, tests/data/test184, tests/data/test185: -
	  Bug report #1025986. When following a Location: with a custom
	  Host: header	 replacement, curl only replaced the Host: header
	  on the initial request   and didn't replace it on the following
	  ones. This resulted in requests with	 two Host: headers.

	    Now, curl checks if the location is on the same host as the
	  initial request
	    and then continues to replace the Host: header. And when it
	  moves to another
	    host, it doesn't replace the Host: header but it also doesn't
	  make the
	    second Host: header get used in the request.

	    This change is verified by the two new test cases 184 and 185.

2004-09-09 08:58  bagder

	* docs/TODO: curl --sync

2004-09-08 10:08  bagder

	* tests/:, data/test1, data/test10, data/test11,
	  data/test12, data/test13, data/test14, data/test15, data/test150,
	  data/test151, data/test152, data/test153, data/test154,
	  data/test155, data/test156, data/test157, data/test158,
	  data/test159, data/test16, data/test160, data/test162,
	  data/test163, data/test164, data/test165, data/test166,
	  data/test167, data/test168, data/test169, data/test17,
	  data/test170, data/test171, data/test172, data/test173,
	  data/test174, data/test175, data/test176, data/test177,
	  data/test178, data/test179, data/test18, data/test180,
	  data/test181, data/test183, data/test2, data/test22, data/test23,
	  data/test24, data/test25, data/test26, data/test27, data/test28,
	  data/test29, data/test3, data/test30, data/test300, data/test301,
	  data/test302, data/test303, data/test304, data/test305,
	  data/test306, data/test31, data/test32, data/test33, data/test34,
	  data/test36, data/test37, data/test38, data/test39, data/test4,
	  data/test40, data/test41, data/test42, data/test43, data/test44,
	  data/test45, data/test46, data/test47, data/test48, data/test49,
	  data/test5, data/test50, data/test500, data/test501,
	  data/test503, data/test506, data/test508, data/test509,
	  data/test51, data/test510, data/test512, data/test513,
	  data/test514, data/test52, data/test53, data/test54, data/test55,
	  data/test56, data/test57, data/test58, data/test59, data/test6,
	  data/test60, data/test61, data/test62, data/test63, data/test64,
	  data/test65, data/test66, data/test67, data/test68, data/test69,
	  data/test7, data/test70, data/test71, data/test72, data/test73,
	  data/test74, data/test75, data/test76, data/test77, data/test78,
	  data/test79, data/test8, data/test80, data/test81, data/test82,
	  data/test83, data/test84, data/test85, data/test86, data/test87,
	  data/test88, data/test89, data/test9, data/test90, data/test91,
	  data/test92, data/test93, data/test94, data/test95, data/test97,
	  data/test98, data/test99, libtest/lib509.c: Now the test servers
	  and test cases can run on a custom port number. There's no fixed
	  port numbers in use anymore. Starting now, the default ports the
	  servers use are 8990 - 8993. There's no option to modify these
	  yet, but changing the $base option in the top of the

2004-09-03 20:51  gknauf

	* ares/Makefile.netware, lib/Makefile.netware,
	  src/Makefile.netware: fixed nasty warnings with gcc 3.3.

2004-09-02 23:05  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3: clarify CURLE_SSL_CERTPROBLEM

2004-09-02 23:03  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.c: improved error message when client cert return

2004-09-02 22:42  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_formadd.3: use the correct struct name in the

2004-09-01 14:05  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: added more info on the nobody

2004-09-01 11:25  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: minor edit of HTTPGET

2004-09-01 11:24  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: fix formatting flaw

2004-08-31 08:04  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/multi.c: fix the return code for

2004-08-31 08:03  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/: curl_easy_strerror.3, curl_multi_strerror.3,
	  curl_share_strerror.3: mention when the function was added to the

2004-08-30 17:02  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: proxy connection close and so

2004-08-30 17:02  bagder

	* CHANGES: proxy-connection close

2004-08-30 16:22  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: removed issue 36 from this list, we don't know how
	  to do it and no one has stepped forward to help us. Let's
	  postpone that fix.

2004-08-30 14:51  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: Make "Proxy-Connection: close" close the current
	  proxy connection, as Roman Koifman found out.

