CHANGES   [plain text]

	--- 9.8.3-P1 released ---

3331.	[security]	dns_rdataslab_fromrdataset could produce bad
			rdataslabs. [RT #29644]
	--- 9.8.3 released ---

3318.	[tuning]	Reduce the amount of work performed while holding a
			bucket lock when finshed with a fetch context.
			[RT #29239]

3314.	[bug]		The masters list could be updated while refesh_callback
			and stub_callback were using it. [RT #26732]

3313.	[protocol]	Add TLSA record type. [RT #28989]

3312.	[bug]		named-checkconf didn't detect a bad dns64 clients acl.
			[RT #27631]

3311.	[bug]		Abort the zone dump if zone->db is NULL in
			zone.c:zone_gotwritehandle. [RT #29028]

3310.	[test]		Increase table size for mutex profiling. [RT #28809]

3309.	[bug]		resolver.c:fctx_finddone() was not threadsafe.
			[RT #27995]

3307.	[bug]		Add missing ISC_LANG_BEGINDECLS and ISC_LANG_ENDDECLS.
			[RT #28956]

3306.	[bug]		Improve DNS64 reverse zone performance. [RT #28563]

3305.	[func]		Add wire format lookup method to sdb. [RT #28563]

3304.	[bug]		Use hmctx, not mctx when freeing rbtdb->heaps.
			[RT #28571]

3302.	[bug]		dns_dnssec_findmatchingkeys could fail to find
			keys if the zone name contained character that
			required special mappings. [RT #28600]

3301.	[contrib]	Update queryperf to build on darwin.  Add -R flag
			for non-recursive queries. [RT #28565]

3300.	[bug]		Named could die if gssapi was enabled in named.conf
			but was not compiled in. [RT #28338]

3299.	[bug]		Make SDB handle errors from database drivers better.
			[RT #28534]

3232.	[bug]		Zero zone->curmaster before return in
			dns_zone_setmasterswithkeys(). [RT #26732]

3183.	[bug]		Added RTLD_GLOBAL flag to dlopen call. [RT #26301]

3197.	[bug]		Don't try to log the filename and line number when
			the config parser can't open a file. [RT #22263]

	--- 9.8.2 released ---

3298.	[bug]		Named could dereference a NULL pointer in
			zmgr_start_xfrin_ifquota if the zone was being removed.
			[RT #28419]

3297.	[bug]		Named could die on a malformed master file. [RT #28467]

3295.	[bug]		Adjust isc_time_secondsastimet range check to be more
			portable. [RT # 26542]

3294.	[bug]		isccc/cc.c:table_fromwire failed to free alist on
			error. [RT #28265]

3291.	[port]		Fixed a build error on systems without ENOTSUP.
			[RT #28200]

3290.	[bug]		<isc/hmacsha.h> was not being installed. [RT #28169]

3288.	[bug]		dlz_destroy() function wasn't correctly registered
			by the DLZ dlopen driver. [RT #28056]

3287.	[port]		Update to work with Net::DNS 0.68. [RT #28028]

3286.	[bug]		Managed key maintenance timer could fail to start
			after 'rndc reconfig'. [RT #26786]

	--- 9.8.2rc2 released ---

3285.	[bug]		val-frdataset was incorrectly disassociated in
			proveunsecure after calling startfinddlvsep.
			[RT #27928]

3284.	[bug]		Address race conditions with the handling of
			rbtnode.deadlink. [RT #27738]

3283.	[bug]		Raw zones with with more than 512 records in a RRset
			failed to load. [RT #27863]

3282.	[bug]		Restrict the TTL of NS RRset to no more than that
			of the old NS RRset when replacing it.
			[RT #27792] [RT #27884]

3281.	[bug]		SOA refresh queries could be treated as cancelled
			despite succeeding over the loopback interface.
			[RT #27782]

3280.	[bug]		Potential double free of a rdataset on out of memory
			with DNS64. [RT #27762]

3278.	[bug]		Make sure automatic key maintenance is started
			when "auto-dnssec maintain" is turned on during
			"rndc reconfig". [RT #26805]

3276.	[bug]		win32: ns_os_openfile failed to return NULL on
			safe_open failure. [RT #27696]

3274.	[bug]		Log when a zone is not reusable.  Only set loadtime
			on successful loads.  [RT #27650]

3273.	[bug]		AAAA responses could be returned in the additional
			section even when filter-aaaa-on-v4 was in use.
			[RT #27292]

3271.	[port]		darwin: mksymtbl is not always stable, loop several
			times before giving up.  mksymtbl was using non
			portable perl to covert 64 bit hex strings. [RT #27653]

3268.	[bug]		Convert RRSIG expiry times to 64 timestamps to work
			out the earliest expiry time. [RT #23311]

3267.	[bug]		Memory allocation failures could be mis-reported as
			unexpected error.  New ISC_R_UNSET result code.
			[RT #27336]

3266.	[bug]		The maximum number of NSEC3 iterations for a
			DNSKEY RRset was not being properly computed.
			[RT #26543]

3262.	[bug]		Signed responses were handled incorrectly by RPZ.
			[RT #27316]

	--- 9.8.2rc1 released ---

3260.	[bug]		"rrset-order cyclic" could appear not to rotate
			for some query patterns.  [RT #27170/27185]

3259.	[bug]		named-compilezone: Suppress "dump zone to <file>"
			message when writing to stdout. [RT #27109]

3258.	[test]		Add "forcing full sign with unreadable keys" test.
			[RT #27153]

3257.	[bug]		Do not generate a error message when calling fsync()
			in a pipe or socket. [RT #27109]

3256.	[bug]		Disable empty zones for lwresd -C. [RT #27139]

3254.	[bug]		Set isc_socket_ipv6only() on the IPv6 control channels.
			[RT #22249]

3253.	[bug]		Return DNS_R_SYNTAX when the input to a text field is
			too long. [RT #26956]

3251.	[bug]		Enforce a upper bound (65535 bytes) on the amount of
			memory dns_sdlz_putrr() can allocate per record to
			prevent run away memory consumption on ISC_R_NOSPACE.
			[RT #26956]

3250.	[func]		'configure --enable-developer'; turn on various
			configure options, normally off by default, that
			we want developers to build and test with. [RT #27103]

3249.	[bug]		Update log message when saving slave zones files for
			analysis after load failures. [RT #27087]

3248.	[bug]		Configure options --enable-fixed-rrset and
			--enable-exportlib were incompatible with each
			other. [RT #27087]

3247.	[bug]		'raw' format zones failed to preserve load order
			breaking 'fixed' sort order. [RT #27087]

3243.	[port]		netbsd,bsdi: the thread defaults were not being
			properly set.

3241.	[bug]		Address race conditions in the resolver code.
			[RT #26889]

3240.	[bug]		DNSKEY state change events could be missed. [RT #26874]

3239.	[bug]		dns_dnssec_findmatchingkeys needs to use a consistent
			timestamp. [RT #26883]

3238.	[bug]		keyrdata was not being reinitialized in
			lib/dns/rbtdb.c:iszonesecure. [RT#26913]

3237.	[bug]		dig -6 didn't work with +trace. [RT #26906]

	--- 9.8.2b1 released ---

3234.	[bug]		'make depend' produced invalid makefiles. [RT #26830]

3231.	[bug]		named could fail to send a uncompressable zone.
			[RT #26796]

3230.	[bug]		'dig axfr' failed to properly handle a multi-message
			axfr with a serial of 0. [RT #26796]

3229.	[bug]		Fix local variable to struct var assignment
			found by CLANG warning.

3228.	[tuning]	Dynamically grow symbol table to improve zone
			loading performance. [RT #26523]

3227.	[bug]		Interim fix to make WKS's use of getprotobyname()
			and getservbyname() self thread safe. [RT #26232]

3226.	[bug]		Address minor resource leakages. [RT #26624]

3221.	[bug]		Fixed a potential coredump on shutdown due to
			referencing fetch context after it's been freed.
			[RT #26720]

3220.	[bug]		Change #3186 was incomplete; dns_db_rpz_findips()
			could fail to set the database version correctly,
			causing an assertion failure. [RT #26180]

3218.	[security]	Cache lookup could return RRSIG data associated with
			nonexistent records, leading to an assertion
			failure. [RT #26590]

3217.	[cleanup]	Fix build problem with --disable-static. [RT #26476]

3216.	[bug]		resolver.c:validated() was not thread-safe. [RT #26478]

3213.	[doc]		Clarify ixfr-from-differences behavior. [RT #25188]

3212.	[bug]		rbtdb.c: failed to remove a node from the deadnodes
			list prior to adding a reference to it leading a
			possible assertion failure. [RT #23219]

3209.	[func]		Add "dnssec-lookaside 'no'".  [RT #24858]

3208.	[bug]		'dig -y' handle unknown tsig alorithm better.
			[RT #25522]

3207.	[contrib]	Fixed build error in Berkeley DB DLZ module. [RT #26444]

3206.	[cleanup]	Add ISC information to log at start time. [RT #25484]

3204.	[bug]		When a master server that has been marked as
			unreachable sends a NOTIFY, mark it reachable
			again. [RT #25960]

3203.	[bug]		Increase log level to 'info' for validation failures
			from expired or not-yet-valid RRSIGs. [RT #21796]

3200.	[doc]		Some rndc functions were undocumented or were
			missing from 'rndc -h' output. [RT #25555]

3198.	[doc]		Clarified that dnssec-settime can alter keyfile
			permissions. [RT #24866]

3196.	[bug]		nsupdate: return nonzero exit code when target zone
			doesn't exist. [RT #25783]

3195.	[cleanup]	Silence "file not found" warnings when loading
			managed-keys zone. [RT #26340]

3194.	[doc]		Updated RFC references in the 'empty-zones-enable'
			documentation. [RT #25203]

3193.	[cleanup]	Changed MAXZONEKEYS to DNS_MAXZONEKEYS, moved to
			dnssec.h. [RT #26415]

3192.	[bug]		A query structure could be used after being freed.
			[RT #22208]

3191.	[bug]		Print NULL records using "unknown" format. [RT #26392]

3190.	[bug]		Underflow in error handling in isc_mutexblock_init.
			[RT #26397]

3189.	[test]		Added a summary report after system tests. [RT #25517]

3188.	[bug]		zone.c:zone_refreshkeys() could fail to detach
			references correctly when errors occurred, causing
			a hang on shutdown. [RT #26372]

3187.	[port]		win32: support for Visual Studio 2008.  [RT #26356]

3186.	[bug]		Version/db mis-match in rpz code. [RT #26180]

3179.	[port]		kfreebsd: build issues. [RT #26273]

3175.	[bug]		Fix how DNSSEC positive wildcard responses from a
			NSEC3 signed zone are validated.  Stop sending a
			unnecessary NSEC3 record when generating such
			responses. [RT #26200]

3174.	[bug]		Always compute to revoked key tag from scratch.
			[RT #26186]

3173.	[port]		Correctly validate root DS responses. [RT #25726]

3171.	[bug]		Exclusively lock the task when adding a zone using
			'rndc addzone'.  [RT #25600]

3170.	[func]		RPZ update:
			- fix precedence among competing rules
			- improve ARM text including documenting rule precedence
			- try to rewrite CNAME chains until first hit
			- new "rpz" logging channel
			- RDATA for CNAME rules can include wildcards
			- replace "NO-OP" named.conf policy override with
			  "PASSTHRU" and add "DISABLED" override ("NO-OP"
			  is still recognized)
			[RT #25172]

3169.	[func]		Catch db/version mis-matches when calling dns_db_*().
			[RT #26017]

3167.	[bug]		Negative answers from forwarders were not being
			correctly tagged making them appear to not be cached.
			[RT #25380]

3162.	[test] modified to allow for "named.args" in
			ns*/ subdirectory to override stock arguments to
			named. Largely from RT#26044, but no separate ticket.

3161.	[bug]		zone.c:del_sigs failed to always reset rdata leading
			assertion failures. [RT #25880]

3157.	[tuning]	Reduce the time spent in "rndc reconfig" by parsing
			the config file before pausing the server. [RT #21373]

3155.	[bug]		Fixed a build failure when using contrib DLZ
			drivers (e.g., mysql, postgresql, etc). [RT #25710]

3154.	[bug]		Attempting to print an empty rdataset could trigger
			an assert. [RT #25452]

3152.	[cleanup]	Some versions of gcc and clang failed due to
			incorrect use of __builtin_expect. [RT #25183]

3151.	[bug]		Queries for type RRSIG or SIG could be handled
			incorrectly.  [RT #21050]

3148.	[bug]		Processing of normal queries could be stalled when
			forwarding a UPDATE message. [RT #24711]

3146.	[test]		Fixed gcc4.6.0 errors in ATF. [RT #25598]

3145.	[test]		Capture output of ATF unit tests in "./atf.out" if
			there were any errors while running them. [RT #25527]

3144.	[bug]		dns_dbiterator_seek() could trigger an assert when
			used with a nonexistent database node. [RT #25358]

3143.	[bug]		Silence clang compiler warnings. [RT #25174]

3139.	[test]		Added tests from RFC 6234, RFC 2202, and RFC 1321
			for the hashing algorithms (md5, sha1 - sha512, and
			their hmac counterparts).  [RT #25067]

	--- 9.8.1 released ---

	--- 9.8.1rc1 released ---

3141.	[bug]		Silence spurious "zone serial (0) unchanged" messages
			associated with empty zones. [RT #25079]

3138.	[bug]		Address memory leaks and out-of-order operations when
			shutting named down. [RT #25210]

3136.	[func]		Add RFC 1918 reverse zones to the list of built-in
			empty zones switched on by the 'empty-zones-enable'
			option. [RT #24990]

			Note: empty-zones-enable must be "yes;" or a empty
			zone needs to be disabled in named.conf for RFC 1918
			zones to be activated.  This requirement may be
			removed in future releases.

3135.	[port]		FreeBSD: workaround broken IPV6_USE_MIN_MTU processing.
			[RT #24950]

3134.	[bug]		Improve the accuracy of dnssec-signzone's signing
			statistics. [RT #16030]

	--- 9.8.1b3 released ---

3133.	[bug]		Change #3114 was incomplete. [RT #24577]

3131.	[tuning]	Improve scalability by allocating one zone task
			per 100 zones at startup time, rather than using a
			fixed-size task table. [RT #24406]

3129.	[bug]		Named could crash on 'rndc reconfig' when
			allow-new-zones was set to yes and named ACLs
			were used. [RT #22739]

	--- 9.8.1b2 released ---

3126.	[security]	Using DNAME record to generate replacements caused
			RPZ to exit with a assertion failure. [RT #24766]

3125.	[security]	Using wildcard CNAME records as a replacement with
			RPZ caused named to exit with a assertion failure.
			[RT #24715]

3124.	[bug]		Use an rdataset attribute flag to indicate
			negative-cache records rather than using rrtype 0;
			this will prevent problems when that rrtype is
			used in actual DNS packets. [RT #24777]

3123.	[security]	Change #2912 exposed a latent flaw in
			dns_rdataset_totext() that could cause named to
			crash with an assertion failure. [RT #24777]

3122.	[cleanup]	dnssec-settime: corrected usage message. [RT #24664]

3121.	[security]	An authoritative name server sending a negative
			response containing a very large RRset could
			trigger an off-by-one error in the ncache code
			and crash named. [RT #24650]

3120.	[bug]		Named could fail to validate zones listed in a DLV
			that validated insecure without using DLV and had
			DS records in the parent zone. [RT #24631]

3119.	[bug]		When rolling to a new DNSSEC key, a private-type
			record could be created and never marked complete.
			[RT #23253]

3118.	[bug]		nsupdate could dump core on shutdown when using
			SIG(0) keys. [RT #24604]

3117.	[cleanup]	Remove doc and parser references to the
			never-implemented 'auto-dnssec create' option.
			[RT #24533]

3115.	[bug]		Named could fail to return requested data when
			following a CNAME that points into the same zone.
			[RT #24455]

3114.	[bug]		Retain expired RRSIGs in dynamic zones if key is
			inactive and there is no replacement key. [RT #23136]

3113.	[doc]		Document the relationship between serial-query-rate
			and NOTIFY messages.

	--- 9.8.1b1 released ---

3112.	[doc]		Add missing descriptions of the update policy name
			types "ms-self", "ms-subdomain", "krb5-self" and
			"krb5-subdomain", which allow machines to update
			their own records, to the BIND 9 ARM.

3111.	[bug]		Improved consistency checks for dnssec-enable and
			dnssec-validation, added test cases to the
			checkconf system test. [RT #24398]

3110.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone: Wrong error message could appear
			when attempting to sign with no KSK. [RT #24369]

3107.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone: Report the correct number of ZSKs
			when using -x. [RT #20852]

3105.	[bug]		GOST support can be suppressed by "configure
			--without-gost" [RT #24367]

3104.	[bug]		Better support for cross-compiling. [RT #24367]

3103.	[bug]		Configuring 'dnssec-validation auto' in a view
			instead of in the options statement could trigger
			an assertion failure in named-checkconf. [RT #24382]

3101.	[bug]		Zones using automatic key maintenance could fail
			to check the key repository for updates. [RT #23744]

3100.	[security]	Certain response policy zone configurations could
			trigger an INSIST when receiving a query of type
			RRSIG. [RT #24280]

3099.	[test]		"dlz" system test now runs but gives R:SKIPPED if
			not compiled with --with-dlz-filesystem.  [RT #24146]

3098.	[bug]		DLZ zones were answering without setting the AA bit.
			[RT #24146]

3097.	[test]		Add a tool to test handling of malformed packets.
			[RT #24096]

3096.	[bug]		Set KRB5_KTNAME before calling log_cred() in
			dst_gssapi_acceptctx(). [RT #24004]

3095.	[bug]		Handle isolated reserved ports in the port range.
			[RT #23957]

3094.	[doc]		Expand dns64 documentation.

3093.	[bug]		Fix gssapi/kerberos dependencies [RT #23836]

3092.	[bug]		Signatures for records at the zone apex could go
			stale due to an incorrect timer setting. [RT #23769]

3091.	[bug]		Fixed a bug in which zone keys that were published
			and then subsequently activated could fail to trigger
			automatic signing. [RT #22911]

3090.	[func]		Make --with-gssapi default [RT #23738]

3088.	[bug]		Remove bin/tests/system/logfileconfig/ns1/named.conf
			and add in order to resolve changing
			named.conf issue.  [RT #23687]

3087.	[bug]		DDNS updates using SIG(0) with update-policy match
			type "external" could cause a crash. [RT #23735]

3086.	[bug]		Running dnssec-settime -f on an old-style key will
			now force an update to the new key format even if no
			other change has been specified, using "-P now -A now"
			as default values.  [RT #22474]

3083.	[bug]		NOTIFY messages were not being sent when generating
			a NSEC3 chain incrementally. [RT #23702]

3082.	[port]		strtok_r is threads only. [RT #23747]

3081.	[bug]		Failure of DNAME substitution did not return
			YXDOMAIN. [RT #23591]

3080.	[cleanup]	Replaced compile time constant by STDTIME_ON_32BITS.
			[RT #23587]

3079.	[bug]		Handle isc_event_allocate failures in t_tasks.
			[RT #23572]

3078.	[func]		Added a new include file with function typedefs
			for the DLZ "dlopen" driver. [RT #23629]

3077.	[bug]		zone.c:zone_refreshkeys() incorrectly called
			dns_zone_attach(), use zone->irefs instead. [RT #23303]

3075.	[bug]		dns_dnssec_findzonekeys{2} used a inconsistant
			timestamp when determining which keys are active.
			[RT #23642]

3074.	[bug]		Make the adb cache read through for zone data and
			glue learn for zone named is authoritative for.
			[RT #22842]

3073.	[bug]		managed-keys changes were not properly being recorded.
			[RT #20256]

3072.	[bug]		dns_dns64_aaaaok() potential NULL pointer dereference.
			[RT #20256]

3071.	[bug]		has_nsec could be used unintialised in
			update.c:next_active. [RT #20256]

3070.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone potential NULL pointer dereference.
			[RT #20256]

3069.	[cleanup]	Silence warnings messages from clang static analysis.
			[RT #20256]

3068.	[bug]		Named failed to build with a OpenSSL without engine
			support. [RT #23473]

3067.	[bug]		ixfr-from-differences {master|slave}; failed to
			select the master/slave zones.  [RT #23580]

3066.	[func]		The DLZ "dlopen" driver is now built by default,
			no longer requiring a configure option.  To
			disable it, use "configure --without-dlopen".
			(Note: driver not supported on win32.) [RT #23467]

3065.	[bug]		RRSIG could have time stamps too far in the future.
			[RT #23356]

3064.	[bug]		powerpc: add sync instructions to the end of atomic
			operations. [RT #23469]

3063.	[contrib]	More verbose error reporting from DLZ LDAP. [RT #23402]

3059.	[test]		Added a regression test for change #3023.

3058.	[bug]		Cause named to terminate at startup or rndc reconfig/
			reload to fail, if a log file specified in the conf
			file isn't a plain file. [RT #22771]

3057.	[bug]		"rndc secroots" would abort after the first error
			and so could miss some views. [RT #23488]

3054.	[bug]		Added elliptic curve support check in
			GOST OpenSSL engine detection. [RT #23485]

3053.	[bug]		Under a sustained high query load with a finite
			max-cache-size, it was possible for cache memory
			to be exhausted and not recovered. [RT #23371]

3052.	[test]		Fixed last autosign test report. [RT #23256]

3051.	[bug]		NS records obsure DNAME records at the bottom of the
			zone if both are present. [RT #23035]

3050.	[bug]		The autosign system test was timing dependent.
			Wait for the initial autosigning to complete
			before running the rest of the test. [RT #23035]

3049.	[bug]		Save and restore the gid when creating creating at startup. [RT #23290]

3048.	[bug]		Fully separate view key mangement. [RT #23419]

3047.	[bug]		DNSKEY NODATA responses not cached fixed in
			validator.c. Tests added to dnssec system test.
			[RT #22908]

3046.	[bug]		Use RRSIG original TTL to compute validated RRset
			and RRSIG TTL. [RT #23332]

3044.	[bug]		Hold the socket manager lock while freeing the socket.
			[RT #23333]

3043.	[test]		Merged in the NetBSD ATF test framework (currently
			version 0.12) for development of future unit tests.
			Use configure --with-atf to build ATF internally
			or configure --with-atf=prefix to use an external
			copy.  [RT #23209]

3042.	[bug]		dig +trace could fail attempting to use IPv6
			addresses on systems with only IPv4 connectivity.
			[RT #23297]

3041.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone failed to generate new signatures on
			ttl changes. [RT #23330]

3040.	[bug]		Named failed to validate insecure zones where a node
			with a CNAME existed between the trust anchor and the
			top of the zone. [RT #23338]

3038.	[bug]		Install <dns/rpz.h>.  [RT #23342]

3037.	[doc]		Update COPYRIGHT to contain all the individual
			copyright notices that cover various parts.

3036.	[bug]		Check built-in zone arguments to see if the zone
			is re-usable or not. [RT #21914]

3035.	[cleanup]	Simplify by using strlcpy. [RT #22521]

3034.	[cleanup]	nslookup: use strlcpy instead of safecopy. [RT #22521]

3033.	[cleanup]	Add two INSIST(bucket != DNS_ADB_INVALIDBUCKET).
			[RT #22521]

3032.	[bug]		rdatalist.c: add missing REQUIREs. [RT #22521]

3031.	[bug]		dns_rdataclass_format() handle a zero sized buffer.
			[RT #22521]

3030.	[bug]		dns_rdatatype_format() handle a zero sized buffer.
			[RT #22521]

3029.	[bug]		isc_netaddr_format() handle a zero sized buffer.
			[RT #22521]

3028.	[bug]		isc_sockaddr_format() handle a zero sized buffer.
			[RT #22521]

3027.	[bug]		Add documented REQUIREs to cfg_obj_asnetprefix() to
			catch NULL pointer dereferences before they happen.
			[RT #22521]

3026.	[bug]		lib/isc/httpd.c: check that we have enough space
			after calling grow_headerspace() and if not
			re-call grow_headerspace() until we do. [RT #22521]

	--- 9.8.0 released ---

3025.	[bug]		Fixed a possible deadlock due to zone resigning.
			[RT #22964]

3024.	[func]		RTT Banding removed due to minor security increase
			but major impact on resolver latency. [RT #23310]

3023.	[bug]		Named could be left in an inconsistent state when
			receiving multiple AXFR response messages that were
			not all TSIG-signed. [RT #23254]

3022.	[bug]		Fixed rpz SERVFAILs after failed zone transfers
			[RT #23246]

3021.	[bug]		Change #3010 was incomplete. [RT #22296]

3020.	[bug]		auto-dnssec failed to correctly update the zone when
			changing the DNSKEY RRset. [RT #23232]

3019.	[test]		Test: check apex NSEC3 records after adding DNSKEY
			record via UPDATE. [RT #23229]

	--- 9.8.0rc1 released ---

3018.	[bug]		Named failed to check for the "none;" acl when deciding
			if a zone may need to be re-signed. [RT #23120]

3017.	[doc]		dnssec-keyfromlabel -I was not properly documented.
			[RT #22887]

3016.	[bug]		rndc usage missing '-b'. [RT #22937]

3015.	[port]		win32: fix IN6_IS_ADDR_LINKLOCAL and
			IN6_IS_ADDR_SITELOCAL macros. [RT #22724]

3013.	[bug]		The DNS64 ttl was not always being set as expected.
			[RT #23034]

3012.	[bug]		Remove DNSKEY TTL change pairs before generating
			signing records for any remaining DNSKEY changes.
			[RT #22590]

3011.	[func]		Allow setting this in named.conf using the new
			'resolver-query-timeout' option, which specifies a max
			time in seconds.  0 means 'default' and anything longer
			than 30 will be silently set to 30. [RT #22852]

3010.	[bug]		Fixed a bug where "rndc reconfig" stopped the timer
			for refreshing managed-keys. [RT #22296]

3009.	[bug]		clients-per-query code didn't work as expected with
			particular query patterns. [RT #22972]

	--- 9.8.0b1 released ---

3008.	[func]		Response policy zones (RPZ) support. [RT #21726]

3007.	[bug]		Named failed to preserve the case of domain names in
			rdata which is not compressible when writing master
			files.  [RT #22863]

3006.	[func]		Allow dynamically generated TSIG keys to be preserved
			across restarts of named.  Initially this is for
			TSIG keys generated using GSSAPI. [RT #22639]

3005.	[port]		Solaris: Work around the lack of
			gsskrb5_register_acceptor_identity() by setting
			the KRB5_KTNAME environment variable to the
			contents of tkey-gssapi-keytab.  Also fixed
			test errors on MacOSX.  [RT #22853]

3004.	[func]		DNS64 reverse support. [RT #22769]

3003.	[experimental]	Added update-policy match type "external",
			enabling named to defer the decision of whether to
			allow a dynamic update to an external daemon.
			(Contributed by Andrew Tridgell.) [RT #22758]

3002.	[bug]		isc_mutex_init_errcheck() failed to destroy attr.
			[RT #22766]

3001.	[func]		Added a default trust anchor for the root zone, which
			can be switched on by setting "dnssec-validation auto;"
			in the named.conf options. [RT #21727]

3000.	[bug]		More TKEY/GSS fixes:
			 - nsupdate can now get the default realm from
			   the user's Kerberos principal
			 - corrected gsstest compilation flags
			 - improved documentation
			 - fixed some NULL dereferences
			[RT #22795]

2999.	[func]		Add GOST support (RFC 5933). [RT #20639]

2998.	[func]		Add isc_task_beginexclusive and isc_task_endexclusive
			to the task api. [RT #22776]

2997.	[func]		named -V now reports the OpenSSL and libxml2 verions
			it was compiled against. [RT #22687]

2996.	[security]	Temporarily disable SO_ACCEPTFILTER support.
			[RT #22589]

2995.	[bug]		The Kerberos realm was not being correctly extracted
			from the signer's identity. [RT #22770]

2994.	[port]		NetBSD: use pthreads by default on NetBSD >= 5.0, and
			do not use threads on earlier versions.  Also kill
			the unproven-pthreads, mit-pthreads, and ptl2 support.

2993.	[func]		Dynamically grow adb hash tables. [RT #21186]

2992.	[contrib]	contrib/  A simple tool
			for looking at a secure delegation. [RT #22059]

2991.	[contrib]	contrib/ A simple zone editing tool for
			dynamic zones. [RT #22365]

2990.	[bug]		'dnssec-settime -S' no longer tests prepublication
			interval validity when the interval is set to 0.
			[RT #22761]

2989.	[func]		Added support for writable DLZ zones. (Contributed
			by Andrew Tridgell of the Samba project.) [RT #22629]

2988.	[experimental]	Added a "dlopen" DLZ driver, allowing the creation
			of external DLZ drivers that can be loaded as
			shared objects at runtime rather than linked with
			named.  Currently this is switched on via a
			compile-time option, "configure --with-dlz-dlopen".
			Note: the syntax for configuring DLZ zones
			is likely to be refined in future releases.
			(Contributed by Andrew Tridgell of the Samba
			project.) [RT #22629]

2987.	[func]		Improve ease of configuring TKEY/GSS updates by
			adding a "tkey-gssapi-keytab" option.  If set,
			updates will be allowed with any key matching
			a principal in the specified keytab file.
			"tkey-gssapi-credential" is no longer required
			and is expected to be deprecated.  (Contributed
			by Andrew Tridgell of the Samba project.)
			[RT #22629]

2986.	[func]		Add new zone type "static-stub".  It's like a stub
			zone, but the nameserver names and/or their IP
			addresses are statically configured. [RT #21474]

2985.	[bug]		Add a regression test for change #2896. [RT #21324]

2984.	[bug]		Don't run MX checks when the target of the MX record
			is ".".  [RT #22645]

2983.	[bug]		Include "loadkeys" in rndc help output. [RT #22493]

	--- 9.8.0a1 released ---

2982.	[bug]		Reference count dst keys.  dst_key_attach() can be used
			increment the reference count.

			Note: dns_tsigkey_createfromkey() callers should now
			always call dst_key_free() rather than setting it
			to NULL on success. [RT #22672]

2981.	[func]		Partial DNS64 support (AAAA synthesis). [RT #21991]

2980.	[bug]		named didn't properly handle UPDATES that changed the
			TTL of the NSEC3PARAM RRset. [RT #22363]

2979.	[bug]		named could deadlock during shutdown if two
			"rndc stop" commands were issued at the same
			time. [RT #22108]

2978.	[port]		hpux: look for <devpoll.h> [RT #21919]

2977.	[bug]		'nsupdate -l' report if the session key is missing.
			[RT #21670]

2976.	[bug]		named could die on exit after negotiating a GSS-TSIG
			key. [RT #22573]

2975.	[bug]		rbtdb.c:cleanup_dead_nodes_callback() acquired the
			wrong lock which could lead to server deadlock.
			[RT #22614]

2974.	[bug]		Some valid UPDATE requests could fail due to a
			consistency check examining the existing version
			of the zone rather than the new version resulting
			from the UPDATE. [RT #22413]

2973.	[bug]		bind.keys.h was being removed by the "make clean"
			at the end of configure resulting in build failures
			where there is very old version of perl installed.
			Move it to "make maintainer-clean". [RT #22230]

2972.	[bug]		win32: address windows socket errors. [RT #21906]

2971.	[bug]		Fixed a bug that caused journal files not to be
			compacted on Windows systems as a result of
			non-POSIX-compliant rename() semantics. [RT #22434]

2970.	[security]	Adding a NO DATA negative cache entry failed to clear
			any matching RRSIG records.  A subsequent lookup of
			of NO DATA cache entry could trigger a INSIST when the
			unexpected RRSIG was also returned with the NO DATA
			cache entry.

			CVE-2010-3613, VU#706148. [RT #22288]

2969.	[security]	Fix acl type processing so that allow-query works
			in options and view statements.  Also add a new
			set of tests to verify proper functioning.

			CVE-2010-3615, VU#510208. [RT #22418]

2968.	[security]	Named could fail to prove a data set was insecure
			before marking it as insecure.  One set of conditions
			that can trigger this occurs naturally when rolling
			DNSKEY algorithms.

			CVE-2010-3614, VU#837744. [RT #22309]

2967.	[bug]		'host -D' now turns on debugging messages earlier.
			[RT #22361]

2966.	[bug]		isc_print_vsnprintf() failed to check if there was
			space available in the buffer when adding a left
			justified character with a non zero width,
			(e.g. "%-1c"). [RT #22270]

2965.	[func]		Test HMAC functions using test data from RFC 2104 and
			RFC 4634. [RT #21702]

2964.	[placeholder]

2963.	[security]	The allow-query acl was being applied instead of the
			allow-query-cache acl to cache lookups. [RT #22114]

2962.	[port]		win32: add more dependencies to BINDBuild.dsw.
			[RT #22062]

2961.	[bug]		Be still more selective about the non-authoritative
			answers we apply change 2748 to. [RT #22074]

2960.	[func]		Check that named accepts non-authoritative answers.
			[RT #21594]

2959.	[func]		Check that named starts with a missing masterfile.
			[RT #22076]

2958.	[bug]		named failed to start with a missing master file.
			[RT #22076]

2957.	[bug]		entropy_get() and entropy_getpseudo() failed to match
			the API for RAND_bytes() and RAND_pseudo_bytes()
			respectively. [RT #21962]

2956.	[port]		Enable atomic operations on the PowerPC64. [RT #21899]

2955.	[func]		Provide more detail in the recursing log. [RT #22043]

2954.	[bug]		contrib: dlz_mysql_driver.c bad error handling on
			build_sqldbinstance failure. [RT #21623]

2953.	[bug]		Silence spurious "expected covering NSEC3, got an
			exact match" message when returning a wildcard
			no data response. [RT #21744]

2952.	[port]		win32: named-checkzone and named-checkconf failed
			to initialise winsock. [RT #21932]

2951.	[bug]		named failed to generate a correct signed response
			in a optout, delegation only zone with no secure
			delegations. [RT #22007]

2950.	[bug]		named failed to perform a SOA up to date check when
			falling back to TCP on UDP timeouts when
			ixfr-from-differences was set. [RT #21595]

2949.	[bug]		dns_view_setnewzones() contained a memory leak if
			it was called multiple times. [RT #21942]

2948.	[port]		MacOS: provide a mechanism to configure the test
			interfaces at reboot. See bin/tests/system/README
			for details.

2947.	[placeholder]

2946.	[doc]		Document the default values for the minimum and maximum
			zone refresh and retry values in the ARM. [RT #21886]

2945.	[doc]		Update empty-zones list in ARM. [RT #21772]

2944.	[maint]		Remove ORCHID prefix from built in empty zones.
			[RT #21772]

2943.	[func]		Add support to load new keys into managed zones
			without signing immediately with "rndc loadkeys".
			Add support to link keys with "dnssec-keygen -S"
			and "dnssec-settime -S".  [RT #21351]

2942.	[contrib]	zone2sqlite failed to setup the entropy sources.
			[RT #21610]

2941.	[bug]		sdb and sdlz (dlz's zone database) failed to support
			DNAME at the zone apex.  [RT #21610]

2940.	[port]		Remove connection aborted error message on
			Windows. [RT #21549]

2939.	[func]		Check that named successfully skips NSEC3 records
			that fail to match the NSEC3PARAM record currently
			in use. [RT# 21868]

2938.	[bug]		When generating signed responses, from a signed zone
			that uses NSEC3, named would use a uninitialised
			pointer if it needed to skip a NSEC3 record because
			it didn't match the selected NSEC3PARAM record for
			zone. [RT# 21868]

2937.	[bug]		Worked around an apparent race condition in over
			memory conditions.  Without this fix a DNS cache DB or
			ADB could incorrectly stay in an over memory state,
			effectively refusing further caching, which
			subsequently made a BIND 9 caching server unworkable.
			This fix prevents this problem from happening by
			polling the state of the memory context, rather than
			making a copy of the state, which appeared to cause
			a race.  This is a "workaround" in that it doesn't
			solve the possible race per se, but several experiments
			proved this change solves the symptom.  Also, the
			polling overhead hasn't been reported to be an issue.
			This bug should only affect a caching server that
			specifies a finite max-cache-size.  It's also quite
			likely that the bug happens only when enabling threads,
			but it's not confirmed yet. [RT #21818]

2936.	[func]		Improved configuration syntax and multiple-view
			support for addzone/delzone feature (see change
			#2930).  Removed "new-zone-file" option, replaced
			with "allow-new-zones (yes|no)".  The new-zone-file
			for each view is now created automatically, with
			a filename generated from a hash of the view name.
			It is no longer necessary to "include" the
			new-zone-file in named.conf; this happens
			automatically.  Zones that were not added via
			"rndc addzone" can no longer be removed with
			"rndc delzone". [RT #19447]

2935.	[bug]		nsupdate: improve 'file not found' error message.
			[RT #21871]

2934.	[bug]		Use ANSI C compliant shift range in lib/isc/entropy.c.
			[RT #21871]

2933.	[bug]		'dig +nsid' used stack memory after it went out of
			scope.  This could potentially result in a unknown,
			potentially malformed, EDNS option being sent instead
			of the desired NSID option. [RT #21781]

2932.	[cleanup]	Corrected a numbering error in the "dnssec" test.
			[RT #21597]

2931.	[bug]		Temporarily and partially disable change 2864
			because it would cause infinite attempts of RRSIG
			queries.  This is an urgent care fix; we'll
			revisit the issue and complete the fix later.
			[RT #21710]

2930.	[experimental]	New "rndc addzone" and "rndc delzone" commads
			allow dynamic addition and deletion of zones.
			To enable this feature, specify a "new-zone-file"
			option at the view or options level in named.conf.
			Zone configuration information for the new zones
			will be written into that file.  To make the new
			zones persist after a restart, "include" the file
			into named.conf in the appropriate view.  (Note:
			This feature is not yet documented, and its syntax
			is expected to change.) [RT #19447]

2929.	[bug]		Improved handling of GSS security contexts:
			 - added LRU expiration for generated TSIGs
			 - added the ability to use a non-default realm
			 - added new "realm" keyword in nsupdate
			 - limited lifetime of generated keys to 1 hour
			   or the lifetime of the context (whichever is
			[RT #19737]

2928.	[bug]		Be more selective about the non-authoritative
			answer we apply change 2748 to. [RT #21594]

2927.	[placeholder]

2926.	[placeholder]

2925.	[bug]		Named failed to accept uncachable negative responses
			from insecure zones. [RT# 21555]

2924.	[func]		'rndc  secroots'  dump a combined summary of the
			current managed keys combined with trusted keys.
			[RT #20904]

2923.	[bug]		'dig +trace' could drop core after "connection
			timeout". [RT #21514]

2922.	[contrib]	Update zkt to version 1.0.

2921.	[bug]		The resolver could attempt to destroy a fetch context
			too soon.  [RT #19878]

2920.	[func]		Allow 'filter-aaaa-on-v4' to be applied selectively
			to IPv4 clients.  New acl 'filter-aaaa' (default any).

2919.	[func]		Add autosign-ksk and autosign-zsk virtual time tests.
			[RT #20840]

2918.	[maint]		Add AAAA address for I.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.

