ctf_insert.1   [plain text]

.TH CODESIGN_ALLOCATE 1 "March 2, 2010" "Apple, Inc."
ctf_insert \- insert the (__CTF,__ctf) section data into the mach_kernel file
.B ctf_insert
input [ \-arch arch file ]... \-o output
.I ctf_insert
inserts the cft (Compact File Type) data into a mach_kernel creating
(__CTF,__ctf) sections.  The input must not have this section or it is an error.
And the program must be passed one \-arch argument for each architecture in a
universal file, or exactly one \-arch for a thin file.
.BI input
specifies the input mach_kernel.
.BI \-o " output"
specifies the output file.
.BI \-arch " arch file"
specifies for the file containing the cft (Compact File Type) data to be used
for the specified
.I arch
whos content will be the section's data.