2004-08-30 11:16  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: getdate fix, adacurl release

2004-08-30 11:16  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: mention Gisle's recent fixes

2004-08-29 17:40  giva

	* ares/vc/areslib/: areslib.dsp, areslib.mak:
	  Removed ares_free_errmem.c from MSCV project files.  Fixed
	  line-endings to CR-LF.

2004-08-27 09:17  bagder

	* docs/TODO: updated with minor edits

2004-08-27 09:04  bagder

	* docs/TODO: don't do SO_KEEPALIVE, we already have a finer grained
	  method built-in

2004-08-26 15:26  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: added some more details

2004-08-25 13:21  bagder

	* CHANGES: getdate and new test cases from yday

2004-08-25 13:18  bagder

	* docs/HOWTO-RELEASE: not accurate anymore anyway

2004-08-25 10:09  bagder

	* docs/SSLCERTS: Frankie V's description on how to get a CA cert
	  for a random site using IE

2004-08-24 22:36  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_getinfo.3: returned memory should not be

2004-08-24 16:40  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test183: added test 183 to verify that
	  we properly send good Host: headers when getting multiple URLs
	  over a single proxy connection

2004-08-24 13:48  bagder

	* lib/ Attempt to quick-fix the getdate problem by
	  post-replacing the getdate.c file after the bison/yacc process to
	  add the fix Harshal Pradhan suggested.

2004-08-24 11:23  bagder

	* tests/ prevent files named ".nfs[something]" from
	  being displayed when failing

2004-08-23 17:28  bagder

	* lib/getdate.c.cvs: updated in CVS, generated with a much newer
	  bison version

2004-08-23 16:46  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_formadd.3: Expect: 100-continue info added

2004-08-23 16:41  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: added note about WRITEFUNCTION
	  now being called with zero bytes if the file to be transfered is

2004-08-23 16:41  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test182: verify that transferring a
	  zero byte FTP file results in a zero byte local file

2004-08-23 16:40  bagder

	* tests/: FILEFORMAT,, Provide support
	  for "transferring" zero bytes FTP files and comparing that the
	  output file actually is zero bytes after the transfer.

2004-08-23 16:22  bagder

	* docs/examples/: ftpget.c, postit2.c, simple.c: stripped trailing

2004-08-23 16:22  bagder

	* docs/examples/post-callback.c: lost of more into on how to tweak
	  some headers

2004-08-23 16:22  bagder

	* docs/examples/:, debug.c: debug.c is a fresh new
	  example showing how to use the DEBUGFUNCTION to get lots of fine
	  info from a transfer

2004-08-23 16:04  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: added more header info for PUT
	  and POST requests

2004-08-23 14:34  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/http.c, tests/data/, tests/data/test180,
	  tests/data/test181: Roman Koifman pointed out that libcurl send
	  Expect: 100-continue on POSTs and PUTs even when told to use HTTP
	  1.0, which is not correct.

2004-08-20 16:10  giva

	* ares/: ares_gethostbyaddr.c, ares_gethostbyname.c,
	  ares_mkquery.c, ares_parse_a_reply.c, ares_parse_ptr_reply.c:
	  More patches for Watt-32 on Win32; don't include "nameser.h".

2004-08-20 16:07  giva

	* ares/ares_process.c: No WSAGetLastError() on Watt-32/DOS

2004-08-20 15:48  giva

	* ares/setup.h: No <sys/uio.h> on DOS/Win32

2004-08-20 15:45  giva

	* ares/: ares.h, ares__close_sockets.c, ares__get_hostent.c,
	  ares_expand_name.c, ares_expand_string.c, ares_fds.c,
	  ares_free_hostent.c, ares_init.c, ares_private.h, ares_process.c,
	  ares_query.c, ares_search.c, ares_send.c, ares_timeout.c,
	  nameser.h, setup.h, windows_port.c: Changes for Watt-32 on
	  Windows. I've assumed Configure sets the required HAVE_xx defines
	  for non-DOS/Win targets.

2004-08-20 14:09  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/KNOWN_BUGS, lib/transfer.c:
	  Alexander Krasnostavsky made the write callback get called even
	  when a zero byte file is downloaded.

2004-08-20 12:52  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: socks proxy and timeouts bug

2004-08-20 11:18  bagder

	* lib/hostip6.c: actually, we check for a numerical host using
	  either ipv4 or ipv6, as neither should result in a reverse dns

2004-08-20 11:11  bagder

	* lib/hostip6.c: use inet_pton() correctly!