2917.	[func]		Virtual time test framework. [RT #20801]

2916.	[func]		Add framework to use IPv6 in tests.
			fd92:7065:b8e:ffff::1 ... fd92:7065:b8e:ffff::7

2915.	[cleanup]	Be smarter about which objects we attempt to compile
			based on configure options. [RT #21444]

2914.	[bug]		Make the "autosign" system test more portable.
			[RT #20997]

2913.	[func]		Add pkcs#11 system tests. [RT #20784]

2912.	[func]		Windows clients don't like UPDATE responses that clear
			the zone section. [RT #20986]

2911.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone didn't handle out of zone records well.
			[RT #21367]

2910.	[func]		Sanity check Kerberos credentials. [RT #20986]

2909.	[bug]		named-checkconf -p could die if "update-policy local;"
			was specified in named.conf. [RT #21416]

2908.	[bug]		It was possible for re-signing to stop after removing
			a DNSKEY. [RT #21384]

2907.	[bug]		The export version of libdns had undefined references.
			[RT #21444]

2906.	[bug]		Address RFC 5011 implementation issues. [RT #20903]

2905.	[port]		aix: set use_atomic=yes with native compiler.
			[RT #21402]

2904.	[bug]		When using DLV, sub-zones of the zones in the DLV,
			could be incorrectly marked as insecure instead of
			secure leading to negative proofs failing.  This was
			a unintended outcome from change 2890. [RT# 21392]

2903.	[bug]		managed-keys-directory missing from namedconf.c.
			[RT #21370]

2902.	[func]		Add regression test for change 2897. [RT #21040]

2901.	[port]		Use AC_C_FLEXIBLE_ARRAY_MEMBER. [RT #21316]

2900.	[bug]		The placeholder negative caching element was not
			properly constructed triggering a INSIST in
			dns_ncache_towire(). [RT #21346]

2899.	[port]		win32: Support linking against OpenSSL 1.0.0.

2898.	[bug]		nslookup leaked memory when -domain=value was
			specified. [RT #21301]

2897.	[bug]		NSEC3 chains could be left behind when transitioning
			to insecure. [RT #21040]

2896.	[bug]		"rndc sign" failed to properly update the zone
			when adding a DNSKEY for publication only. [RT #21045]

2895.	[func]		genrandom: add support for the generation of multiple
			files.  [RT #20917]

2894.	[contrib]	DLZ LDAP support now use '$' not '%'. [RT #21294]

2893.	[bug]		Improve managed keys support.  New named.conf option
			managed-keys-directory. [RT #20924]

2892.	[bug]		Handle REVOKED keys better. [RT #20961]

2891.	[maint]		Update empty-zones list to match
			draft-ietf-dnsop-default-local-zones-13. [RT# 21099]

2890.	[bug]		Handle the introduction of new trusted-keys and
			DS, DLV RRsets better. [RT #21097]

2889.	[bug]		Elements of the grammar where not properly reported.
			[RT #21046]

2888.	[bug]		Only the first EDNS option was displayed. [RT #21273]

2887.	[bug]		Report the keytag times in UTC in the .key file,
			local time is presented as a comment within the
			comment.  [RT #21223]

2886.	[bug]		ctime() is not thread safe. [RT #21223]

2885.	[bug]		Improve -fno-strict-aliasing support probing in
			configure. [RT #21080]

2884.	[bug]		Insufficient validation in dns_name_getlabelsequence().
			[RT #21283]

2883.	[bug]		'dig +short' failed to handle really large datasets.
			[RT #21113]

2882.	[bug]		Remove memory context from list of active contexts
			before clearing 'magic'. [RT #21274]

2881.	[bug]		Reduce the amount of time the rbtdb write lock
			is held when closing a version. [RT #21198]

2880.	[cleanup]	Make the output of dnssec-keygen and dnssec-revoke
			consistent. [RT #21078]

2879.	[contrib]	DLZ bdbhpt driver fails to close correct cursor.
			[RT #21106]

2878.	[func]		Incrementally write the master file after performing
			a AXFR.  [RT #21010]

2877.	[bug]		The validator failed to skip obviously mismatching
			RRSIGs. [RT #21138]

2876.	[bug]		Named could return SERVFAIL for negative responses
			from unsigned zones. [RT #21131]

2875.	[bug]		dns_time64_fromtext() could accept non digits.
			[RT #21033]

2874.	[bug]		Cache lack of EDNS support only after the server
			successfully responds to the query using plain DNS.
			[RT #20930]

2873.	[bug]		Cancelling a dynamic update via the dns/client module
			could trigger an assertion failure. [RT #21133]

2872.	[bug]		Modify dns/client.c:dns_client_createx() to only
			require one of IPv4 or IPv6 rather than both.
			[RT #21122]

2871.	[bug]		Type mismatch in mem_api.c between the definition and
			the header file, causing build failure with
			--enable-exportlib. [RT #21138]

2870.	[maint]		Add AAAA address for L.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.

2869.	[bug]		Fix arguments to dns_keytable_findnextkeynode() call.
			[RT #20877]

2868.	[cleanup]	Run "make clean" at the end of configure to ensure
			any changes made by configure are integrated.
			Use --with-make-clean=no to disable.  [RT #20994]

2867.	[bug]		Don't set GSS_C_SEQUENCE_FLAG as Windows DNS servers
			don't like it.  [RT #20986]

2866.	[bug]		Windows does not like the TSIG name being compressed.
			[RT #20986]

2865.	[bug]		memset to zero  [RT #20986]

2864.	[bug]		Direct SIG/RRSIG queries were not handled correctly.
			[RT #21050]

2863.	[port]		linux: disable IPv6 PMTUD and use network minimum MTU.
			[RT #21056]

2862.	[bug]		nsupdate didn't default to the parent zone when
			updating DS records. [RT #20896]

2861.	[doc]		dnssec-settime man pages didn't correctly document the
			inactivation time. [RT #21039]

2860.	[bug]		named-checkconf's usage was out of date. [RT #21039]

2859.	[bug]		When cancelling validation it was possible to leak
			memory. [RT #20800]

2858.	[bug]		RTT estimates were not being adjusted on ICMP errors.
			[RT #20772]

2857.	[bug]		named-checkconf did not fail on a bad trusted key.
			[RT #20705]

2856.	[bug]		The size of a memory allocation was not always properly
			recorded. [RT #20927]

2855.	[func]		nsupdate will now preserve the entered case of domain
			names in update requests it sends. [RT #20928]

2854.	[func]		dig: allow the final soa record in a axfr response to
			be suppressed, dig +onesoa. [RT #20929]

2853.	[bug]		add_sigs() could run out of scratch space. [RT #21015]

2852.	[bug]		Handle broken DNSSEC trust chains better. [RT #15619]

2851.	[doc]		nslookup.1, removed <informalexample> from the docbook
			source as it produced bad nroff.  [RT #21007]

2850.	[bug]		If isc_heap_insert() failed due to memory shortage
			the heap would have corrupted entries. [RT #20951]

2849.	[bug]		Don't treat errors from the xml2 library as fatal.
			[RT #20945]

2848.	[doc]		Moved README.dnssec, README.libdns, README.pkcs11 and
			README.rfc5011 into the ARM. [RT #20899]

2847.	[cleanup]	Corrected usage message in dnssec-settime. [RT #20921]

2846.	[bug]		EOF on unix domain sockets was not being handled
			correctly. [RT #20731]

2845.	[bug]		RFC 5011 client could crash on shutdown. [RT #20903]

2844.	[doc]		notify-delay default in ARM was wrong.  It should have
			been five (5) seconds.

2843.	[func]		Prevent dnssec-keygen and dnssec-keyfromlabel from
			creating key files if there is a chance that the new
			key ID will collide with an existing one after
			either of the keys has been revoked.  (To override
			this in the case of dnssec-keyfromlabel, use the -y
			option.  dnssec-keygen will simply create a
			different, non-colliding key, so an override is
			not necessary.) [RT #20838]

2842.	[func]		Added "smartsign" and improved "autosign" and
			"dnssec" regression tests. [RT #20865]

2841.	[bug]		Change 2836 was not complete. [RT #20883]

2840.	[bug]		Temporary fixed pkcs11-destroy usage check.
			[RT #20760]

2839.	[bug]		A KSK revoked by named could not be deleted.
			[RT #20881]

2838.	[placeholder]

2837.	[port]		Prevent Linux spurious warnings about fwrite().
			[RT #20812]

2836.	[bug]		Keys that were scheduled to become active could
			be delayed. [RT #20874]

2835.	[bug]		Key inactivity dates were inadvertently stored in
			the private key file with the outdated tag
			"Unpublish" rather than "Inactive".  This has been
			fixed; however, any existing keys that had Inactive
			dates set will now need to have them reset, using
			'dnssec-settime -I'. [RT #20868]

2834.	[bug]		HMAC-SHA* keys that were longer than the algorithm
			digest length were used incorrectly, leading to
			interoperability problems with other DNS
			implementations.  This has been corrected.
			(Note: If an oversize key is in use, and
			compatibility is needed with an older release of
			BIND, the new tool "isc-hmac-fixup" can convert
			the key secret to a form that will work with all
			versions.) [RT #20751]

2833.	[cleanup]	Fix usage messages in dnssec-keygen and dnssec-settime.
			[RT #20851]

2832.	[bug]		Modify "struct stat" in lib/export/samples/nsprobe.c
			to avoid redefinition in some OSs [RT 20831]

2831.	[security]	Do not attempt to validate or cache
			out-of-bailiwick data returned with a secure
			answer; it must be re-fetched from its original
			source and validated in that context. [RT #20819]

2830.	[bug]		Changing the OPTOUT setting could take multiple
			passes. [RT #20813]

2829.	[bug]		Fixed potential node inconsistency in rbtdb.c.
			[RT #20808]

2828.	[security]	Cached CNAME or DNAME RR could be returned to clients
			without DNSSEC validation. [RT #20737]

2827.	[security]	Bogus NXDOMAIN could be cached as if valid. [RT #20712]

2826.	[bug]		NSEC3->NSEC transitions could fail due to a lock not
			being released.  [RT #20740]

2825.	[bug]		Changing the setting of OPTOUT in a NSEC3 chain that
			was in the process of being created was not properly
			recorded in the zone. [RT #20786]

2824.	[bug]		"rndc sign" was not being run by the correct task.
			[RT #20759]

2823.	[bug]		rbtdb.c:getsigningtime() was missing locks. [RT #20781]

2822.	[bug]		rbtdb.c:loadnode() could return the wrong result.
			[RT #20802]

2821.	[doc]		Add note that named-checkconf doesn't automatically
			read rndc.key and bind.keys [RT #20758]

2820.	[func]		Handle read access failure of OpenSSL configuration
			file more user friendly (PKCS#11 engine patch).
			[RT #20668]

2819.	[cleanup]	Removed unnecessary DNS_POINTER_MAXHOPS define.
			[RT #20771]

2818.	[cleanup]	rndc could return an incorrect error code
			when a zone was not found. [RT #20767]

2817.	[cleanup]	Removed unnecessary isc_task_endexclusive() calls.
			[RT #20768]

2816.	[bug]		previous_closest_nsec() could fail to return
			data for NSEC3 nodes [RT #29730]

2815.	[bug]		Exclusively lock the task when freezing a zone.
			[RT #19838]

2814.	[func]		Provide a definitive error message when a master
			zone is not loaded. [RT #20757]

2813.	[bug]		Better handling of unreadable DNSSEC key files.
			[RT #20710]

2812.	[bug]		Make sure updates can't result in a zone with
			NSEC-only keys and NSEC3 records. [RT #20748]

2811.	[cleanup]	Add "rndc sign" to list of commands in rndc usage
			output. [RT #20733]

2810.	[doc]		Clarified the process of transitioning an NSEC3 zone
			to insecure. [RT #20746]

2809.	[cleanup]	Restored accidentally-deleted text in usage output
			in dnssec-settime and dnssec-revoke [RT #20739]

2808.	[bug]		Remove the attempt to install atomic.h from lib/isc.
			atomic.h is correctly installed by the architecture
			specific subdirectories.  [RT #20722]

2807.	[bug]		Fixed a possible ASSERT when reconfiguring zone
			keys. [RT #20720]

	--- 9.7.0rc1 released ---

2806.	[bug]		"rdnc sign" could delay re-signing the DNSKEY
			when it had changed. [RT #20703]

2805.	[bug]		Fixed namespace problems encountered when building
			external programs using non-exported BIND9 libraries
			(i.e., built without --enable-exportlib). [RT #20679]

2804.	[bug]		Send notifies when a zone is signed with "rndc sign"
			or as a result of a scheduled key change. [RT #20700]

2803.	[port]		win32: Install named-journalprint, nsec3hash, arpaname
			and genrandom under windows. [RT #20670]

2802.	[cleanup]	Rename journalprint to named-journalprint. [RT #20670]

2801.	[func]		Detect and report records that are different according
			to DNSSEC but are semantically equal according to plain
			DNS.  Apply plain DNS comparisons rather than DNSSEC
			comparisons when processing UPDATE requests.
			dnssec-signzone now removes such semantically duplicate
			records prior to signing the RRset.

			named-checkzone -r {ignore|warn|fail} (default warn)
			named-compilezone -r {ignore|warn|fail} (default warn)

			named.conf: check-dup-records {ignore|warn|fail};

2800.	[func]		Reject zones which have NS records which refer to
			CNAMEs, DNAMEs or don't have address record (class IN
			only).  Reject UPDATEs which would cause the zone
			to fail the above checks if committed. [RT #20678]

2799.	[cleanup]	Changed the "secure-to-insecure" option to
			"dnssec-secure-to-insecure", and "dnskey-ksk-only"
			to "dnssec-dnskey-kskonly", for clarity. [RT #20586]

2798.	[bug]		Addressed bugs in managed-keys initialization
			and rollover. [RT #20683]

2797.	[bug]		Don't decrement the dispatch manager's maxbuffers.
			[RT #20613]

2796.	[bug]		Missing dns_rdataset_disassociate() call in
			dns_nsec3_delnsec3sx(). [RT #20681]

2795.	[cleanup]	Add text to differentiate "update with no effect"
			log messages. [RT #18889]

2794.	[bug]		Install <isc/namespace.h>.  [RT #20677]

2793.	[func]		Add "autosign" and "metadata" tests to the
			automatic tests. [RT #19946]

2792.	[func]		"filter-aaaa-on-v4" can now be set in view
			options (if compiled in).  [RT #20635]

2791.	[bug]		The installation of was broken.
			[RT #20667]

2790.	[bug]		Handle DS queries to stub zones. [RT #20440]

2789.	[bug]		Fixed an INSIST in dispatch.c [RT #20576]

2788.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone could sign with keys that were
			not requested [RT #20625]

2787.	[bug]		Spurious log message when zone keys were
			dynamically reconfigured. [RT #20659]

2786.	[bug]		Additional could be promoted to answer. [RT #20663]

	--- 9.7.0b3 released ---

2785.	[bug]		Revoked keys could fail to self-sign [RT #20652]

2784.	[bug]		TC was not always being set when required glue was
			dropped. [RT #20655]

2783.	[func]		Return minimal responses to EDNS/UDP queries with a UDP
			buffer size of 512 or less.  [RT #20654]

2782.	[port]		win32: use getaddrinfo() for hostname lookups.
			[RT #20650]

2781.	[bug]		Inactive keys could be used for signing. [RT #20649]

2780.	[bug]		dnssec-keygen -A none didn't properly unset the
			activation date in all cases. [RT #20648]

2779.	[bug]		Dynamic key revocation could fail. [RT #20644]

2778.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone could fail when a key was revoked
			without deleting the unrevoked version. [RT #20638]

2777.	[contrib]	DLZ MYSQL auto reconnect support discovery was wrong.

2776.	[bug]		Change #2762 was not correct. [RT #20647]

2775.	[bug]		Accept RSASHA256 and RSASHA512 as NSEC3 compatible
			in dnssec-keyfromlabel. [RT #20643]

2774.	[bug]		Existing cache DB wasn't being reused after
			reconfiguration. [RT #20629]

2773.	[bug]		In autosigned zones, the SOA could be signed
			with the KSK. [RT #20628]

2772.	[security]	When validating, track whether pending data was from
			the additional section or not and only return it if
			validates as secure. [RT #20438]

2771.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone: DNSKEY records could be
			corrupted when importing from key files [RT #20624]

2770.	[cleanup]	Add log messages to resolver.c to indicate events
			causing FORMERR responses. [RT #20526]

2769.	[cleanup]	Change #2742 was incomplete. [RT #19589]

2768.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone: -S no longer implies -g [RT #20568]

2767.	[bug]		named could crash on startup if a zone was
			configured with auto-dnssec and there was no
			key-directory. [RT #20615]

2766.	[bug]		isc_socket_fdwatchpoke() should only update the
			socketmgr state if the socket is not pending on a
			read or write.  [RT #20603]

2765.	[bug]		Skip masters for which the TSIG key cannot be found.
			[RT #20595]

2764.	[bug]		"rndc-confgen -a" could trigger a REQUIRE. [RT #20610]

2763.	[bug]		"rndc sign" didn't create an NSEC chain. [RT #20591]

2762.	[bug]		DLV validation failed with a local slave DLV zone.
			[RT #20577]

2761.	[cleanup]	Enable internal symbol table for backtrace only for
			systems that are known to work.  Currently, BSD
			variants, Linux and Solaris are supported. [RT# 20202]

2760.	[cleanup]	Corrected named-compilezone usage summary. [RT #20533]

2759.	[doc]		Add information about .jbk/.jnw files to
			the ARM. [RT #20303]

2758.	[bug]		win32: Added a workaround for a windows 2008 bug
			that could cause the UDP client handler to shut
			down. [RT #19176]

2757.	[bug]		dig: assertion failure could occur in connect
			timeout. [RT #20599]

2756.	[bug]		Fixed corrupt logfile message in update.c. [RT# 20597]

2755.	[placeholder]

2754.	[bug]		Secure-to-insecure transitions failed when zone
			was signed with NSEC3. [RT #20587]

2753.	[bug]		Removed an unnecessary warning that could appear when
			building an NSEC chain. [RT #20589]

2752.	[bug]		Locking violation. [RT #20587]

2751.	[bug]		Fixed a memory leak in dnssec-keyfromlabel. [RT #20588]

2750.	[bug]		dig: assertion failure could occur when a server
			didn't have an address. [RT #20579]

2749.	[bug]		ixfr-from-differences generated a non-minimal ixfr
			for NSEC3 signed zones. [RT #20452]

2748.	[func]		Identify bad answers from GTLD servers and treat them
			as referrals. [RT #18884]

2747.	[bug]		Journal roll forwards failed to set the re-signing
			time of RRSIGs correctly. [RT #20541]

2746.	[port]		hpux: address signed/unsigned expansion mismatch of
			dns_rbtnode_t.nsec. [RT #20542]

2745.	[bug]		configure script didn't probe the return type of
			gai_strerror(3) correctly. [RT #20573]

2744.	[func]		Log if a query was over TCP. [RT #19961]

2743.	[bug]		RRSIG could be incorrectly set in the NSEC3 record
			for a insecure delegation.

	--- 9.7.0b2 released ---

2742.	[cleanup]	Clarify some DNSSEC-related log messages in
			validator.c. [RT #19589]

2741.	[func]		Allow the dnssec-keygen progress messages to be
			suppressed (dnssec-keygen -q).  Automatically
			suppress the progress messages when stdin is not
			a tty. [RT #20474]

2740.	[placeholder]

2739.	[cleanup]	Clean up API for initializing and clearing trust
			anchors for a view. [RT #20211]

2738.	[func]		Add RSASHA256 and RSASHA512 tests to the dnssec system
			test. [RT #20453]

2737.	[func]		UPDATE requests can leak existence information.
			[RT #17261]

2736.	[func]		Improve the performance of NSEC signed zones with
			more than a normal amount of glue below a delegation.
			[RT #20191]

2735.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone could fail to read keys
			that were specified on the command line with
			full paths, but weren't in the current
			directory. [RT #20421]

2734.	[port]		cygwin: arpaname did not compile. [RT #20473]

2733.	[cleanup]	Clean up coding style in pkcs11-* tools. [RT #20355]

2732.	[func]		Add optional filter-aaaa-on-v4 option, available
			if built with './configure --enable-filter-aaaa'.
			Filters out AAAA answers to clients connecting
			via IPv4.  (This is NOT recommended for general
			use.) [RT #20339]

2731.	[func]		Additional work on change 2709.  The key parser
			will now ignore unrecognized fields when the
			minor version number of the private key format
			has been increased.  It will reject any key with
			the major version number increased. [RT #20310]

2730.	[func]		Have dnssec-keygen display a progress indication
			a la 'openssl genrsa' on standard error. Note
			when the first '.' is followed by a long stop
			one has the choice between slow generation vs.
			poor random quality, i.e., '-r /dev/urandom'.
			[RT #20284]

2729.	[func]		When constructing a CNAME from a DNAME use the DNAME
			TTL. [RT #20451]

2728.	[bug]		dnssec-keygen, dnssec-keyfromlabel and
			dnssec-signzone now warn immediately if asked to
			write into a nonexistent directory. [RT #20278]

2727.	[func]		The 'key-directory' option can now specify a relative
			path. [RT #20154]

2726.	[func]		Added support for SHA-2 DNSSEC algorithms,
			RSASHA256 and RSASHA512. [RT #20023]

2725.	[doc]		Added information about the file "managed-keys.bind"
			to the ARM. [RT #20235]

2724.	[bug]		Updates to a existing node in secure zone using NSEC
			were failing. [RT #20448]

2723.	[bug]		isc_base32_totext(), isc_base32hex_totext(), and
			isc_base64_totext(), didn't always mark regions of
			memory as fully consumed after conversion.  [RT #20445]

2722.	[bug]		Ensure that the memory associated with the name of
			a node in a rbt tree is not altered during the life
			of the node. [RT #20431]

2721.	[port]		Have dst__entropy_status() prime the random number
			generator. [RT #20369]

2720.	[bug]		RFC 5011 trust anchor updates could trigger an
			assert if the DNSKEY record was unsigned. [RT #20406]

2719.	[func]		Skip trusted/managed keys for unsupported algorithms.
			[RT #20392]

2718.	[bug]		The space calculations in opensslrsa_todns() were
			incorrect. [RT #20394]

2717.	[bug]		named failed to update the NSEC/NSEC3 record when
			the last private type record was removed as a result
			of completing the signing the zone with a key.
			[RT #20399]

2716.	[bug]		nslookup debug mode didn't return the ttl. [RT #20414]

	--- 9.7.0b1 released ---

2715.	[bug]		Require OpenSSL support to be explicitly disabled.
			[RT #20288]

2714.	[port]		aix/powerpc: 'asm("ics");' needs non standard assembler

2713.	[bug]		powerpc: atomic operations missing asm("ics") /
			__isync() calls.

2712.	[func]		New 'auto-dnssec' zone option allows zone signing
			to be fully automated in zones configured for
			dynamic DNS.  'auto-dnssec allow;' permits a zone
			to be signed by creating keys for it in the
			key-directory and using 'rndc sign <zone>'.
			'auto-dnssec maintain;' allows that too, plus it
			also keeps the zone's DNSSEC keys up to date
			according to their timing metadata. [RT #19943]

2711.	[port]		win32: Add the bin/pkcs11 tools into the full
			build. [RT #20372]

2710.	[func]		New 'dnssec-signzone -x' flag and 'dnskey-ksk-only'
			zone option cause a zone to be signed with only KSKs
			signing the DNSKEY RRset, not ZSKs.  This reduces
			the size of a DNSKEY answer.  [RT #20340]

2709.	[func]		Added some data fields, currently unused, to the
			private key file format, to allow implementation
			of explicit key rollover in a future release
			without impairing backward or forward compatibility.
			[RT #20310]

2708.	[func]		Insecure to secure and NSEC3 parameter changes via
			update are now fully supported and no longer require
			defines to enable.  We now no longer overload the
			NSEC3PARAM flag field, nor the NSEC OPT bit at the
			apex.  Secure to insecure changes are controlled by
			by the named.conf option 'secure-to-insecure'.

			Warning: If you had previously enabled support by
			adding defines at compile time to BIND 9.6 you should
			ensure that all changes that are in progress have
			completed prior to upgrading to BIND 9.7.  BIND 9.7
			is not backwards compatible.

2707.	[func]		dnssec-keyfromlabel no longer require engine name
			to be specified in the label if there is a default
			engine or the -E option has been used.  Also, it
			now uses default algorithms as dnssec-keygen does
			(i.e., RSASHA1, or NSEC3RSASHA1 if -3 is used).
			[RT #20371]

2706.	[bug]		Loading a zone with a very large NSEC3 salt could
			trigger an assert. [RT #20368]

2705.	[placeholder]

2704.	[bug]		Serial of dynamic and stub zones could be inconsistent
			with their SOA serial.  [RT #19387]

2703.	[func]		Introduce an OpenSSL "engine" argument with -E
			for all binaries which can take benefit of
			crypto hardware. [RT #20230]

2702.	[func]		Update PKCS#11 tools (bin/pkcs11) [RT #20225 & all]

2701.	[doc]		Correction to ARM: hmac-md5 is no longer the only
			supported TSIG key algorithm. [RT #18046]

2700.	[doc]		The match-mapped-addresses option is discouraged.
			[RT #12252]

2699.	[bug]		Missing lock in rbtdb.c. [RT #20037]

2698.	[placeholder]

2697.	[port]		win32: ensure that S_IFMT, S_IFDIR, S_IFCHR and
			S_IFREG are defined after including <isc/stat.h>.
			[RT #20309]

2696.	[bug]		named failed to successfully process some valid
			acl constructs. [RT #20308]

2695.	[func]		DHCP/DDNS - update fdwatch code for use by
			DHCP.  Modify the api to isc_sockfdwatch_t (the
			callback functon for isc_socket_fdwatchcreate)
			to include information about the direction (read
			or write) and add isc_socket_fdwatchpoke.
			[RT #20253]

2694.	[bug]		Reduce default NSEC3 iterations from 100 to 10.
			[RT #19970]

2693.	[port]		Add some noreturn attributes. [RT #20257]

2692.	[port]		win32: 32/64 bit cleanups. [RT #20335]

2691.	[func]		dnssec-signzone: retain the existing NSEC or NSEC3
			chain when re-signing a previously-signed zone.
			Use -u to modify NSEC3 parameters or switch
			between NSEC and NSEC3. [RT #20304]

2690.	[bug]		win32: fix isc_thread_key_getspecific() prototype.
			[RT #20315]

2689.	[bug]		Correctly handle snprintf result. [RT #20306]

			to decide to fetch the destination address. [RT #20305]

2687.	[bug]		Fixed dnssec-signzone -S handling of revoked keys.
			Also, added warnings when revoking a ZSK, as this is
			not defined by protocol (but is legal).  [RT #19943]

2686.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone should clean the old NSEC chain when
			signing with NSEC3 and vice versa. [RT #20301]

2685.	[contrib]	Update contrib/zkt to version 0.99c. [RT #20054]

2684.	[cleanup]	dig: formalize +ad and +cd as synonyms for
			+adflag and +cdflag.  [RT #19305]

2683.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone should clean out old NSEC3 chains when
			the NSEC3 parameters used to sign the zone change.
			[RT #20246]

2682.	[bug]		"configure --enable-symtable=all" failed to
			build. [RT #20282]

2681.	[bug]		IPSECKEY RR of gateway type 3 was not correctly
			decoded. [RT #20269]

2680.	[func]		Move contrib/pkcs11-keygen to bin/pkcs11. [RT #20067]

2679.	[func]		dig -k can now accept TSIG keys in named.conf
			format.  [RT #20031]

2678.	[func]		Treat DS queries as if "minimal-response yes;"
			was set. [RT #20258]

2677.	[func]		Changes to key metadata behavior:
			- Keys without "publish" or "active" dates set will
			  no longer be used for smart signing.  However,
			  those dates will be set to "now" by default when
			  a key is created; to generate a key but not use
			  it yet, use dnssec-keygen -G.
			- New "inactive" date (dnssec-keygen/settime -I)
			  sets the time when a key is no longer used for
			  signing but is still published.
			- The "unpublished" date (-U) is deprecated in
			  favour of "deleted" (-D).
			[RT #20247]

2676.	[bug]		--with-export-installdir should have been
			--with-export-includedir. [RT #20252]

2675.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone could crash if the key directory
			did not exist. [RT #20232]

	--- 9.7.0a3 released ---

2674.	[bug]		"dnssec-lookaside auto;" crashed if named was built
			without openssl. [RT #20231]

2673.	[bug]		The managed-keys.bind zone file could fail to
			load due to a spurious result from sync_keyzone()
			[RT #20045]

2672.	[bug]		Don't enable searching in 'host' when doing reverse
			lookups. [RT #20218]

2671.	[bug]		Add support for PKCS#11 providers not returning
			the public exponent in RSA private keys
			(OpenCryptoki for instance) in
			dnssec-keyfromlabel. [RT #19294]

2670.	[bug]		Unexpected connect failures failed to log enough
			information to be useful. [RT #20205]

2669.	[func]		Update PKCS#11 support to support Keyper HSM.
			Update PKCS#11 patch to be against openssl-0.9.8i.

2668.	[func]		Several improvements to dnssec-* tools, including:
			- dnssec-keygen and dnssec-settime can now set key
			  metadata fields 0 (to unset a value, use "none")
			- dnssec-revoke sets the revocation date in
			  addition to the revoke bit
			- dnssec-settime can now print individual metadata
			  fields instead of always printing all of them,
			  and can print them in unix epoch time format for
			  use by scripts
			[RT #19942]

2667.	[func]		Add support for logging stack backtrace on assertion
			failure (not available for all platforms). [RT #19780]

2666.	[func]		Added an 'options' argument to dns_name_fromstring()
			(API change from 9.7.0a2). [RT #20196]

2665.	[func]		Clarify syntax for managed-keys {} statement, add
			ARM documentation about RFC 5011 support. [RT #19874]

2664.	[bug]		create_keydata() and minimal_update() in zone.c
			didn't properly check return values for some
			functions.  [RT #19956]

2663.	[func]		win32:  allow named to run as a service using
			"NT AUTHORITY\LocalService" as the account. [RT #19977]

2662.	[bug]		lwres_getipnodebyname() and lwres_getipnodebyaddr()
			returned a misleading error code when lwresd was
			down. [RT #20028]

2661.	[bug]		Check whether socket fd exceeds FD_SETSIZE when
			creating lwres context. [RT #20029]

2660.	[func]		Add a new set of DNS libraries for non-BIND9
			applications.  See README.libdns. [RT #19369]

2659.	[doc]		Clarify dnssec-keygen doc: key name must match zone
			name for DNSSEC keys. [RT #19938]

2658.	[bug]		dnssec-settime and dnssec-revoke didn't process
			key file paths correctly. [RT #20078]

2657.	[cleanup]	Lower "journal file <path> does not exist, creating it"
			log level to debug 1. [RT #20058]

2656.	[func]		win32: add a "tools only" check box to the installer
			which causes it to only install dig, host, nslookup,
			nsupdate and relevant DLLs.  [RT #19998]

2655.	[doc]		Document that key-directory does not affect
			bind.keys, rndc.key or session.key.  [RT #20155]

2654.	[bug]		Improve error reporting on duplicated names for
			deny-answer-xxx. [RT #20164]

2653.	[bug]		Treat ENGINE_load_private_key() failures as key
			not found rather than out of memory.  [RT #18033]

2652.	[func]		Provide more detail about what record is being
			deleted. [RT #20061]

2651.	[bug]		Dates could print incorrectly in K*.key files on
			64-bit systems. [RT #20076]

2650.	[bug]		Assertion failure in dnssec-signzone when trying
			to read keyset-* files. [RT #20075]

2649.	[bug]		Set the domain for forward only zones. [RT #19944]

2648.	[port]		win32: isc_time_seconds() was broken. [RT #19900]

2647.	[bug]		Remove unnecessary SOA updates when a new KSK is
			added. [RT #19913]

2646.	[bug]		Incorrect cleanup on error in socket.c. [RT #19987]

2645.	[port]		"gcc -m32" didn't work on amd64 and x86_64 platforms
			which default to 64 bits. [RT #19927]

	--- 9.7.0a2 released ---

2644.	[bug]		Change #2628 caused a regression on some systems;
			named was unable to write the PID file and would
			fail on startup. [RT #20001]

2643.	[bug]		Stub zones interacted badly with NSEC3 support.
			[RT #19777]

2642.	[bug]		nsupdate could dump core on solaris when reading
			improperly formatted key files.  [RT #20015]

2641.	[bug]		Fixed an error in parsing update-policy syntax,
			added a regression test to check it. [RT #20007]

2640.	[security]	A specially crafted update packet will cause named
			to exit. [RT #20000]

2639.	[bug]		Silence compiler warnings in gssapi code. [RT #19954]

2638.	[bug]		Install arpaname. [RT #19957]

2637.	[func]		Rationalize dnssec-signzone's signwithkey() calling.
			[RT #19959]

2636.	[func]		Simplify zone signing and key maintenance with the
			dnssec-* tools.  Major changes:
			- all dnssec-* tools now take a -K option to
			  specify a directory in which key files will be
			- DNSSEC can now store metadata indicating when
			  they are scheduled to be published, activated,
			  revoked or removed; these values can be set by
			  dnssec-keygen or overwritten by the new
			  dnssec-settime command
			- dnssec-signzone -S (for "smart") option reads key
			  metadata and uses it to determine automatically
			  which keys to publish to the zone, use for
			  signing, revoke, or remove from the zone
			[RT #19816]

2635.	[bug]		isc_inet_ntop() incorrectly handled 0.0/16 addresses.
			[RT #19716]

2634.	[port]		win32: Add support for libxml2, enable
			statschannel. [RT #19773]

2633.	[bug]		Handle 15 bit rand() functions. [RT #19783]

2632.	[func]		util/ warn if documentation appears to be out of
			date.  [RT #19922]

2631.	[bug]		Handle "//", "/./" and "/../" in mkdirpath().
			[RT #19926 ]

2630.	[func]		Improved syntax for DDNS autoconfiguration:  use
			"update-policy local;" to switch on local DDNS in a
			zone. (The "ddns-autoconf" option has been removed.)
			[RT #19875]

2629.	[port]		Check for seteuid()/setegid(), use setresuid()/
			setresgid() if not present. [RT #19932]

2628.	[port]		linux: Allow /var/run/named/ to be opened
			at startup with reduced capabilities in operation.
			[RT #19884]

2627.	[bug]		Named aborted if the same key was included in
			trusted-keys more than once. [RT #19918]

2626.	[bug]		Multiple trusted-keys could trigger an assertion
			failure. [RT #19914]

2625.	[bug]		Missing UNLOCK in rbtdb.c. [RT #19865]

2624.	[func]		'named-checkconf -p' will print out the parsed
			configuration. [RT #18871]

2623.	[bug]		Named started searches for DS non-optimally. [RT #19915]

2622.	[bug]		Printing of named.conf grammar was broken. [RT #19919]

2621.	[doc]		Made copyright boilerplate consistent.  [RT #19833]

2620.	[bug]		Delay thawing the zone until the reload of it has
			completed successfully.  [RT #19750]

2619.	[func]		Add support for RFC 5011, automatic trust anchor
			maintenance.  The new "managed-keys" statement can
			be used in place of "trusted-keys" for zones which
			support this protocol.  (Note: this syntax is
			expected to change prior to 9.7.0 final.) [RT #19248]

2618.	[bug]		The sdb and sdlz db_interator_seek() methods could
			loop infinitely. [RT #19847]

2617.	[bug] failed to emit an error message when
			run from the wrong location. [RT #19375]

2616.	[bug]		'host' used the nameservers from resolv.conf even
			when a explicit nameserver was specified. [RT #19852]

2615.	[bug]		"__attribute__((unused))" was in the wrong place
			for ia64 gcc builds. [RT #19854]

2614.	[port]		win32: 'named -v' should automatically be executed
			in the foreground. [RT #19844]

2613.	[placeholder]

	--- 9.7.0a1 released ---

2612.	[func]		Add default values for the arguments to
			dnssec-keygen.  Without arguments, it will now
			generate a 1024-bit RSASHA1 zone-signing key,
			or with the -f KSK option, a 2048-bit RSASHA1
			key-signing key. [RT #19300]

2611.	[func]		Add -l option to dnssec-dsfromkey to generate
			DLV records instead of DS records. [RT #19300]

2610.	[port]		sunos: Change #2363 was not complete. [RT #19796]

2609.	[func]		Simplify the configuration of dynamic zones:
			- add ddns-confgen command to generate
			  configuration text for named.conf
			- add zone option "ddns-autoconf yes;", which
			  causes named to generate a TSIG session key
			  and allow updates to the zone using that key
			- add '-l' (localhost) option to nsupdate, which
			  causes nsupdate to connect to a locally-running
			  named process using the session key generated
			  by named
			[RT #19284]

2608.	[func]		Perform post signing verification checks in
			dnssec-signzone.  These can be disabled with -P.

			The post sign verification test ensures that for each
			algorithm in use there is at least one non revoked
			self signed KSK key.  That all revoked KSK keys are
			self signed.  That all records in the zone are signed
			by the algorithm.  [RT #19653]

2607.	[bug]		named could incorrectly delete NSEC3 records for
			empty nodes when processing a update request.
			[RT #19749]

2606.	[bug]		"delegation-only" was not being accepted in
			delegation-only type zones. [RT #19717]

2605.	[bug]		Accept DS responses from delegation only zones.
			[RT # 19296]

2604.	[func]		Add support for DNS rebinding attack prevention through
			new options, deny-answer-addresses and
			deny-answer-aliases.  Based on contributed code from
			JD Nurmi, Google. [RT #18192]

2603.	[port]		win32: handle .exe extension of named-checkzone and
			named-comilezone argv[0] names under windows.
			[RT #19767]

2602.	[port]		win32: fix debugging command line build of libisccfg.
			[RT #19767]

2601.	[doc]		Mention file creation mode mask in the
			named manual page.

2600.	[doc]		ARM: miscellaneous reformatting for different
			page widths. [RT #19574]

2599.	[bug]		Address rapid memory growth when validation fails.
			[RT #19654]

2598.	[func]		Reserve the -F flag. [RT #19657]

2597.	[bug]		Handle a validation failure with a insecure delegation
			from a NSEC3 signed master/slave zone.  [RT #19464]

2596.	[bug]		Stale tree nodes of cache/dynamic rbtdb could stay
			long, leading to inefficient memory usage or rejecting
			newer cache entries in the worst case. [RT #19563]

2595.	[bug]		Fix unknown extended rcodes in dig. [RT #19625]

2594.	[func]		Have rndc warn if using its default configuration
			file when the key file also exists. [RT #19424]

2593.	[bug]		Improve a corner source of SERVFAILs [RT #19632]

2592.	[bug]		Treat "any" as a type in nsupdate. [RT #19455]

2591.	[bug]		named could die when processing a update in
			removed_orphaned_ds(). [RT #19507]

2590.	[func]		Report zone/class of "update with no effect".
			[RT #19542]

2589.	[bug]		dns_db_unregister() failed to clear '*dbimp'.
			[RT #19626]

2588.	[bug]		SO_REUSEADDR could be set unconditionally after failure
			of bind(2) call.  This should be rare and mostly
			harmless, but may cause interference with other
			processes that happen to use the same port. [RT #19642]

2587.	[func]		Improve logging by reporting serial numbers for
			when zone serial has gone backwards or unchanged.
			[RT #19506]

2586.	[bug]		Missing cleanup of SIG rdataset in searching a DLZ DB
			or SDB. [RT #19577]

2585.	[bug]		Uninitialized socket name could be referenced via a
			statistics channel, triggering an assertion failure in
			XML rendering. [RT #19427]

2584.	[bug]		alpha: gcc optimization could break atomic operations.
			[RT #19227]

2583.	[port]		netbsd: provide a control to not add the compile
			date to the version string, -DNO_VERSION_DATE.

