INSTALL   [plain text]


This program's build procedure is fairly standard.  Try:

	make install

Options to the configure script are up to you.  For details, run:

	./configure --help

Please report build problems at:

(yes, even non-Linux problems).


- Try to use flex as the lexical analyzer.  There may be some problems
  with using the native lex (due to some problems).  The has been
  reported as a problem on Solaris.

- On Linux systems (and possibly others) configure may fail if lex is
  a synomyn for flex.  To fix, do the following:

	make distclean
	./configure --with-flex

- On HP-UX 10.20, the default version of curses was observed to be
  broken.  Get their "cumulative libHcurses patch" (patch PHCO_10947)
  and then compile like this, to work around that bug:

	make CURSES_LIBS=-lHcurses

  Also on other versions of HP-UX, if the build fails at link time with
  errors like:

	/usr/ccs/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
	initscr (code)
	wstandend (code)

  you should delete the file, "config.cache", and re-run configure with
  the option "--with-vcurses"; for example:

	./configure --with-vcurses

  Note, however, that you should never see this if you build using
  "make CURSES_LIBS=-lHcurses".

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