2004-08-19 17:24  giva

	* ares/ ZLIB_ROOT not needed

2004-08-19 17:16  giva

	* ares/ My first CVS commit just to see if this works.
	  BTW. Used eclipse IDE fo this, which really kicks ass.

2004-08-19 11:37  bagder

	* lib/inet_pton.c: simplified expression

2004-08-19 08:44  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, lib/hostip6.c: Ling Thio pointed out that
	  getaddrinfo() reverse-lookups ip-only names, and this is an
	  attempt to prevent it from doing that. affects ipv6-enabled only.

2004-08-19 08:41  bagder

	* the autobuilds failed all over on AIX, attempt to
	  fix the strerror_r() problem by setting _THREAD_SAFE (and
	  -qthreaded) before strerror_r() is checked for.

2004-08-19 08:31  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: reuse handles in PHP/CURL works - Kirk Hedden told us

2004-08-18 13:18  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: PHP FAQ

2004-08-18 08:12  bagder

	* lib/inet_pton.c: indented the code curl-style

2004-08-17 21:46  bagder

	* include/curl/multi.h: removed trailing whitespace

2004-08-17 14:39  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_init.3: see also the reset function

2004-08-17 14:37  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: mention the reset function

2004-08-17 14:00  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/file.c: Kjetil Jacobsen reported an open file leak
	  in file:// transfers of empty files.

2004-08-17 12:47  bagder

	* added a check for the xlc compiler on AIX, and if
	  that is detect we use the -qthreaded compiler option

2004-08-17 11:00  bagder

	* define _THREAD_SAFE on (recent) AIX systems to
	  build thread-safe code

2004-08-17 08:56  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: recent fixes

2004-08-16 15:25  bagder

	* lib/: http.c, url.c: allow a custom "Accept-Encoding:" header
	  override the internally set one that gets set with

2004-08-16 15:24  bagder

	* lib/content_encoding.h: strip trailing whitespace

2004-08-16 13:09  gknauf

	* lib/libcurl.imp: syncronized with libcurl.def.

2004-08-16 13:09  gknauf

	* lib/libcurl.def: cosmetic fix.

2004-08-16 12:49  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: summary edit: mention that some
	  options take a curl_off_t

2004-08-16 09:24  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/http.c, tests/data/, tests/data/test179:
	  Roland Krikava's cookies over proxy fix.

2004-08-15 00:03  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.vc6: fixed linkage dll targets. (submitted by Casey

2004-08-13 14:06  bagder

	* docs/TODO: added two good ideas

2004-08-13 14:01  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: mention Harshal Pradhan's windows fix

2004-08-13 14:00  bagder

	* ares/ares_init.c: Harshal Pradhan made minor syntax change to
	  make this build with MSVC 7.1

2004-08-13 13:56  bagder

	* docs/INSTALL: removed the ispell-added local word, compressed the
	  final links into a short section

2004-08-13 13:53  bagder

	  docs/INSTALL: strip trailing whitespace

2004-08-13 13:47  bagder

	* README: spell

2004-08-12 16:09  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: Added "5.9 How does libcurl resolve host names?" since
	  I wrote the text in a mail anyway the other day.

2004-08-12 16:08  bagder

	* docs/FEATURES: updated with recent changes

2004-08-12 13:39  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: hm

2004-08-12 13:02  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: 3.16 What certificates do I need with I use SSL?

	  my first attempt at a basic description of the certs involvede

2004-08-12 09:01  bagder

	* docs/examples/simplessl.c: removed trailing whitespace, indented
	  to curl-style levels

2004-08-12 08:30  bagder

	* Removed the _XOPEN_SOURCE defining again since it
	  caused major havoc in IRIX land with many warnings and even
	  compiler errors due to missing structs etc

2004-08-11 13:18  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: --disable-[protocol] doesn't disable tests of
	  the specific protocol

2004-08-11 10:44  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-errors.3: clarify that
	  CURLE_FTP_USER_PASSWORD_INCORRECT might in fact get returned even
	  if user and password are correct