2582.	[bug]		Don't emit warning log message when we attempt to
			remove non-existent journal. [RT #19516]

2581.	[contrib]	dlz/mysql set MYSQL_OPT_RECONNECT option on connection.
			Requires MySQL 5.0.19 or later. [RT #19084]

2580.	[bug]		UpdateRej statistics counter could be incremented twice
			for one rejection. [RT #19476]

2579.	[bug]		DNSSEC lookaside validation failed to handle unknown
			algorithms. [RT #19479]

2578.	[bug]		Changed default sig-signing-type to 65534, because
			65535 turns out to be reserved.  [RT #19477]

2577.	[doc]		Clarified some statistics counters. [RT #19454]

2576.	[bug]		NSEC record were not being correctly signed when
			a zone transitions from insecure to secure.
			Handle such incorrectly signed zones. [RT #19114]

2575.	[func]		New functions dns_name_fromstring() and
			dns_name_tostring(), to simplify conversion
			of a string to a dns_name structure and vice
			versa. [RT #19451]

2574.	[doc]		Document nsupdate -g and -o. [RT #19351]

2573.	[bug]		Replacing a non-CNAME record with a CNAME record in a
			single transaction in a signed zone failed. [RT #19397]

2572.	[func]		Simplify DLV configuration, with a new option
			"dnssec-lookaside auto;"  This is the equivalent
			of "dnssec-lookaside . trust-anchor;"
			plus setting a trusted-key for

			Note: The trusted key is hard-coded into named,
			but is also stored in (and can be overridden
			by) $sysconfdir/bind.keys.  As the ISC DLV key
			rolls over it can be kept up to date by replacing
			the bind.keys file with a key downloaded from [RT #18685]

2571.	[func]		Add a new tool "arpaname" which translates IP addresses
			to the corresponding IN-ADDR.ARPA or IP6.ARPA name.
			[RT #18976]

2570.	[func]		Log the destination address the query was sent to.
			[RT #19209]

2569.	[func]		Move journalprint, nsec3hash, and genrandom
			commands from bin/tests into bin/tools;
			"make install" will put them in $sbindir. [RT #19301]

2568.	[bug]		Report when the write to indicate a otherwise
			successful start fails. [RT #19360]

2567.	[bug]		dst__privstruct_writefile() could miss write errors.
			write_public_key() could miss write errors.
			dnssec-dsfromkey could miss write errors.
			[RT #19360]

2566.	[cleanup]	Clarify logged message when an insecure DNSSEC
			response arrives from a zone thought to be secure:
			"insecurity proof failed" instead of "not
			insecure". [RT #19400]

2565.	[func]		Add support for HIP record.  Includes new functions
			dns_rdata_hip_first(), dns_rdata_hip_next()
			and dns_rdata_hip_current().  [RT #19384]

2564.	[bug]		Only take EDNS fallback steps when processing timeouts.
			[RT #19405]

2563.	[bug]		Dig could leak a socket causing it to wait forever
			to exit. [RT #19359]

2562.	[doc]		ARM: miscellaneous improvements, reorganization,
			and some new content.

2561.	[doc]		Add man page. [RT #16378]

2560.	[bug]		Add #include <config.h> to iptable.c. [RT #18258]

2559.	[bug]		dnssec-dsfromkey could compute bad DS records when
			reading from a K* files.  [RT #19357]

2558.	[func]		Set the ownership of missing directories created
			for pid-file if -u has been specified on the command
			line. [RT #19328]

2557.	[cleanup]	PCI compliance:
			* new libisc log module file
			* isc_dir_chroot() now also changes the working
			  directory to "/".
			* additional INSISTs
			* additional logging when files can't be removed.

2556.	[port]		Solaris: mkdir(2) on tmpfs filesystems does not do the
			error checks in the correct order resulting in the
			wrong error code sometimes being returned. [RT #19249]

2555.	[func]		dig: when emitting a hex dump also display the
			corresponding characters. [RT #19258]

2554.	[bug]		Validation of uppercase queries from NSEC3 zones could
			fail. [RT #19297]

2553.	[bug]		Reference leak on DNSSEC validation errors. [RT #19291]

2552.	[bug]		zero-no-soa-ttl-cache was not being honoured.
			[RT #19340]

2551.	[bug]		Potential Reference leak on return. [RT #19341]

2550.	[bug]		Check --with-openssl=<path> finds <openssl/opensslv.h>.
			[RT #19343]

2549.	[port]		linux: define NR_OPEN if not currently defined.
			[RT #19344]

2548.	[bug]		Install iterated_hash.h. [RT #19335]

2547.	[bug]		openssl_link.c:mem_realloc() could reference an
			out-of-range area of the source buffer.  New public
			function isc_mem_reallocate() was introduced to address
			this bug. [RT #19313]

2546.	[func]		Add --enable-openssl-hash configure flag to use
			OpenSSL (in place of internal routine) for hash
			functions (MD5, SHA[12] and HMAC). [RT #18815]

2545.	[doc]		ARM: Legal hostname checking (check-names) is
			for SRV RDATA too. [RT #19304]

2544.	[cleanup]	Removed unused structure members in adb.c. [RT #19225]

2543.	[contrib]	Update contrib/zkt to version 0.98. [RT #19113]

2542.	[doc]		Update the description of dig +adflag. [RT #19290]

2541.	[bug]		Conditionally update dispatch manager statistics.
			[RT #19247]

2540.	[func]		Add a nibble mode to $GENERATE. [RT #18872]

2539.	[security]	Update the interaction between recursion, allow-query,
			allow-query-cache and allow-recursion.  [RT #19198]

2538.	[bug]		cache/ADB memory could grow over max-cache-size,
			especially with threads and smaller max-cache-size
			values. [RT #19240]

2537.	[func]		Added more statistics counters including those on socket
			I/O events and query RTT histograms. [RT #18802]

2536.	[cleanup]	Silence some warnings when -Werror=format-security is
			specified. [RT #19083]

2535.	[bug]		dig +showsearch and +trace interacted badly. [RT #19091]

2534.	[func]		Check NAPTR records regular expressions and
			replacement strings to ensure they are syntactically
			valid and consistant. [RT #18168]

2533.	[doc]		ARM: document @ (at-sign). [RT #17144]

2532.	[bug]		dig: check the question section of the response to
			see if it matches the asked question. [RT #18495]

2531.	[bug]		Change #2207 was incomplete. [RT #19098]

2530.	[bug]		named failed to reject insecure to secure transitions
			via UPDATE. [RT #19101]

2529.	[cleanup]	Upgrade libtool to silence complaints from recent
			version of autoconf. [RT #18657]

2528.	[cleanup]	Silence spurious configure warning about
			--datarootdir [RT #19096]

2527.	[placeholder]

2526.	[func]		New named option "attach-cache" that allows multiple
			views to share a single cache to save memory and
			improve lookup efficiency.  Based on contributed code
			from Barclay Osborn, Google. [RT #18905]

2525.	[func]		New logging category "query-errors" to provide detailed
			internal information about query failures, especially
			about server failures. [RT #19027]

2524.	[port]		sunos: dnssec-signzone needs strtoul(). [RT #19129]

2523.	[bug]		Random type rdata freed by dns_nsec_typepresent().
			[RT #19112]

2522.	[security]	Handle -1 from DSA_do_verify() and EVP_VerifyFinal().

2521.	[bug]		Improve epoll cross compilation support. [RT #19047]

2520.	[bug]		Update xml statistics version number to 2.0 as change
			#2388 made the schema incompatible to the previous
			version. [RT #19080]

2519.	[bug]		dig/host with -4 or -6 didn't work if more than two
			nameserver addresses of the excluded address family
			preceded in resolv.conf. [RT #19081]

2518.	[func]		Add support for the new CERT types from RFC 4398.
			[RT #19077]

2517.	[bug]		dig +trace with -4 or -6 failed when it chose a
			nameserver address of the excluded address type.
			[RT #18843]

2516.	[bug]		glue sort for responses was performed even when not
			needed. [RT #19039]

2515.	[port]		win32: build dnssec-dsfromkey and dnssec-keyfromlabel.
			[RT #19063]

2514.	[bug]		dig/host failed with -4 or -6 when resolv.conf contains
			a nameserver of the excluded address family.
			[RT #18848]

2513.	[bug]		Fix windows cli build. [RT #19062]

2512.	[func]		Print a summary of the cached records which make up
			the negative response.  [RT #18885]

2511.	[cleanup]	dns_rdata_tofmttext() add const to linebreak.
			[RT #18885]

2510.	[bug]		"dig +sigchase" could trigger REQUIRE failures.
			[RT #19033]

2509.	[bug]		Specifying a fixed query source port was broken.
			[RT #19051]

2508.	[placeholder]

2507.	[func]		Log the recursion quota values when killing the
			oldest query or refusing to recurse due to quota.
			[RT #19022]

2506.	[port]		solaris: Check at configure time if
			hack_shutup_pthreadonceinit is needed. [RT #19037]

2505.	[port]		Treat amd64 similarly to x86_64 when determining
			atomic operation support. [RT #19031]

2504.	[bug]		Address race condition in the socket code. [RT #18899]

2503.	[port]		linux: improve compatibility with Linux Standard
			Base. [RT #18793]

2502.	[cleanup]	isc_radix: Improve compliance with coding style,
			document function in <isc/radix.h>. [RT #18534]

2501.	[func]		$GENERATE now supports all rdata types.  Multi-field
			rdata types need to be quoted.  See the ARM for
			details. [RT #18368]

2500.	[contrib]	contrib/sdb/pgsql/zonetodb.c called non-existent
			function. [RT #18582]

2499.	[port]		solaris: lib/lwres/getaddrinfo.c namespace clash.
			[RT #18837]

	--- 9.6.0rc1 released ---

2498.	[bug]		Removed a bogus function argument used with
			ISC_SOCKET_USE_POLLWATCH: it could cause compiler
			warning or crash named with the debug 1 level
			of logging. [RT #18917]

2497.	[bug]		Don't add RRSIG bit to NSEC3 bit map for insecure

2496.	[bug]		Add sanity length checks to NSID option. [RT #18813]

2495.	[bug]		Tighten RRSIG checks. [RT #18795]

2494.	[bug]		isc/radix.h, dns/sdlz.h and dns/dlz.h were not being
			installed. [RT #18826]

2493.	[bug]		The linux capabilities code was not correctly cleaning
			up after itself. [RT #18767]

2492.	[func]		Rndc status now reports the number of cpus discovered
			and the number of worker threads when running
			multi-threaded. [RT #18273]

2491.	[func]		Attempt to re-use a local port if we are already using
			the port. [RT #18548]

2490.	[port]		aix: work around a kernel bug where IPV6_RECVPKTINFO
			is cleared when IPV6_V6ONLY is set. [RT #18785]

2489.	[port]		solaris: Workaround Solaris's kernel bug about
			Define ISC_SOCKET_USE_POLLWATCH at build time to enable
			this workaround. [RT #18870]

2488.	[func]		Added a tool, dnssec-dsfromkey, to generate DS records
			from keyset and .key files. [RT #18694]

2487.	[bug]		Give TCP connections longer to complete. [RT #18675]

2486.	[func]		The default locations for and
			are now /var/run/named/ and
			/var/run/lwresd/ respectively.

			This allows the owner of the containing directory
			to be set, for "named -u" support, and allows there
			to be a permanent symbolic link in the path, for
			"named -t" support.  [RT #18306]

2485.	[bug]		Change update's the handling of obscured RRSIG
			records.  Not all orphaned DS records were being
			removed. [RT #18828]

2484.	[bug]		It was possible to trigger a REQUIRE failure when
			adding NSEC3 proofs to the response in
			query_addwildcardproof().  [RT #18828]

2483.	[port]		win32: chroot() is not supported. [RT #18805]

2482.	[port]		libxml2: support versions 2.7.* in addition
			to 2.6.*. [RT #18806]

	--- 9.6.0b1 released ---

2481.	[bug]		rbtdb.c:matchparams() failed to handle NSEC3 chain
			collisions.  [RT #18812]

2480.	[bug]		named could fail to emit all the required NSEC3
			records.  [RT #18812]

2479.	[bug]		xfrout:covers was not properly initialized. [RT #18801]

2478.	[bug]		'addresses' could be used uninitialized in
			configure_forward(). [RT #18800]

2477.	[bug]		dig: the global option to print the command line is
			+cmd not print_cmd.  Update the output to reflect
			this. [RT #17008]

2476.	[doc]		ARM: improve documentation for max-journal-size and
			ixfr-from-differences. [RT #15909] [RT #18541]

2475.	[bug]		LRU cache cleanup under overmem condition could purge
			particular entries more aggressively. [RT #17628]

2474.	[bug]		ACL structures could be allocated with insufficient
			space, causing an array overrun. [RT #18765]

2473.	[port]		linux: raise the limit on open files to the possible
			maximum value before spawning threads; 'files'
			specified in named.conf doesn't seem to work with
			threads as expected. [RT #18784]

2472.	[port]		linux: check the number of available cpu's before
			calling chroot as it depends on "/proc". [RT #16923]

2471.	[bug]		named-checkzone was not reporting missing mandatory
			glue when sibling checks were disabled. [RT #18768]

2470.	[bug]		Elements of the isc_radix_node_t could be incorrectly
			overwritten.  [RT# 18719]

2469.	[port]		solaris: Work around Solaris's select() limitations.
			[RT #18769]

2468.	[bug]		Resolver could try unreachable servers multiple times.
			[RT #18739]

2467.	[bug]		Failure of fcntl(F_DUPFD) wasn't logged. [RT #18740]

2466.	[doc]		ARM: explain max-cache-ttl 0 SERVFAIL issue.
			[RT #18302]

2465.	[bug]		Adb's handling of lame addresses was different
			for IPv4 and IPv6. [RT #18738]

2464.	[port]		linux: check that a capability is present before
			trying to set it. [RT #18135]

2463.	[port]		linux: POSIX doesn't include the IPv6 Advanced Socket
			API and glibc hides parts of the IPv6 Advanced Socket
			API as a result.  This is stupid as it breaks how the
			two halves (Basic and Advanced) of the IPv6 Socket API
			were designed to be used but we have to live with it.
			Define _GNU_SOURCE to pull in the IPv6 Advanced Socket
			API. [RT #18388]

2462.	[doc]		Document -m (enable memory usage debugging)
			option for dig. [RT #18757]

2461.	[port]		sunos: Change #2363 was not complete. [RT #17513]

	--- 9.6.0a1 released ---

2460.	[bug]		Don't call dns_db_getnsec3parameters() on the cache.
			[RT #18697]

2459.	[contrib]	Import dnssec-zkt to contrib/zkt. [RT #18448]

2458.	[doc]		ARM: update and correction for max-cache-size.
			[RT #18294]

2457.	[tuning]	max-cache-size is reverted to 0, the previous
			default.  It should be safe because expired cache
			entries are also purged. [RT #18684]

2456.	[bug]		In ACLs, ::/0 and would both match any
			address, regardless of family.  They now correctly
			distinguish IPv4 from IPv6.  [RT #18559]

2455.	[bug]		Stop metadata being transferred via axfr/ixfr.
			[RT #18639]

2454.	[func]		nsupdate: you can now set a default ttl. [RT #18317]

2453.	[bug]		Remove NULL pointer dereference in dns_journal_print().
			[RT #18316]

2452.	[func]		Improve bin/test/journalprint. [RT #18316]

2451.	[port]		solaris: handle runtime linking better. [RT #18356]

2450.	[doc]		Fix lwresd docbook problem for manual page.
			[RT #18672]

2449.	[placeholder]

2448.	[func]		Add NSEC3 support. [RT #15452]

2447.	[cleanup]	libbind has been split out as a separate product.

2446.	[func]		Add a new log message about build options on startup.
			A new command-line option '-V' for named is also
			provided to show this information. [RT# 18645]

2445.	[doc]		ARM out-of-date on empty reverse zones (list includes
			RFC1918 address, but these are not yet compiled in).
			[RT #18578]

2444.	[port]		Linux, FreeBSD, AIX: Turn off path mtu discovery
			(clear DF) for UDP responses and requests.

2443.	[bug]		win32: UDP connect() would not generate an event,
			and so connected UDP sockets would never clean up.
			Fix this by doing an immediate WSAConnect() rather
			than an io completion port type for UDP.

2442.	[bug]		A lock could be destroyed twice. [RT# 18626]

2441.	[bug]		isc_radix_insert() could copy radix tree nodes
			incompletely. [RT #18573]

2440.	[bug]		named-checkconf used an incorrect test to determine
			if an ACL was set to none.

2439.	[bug]		Potential NULL dereference in dns_acl_isanyornone().
			[RT #18559]

2438.	[bug]		Timeouts could be logged incorrectly under win32.

2437.	[bug]		Sockets could be closed too early, leading to
			inconsistent states in the socket module. [RT #18298]

2436.	[security]	win32: UDP client handler can be shutdown. [RT #18576]

2435.	[bug]		Fixed an ACL memory leak affecting win32.

2434.	[bug]		Fixed a minor error-reporting bug in

2433.	[tuning]	Set initial timeout to 800ms.

2432.	[bug]		More Windows socket handling improvements.  Stop
			using I/O events and use IO Completion Ports
			throughout.  Rewrite the receive path logic to make
			it easier to support multiple simultaneous
			requesters in the future.  Add stricter consistency
			checking as a compile-time option (define

2431.	[bug]		Acl processing could leak memory. [RT #18323]

2430.	[bug]		win32: isc_interval_set() could round down to
			zero if the input was less than NS_INTERVAL
			nanoseconds.  Round up instead. [RT #18549]

2429.	[doc]		nsupdate should be in section 1 of the man pages.
			[RT #18283]

2428.	[bug]		dns_iptable_merge() mishandled merges of negative
			tables. [RT #18409]

2427.	[func]		Treat DNSKEY queries as if "minimal-response yes;"
			was set. [RT #18528]

2426.	[bug]		libbind: inet_net_pton() can sometimes return the
			wrong value if excessively large net masks are
			supplied. [RT #18512]

2425.	[bug]		named didn't detect unavailable query source addresses
			at load time. [RT #18536]

2424.	[port]		configure now probes for a working epoll
			implementation.  Allow the use of kqueue,
			epoll and /dev/poll to be selected at compile
			time. [RT #18277]

2423.	[security]	Randomize server selection on queries, so as to
			make forgery a little more difficult.  Instead of
			always preferring the server with the lowest RTT,
			pick a server with RTT within the same 128
			millisecond band.  [RT #18441]

2422.	[bug]		Handle the special return value of a empty node as
			if it was a NXRRSET in the validator. [RT #18447]

2421.	[func]		Add new command line option '-S' for named to specify
			the max number of sockets. [RT #18493]
			Use caution: this option may not work for some
			operating systems without rebuilding named.

2420.	[bug]		Windows socket handling cleanup.  Let the io
			completion event send out canceled read/write
			done events, which keeps us from writing to memory
			we no longer have ownership of.  Add debugging
			socket_log() function.  Rework TCP socket handling
			to not leak sockets.

2419.	[cleanup]	Document that isc_socket_create() and isc_socket_open()
			should not be used for isc_sockettype_fdwatch sockets.
			[RT #18521]

2418.	[bug]		AXFR request on a DLZ could trigger a REQUIRE failure
			[RT #18430]

2417.	[bug]		Connecting UDP sockets for outgoing queries could
			unexpectedly fail with an 'address already in use'
			error. [RT #18411]

2416.	[func]		Log file descriptors that cause exceeding the
			internal maximum. [RT #18460]

2415.	[bug]		'rndc dumpdb' could trigger various assertion failures
			in rbtdb.c. [RT #18455]

2414.	[bug]		A masterdump context held the database lock too long,
			causing various troubles such as dead lock and
			recursive lock acquisition. [RT #18311, #18456]

2413.	[bug]		Fixed an unreachable code path in socket.c. [RT #18442]

2412.	[bug]		win32: address a resource leak. [RT #18374]

2411.	[bug]		Allow using a larger number of sockets than FD_SETSIZE
			for select().  To enable this, set ISC_SOCKET_MAXSOCKETS
			at compilation time.  [RT #18433]

			Note: with changes #2469 and #2421 above, there is no
			need to tweak ISC_SOCKET_MAXSOCKETS at compilation time
			any more.

2410.	[bug]		Correctly delete m_versionInfo. [RT #18432]

2409.	[bug]		Only log that we disabled EDNS processing if we were
			subsequently successful.  [RT #18029]

2408.	[bug]		A duplicate TCP dispatch event could be sent, which
			could then trigger an assertion failure in
			resquery_response().  [RT #18275]

2407.	[port]		hpux: test for sys/dyntune.h. [RT #18421]

2406.	[placeholder]

2405.	[cleanup]	The default value for dnssec-validation was changed to
			"yes" in 9.5.0-P1 and all subsequent releases; this
			was inadvertently omitted from CHANGES at the time.

2404.	[port]		hpux: files unlimited support.

2403.	[bug]		TSIG context leak. [RT #18341]

2402.	[port]		Support Solaris 2.11 and over. [RT #18362]

2401.	[bug]		Expect to get E[MN]FILE errno internal_accept()
			(from accept() or fcntl() system calls). [RT #18358]

2400.	[bug]		Log if kqueue()/epoll_create()/open(/dev/poll) fails.
			[RT #18297]

2399.	[placeholder]

2398.	[bug]		Improve file descriptor management.  New,
			temporary, named.conf option reserved-sockets,
			default 512. [RT #18344]

2397.	[bug]		gssapi_functions had too many elements. [RT #18355]

2396.	[bug]		Don't set SO_REUSEADDR for randomized ports.
			[RT #18336]

2395.	[port]		Avoid warning and no effect from "files unlimited"
			on Linux when running as root. [RT #18335]

2394.	[bug]		Default configuration options set the limit for
			open files to 'unlimited' as described in the
			documentation. [RT #18331]

2393.	[bug]		nested acls containing keys could trigger an
			assertion in acl.c. [RT #18166]

2392.	[bug]		remove 'grep -q' from acl test script, some platforms
			don't support it. [RT #18253]

2391.	[port]		hpux: cover additional recvmsg() error codes.
			[RT #18301]

2390.	[bug]		dispatch.c could make a false warning on 'odd socket'.
			[RT #18301].

2389.	[bug]		Move the "working directory writable" check to after
			the ns_os_changeuser() call. [RT #18326]

2388.	[bug]		Avoid using tables for layout purposes in
			statistics XSL [RT #18159].

2387.	[bug]		Silence compiler warnings in lib/isc/radix.c.
			[RT #18147] [RT #18258]

2386.	[func]		Add warning about too small 'open files' limit.
			[RT #18269]

2385.	[bug]		A condition variable in socket.c could leak in
			rare error handling [RT #17968].

2384.	[security]	Fully randomize UDP query ports to improve
			forgery resilience. [RT #17949, #18098]

2383.	[bug]		named could double queries when they resulted in
			SERVFAIL due to overkilling EDNS0 failure detection.
			[RT #18182]

2382.	[doc]		Add descriptions of DHCID, IPSECKEY, SPF and SSHFP
			to ARM.

2381.	[port]		dlz/mysql: support multiple install layouts for
			mysql.  <prefix>/include/{,mysql/}mysql.h and
			<prefix>/lib/{,mysql/}. [RT #18152]

2380.	[bug]		dns_view_find() was not returning NXDOMAIN/NXRRSET
			proofs which, in turn, caused validation failures
			for insecure zones immediately below a secure zone
			the server was authoritative for. [RT #18112]

2379.	[contrib]	queryperf/ removed redundant
			TLDs and supported RRs with TTLs [RT #17972]

2378.	[bug]		gssapi_functions{} had a redundant member in BIND 9.5.
			[RT #18169]

2377.	[bug]		Address race condition in dnssec-signzone. [RT #18142]

2376.	[bug]		Change #2144 was not complete.

2375.	[placeholder]

2374.	[bug]		"blackhole" ACLs could cause named to segfault due
			to some uninitialized memory. [RT #18095]

2373.	[bug]		Default values of zone ACLs were re-parsed each time a
			new zone was configured, causing an overconsumption
			of memory. [RT #18092]

2372.	[bug]		Fixed incorrect TAG_HMACSHA256_BITS value [RT #18047]

2371.	[doc]		Add +nsid option to dig man page. [RT #18039]

2370.	[bug]		"rndc freeze" could trigger an assertion in named
			when called on a nonexistent zone. [RT #18050]

2369.	[bug]		libbind: Array bounds overrun on read in bitncmp().
			[RT #18054]

2368.	[port]		Linux: use libcap for capability management if
			possible. [RT# 18026]

2367.	[bug]		Improve counting of dns_resstatscounter_retry
			[RT #18030]

2366.	[bug]		Adb shutdown race. [RT #18021]

2365.	[bug]		Fix a bug that caused dns_acl_isany() to return
			spurious results. [RT #18000]

2364.	[bug]		named could trigger a assertion when serving a
			malformed signed zone. [RT #17828]

2363.	[port]		sunos: pre-set "lt_cv_sys_max_cmd_len=4096;".
			[RT #17513]

2362.	[cleanup]	Make "rrset-order fixed" a compile-time option.
			settable by "./configure --enable-fixed-rrset".
			Disabled by default. [RT #17977]

2361.	[bug]		"recursion" statistics counter could be counted
			multiple times for a single query.  [RT #17990]

2360.	[bug]		Fix a condition where we release a database version
			(which may acquire a lock) while holding the lock.

2359.	[bug]		Fix NSID bug. [RT #17942]

2358.	[doc]		Update host's default query description. [RT #17934]

2357.	[port]		Don't use OpenSSL's engine support in versions before
			OpenSSL 0.9.7f. [RT #17922]

2356.	[bug]		Built in mutex profiler was not scalable enough.
			[RT #17436]

2355.	[func]		Extend the number statistics counters available.
			[RT #17590]

2354.	[bug]		Failed to initialize some rdatasetheader_t elements.
			[RT #17927]

2353.	[func]		Add support for Name Server ID (RFC 5001).
			'dig +nsid' requests NSID from server.
			'request-nsid yes;' causes recursive server to send
			NSID requests to upstream servers.  Server responds
			to NSID requests with the string configured by
			'server-id' option.  [RT #17091]

2352.	[bug]		Various GSS_API fixups. [RT #17729]

2351.	[bug] generated very long lines. [RT #17906]

2350.	[port]		win32: IPv6 support. [RT #17797]

2349.	[func]		Provide incremental re-signing support for secure
			dynamic zones. [RT #1091]

2348.	[func]		Use the EVP interface to OpenSSL. Add PKCS#11 support.
			Documentation is in the new README.pkcs11 file.
			New tool, dnssec-keyfromlabel, which takes the
			label of a key pair in a HSM and constructs a DNS
			key pair for use by named and dnssec-signzone.
			[RT #16844]

2347.	[bug]		Delete now traverses the RB tree in the canonical
			order. [RT #17451]

2346.	[func]		Memory statistics now cover all active memory contexts
			in increased detail. [RT #17580]

2345.	[bug]		named-checkconf failed to detect when forwarders
			were set at both the options/view level and in
			a root zone. [RT #17671]

2344.	[bug]		Improve "logging{ file ...; };" documentation.
			[RT #17888]

2343.	[bug]		(Seemingly) duplicate IPv6 entries could be
			created in ADB. [RT #17837]

2342.	[func]		Use getifaddrs() if available under Linux. [RT #17224]

2341.	[bug]		libbind: add missing -I../include for off source
			tree builds. [RT #17606]

2340.	[port]		openbsd: interface configuration. [RT #17700]

2339.	[port]		tru64: support for libbind. [RT #17589]

2338.	[bug]		check_ds() could be called with a non DS rdataset.
			[RT #17598]

2337.	[bug]		BUILD_LDFLAGS was not being correctly set.  [RT #17614]

2336.	[func]		If "named -6" is specified then listen on all IPv6
			interfaces if there are not listen-on-v6 clauses in
			named.conf.  [RT #17581]

2335.	[port]		sunos:  libbind and *printf() support for long long.
			[RT #17513]

2334.	[bug]		Bad REQUIRES in fromstruct_in_naptr(),  off by one
			bug in fromstruct_txt(). [RT #17609]

2333.	[bug]		Fix off by one error in isc_time_nowplusinterval().
			[RT #17608]

2332.	[contrib]	query-loc-0.4.0. [RT #17602]

2331.	[bug]		Failure to regenerate any signatures was not being
			reported nor being past back to the UPDATE client.
			[RT #17570]

2330.	[bug]		Remove potential race condition when handling
			over memory events. [RT #17572]

			WARNING: API CHANGE: over memory callback
			function now needs to call isc_mem_waterack().
			See <isc/mem.h> for details.

2329.	[bug]		Clearer help text for dig's '-x' and '-i' options.

2328.	[maint]		Add AAAA addresses for A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET,

2327.	[bug]		It was possible to dereference a NULL pointer in
			rbtdb.c.  Implement dead node processing in zones as
			we do for caches. [RT #17312]

2326.	[bug]		It was possible to trigger a INSIST in the acache

2325.	[port]		Linux: use capset() function if available. [RT #17557]

2324.	[bug]		Fix IPv6 matching against "any;". [RT #17533]

2323.	[port]		tru64: namespace clash. [RT #17547]

2322.	[port]		MacOS: work around the limitation of setrlimit()
			for RLIMIT_NOFILE. [RT #17526]

2321.	[placeholder]

2320.	[func]		Make statistics counters thread-safe for platforms
			that support certain atomic operations. [RT #17466]

2319.	[bug]		Silence Coverity warnings in
			lib/dns/rdata/in_1/apl_42.c. [RT #17469]

2318.	[port]		sunos fixes for libbind.  [RT #17514]

2317.	[bug]		"make distclean" removed bind9.xsl.h. [RT #17518]

2316.	[port]		Missing #include <isc/print.h> in lib/dns/gssapictx.c.
			[RT #17513]

2315.	[bug]		Used incorrect address family for mapped IPv4
			addresses in acl.c. [RT #17519]

2314.	[bug]		Uninitialized memory use on error path in
			bin/named/lwdnoop.c.  [RT #17476]

2313.	[cleanup]	Silence Coverity warnings. Handle private stacks.
			[RT #17447] [RT #17478]

2312.	[cleanup]	Silence Coverity warning in lib/isc/unix/socket.c.
			[RT #17458]

2311.	[bug]		IPv6 addresses could match IPv4 ACL entries and
			vice versa. [RT #17462]

2310.	[bug]		dig, host, nslookup: flush stdout before emitting
			debug/fatal messages.  [RT #17501]

2309.	[cleanup]	Fix Coverity warnings in lib/dns/acl.c and iptable.c.
			[RT #17455]

2308.	[cleanup]	Silence Coverity warning in bin/named/controlconf.c.
			[RT #17495]

2307.	[bug]		Remove infinite loop from lib/dns/sdb.c. [RT #17496]

2306.	[bug]		Remove potential race from lib/dns/resolver.c.
			[RT #17470]

2305.	[security]	inet_network() buffer overflow. CVE-2008-0122.

2304.	[bug]		Check returns from all dns_rdata_tostruct() calls.
			[RT #17460]

2303.	[bug]		Remove unnecessary code from bin/named/lwdgnba.c.
			[RT #17471]

2302.	[bug]		Fix memset() calls in lib/tests/t_api.c. [RT #17472]

2301.	[bug]		Remove resource leak and fix error messages in
			bin/tests/system/lwresd/lwtest.c. [RT #17474]

2300.	[bug]		Fixed failure to close open file in
			bin/tests/names/t_names.c. [RT #17473]

2299.	[bug]		Remove unnecessary NULL check in
			bin/nsupdate/nsupdate.c. [RT #17475]

2298.	[bug]		isc_mutex_lock() failure not caught in
			bin/tests/timers/t_timers.c. [RT #17468]

2297.	[bug]		isc_entropy_createfilesource() failure not caught in
			bin/tests/dst/t_dst.c. [RT #17467]

2296.	[port]		Allow docbook stylesheet location to be specified to
			configure. [RT #17457]

2295.	[bug]		Silence static overrun error in bin/named/lwaddr.c.
			[RT #17459]

2294.	[func]		Allow the experimental statistics channels to have
			multiple connections and ACL.
			Note: the stats-server and stats-server-v6 options
			available in the previous beta releases are replaced
			with the generic statistics-channels statement.

2293.	[func]		Add ACL regression test. [RT #17375]

2292.	[bug]		Log if the working directory is not writable.
			[RT #17312]

2291.	[bug]		PR_SET_DUMPABLE may be set too late.  Also report
			failure to set PR_SET_DUMPABLE. [RT #17312]

2290.	[bug]		Let AD in the query signal that the client wants AD
			set in the response. [RT #17301]

2289.	[func]		named-checkzone now reports the out-of-zone CNAME
			found. [RT #17309]

2288.	[port]		win32: mark service as running when we have finished
			loading.  [RT #17441]

2287.	[bug]		Use 'volatile' if the compiler supports it. [RT #17413]

2286.	[func]		Allow a TCP connection to be used as a weak
			authentication method for reverse zones.
			New update-policy methods tcp-self and 6to4-self.
			[RT #17378]

2285.	[func]		Test framework for client memory context management.
			[RT #17377]

2284.	[bug]		Memory leak in UPDATE prerequisite processing.
			[RT #17377]

2283.	[bug]		TSIG keys were not attaching to the memory
			context.  TSIG keys should use the rings
			memory context rather than the clients memory
			context. [RT #17377]

2282.	[bug]		Acl code fixups. [RT #17346] [RT #17374]

2281.	[bug]		Attempts to use undefined acls were not being logged.
			[RT #17307]

2280.	[func]		Allow the experimental http server to be reached
			over IPv6 as well as IPv4. [RT #17332]

2279.	[bug]		Use setsockopt(SO_NOSIGPIPE), when available,
			to protect applications from receiving spurious
			SIGPIPE signals when using the resolver.

2278.	[bug]		win32: handle the case where Windows returns no
			search list or DNS suffix. [RT #17354]

2277.	[bug]		Empty zone names were not correctly being caught at
			in the post parse checks. [RT #17357]

2276.	[bug]		Install <dst/gssapi.h>.  [RT# 17359]

2275.	[func]		Add support to dig to perform IXFR queries over UDP.
			[RT #17235]

2274.	[func]		Log zone transfer statistics. [RT #17336]

2273.	[bug]		Adjust log level to WARNING when saving inconsistent
			stub/slave master and journal files. [RT# 17279]

2272.	[bug]		Handle illegal dnssec-lookaside trust-anchor names.
			[RT #17262]

2271.	[bug]		Fix a memory leak in http server code [RT #17100]

2270.	[bug]		dns_db_closeversion() version->writer could be reset
			before it is tested. [RT #17290]

2269.	[contrib]	dbus memory leaks and missing va_end calls. [RT #17232]

2268.	[bug]		0.IN-ADDR.ARPA was missing from the empty zones

	--- 9.5.0b1 released ---

2267.	[bug]		Radix tree node_num value could be set incorrectly,
			causing positive ACL matches to look like negative
			ones.  [RT #17311]

2266.	[bug]		client.c:get_clientmctx() returned the same mctx
			once the pool of mctx's was filled. [RT #17218]

2265.	[bug]		Test that the memory context's basic_table is non NULL
			before freeing.  [RT #17265]

2264.	[bug]		Server prefix length was being ignored. [RT #17308]

2263.	[bug]		"named-checkconf -z" failed to set default value
			for "check-integrity".  [RT #17306]

2262.	[bug]		Error status from all but the last view could be
			lost. [RT #17292]

2261.	[bug]		Fix memory leak with "any" and "none" ACLs [RT #17272]

2260.	[bug]		Reported wrong clients-per-query when increasing the
			value. [RT #17236]

2259.	[placeholder]

	--- 9.5.0a7 released ---

2258.	[bug]		Fallback from IXFR/TSIG to SOA/AXFR/TSIG broken.
			[RT #17241]

2257.	[bug]		win32: Use the full path to vcredist_x86.exe when
			calling it. [RT #17222]

2256.	[bug]		win32: Correctly register the installation location of
			bindevt.dll. [RT #17159]

2255.	[maint]		L.ROOT-SERVERS.NET is now

2254.	[bug]		timer.c:dispatch() failed to lock timer->lock
			when reading timer->idle allowing it to see
			intermediate values as timer->idle was reset by
			isc_timer_touch(). [RT #17243]

2253.	[func]		"max-cache-size" defaults to 32M.
			"max-acache-size" defaults to 16M.

2252.	[bug]		Fixed errors in sortlist code [RT #17216]

2251.	[placeholder]

2250.	[func]		New flag 'memstatistics' to state whether the
			memory statistics file should be written or not.
			Additionally named's -m option will cause the
			statistics file to be written. [RT #17113]

2249.	[bug]		Only set Authentic Data bit if client requested
			DNSSEC, per RFC 3655 [RT #17175]

2248.	[cleanup]	Fix several errors reported by Coverity. [RT #17160]

2247.	[doc]		Sort doc/misc/options. [RT #17067]

2246.	[bug]		Make the startup of test servers ( more
			robust. [RT #17147]

2245.	[bug]		Validating lack of DS records at trust anchors wasn't
			working. [RT #17151]

2244.	[func]		Allow the check of nameserver names against the
			SOA MNAME field to be disabled by specifying
			'notify-to-soa yes;'.  [RT #17073]

2243.	[func]		Configuration files without a newline at the end now
			parse without error. [RT #17120]

2242.	[bug]		nsupdate: GSS-TSIG support using the Heimdal Kerberos
			library could require a source of random data.
			[RT #17127]

2241.	[func]		nsupdate: add a interactive 'help' command. [RT #17099]

2240.	[bug]		Cleanup nsupdates GSS-TSIG support.  Convert
			a number of INSIST()s into plain fatal() errors
			which report the triggering result code.
			The 'key' command wasn't disabling GSS-TSIG.
			[RT #17099]

2239.	[func]		Ship a pre built bin/named/bind9.xsl.h. [RT #17114]

2238.	[bug]		It was possible to trigger a REQUIRE when a
			validation was canceled. [RT #17106]

2237.	[bug]		libbind: res_init() was not thread aware. [RT #17123]

2236.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone failed to preserve the case of
			of wildcard owner names. [RT #17085]

2235.	[bug]		<isc/atomic.h> was not being installed. [RT #17135]

2234.	[port]		Correct some compiler warnings on SCO OSr5 [RT #17134]

2233.	[func]		Add support for O(1) ACL processing, based on
			radix tree code originally written by Kevin
			Brintnall. [RT #16288]

2232.	[bug]		dns_adb_findaddrinfo() could fail and return
			ISC_R_SUCCESS. [RT #17137]

2231.	[bug]		Building dlzbdb (contrib/dlz/bin/dlzbdb) was broken.
			[RT #17088]

2230.	[bug]		We could INSIST reading a corrupted journal.
			[RT #17132]

2229.	[bug]		Null pointer dereference on query pool creation
			failure. [RT #17133]

2228.	[contrib]	contrib: Change 2188 was incomplete.

