codesign_allocate.1   [plain text]

.TH CODESIGN_ALLOCATE 1 "July 17, 2006" "Apple Computer, Inc."
codesign_allocate \-  add code signing data to a Mach-O file
.B codesign_allocate
\-i oldfile [ \-a arch size ]... \-o newfile
.I codesign_allocate
sets up a Mach-O file used by the dynamic linker so space for code signing data 
of the specified size for the specified architecture is embed in the Mach-O
file.  The program must be passed one \-a argument for each architecture in a
universal file, or exactly one \-a for a thin file.
.BI \-i " oldfile"
specifies the input file as
.I oldfile.
.BI \-o " newfile"
specifies the output file as
.I newfile.
.BI \-a " arch size"
specifies for the architecture
.I arch
that the size of the code signing data is to be
.I size.
The value of
.I size
must be a multiple of 16.