EXCLUDED   [plain text]

1007.	[port]		config.guess, config.sub from autoconf-2.52.

1008.	[port]		libtool.m4, ltmain.sh from libtool-1.4.2.

1009.	[port]		OpenUNIX 8 support. [RT #1728]

1024.	[port]		Compilation failed on HP-UX 11.11 due to
			incompatible use of the SIOCGLIFCONF macro
			name. [RT #1831]
			[needs more work]

1025.   [bug]           Don't use multicast addresses to resolve iterative
                        queries. [RT #101]

1034.   [bug]           Ignore the RD bit on multicast queries as specified
                        in RFC 1123. [RT #137]

1035.   [bug]           If we respond to multicast queries (which we
                        currently do not), respond from a unicast address
                        as specified in RFC 1123. [RT #137]

1037.   [bug]           Negative responses whose authority section contain
                        SOA or NS records whose owner names are not equal
                        equal to or parents of the query name should be
                        rejected. [RT #1862]

1073.	[bug]		The ADB cache cleaning should also be space driven.
			[RT #1915, #1938]
			[ New function dns_adb_setadbsize() ]

1079.   [bug]           BIND 8 compatibility: accept bare elements at top
                        level of sort list treating them as if they were
                        a single element list. [RT #1963]

1080.   [bug]           BIND 8 compatibility: accept bare IP prefixes
                        as the second element of a two-element top level
                        sort list statement. [RT #1964]

1105.	[port]		OpenUNIX 8 enable threads by default. [RT #1970]
			[Functional change]

1110.	[bug]           dig should only accept valid abbreviations of +options.
                        [RT #2003]
			[Potentially breaks scripts.  Leave to 9.3.0.]

1143.   [bug]           When a trusted-keys statement was present and named
                        was built without crypto support, it would leak memory.
			[ Not applicable to 9.2 ]

1150.   [bug]           named incorrectly accepted TTL values
                        containing plus or minus signs, such as
			[ Uses new function isc_parse_uint32() ]

1151.   [bug]           nslookup failed to check that the arguments to   
                        the port, timeout, and retry options were
                        valid integers and in range. [RT #2099]
			[ Uses new function isc_parse_uint32() ]

1159.	[bug]		MD and MF are not permitted to be loaded by RFC1123
			[ Could cause zones that loaded in 9.2.0 to fail
			to load.  Leave such breakages to 9.3.0. ]

1187.	[bug]		named was incorrectly returning DNSSEC records
			in negative responses when the DO bit was not set.
			[ Requires API change (new argument) to
			dns_rdataset_towire(), dns_rdataset_towirepartial()
			and dns_rdataset_towirepartial() ]

1192.   [bug]           The seconds fields in LOC records were restricted
                        to three decimal places.  More decimal places should
                        be allowed but warned about.

1209.   [bug]           Dig, host, nslookup were not checking the message ids
                        on the responses. [RT #2454]

1233.   [bug]           The flags field of a KEY record can be expressed in
                        hex as well as decimal.
			[ Not applicable to 9.2.x ]

1234.   [bug]           'rrset-order' and 'sortlist' should be additive
                        not exclusive.

1271.   [bug]           "recursion available: {denied,approved}" was too

1348.   [port]          Win32: Rewrote code to use I/O Completion Ports
                        in socket.c and eliminating a host of socket
                        errors. Performance is enhanced.
			[review for 9.2.3]

1255.   [bug]           When verifying that an NXT proves nonexistence, check
                        the rcode of the message and only do the matching NXT
                        check.  That is, for NXDOMAIN responses, check that
                        the name is in the range between the NXT owner and
                        next name, and for NOERROR NODATA responses, check
                        that the type is not present in the NXT bitmap.
			[required changes from DS support]

1322.   [bug]           dnssec-signzone usage message was misleading.
			[DS specific]

1247.   [bug]           Don't reset the interface index for link/site local
                        addresses. [RT #2576]
			[depends on new functions]

1224.   [bug]           'rrset-order' and 'sortlist' should be additive
                        not exclusive.
			[tightly coupled with 'cyclic' and 'random' support]

1321.   [bug]           If the last RRset in a zone is glue, dnssec-signzone
                        would incorrectly duplicate its output and sign it.
			[DS specific]

1328.   [bug]           The validator could incorrectly verify an invalid
                        negative proof.
			[DS specific]