2227.	[cleanup]	Tidied up the FAQ. [RT #17121]

2226.	[placeholder]

2225.	[bug]		More support for systems with no IPv4 addresses.
			[RT #17111]

2224.	[bug]		Defer journal compaction if a xfrin is in progress.
			[RT #17119]

2223.	[bug]		Make a new journal when compacting. [RT #17119]

2222.	[func]		named-checkconf now checks server key references.
			[RT #17097]

2221.	[bug]		Set the event result code to reflect the actual
			record turned to caller when a cache update is
			rejected due to a more credible answer existing.
			[RT #17017]

2220.	[bug]		win32: Address a race condition in final shutdown of
			the Windows socket code. [RT #17028]

2219.	[bug]		Apply zone consistency checks to additions, not
			removals, when updating. [RT #17049]

2218.	[bug]		Remove unnecessary REQUIRE from dns_validator_create().
			[RT #16976]

2217.	[func]		Adjust update log levels. [RT #17092]

2216.	[cleanup]	Fix a number of errors reported by Coverity.
			[RT #17094]

2215.	[bug]		Bad REQUIRE check isc_hmacsha1_verify(). [RT #17094]

2214.	[bug]		Deregister OpenSSL lock callback when cleaning
			up.  Reorder OpenSSL cleanup so that RAND_cleanup()
			is called before the locks are destroyed. [RT #17098]

2213.	[bug]		SIG0 diagnostic failure messages were looking at the
			wrong status code. [RT #17101]

2212.	[func]		'host -m' now causes memory statistics and active
			memory to be printed at exit. [RT 17028]

2211.	[func]		Update "dynamic update temporarily disabled" message.
			[RT #17065]

2210.	[bug]		Deleting class specific records via UPDATE could
			fail.  [RT #17074]

2209.	[port]		osx: linking against user supplied static OpenSSL
			libraries failed as the system ones were still being
			found. [RT #17078]

2208.	[port]		win32: make sure both build methods produce the
			same output. [RT #17058]

2207.	[port]		Some implementations of getaddrinfo() fail to set
			ai_canonname correctly. [RT #17061]

	--- 9.5.0a6 released ---

2206.	[security]	"allow-query-cache" and "allow-recursion" now
			cross inherit from each other.

			If allow-query-cache is not set in named.conf then
			allow-recursion is used if set, otherwise allow-query
			is used if set, otherwise the default (localnets;
			localhost;) is used.

			If allow-recursion is not set in named.conf then
			allow-query-cache is used if set, otherwise allow-query
			is used if set, otherwise the default (localnets;
			localhost;) is used.

			[RT #16987]

2205.	[bug]		libbind: change #2119 broke thread support. [RT #16982]

2204.	[bug]		"rndc flushanme name unknown-view" caused named
			to crash. [RT #16984]

2203.	[security]	Query id generation was cryptographically weak.
			[RT # 16915]

2202.	[security]	The default acls for allow-query-cache and
			allow-recursion were not being applied. [RT #16960]

2201.	[bug]		The build failed in a separate object directory.
			[RT #16943]

2200.	[bug]		The search for cached NSEC records was stopping to
			early leading to excessive DLV queries. [RT #16930]

2199.	[bug]		win32: don't call WSAStartup() while loading dlls.
			[RT #16911]

2198.	[bug]		win32: RegCloseKey() could be called when
			RegOpenKeyEx() failed. [RT #16911]

2197.	[bug]		Add INSIST to catch negative responses which are
			not setting the event result code appropriately.
			[RT #16909]

2196.	[port]		win32: yield processor while waiting for once to
			to complete. [RT #16958]

2195.	[func]		dnssec-keygen now defaults to nametype "ZONE"
			when generating DNSKEYs. [RT #16954]

2194.	[bug]		Close journal before calling 'done' in xfrin.c.

	--- 9.5.0a5 released ---

2193.	[port]		win32: BINDInstall.exe is now linked statically.
			[RT #16906]

2192.	[port]		win32: use vcredist_x86.exe to install Visual
			Studio's redistributable dlls if building with
			Visual Stdio 2005 or later.

2191.	[func]		named-checkzone now allows dumping to stdout (-).
			named-checkconf now has -h for help.
			named-checkzone now has -h for help.
			rndc now has -h for help.
			Better handling of '-?' for usage summaries.
			[RT #16707]

2190.	[func]		Make fallback to plain DNS from EDNS due to timeouts
			more visible.  New logging category "edns-disabled".
			[RT #16871]

2189.	[bug]		Handle socket() returning EINTR. [RT #15949]

2188.	[contrib]	queryperf: autoconf changes to make the search for
			libresolv or libbind more robust. [RT #16299]

2187.	[bug]		query_addds(), query_addwildcardproof() and
			query_addnxrrsetnsec() should take a version
			argument. [RT #16368]

2186.	[port]		cygwin: libbind: check for struct sockaddr_storage
			independently of IPv6. [RT #16482]

2185.	[port]		sunos: libbind: check for ssize_t, memmove() and
			memchr(). [RT #16463]

2184.	[bug]		bind9.xsl.h didn't build out of the source tree.
			[RT #16830]

2183.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone didn't handle offline private keys
			well.  [RT #16832]

2182.	[bug]		dns_dispatch_createtcp() and dispatch_createudp()
			could return ISC_R_SUCCESS when they ran out of
			memory. [RT #16365]

2181.	[port]		sunos: libbind: add paths.h from BIND 8. [RT #16462]

2180.	[cleanup]	Remove bit test from 'compress_test' as they
			are no longer needed. [RT #16497]

2179.	[func]		'rndc command zone' will now find 'zone' if it is
			unique to all the views. [RT #16821]

2178.	[bug]		'rndc reload' of a slave or stub zone resulted in
			a reference leak. [RT #16867]

2177.	[bug]		Array bounds overrun on read (rcodetext) at
			debug level 10+. [RT #16798]

2176.	[contrib]	dbus update to handle race condition during
			initialization (Bugzilla 235809). [RT #16842]

2175.	[bug]		win32: windows broadcast condition variable support
			was broken. [RT #16592]

2174.	[bug]		I/O errors should always be fatal when reading
			master files. [RT #16825]

2173.	[port]		win32: When compiling with MSVS 2005 SP1 we also
			need to ship Microsoft.VC80.MFCLOC.

	--- 9.5.0a4 released ---

2172.	[bug]		query_addsoa() was being called with a non zone db.
			[RT #16834]

2171.	[bug]		Handle breaks in DNSSEC trust chains where the parent
			servers are not DS aware (DS queries to the parent
			return a referral to the child).

2170.	[func]		Add acache processing to test suite. [RT #16711]

2169.	[bug]		host, nslookup: when reporting NXDOMAIN report the
			given name and not the last name searched for.
			[RT #16763]

2168.	[bug]		nsupdate: in non-interactive mode treat syntax errors
			as fatal errors. [RT #16785]

2167.	[bug]		When re-using a automatic zone named failed to
			attach it to the new view. [RT #16786]

	--- 9.5.0a3 released ---

2166.	[bug]		When running in batch mode, dig could misinterpret
			a server address as a name to be looked up, causing
			unexpected output. [RT #16743]

2165.	[func]		Allow the destination address of a query to determine
			if we will answer the query or recurse.
			allow-query-on, allow-recursion-on and
			allow-query-cache-on. [RT #16291]

2164.	[bug]		The code to determine how named-checkzone /
			named-compilezone was called failed under windows.
			[RT #16764]

2163.	[bug]		If only one of query-source and query-source-v6
			specified a port the query pools code broke (change
			2129).  [RT #16768]

2162.	[func]		Allow "rrset-order fixed" to be disabled at compile
			time. [RT #16665]

2161.	[bug]		Fix which log messages are emitted for 'rndc flush'.
			[RT #16698]

2160.	[bug]		libisc wasn't handling NULL ifa_addr pointers returned
			from getifaddrs(). [RT #16708]

	--- 9.5.0a2 released ---

2159.	[bug]		Array bounds overrun in acache processing. [RT #16710]

2158.	[bug]		ns_client_isself() failed to initialize key
			leading to a REQUIRE failure. [RT #16688]

2157.	[func]		dns_db_transfernode() created. [RT #16685]

2156.	[bug]		Fix node reference leaks in lookup.c:lookup_find(),
			resolver.c:validated() and resolver.c:cache_name().
			Fix a memory leak in rbtdb.c:free_noqname().
			Make lookup.c:lookup_find() robust against
			event leaks. [RT #16685]

2155.	[contrib]	SQLite sdb module from
			[RT #16694]

2154.	[func]		Scoped (e.g. IPv6 link-local) addresses may now be
			matched in acls by omitting the scope. [RT #16599]

2153.	[bug]		nsupdate could leak memory. [RT #16691]

2152.	[cleanup]	Use sizeof(buf) instead of fixed number in
			dighost.c:get_trusted_key(). [RT #16678]

2151.	[bug]		Missing newline in usage message for journalprint.
			[RT #16679]

2150.	[bug]		'rrset-order cyclic' uniformly distribute the
			starting point for the first response for a given
			RRset. [RT #16655]

2149.	[bug]		isc_mem_checkdestroyed() failed to abort on
			if there were still active memory contexts.
			[RT #16672]

2148.	[func]		Add positive logging for rndc commands. [RT #14623]

2147.	[bug]		libbind: remove potential buffer overflow from
			hmac_link.c. [RT #16437]

2146.	[cleanup]	Silence Linux's spurious "obsolete setsockopt
			SO_BSDCOMPAT" message. [RT #16641]

2145.	[bug]		Check DS/DLV digest lengths for known digests.
			[RT #16622]

2144.	[cleanup]	Suppress logging of SERVFAIL from forwarders.
			[RT #16619]

2143.	[bug]		We failed to restart the IPv6 client when the
			kernel failed to return the destination the
			packet was sent to. [RT #16613]

2142.	[bug]		Handle master files with a modification time that
			matches the epoch. [RT# 16612]

2141.	[bug]		dig/host should not be setting IDN_ASCCHECK (IDN
			equivalent of LDH checks).  [RT #16609]

2140.	[bug]		libbind: missing unlock on pthread_key_create()
			failures. [RT #16654]

2139.	[bug]		dns_view_find() was being called with wrong type
			in adb.c. [RT #16670]

2138.	[bug]		Lock order reversal in resolver.c. [RT #16653]

2137.	[port]		Mips little endian and/or mips 64 bit are now
			supported for atomic operations. [RT#16648]

2136.	[bug]		nslookup/host looped if there was no search list
			and the host didn't exist. [RT #16657]

2135.	[bug]		Uninitialized rdataset in sdlz.c. [RT# 16656]

2134.	[func]		Additional statistics support. [RT #16666]

2133.	[port]		powerpc:  Support both IBM and MacOS Power PC
			assembler syntaxes. [RT #16647]

2132.	[bug]		Missing unlock on out of memory in

2131.	[contrib]	dlz/mysql: AXFR was broken. [RT #16630]

2130.	[func]		Log if CD or DO were set. [RT #16640]

2129.	[func]		Provide a pool of UDP sockets for queries to be
			made over. See use-queryport-pool, queryport-pool-ports
			and queryport-pool-updateinterval.  [RT #16415]

2128.	[doc]		xsltproc --nonet, update DTD versions.  [RT #16635]

2127.	[port]		Improved OpenSSL 0.9.8 support. [RT #16563]

2126.	[security]	Serialize validation of type ANY responses. [RT #16555]

2125.	[bug]		dns_zone_getzeronosoattl() REQUIRE failure if DLZ
			was defined. [RT #16574]

2124.	[security]	It was possible to dereference a freed fetch
			context. [RT #16584]

	--- 9.5.0a1 released ---

2123.	[func]		Use Doxygen to generate internal documentation.
			[RT #11398]

2122.	[func]		Experimental http server and statistics support
			for named via xml.

2121.	[func]		Add a 10 slot dead masters cache (LRU) with a 600
			second timeout. [RT #16553]

2120.	[doc]		Fix markup on nsupdate man page. [RT #16556]

2119.	[compat]	libbind: allow res_init() to succeed enough to
			return the default domain even if it was unable
			to allocate memory.

2118.	[bug]		Handle response with long chains of domain name
			compression pointers which point to other compression
			pointers. [RT #16427]

2117.	[bug]		DNSSEC fixes: named could fail to cache NSEC records
			which could lead to validation failures.  named didn't
			handle negative DS responses that were in the process
			of being validated.  Check CNAME bit before accepting
			NODATA proof. To be able to ignore a child NSEC there
			must be SOA (and NS) set in the bitmap. [RT #16399]

2116.	[bug]		'rndc reload' could cause the cache to continually
			be cleaned. [RT #16401]

2115.	[bug]		'rndc reconfig' could trigger a INSIST if the
			number of masters for a zone was reduced. [RT #16444]

2114.	[bug]		dig/host/nslookup: searches for names with multiple
			labels were failing. [RT #16447]

2113.	[bug]		nsupdate: if a zone is specified it should be used
			for server discover. [RT# 16455]

2112.	[security]	Warn if weak RSA exponent is used. [RT #16460]

2111.	[bug]		Fix a number of errors reported by Coverity.
			[RT #16507]

2110.	[bug]		"minimal-responses yes;" interacted badly with BIND 8
			priming queries. [RT #16491]

2109.	[port]		libbind: silence aix 5.3 compiler warnings. [RT #16502]

2108.	[func]		DHCID support. [RT #16456]

2107.	[bug]		dighost.c: more cleanup of buffers. [RT #16499]

2106.	[func]		'rndc status' now reports named's version. [RT #16426]

2105.	[func]		GSS-TSIG support (RFC 3645).

2104.	[port]		Fix Solaris SMF error message.

2103.	[port]		Add /usr/sfw to list of locations for OpenSSL
			under Solaris.

2102.	[port]		Silence Solaris 10 warnings.

2101.	[bug]		OpenSSL version checks were not quite right.
			[RT #16476]

2100.	[port]		win32: copy libeay32.dll to Build\Debug.
			Copy Debug\named-checkzone to Debug\named-compilezone.

2099.	[port]		win32: more manifest issues.

2098.	[bug]		Race in rbtdb.c:no_references(), which occasionally
			triggered an INSIST failure about the node lock
			reference.  [RT #16411]

2097.	[bug]		named could reference a destroyed memory context
			after being reloaded / reconfigured. [RT #16428]

2096.	[bug]		libbind: handle applications that fail to detect
			res_init() failures better.

2095.	[port]		libbind: alway prototype inet_cidr_ntop_ipv6() and
			net_cidr_ntop_ipv6(). [RT #16388]

2094.	[contrib]	Update named-bootconf.  [RT# 16404]

2093.	[bug]		named-checkzone -s was broken.

2092.	[bug]		win32: dig, host, nslookup.  Use registry config
			if resolv.conf does not exist or no nameservers
			listed. [RT #15877]

2091.	[port]		dighost.c: race condition on cleanup. [RT #16417]

2090.	[port]		win32: Visual C++ 2005 command line manifest support.
			[RT #16417]

2089.	[security]	Raise the minimum safe OpenSSL versions to
			OpenSSL 0.9.7l and OpenSSL 0.9.8d.  Versions
			prior to these have known security flaws which
			are (potentially) exploitable in named. [RT #16391]

2088.	[security]	Change the default RSA exponent from 3 to 65537.
			[RT #16391]

2087.	[port]		libisc failed to compile on OS's w/o a vsnprintf.
			[RT #16382]

2086.	[port]		libbind: FreeBSD now has get*by*_r() functions.
			[RT #16403]

2085.	[doc]		win32: added index.html and README to zip. [RT #16201]

2084.	[contrib]	dbus update for 9.3.3rc2.

2083.	[port]		win32: Visual C++ 2005 support.

2082.	[doc]		Document 'cache-file' as a test only option.

2081.	[port]		libbind: minor 64-bit portability fix in memcluster.c.
			[RT #16360]

2080.	[port]		libbind: res_init.c did not compile on older versions
			of Solaris. [RT #16363]

2079.	[bug]		The lame cache was not handling multiple types
			correctly. [RT #16361]

2078.	[bug]		dnssec-checkzone output style "default" was badly
			named.  It is now called "relative". [RT #16326]

2077.	[bug]		'dnssec-signzone -O raw' wasn't outputting the
			complete signed zone. [RT #16326]

2076.	[bug]		Several files were missing #include <config.h>
			causing build failures on OSF. [RT #16341]

2075.	[bug]		The spillat timer event hander could leak memory.
			[RT #16357]

2074.	[bug]		dns_request_createvia2(), dns_request_createvia3(),
			dns_request_createraw2() and dns_request_createraw3()
			failed to send multiple UDP requests. [RT #16349]

2073.	[bug]		Incorrect semantics check for update policy "wildcard".
			[RT #16353]

2072.	[bug]		We were not generating valid HMAC SHA digests.
			[RT #16320]

2071.	[port]		Test whether gcc accepts -fno-strict-aliasing.
			[RT #16324]

2070.	[bug]		The remote address was not always displayed when
			reporting dispatch failures. [RT #16315]

2069.	[bug]		Cross compiling was not working. [RT #16330]

2068.	[cleanup]	Lower incremental tuning message to debug 1.
			[RT #16319]

2067.	[bug]		'rndc' could close the socket too early triggering
			a INSIST under Windows. [RT #16317]

2066.	[security]	Handle SIG queries gracefully. [RT #16300]

2065.	[bug]		libbind: probe for HPUX prototypes for
			endprotoent_r() and endservent_r().  [RT 16313]

2064.	[bug]		libbind: silence AIX compiler warnings. [RT #16218]

2063.	[bug]		Change #1955 introduced a bug which caused the first
			'rndc flush' call to not free memory. [RT #16244]

2062.	[bug]		'dig +nssearch' was reusing a buffer before it had
			been returned by the socket code. [RT #16307]

2061.	[bug]		Accept expired wildcard message reversed. [RT #16296]

2060.	[bug]		Enabling DLZ support could leave views partially
			configured. [RT #16295]

2059.	[bug]		Search into cache rbtdb could trigger an INSIST
			failure while cleaning up a stale rdataset.
			[RT #16292]

2058.	[bug]		Adjust how we calculate rtt estimates in the presence
			of authoritative servers that drop EDNS and/or CD
			requests.  Also fallback to EDNS/512 and plain DNS
			faster for zones with less than 3 servers.  [RT #16187]

2057.	[bug]		Make setting "ra" dependent on both allow-query-cache
			and allow-recursion. [RT #16290]

2056.	[bug]		dig: ixfr= was not being treated case insensitively
			at all times. [RT #15955]

2055.	[bug]		Missing goto after dropping multicast query.
			[RT #15944]

2054.	[port]		freebsd: do not explicitly link against -lpthread.
			[RT #16170]

2053.	[port]		netbsd:libbind: silence compiler warnings. [RT #16220]

2052.	[bug]		'rndc' improve connect failed message to report
			the failing address. [RT #15978]

2051.	[port]		More strtol() fixes. [RT #16249]

2050.	[bug]		Parsing of NSAP records was not case insensitive.
			[RT #16287]

2049.	[bug]		Restore SOA before AXFR when falling back from
			a attempted IXFR when transferring in a zone.
			Allow a initial SOA query before attempting
			a AXFR to be requested. [RT #16156]

2048.	[bug]		It was possible to loop forever when using
			avoid-v4-udp-ports / avoid-v6-udp-ports when
			the OS always returned the same local port.
			[RT #16182]

2047.	[bug]		Failed to initialize the interface flags to zero.
			[RT #16245]

2046.	[bug]		rbtdb.c:rdataset_setadditional() could cause duplicate
			cleanup [RT #16247].

2045.	[func]		Use lock buckets for acache entries to limit memory
			consumption. [RT #16183]

2044.	[port]		Add support for atomic operations for Itanium.
			[RT #16179]

2043.	[port]		nsupdate/nslookup: Force the flushing of the prompt
			for interactive sessions. [RT#16148]

2042.	[bug]		named-checkconf was incorrectly rejecting the
			logging category "config". [RT #16117]

2041.	[bug]		"configure --with-dlz-bdb=yes" produced a bad
			set of libraries to be linked. [RT #16129]

2040.	[bug]		rbtdb no_references() could trigger an INSIST
			failure with --enable-atomic.  [RT #16022]

2039.	[func]		Check that all buffers passed to the socket code
			have been retrieved when the socket event is freed.
			[RT #16122]

2038.	[bug]		dig/nslookup/host was unlinking from wrong list
			when handling errors. [RT #16122]

2037.	[func]		When unlinking the first or last element in a list
			check that the list head points to the element to
			be unlinked. [RT #15959]

2036.	[bug]		'rndc recursing' could cause trigger a REQUIRE.
			[RT #16075]

2035.	[func]		Make falling back to TCP on UDP refresh failure
			optional. Default "try-tcp-refresh yes;" for BIND 8
			compatibility. [RT #16123]

2034.	[bug]		gcc: set -fno-strict-aliasing. [RT #16124]

2033.	[bug]		We weren't creating multiple client memory contexts
			on demand as expected. [RT #16095]

2032.	[bug]		Remove a INSIST in query_addadditional2(). [RT #16074]

2031.	[bug]		Emit a error message when "rndc refresh" is called on
			a non slave/stub zone. [RT # 16073]

2030.	[bug]		We were being overly conservative when disabling
			openssl engine support. [RT #16030]

2029.	[bug]		host printed out the server multiple times when
			specified on the command line. [RT #15992]

2028.	[port]		linux: socket.c compatibility for old systems.
			[RT #16015]

2027.	[port]		libbind: Solaris x86 support. [RT #16020]

2026.	[bug]		Rate limit the two recursive client exceeded messages.
			[RT #16044]

2025.	[func]		Update "zone serial unchanged" message. [RT #16026]

2024.	[bug]		named emitted spurious "zone serial unchanged"
			messages on reload. [RT #16027]

2023.	[bug]		"make install" should create ${localstatedir}/run and
			${sysconfdir} if they do not exist. [RT #16033]

2022.	[bug]		If dnssec validation is disabled only assert CD if
			CD was requested. [RT #16037]

2021.	[bug]		dnssec-enable no; triggered a REQUIRE. [RT #16037]

2020.	[bug]		rdataset_setadditional() could leak memory. [RT #16034]

2019.	[tuning]	Reduce the amount of work performed per quantum
			when cleaning the cache. [RT #15986]

2018.	[bug]		Checking if the HMAC MD5 private file was broken.
			[RT #15960]

2017.	[bug]		allow-query default was not correct. [RT #15946]

2016.	[bug]		Return a partial answer if recursion is not
			allowed but requested and we had the answer
			to the original qname. [RT #15945]

2015.	[cleanup]	use-additional-cache is now acache-enable for
			consistency.  Default acache-enable off in BIND 9.4
			as it requires memory usage to be configured.
			It may be enabled by default in BIND 9.5 once we
			have more experience with it.

2014.	[func]		Statistics about acache now recorded and sent
			to log. [RT #15976]

2013.	[bug]		Handle unexpected TSIGs on unsigned AXFR/IXFR
			responses more gracefully. [RT #15941]

2012.	[func]		Don't insert new acache entries if acache is full.
			[RT #15970]

2011.	[func]		dnssec-signzone can now update the SOA record of
			the signed zone, either as an increment or as the
			system time(). [RT #15633]

2010.	[placeholder]	rt15958

2009.	[bug]		libbind: Coverity fixes. [RT #15808]

2008.	[func]		It is now possible to enable/disable DNSSEC
			validation from rndc.  This is useful for the
			mobile hosts where the current connection point
			breaks DNSSEC (firewall/proxy).  [RT #15592]

				rndc validation newstate [view]

2007.	[func]		It is now possible to explicitly enable DNSSEC
			validation.  default dnssec-validation no; to
			be changed to yes in 9.5.0.  [RT #15674]

2006.	[security]	Allow-query-cache and allow-recursion now default
			to the built in acls "localnets" and "localhost".

			This is being done to make caching servers less
			attractive as reflective amplifying targets for
			spoofed traffic.  This still leave authoritative
			servers exposed.

			The best fix is for full BCP 38 deployment to
			remove spoofed traffic.

2005.	[bug]		libbind: Retransmission timeouts should be
			based on which attempt it is to the nameserver
			and not the nameserver itself. [RT #13548]

2004.	[bug]		dns_tsig_sign() could pass a NULL pointer to
			dst_context_destroy() when cleaning up after a
			error. [RT #15835]

2003.	[bug]		libbind: The DNS name/address lookup functions could
			occasionally follow a random pointer due to
			structures not being completely zeroed. [RT #15806]

2002.	[bug]		libbind: tighten the constraints on when
			struct addrinfo._ai_pad exists.  [RT #15783]

2001.	[func]		Check the KSK flag when updating a secure dynamic zone.
			New zone option "update-check-ksk yes;".  [RT #15817]

2000.	[bug]		memmove()/strtol() fix was incomplete. [RT #15812]

1999.	[func]		Implement "rrset-order fixed". [RT #13662]

1998.	[bug]		Restrict handling of fifos as sockets to just SunOS.
			This allows named to connect to entropy gathering
			daemons that use fifos instead of sockets. [RT #15840]

1997.	[bug]		Named was failing to replace negative cache entries
			when a positive one for the type was learnt.
			[RT #15818]

1996.	[bug]		nsupdate: if a zone has been specified it should
			appear in the output of 'show'. [RT #15797]

1995.	[bug]		'host' was reporting multiple "is an alias" messages.
			[RT #15702]

1994.	[port]		OpenSSL 0.9.8 support. [RT #15694]

1993.	[bug]		Log messages, via syslog, were missing the space
			after the timestamp if "print-time yes" was specified.
			[RT #15844]

1992.	[bug]		Not all incoming zone transfer messages included the
			view.  [RT #15825]

1991.	[cleanup]	The configuration data, once read, should be treated
			as read only.  Expand the use of const to enforce this
			at compile time. [RT #15813]

1990.	[bug]		libbind:  isc's override of broken gettimeofday()
			implementations was not always effective.
			[RT #15709]

1989.	[bug]		win32: don't check the service password when
			re-installing. [RT #15882]

1988.	[bug]		Remove a bus error from the SHA256/SHA512 support.
			[RT #15878]

1987.	[func]		DS/DLV SHA256 digest algorithm support. [RT #15608]

1986.	[func]		Report when a zone is removed. [RT #15849]

1985.	[protocol]	DLV has now been assigned a official type code of
			32769. [RT #15807]

			Note: care should be taken to ensure you upgrade
			both named and dnssec-signzone at the same time for
			zones with DLV records where named is the master
			server for the zone.  Also any zones that contain
			DLV records should be removed when upgrading a slave
			zone.  You do not however have to upgrade all
			servers for a zone with DLV records simultaneously.

1984.	[func]		dig, nslookup and host now advertise a 4096 byte
			EDNS UDP buffer size by default. [RT #15855]

1983.	[func]		Two new update policies.  "selfsub" and "selfwild".
			[RT #12895]

1982.	[bug]		DNSKEY was being accepted on the parent side of
			a delegation.  KEY is still accepted there for
			RFC 3007 validated updates. [RT #15620]

1981.	[bug]		win32: condition.c:wait() could fail to reattain
			the mutex lock.

1980.	[func]		dnssec-signzone: output the SOA record as the
			first record in the signed zone. [RT #15758]

1979.	[port]		linux: allow named to drop core after changing
			user ids. [RT #15753]

1978.	[port]		Handle systems which have a broken recvmsg().
			[RT #15742]

1977.	[bug]		Silence noisy log message. [RT #15704]

1976.	[bug]		Handle systems with no IPv4 addresses. [RT #15695]

1975.	[bug]		libbind: isc_gethexstring() could misparse multi-line
			hex strings with comments. [RT #15814]

1974.	[doc]		List each of the zone types and associated zone
			options separately in the ARM.

1973.	[func]		TSIG HMACSHA1, HMACSHA224, HMACSHA256, HMACSHA384 and
			HMACSHA512 support. [RT #13606]

1972.	[contrib]	DBUS dynamic forwarders integration from
			Jason Vas Dias <>.

1971.	[port]		linux: make detection of missing IF_NAMESIZE more
			robust. [RT #15443]

1970.	[bug]		nsupdate: adjust UDP timeout when falling back to
			unsigned SOA query. [RT #15775]

1969.	[bug]		win32: the socket code was freeing the socket
			structure too early. [RT #15776]

1968.	[bug]		Missing lock in resolver.c:validated(). [RT #15739]

1967.	[func]		dig/nslookup/host: warn about missing "QR". [RT #15779]

1966.	[bug]		Don't set CD when we have fallen back to plain DNS.
			[RT #15727]

1965.	[func]		Suppress spurious "recursion requested but not
			available" warning with 'dig +qr'. [RT #15780].

1964.	[func]		Separate out MX and SRV to CNAME checks. [RT #15723]

1963.	[port]		Tru64 4.0E doesn't support send() and recv().
			[RT #15586]

1962.	[bug]		Named failed to clear old update-policy when it
			was removed. [RT #15491]

1961.	[bug]		Check the port and address of responses forwarded
			to dispatch. [RT #15474]

1960.	[bug]		Update code should set NSEC ttls from SOA MINIMUM.
			[RT #15465]

1959.	[func]		Control the zeroing of the negative response TTL to
			a soa query.  Defaults "zero-no-soa-ttl yes;" and
			"zero-no-soa-ttl-cache no;". [RT #15460]

1958.	[bug]		Named failed to update the zone's secure state
			until the zone was reloaded. [RT #15412]

1957.	[bug]		Dig mishandled responses to class ANY queries.
			[RT #15402]

1956.	[bug]		Improve cross compile support, 'gen' is now built
			by native compiler.  See README for additional
			cross compile support information. [RT #15148]

1955.	[bug]		Pre-allocate the cache cleaning iterator. [RT #14998]

1954.	[func]		Named now falls back to advertising EDNS with a
			512 byte receive buffer if the initial EDNS queries
			fail.  [RT #14852]

1953.	[func]		The maximum EDNS UDP response named will send can
			now be set in named.conf (max-udp-size).  This is
			independent of the advertised receive buffer
			(edns-udp-size). [RT #14852]

1952.	[port]		hpux: tell the linker to build a runtime link
			path "-Wl,+b:". [RT #14816].

1951.	[security]	Drop queries from particular well known ports.
			Don't return FORMERR to queries from particular
			well known ports.  [RT #15636]

1950.	[port]		Solaris 2.5.1 and earlier cannot bind() then connect()
			a TCP socket. This prevents the source address being
			set for TCP connections. [RT #15628]

1949.	[func]		Addition memory leakage checks. [RT #15544]

1948.	[bug]		If was possible to trigger a REQUIRE failure in
			xfrin.c:maybe_free() if named ran out of memory.
			[RT #15568]

1947.	[func]		It is now possible to configure named to accept
			expired RRSIGs.  Default "dnssec-accept-expired no;".
			Setting "dnssec-accept-expired yes;" leaves named
			vulnerable to replay attacks.  [RT #14685]

1946.	[bug]		resume_dslookup() could trigger a REQUIRE failure
			when using forwarders. [RT #15549]

1945.	[cleanup]	dnssec-keygen: RSA (RSAMD5) is no longer recommended.
			To generate a RSAMD5 key you must explicitly request
			RSAMD5. [RT #13780]

1944.	[cleanup]	isc_hash_create() does not need a read/write lock.
			[RT #15522]

1943.	[bug]		Set the loadtime after rolling forward the journal.
			[RT #15647]

1942.	[bug]		If the name of a DNSKEY match that of one in
			trusted-keys do not attempt to validate the DNSKEY
			using the parents DS RRset. [RT #15649]

1941.	[bug]		ncache_adderesult() should set eresult even if no
			rdataset is passed to it. [RT #15642]

1940.	[bug]		Fixed a number of error conditions reported by

1939.	[bug]		The resolver could dereference a null pointer after
			validation if all the queries have timed out.
			[RT #15528]

1938.	[bug]		The validator was not correctly handling unsecure
			negative responses at or below a SEP. [RT #15528]

1937.	[bug]		sdlz doesn't handle RRSIG records. [RT #15564]

1936.	[bug]		The validator could leak memory. [RT #15544]

1935.	[bug]		'acache' was DO sensitive. [RT #15430]

1934.	[func]		Validate pending NS RRsets, in the authority section,
			prior to returning them if it can be done without
			requiring DNSKEYs to be fetched.  [RT #15430]

1933.	[bug]		dump_rdataset_raw() had a incorrect INSIST. [RT #15534]

1932.	[bug]		hpux: LDFLAGS was getting corrupted. [RT #15530]

1931.	[bug]		Per-client mctx could require a huge amount of memory,
			particularly for a busy caching server. [RT #15519]

1930.	[port]		HPUX: ia64 support. [RT #15473]

1929.	[port]		FreeBSD: extend use of PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYSTEM.

1928.	[bug]		Race in rbtdb.c:currentversion(). [RT #15517]

1927.	[bug]		Access to soanode or nsnode in rbtdb violated the
			lock order rule and could cause a dead lock.
			[RT# 15518]

1926.	[bug]		The Windows installer did not check for empty
			passwords.  BINDinstall was being installed in
			the wrong place. [RT #15483]

1925.	[port]		All outer level AC_TRY_RUNs need cross compiling
			defaults. [RT #15469]

1924.	[port]		libbind: hpux ia64 support. [RT #15473]

1923.	[bug]		ns_client_detach() called too early. [RT #15499]

1922.	[bug]		check-tool.c:setup_logging() missing call to

1921.	[bug]		Client memory contexts were not using internal
			malloc. [RT# 15434]

1920.	[bug]		The cache rbtdb lock array was too small to
			have the desired performance characteristics.
			[RT #15454]

1919.	[contrib]	queryperf: a set of new features: collecting/printing
			response delays, printing intermediate results, and
			adjusting query rate for the "target" qps.

1918.	[bug]		Memory leak when checking acls. [RT #15391]

1917.	[doc]		funcsynopsisinfo wasn't being treated as verbatim
			when generating man pages. [RT #15385]

1916.	[func]		Integrate contributed IDN code from JPNIC. [RT #15383]

1915.	[bug]		dig +ndots was broken. [RT #15215]

1914.	[protocol]	DS is required to accept mnemonic algorithms
			(RFC 4034).  Still emit numeric algorithms for
			compatibility with RFC 3658. [RT #15354]

1913.	[func]		Integrate contributed DLZ code into named. [RT #11382]

1912.	[port]		aix: atomic locking for powerpc. [RT #15020]

1911.	[bug]		Update windows socket code. [RT #14965]

1910.	[bug]		dig's +sigchase code overhauled. [RT #14933]

1909.	[bug]		The DLV code has been re-worked to make no longer
			query order sensitive. [RT #14933]

1908.	[func]		dig now warns if 'RA' is not set in the answer when
			'RD' was set in the query.  host/nslookup skip servers
			that fail to set 'RA' when 'RD' is set unless a server
			is explicitly set.  [RT #15005]

1907.	[func]		host/nslookup now continue (default)/fail on SERVFAIL.
			[RT #15006]

1906.	[func]		dig now has a '-q queryname' and '+showsearch' options.
			[RT #15034]

1905.	[bug]		Strings returned from cfg_obj_asstring() should be
			treated as read-only.  The prototype for
			cfg_obj_asstring() has been updated to reflect this.
			[RT #15256]

1904.	[func]		Automatic empty zone creation for D.F.IP6.ARPA and
			friends.  Note: RFC 1918 zones are not yet covered by
			this but are likely to be in a future release.

			New options: empty-server, empty-contact,
			empty-zones-enable and disable-empty-zone.

1903.	[func]		ISC string copy API.

1902.	[func]		Attempt to make the amount of work performed in a
			iteration self tuning.  The covers nodes clean from
			the cache per iteration, nodes written to disk when
			rewriting a master file and nodes destroyed per
			iteration when destroying a zone or a cache.
			[RT #14996]

1901.	[cleanup]	Don't add DNSKEY records to the additional section.

1900.	[bug]		ixfr-from-differences failed to ensure that the
			serial number increased. [RT #15036]

1899.	[func]		named-checkconf now validates update-policy entries.
			[RT #14963]

1898.	[bug]		Extend ISC_SOCKADDR_FORMATSIZE and
			ISC_NETADDR_FORMATSIZE to allow for scope details.

1897.	[func]		x86 and x86_64 now have separate atomic locking

1896.	[bug]		Recursive clients soft quota support wasn't working
			as expected. [RT #15103]

1895.	[bug]		A escaped character is, potentially, converted to
			the output character set too early. [RT #14666]

1894.	[doc]		Review ARM for BIND 9.4.

1893.	[port]		Use uintptr_t if available. [RT #14606]

1892.	[func]		Support for SPF rdata type. [RT #15033]

1891.	[port]		freebsd: pthread_mutex_init can fail if it runs out
			of memory. [RT #14995]

1890.	[func]		Raise the UDP receive buffer size to 32k if it is
			less than 32k. [RT #14953]

1889.	[port]		sunos: non blocking i/o support. [RT #14951]

1888.	[func]		Support for IPSECKEY rdata type. [RT #14967]

1887.	[bug]		The cache could delete expired records too fast for
			clients with a virtual time in the past. [RT #14991]

1886.	[bug]		fctx_create() could return success even though it
			failed. [RT #14993]

1885.	[func]		dig: report the number of extra bytes still left in
			the packet after processing all the records.

1884.	[cleanup]	dighost.c: move external declarations into <dig/dig.h>.

1883.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone, dnssec-keygen: handle negative debug
			levels. [RT #14962]

1882.	[func]		Limit the number of recursive clients that can be
			waiting for a single query (<qname,qtype,qclass>) to
			resolve.  New options clients-per-query and

1881.	[func]		Add a system test for named-checkconf. [RT #14931]

1880.	[func]		The lame cache is now done on a <qname,qclass,qtype>
			basis as some servers only appear to be lame for
			certain query types.  [RT #14916]

1879.	[func]		"USE INTERNAL MALLOC" is now runtime selectable.
			[RT #14892]

1878.	[func]		Detect duplicates of UDP queries we are recursing on
			and drop them.  New stats category "duplicate".
			[RT #2471]

1877.	[bug]		Fix unreasonably low quantum on call to
			dns_rbt_destroy2().  Remove unnecessary unhash_node()
			call. [RT #14919]

1876.	[func]		Additional memory debugging support to track size
			and mctx arguments. [RT #14814]

1875.	[bug]		process_dhtkey() was using the wrong memory context
			to free some memory. [RT #14890]

1874.	[port]		sunos: portability fixes. [RT #14814]

1873.	[port]		win32: isc__errno2result() now reports its caller.
			[RT #13753]

1872.	[port]		win32: Handle ERROR_NETNAME_DELETED.  [RT #13753]

1871.	[placeholder]

1870.	[func]		Added framework for handling multiple EDNS versions.
			[RT #14873]

1869.	[func]		dig can now specify the EDNS version when making
			a query. [RT #14873]

1868.	[func]		edns-udp-size can now be overridden on a per
			server basis. [RT #14851]

1867.	[bug]		It was possible to trigger a INSIST in
			dlv_validatezonekey(). [RT #14846]

1866.	[bug]		resolv.conf parse errors were being ignored by
			dig/host/nslookup. [RT #14841]

1865.	[bug]		Silently ignore nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf with
			bad addresses. [RT #14841]

1864.	[bug]		Don't try the alternative transfer source if you
			got a answer / transfer with the main source
			address. [RT #14802]

1863.	[bug]		rrset-order "fixed" error messages not complete.

