libcurl-version.xcconfig   [plain text]

// The settings in this file should be updated with the utmost caution.
// See radar:13158726 for additional discusion.

// For compatibility reasons, we must continue to ship libcurl.4.dylib with
// compatibility version 7.0.0. This differs from upstream, which has
// compatibility version 8.0.0 as of release 7.28.1. The libtool versioning
// system bumps compatibility version when API is added, which is not correct
// on our platform. Once an actual incompatible change is made upstream
// (hopefully never), the library version will increase to 5, which may
// require us to ship a legacy curl along with the latest version. Until
// then, we should be able to safely keep the following two settings.

// The current version is less important, and can probably match upstream.