2004-08-11 10:39  bagder

	* CHANGES, lib/ftp.c: include the server response in the error
	  message when an FTP server gives back a 530 after the password is
	  provided, as it isn't necessary because of a bad user name or

2004-08-11 09:25  bagder

	* define the _XOPEN_SOURCE define in the config.h
	  file instead, and also added a decent quote about the define,
	  taken from

2004-08-11 09:14  bagder

	* fixed the default result for xopen and mimpure to
	  work better

2004-08-11 09:11  bagder

	* experimental code to detect mips-sgi-irix systems
	  that build without gcc and if so, define _XOPEN_SOURCE to 500 in
	  an attempt to build with less warnings (on the 64bit versions)

2004-08-11 08:42  bagder

	* docs/BINDINGS: added several recent bindings

2004-08-10 15:22  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_setopt.3: updated the CURLOPT_POST
	  description after input from Alan Pinstein

2004-08-10 15:21  bagder

	* lib/url.c: Ok, setting CURLOPT_POST to 0 will now convert the
	  request to a GET (this remains undocumented as this is not the
	  way we recommend)

2004-08-10 14:41  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: minor reformat to suit the new FAQ parser

2004-08-10 12:43  bagder

	* lib/.cvsignore: ignore curllib.dsp

2004-08-10 12:43  bagder

	* ares/.cvsignore: ignore more files

2004-08-10 12:40  bagder

	* include/curl/curlver.h: 7.12.2 work in progress

2004-08-10 10:56  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: and we're back on a clean notes sheet again

2004-08-10 10:42  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES, docs/HISTORY: 7.12.1 notes

2004-08-10 10:41  bagder

	* docs/FAQ: added "5.8 open failed: No such file or
	  directory" and made some general cleanups

2004-08-10 10:06  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.c: In OpenSSL 0.9.7d and earlier, ASN1_STRING_to_UTF8
	  fails if the input is already UTF-8 encoded. We check for this
	  case and copy the raw string manually to avoid the problem. This
	  code can be made conditional in the future when OpenSSL has been
	  fixed. Work-around brought by Alexis S. L. Carvalho.

2004-08-10 08:41  bagder

	* lib/ftp.c, lib/progress.c, lib/transfer.c, src/main.c: more
	  typecasts to please picky compilers

2004-08-09 15:13  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: version string, krb4 link fix, added number of web
	  mirrors and libcurl bindings

2004-08-09 14:39  bagder

	* docs/TODO: GSS/Kerberos 5 for ftp

2004-08-09 14:36  bagder

	* docs/TODO: added info about my current idea about option
	  separation between URLs on the command line

2004-08-09 14:18  bagder

	* TODO-RELEASE: adding notes for 7.12.2 now, 7.12.1 is removed due
	  to release ANY DAY NOW

2004-08-09 14:15  bagder

	* docs/KNOWN_BUGS: --negotiate does not work without
	  username/password, bug report #1004841

2004-08-09 12:06  bagder

	* the krb4 stuff needs -lcom_err to link now, for
	  some odd reason. This is possibly only on some platforms, but it
	  happens on my Solaris 2.7 box and I don't know anyone else that
	  regularly build curl with krb4 support.

2004-08-09 10:29  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: typecast the assigment of an unsigned variable to
	  a signed one to prevent picky warnings

2004-08-09 10:28  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: ->fread() should get a size_t variable passed in

2004-08-09 10:25  bagder

	* lib/telnet.c: made telrcv() take a ssize_t argument instead of
	  int to better match other functions (and prevent warnings)

2004-08-09 09:02  bagder

	* docs/SSLCERTS: mention the new cool CA extraction way just

2004-08-06 19:44  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: new web mirror

2004-08-05 20:55  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: negotiate fix and new glib/GTK+ binding

2004-08-05 20:52  bagder

	* lib/http_negotiate.c: Enrico Scholz fixed the service name to be
	  uppercase as reported in bug report #1004105

2004-08-04 15:12  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: multi-connect fix and cookie domain fix

2004-08-04 14:38  bagder

	* lib/connect.c: Fixed multiple IP connects with the multi
	  interface. This fix is influenced by Gisle Vanem's patch, only
	  modified by me.