1862.	[func]		Add additional zone data constancy checks.
			named-checkzone has extended checking of NS, MX and
			SRV record and the hosts they reference.
			named has extended post zone load checks.
			New zone options: check-mx and integrity-check.
			[RT #4940]

1861.	[bug]		dig could trigger a INSIST on certain malformed
			responses. [RT #14801]

1860.	[port]		solaris 2.8: hack_shutup_pthreadmutexinit was
			incorrectly set. [RT #14775]

1859.	[func]		Add support for CH A record. [RT #14695]

1858.	[bug]		The flush-zones-on-shutdown option wasn't being
			parsed. [RT #14686]

1857.	[bug]		named could trigger a INSIST() if reconfigured /
			reloaded too fast.  [RT #14673]

1856.	[doc]		Switch Docbook toolchain from DSSSL to XSL.
			[RT #11398]

1855.	[bug]		ixfr-from-differences was failing to detect changes
			of ttl due to dns_diff_subtract() was ignoring the ttl
			of records.  [RT #14616]

1854.	[bug]		lwres also needs to know the print format for
			(long long).  [RT #13754]

1853.	[bug]		Rework how DLV interacts with proveunsecure().
			[RT #13605]

1852.	[cleanup]	Remove last vestiges of dnssec-signkey and
			dnssec-makekeyset (removed from Makefile years ago).

1851.	[doc]		Doxygen comment markup. [RT #11398]

1850.	[bug]		Memory leak in lwres_getipnodebyaddr(). [RT #14591]

1849.	[doc]		All forms of the man pages (docbook, man, html) should
			have consistent copyright dates.

1848.	[bug]		Improve SMF integration. [RT #13238]

1847.	[bug]		isc_ondestroy_init() is called too late in
			[RT #13661]

1846.	[contrib]	query-loc-0.3.0 from Stephane Bortzmeyer

1845.	[bug]		Improve error reporting to distinguish between
			accept()/fcntl() and socket()/fcntl() errors.
			[RT #13745]

1844.	[bug]		inet_pton() accepted more that 4 hexadecimal digits
			for each 16 bit piece of the IPv6 address.  The text
			representation of a IPv6 address has been tightened
			to disallow this (draft-ietf-ipv6-addr-arch-v4-02.txt).
			[RT #5662]

1843.	[cleanup]	CINCLUDES takes precedence over CFLAGS.  This helps
			when CFLAGS contains "-I /usr/local/include"
			resulting in old header files being used.

1842.	[port]		cmsg_len() could produce incorrect results on
			some platform. [RT #13744]

1841.	[bug]		"dig +nssearch" now makes a recursive query to
			find the list of nameservers to query. [RT #13694]

1840.	[func]		dnssec-signzone can now randomize signature end times
			(dnssec-signzone -j jitter). [RT #13609]

1839.	[bug]		<isc/hash.h> was not being installed.

1838.	[cleanup]	Don't allow Linux capabilities to be inherited.
			[RT #13707]

1837.	[bug]		Compile time option ISC_FACILITY was not effective
			for 'named -u <user>'.  [RT #13714]

1836.	[cleanup]	Silence compiler warnings in hash_test.c.

1835.	[bug]		Update dnssec-signzone's usage message. [RT #13657]

1834.	[bug]		Bad memset in rdata_test.c. [RT #13658]

1833.	[bug]		Race condition in isc_mutex_lock_profile(). [RT #13660]

1832.	[bug]		named fails to return BADKEY on unknown TSIG algorithm.
			[RT #13620]

1831.	[doc]		Update named-checkzone documentation. [RT#13604]

1830.	[bug]		adb lame cache has sence of test reversed. [RT #13600]

1829.	[bug]		win32: "pid-file none;" broken. [RT #13563]

1828.	[bug]		isc_rwlock_init() failed to properly cleanup if it
			encountered a error. [RT #13549]

1827.	[bug]		host: update usage message for '-a'. [RT #37116]

1826.	[bug]		Missing DESTROYLOCK() in isc_mem_createx() on out
			of memory error. [RT #13537]

1825.	[bug]		Missing UNLOCK() on out of memory error from in
			rbtdb.c:subtractrdataset(). [RT #13519]

1824.	[bug]		Memory leak on dns_zone_setdbtype() failure.
			[RT #13510]

1823.	[bug]		Wrong macro used to check for point to point interface.

1822.	[bug]		check-names test for RT was reversed. [RT #13382]

1821.	[placeholder]

1820.	[bug]		Gracefully handle acl loops. [RT #13659]

1819.	[bug]		The validator needed to check both the algorithm and
			digest types of the DS to determine if it could be
			used to introduce a secure zone. [RT #13593]

1818.	[bug]		'named-checkconf -z' triggered an INSIST. [RT #13599]

1817.	[func]		Add support for additional zone file formats for
			improving loading performance.  The masterfile-format
			option in named.conf can be used to specify a
			non-default format.  A separate command
			named-compilezone was provided to generate zone files
			in the new format.  Additionally, the -I and -O options
			for dnssec-signzone specify the input and output

1816.	[port]		UnixWare: failed to compile lib/isc/unix/net.c.
			[RT #13597]

1815.	[bug]		nsupdate triggered a REQUIRE if the server was set
			without also setting the zone and it encountered
			a CNAME and was using TSIG.  [RT #13086]

1814.	[func]		UNIX domain controls are now supported.

1813.	[func]		Restructured the data locking framework using
			architecture dependent atomic operations (when
			available), improving response performance on
			multi-processor machines significantly.
			x86, x86_64, alpha, powerpc, and mips are currently

1812.	[port]		win32: IN6_IS_ADDR_UNSPECIFIED macro is incorrect.
			[RT #13453]

1811.	[func]		Preserve the case of domain names in rdata during
			zone transfers. [RT #13547]

1810.	[bug]		configure, lib/bind/configure make different default
			decisions about whether to do a threaded build.
			[RT #13212]

1809.	[bug]		"make distclean" failed for libbind if the platform
			is not supported.

1808.	[bug]		zone.c:notify_zone() contained a race condition,
			zone->db could change underneath it.  [RT #13511]

1807.	[bug]		When forwarding (forward only) set the active domain
			from the forward zone name. [RT #13526]

1806.	[bug]		The resolver returned the wrong result when a CNAME /
			DNAME was encountered when fetching glue from a
			secure namespace. [RT #13501]

1805.	[bug]		Pending status was not being cleared when DLV was
			active. [RT #13501]

1804.	[bug]		Ensure that if we are queried for glue that it fits
			in the additional section or TC is set to tell the
			client to retry using TCP. [RT #10114]

1803.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone sometimes failed to remove old
			RRSIGs. [RT #13483]

1802.	[bug]		Handle connection resets better. [RT #11280]

1801.	[func]		Report differences between hints and real NS rrset
			and associated address records.

1800.	[bug]		Changes #1719 allowed a INSIST to be triggered.
			[RT #13428]

1799.	[bug]		'rndc flushname' failed to flush negative cache
			entries. [RT #13438]

1798.	[func]		The server syntax has been extended to support a
			range of servers.  [RT #11132]

1797.	[func]		named-checkconf now check acls to verify that they
			only refer to existing acls. [RT #13101]

1796.	[func]		"rndc freeze/thaw" now freezes/thaws all zones.

1795.	[bug]		"rndc dumpdb" was not fully documented.  Minor
			formating issues with "rndc dumpdb -all".  [RT #13396]

1794.	[func]		Named and named-checkzone can now both check for
			non-terminal wildcard records.

1793.	[func]		Extend adjusting TTL warning messages. [RT #13378]

1792.	[func]		New zone option "notify-delay".  Specify a minimum
			delay between sets of NOTIFY messages.

1791.	[bug]		'host -t a' still printed out AAAA and MX records.
			[RT #13230]

1790.	[cleanup]	Move lib/dns/sec/dst up into lib/dns.  This should
			allow parallel make to succeed.

1789.	[bug]		Prerequisite test for tkey and dnssec could fail
			with "configure --with-libtool".

1788.	[bug] needs to link against

1787.	[port]		HPUX: both "cc" and "gcc" need -Wl,+vnocompatwarnings.

1786.	[port]		AIX: libt_api needs to be taught to look for
			T_testlist in the main executable (--with-libtool).
			[RT #13239]

1785.	[bug] needs to link against

1784.	[cleanup]	"libtool -allow-undefined" is the default.
			Leave hooks in configure to allow it to be set
			if needed in the future.

1783.	[cleanup]	We only need one copy of libtool.m4, in the
			source tree.

1782.	[port]		OSX: --with-libtool + --enable-libbind broke on
			__evOptMonoTime.  [RT #13219]

1781.	[port]		FreeBSD 5.3: set PTHREAD_SCOPE_SYSTEM. [RT #12810]

1780.	[bug]		Update libtool to 1.5.10.

1779.	[port]		OSF 5.1: libtool didn't handle -pthread correctly.

1778.	[port]		HUX 11.11: fix broken IN6ADDR_ANY_INIT and

1777.	[port]		OSF 5.1: fix broken IN6ADDR_ANY_INIT and

1776.	[port]		Solaris 2.9: fix broken IN6ADDR_ANY_INIT and

1775.	[bug]		Only compile getnetent_r.c when threaded. [RT #13205]

1774.	[port]		Aix: Silence compiler warnings / build failures.
			[RT #13154]

1773.	[bug]		Fast retry on host / net unreachable. [RT #13153]

1772.	[placeholder]

1771.	[placeholder]

1770.	[bug]		named-checkconf failed to report missing a missing
			file clause for rbt{64} master/hint zones. [RT#13009]

1769.	[port]		win32: change compiler flags /MTd ==> /MDd,
			/MT ==> /MD.

1768.	[bug]		nsecnoexistnodata() could be called with a non-NSEC
			rdataset. [RT #12907]

1767.	[port]		Builds on IPv6 platforms without IPv6 Advanced API
			support for (struct in6_pktinfo) failed.  [RT #13077]

1766.	[bug]		Update the master file timestamp on successful refresh
			as well as the journal's timestamp. [RT# 13062]

1765.	[bug]		configure --with-openssl=auto failed. [RT #12937]

1764.	[bug]		dns_zone_replacedb failed to emit a error message
			if there was no SOA record in the replacement db.
			[RT #13016]

1763.	[func]		Perform sanity checks on NS records which refer to
			'in zone' names. [RT #13002]

1762.	[bug]		isc_interfaceiter_create() could return ISC_R_SUCCESS
			even when it failed. [RT #12995]

1761.	[bug]		'rndc dumpdb' didn't report unassociated entries.
			[RT #12971]

1760.	[bug]		Host / net unreachable was not penalising rtt
			estimates. [RT #12970]

1759.	[bug]		Named failed to startup if the OS supported IPv6
			but had no IPv6 interfaces configured. [RT #12942]

1758.	[func]		Don't send notify messages to self. [RT #12933]

1757.	[func]		host now can turn on memory debugging flags with '-m'.

1756.	[func]		named-checkconf now checks the logging configuration.
			[RT #12352]

1755.	[func]		allow-update is now settable at the options / view
			level. [RT #6636]

1754.	[bug]		We weren't always attempting to query the parent
			server for the DS records at the zone cut.
			[RT #12774]

1753.	[bug]		Don't serve a slave zone which has no NS records.
			[RT #12894]

1752.	[port]		Move isc_app_start() to after ns_os_daemonise()
			as some fork() implementations unblock the signals
			that are blocked by isc_app_start(). [RT #12810]

1751.	[bug]		--enable-getifaddrs failed under linux. [RT #12867]

1750.	[port]		lib/bind/make/ was not bash friendly.
			[RT #12864]

1749.	[bug]		'check-names response ignore;' failed to ignore.
			[RT #12866]

1748.	[func]		dig now returns the byte count for axfr/ixfr.

1747.	[bug]		BIND 8 compatibility: named/named-checkconf failed
			to parse "host-statistics-max" in named.conf.

1746.	[func]		Make public the function to read a key file,
			dst_key_read_public(). [RT #12450]

1745.	[bug]		Dig/host/nslookup accept replies from link locals
			regardless of scope if no scope was specified when
			query was sent. [RT #12745]

1744.	[bug]		If tuple2msgname() failed to convert a tuple to
			a name a REQUIRE could be triggered. [RT #12796]

1743.	[bug]		If isc_taskmgr_create() was not able to create the
			requested number of worker threads then destruction
			of the manager would trigger an INSIST() failure.
			[RT #12790]

1742.	[bug]		Deleting all records at a node then adding a
			previously existing record, in a single UPDATE
			transaction, failed to leave / regenerate the
			associated RRSIG records. [RT #12788]

1741.	[bug]		Deleting all records at a node in a secure zone
			using a update-policy grant failed. [RT #12787]

1740.	[bug]		Replace rbt's hash algorithm as it performed badly
			with certain zones. [RT #12729]

			NOTE: a hash context now needs to be established
			via isc_hash_create() if the application was not
			already doing this.

1739.	[bug]		dns_rbt_deletetree() could incorrectly return
			ISC_R_QUOTA.  [RT #12695]

1738.	[bug]		Enable overrun checking by default. [RT #12695]

1737.	[bug]		named failed if more than 16 masters were specified.
			[RT #12627]

1736.	[bug]		dst_key_fromnamedfile() could fail to read a
			public key. [RT #12687]

1735.	[bug]		'dig +sigtrace' could die with a REQUIRE failure.
			[RE #12688]

1734.	[cleanup]	'rndc-confgen -a -t' remove extra '/' in path.
			[RT #12588]

1733.	[bug]		Return non-zero exit status on initial load failure.
			[RT #12658]

1732.	[bug]		'rrset-order name "*"' wasn't being applied to ".".
			[RT #12467]

1731.	[port]		darwin: relax version test in
			[RT #12581]

1730.	[port]		Determine the length type used by the socket API.
			[RT #12581]

1729.	[func]		Improve check-names error messages.

1728.	[doc]		Update check-names documentation.

1727.	[bug]		named-checkzone: check-names support didn't match

1726.	[port]		aix5: add support for aix5.

1725.	[port]		linux: update error message on interaction of threads,
			capabilities and setuid support (named -u). [RT #12541]

1724.	[bug]		Look for DNSKEY records with "dig +sigtrace".
			[RT #12557]

1723.	[cleanup]	Silence compiler warnings from t_tasks.c. [RT #12493]

1722.	[bug]		Don't commit the journal on malformed ixfr streams.
			[RT #12519]

1721.	[bug]		Error message from the journal processing were not
			always identifying the relevant journal. [RT #12519]

1720.	[bug]		'dig +chase' did not terminate on a RFC 2308 Type 1
			negative response. [RT #12506]

1719.	[bug]		named was not correctly caching a RFC 2308 Type 1
			negative response. [RT #12506]

1718.	[bug]		nsupdate was not handling RFC 2308 Type 3 negative
			responses when looking for the zone / master server.
			[RT #12506]

1717.	[port]		solaris: did not support Solaris 10.
			" down" didn't work for Solaris 9.

1716.	[doc]		named.conf(5) was being installed in the wrong
			location.  [RT# 12441]

1715.	[func]		'dig +trace' now randomly selects the next servers
			to try.  Report if there is a bad delegation.

1714.	[bug]		dig/host/nslookup were only trying the first
			address when a nameserver was specified by name.
			[RT #12286]

1713.	[port]		linux: extend capset failure message to say:
			please ensure that the capset kernel module is
			loaded.  see insmod(8)

1712.	[bug]		Missing FULLCHECK for "trusted-key" in dig.

1711.	[func]		'rndc unfreeze' has been deprecated by 'rndc thaw'.

1710.	[func]		'rndc notify zone [class [view]]' resend the NOTIFY
			messages for the specified zone. [RT #9479]

1709.	[port]		solaris: add SMF support from Sun.

1708.	[cleanup]	Replaced dns_fullname_hash() with dns_name_fullhash()
			for conformance to the name space convention.  Binary
			backward compatibility to the old function name is
			provided. [RT #12376]

1707.	[contrib]	sdb/ldap updated to version 1.0-beta.

1706.	[bug]		'rndc stop' failed to cause zones to be flushed
			sometimes. [RT #12328]

1705.	[func]		Allow the journal's name to be changed via named.conf.

1704.	[port]		lwres needed a snprintf() implementation for
			platforms without snprintf().  Add missing
			"#include <isc/print.h>". [RT #12321]

1703.	[bug]		named would loop sending NOTIFY messages when it
			failed to receive a response. [RT #12322]

1702.	[bug]		also-notify should not be applied to built in zones.
			[RT #12323]

1701.	[doc]		A minimal named.conf man page.

1700.	[func]		nslookup is no longer to be treated as deprecated.
			Remove "deprecated" warning message.  Add man page.

1699.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone can generate "not exact" errors
			when resigning. [RT #12281]

1698.	[doc]		Use reserved IPv6 documentation prefix.

1697.	[bug]		xxx-source{,-v6} was not effective when it
			specified one of listening addresses and a
			different port than the listening port. [RT #12257]

1696.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone failed to clean out nodes that
			consisted of only NSEC and RRSIG records.
			[RT #12154]

1695.	[bug]		DS records when forwarding require special handling.
			[RT #12133]

1694.	[bug]		Report if the builtin views of "_default" / "_bind"
			are defined in named.conf. [RT #12023]

1693.	[bug]		max-journal-size was not effective for master zones
			with ixfr-from-differences set. [RT# 12024]

1692.	[bug]		Don't set -I, -L and -R flags when libcrypto is in
			/usr/lib. [RT #11971]

1691.	[bug]		sdb's attachversion was not complete. [RT #11990]

1690.	[bug]		Delay detaching view from the client until UPDATE
			processing completes when shutting down. [RT #11714]

1689.	[bug]		DNS_NAME_TOREGION() and DNS_NAME_SPLIT() macros
			contained gratuitous semicolons. [RT #11707]

1688.	[bug]		LDFLAGS was not supported.

1687.	[bug]		Race condition in dispatch. [RT #10272]

1686.	[bug]		Named sent a extraneous NOTIFY when it received a
			redundant UPDATE request. [RT #11943]

1685.	[bug]		Change #1679 loop tests weren't quite right.

1684.	[func]		ixfr-from-differences now takes master and slave in
			addition to yes and no at the options and view levels.

1683.	[bug]		dig +sigchase could leak memory. [RT #11445]

1682.	[port]		Update configure test for (long long) printf format.
			[RT #5066]

1681.	[bug]		Only set SO_REUSEADDR when a port is specified in
			isc_socket_bind(). [RT #11742]

1680.	[func]		rndc: the source address can now be specified.

1679.	[bug]		When there was a single nameserver with multiple
			addresses for a zone not all addresses were tried.
			[RT #11706]

1678.	[bug]		RRSIG should use TYPEXXXXX for unknown types.

1677.	[bug]		dig: +aaonly didn't work, +aaflag undocumented.

1676.	[func]		New option "allow-query-cache".  This lets
			allow-query be used to specify the default zone
			access level rather than having to have every
			zone override the global value.  allow-query-cache
			can be set at both the options and view levels.
			If allow-query-cache is not set allow-query applies.

1675.	[bug]		named would sometimes add extra NSEC records to
			the authority section.

1674.	[port]		linux: increase buffer size used to scan

1673.	[port]		linux: issue a error messages if IPv6 interface
			scans fails.

1672.	[cleanup]	Tests which only function in a threaded build
			now return R:THREADONLY (rather than R:UNTESTED)
			in a non-threaded build.

1671.	[contrib]	queryperf: add NAPTR to the list of known types.

1670.	[func]		Log UPDATE requests to slave zones without an acl as
			"disabled" at debug level 3. [RT# 11657]

1669.	[placeholder]

1668.	[bug]		DIG_SIGCHASE was making bin/dig/host dump core.

1667.	[port]		linux: not all versions have IF_NAMESIZE.

1666.	[bug]		The optional port on hostnames in dual-stack-servers
			was being ignored.

1665.	[func]		rndc now allows addresses to be set in the
			server clauses.

1664.	[bug]		nsupdate needed KEY for SIG(0), not DNSKEY.

1663.	[func]		Look for OpenSSL by default.

1662.	[bug]		Change #1658 failed to change one use of 'type'
			to 'keytype'.

1661.	[bug]		Restore dns_name_concatenate() call in
			adb.c:set_target().  [RT #11582]

1660.	[bug]		win32: connection_reset_fix() was being called
			unconditionally.  [RT #11595]

1659.	[cleanup]	Cleanup some messages that were referring to KEY vs

1658.	[func]		Update dnssec-keygen to default to KEY for HMAC-MD5
			and DH.  Tighten which options apply to KEY and
			DNSKEY records.

1657.	[doc]		ARM: document query log output.

1656.	[doc]		Update DNSSEC description in ARM to cover DS, NSEC
			DNSKEY and RRSIG.  [RT #11542]

1655.	[bug]		Logging multiple versions w/o a size was broken.
			[RT #11446]

1654.	[bug]		isc_result_totext() contained array bounds read

1653.	[func]		Add key type checking to dst_key_fromfilename(),
			DST_TYPE_KEY should be used to read TSIG, TKEY and
			SIG(0) keys.

1652.	[bug]		TKEY still uses KEY.

1651.	[bug]		dig: process multiple dash options.

1650.	[bug]		dig, nslookup: flush standard out after each command.

1649.	[bug]		Silence "unexpected non-minimal diff" message.
			[RT #11206]

1648.	[func]		Update dnssec-lookaside named.conf syntax to support
			multiple dnssec-lookaside namespaces (not yet

1647.	[bug]		It was possible trigger a INSIST when chasing a DS
			record that required walking back over a empty node.
			[RT #11445]

1646.	[bug]		win32: logging file versions didn't work with
			non-UNC filenames.  [RT#11486]

1645.	[bug]		named could trigger a REQUIRE failure if multiple
			masters with keys are specified.

1644.	[bug]		Update the journal modification time after a
			successful refresh query. [RT #11436]

1643.	[bug]		dns_db_closeversion() could leak memory / node
			references. [RT #11163]

1642.	[port]		Support OpenSSL implementations which don't have
			DSA support. [RT #11360]

1641.	[bug]		Update the check-names description in ARM. [RT #11389]

1640.	[bug]		win32: isc_socket_cancel(ISC_SOCKCANCEL_ACCEPT) was
			incorrectly closing the socket.  [RT #11291]

1639.	[func]		Initial dlv system test.

1638.	[bug]		"ixfr-from-differences" could generate a REQUIRE
			failure if the journal open failed. [RT #11347]

1637.	[bug]		Node reference leak on error in addnoqname().

1636.	[bug]		The dump done callback could get ISC_R_SUCCESS even if
			a error had occurred.  The database version no longer
			matched the version of the database that was dumped.

1635.	[bug]		Memory leak on error in query_addds().

1634.	[bug]		named didn't supply a useful error message when it
			detected duplicate views.  [RT #11208]

1633.	[bug]		named should return NOTIMP to update requests to a
			slaves without a allow-update-forwarding acl specified.
			[RT #11331]

1632.	[bug]		nsupdate failed to send prerequisite only UPDATE
			messages. [RT #11288]

1631.	[bug]		dns_journal_compact() could sometimes corrupt the
			journal. [RT #11124]

1630.	[contrib]	queryperf: add support for IPv6 transport.

1629.	[func]		dig now supports IPv6 scoped addresses with the
			extended format in the local-server part. [RT #8753]

1628.	[bug]		Typo in Compaq Trucluster support. [RT# 11264]

1627.	[bug]		win32: sockets were not being closed when the
			last external reference was removed. [RT# 11179]

1626.	[bug]		--enable-getifaddrs was broken. [RT#11259]

1625.	[bug]		named failed to load/transfer RFC2535 signed zones
			which contained CNAMES. [RT# 11237]

1624.	[bug]		zonemgr_putio() call should be locked. [RT# 11163]

1623.	[bug]		A serial number of zero was being displayed in the
			"sending notifies" log message when also-notify was
			used. [RT #11177]

1622.	[func]		probe the system to see if IPV6_(RECV)PKTINFO is
			available, and suppress wildcard binding if not.

1621.	[bug]		match-destinations did not work for IPv6 TCP queries.
			[RT# 11156]

1620.	[func]		When loading a zone report if it is signed. [RT #11149]

1619.	[bug]		Missing ISC_LIST_UNLINK in end_reserved_dispatches().
			[RT# 11118]

1618.	[bug]		Fencepost errors in dns_name_ishostname() and
			dns_name_ismailbox() could trigger a INSIST().

1617.	[port]		win32: VC++ 6.0 support.

1616.	[compat]	Ensure that named's version is visible in the core
			dump. [RT #11127]

1615.	[port]		Define ISC_SOCKADDR_LEN_T based on _BSD_SOCKLEN_T_ if
			it is defined.

1614.	[port]		win32: silence resource limit messages. [RT# 11101]

1613.	[bug]		Builds would fail on machines w/o a if_nametoindex().
			[RT #11119]

1612.	[bug]		check-names at the option/view level could trigger
			an INSIST. [RT# 11116]

1611.	[bug]		solaris: IPv6 interface scanning failed to cope with
			no active IPv6 interfaces.

1610.	[bug]		On dual stack machines "dig -b" failed to set the
			address type to be looked up with "@server".
			[RT #11069]

1609.	[func]		dig now has support to chase DNSSEC signature chains.
			Requires -DDIG_SIGCHASE=1 to be set in STD_CDEFINES.

			DNSSEC validation code in dig coded by Olivier Courtay
			( for the IDsA project

1608.	[func]		dig and host now accept -4/-6 to select IP transport
			to use when making queries.

1607.	[bug]		dig, host and nslookup were still using random()
			to generate query ids. [RT# 11013]

1606.	[bug]		DLV insecurity proof was failing.

1605.	[func]		New dns_db_find() option DNS_DBFIND_COVERINGNSEC.

1604.	[bug]		A xfrout_ctx_create() failure would result in
			xfrout_ctx_destroy() being called with a
			partially initialized structure.

1603.	[bug]		nsupdate: set interactive based on isatty().
			[RT# 10929]

1602.	[bug]		Logging to a file failed unless a size was specified.
			[RT# 10925]

1601.	[bug]		Silence spurious warning 'both "recursion no;" and
			"allow-recursion" active' warning from view "_bind".
			[RT# 10920]

1600.	[bug]		Duplicate zone pre-load checks were not case

1599.	[bug]		Fix memory leak on error path when checking named.conf.

1598.	[func]		Specify that certain parts of the namespace must
			be secure (dnssec-must-be-secure).

1597.	[func]		Allow notify-source and query-source to be specified
			on a per server basis similar to transfer-source.
			[RT #6496]

1596.	[func]		Accept 'notify-source' style syntax for query-source.

1595.	[func]		New notify type 'master-only'.  Enable notify for
			master zones only.

1594.	[bug]		'rndc dumpdb' could prevent named from answering
			queries while the dump was in progress.  [RT #10565]

1593.	[bug]		rndc should return "unknown command" to unknown
			commands. [RT# 10642]

1592.	[bug]		configure_view() could leak a dispatch. [RT# 10675]

1591.	[bug]		libbind: updated to BIND 8.4.5.

1590.	[port]		netbsd: update thread support.

1589.	[func]		DNSSEC lookaside validation.

1588.	[bug]		win32: TCP sockets could become blocked. [RT #10115]

1587.	[bug]		dns_message_settsigkey() failed to clear existing key.
			[RT #10590]

1586.	[func]		"check-names" is now implemented.

1585.	[placeholder]

1584.	[bug]		"make test" failed with a read only source tree.
			[RT #10461]

1583.	[bug]		Records add via UPDATE failed to get the correct trust
			level. [RT #10452]

1582.	[bug]		rrset-order failed to work on RRsets with more
			than 32 elements. [RT #10381]

1581.	[func]		Disable DNSSEC support by default.  To enable
			DNSSEC specify "dnssec-enable yes;" in named.conf.

1580.	[bug]		Zone destruction on final detach takes a long time.
			[RT #3746]

1579.	[bug]		Multiple task managers could not be created.

1578.	[bug]		Don't use CLASS E IPv4 addresses when resolving.
			[RT #10346]

1577.	[bug]		Use isc_uint32_t in ultrasparc optimizer bug
			workaround code. [RT #10331]

1576.	[bug]		Race condition in dns_dispatch_addresponse().
			[RT# 10272]

1575.	[func]		Log TSIG name on TSIG verify failure. [RT #4404]

1574.	[bug]		Don't attempt to open the controls socket(s) when
			running tests. [RT #9091]

1573.	[port]		linux: update to libtool 1.5.2 so that
			"make install DESTDIR=/xx" works with
			"configure --with-libtool".  [RT #9941]

1572.	[bug]		nsupdate: sign the soa query to find the enclosing
			zone if the server is specified. [RT #10148]

1571.	[bug]		rbt:hash_node() could fail leaving the hash table
			in an inconsistent state.  [RT #10208]

1570.	[bug]		nsupdate failed to handle classes other than IN.
			New keyword 'class' which sets the default class.
			[RT #10202]

1569.	[func]		nsupdate new command 'answer' which displays the
			complete answer message to the last update.

1568.	[bug]		nsupdate now reports that the update failed in
			interactive mode. [RT# 10236]

1567.	[maint]		B.ROOT-SERVERS.NET is now

1566.	[port]		Support for the cmsg framework on Solaris and HP/UX.
			This also solved the problem that match-destinations
			for IPv6 addresses did not work on these systems.
			[RT #10221]

1565.	[bug]		CD flag should be copied to outgoing queries unless
			the query is under a secure entry point in which case
			CD should be set.

1564.	[func]		Attempt to provide a fallback entropy source to be
			used if named is running chrooted and named is unable
			to open entropy source within the chroot area.
			[RT #10133]

1563.	[bug]		Gracefully fail when unable to obtain neither an IPv4
			nor an IPv6 dispatch. [RT #10230]

1562.	[bug]		isc_socket_create() and isc_socket_accept() could
			leak memory under error conditions. [RT #10230]

1561.	[bug]		It was possible to release the same name twice if
			named ran out of memory. [RT #10197]

1560.	[port]		FreeBSD: work around FreeBSD 5.2 mapping EAI_NODATA
			and EAI_NONAME to the same value.

1559.	[port]		named should ignore SIGFSZ.

1558.	[func]		New DNSSEC 'disable-algorithms'.  Support entry into
			child zones for which we don't have a supported
			algorithm.  Such child zones are treated as unsigned.

1557.	[func]		Implement missing DNSSEC tests for
			* NOQNAME proof with wildcard answers.
			* NOWILDARD proof with NXDOMAIN.
			Cache and return NOQNAME with wildcard answers.

1556.	[bug]		nsupdate now treats all names as fully qualified.
			[RT #6427]

1555.	[func]		'rrset-order cyclic' no longer has a random starting
			point per query. [RT #7572]

1554.	[bug]		dig, host, nslookup failed when no nameservers
			were specified in /etc/resolv.conf. [RT #8232]

1553.	[bug]		The windows socket code could stop accepting
			connections. [RT#10115]

1552.	[bug]		Accept NOTIFY requests from mapped masters if
			matched-mapped is set. [RT #10049]

1551.	[port]		Open "/dev/null" before calling chroot().

1550.	[port]		Call tzset(), if available, before calling chroot().

1549.	[func]		named-checkzone can now write out the zone contents
			in a easily parsable format (-D and -o).

1548.	[bug]		When parsing APL records it was possible to silently
			accept out of range ADDRESSFAMILY values. [RT# 9979]

1547.	[bug]		Named wasted memory recording duplicate lame zone
			entries. [RT #9341]

1546.	[bug]		We were rejecting valid secure CNAME to negative

1545.	[bug]		It was possible to leak memory if named was unable to
			bind to the specified transfer source and TSIG was
			being used. [RT #10120]

1544.	[bug]		Named would logged a single entry to a file despite it
			being over the specified size limit.

1543.	[bug]		Logging using "versions unlimited" did not work.

1542.	[placeholder]

1541.	[func]		NSEC now uses new bitmap format.

1540.	[bug]		"rndc reload <dynamiczone>" was silently accepted.
			[RT #8934]

1539.	[bug]		Open UDP sockets for notify-source and transfer-source
			that use reserved ports at startup. [RT #9475]

1538.	[placeholder]	rt9997

1537.	[func]		New option "querylog".  If set specify whether query
			logging is to be enabled or disabled at startup.

1536.	[bug]		Windows socket code failed to log a error description
			when returning ISC_R_UNEXPECTED. [RT #9998]

1535.	[placeholder]

1534.	[bug]		Race condition when priming cache. [RT# 9940]

1533.	[func]		Warn if both "recursion no;" and "allow-recursion"
			are active. [RT# 4389]

1532.	[port]		netbsd: the configure test for <sys/sysctl.h>
			requires <sys/param.h>.

1531.	[port]		AIX more libtool fixes.

1530.	[bug]		It was possible to trigger a INSIST() failure if a
			slave master file was removed at just the correct
			moment. [RT #9462]

1529.	[bug]		"notify explicit;" failed to log that NOTIFY messages
			were being sent for the zone. [RT# 9442]

1528.	[cleanup]	Simplify some dns_name_ functions based on the
			deprecation of bitstring labels.

1527.	[cleanup]	Reduce the number of gettimeofday() calls without
			losing necessary timer granularity.

1526.	[func]		Implemented "additional section caching (or acache)",
			an internal cache framework for additional section
			content to improve response performance.  Several
			configuration options were provided to control the

1525.	[bug]		dns_cache_create() could trigger a REQUIRE
			failure in isc_mem_put() during error cleanup.
			[RT# 9360]

1524.	[port]		AIX needs to be able to resolve all symbols when
			creating shared libraries (--with-libtool).

1523.	[bug]		Fix race condition in rbtdb. [RT# 9189]

1522.	[bug]		dns_db_findnode() relax the requirements on 'name'.
			[RT# 9286]

1521.	[bug]		dns_view_createresolver() failed to check the
			result from isc_mem_create(). [RT# 9294]

1520.	[protocol]	Add SSHFP (SSH Finger Print) type.

1519.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone:nsec_setbit() computed the wrong
			length of the new bitmap.

1518.	[bug]		dns_nsec_buildrdata(), and hence dns_nsec_build(),
			contained a off-by-one error when working out the
			number of octets in the bitmap.

1517.	[port]		Support for IPv6 interface scanning on HP/UX and
			TrueUNIX 5.1.

1516.	[func]		Roll the DNSSEC types to RRSIG, NSEC and DNSKEY.

1515.	[func]		Allow transfer source to be set in a server statement.
			[RT #6496]

1514.	[bug]		named: isc_hash_destroy() was being called too early.
			[RT #9160]

1513.	[doc]		Add "US" to root-delegation-only exclude list.

1512.	[bug]		Extend the delegation-only logging to return query
			type, class and responding nameserver.

1511.	[bug]		delegation-only was generating false positives
			on negative answers from sub-zones.

1510.	[func]		New view option "root-delegation-only".  Apply
			delegation-only check to all TLDs and root.
			Note there are some TLDs that are NOT delegation
			only (e.g. DE, LV, US and MUSEUM) these can be excluded
			from the checks by using exclude.

			root-delegation-only exclude {
				"DE"; "LV"; "US"; "MUSEUM";

1509.	[bug]		Hint zones should accept delegation-only.  Forward
			zone should not accept delegation-only.

1508.	[bug]		Don't apply delegation-only checks to answers from

1507.	[bug]		Handle BIND 8 style returns to NS queries to parents
			when making delegation-only checks.

1506.	[bug]		Wrong return type for dns_view_isdelegationonly().

1505.	[bug]		Uninitialized rdataset in sdb. [RT #8750]

1504.	[func]		New zone type "delegation-only".

1503.	[port]		win32: install libeay32.dll outside of system32.

1502.	[bug]		nsupdate: adjust timeouts for UPDATE requests over TCP.

1501.	[func]		Allow TCP queue length to be specified via
			named.conf, tcp-listen-queue.

1500.	[bug]		host failed to lookup MX records.  Also look up
			AAAA records.

1499.	[bug]		isc_random need to be seeded better if arc4random()
			is not used.

1498.	[port]		bsdos: 5.x support.

1497.	[placeholder]

1496.	[port]		test for pthread_attr_setstacksize().

1495.	[cleanup]	Replace hash functions with universal hash.

1494.	[security]	Turn on RSA BLINDING as a precaution.

1493.	[placeholder]

1492.	[cleanup]	Preserve rwlock quota context when upgrading /
			downgrading. [RT #5599]

1491.	[bug]		dns_master_dump*() would produce extraneous $ORIGIN
			lines. [RT #6206]

1490.	[bug]		Accept reading state as well as working state in
			ns_client_next(). [RT #6813]

1489.	[compat]	Treat 'allow-update' on slave zones as a warning.
			[RT #3469]

1488.	[bug]		Don't override trust levels for glue addresses.
			[RT #5764]

1487.	[bug]		A REQUIRE() failure could be triggered if a zone was
			queued for transfer and the zone was then removed.
			[RT #6189]

1486.	[bug]		isc_print_snprintf() '%%' consumed one too many format
			characters. [RT# 8230]

1485.	[bug]		gen failed to handle high type values. [RT #6225]

1484.	[bug]		The number of records reported after a AXFR was wrong.
			[RT #6229]

1483.	[bug]		dig axfr failed if the message id in the answer failed
			to match that in the request.  Only the id in the first
			message is required to match. [RT #8138]

1482.	[bug]		named could fail to start if the kernel supports
			IPv6 but no interfaces are configured.  Similarly
			for IPv4. [RT #6229]

1481.	[bug]		Refresh and stub queries failed to use masters keys
			if specified. [RT #7391]

1480.	[bug]		Provide replay protection for rndc commands.  Full
			replay protection requires both rndc and named to
			be updated.  Partial replay protection (limited
			exposure after restart) is provided if just named
			is updated.

1479.	[bug]		cfg_create_tuple() failed to handle out of
			memory cleanup.  parse_list() would leak memory
			on syntax errors.

1478.	[port] didn't account for other virtual
			interfaces.  It now takes a optional argument
			to specify the first interface number. [RT #3907]

1477.	[bug]		memory leak using stub zones and TSIG.

1476.	[placeholder]

1475.	[port]		Probe for old sprintf().

1474.	[port]		Provide strtoul() and memmove() for platforms
			without them.

1473.	[bug]		create_map() and create_string() failed to handle out
			of memory cleanup.  [RT #6813]

1472.	[contrib]	idnkit-1.0 from JPNIC, replaces mdnkit.

1471.	[bug]		libbind: updated to BIND 8.4.0.

1470.	[bug]		Incorrect length passed to snprintf. [RT #5966]

1469.	[func]		Log end of outgoing zone transfer at same level
			as the start of transfer is logged. [RT #4441]

1468.	[func]		Internal zones are no longer counted for
			'rndc status'.  [RT #4706]

1467.	[func]		$GENERATES now supports optional class and ttl.

1466.	[bug]		lwresd configuration errors resulted in memory
			and lock leaks.  [RT #5228]

1465.	[bug]		isc_base64_decodestring() and isc_base64_tobuffer()
			failed to check that trailing bits were zero allowing
			some invalid base64 strings to be accepted.  [RT #5397]

1464.	[bug]		Preserve "out of zone" data for outgoing zone
			transfers. [RT #5192]

1463.	[bug]		dns_rdata_from{wire,struct}() failed to catch bad
			NXT bit maps. [RT #5577]

1462.	[bug]		parse_sizeval() failed to check the token type.
			[RT #5586]

1461.	[bug]		Remove deadlock from rbtdb code. [RT #5599]

1460.	[bug]		inet_pton() failed to reject certain malformed
			IPv6 literals.

