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CREDITS.txt - 04/26/2003

Few projects are completed by one person, and CUPS is no exception.  We'd
like to thank the following individuals for their contributions:

    Nathaniel Barbour   - Lots of testing and feedback.
    N. Becker           - setsid().
    Jean-Eric Cuendet   - GhostScript filters for CUPS.
    Van Dang            - HTTP and IPP policeman.
    L. Peter Deutsch    - MD5 code.
    Dr. ZP Han          - setgid()/setuid().
    Guy Harris          - *BSD shared libraries and lots of other fixes.
    Bjoern Jacke        - I18N stuff.
    Wang Jian           - CUPS RPM corrections.
    Roderick Johnstone  - Beta tester of the millenium.
    Till Kamppeter      - Bug fixes, beta testing, evangelism.
    Kiko                - Bug fixes.
    Sergey V. Kovalyov  - ESP Print Pro and CUPS beta tester.
    Mark Lawrence       - Microsoft interoperability testing.
    Jeff Licquia        - Bug fixes, beta testing, evangelism.
    Jason McMullan      - Original CUPS RPM distributions.
    Wes Morgan          - *BSD fixes.
    Ulrich Oldendorf    - German locale.
    Giulio Orsero       - Bug fixes and testing.
    Kurt Pfeifle        - Bug fixes, beta testing, evangelism.
    Gilles QUERRET      - French man pages.
    Petter Reinholdtsen - HP-UX compiler stuff.
    Stuart Stevens      - HP JetDirect IPP information.
    Andrea Suatoni      - IRIX desktop integration and testing.

If I've missed someone, please let me know by sending an email to