ChangeLog   [plain text]

(2001/07/02 - petrs)   Updated the contrib/README to include xcscope.
(2001/07/02 - petrs)   15.3 version name, man page update, README update.
                       Make dist includes webcscope directory.
(2001/06/29 - ragho)   webcscope added to contrib 
(2001/06/29 - broeker) Re-formatted README, and added a tip working around 
	               buggy libcurses on HP-UX 10.
(2001/06/29 - broeker) Oversight in packages/MSDOS/djmake.bat fixed.	
(2001/06/28 - darrylo) Updated xcscope.el to include GNU Emacs fixes and
		       fuzzy pattern matching.  Updated docs in xcscope.el.
(2001/06/28 - broeker) Added files in packages/MSDOS that help compiling
		       cscope on MSDOS using the DJGPP compiler.
(2001/06/28 - broeker) Add test for existence of <sys/termios.h> header,
		       to protect platforms that don't have it.
(2001/06/27 - broeker) Yet another set of automake/autoconf changes. 
                       Regenerated auto* files checked in, too. We are
		       'make distcheck' ready, now. Added 'ylwrap' to
(2001/06/26 - broeker) Changed lex/flex handling in automake/autoconf setup
	               to make 'make distcheck' work cleanly: added new
		       files scanner.h and lookup.h to list of sources. 
		       Made sure both scanner.l and fscanner.l end up in the
		       distribution tarball, as they should.  Removed some
		       quotes from definition of ACNU_DECL_YYTEXT in  which confused autoheader.
(2001/06/25 - broeker) Change handling of tag-less enums to same method as
	               used in fscanner.l since 2001/06/19.
(2001/06/25 - broeker) Fix SF bug #435535: two uses of yytext[] had been left 
	               over in fscanner.l, causing incorrect compression of
		       keywords #define and #include.
(2001/06/19 - broeker) More bugfixes and changes to flex scanner. Handling
	               of preprocessing directives treats whitespace and
		       garbage after the keyword more gently. It also avoids
		       treating lex patterns as preprocessing directives. And 
		       enum/struct/union definitions without a tag are no
		       longer written out to the database, which should help
		       to get rid of 'cannot get sourceline' error messages.
		       Also a new rule to compress whitespace sequences by
		       means of a flex rule (should to be faster than 
(2001/06/15 - broeker) Bugfix to flex scanner: comments after an #endif, 
	               without any whitespace in between, would be dumped
		       to stdout.
(2001/06/15 - broeker) Minor documentation glitch in manpage and online help
	               screen: set of keys to choose from matches found 
		       contains 0-9, not 1-9. 
(2001/06/01 - broeker) New version of fscanner.l, and lots of
	               small changes to other source files, too. Avoids
		       (ab)use of yytext[] as a temporary buffer by unrelated
		       pieces of code, and changes exported variables of the
		       scanned line from lex-internal yyleng and my_yyleng 
		       to my_yytext and my_yyleng. New header files scanner.h
		       and lookup.h. 
(2001/06/01 - broeker) Fix 64bit-related bug in invlib.c that caused the symbol
                       'sun' to not be found on DigitalUnix/Alpha platform.
(2001/05/30 - dixon) arrow and editing keys can be now used at the input line
(2001/05/30 - duell) invname database issue fix.
(2001/05/20 - garret)  Fixed some mishaps in ocs.
(2001/04/30 - broeker) Fixed signed char casting bug in dicode compression. 
	               Encapsulated dicode compression idioms into macros
(2001/04/26 - ogawa) Fix for posterr
(2001/04/26 - sorfa) Fixed a SIGSEGV in linemode in find.c. Thanks to OGAWA Hirofumi
                     for pointing out the problem.
(2001/04/24 - slutz) STMTMAX increased to 10000
(2001/03/29 - broeker) Some further MSDOS/DJGPP patches. Close file 
	               'refsfound' before unlinking it. Avoid calling curses
 	               function nonl().  Replace fork/exec/wait machinery in 
	               exec.c by call to lib function spawnvp().
(2001/03/28 - broeker) Added flex-able version of scanner.l to the project, as
	               file src/fscanner.l. Changed and 
		       src/ to use it if using 'flex'.
(2001/03/27 - broeker) Remove 'extern' declaration of yylval from
                       egrep.y:yylex(). It's not needed, as this is inside the
	               Yacc source itself, where the definition of yylval is
	               directly visible, and it causes problems by incompatible
	               redefinition on Alpha/DigitalUnix using yacc.
(2001/03/12 - broeker) Some minor changes for compiling cscope with DJGPP, the
	               MSDOG port of GCC. Mainly non-availability of some
		       Unix features like CLOSE_ON_EXEC for files, and SIGTSTP.
(2001/03/12 - broeker) Added 'b' flags and O_BINARY bits to all file-opening
                       calls for (potentially) binary data files, to allow 
		       cscope to work on DOS-style platforms. Moved vpopen()
		       and vpfopen() prototypes into vp.h.