1459.	[placeholder]

1458.	[cleanup]	sprintf() -> snprintf().

1457.	[port]		Provide strlcat() and strlcpy() for platforms without

1456.	[contrib] from Stephane Bortzmeyer.

1455.	[bug]		<netaddr> missing from server grammar in
			doc/misc/options. [RT #5616]

1454.	[port]		Use getifaddrs() if available for interface scanning.
			--disable-getifaddrs to override.  Glibc currently
			has a getifaddrs() that does not support IPv6.
			Use --enable-getifaddrs=glibc to force the use of
			this version under linux machines.

1453.	[doc]		ARM: $GENERATE example wasn't accurate. [RT #5298]

1452.	[placeholder]

1451.	[bug]		rndc-confgen didn't exit with a error code for all
			failures. [RT #5209]

1450.	[bug]		Fetching expired glue failed under certain
			circumstances.  [RT #5124]

1449.	[bug]		query_addbestns() didn't handle running out of memory

1448.	[bug]		Handle empty wildcards labels.

1447.	[bug]		We were casting (unsigned int) to and from (void *).
			rdataset->private4 is now rdataset->privateuint4
			to reflect a type change.

1446.	[func]		Implemented undocumented alternate transfer sources
			from BIND 8.  See use-alt-transfer-source,
			alt-transfer-source and alt-transfer-source-v6.

			SECURITY: use-alt-transfer-source is ENABLED unless
			you are using views.  This may cause a security risk
			resulting in accidental disclosure of wrong zone
			content if the master supplying different source
			content based on IP address.  If you are not certain
			ISC recommends setting use-alt-transfer-source no;

1445.	[bug]		DNS_ADBFIND_STARTATROOT broke stub zones.  This has
			been replaced with DNS_ADBFIND_STARTATZONE which
			causes the search to start using the closest zone.

1444.	[func]		dns_view_findzonecut2() allows you to specify if the
			cache should be searched for zone cuts.

1443.	[func]		Masters lists can now be specified and referenced
			in zone masters clauses and other masters lists.

1442.	[func]		New functions for manipulating port lists:
			dns_portlist_create(), dns_portlist_add(),
			dns_portlist_remove(), dns_portlist_match(),
			dns_portlist_attach() and dns_portlist_detach().

1441.	[func]		It is now possible to tell dig to bind to a specific
			source port.

1440.	[func]		It is now possible to tell named to avoid using
			certain source ports (avoid-v4-udp-ports,

1439.	[bug]		Named could return NOERROR with certain NOTIFY
			failures.  Return NOTAUTH if the NOTIFY zone is
			not being served.

1438.	[func]		Log TSIG (if any) when logging NOTIFY requests.

1437.	[bug]		Leave space for stdio to work in. [RT #5033]

1436.	[func]		dns_zonemgr_resumexfrs() can be used to restart
			stalled transfers.

1435.	[bug]		zmgr_resume_xfrs() was being called read locked
			rather than write locked.  zmgr_resume_xfrs()
			was not being called if the zone was being

1434.	[bug]		"rndc reconfig" failed to initiate the initial
			zone transfer of new slave zones.

1433.	[bug]		named could trigger a REQUIRE failure if it could
			not get a file descriptor when attempting to write
			a master file. [RT #4347]

1432.	[func]		The advertised EDNS UDP buffer size can now be set
			via named.conf (edns-udp-size).

1431.	[bug]		isc_print_snprintf() "%s" with precision could walk off
			end of argument. [RT #5191]

1430.	[port]		linux: IPv6 interface scanning support.

1429.	[bug]		Prevent the cache getting locked to old servers.

1428.	[placeholder]

1427.	[bug]		Race condition in adb with threaded build.

1426.	[placeholder]

1425.	[port]		linux/libbind: define __USE_MISC when testing *_r()
			function prototypes in netdb.h.  [RT #4921]

1424.	[bug]		EDNS version not being correctly printed.

1423.	[contrib]	queryperf: added A6 and SRV.

1422.	[func]		Log name/type/class when denying a query.  [RT #4663]

1421.	[func]		Differentiate updates that don't succeed due to
			prerequisites (unsuccessful) vs other reasons

1420.	[port]		solaris: work around gcc optimizer bug.

1419.	[port]		openbsd: use /dev/arandom. [RT #4950]

1418.	[bug]		'rndc reconfig' did not cause new slaves to load.

1417.	[func]		ID.SERVER/CHAOS is now a built in zone.
			See "server-id" for how to configure.

1416.	[bug]		Empty node should return NOERROR NODATA, not NXDOMAIN.
			[RT #4715]

1415.	[func]		DS TTL now derived from NS ttl.  NXT TTL now derived
			from SOA MINIMUM.

1414.	[func]		Support for KSK flag.

1413.	[func]		Explicitly request the (re-)generation of DS records
			from keysets (dnssec-signzone -g).

1412.	[func]		You can now specify servers to be tried if a nameserver
			has IPv6 address and you only support IPv4 or the
			reverse. See dual-stack-servers.

1411.	[bug]		empty nodes should stop wildcard matches. [RT #4802]

1410.	[func]		Handle records that live in the parent zone, e.g. DS.

1409.	[bug]		DS should have attribute DNS_RDATATYPEATTR_DNSSEC.

1408.	[bug]		"make distclean" was not complete. [RT #4700]

1407.	[bug]		lfsr incorrectly implements the shift register.
			[RT #4617]

1406.	[bug]		dispatch initializes one of the LFSR's with a incorrect
			polynomial.  [RT #4617]

1405.	[func]		Use arc4random() if available.

1404.	[bug]		libbind: ns_name_ntol() could overwrite a zero length

1403.	[func]		dnssec-signzone, dnssec-keygen, dnssec-makekeyset
			dnssec-signkey now report their version in the
			usage message.

1402.	[cleanup]	A6 has been moved to experimental and is no longer
			fully supported.

1401.	[bug]		adb wasn't clearing state when the timer expired.

1400.	[bug]		Block the addition of wildcard NS records by IXFR
			or UPDATE. [RT #3502]

1399.	[bug]		Use serial number arithmetic when testing SIG
			timestamps. [RT #4268]

1398.	[doc]		ARM: notify-also should have been also-notify.
			[RT #4345]

1397.	[maint]		J.ROOT-SERVERS.NET is now

1396.	[func]		dnssec-signzone: adjust the default signing time by
			1 hour to allow for clock skew.

1395.	[port]		OpenSSL 0.9.7 defines CRYPTO_LOCK_ENGINE but doesn't
			have a working implementation.  [RT #4079]

1394.	[func]		It is now possible to check if a particular element is
			in a acl.  Remove duplicate entries from the localnets

1393.	[port]		Bind to individual IPv6 interfaces if IPV6_IPV6ONLY
			is not available in the kernel to prevent accidently
			listening on IPv4 interfaces.

1392.	[bug]		named-checkzone: update usage.

1391.	[func]		Add support for IPv6 scoped addresses in named.

1390.	[func]		host now supports ixfr.

1389.	[bug]		named could fail to rotate long log files.  [RT #3666]

1388.	[port]		irix: check for sys/sysctl.h and NET_RT_IFLIST before
			defining HAVE_IFLIST_SYSCTL. [RT #3770]

1387.	[bug]		named could crash due to an access to invalid memory
			space (which caused an assertion failure) in
			incremental cleaning.  [RT #3588]

1386.	[bug]		named-checkzone -z stopped on errors in a zone.
			[RT #3653]

1385.	[bug]		Setting serial-query-rate to 10 would trigger a
			REQUIRE failure.

1384.	[bug]		host was incompatible with BIND 8 in its exit code and
			in the output with the -l option.  [RT #3536]

1383.	[func]		Track the serial number in a IXFR response and log if
			a mismatch occurs.  This is a more specific error than
			"not exact". [RT #3445]

1382.	[bug]		make install failed with --enable-libbind. [RT #3656]

1381.	[bug]		named failed to correctly process answers that
			contained DNAME records where the resulting CNAME
			resulted in a negative answer.

1380.	[func]		'rndc recursing' dump recursing queries to
			'recursing-file = "named.recursing";'.

1379.	[func]		'rndc status' now reports tcp and recursion quota

1378.	[func]		Improved positive feedback for 'rndc {reload|refresh}.

1377.	[func]		dns_zone_load{new}() now reports if the zone was
			loaded, queued for loading to up to date.

1376.	[func]		New function dns_zone_logc() to log to specified

1375.	[func]		'rndc dumpdb' now dumps the adb cache along with the
			data cache.

1374.	[func]		dns_adb_dump() now logs the lame zones associated
			with each server.

1373.	[bug]		Recovery from expired glue failed under certain

1372.	[bug]		named crashes with an assertion failure on exit when
			sharing the same port for listening and querying, and
			changing listening addresses several times. [RT# 3509]

1371.	[bug]		notify-source-v6, transfer-source-v6 and
			query-source-v6 with explicit addresses and using the
			same ports as named was listening on could interfere
			with named's ability to answer queries sent to those

1370.	[bug]		dig '+[no]recurse' was incorrectly documented.

1369.	[bug]		Adding an NS record as the lexicographically last
			record in a secure zone didn't work.

1368.	[func]		remove support for bitstring labels.

1367.	[func]		Use response times to select forwarders.

1366.	[contrib]	queryperf usage was incomplete.  Add '-h' for help.

1365.	[func]		"localhost" and "localnets" acls now include IPv6
			addresses / prefixes.

1364.	[func]		Log file name when unable to open memory statistics
			and dump database files. [RT# 3437]

1363.	[func]		Listen-on-v6 now supports specific addresses.

1362.	[bug]		remove IFF_RUNNING test when scanning interfaces.

1361.	[func]		log the reason for rejecting a server when resolving

1360.	[bug]		--enable-libbind would fail when not built in the
			source tree for certain OS's.

1359.	[security]	Support patches OpenSSL libraries.

1358.	[bug]		It was possible to trigger a INSIST when debugging
			large dynamic updates. [RT #3390]

1357.	[bug]		nsupdate was extremely wasteful of memory.

1356.	[tuning]	Reduce the number of events / quantum for zone tasks.

1355.	[bug]		Fix DNSSEC wildcard proof for CNAME/DNAME.

1354.	[doc]		lwres man pages had illegal nroff.

1353.	[contrib]	sdb/ldap to version 0.9.

1352.	[bug]		dig, host, nslookup when falling back to TCP use the
			current search entry (if any). [RT #3374]

1351.	[bug]		lwres_getipnodebyname() returned the wrong name
			when given a IPv4 literal, af=AF_INET6 and AI_MAPPED
			was set.

1350.	[bug]		dns_name_fromtext() failed to handle too many labels

1349.	[security]	Minimum OpenSSL version now 0.9.6e (was 0.9.5a).

1348.	[port]		win32: Rewrote code to use I/O Completion Ports
			in socket.c and eliminating a host of socket
			errors. Performance is enhanced.

1347.	[placeholder]

1346.	[placeholder]

1345.	[port]		Use a explicit -Wformat with gcc.  Not all versions
			include it in -Wall.

1344.	[func]		Log if the serial number on the master has gone
			If you have multiple machines specified in the masters
			clause you may want to set 'multi-master yes;' to
			suppress this warning.

1343.	[func]		Log successful notifies received (info).  Adjust log
			level for failed notifies to notice.

1342.	[func]		Log remote address with TCP dispatch failures.

1341.	[func]		Allow a rate limiter to be stalled.

1340.	[bug]		Delay and spread out the startup refresh load.

1339.	[func]		dig, host and nslookup now use IP6.ARPA for nibble
			lookups.  Bit string lookups are no longer attempted.

1338.	[placeholder]

1337.	[placeholder]

1336.	[func]		Nibble lookups under IP6.ARPA are now supported by
			dns_byaddr_create().  dns_byaddr_createptrname() is
			deprecated, use dns_byaddr_createptrname2() instead.

1335.	[bug]		When performing a nonexistence proof, the validator
			should discard parent NXTs from higher in the DNS.

1334.	[bug]		When signing/verifying rdatasets, duplicate rdatas
			need to be suppressed.

1333.	[contrib]	queryperf now reports a summary of returned
			rcodes (-c), rcodes are printed in mnemonic form (-v).

1332.	[func]		Report the current serial with periodic commits when
			rolling forward the journal.

1331.	[func]		Generate DNSSEC wildcard proofs.

1330.	[bug]		When processing events (non-threaded) only allow
			the task one chance to use to use its quantum.

1329.	[func]		named-checkzone will now check if nameservers that
			appear to be IP addresses.  Available modes "fail",
			"warn" (default) and "ignore" the results of the

1328.	[bug]		The validator could incorrectly verify an invalid
			negative proof.

1327.	[bug]		The validator would incorrectly mark data as insecure
			when seeing a bogus signature before a correct

1326.	[bug]		DNAME/CNAME signatures were not being cached when
			validation was not being performed. [RT #3284]

1325.	[bug]		If the tcpquota was exhausted it was possible to
			to trigger a INSIST() failure.

1324.	[port]		darwin: now supports darwin.

1323.	[port]		linux: Slackware 4.0 needs <asm/unistd.h>. [RT #3205]

1322.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone usage message was misleading.

1321.	[bug]		If the last RRset in a zone is glue, dnssec-signzone
			would incorrectly duplicate its output and sign it.

1320.	[doc]		query-source-v6 was missing from options section.
			[RT #3218]

1319.	[func]		libbind: log attempts to exploit #1318.

1318.	[bug]		libbind: Remote buffer overrun.

1317.	[port]		libbind: TrueUNIX 5.1 does not like __align as a
			element name.

1316.	[bug]		libbind: gethostans() could get out of sync parsing
			the response if there was a very long CNAME chain.

1315.	[bug]		Options should apply to the internal _bind view.

1314.	[port]		Handle ECONNRESET from sendmsg() [unix].

1313.	[func]		Query log now says if the query was signed (S) or
			if EDNS was used (E).

1312.	[func]		Log TSIG key used w/ outgoing zone transfers.

1311.	[bug]		lwres_getrrsetbyname leaked memory.  [RT #3159]

1310.	[bug]		'rndc stop' failed to cause zones to be flushed
			sometimes. [RT #3157]

1309.	[func]		Log that a zone transfer was covered by a TSIG.

1308.	[func]		DS (delegation signer) support.

1307.	[bug]		nsupdate: allow white space base64 key data.

1306.	[bug]		Badly encoded LOC record when the size, horizontal
			precision or vertical precision was 0.1m.

1305.	[bug]		Document that internal zones are included in the
			rndc status results.

1304.	[func]		New function: dns_zone_name().

1303.	[func]		Option 'flush-zones-on-shutdown <boolean>;'.

1302.	[func]		Extended rndc dumpdb to support dumping of zones and
			view selection: 'dumpdb [-all|-zones|-cache] [view]'.

1301.	[func]		New category 'update-security'.

1300.	[port]		Compaq Trucluster support.

1299.	[bug]		Set AI_ADDRCONFIG when looking up addresses
			via getaddrinfo() (affects dig, host, nslookup, rndc
			and nsupdate).

1298.	[bug]		The CINCLUDES macro in lib/dns/sec/dst/Makefile
			could be left with a trailing "\" after configure
			has been run.

1297.	[port]		linux: make handling EINVAL from socket() no longer
			conditional on #ifdef LINUX.

1296.	[bug]		isc_log_closefilelogs() needed to lock the log

1295.	[bug]		isc_log_setdebuglevel() needed to lock the log

1294.	[func]		libbind: no longer attempts bit string labels for
			IPv6 reverse resolution.  Try IP6.ARPA then IP6.INT
			for nibble style resolution.

1293.	[func]		Entropy can now be retrieved from EGDs. [RT #2438]

1292.	[func]		Enable IPv6 support when using ioctl style interface
			scanning and OS supports SIOCGLIFADDR using struct

1291.	[func]		Enable IPv6 support when using sysctl style interface

1290.	[func]		"dig axfr" now reports the number of messages
			as well as the number of records.

1289.	[port]		See if -ldl is required for OpenSSL? [RT #2672]

1288.	[bug]		Adjusted REQUIRE's in lib/dns/name.c to better
			reflect written requirements.

1287.	[bug]		REQUIRE that DNS_DBADD_MERGE only be set when adding
			a rdataset to a zone db in the rbtdb implementation of

1286.	[bug]		dns_name_downcase() enforce requirement that
			target != NULL or name->buffer != NULL.

1285.	[func]		lwres: probe the system to see what address families
			are currently in use.

1284.	[bug]		The RTT estimate on unused servers was not aged.
			[RT #2569]

1283.	[func]		Use "dataready" accept filter if available.

1282.	[port]		libbind: hpux 11.11 interface scanning.

1281.	[func]		Log zone when unable to get private keys to update
			zone.  Log zone when NXT records are missing from
			secure zone.

1280.	[bug]		libbind: escape '(' and ')' when converting to
			presentation form.

1279.	[port]		Darwin uses (unsigned long) for size_t. [RT #2590]

1278.	[func]		dig: now supports +[no]cl +[no]ttlid.

1277.	[func]		You can now create your own customized printing
			styles: dns_master_stylecreate() and

1276.	[bug]		libbind: const pointer conflicts in res_debug.c.

1275.	[port]		libbind: hpux: treat all hpux systems as BIG_ENDIAN.

1274.	[bug]		Memory leak in lwres_gnbarequest_parse().

1273.	[port]		libbind: solaris: 64 bit binary compatibility.

1272.	[contrib]	Berkeley DB 4.0 sdb implementation from
			Nuno Miguel Rodrigues <>.

1271.	[bug]		"recursion available: {denied,approved}" was too

1270.	[bug]		Check that system inet_pton() and inet_ntop() support

1269.	[port]		Openserver: support.

1268.	[port]		Openserver: the value FD_SETSIZE depends on whether
			<sys/param.h> is included or not.  Be consistent.

1267.	[func]		isc_file_openunique() now creates file using mode
			0666 rather than 0600.

			are not C++ compatible, use *_TYPE versions instead.

1265.	[bug]		libbind: LINK_INIT and UNLINK were not compatible with
			C++, use LINK_INIT_TYPE and UNLINK_TYPE instead.

1264.	[placeholder]

1263.	[bug]		Reference after free error if dns_dispatchmgr_create()

1262.	[bug]		ns_server_destroy() failed to set *serverp to NULL.

1261.	[func]		libbind: ns_sign2() and ns_sign_tcp() now provide
			support for compressed TSIG owner names.

1260.	[func]		libbind: res_update can now update IPv6 servers,
			new function res_findzonecut2().

1259.	[bug]		libbind: get_salen() IPv6 support was broken for OSs
			w/o sa_len.

1258.	[bug]		libbind: res_nametotype() and res_nametoclass() were

1257.	[bug]		Failure to write pid-file should not be fatal on
			reload. [RT #2861]

1256.	[contrib]	'queryperf' now has EDNS (-e) + DNSSEC DO (-D) support.

1255.	[bug]		When verifying that an NXT proves nonexistence, check
			the rcode of the message and only do the matching NXT
			check.  That is, for NXDOMAIN responses, check that
			the name is in the range between the NXT owner and
			next name, and for NOERROR NODATA responses, check
			that the type is not present in the NXT bitmap.

1254.	[func]		preferred-glue option from BIND 8.3.

1253.	[bug]		The dnssec system test failed to remove the correct

1252.	[bug]		Dig, host and nslookup were not checking the address
			the answer was coming from against the address it was
			sent to. [RT# 2692]

1251.	[port]		win32: a make file contained absolute version specific

1250.	[func]		Nsupdate will report the address the update was
			sent to.

1249.	[bug]		Missing masters clause was not handled gracefully.
			[RT #2703]

1248.	[bug]		DESTDIR was not being propagated between makes.

1247.	[bug]		Don't reset the interface index for link/site local
			addresses. [RT #2576]

1246.	[func]		New functions isc_sockaddr_issitelocal(),
			isc_sockaddr_islinklocal(), isc_netaddr_issitelocal()
			and isc_netaddr_islinklocal().

1245.	[bug]		Treat ENOBUFS, ENOMEM and ENFILE as soft errors for

1244.	[bug]		Receiving a TCP message from a blackhole address would
			prevent further messages being received over that

1243.	[bug]		It was possible to trigger a REQUIRE() in
			dns_message_findtype(). [RT #2659]

1242.	[bug]		named-checkzone failed if a journal existed. [RT #2657]

1241.	[bug]		Drop received UDP messages with a zero source port
			as these are invariably forged. [RT #2621]

1240.	[bug]		It was possible to leak zone references by
			specifying an incorrect zone to rndc.

1239.	[bug]		Under certain circumstances named could continue to
			use a name after it had been freed triggering
			INSIST() failures.  [RT #2614]

1238.	[bug]		It is possible to lockup the server when shutting down
			if notifies were being processed. [RT #2591]

1237.	[bug]		nslookup: "set q=type" failed.

1236.	[bug]		dns_rdata{class,type}_fromtext() didn't handle non
			NULL terminated text regions. [RT #2588]

1235.	[func]		Report 'out of memory' errors from openssl.

1234.	[bug]		contrib/sdb: 'zonetodb' failed to call
			dns_result_register().  DNS_R_SEENINCLUDE should not
			be fatal.

1233.	[bug]		The flags field of a KEY record can be expressed in
			hex as well as decimal.

1232.	[bug]		unix/errno2result() didn't handle EADDRNOTAVAIL.

1231.	[port]		HPUX 11.11 recvmsg() can return spurious EADDRNOTAVAIL.

1230.	[bug]		isccc_cc_isreply() and isccc_cc_isack() were broken.

1229.	[bug]		named would crash if it received a TSIG signed
			query as part of an AXFR response. [RT #2570]

1228.	[bug]		'make install' did not depend on 'make all'. [RT #2559]

1227.	[bug]		dns_lex_getmastertoken() now returns ISC_R_BADNUMBER
			if a number was expected and some other token was
			found. [RT#2532]

1226.	[func]		Use EDNS for zone refresh queries. [RT #2551]

1225.	[func]		dns_message_setopt() no longer requires that
			dns_message_renderbegin() to have been called.

1224.	[bug]		'rrset-order' and 'sortlist' should be additive
			not exclusive.

1223.	[func]		'rrset-order' partially works 'cyclic' and 'random'
			are supported.

1222.	[bug]		Specifying 'port *' did not always result in a system
			selected (non-reserved) port being used. [RT #2537]

1221.	[bug]		Zone types 'master', 'slave' and 'stub' were not being
			compared case insensitively. [RT #2542]

1220.	[func]		Support for APL rdata type.

1219.	[func]		Named now reports the TSIG extended error code when
			signature verification fails. [RT #1651]

1218.	[bug]		Named incorrectly returned SERVFAIL rather than
			NOTAUTH when there was a TSIG BADTIME error. [RT #2519]

1217.	[func]		Report locations of previous key definition when a
			duplicate is detected.

1216.	[bug]		Multiple server clauses for the same server were not
			reported.  [RT #2514]

1215.	[port]		solaris: add support to for x86 2.5.1

1214.	[bug]		Win32: isc_file_renameunique() could leave zero length
			files behind.

1213.	[func]		Report view associated with client if it is not a
			standard view (_default or _bind).

1212.	[port]		libbind: 64k answer buffers were causing stack space
			to be exceeded for certain OS.  Use heap space instead.

1211.	[bug]		dns_name_fromtext() incorrectly handled certain
			valid octal bitlabels. [RT #2483]

1210.	[bug]		libbind: getnameinfo() failed to lookup IPv4 mapped /
			compatible addresses. [RT #2461]

1209.	[bug]		Dig, host, nslookup were not checking the message ids
			on the responses. [RT #2454]

1208.	[bug]		dns_master_load*() failed to log a error message if
			an error was detected when parsing the ownername of
			a record.  [RT #2448]

1207.	[bug]		libbind: getaddrinfo() could call freeaddrinfo() with
			an invalid pointer.

1206.	[bug]		SERVFAIL and NOTIMP responses to an EDNS query should
			trigger a non-EDNS retry.

1205.	[bug]		OPT, TSIG and TKEY cannot be used to set the "class"
			of the message. [RT #2449]

1204.	[bug]		libbind: res_nupdate() failed to update the name
			server addresses before sending the update.

1203.	[func]		Report locations of previous acl and zone definitions
			when a duplicate is detected.

1202.	[func]		New functions: cfg_obj_line() and cfg_obj_file().

1201.	[bug]		Require that if 'callbacks' is passed to
			dns_rdata_fromtext(), callbacks->error and
			callbacks->warn are initialized.

1200.	[bug]		Log 'errno' that we are unable to convert to
			isc_result_t. [RT #2404]

1199.	[doc]		ARM reference to RFC 2157 should have been RFC 1918.
			[RT #2436]

1198.	[bug]		OPT printing style was not consistent with the way the
			header fields are printed.  The DO bit was not reported
			if set.  Report if any of the MBZ bits are set.

1197.	[bug]		Attempts to define the same acl multiple times were not

1196.	[contrib]	update mdnkit to 2.2.3.

1195.	[bug]		Attempts to redefine builtin acls should be caught.
			[RT #2403]

1194.	[bug]		Not all duplicate zone definitions were being detected
			at the named.conf checking stage. [RT #2431]

1193.	[bug]		dig +besteffort parsing didn't handle packet
			truncation.  dns_message_parse() has new flag

1192.	[bug]		The seconds fields in LOC records were restricted
			to three decimal places.  More decimal places should
			be allowed but warned about.

1191.	[bug]		A dynamic update removing the last non-apex name in
			a secure zone would fail. [RT #2399]

1190.	[func]		Add the "rndc freeze" and "rndc unfreeze" commands.
			[RT #2394]

1189.	[bug]		On some systems, malloc(0) returns NULL, which
			could cause the caller to report an out of memory
			error. [RT #2398]

1188.	[bug]		Dynamic updates of a signed zone would fail if
			some of the zone private keys were unavailable.

1187.	[bug]		named was incorrectly returning DNSSEC records
			in negative responses when the DO bit was not set.

1186.	[bug]		isc_hex_tobuffer(,,length = 0) failed to unget the
			EOL token when reading to end of line.

1185.	[bug]		libbind: don't assume statp->_u._ext.ext is valid
			unless RES_INIT is set when calling res_*init().

1184.	[bug]		libbind: call res_ndestroy() if RES_INIT is set
			when res_*init() is called.

1183.	[bug]		Handle ENOSR error when writing to the internal
			control pipe. [RT #2395]

1182.	[bug]		The server could throw an assertion failure when
			constructing a negative response packet.

1181.	[func]		Add the "key-directory" configuration statement,
			which allows the server to look for online signing
			keys in alternate directories.

1180.	[func]		dnssec-keygen should always generate keys with
			protocol 3 (DNSSEC), since it's less confusing
			that way.

1179.	[func]		Add SIG(0) support to nsupdate.

1178.	[bug]		Follow and cache (if appropriate) A6 and other
			data chains to completion in the additional section.

1177.	[func]		Report view when loading zones if it is not a
			standard view (_default or _bind). [RT #2270]

1176.	[doc]		Document that allow-v6-synthesis is only performed
			for clients that are supplied recursive service.
			[RT #2260]

1175.	[bug]		named-checkzone and named-checkconf failed to call
			dns_result_register() at startup which could
			result in runtime exceptions when printing
			"out of memory" errors. [RT #2335]

1174.	[bug]		Win32: add WSAECONNRESET to the expected errors
			from connect(). [RT #2308]

1173.	[bug]		Potential memory leaks in isc_log_create() and
			isc_log_settag(). [RT #2336]

1172.	[doc]		Add CERT, GPOS, KX, NAPTR, NSAP, PX and TXT to
			table of RR types in ARM.

1171.	[func]		Added function isc_region_compare(), updated files in
			lib/dns to use this function instead of local one.

1170.	[bug]		Don't attempt to print the token when a I/O error
			occurs when parsing named.conf. [RT #2275]

1169.	[func]		Identify recursive queries in the query log.

1168.	[bug]		Empty also-notify clauses were not handled. [RT #2309]

1167.	[contrib]	nslint-2.1a3 (from author).

1166.	[bug]		"Not Implemented" should be reported as NOTIMP,
			not NOTIMPL. [RT #2281]

1165.	[bug]		We were rejecting notify-source{-v6} in zone clauses.

1164.	[bug]		Empty masters clauses in slave / stub zones were not
			handled gracefully. [RT #2262]

1163.	[func]		isc_time_formattimestamp() now includes the year.

1162.	[bug]		The allow-notify option was not accepted in slave
			zone statements.

1161.	[bug]		named-checkzone looped on unbalanced brackets.
			[RT #2248]

1160.	[bug]		Generating Diffie-Hellman keys longer than 1024
			bits could fail. [RT #2241]

1159.	[bug]		MD and MF are not permitted to be loaded by RFC1123.

1158.	[func]		Report the client's address when logging notify

1157.	[func]		match-clients and match-destinations now accept
			keys. [RT #2045]

1156.	[port]		The configure test for strsep() incorrectly
			succeeded on certain patched versions of
			AIX 4.3.3. [RT #2190]

1155.	[func]		Recover from master files being removed from under

1154.	[bug]		Don't attempt to obtain the netmask of a interface
			if there is no address configured. [RT #2176]

1153.	[func]		'rndc {stop|halt} -p' now reports the process id
			of the instance of named being shutdown.

1152.	[bug]		libbind: read buffer overflows.

1151.	[bug]		nslookup failed to check that the arguments to
			the port, timeout, and retry options were
			valid integers and in range. [RT #2099]

1150.	[bug]		named incorrectly accepted TTL values
			containing plus or minus signs, such as

1149.	[func]		New function isc_parse_uint32().

1148.	[func]		'rndc-confgen -a' now provides positive feedback.

1147.	[func]		Set IPV6_V6ONLY on IPv6 sockets if supported by
			the OS.  listen-on-v6 { any; }; should no longer
			result in IPv4 queries be accepted.  Similarly
			control { inet :: ... }; should no longer result
			in IPv4 connections being accepted.  This can be
			overridden at compile time by defining

1146.	[func]		Allow IPV6_IPV6ONLY to be set/cleared on a socket if
			supported by the OS by a new function

1145.	[func]		"host" no longer reports a NOERROR/NODATA response
			by printing nothing. [RT #2065]

1144.	[bug]		rndc-confgen would crash if both the -a and -t
			options were specified. [RT #2159]

1143.	[bug]		When a trusted-keys statement was present and named
			was built without crypto support, it would leak memory.

1142.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone would fail to delete temporary files
			in some failure cases. [RT #2144]

1141.	[bug]		When named rejected a control message, it would
			leak a file descriptor and memory.  It would also
			fail to respond, causing rndc to hang.
			[RT #2139, #2164]

1140.	[bug]		rndc-confgen did not accept IPv6 addresses as arguments
			to the -s option. [RT #2138]

1139.	[func]		It is now possible to flush a given name from the
			cache(s) via 'rndc flushname name [view]'. [RT #2051]

1138.	[func]		It is now possible to flush a given name from the
			cache by calling the new function

1137.	[func]		It is now possible to flush a given name from the
			ADB by calling the new function dns_adb_flushname().

1136.	[bug]		CNAME records synthesized from DNAMEs did not
			have a TTL of zero as required by RFC2672.
			[RT #2129]

1135.	[func]		You can now override the default syslog() facility for
			named/lwresd at compile time. [RT #1982]

1134.	[bug]		Multi-threaded servers could deadlock in ferror()
			when reloading zone files. [RT #1951, #1998]

1133.	[bug]		IN6_IS_ADDR_LOOPBACK was not portably defined on
			platforms without IN6_IS_ADDR_LOOPBACK. [RT #2106]

1132.	[func]		Improve UPDATE prerequisite failure diagnostic messages.

1131.	[bug]		The match-destinations view option did not work with
			IPv6 destinations. [RT #2073, #2074]

1130.	[bug]		Log messages reporting an out-of-range serial number
			did not include the out-of-range number but the
			following token. [RT #2076]

1129.	[bug]		Multi-threaded servers could crash under heavy
			resolution load due to a race condition. [RT #2018]

1128.	[func]		sdb drivers can now provide RR data in either text
			or wire format, the latter using the new functions
			dns_sdb_putrdata() and dns_sdb_putnamedrdata().

1127.	[func]		rndc: If the server to contact has multiple addresses,
			try all of them.

1126.	[bug]		The server could access a freed event if shut
			down while a client start event was pending
			delivery. [RT #2061]

1125.	[bug]		rndc: -k option was missing from usage message.
			[RT #2057]

1124.	[doc]		dig: +[no]dnssec, +[no]besteffort and +[no]fail
			are now documented. [RT #2052]

1123.	[bug]		dig +[no]fail did not match description. [RT #2052]

1122.	[tuning]	Resolution timeout reduced from 90 to 30 seconds.
			[RT #2046]

1121.	[bug]		The server could attempt to access a NULL zone
			table if shut down while resolving.
			[RT #1587, #2054]

1120.	[bug]		Errors in options were not fatal. [RT #2002]

1119.	[func]		Added support in Win32 for NTFS file/directory ACL's
			for access control.

1118.	[bug]		On multi-threaded servers, a race condition
			could cause an assertion failure in resolver.c
			during resolver shutdown. [RT #2029]

1117.	[port]		The configure check for in6addr_loopback incorrectly
			succeeded on AIX 4.3 when compiling with -O2
			because the test code was optimized away.
			[RT #2016]

1116.	[bug]		Setting transfers in a server clause, transfers-in,
			or transfers-per-ns to a value greater than
			2147483647 disabled transfers. [RT #2002]

1115.	[func]		Set maximum values for cleaning-interval,
			heartbeat-interval, interface-interval,
			max-transfer-idle-in, max-transfer-idle-out,
			max-transfer-time-in, max-transfer-time-out,
			statistics-interval of 28 days and
			sig-validity-interval of 3660 days. [RT #2002]

1114.	[port]		Ignore more accept() errors. [RT #2021]

1113.	[bug]		The allow-update-forwarding option was ignored
			when specified in a view. [RT #2014]

1112.	[placeholder]

1111.	[bug]		Multi-threaded servers could deadlock processing
			recursive queries due to a locking hierarchy
			violation in adb.c. [RT #2017]

1110.	[bug]		dig should only accept valid abbreviations of +options.
			[RT #2003]

1109.	[bug]		nsupdate accepted illegal ttl values.

1108.	[bug]		On Win32, rndc was hanging when named was not running
			due to failure to select for exceptional conditions
			in select(). [RT #1870]

1107.	[bug]		nsupdate could catch an assertion failure if an
			invalid domain name was given as the argument to
			the "zone" command.

1106.	[bug]		After seeing an out of range TTL, nsupdate would
			treat all TTLs as out of range. [RT #2001]

1105.	[port]		OpenUNIX 8 enable threads by default. [RT #1970]

1104.	[bug]		Invalid arguments to the transfer-format option
			could cause an assertion failure. [RT #1995]

1103.	[port]		OpenUNIX 8 support ( [RT #1970]

1102.	[doc]		Note that query logging is enabled by directing the
			queries category to a channel.

1101.	[bug]		Array bounds read error in lwres_gai_strerror.

1100.	[bug]		libbind: DNSSEC key ids were computed incorrectly.

1099.	[cleanup]	libbind: defining REPORT_ERRORS in lib/bind/dst caused
			compile time errors.

1098.	[bug]		libbind: HMAC-MD5 key files are now mode 0600.

1097.	[func]		libbind: RES_PRF_TRUNC for dig.

1096.	[func]		libbind: "DNSSEC OK" (DO) support.

1095.	[func]		libbind: resolver option: no-tld-query.  disables
			trying unqualified as a tld.  no_tld_query is also
			supported for FreeBSD compatibility.

1094.	[func]		libbind: add support gcc's format string checking.

1093.	[doc]		libbind: miscellaneous nroff fixes.

1092.	[bug]		libbind: get*by*() failed to check if res_init() had
			been called.

1091.	[bug]		libbind: misplaced va_end().

1090.	[bug]		libbind: dns_ho.c:add_hostent() was not returning
			the amount of memory consumed resulting in garbage
			address being returned.  Alignment calculations were
			wasting space.  We weren't suppressing duplicate

1089.	[func]		libbind: inet_{cidr,net}_{pton,ntop}() now have IPv6

1088.	[port]		libbind: MPE/iX C.70 (incomplete)

1087.	[bug]		libbind: struct __res_state too large on 64 bit arch.

1086.	[port]		libbind: sunos: old sprintf.

1085.	[port]		libbind: solaris: sys_nerr and sys_errlist do not
			exist when compiling in 64 bit mode.

1084.	[cleanup]	libbind: gai_strerror() rewritten.

1083.	[bug]		The default control channel listened on the
			wildcard address, not the loopback as documented.
			[RT #1975]

1082.	[bug]		The -g option to named incorrectly caused logging
			to be sent to syslog in addition to stderr.
			[RT #1974]

1081.	[bug]		Multicast queries were incorrectly identified
			based on the source address, not the destination

1080.	[bug]		BIND 8 compatibility: accept bare IP prefixes
			as the second element of a two-element top level
			sort list statement. [RT #1964]

1079.	[bug]		BIND 8 compatibility: accept bare elements at top
			level of sort list treating them as if they were
			a single element list. [RT #1963]

1078.	[bug]		We failed to correct bad tv_usec values in one case.
			[RT #1966]

1077.	[func]		Do not accept further recursive clients when
			the total number of recursive lookups being
			processed exceeds max-recursive-clients, even
			if some of the lookups are internally generated.
			[RT #1915, #1938]

1076.	[bug]		A badly defined global key could trigger an assertion
			on load/reload if views were used. [RT #1947]

1075.	[bug]		Out-of-range network prefix lengths were not
			reported. [RT #1954]

1074.	[bug]		Running out of memory in dump_rdataset() could
			cause an assertion failure. [RT #1946]

1073.	[bug]		The ADB cache cleaning should also be space driven.
			[RT #1915, #1938]

1072.	[bug]		The TCP client quota could be exceeded when
			recursion occurred. [RT #1937]

1071.	[bug]		Sockets listening for TCP DNS connections
			specified an excessive listen backlog. [RT #1937]

1070.	[bug]		Copy DNSSEC OK (DO) to response as specified by

1069.	[placeholder]

1068.	[bug]		errno could be overwritten by catgets(). [RT #1921]

1067.	[func]		Allow quotas to be soft, isc_quota_soft().

1066.	[bug]		Provide a thread safe wrapper for strerror().
			[RT #1689]

1065.	[func]		Runtime support to select new / old style interface
			scanning using ioctls.

1064.	[bug]		Do not shut down active network interfaces if we
			are unable to scan the interface list. [RT #1921]

1063.	[bug]		libbind: "make install" was failing on IRIX.
			[RT #1919]

1062.	[bug]		If the control channel listener socket was shut
			down before server exit, the listener object could
			be freed twice. [RT #1916]

1061.	[bug]		If periodic cache cleaning happened to start
			while cleaning due to reaching the configured
			maximum cache size was in progress, the server
			could catch an assertion failure. [RT #1912]

1060.	[func]		Move refresh, stub and notify UDP retry processing
			into dns_request.

