TODO   [plain text]

- Autoconf/Automake setup
- Add --help option
- In a screen with more than 25 lines extend the selectable options
  to fill the gap

- Apply added capability from osr5 codebase

- Display the current case mode (^C) onscreen

- Change to full screen target display and use bottom line for command,
    control or fn keys for operations (cf pine)

- emacs like key bindings
    ^S for searching (^Y)
    Up/dwn Arrow support Next/Prev field. ??
    Inline editing on Input fields ( ??^B/^F )
    ^X^C to quit ( ^Q ??)

- Switch(-R) to recursively build cscope Database from cwd down 
(default filename pattern if not specified or cmdline filename ptn otherwise)

Same capabilities as interactive in non interactive (one shot) mode

Provide some how-do-I-use-this-thing doc.