2004-08-04 14:26  bagder

	* lib/cookie.c: Dylan Salisbury's fix to prevent us from accepting
	  cookies from TLD only

2004-07-31 22:47  bagder

	* RELEASE-NOTES: borland is already mentioned

2004-07-31 21:47  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/curl_easy_reset.3: mention this is new

2004-07-31 21:46  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/index.html: link to reset as well

2004-07-31 21:46  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/:, curl_easy_reset.3: curl_easy_reset()

2004-07-31 21:23  bagder


2004-07-31 09:36  bagder

	* lib/http_digest.c: Joel Chen reported that we assumed content
	  within quotes a bit too much in the digest code. This fixes it.

2004-07-29 10:06  bagder

	* lib/url.c: prevent all the sig and alarm stuff when using ares

2004-07-29 09:48  bagder

	* lib/telnet.c: fix a mingw32 build warning

2004-07-29 09:37  bagder

	* tests/ mingw32 builds make .a libs

2004-07-29 09:34  bagder

	* lib/ssluse.c: added typecast in an attempt to fix a mingw32

2004-07-29 09:30  bagder

	* lib/sendf.c: additional typecasts to please MIPSPro on 64bit IRIX

2004-07-29 09:29  bagder

	* include/curl/easy.h: oops, curl_easy_reset is a void

2004-07-29 09:24  bagder

	* ares/ares_process.c: variable type fix

2004-07-29 09:20  bagder

	* include/curl/easy.h: provide a curl_easy_reset() proto

2004-07-29 09:19  bagder

	* ares/windows_port.c: removed C++ comment to please picky source

2004-07-29 00:00  bagder


2004-07-28 23:40  bagder

	* lib/libcurl.def: curl_easy_reset was added

2004-07-28 23:27  bagder

	* lib/url.c: Bertrand Demiddelaer fixed the host name to get setup
	  properly even when a connection is re-used, when a proxy is in

2004-07-28 23:13  bagder

	* lib/http.c: Fixes Brian Akins' reported problems with duplicate
	  Host: headers on re-used connections.

2004-07-28 20:40  bagder

	* src/ use and make it get included in
	  dist archives

2004-07-28 20:40  bagder

	* src/ renamed CURL_HEADERS, since it is a magic
	  automake name we must not use

2004-07-26 17:45  bagder

	* tests/ Bertrand Demiddelaer made the testing work
	  with valgrind 2.1

2004-07-26 17:42  bagder

	* lib/cookie.c: Bertrand Demiddelaer fixed two missing newlines

2004-07-26 17:30  bagder

	* CHANGES: -o #[num] fix

2004-07-26 11:11  bagder

	* src/urlglob.c: using #[num] with -o now make it literally used if
	  there's no globbing for that particular index. Reported in bug
	  report 997536.

2004-07-26 11:09  bagder

	* src/writeout.c: removed trailing whitespace

2004-07-25 08:03  bagder

	* tests/ libs built with libtool are named .la in the
	  build dir

2004-07-24 23:51  bagder

	* ares/CHANGES: --enable-debug builds static only, Gisle fixed a
	  memory leak and more

2004-07-24 23:47  bagder

	* ares/: ares_process.c, nameser.h, setup.h, windows_port.c: Gisle

	  Basically in loops like handle_errors(), 'query->next' was
	  assigned a local variable and then query was referenced after the
	  memory was freed by next_server(). I've changed that so
	  next_server() and end_query() returns the next query. So callers
	  should use this ret-value.

	  The next problem was that 'server->tcp_buffer_pos' had a random
	  value at entry to 1st recv() (luckily causing Winsock to return

	  I've also added a ares_writev() for Windows to streamline the
	  code a bit more.

2004-07-24 23:43  bagder

	* CHANGES: autobuilds with ares and curl_easy_reset()

2004-07-24 23:31  bagder

	* include/curl/easy.h, lib/easy.c: curl_easy_reset() added. Need
	  testing and docs. I also think we should make the initial setting
	  up the struct should use this single function to avoid having the
	  initialisation code at two places.

2004-07-24 23:29  bagder

	* AM_PROG_LIBTOOL is deprecated and AC_PROG_LIBTOOL
	  should be used instead

2004-07-24 23:24  bagder

	* tests/ if --enable-ares is used, we must run
	  'buildconf' in the ares dir before we run configure.