1059.	[func]		dns_request now support will now retry UDP queries,
			dns_request_createvia2() and dns_request_createraw2().

1058.	[func]		Limited lifetime ticker timers are now available,

1057.	[bug]		Reloading the server after adding a "file" clause
			to a zone statement could cause the server to
			crash due to a typo in change 1016.

1056.	[bug]		Rndc could catch an assertion failure on SIGINT due
			to an uninitialized variable. [RT #1908]

1055.	[func]		Version and hostname queries can now be disabled
			using "version none;" and "hostname none;",

1054.	[bug]		On Win32, cfg_categories and cfg_modules need to be
			exported from the libisccfg DLL.

1053.	[bug]		Dig did not increase its timeout when receiving
			AXFRs unless the +time option was used. [RT #1904]

1052.	[bug]		Journals were not being created in binary mode
			resulting in "journal format not recognized" error
			under Win32. [RT #1889]

1051.	[bug]		Do not ignore a network interface completely just
			because it has a noncontiguous netmask.  Instead,
			omit it from the localnets ACL and issue a warning.
			[RT #1891]

1050.	[bug]		Log messages reporting malformed IP addresses in
			address lists such as that of the forwarders option
			failed to include the correct error code, file
			name, and line number. [RT #1890]

1049.	[func]		"pid-file none;" will disable writing a pid file.
			[RT #1848]

1048.	[bug]		Servers built with -DISC_MEM_USE_INTERNAL_MALLOC=1
			didn't work.

1047.	[bug]		named was incorrectly refusing all requests signed
			with a TSIG key derived from an unsigned TKEY
			negotiation with a NOERROR response. [RT #1886]

1046.	[bug]		The help message for the --with-openssl configure
			option was inaccurate. [RT #1880]

1045.	[bug]		It was possible to skip saving glue for a nameserver
			for a stub zone.

1044.	[bug]		Specifying allow-transfer, notify-source, or
			notify-source-v6 in a stub zone was not treated
			as an error.

1043.	[bug]		Specifying a transfer-source or transfer-source-v6
			option in the zone statement for a master zone was
			not treated as an error. [RT #1876]

1042.	[bug]		The "config" logging category did not work properly.
			[RT #1873]

1041.	[bug]		Dig/host/nslookup could catch an assertion failure
			on SIGINT due to an uninitialized variable. [RT #1867]

1040.	[bug]		Multiple listen-on-v6 options with different ports
			were not accepted. [RT #1875]

1039.	[bug]		Negative responses with CNAMEs in the answer section
			were cached incorrectly. [RT #1862]

1038.	[bug]		In servers configured with a tkey-domain option,
			TKEY queries with an owner name other than the root
			could cause an assertion failure. [RT #1866, #1869]

1037.	[bug]		Negative responses whose authority section contain
			SOA or NS records whose owner names are not equal
			equal to or parents of the query name should be
			rejected. [RT #1862]

1036.	[func]		Silently drop requests received via multicast as
			long as there is no final multicast DNS standard.

1035.	[bug]		If we respond to multicast queries (which we
			currently do not), respond from a unicast address
			as specified in RFC 1123. [RT #137]

1034.	[bug]		Ignore the RD bit on multicast queries as specified
			in RFC 1123. [RT #137]

1033.	[bug]		Always respond to requests with an unsupported opcode
			with NOTIMP, even if we don't have a matching view
			or cannot determine the class.

1032.	[func]		hostname.bind/txt/chaos now returns the name of
			the machine hosting the nameserver.  This is useful
			in diagnosing problems with anycast servers.

1031.	[bug]		libbind.a: isc__gettimeofday() infinite recursion.
			[RT #1858]

1030.	[bug]		On systems with no resolv.conf file, nsupdate
			exited with an error rather than defaulting
			to using the loopback address. [RT #1836]

1029.	[bug]		Some named.conf errors did not cause the loading
			of the configuration file to return a failure
			status even though they were logged. [RT #1847]

1028.	[bug]		On Win32, dig/host/nslookup looked for resolv.conf
			in the wrong directory. [RT #1833]

1027.	[bug]		RRs having the reserved type 0 should be rejected.
			[RT #1471]

1026.	[placeholder]

1025.	[bug]		Don't use multicast addresses to resolve iterative
			queries. [RT #101]

1024.	[port]		Compilation failed on HP-UX 11.11 due to
			incompatible use of the SIOCGLIFCONF macro
			name. [RT #1831]

1023.	[func]		Accept hints without TTLs.

1022.	[bug]		Don't report empty root hints as "extra data".
			[RT #1802]

1021.	[bug]		On Win32, log message timestamps were one month
			later than they should have been, and the server
			would exhibit unspecified behavior in December.

1020.	[bug]		IXFR log messages did not distinguish between
			true IXFRs, AXFR-style IXFRs, and mere version
			polls. [RT #1811]

1019.	[bug]		The value of the lame-ttl option was limited to 18000
			seconds, not 1800 seconds as documented. [RT #1803]

1018.	[bug]		The default log channel was not always initialized
			correctly. [RT #1813]

1017.	[bug]		When specifying TSIG keys to dig and nsupdate using
			the -k option, they must be HMAC-MD5 keys. [RT #1810]

1016.	[bug]		Slave zones with no backup file were re-transferred
			on every server reload.

1015.	[bug]		Log channels that had a "versions" option but no
			"size" option failed to create numbered log
			files. [RT #1783]

1014.	[bug]		Some queries would cause statistics counters to
			increment more than once or not at all. [RT #1321]

1013.	[bug]		It was possible to cancel a query twice when marking
			a server as bogus or by having a blackhole acl.
			[RT #1776]

1012.	[bug]		The -p option to named did not behave as documented.

1011.	[cleanup]	Removed isc_dir_current().

1010.	[bug]		The server could attempt to execute a command channel
			command after initiating server shutdown, causing
			an assertion failure. [RT #1766]

1009.	[port]		OpenUNIX 8 support. [RT #1728]

1008.	[port]		libtool.m4, from libtool-1.4.2.

1007.	[port]		config.guess, config.sub from autoconf-2.52.

1006.	[bug]		If a KEY RR was found missing during DNSSEC validation,
			an assertion failure could subsequently be triggered
			in the resolver. [RT #1763]

1005.	[bug]		Don't copy nonzero RCODEs from request to response.
			[RT #1765]

1004.	[port]		Deal with recvfrom() returning EHOSTDOWN. [RT #1770]

1003.	[func]		Add the +retry option to dig.

1002.	[bug]		When reporting an unknown class name in named.conf,
			including the file name and line number. [RT #1759]

1001.	[bug]		win32 socket code doio_recv was not catching a
			WSACONNRESET error when a client was timing out
			the request and closing its socket. [RT #1745]

1000.	[bug]		BIND 8 compatibility: accept "HESIOD" as an alias
			for class "HS". [RT #1759]

 999.	[func]		"rndc retransfer zone [class [view]]" added.
			[RT #1752]

 998.	[func]		named-checkzone now has arguments to specify the
			chroot directory (-t) and working directory (-w).
			[RT #1755]

 997.	[func]		Add support for RSA-SHA1 keys (RFC3110).

 996.	[func]		Issue warning if the configuration filename contains
			the chroot path.

 995.	[bug]		dig, host, nslookup: using a raw IPv6 address as a
			target address should be fatal on a IPv4 only system.

 994.	[func]		Treat non-authoritative responses to queries for type
			NS as referrals even if the NS records are in the
			answer section, because BIND 8 servers incorrectly
			send them that way.  This is necessary for DNSSEC
			validation of the NS records of a secure zone to
			succeed when the parent is a BIND 8 server. [RT #1706]

 993.	[func]		dig: -v now reports the version.

 992.	[doc]		dig: ~/.digrc is now documented.

 991.	[func]		Lower UDP refresh timeout messages to level
			debug 1.

 990.	[bug]		The rndc-confgen man page was not installed.

 989.	[bug]		Report filename if $INCLUDE fails for file related
			errors. [RT #1736]

 988.	[bug]		'additional-from-auth no;' did not work reliably
			in the case of queries answered from the cache.
			[RT #1436]

 987.	[bug]		"dig -help" didn't show "+[no]stats".

 986.	[bug]		"dig +noall" failed to clear stats and command

 985.	[func]		Consider network interfaces to be up iff they have
			a nonzero IP address rather than based on the
			IFF_UP flag. [RT #1160]

 984.	[bug]		Multi-threading should be enabled by default on
			Solaris 2.7 and newer, but it wasn't.

 983.	[func]		The server now supports generating IXFR difference
			sequences for non-dynamic zones by comparing zone
			versions, when enabled using the new config
			option "ixfr-from-differences". [RT #1727]

 982.	[func]		If "memstatistics-file" is set in options the memory
			statistics will be written to it.

 981.	[func]		The dnssec tools can now take multiple '-r randomfile'

 980.	[bug]		Incoming zone transfers restarting after an error
			could trigger an assertion failure. [RT #1692]

 979.	[func]		Incremental master file dumping.  dns_master_dumpinc(),
			dns_master_dumptostreaminc(), dns_dumpctx_attach(),
			dns_dumpctx_detach(), dns_dumpctx_cancel(),
			dns_dumpctx_db() and dns_dumpctx_version().

 978.	[bug]		dns_db_attachversion() had an invalid REQUIRE()

 977.	[bug]		Improve "not at top of zone" error message.

 976.	[func]		named-checkconf can now test load master zones
			(named-checkconf -z). [RT #1468]

 975.	[bug]		"max-cache-size default;" as a view option
			caused an assertion failure.

 974.	[bug]		"max-cache-size unlimited;" as a global option
			was not accepted.

 973.	[bug]		Failed to log the question name when logging:
			"bad zone transfer request: non-authoritative zone

 972.	[bug]		The file modification time code in zone.c was using the
			wrong epoch. [RT #1667]

 971.	[placeholder]

 970.	[func]		'max-journal-size' can now be used to set a target
			size for a journal.

 969.	[func]		dig now supports the undocumented dig 8 feature
			of allowing arbitrary labels, not just dotted
			decimal quads, with the -x option.  This can be
			used to conveniently look up RFC2317 names as in
			"dig -x". [RT #827, #1576, #1598]

 968.	[bug]		On win32, the isc_time_now() function was unnecessarily
			calling strtime(). [RT #1671]

 967.	[bug]		On win32, the link for bindevt was not including the
			required resource file to enable the event viewer
			to interpret the error messages in the event log,
			[RT #1668]

 966.	[placeholder]

 965.	[bug]		Including data other than root server NS and A
			records in the root hint file could cause a rbtdb
			node reference leak. [RT #1581, #1618]

 964.	[func]		Warn if data other than root server NS and A records
			are found in the root hint file. [RT #1581, #1618]

 963.	[bug]		Bad ISC_LANG_ENDDECLS. [RT #1645]

 962.	[bug]		libbind: bad "#undef", don't attempt to install
			non-existent nlist.h. [RT #1640]

 961.	[bug]		Tried to use a IPV6 feature when ISC_PLATFORM_HAVEIPV6
			was not defined. [RT #1482]

 960.	[port]		liblwres failed to build on systems with support for
			getrrsetbyname() in the OS. [RT #1592]

 959.	[port]		On FreeBSD, determine the number of CPUs by calling
			sysctlbyname(). [RT #1584]

 958.	[port]		ssize_t is not available on all platforms. [RT #1607]

 957.	[bug]		sys/select.h inclusion was broken on older platforms.
			[RT #1607]

 956.	[bug]		ns_g_autorndcfile changed to ns_g_keyfile
			in named/win32/os.c due to code changes in
			change #953. win32 .make file for rndc-confgen
			updated to add include path for os.h header.

	--- 9.2.0rc1 released ---

 955.	[bug]		When using views, the zone's class was not being
			inherited from the view's class. [RT #1583]

 954.	[bug]		When requesting AXFRs or IXFRs using dig, host, or
			nslookup, the RD bit should not be set as zone
			transfers are inherently non-recursive. [RT #1575]

 953.	[func]		The /var/run/named.key file from change #843
			has been replaced by /etc/rndc.key.  Both
			named and rndc will look for this file and use
			it to configure a default control channel key
			if not already configured using a different
			method (rndc.conf / controls).  Unlike
			named.key, rndc.key is not created automatically;
			it must be created by manually running
			"rndc-confgen -a".

 952.	[bug]		The server required manual intervention to serve the
			affected zones if it died between creating a journal
			and committing the first change to it.

 951.	[bug]		CFLAGS was not passed to the linker when
			linking some of the test programs under
			bin/tests. [RT #1555].

 950.	[bug]		Explicit TTLs did not properly override $TTL
			due to a bug in change 834. [RT #1558]

 949.	[bug]		host was unable to print records larger than 512
			bytes. [RT #1557]

	--- 9.2.0b2 released ---

 948.	[port]		Integrated support for building on Windows NT /
			Windows 2000.

 947.	[bug]		dns_rdata_soa_t had a badly named element "mname" which
			was really the RNAME field from RFC1035.  To avoid
			confusion and silent errors that would occur it the
			"origin" and "mname" elements were given their correct
			names "mname" and "rname" respectively, the "mname"
			element is renamed to "contact".

 946.	[cleanup]	doc/misc/options is now machine-generated from the
			configuration parser syntax tables, and therefore
			more likely to be correct.

 945.	[func]		Add the new view-specific options
			"match-destinations" and "match-recursive-only".

 944.	[func]		Check for expired signatures on load.

 943.	[bug]		The server could crash when receiving a command
			via rndc if the configuration file listed only
			nonexistent keys in the controls statement. [RT #1530]

 942.	[port]		libbind: GETNETBYADDR_ADDR_T was not correctly
			defined on some platforms.

 941.	[bug]		The configuration checker crashed if a slave
			zone didn't contain a masters statement. [RT #1514]

 940.	[bug]		Double zone locking failure on error path. [RT #1510]

	--- 9.2.0b1 released ---

 939.	[port]		Add the --disable-linux-caps option to configure for
			systems that manage capabilities outside of named.
			[RT #1503]

 938.	[placeholder]

 937.	[bug]		A race when shutting down a zone could trigger a
			INSIST() failure. [RT #1034]

 936.	[func]		Warn about IPv4 addresses that are not complete
			dotted quads. [RT #1084]

 935.	[bug]		inet_pton failed to reject leading zeros.

 934.	[port]		Deal with systems where accept() spuriously returns

 933.	[bug]		configure failed doing libbind on platforms not
			supported by BIND 8. [RT #1496]

	--- 9.2.0a3 released ---

			when installing
			[RT #198, #1466]

 931.	[bug]		The controls statement only attempted to verify
			messages using the first key in the key list.
			(9.2.0a1/a2 only).

 930.	[func]		Query performance testing tool added as

 929.	[placeholder]

 928.	[bug]		nsupdate would send empty update packets if the
			send (or empty line) command was run after
			another send but before any new updates or
			prerequisites were specified.  It should simply
			ignore this command.

 927.	[bug]		Don't hold the zone lock for the entire dump to disk.
			[RT #1423]

 926.	[bug]		The resolver could deadlock with the ADB when
			shutting down (multi-threaded builds only).
			[RT #1324]

 925.	[cleanup]	Remove openssl from the distribution; require that
			--with-openssl be specified if DNSSEC is needed.

 924.	[port]		Extend support for pre-RFC2133 IPv6 implementation.
			[RT #987]

 923.	[bug]		Multiline TSIG secrets (and other multiline strings)
			were not accepted in named.conf. [RT #1469]

 922.	[func]		Added two new lwres_getrrsetbyname() result codes,

 921.	[bug]		lwres returned an incorrect error code if it received
			a truncated message.

 920.	[func]		Increase the lwres receive buffer size to 16K.
			[RT #1451]

 919.	[placeholder]

 918.	[func]		In nsupdate, TSIG errors are no longer treated as
			fatal errors.

 917.	[func]		New nsupdate command 'key', allowing TSIG keys to
			be specified in the nsupdate command stream rather
			than the command line.

 916.	[bug]		Specifying type ixfr to dig without specifying
			a serial number failed in unexpected ways.

 915.	[func]		The named-checkconf and named-checkzone programs
			now have a '-v' option for printing their version.
			[RT #1151]

 914.	[bug]		Global 'server' statements were rejected when
			using views, even though they were accepted
			in 9.1. [RT #1368]

 913.	[bug]		Cache cleaning was not sufficiently aggressive.
			[RT #1441, #1444]

 912.	[bug]		Attempts to set the 'additional-from-cache' or
			'additional-from-auth' option to 'no' in a
			server with recursion enabled will now
			be ignored and cause a warning message.
			[RT #1145]

 911.	[placeholder]

 910.	[port]		Some pre-RFC2133 IPv6 implementations do not define
			IN6ADDR_ANY_INIT. [RT #1416]

 909.	[placeholder]

 908.	[func]		New program, rndc-confgen, to simplify setting up rndc.

 907.	[func]		The ability to get entropy from either the
			random device, a user-provided file or from
			the keyboard was migrated from the DNSSEC tools
			to libisc as isc_entropy_usebestsource().

 906.	[port]		Separated the system independent portion of
			lib/isc/unix/entropy.c into lib/isc/entropy.c
			and added lib/isc/win32/entropy.c.

 905.	[bug]		Configuring a forward "zone" for the root domain
			did not work. [RT #1418]

 904.	[bug]		The server would leak memory if attempting to use
			an expired TSIG key. [RT #1406]

 903.	[bug]		dig should not crash when receiving a TCP packet
			of length 0.

 902.	[bug]		The -d option was ignored if both -t and -g were also

 901.	[placeholder]

 900.	[bug]		A config.guess update changed the system identification
			string of FreeBSD systems; configure and
			bin/tests/system/ now recognize the new

	--- 9.2.0a2 released ---

 899.	[bug]		lib/dns/soa.c failed to compile on many platforms
			due to inappropriate use of a void value.
			[RT #1372, #1373, #1386, #1387, #1395]

 898.	[bug]		"dig" failed to set a nonzero exit status
			on UDP query timeout. [RT #1323]

 897.	[bug]		A config.guess update changed the system identification
			string of UnixWare systems; configure now recognizes
			the new string.

 896.	[bug]		If a configuration file is set on named's command line
			and it has a relative pathname, the current directory
			(after any possible jailing resulting from named -t)
			will be prepended to it so that reloading works
			properly even when a directory option is present.

 895.	[func]		New function, isc_dir_current(), akin to POSIX's

 894.	[bug]		When using the DNSSEC tools, a message intended to warn
			when the keyboard was being used because of the lack
			of a suitable random device was not being printed.

 893.	[func]		Removed isc_file_test() and added isc_file_exists()
			for the basic functionality that was being added
			with isc_file_test().

 892.	[placeholder]

 891.	[bug]		Return an error when a SIG(0) signed response to
			an unsigned query is seen.  This should actually
			do the verification, but it's not currently
			possible. [RT #1391]

 890.	[cleanup]	The man pages no longer require the mandoc macros
			and should now format cleanly using most versions of
			nroff, and HTML versions of the man pages have been
			added.  Both are generated from DocBook source.

 889.	[port]		Eliminated blank lines before .TH in nroff man
			pages since they cause problems with some versions
			of nroff. [RT #1390]

 888.	[bug]		Don't die when using TKEY to delete a nonexistent
			TSIG key. [RT #1392]

 887.	[port]		Detect broken compilers that can't call static
			functions from inline functions. [RT #1212]

 886.	[placeholder]

 885.	[placeholder]

 884.	[placeholder]

 883.	[placeholder]

 882.	[placeholder]

 881.	[placeholder]

 880.	[placeholder]

 879.	[placeholder]

 878.	[placeholder]

 877.	[placeholder]

 876.	[placeholder]

 875.	[placeholder]

 874.	[placeholder]

 873.	[placeholder]

 872.	[placeholder]

 871.	[placeholder]

 870.	[placeholder]

 869.	[placeholder]

 868.	[placeholder]

 867.	[placeholder]

 866.	[func]		Close debug only file channels when debug is set to
			zero. [RT #1246]

 865.	[bug]		The new configuration parser did not allow
			the optional debug level in a "severity debug"
			clause of a logging channel to be omitted.
			This is now allowed and treated as "severity
			debug 1;" like it does in BIND 8.2.4, not as
			"severity debug 0;" like it did in BIND 9.1.
			[RT #1367]

 864.	[cleanup]	Multi-threading is now enabled by default on
			OSF1, Solaris 2.7 and newer, AIX, IRIX, and HP-UX.

 863.	[bug]		If an error occurred while an outgoing zone transfer
			was starting up, the server could access a domain
			name that had already been freed when logging a
			message saying that the transfer was starting.
			[RT #1383]

 862.	[bug]		Use after realloc(), non portable pointer arithmetic in

 861.	[port]		Add support for Mac OS X, by making it equivalent
			to Darwin.  This was derived from the config.guess
			file shipped with Mac OS X. [RT #1355]

 860.	[func]		Drop cross class glue in zone transfers.

 859.	[bug]		Cache cleaning now won't swamp the CPU if there
			is a persistent over limit condition.

 858.	[func]		isc_mem_setwater() no longer requires that when the
			callback function is non-NULL then its hi_water
			argument must be greater than its lo_water argument
			(they can now be equal) or that they be non-zero.

 857.	[cleanup]	Use ISC_MAGIC() to define all magic numbers for
			structs, for our friends in EBCDIC-land.

 856.	[func]		Allow partial rdatasets to be returned in answer and
			authority sections to help non-TCP capable clients
			recover from truncation. [RT #1301]

 855.	[bug]		Stop spurious "using RFC 1035 TTL semantics" warnings.

 854.	[bug]		The config parser didn't properly handle config
			options that were specified in units of time other
			than seconds. [RT #1372]

 853.	[bug]		configure_view_acl() failed to detach existing acls.
			[RT #1374]

 852.	[bug]		Handle responses from servers which do not know
			about IXFR.

 851.	[cleanup]	The obsolete support-ixfr option was not properly

	--- 9.2.0a1 released ---

 850.	[bug]		dns_rbt_findnode() would not find nodes that were
			split on a bitstring label somewhere other than in
			the last label of the node. [RT #1351]

 849.	[func]		<isc/net.h> will ensure INADDR_LOOPBACK is defined.

 848.	[func]		A minimum max-cache-size of two megabytes is enforced
			by the cache cleaner.

 847.	[func]		Added isc_file_test(), which currently only has
			some very basic functionality to test for the
			existence of a file, whether a pathname is absolute,
			or whether a pathname is the fundamental representation
			of the current directory.  It is intended that this
			function can be expanded to test other things a
			programmer might want to know about a file.

 846.	[func]		A non-zero 'param' to dst_key_generate() when making an
			hmac-md5 key means that good entropy is not required.

 845.	[bug]		The access rights on the public file of a symmetric
			key are now restricted as soon as the file is opened,
			rather than after it has been written and closed.

 844.	[func]		<isc/net.h> will ensure INADDR_LOOPBACK is defined,
			just as <lwres/net.h> does.

 843.	[func]		If no controls statement is present in named.conf,
			or if any inet phrase of a controls statement is
			lacking a keys clause, then a key will be automatically
			generated by named and an rndc.conf-style file
			named named.key will be written that uses it.  rndc
			will use this file only if its normal configuration
			file, or one provided on the command line, does not

 842.	[func]		'rndc flush' now takes an optional view.

 841.	[bug]		When sdb modules were not declared threadsafe, their
			create and destroy functions were not serialized.

 840.	[bug]		The config file parser could print the wrong file
			name if an error was detected after an included file
			was parsed. [RT #1353]

 839.	[func]		Dump packets for which there was no view or that the
			class could not be determined to category "unmatched".

 838.	[port]		UnixWare 7.x.x is now suported by

 837.	[cleanup]	Multi-threading is now enabled by default only on
			OSF1, Solaris 2.7 and newer, and AIX.

 836.	[func]		Upgraded libtool to 1.4.

 835.	[bug]		The dispatcher could enter a busy loop if
			it got an I/O error receiving on a UDP socket.
			[RT #1293]

 834.	[func]		Accept (but warn about) master files beginning with
			an SOA record without an explicit TTL field and
			lacking a $TTL directive, by using the SOA MINTTL
			as a default TTL.  This is for backwards compatibility
			with old versions of BIND 8, which accepted such
			files without warning although they are illegal
			according to RFC1035.

 833.	[cleanup]	Moved dns_soa_*() from <dns/journal.h> to
			<dns/soa.h>, and extended them to support
			all the integer-valued fields of the SOA RR.

 832.	[bug]		The default location for named.conf in named-checkconf
			should depend on --sysconfdir like it does in named.
			[RT #1258]

 831.	[placeholder]

 830.	[func]		Implement 'rndc status'.

 829.	[bug]		The DNS_R_ZONECUT result code should only be returned
			when an ANY query is made with DNS_DBFIND_GLUEOK set.
			In all other ANY query cases, returning the delegation
			is better.

 828.	[bug]		The errno value from recvfrom() could be overwritten
			by logging code. [RT #1293]

 827.	[bug]		When an IXFR protocol error occurs, the slave
			should retry with AXFR.

 826.	[bug]		Some IXFR protocol errors were not detected.

 825.	[bug]		zone.c:ns_query() detached from the wrong zone
			reference. [RT #1264]

 824.	[bug]		Correct line numbers reported by dns_master_load().
			[RT #1263]

 823.	[func]		The output of "dig -h" now goes to stdout so that it
			can easily be piped through "more". [RT #1254]

 822.	[bug]		Sending nxrrset prerequisites would crash nsupdate.
			[RT #1248]

 821.	[bug]		The program name used when logging to syslog should
			be stripped of leading path components.
			[RT #1178, #1232]

 820.	[bug]		Name server address lookups failed to follow
			A6 chains into the glue of local authoritative

 819.	[bug]		In certain cases, the resolver's attempts to
			restart an address lookup at the root could cause
			the fetch to deadlock (with itself) instead of
			restarting. [RT #1225]

 818.	[bug]		Certain pathological responses to ANY queries could
			cause an assertion failure. [RT #1218]

 817.	[func]		Adjust timeouts for dialup zone queries.

 816.	[bug]		Report potential problems with log file accessibility
			at configuration time, since such problems can't
			reliably be reported at the time they actually occur.

 815.	[bug]		If a log file was specified with a path separator
			character (i.e. "/") in its name and the directory
			did not exist, the log file's name was treated as
			though it were the directory name. [RT #1189]

 814.	[bug]		Socket objects left over from accept() failures
			were incorrectly destroyed, causing corruption
			of socket manager data structures.

 813.	[bug]		File descriptors exceeding FD_SETSIZE were handled
			badly. [RT #1192]

 812.	[bug]		dig sometimes printed incomplete IXFR responses
			due to an uninitialized variable. [RT #1188]

 811.	[bug]		Parentheses were not quoted in zone dumps. [RT #1194]

 810.	[bug]		The signer name in SIG records was not properly
			down-cased when signing/verifying records. [RT #1186]

 809.	[bug]		Configuring a non-local address as a transfer-source
			could cause an assertion failure during load.

 808.	[func]		Add 'rndc flush' to flush the server's cache.

 807.	[bug]		When setting up TCP connections for incoming zone
			transfers, the transfer-source port was not
			ignored like it should be.

 806.	[bug]		DNS_R_SEENINCLUDE was failing to propagate back up
			the calling stack to the zone maintenance level,
			causing zones to not reload when an included file was
			touched but the top-level zone file was not.

 805.	[bug]		When using "forward only", missing root hints should
			not cause queries to fail. [RT #1143]

 804.	[bug]		Attempting to obtain entropy could fail in some
			situations.  This would be most common on systems
			with user-space threads. [RT #1131]

 803.	[bug]		Treat all SIG queries as if they have the CD bit set,
			otherwise no data will be returned [RT #749]

 802.	[bug]		DNSSEC key tags were computed incorrectly in almost
			all cases. [RT #1146]

 801.	[bug]		nsupdate should treat lines beginning with ';' as
			comments. [RT #1139]

 800.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone produced incorrect statistics for
			large zones. [RT #1133]

 799.	[bug]		The ADB didn't find AAAA glue in a zone unless A6
			glue was also present.

 798.	[bug]		nsupdate should be able to reject bad input lines
			and continue. [RT #1130]

 797.	[func]		Issue a warning if the 'directory' option contains
			a relative path. [RT #269]

 796.	[func]		When a size limit is associated with a log file,
			only roll it when the size is reached, not every
			time the log file is opened. [RT #1096]

 795.	[func]		Add the +multiline option to dig. [RT #1095]

 794.	[func]		Implement the "port" and "default-port" statements
			in rndc.conf.

 793.	[cleanup]	The DNSSEC tools could create filenames that were
			illegal or contained shell meta-characters.  They
			now use a different text encoding of names that
			doesn't have these problems. [RT #1101]

 792.	[cleanup]	Replace the OMAPI command channel protocol with a
			simpler one.

 791.	[bug]		The command channel now works over IPv6.

 790.	[bug]		Wildcards created using dynamic update or IXFR
			could fail to match. [RT #1111]

 789.	[bug]		The "localhost" and "localnets" ACLs did not match
			when used as the second element of a two-element
			sortlist item.

 788.	[func]		Add the "match-mapped-addresses" option, which
			causes IPv6 v4mapped addresses to be treated as
			IPv4 addresses for the purpose of acl matching.

 787.	[bug]		The DNSSEC tools failed to downcase domain
			names when mapping them into file names.

 786.	[bug]		When DNSSEC signing/verifying data, owner names were
			not properly down-cased.

 785.	[bug]		A race condition in the resolver could cause
			an assertion failure. [RT #673, #872, #1048]

 784.	[bug]		nsupdate and other programs would not quit properly
			if some signals were blocked by the caller. [RT #1081]

 783.	[bug]		Following CNAMEs could cause an assertion failure
			when either using an sdb database or under very
			rare conditions.

 782.	[func]		Implement the "serial-query-rate" option.

 781.	[func]		Avoid error packet loops by dropping duplicate FORMERR
			responses. [RT #1006]

 780.	[bug]		Error handling code dealing with out of memory or
			other rare errors could lead to assertion failures
			by calling functions on uninitialized names. [RT #1065]

 779.	[func]		Added the "minimal-responses" option.

 778.	[bug]		When starting cache cleaning, cleaning_timer_action()
			returned without first pausing the iterator, which
			could cause deadlock. [RT #998]

 777.	[bug]		An empty forwarders list in a zone failed to override
			global forwarders. [RT #995]

 776.	[func]		Improved error reporting in denied messages. [RT #252]

 775.	[placeholder]

 774.	[func]		max-cache-size is implemented.

 773.	[func]		Added isc_rwlock_trylock() to attempt to lock without

 772.	[bug]		Owner names could be incorrectly omitted from cache
			dumps in the presence of negative caching entries.
			[RT #991]

 771.	[cleanup]	TSIG errors related to unsynchronized clocks
			are logged better. [RT #919]

 770.	[func]		Add the "edns yes_or_no" statement to the server
			clause. [RT #524]

 769.	[func]		Improved error reporting when parsing rdata. [RT #740]

 768.	[bug]		The server did not emit an SOA when a CNAME
			or DNAME chain ended in NXDOMAIN in an
			authoritative zone.

 767.	[placeholder]

 766.	[bug]		A few cases in query_find() could leak fname.
			This would trigger the mpctx->allocated == 0
			assertion when the server exited.
			[RT #739, #776, #798, #812, #818, #821, #845,
			#892, #935, #966]

 765.	[func]		ACL names are once again case insensitive, like
			in BIND 8. [RT #252]

 764.	[func]		Configuration files now allow "include" directives
			in more places, such as inside the "view" statement.
			[RT #377, #728, #860]

 763.	[func]		Configuration files no longer have reserved words.
			[RT #731, #753]

 762.	[cleanup]	The named.conf and rndc.conf file parsers have
			been completely rewritten.

 761.	[bug]		_REENTRANT was still defined when building with

 760.	[contrib]	Significant enhancements to the pgsql sdb driver.

 759.	[bug]		The resolver didn't turn off "avoid fetches" mode
			when restarting, possibly causing resolution
			to fail when it should not.  This bug only affected
			platforms which support both IPv4 and IPv6. [RT #927]

 758.	[bug]		The "avoid fetches" code did not treat negative
			cache entries correctly, causing fetches that would
			be useful to be avoided.  This bug only affected
			platforms which support both IPv4 and IPv6. [RT #927]

 757.	[func]		Log zone transfers.

 756.	[bug]		dns_zone_load() could "return" success when no master
			file was configured.

 755.	[bug]		Fix incorrectly formatted log messages in zone.c.

 754.	[bug]		Certain failure conditions sending UDP packets
			could cause the server to retry the transmission
			indefinitely. [RT #902]

 753.	[bug]		dig, host, and nslookup would fail to contact a
			remote server if getaddrinfo() returned an IPv6
			address on a system that doesn't support IPv6.
			[RT #917]

 752.	[func]		Correct bad tv_usec elements returned by

 751.	[func]		Log successful zone loads / transfers.  [RT #898]

 750.	[bug]		A query should not match a DNAME whose trust level
			is pending. [RT #916]

 749.	[bug]		When a query matched a DNAME in a secure zone, the
			server did not return the signature of the DNAME.
			[RT #915]

 748.	[doc]		List supported RFCs in doc/misc/rfc-compliance.
			[RT #781]

 747.	[bug]		The code to determine whether an IXFR was possible
			did not properly check for a database that could
			not have a journal. [RT #865, #908]

 746.	[bug]		The sdb didn't clone rdatasets properly, causing
			a crash when the server followed delegations. [RT #905]

 745.	[func]		Report the owner name of records that fail
			semantic checks while loading.

 744.	[bug]		When returning DNS_R_CNAME or DNS_R_DNAME as the
			result of an ANY or SIG query, the resolver failed
			to setup the return event's rdatasets, causing an
			assertion failure in the query code. [RT #881]

 743.	[bug]		Receiving a large number of certain malformed
			answers could cause named to stop responding.
			[RT #861]

 742.	[placeholder]

 741.	[port]		Support openssl-engine. [RT #709]

 740.	[port]		Handle openssl library mismatches slightly better.

 739.	[port]		Look for /dev/random in configure, rather than
			assuming it will be there for only a predefined
			set of OSes.

 738.	[bug]		If a non-threadsafe sdb driver supported AXFR and
			received an AXFR request, it would deadlock or die
			with an assertion failure. [RT #852]

 737.	[port]		stdtime.c failed to compile on certain platforms.

 736.	[func]		New functions isc_task_{begin,end}exclusive().

 735.	[doc]		Add BIND 4 migration notes.

 734.	[bug]		An attempt to re-lock the zone lock could occur if
			the server was shutdown during a zone transfer.
			[RT #830]

 733.	[bug]		Reference counts of dns_acl_t objects need to be
			locked but were not. [RT #801, #821]

 732.	[bug]		Glue with 0 TTL could also cause SERVFAIL. [RT #828]

 731.	[bug]		Certain zone errors could cause named-checkzone to
			fail ungracefully. [RT #819]

 730.	[bug]		lwres_getaddrinfo() returns the correct result when
			it fails to contact a server. [RT #768]

 729.	[port]		pthread_setconcurrency() needs to be called on Solaris.

 728.	[bug]		Fix comment processing on master file directives.
			[RT# 757]

 727.	[port]		Work around OS bug where accept() succeeds but
			fails to fill in the peer address of the accepted
			connection, by treating it as an error rather than
			an assertion failure. [RT #809]

 726.	[func]		Implement the "trace" and "notrace" commands in rndc.

 725.	[bug]		Installing man pages could fail.

 724.	[func]		New libisc functions isc_netaddr_any(),

 723.	[bug]		Referrals whose NS RRs had a 0 TTL caused the resolver
			to return DNS_R_SERVFAIL. [RT #783]

 722.	[func]		Allow incremental loads to be canceled.

 721.	[cleanup]	Load manager and dns_master_loadfilequota() are no

 720.	[bug]		Server could enter infinite loop in
			dispatch.c:do_cancel(). [RT #733]

 719.	[bug]		Rapid reloads could trigger an assertion failure.
			[RT #743, #763]

 718.	[cleanup]	"internal" is no longer a reserved word in named.conf.
			[RT #753, #731]

 717.	[bug]		Certain TKEY processing failure modes could
			reference an uninitialized variable, causing the
			server to crash. [RT #750]

 716.	[bug]		The first line of a $INCLUDE master file was lost if
			an origin was specified. [RT #744]

 715.	[bug]		Resolving some A6 chains could cause an assertion
			failure in adb.c. [RT #738]

 714.	[bug]		Preserve interval timers across reloads unless changed.
			[RT# 729]

 713.	[func]		named-checkconf takes '-t directory' similar to named.
			[RT #726]

 712.	[bug]		Sending a large signed update message caused an
			assertion failure. [RT #718]

 711.	[bug]		The libisc and liblwres implementations of
			inet_ntop contained an off by one error.

 710.	[func]		The forwarders statement now takes an optional
			port. [RT #418]

 709.	[bug]		ANY or SIG queries for data with a TTL of 0
			would return SERVFAIL. [RT #620]

 708.	[bug]		When building with --with-openssl, the openssl headers
			included with BIND 9 should not be used. [RT #702]

 707.	[func]		The "filename" argument to named-checkzone is no
			longer optional, to reduce confusion. [RT #612]

 706.	[bug]		Zones with an explicit "allow-update { none; };"
			were considered dynamic and therefore not reloaded
			on SIGHUP or "rndc reload".

 705.	[port]		Work out resource limit type for use where rlim_t is
			not available. [RT #695]

 704.	[port]		RLIMIT_NOFILE is not available on all platforms.
			[RT #695]

 703.	[port]		sys/select.h is needed on older platforms. [RT #695]

 702.	[func]		If the address is seen in resolv.conf,
			use instead. [RT #693]

 701.	[func]		Root hints are now fully optional.  Class IN
			views use compiled-in hints by default, as
			before.  Non-IN views with no root hints now
			provide authoritative service but not recursion.
			A warning is logged if a view has neither root
			hints nor authoritative data for the root. [RT #696]

 700.	[bug]		$GENERATE range check was wrong. [RT #688]

 699.	[bug]		The lexer mishandled empty quoted strings. [RT #694]

 698.	[bug]		Aborting nsupdate with ^C would lead to several
			race conditions.

 697.	[bug]		nsupdate was not compatible with the undocumented
			BIND 8 behavior of ignoring TTLs in "update delete"
			commands. [RT #693]

 696.	[bug]		lwresd would die with an assertion failure when passed
			a zero-length name. [RT #692]

 695.	[bug]		If the resolver attempted to query a blackholed or
			bogus server, the resolution would fail immediately.

 694.	[bug]		$GENERATE did not produce the last entry.
			[RT #682, #683]

 693.	[bug]		An empty lwres statement in named.conf caused
			the server to crash while loading.

 692.	[bug]		Deal with systems that have getaddrinfo() but not
			gai_strerror(). [RT #679]

 691.	[bug]		Configuring per-view forwarders caused an assertion
			failure. [RT #675, #734]

 690.	[func]		$GENERATE now supports DNAME. [RT #654]

 689.	[doc]		man pages are now installed. [RT #210]

 688.	[func]		"make tags" now works on systems with the
			"Exuberant Ctags" etags.