(2001/03/12 - broeker) rename 'basename' to 'mybasename' --- avoid XPG4
                       name conflict
(2001/02/12 - duell) man page update for CSCOPE_* information
(2001/02/09 - duell & hull) Support for CSCOPE_EDITOR, CSCOPE_LINEFLAG and
(2001/02/09 - petrs) Updated version number to 15.2b (for beta)
(2001/02/09 - chuck & wilfredo) Darwin support
(2001/01/24 - petrs) Replaced new style C comments, i.e. //
(2000/12/12 - petrs) packages/cscope.spec has now no local directory
(2000/12/12 - petrs) contrib/ocs now checks that cscope is in $PATH
(2000/12/11 - frost) Safety feature in mypopen.c
(2000/11/28 - blank) More FreeBSD support
(2000/11/23 - broeker) Added check for snprintf() to
(2000/11/22 - petrs) Updated date to cscope.1 man page and retagged the file
(2000/11/22 - petrs) Tagged cvs tree as v15_1
(2000/11/21 - petrs) Added UnixWare 7 packaging scripts
(2000/11/20 - petrs) 15.1 version name, man page update, README update
(2000/10/09 - atrn) better FreeBSD support
(2000/10/02 - fritsch) better BeOS support
(2000/10/02 - salz) -i now accepts '-' for a list of files from stdio
(2000/09/19 - brent) fixed -R to handle similarly named files
(2000/05/31 - mascott) ncurses.h gets picked up correctly for FreeBSD
(2000/05/18 - hops) display errors via varargs posterr(ap, ..)
                    start changing sprintfs to snprintfs
                    buildonly not go into curses - set linemode 
                        - fixes buildonly coredump
                    explicitly initialise some booleans in main.c
                    handle error messages nicely - curses msgline2 line 
                    or stdout - using snprintf+posterr(buf). 
                    Clear msg2 line  on ^L command.c.
                    Support BS in getline()  input.c.
                    Add build support for contrib dir.
(2000/05/18 - broeker) move declarations of invlib.c functions to invlib.h,
                       from global.h
(2000/05/18 - broeker) it's 'myylineno', not 'yylineno'
(2000/05/18 - broeker) don't #include <config.h>, but "config.h" --
                       it's not a system header file, after all.
(2000/05/18 - broeker) don't #include "global.h" from egrep.y -- the
                       extern declaration for yylex() only confuses
                       it, and it doesn't need most of "global.h",
(2000/05/18 - broeker) no more 'extern' declaration in .c files -- they
                       belong into the headers. For now, most of them move to
(2000/05/18 - broeker) don't cast function pointers -- make all the
                       find*() function follow the same prototype,
                       instead. This affects their definitions, too.
(2000/05/17 - sharpe) progress bar, tab between line selection and option,
                      new support for more than nine line selections
(2000/05/15 - petr) version 15.0bl3 now, spec file change
(2000/05/10 - klausner) NetBSD current support
(2000/05/09 - petr) added packages directory and cscope.spec file
(2000/05/09 - broeker) alloc.c, invlib.c, invlib.h: initial 64bit support
(2000/05/05 - broeker) global.h, invlib.c: change return type of invterm to
(2000/05/05 - broeker) remove superfluous casts from and to type 'void *'
                       in calls to malloc() family of routines
(2000/05/04 - hops) configure: find flex libs in /usr/local, 
                    cmdline args to specify use of flex/lex, yacc/byacc/bison
(2000/05/03 - broeker) some code cleanup
(2000/05/03 - broeker) more code cleanup and -Wall warnings removal
(2000/05/03 - broeker) major code cleanup and fixing of memory leaks
(2000/05/03 - broeker) configure checks for vsnprintf
(2000/05/03 - petr) More than 9 select lines displays selection in uppercase
(2000/05/02 - petr) Added support for more than 9 select lines (up to 45)
                    temporary option -t enables this feature for testing
(2000/05/01 - petr) Updated (and configure) to handle UW7
(2000/04/28 - petr) Fixed another -q failure on large data
(2000/04/28 - petr) Fixed -q failure
(2000/04/27 - brent) Add support for 3 letter suffixes (currently .tcc)
(2000/04/27 - brent) Add -R option to recurse subdirectories
(2000/04/27 - petr) Changed version number to 15.0bl2
(2000/04/27 - uzi) Added autoconf and restructure directories
(2000/04/26 - petr) Tagged current source as v15_0_bl1 before autoconf support
(2000/04/26 - darrylo) minor fixs in crossref.c and scanner.l
(2000/04/26 - petr) changed spelling of psuedo to pseudo in scanner.l
(2000/04/26 - uzi) Changes in preparation of autoconf/automake setup
(2000/04/26 - uzi) Added k to terse args in cscope man page
(2000/04/25 - petr) Added h to terse args in cscope man page
(2000/04/25 - petr) Fixed build break with flex
(2000/04/25 - petr) Added better support for non-flex lex
(2000/04/22 - uzi) Added -h option, long usage help screen.
(2000/04/22 - uzi) Added -c and -k support to cscope.files config file.
(2000/04/22 - uzi) Added Makefile for Solaris and support for Delete key
(2000/04/21 - hops) Changes for osr5 and uw7 builds, add contrib dir
(2000/04/21 - petr) Created new build directory with system specific makefiles
(2000/04/20 - uzi) -k kernel option and code clean up (from K&R C to ANSI C)
(2000/04/20 - edgar) prevention of cscope.out corruption and correct dboffset calulation
(2000/04/20 - martin) Use 'env LC_ALL=C sort' rather than 'LC_ALL=C sort' for sorting
(2000/04/19 - petr) Added README/NEWS/AUTHORS files
(2000/04/19 - jens) Non-preformatted man page
(2000/04/19 - petr) Make sure install directory exists with make install
(2000/04/19 - petr) Make sure temporary directory exists
(2000/04/18 - petr) Remove temporary buffer
(2000/04/18 - garyp) Support for .cc and .hh files
(2000/04/17 - petr) Initial OpenSource release. Initial Linux port