2004-07-24 23:22  bagder

	* ares/ --enable-debug now makes the lib built static
	  only since otherwise we get problems

2004-07-24 08:29  bagder

	* ares/maketgz: generate the new configure better

2004-07-23 20:34  bagder

	* ares/ now generated by automake

2004-07-23 00:23  bagder

	* CVS-INFO: buildconf and memanalyze are parts of the plain release

2004-07-23 00:22  bagder

	* Added buildconf buildconf.bat to the dist

2004-07-23 00:22  bagder

	* refer bug reports to the mailing lists, not the old
	  email alias

2004-07-23 00:20  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: recent activities

2004-07-23 00:18  bagder

	* ares/: CHANGES,,,, NEWS,
	  adig.c, ahost.c, ares__close_sockets.c, ares__get_hostent.c,
	  ares__read_line.c, ares_cancel.c, ares_destroy.c,
	  ares_expand_name.c, ares_expand_string.c, ares_fds.c,
	  ares_free_hostent.c, ares_free_string.c, ares_gethostbyaddr.c,
	  ares_gethostbyname.c, ares_init.c, ares_mkquery.c,
	  ares_parse_a_reply.c, ares_parse_ptr_reply.c, ares_private.h,
	  ares_process.c, ares_query.c, ares_search.c, ares_send.c,
	  ares_strerror.c, ares_timeout.c, ares_version.c, buildconf,
	  config.guess, config.sub,, maketgz, setup.h,
	  windows_port.c: - Fixed a few variable return types for some
	  system calls. Made configure	 check for ssize_t to make it
	  possible to use that when receiving the send()   error code. This
	  is necessary to prevent compiler warnings on some systems.

	  - Made configure create config.h, and all source files now
	  include setup.h that	 might include the proper config.h (or a
	  handicrafted alternative).

	  - Switched to 'ares_socket_t' type for sockets in ares, since
	  Windows don't   use 'int' for that.

	  - automake-ified and libool-ified c-ares. Now it builds libcares
	  as a shared	lib on most platforms if wanted. (This bloated the
	  size of the release	archive with another 200K!)

	  - now uses for the c sources, h headers
	  and man   pages, to make it easier for other makefiles to use the
	  exact same set of   files.

	  - Adjusted 'maketgz' to use the new automake magic when building
	  distribution	 archives.

2004-07-17 10:24  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-multi.3: the multi interface is not so new

2004-07-17 10:22  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-multi.3: minor format fix

2004-07-16 23:01  bagder

	* lib/transfer.c: deal with negative Content-Length: headers by
	  ignoring the info

2004-07-16 23:00  bagder

	* tests/data/:, test178: test downloading from a server
	  claiming negative content-length

2004-07-16 12:14  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.b32.resp: removed Makefile.b32.resp from repository.

2004-07-16 11:23  gknauf

	* lib/ removed Makefile.b32.resp from the list.

2004-07-16 11:20  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.b32: changed to use a temporary response file with
	  tlib to give W9x a chance to build; looks ugly but works fine.

2004-07-16 00:20  gknauf

	* Makefile.dist: added borland-ssl and borland-ssl-zlib targets.

2004-07-15 23:54  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.b32: fixed zlib suport.

2004-07-15 23:51  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.b32: some more tweaks, fixed zlib suport.

2004-07-15 21:36  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.b32: added just another switch.

2004-07-15 20:17  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.b32: removed old CXXFLAGS; added switch to suppress
	  linker banner.

2004-07-15 19:21  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.b32: removed unneeded libs from linking.

2004-07-15 11:03  bagder

	* CHANGES, RELEASE-NOTES: recent activities

2004-07-15 04:34  gknauf

	* tests/ added Borland support.

2004-07-15 04:09  gknauf

	* src/Makefile.b32: made OpenSSL support conditional.

2004-07-15 03:59  gknauf

	* lib/Makefile.b32: made OpenSSL support conditional; removed ugly
	  dependence on Makefile.b32.resp.

2004-07-15 03:08  gknauf

	* lib/config-win32.h: Gisle's fix to support Borland builds again.

2004-07-14 17:33  bagder

	* docs/libcurl-the-guide: now known as libcurl-tutorial.3

2004-07-14 17:32  bagder

	* docs/libcurl/libcurl-tutorial.3: Jason Nye pointed out that
	  callbacks don't need to use the "C namespace"

2004-07-14 16:20  bagder