 687.	[bug]		Only say we have IPv6, with sufficient functionality,
			if it has actually been tested. [RT #586]

 686.	[bug]		dig and nslookup can now be properly aborted during
			blocking operations. [RT #568]

 685.	[bug]		nslookup should use the search list/domain options
			from resolv.conf by default. [RT #405, #630]

 684.	[bug]		Memory leak with view forwarders. [RT #656]

 683.	[bug]		File descriptor leak in isc_lex_openfile().

 682.	[bug]		nslookup displayed SOA records incorrectly. [RT #665]

 681.	[bug]		$GENERATE specifying output format was broken. [RT #653]

 680.	[bug]		dns_rdata_fromstruct() mishandled options bigger
			than 255 octets.

 679.	[bug]		$INCLUDE could leak memory and file descriptors on
			reload. [RT #639]

 678.	[bug]		"transfer-format one-answer;" could trigger an assertion
			failure. [RT #646]

 677.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone would occasionally use the wrong ttl
			for database operations and fail. [RT #643]

 676.	[bug]		Log messages about lame servers to category
			'lame-servers' rather than 'resolver', so as not
			to be gratuitously incompatible with BIND 8.

 675.	[bug]		TKEY queries could cause the server to leak

 674.	[func]		Allow messages to be TSIG signed / verified using
			a offset from the current time.

 673.	[func]		The server can now convert RFC1886-style recursive
			lookup requests into RFC2874-style lookups, when
			enabled using the new option "allow-v6-synthesis".

 672.	[bug]		The wrong time was in the "time signed" field when
			replying with BADTIME error.

 671.	[bug]		The message code was failing to parse a message with
			no question section and a TSIG record. [RT #628]

 670.	[bug]		The lwres replacements for getaddrinfo and
			getipnodebyname didn't properly check for the
			existence of the sockaddr sa_len field.

 669.	[bug]		dnssec-keygen now makes the public key file
			non-world-readable for symmetric keys. [RT #403]

 668.	[func]		named-checkzone now reports multiple errors in master

 667.	[bug]		On Linux, running named with the -u option and a
			non-world-readable configuration file didn't work.
			[RT #626]

 666.	[bug]		If a request sent by dig is longer than 512 bytes,
			use TCP.

 665.	[bug]		Signed responses were not sent when the size of the
			TSIG + question exceeded the maximum message size.
			[RT #628]

 664.	[bug]		The t_tasks and t_timers module tests are now skipped
			when building without threads, since they require

 663.	[func]		Accept a size_spec, not just an integer, in the
			(unimplemented and ignored) max-ixfr-log-size option
			for compatibility with recent versions of BIND 8.
			[RT #613]

 662.	[bug]		dns_rdata_fromtext() failed to log certain errors.

 661.	[bug]		Certain UDP IXFR requests caused an assertion failure
			(mpctx->allocated == 0). [RT #355, #394, #623]

 660.	[port]		Detect multiple CPUs on HP-UX and IRIX.

 659.	[performance]	Rewrite the name compression code to be much faster.

 658.	[cleanup]	Remove all vestiges of 16 bit global compression.

 657.	[bug]		When a listen-on statement in an lwres block does not
			specify a port, use 921, not 53.  Also update the
			listen-on documentation. [RT #616]

 656.	[func]		Treat an unescaped newline in a quoted string as
			an error.  This means that TXT records with missing
			close quotes should have meaningful errors printed.

 655.	[bug]		Improve error reporting on unexpected eof when loading
			zones. [RT #611]

 654.	[bug]		Origin was being forgotten in TCP retries in dig.
			[RT #574]

 653.	[bug]		+defname option in dig was reversed in sense.
			[RT #549]

 652.	[bug]		zone_saveunique() did not report the new name.

 651.	[func]		The AD bit in responses now has the meaning
			specified in <draft-ietf-dnsext-ad-is-secure>.

 650.	[bug]		SIG(0) records were being generated and verified
			incorrectly. [RT #606]

 649.	[bug]		It was possible to join to an already running fctx
			after it had "cloned" its events, but before it sent
			them.  In this case, the event of the newly joined
			fetch would not contain the answer, and would
			trigger the INSIST() in fctx_sendevents().  In
			BIND 9.0, this bug did not trigger an INSIST(), but
			caused the fetch to fail with a SERVFAIL result.
			[RT #588, #597, #605, #607]

 648.	[port]		Add support for pre-RFC2133 IPv6 implementations.

 647.	[bug]		Resolver queries sent after following multiple
			referrals had excessively long retransmission
			timeouts due to incorrectly counting the referrals
			as "restarts".

 646.	[bug]		The UnixWare ISC_PLATFORM_FIXIN6INADDR fix in isc/net.h
			didn't _cleanly_ fix the problem it was trying to fix.

 645.	[port]		BSD/OS 3.0 needs pthread_init(). [RT #603]

 644.	[bug]		#622 needed more work. [RT #562]

 643.	[bug]		xfrin error messages made more verbose, added class
			of the zone. [RT# 599]

 642.	[bug]		Break the exit_check() race in the zone module.
			[RT #598]

	--- 9.1.0b2 released ---

 641.	[bug]		$GENERATE caused a uninitialized link to be used.
			[RT #595]

 640.	[bug]		Memory leak in error path could cause
			"mpctx->allocated == 0" failure. [RT #584]

 639.	[bug]		Reading entropy from the keyboard would sometimes fail.
			[RT #591]

 638.	[port]		lib/isc/random.c needed to explicitly include time.h
			to get a prototype for time() when pthreads was not
			being used. [RT #592]

 637.	[port]		Use isc_u?int64_t instead of (unsigned) long long in
			lib/isc/print.c.  Also allow lib/isc/print.c to
			be compiled even if the platform does not need it.
			[RT #592]

 636.	[port]		Shut up MSVC++ about a possible loss of precision
			in the ISC__BUFFER_PUTUINT*() macros. [RT #592]

 635.	[bug]		Reloading a server with a configured blackhole list
			would cause an assertion. [RT #590]

 634.	[bug]		A log file will completely stop being written when
			it reaches the maximum size in all cases, not just
			when versioning is also enabled. [RT #570]

 633.	[port]		Cope with rlim_t missing on BSD/OS systems. [RT #575]

 632.	[bug]		The index array of the journal file was
			corrupted as it was written to disk.

 631.	[port]		Build without thread support on systems without

 630.	[bug]		Locking failure in zone code. [RT #582]

 629.	[bug]		9.1.0b1 dereferenced a null pointer and crashed
			when responding to a UDP IXFR request.

 628.	[bug]		If the root hints contained only AAAA addresses,
			named would be unable to perform resolution.

 627.	[bug]		The EDNS0 blackhole detection code of change 324
			waited for three retransmissions to each server,
			which takes much too long when a domain has many
			name servers and all of them drop EDNS0 queries.
			Now we retry without EDNS0 after three consecutive
			timeouts, even if they are all from different
			servers. [RT #143]

 626.	[bug]		The lightweight resolver daemon no longer crashes
			when asked for a SIG rrset. [RT #558]

 625.	[func]		Zones now inherit their class from the enclosing view.

 624.	[bug]		The zone object could get timer events after it had
			been destroyed, causing a server crash. [RT #571]

 623.	[func]		Added "named-checkconf" and "named-checkzone" program
			for syntax checking named.conf files and zone files,

 622.	[bug]		A canceled request could be destroyed before
			dns_request_destroy() was called. [RT #562]

 621.	[port]		Disable IPv6 at runtime if IPv6 sockets are unusable.
			This mostly affects Red Hat Linux 7.0, which has
			conflicts between libc and the kernel.

 620.	[bug]		dns_master_load*inc() now require 'task' and 'load'
			to be non-null.  Also 'done' will not be called if
			dns_master_load*inc() fails immediately. [RT #565]

 619.	[placeholder]

 618.	[bug]		Queries to a signed zone could sometimes cause
			an assertion failure.

 617.	[bug]		When using dynamic update to add a new RR to an
			existing RRset with a different TTL, the journal
			entries generated from the update did not include
			explicit deletions and re-additions of the existing
			RRs to update their TTL to the new value.

 616.	[func]		dnssec-signzone -t output now includes performance

 615.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone did not like child keysets signed
			by multiple keys.

 614.	[bug]		Checks for uninitialized link fields were prone
			to false positives, causing assertion failures.
			The checks are now disabled by default and may
			be re-enabled by defining ISC_LIST_CHECKINIT.

 613.	[bug]		"rndc reload zone" now reloads primary zones.
			It previously only updated slave and stub zones,
			if an SOA query indicated an out of date serial.

 612.	[cleanup]	Shutup a ridiculously noisy HP-UX compiler that
			complains relentlessly about how its treatment
			of 'const' has changed as well as how casting
			sometimes tightens alignment constraints.

 611.	[func]		allow-notify can be used to permit processing of
			notify messages from hosts other than a slave's

 610.	[func]		rndc dumpdb is now supported.

 609.	[bug]		getrrsetbyname() would crash lwresd if the server
			found more SIGs than answers. [RT #554]

 608.	[func]		dnssec-signzone now adds a comment to the zone
			with the time the file was signed.

 607.	[bug]		nsupdate would fail if it encountered a CNAME or
			DNAME in a response to an SOA query. [RT #515]

 606.	[bug]		Compiling with --disable-threads failed due
			to isc_thread_self() being incorrectly defined
			as an integer rather than a function.

 605.	[func]		New function isc_lex_getlasttokentext().

 604.	[bug]		The named.conf parser could print incorrect line
			numbers when long comments were present.

 603.	[bug]		Make dig handle multiple types or classes on the same
			query more correctly.

 602.	[func]		Cope automatically with UnixWare's broken
			IN6_IS_ADDR_* macros. [RT #539]

 601.	[func]		Return a non-zero exit code if an update fails
			in nsupdate.

 600.	[bug]		Reverse lookups sometimes failed in dig, etc...

 599.	[func]		Added four new functions to the libisc log API to
			support i18n messages.  isc_log_iwrite(),
			isc_log_ivwrite(), isc_log_iwrite1() and
			isc_log_ivwrite1() were added.

 598.	[bug]		An update-policy statement would cause the server
			to assert while loading. [RT #536]

 597.	[func]		dnssec-signzone is now multi-threaded.

			not mutually exclusive.

 595.	[port]		On Linux 2.2, socket() returns EINVAL when it
			should return EAFNOSUPPORT.  Work around this.
			[RT #531]

 594.	[func]		sdb drivers are now assumed to not be thread-safe
			unless the DNS_SDBFLAG_THREADSAFE flag is supplied.

 593.	[bug]		If a secure zone was missing all its NXTs and
			a dynamic update was attempted, the server entered
			an infinite loop.

 592.	[bug]		The sig-validity-interval option now specifies a
			number of days, not seconds.  This matches the
			documentation. [RT #529]

	--- 9.1.0b1 released ---

 591.	[bug]		Work around non-reentrancy in openssl by disabling
			pre-computation in keys.

 590.	[doc]		There are now man pages for the lwres library in

 589.	[bug]		The server could deadlock if a zone was updated
			while being transferred out.

 588.	[bug]		ctx->in_use was not being correctly initialized when
			when pushing a file for $INCLUDE. [RT #523]

 587.	[func]		A warning is now printed if the "allow-update"
			option allows updates based on the source IP
			address, to alert users to the fact that this
			is insecure and becoming increasingly so as
			servers capable of update forwarding are being

 586.	[bug]		multiple views with the same name were fatal. [RT #516]

 585.	[func]		dns_db_addrdataset() and and dns_rdataslab_merge()
			now support 'exact' additions in a similar manner to
			dns_db_subtractrdataset() and dns_rdataslab_subtract().

 584.	[func]		You can now say 'notify explicit'; to suppress
			notification of the servers listed in NS records
			and notify only those servers listed in the
			'also-notify' option.

 583.	[func]		"rndc querylog" will now toggle logging of
			queries, like "ndc querylog" in BIND 8.

 582.	[bug]		dns_zone_idetach() failed to lock the zone.
			[RT #199, #463]

 581.	[bug]		log severity was not being correctly processed.
			[RT #485]

 580.	[func]		Ignore trailing garbage on incoming DNS packets,
			for interoperability with broken server
			implementations. [RT #491]

 579.	[bug]		nsupdate did not take a filename to read update from.
			[RT #492]

 578.	[func]		New config option "notify-source", to specify the
			source address for notify messages.

 577.	[func]		Log illegal RDATA combinations. e.g. multiple
			singleton types, cname and other data.

 576.	[doc]		isc_log_create() description did not match reality.

 575.	[bug]		isc_log_create() was not setting internal state
			correctly to reflect the default channels created.

 574.	[bug]		TSIG signed queries sent by the resolver would fail to
			have their responses validated and would leak memory.

 573.	[bug]		The journal files of IXFRed slave zones were
			inadvertently discarded on server reload, causing
			"journal out of sync with zone" errors on subsequent
			reloads. [RT #482]

 572.	[bug]		Quoted strings were not accepted as key names in
			address match lists.

 571.	[bug]		It was possible to create an rdataset of singleton
			type which had more than one rdata. [RT #154]
			[RT #279]

 570.	[bug]		rbtdb.c allowed zones containing nodes which had
			both a CNAME and "other data". [RT #154]

 569.	[func]		The DNSSEC AD bit will not be set on queries which
			have not requested a DNSSEC response.

 568.	[func]		Add sample simple database drivers in contrib/sdb.

 567.	[bug]		Setting the zone transfer timeout to zero caused an
			assertion failure. [RT #302]

 566.	[func]		New public function dns_timer_setidle().

 565.	[func]		Log queries more like BIND 8: query logging is now
			done to category "queries", level "info". [RT #169]

 564.	[func]		Add sortlist support to lwresd.

 563.	[func]		New public functions dns_rdatatype_format() and
			dns_rdataclass_format(), for convenient formatting
			of rdata type/class mnemonics in log messages.

 562.	[cleanup]	Moved lib/dns/*conf.c to bin/named where they belong.

 561.	[func]		The 'datasize', 'stacksize', 'coresize' and 'files'
			clauses of the options{} statement are now implemented.

 560.	[bug]		dns_name_split did not properly the resulting prefix
			when a maximal length bitstring label was split which
			was preceded by another bitstring label. [RT #429]

 559.	[bug]		dns_name_split did not properly create the suffix
			when splitting within a maximal length bitstring label.

 558.	[func]		New functions, isc_resource_getlimit and

 557.	[func]		Symbolic constants for libisc integral types.

 556.	[func]		The DNSSEC OK bit in the EDNS extended flags
			is now implemented.  Responses to queries without
			this bit set will not contain any DNSSEC records.

 555.	[bug]		A slave server attempting a zone transfer could
			crash with an assertion failure on certain
			malformed responses from the master. [RT #457]

 554.	[bug]		In some cases, not all of the dnssec tools were
			properly installed.

 553.	[bug]		Incoming zone transfers deferred due to quota
			were not started when quota was increased but
			only when a transfer in progress finished. [RT #456]

 552.	[bug]		We were not correctly detecting the end of all c-style
			comments. [RT #455]

 551.	[func]		Implemented the 'sortlist' option.

 550.	[func]		Support unknown rdata types and classes.

 549.	[bug]		"make" did not immediately abort the build when a
			subdirectory make failed [RT #450].

 548.	[func]		The lexer now ungets tokens more correctly.

 547.	[placeholder]

 546.	[func]		Option 'lame-ttl' is now implemented.

 545.	[func]		Name limit and counting options removed from dig;
			they didn't work properly, and cannot be correctly
			implemented without significant changes.

 544.	[func]		Add statistics option, enable statistics-file option,
			add RNDC option "dump-statistics" to write out a
			query statistics file.

 543.	[doc]		The 'port' option is now documented.

 542.	[func]		Add support for update forwarding as required for
			full compliance with RFC2136.  It is turned off
			by default and can be enabled using the
			'allow-update-forwarding' option.

 541.	[func]		Add bogus server support.

 540.	[func]		Add dialup support.

 539.	[func]		Support the blackhole option.

 538.	[bug]		fix buffer overruns by 1 in lwres_getnameinfo().

 537.	[placeholder]

 536.	[func]		Use transfer-source{-v6} when sending refresh queries.
			Transfer-source{-v6} now take a optional port
			parameter for setting the UDP source port.  The port
			parameter is ignored for TCP.

 535.	[func]		Use transfer-source{-v6} when forwarding update

 534.	[func]		Ancestors have been removed from RBT chains.  Ancestor
			information can be discerned via node parent pointers.

 533.	[func]		Incorporated name hashing into the RBT database to
			improve search speed.

 532.	[func]		Implement DNS UPDATE pseudo records using

 531.	[func]		Rdata really should be initialized before being assigned
			to (dns_rdata_fromwire(), dns_rdata_fromtext(),
			dns_rdata_clone(), dns_rdata_fromregion()),
			check that it is.

 530.	[func]		New function dns_rdata_invalidate().

 529.	[bug]		521 contained a bug which caused zones to always
			reload.  [RT #410]

 528.	[func]		The ISC_LIST_XXXX macros now perform sanity checks
			on their arguments.  ISC_LIST_XXXXUNSAFE can be use
			to skip the checks however use with caution.

 527.	[func]		New function dns_rdata_clone().

 526.	[bug]		nsupdate incorrectly refused to add RRs with a TTL
			of 0.

 525.	[func]		New arguments 'options' for dns_db_subtractrdataset(),
			and 'flags' for dns_rdataslab_subtract() allowing you
			to request that the RR's must exist prior to deletion.
			DNS_R_NOTEXACT is returned if the condition is not met.

 524.	[func]		The 'forward' and 'forwarders' statement in
			non-forward zones should work now.

 523.	[doc]		The source to the Administrator Reference Manual is
			now an XML file using the DocBook DTD, and is included
			in the distribution.  The plain text version of the
			ARM is temporarily unavailable while we figure out
			how to generate readable plain text from the XML.

 522.	[func]		The lightweight resolver daemon can now use
			a real configuration file, and its functionality
			can be provided by a name server.  Also, the -p and -P
			options to lwresd have been reversed.

 521.	[bug]		Detect master files which contain $INCLUDE and always
			reload. [RT #196]

 520.	[bug]		Upgraded libtool to 1.3.5, which makes shared
			library builds almost work on AIX (and possibly

 519.	[bug]		dns_name_split() would improperly split some bitstring
			labels, zeroing a few of the least significant bits in
			the prefix part.  When such an improperly created
			prefix was returned to the RBT database, the bogus
			label was dutifully stored, corrupting the tree.
			[RT #369]

 518.	[bug]		The resolver did not realize that a DNAME which was
			"the answer" to the client's query was "the answer",
			and such queries would fail. [RT #399]

 517.	[bug]		The resolver's DNAME code would trigger an assertion
			if there was more than one DNAME in the chain.
			[RT #399]

 516.	[bug]		Cache lookups which had a NULL node pointer, e.g.
			those by dns_view_find(), and which would match a
			DNAME, would trigger an INSIST(!search.need_cleanup)
			assertion. [RT #399]

 515.	[bug]		The ssu table was not being attached / detached
			by dns_zone_[sg]etssutable. [RT#397]

 514.	[func]		Retry refresh and notify queries if they timeout.
			[RT #388]

 513.	[func]		New functionality added to rdnc and server to allow
			individual zones to be refreshed or reloaded.

 512.	[bug]		The zone transfer code could throw an exception with
			an invalid IXFR stream.

 511.	[bug]		The message code could throw an assertion on an
			out of memory failure. [RT #392]

 510.	[bug]		Remove spurious view notify warning. [RT #376]

 509.	[func]		Add support for write of zone files on shutdown.

 508.	[func]		dns_message_parse() can now do a best-effort
			attempt, which should allow dig to print more invalid

 507.	[func]		New functions dns_zone_flush(), dns_zt_flushanddetach()
			and dns_view_flushanddetach().

 506.	[func]		Do not fail to start on errors in zone files.

 505.	[bug]		nsupdate was printing "unknown result code". [RT #373]

 504.	[bug]		The zone was not being marked as dirty when updated via

 503.	[bug]		dumptime was not being set along with

 502.	[func]		On a SERVFAIL reply, DiG will now try the next server
			in the list, unless the +fail option is specified.

 501.	[bug]		Incorrect port numbers were being displayed by
			nslookup. [RT #352]

 500.	[func]		Nearly useless +details option removed from DiG.

 499.	[func]		In DiG, specifying a class with -c or type with -t
			changes command-line parsing so that classes and
			types are only recognized if following -c or -t.
			This allows hosts with the same name as a class or
			type to be looked up.

 498.	[doc]		There is now a man page for "dig"
			in doc/man/bin/dig.1.

 497.	[bug]		The error messages printed when an IP match list
			contained a network address with a nonzero host
			part where not sufficiently detailed. [RT #365]

 496.	[bug]		named didn't sanity check numeric parameters. [RT #361]

 495.	[bug]		nsupdate was unable to handle large records. [RT #368]

 494.	[func]		Do not cache NXDOMAIN responses for SOA queries.

 493.	[func]		Return non-cachable (ttl = 0) NXDOMAIN responses
			for SOA queries.  This makes it easier to locate
			the containing zone without polluting intermediate

 492.	[bug]		attempting to reload a zone caused the server fail
			to shutdown cleanly. [RT #360]

 491.	[bug]		nsupdate would segfault when sending certain
			prerequisites with empty RDATA. [RT #356]

 490.	[func]		When a slave/stub zone has not yet successfully
			obtained an SOA containing the zone's configured
			retry time, perform the SOA query retries using
			exponential backoff. [RT #337]

 489.	[func]		The zone manager now has a "i/o" queue.

 488.	[bug]		Locks weren't properly destroyed in some cases.

 487.	[port]		flockfile() is not defined on all systems.

 486.	[bug]		nslookup: "set all" and "server" commands showed
			the incorrect port number if a port other than 53
			was specified. [RT #352]

 485.	[func]		When dig had more than one server to query, it would
			send all of the messages at the same time.  Add
			rate limiting of the transmitted messages.

 484.	[bug]		When the server was reloaded after removing addresses
			from the named.conf "listen-on" statement, sockets
			were still listening on the removed addresses due
			to reference count loops. [RT #325]

 483.	[bug]		nslookup: "set all" showed a "search" option but it
			was not settable.

 482.	[bug]		nslookup: a plain "server" or "lserver" should be
			treated as a lookup.

 481.	[bug]		nslookup:get_next_command() stack size could exceed
			per thread limit.

 480.	[bug]		strtok() is not thread safe. [RT #349]

 479.	[func]		The test suite can now be run by typing "make check"
			or "make test" at the top level.

 478.	[bug]		"make install" failed if the directory specified with
			--prefix did not already exist.

 477.	[bug]		The the script could be installed before
			its directory was created. [RT #324]

 476.	[bug]		A zone could expire while a zone transfer was in
			progress triggering a INSIST failure. [RT #329]

 475.	[bug]		query_getzonedb() sometimes returned a non-null version
			on failure.  This caused assertion failures when
			generating query responses where names subject to
			additional section processing pointed to a zone
			to which access had been denied by means of the
			allow-query option. [RT #336]

 474.	[bug]		The mnemonic of the CHAOS class is CH according to
			RFC1035, but it was printed and read only as CHAOS.
			We now accept both forms as input, and print it
			as CH. [RT #305]

 473.	[bug]		nsupdate overran the end of the list of name servers
			when no servers could be reached, typically causing
			it to print the error message "dns_request_create:
			not implemented".

 472.	[bug]		Off-by-one error caused isc_time_add() to sometimes
			produce invalid time values.

 471.	[bug]		nsupdate didn't compile on HP/UX 10.20

 470.	[func]		$GENERATE is now supported.  See also

 469.	[bug]		"query-source address * port 53;" now works.

 468.	[bug]		dns_master_load*() failed to report file and line
			number in certain error conditions.

 467.	[bug]		dns_master_load*() failed to log an error if
			pushfile() failed.

 466.	[bug]		dns_master_load*() could return success when it failed.

 465.	[cleanup]	Allow 0 to be set as an omapi_value_t value by

 464.	[cleanup]	Build with openssl's RSA code instead of dnssafe.

 463.	[bug]		nsupdate sent malformed SOA queries to the second
			and subsequent name servers in resolv.conf if the
			query sent to the first one failed.

 462.	[bug]		--disable-ipv6 should work now.

 461.	[bug]		Specifying an unknown key in the "keys" clause of the
			"controls" statement caused a NULL pointer dereference.
			[RT #316]

 460.	[bug]		Much of the DNSSEC code only worked with class IN.

 459.	[bug]		Nslookup processed the "set" command incorrectly.

 458.	[bug]		Nslookup didn't properly check class and type values.
			[RT #305]

 457.	[bug]		Dig/host/hslookup didn't properly handle connect
			timeouts in certain situations, causing an
			unnecessary warning message to be printed.

 456.	[bug]		Stub zones were not resetting the refresh and expire
			counters, loadtime or clearing the DNS_ZONE_REFRESH
			(refresh in progress) flag upon successful update.
			This disabled further refreshing of the stub zone,
			causing it to eventually expire. [RT #300]

 455.	[doc]		Document IPv4 prefix notation does not require a
			dotted decimal quad but may be just dotted decimal.

 454.	[bug]		Enforce dotted decimal and dotted decimal quad where
			documented as such in named.conf. [RT #304, RT #311]

 453.	[bug]		Warn if the obsolete option "maintain-ixfr-base"
			is specified in named.conf. [RT #306]

 452.	[bug]		Warn if the unimplemented option "statistics-file"
			is specified in named.conf. [RT #301]

 451.	[func]		Update forwarding implemented.

 450.	[func]		New function ns_client_sendraw().

 449.	[bug]		isc_bitstring_copy() only works correctly if the
			two bitstrings have the same lsb0 value, but this
			requirement was not documented, nor was there a
			REQUIRE for it.

 448.	[bug]		Host output formatting change, to match v8. [RT #255]

 447.	[bug]		Dig didn't properly retry in TCP mode after
			a truncated reply. [RT #277]

 446.	[bug]		Confusing notify log message. [RT #298]

 445.	[bug]		Doing a 0 bit isc_bitstring_copy() of an lsb0
			bitstring triggered a REQUIRE statement.  The REQUIRE
			statement was incorrect. [RT #297]

 444.	[func]		"recursion denied" messages are always logged at
			debug level 1, now, rather than sometimes at ERROR.
			This silences these warnings in the usual case, where
			some clients set the RD bit in all queries.

 443.	[bug]		When loading a master file failed because of an
			unrecognized RR type name, the error message
			did not include the file name and line number.
			[RT #285]

 442.	[bug]		TSIG signed messages that did not match any view
			crashed the server. [RT #290]

 441.	[bug]		Nodes obscured by a DNAME were inaccessible even
			when DNS_DBFIND_GLUEOK was set.

 440.	[func]		New function dns_zone_forwardupdate().

 439.	[func]		New function dns_request_createraw().

 438.	[func]		New function dns_message_getrawmessage().

 437.	[func]		Log NOTIFY activity to the notify channel.

 436.	[bug]		If recvmsg() returned EHOSTUNREACH or ENETUNREACH,
			which sometimes happens on Linux, named would enter
			a busy loop.  Also, unexpected socket errors were
			not logged at a high enough logging level to be
			useful in diagnosing this situation. [RT #275]

 435.	[bug]		dns_zone_dump() overwrote existing zone files
			rather than writing to a temporary file and
			renaming.  This could lead to empty or partial
			zone files being left around in certain error
			conditions involving the initial transfer of a
			slave zone, interfering with subsequent server
			startup. [RT #282]

 434.	[func]		New function isc_file_isabsolute().

 433.	[func]		isc_base64_decodestring() now accepts newlines
			within the base64 data.  This makes it possible
			to break up the key data in a "trusted-keys"
			statement into multiple lines. [RT #284]

 432.	[func]		Added refresh/retry jitter.  The actual refresh/
			retry time is now a random value between 75% and
			100% of the configured value.

 431.	[func]		Log at ISC_LOG_INFO when a zone is successfully

 430.	[bug]		Rewrote the lightweight resolver client management
			code to handle shutdown correctly and general

 429.	[bug]		The space reserved for a TSIG record in a response
			was 2 bytes too short, leading to message
			generation failures.

 428.	[bug]		rbtdb.c:find_closest_nxt() erroneously returned
			DNS_R_BADDB for nodes which had neither NXT nor SIG NXT
			(e.g. glue).  This could cause SERVFAILs when
			generating negative responses in a secure zone.

 427.	[bug]		Avoid going into an infinite loop when the validator
			gets a negative response to a key query where the
			records are signed by the missing key.

 426.	[bug]		Attempting to generate an oversized RSA key could
			cause dnssec-keygen to dump core.

 425.	[bug]		Warn about the auth-nxdomain default value change
			if there is no auth-nxdomain statement in the
			config file. [RT #287]

 424.	[bug]		notify_createmessage() could trigger an assertion
			failure when creating the notify message failed,
			e.g. due to corrupt zones with multiple SOA records.
			[RT #279]

 423.	[bug]		When responding to a recursive query, errors that occur
			after following a CNAME should cause the query to fail.
			[RT #274]

 422.	[func]		get rid of isc_random_t, and make isc_random_get()
			and isc_random_jitter() use rand() internally
			instead of local state.  Note that isc_random_*()
			functions are only for weak, non-critical "randomness"
			such as timing jitter and such.

 421.	[bug]		nslookup would exit when given a blank line as input.

 420.	[bug]		nslookup failed to implement the "exit" command.

 419.	[bug]		The certificate type PKIX was misspelled as SKIX.

 418.	[bug]		At debug levels >= 10, getting an unexpected
			socket receive error would crash the server
			while trying to log the error message.

 417.	[func]		Add isc_app_block() and isc_app_unblock(), which
			allow an application to handle signals while

 416.	[bug]		Slave zones with no master file tried to use a
			NULL pointer for a journal file name when they
			received an IXFR. [RT #273]

 415.	[bug]		The logging code leaked file descriptors.

 414.	[bug]		Server did not shut down until all incoming zone
			transfers were finished.

 413.	[bug]		Notify could attempt to use the zone database after
			it had been unloaded. [RT#267]

 412.	[bug]		named -v didn't print the version.

 411.	[bug]		A typo in the HS A code caused an assertion failure.

 410.	[bug]		lwres_gethostbyname() and company set lwres_h_errno
			to a random value on success.

 409.	[bug]		If named was shut down early in the startup
			process, ns_omapi_shutdown() would attempt to lock
			an uninitialized mutex. [RT #262]

 408.	[bug]		stub zones could leak memory and reference counts if
			all the masters were unreachable.

 407.	[bug]		isc_rwlock_lock() would needlessly block
			readers when it reached the read quota even
			if no writers were waiting.

 406.	[bug]		Log messages were occasionally lost or corrupted
			due to a race condition in isc_log_doit().

 405.	[func]		Add support for selective forwarding (forward zones)

 404.	[bug]		The request library didn't completely work with IPv6.

 403.	[bug]		"host" did not use the search list.

 402.	[bug]		Treat undefined acls as errors, rather than
			warning and then later throwing an assertion.
			[RT #252]

 401.	[func]		Added simple database API.

 400.	[bug]		SIG(0) signing and verifying was done incorrectly.
			[RT #249]

 399.	[bug]		When reloading the server with a config file
			containing a syntax error, it could catch an
			assertion failure trying to perform zone
			maintenance on, or sending notifies from,
			tentatively created zones whose views were
			never fully configured and lacked an address
			database and request manager.

 398.	[bug]		"dig" sometimes caught an assertion failure when
			using TSIG, depending on the key length.

 397.	[func]		Added utility functions dns_view_gettsig() and

 396.	[doc]		There is now a man page for "nsupdate"
			in doc/man/bin/nsupdate.8.

 395.	[bug]		nslookup printed incorrect RR type mnemonics
			for RRs of type >= 21 [RT #237].

 394.	[bug]		Current name was not propagated via $INCLUDE.

 393.	[func]		Initial answer while loading (awl) support.
			Entry points: dns_master_loadfileinc(),
			dns_master_loadstreaminc(), dns_master_loadbufferinc().
			Note: calls to dns_master_load*inc() should be rate
			be rate limited so as to not use up all file

 392.	[func]		Add ISC_R_FAMILYNOSUPPORT.  Returned when OS does
			not support the given address family requested.


 390.	[func]		The function dns_zone_setdbtype() now takes
			an argc/argv style vector of words and sets
			both the zone database type and its arguments,
			making the functions dns_zone_adddbarg()
			and dns_zone_cleardbargs() unnecessary.

 389.	[bug]		Attempting to send a request over IPv6 using
			dns_request_create() on a system without IPv6
			support caused an assertion failure [RT #235].

 388.	[func]		dig and host can now do reverse ipv6 lookups.

 387.	[func]		Add dns_byaddr_createptrname(), which converts
			an address into the name used by a PTR query.

 386.	[bug]		Missing strdup() of ACL name caused random
			ACL matching failures [RT #228].

 385.	[cleanup]	Removed functions dns_zone_equal(), dns_zone_print(),
			and dns_zt_print().

 384.	[bug]		nsupdate was incorrectly limiting TTLs to 65535 instead
			of 2147483647.

 383.	[func]		When writing a master file, print the SOA and NS
			records (and their SIGs) before other records.

 382.	[bug]		named -u failed on many Linux systems where the
			libc provided kernel headers do not match
			the current kernel.

 381.	[bug]		Check for IPV6_RECVPKTINFO and use it instead of
			IPV6_PKTINFO if found. [RT #229]

 380.	[bug]		nsupdate didn't work with IPv6.

 379.	[func]		New library function isc_sockaddr_anyofpf().

 378.	[func]		named and lwresd will log the command line arguments
			they were started with in the "starting ..." message.

 377.	[bug]		When additional data lookups were refused due to
			"allow-query", the databases were still being
			attached causing reference leaks.

 376.	[bug]		The server should always use good entropy when
			performing cryptographic functions needing entropy.

 375.	[bug]		Per-zone "allow-query" did not properly override the
			view/global one for CNAME targets and additional
			data [RT #220].

 374.	[bug]		SOA in authoritative negative responses had wrong TTL.

 373.	[func]		nslookup is now installed by "make install".

 372.	[bug]		Deal with Microsoft DNS servers appending two bytes of
			garbage to zone transfer requests.

 371.	[bug]		At high debug levels, doing an outgoing zone transfer
			of a very large RRset could cause an assertion failure
			during logging.

 370.	[bug]		The error messages for roll-forward failures were
			overly terse.

 369.	[func]		Support new named.conf options, view and zone

				max-retry-time, min-retry-time,
				max-refresh-time, min-refresh-time.

 368.	[func]		Restructure the internal ".bind" view so that more
			zones can be added to it.

 367.	[bug]		Allow proper selection of server on nslookup command

 366.	[func]		Allow use of '-' batch file in dig for stdin.

 365.	[bug]		nsupdate -k leaked memory.

 364.	[func]		Added additional-from-{cache,auth}

 363.	[placeholder]

 362.	[bug]		rndc no longer aborts if the configuration file is
			missing an options statement. [RT #209]

 361.	[func]		When the RBT find or chain functions set the name and
			origin for a node that stores the root label
			the name is now set to an empty name, instead of ".",
			to simplify later use of the name and origin by
			dns_name_concatenate(), dns_name_totext() or

 360.	[func]		dns_name_totext() and dns_name_format() now allow
			an empty name to be passed, which is formatted as "@".

 359.	[bug]		dnssec-signzone occasionally signed glue records.

 358.	[cleanup]	Rename the intermediate files used by the dnssec

 357.	[bug]		The zone file parser crashed if the argument
			to $INCLUDE was a quoted string.

 356.	[cleanup]	isc_task_send no longer requires event->sender to
			be non-null.

 355.	[func]		Added isc_dir_createunique(), similar to mkdtemp().

 354.	[doc]		Man pages for the dnssec tools are now included in
			the distribution, in doc/man/dnssec.

 353.	[bug]		double increment in lwres/gethost.c:copytobuf().
			[RT# 187]

 352.	[bug]		Race condition in dns_client_t startup could cause
			an assertion failure.

 351.	[bug]		Constructing a response with rcode SERVFAIL to a TSIG
			signed query could crash the server.

 350.	[bug]		Also-notify lists specified in the global options
			block were not correctly reference counted, causing
			a memory leak.

 349.	[bug]		Processing a query with the CD bit set now works
			as expected.

 348.	[func]		New boolean named.conf options 'additional-from-auth'
			and 'additional-from-cache' now supported in view and
			global options statement.

 347.	[bug]		Don't crash if an argument is left off options in dig.

 346.	[placeholder]

 345.	[bug]		Large-scale changes/cleanups to dig:
			* Significantly improve structure handling
			* Don't pre-load entire batch files
			* Add name/rr counting/limiting
			* Fix SIGINT handling
			* Shorten timeouts to match v8's behavior

 344.	[bug]		When shutting down, lwresd sometimes tried
			to shut down its client tasks twice,
			triggering an assertion.

 343.	[bug]		Although zone maintenance SOA queries and
			notify requests were signed with TSIG keys
			when configured for the server in case,
			the TSIG was not verified on the response.

 342.	[bug]		The wrong name was being passed to
			dns_name_dup() when generating a TSIG
			key using TKEY.

 341.	[func]		Support 'key' clause in named.conf zone masters
			statement to allow authentication via TSIG keys:

				masters { port 5353 key "foo"; ;

 340.	[bug]		The top-level COPYRIGHT file was missing from
			the distribution.

 339.	[bug]		DNSSEC validation of the response to an ANY
			query at a name with a CNAME RR in a secure
			zone triggered an assertion failure.

 338.	[bug]		lwresd logged to syslog as named, not lwresd.

 337.	[bug]		"dig" did not recognize "nsap-ptr" as an RR type
			on the command line.

 336.	[bug]		"dig -f" used 64 k of memory for each line in
			the file.  It now uses much less, though still
			proportionally to the file size.

 335.	[bug]		named would occasionally attempt recursion when
			it was disallowed or undesired.

 334.	[func]		Added hmac-md5 to libisc.

 333.	[bug]		The resolver incorrectly accepted referrals to
			domains that were not parents of the query name,
			causing assertion failures.

 332.	[func]		New function dns_name_reset().

 331.	[bug]		Only log "recursion denied" if RD is set. [RT #178]

 330.	[bug]		Many debugging messages were partially formatted
			even when debugging was turned off, causing a
			significant decrease in query performance.

 329.	[func]		omapi_auth_register() now takes a size_t argument for
			the length of a key's secret data.  Previously
			OMAPI only stored secrets up to the first NUL byte.

 328.	[func]		Added isc_base64_decodestring().

 327.	[bug]		rndc.conf parser wasn't correctly recognizing an IP
			address where a host specification was required.

 326.	[func]		'keys' in an 'inet' control statement is now
			required and must have at least one item in it.
			A "not supported" warning is now issued if a 'unix'
			control channel is defined.

 325.	[bug]		isc_lex_gettoken was processing octal strings when
			ISC_LEXOPT_CNUMBER was not set.

 324.	[func]		In the resolver, turn EDNS0 off if there is no
			response after a number of retransmissions.
			This is to allow queries some chance of succeeding
			even if all the authoritative servers of a zone
			silently discard EDNS0 requests instead of
			sending an error response like they ought to.

 323.	[bug]		dns_rbt_findname() did not ignore empty rbt nodes.
			Because of this, servers authoritative for a parent
			and grandchild zone but not authoritative for the
			intervening child zone did not correctly issue
			referrals to the servers of the child zone.

 322.	[bug]		Queries for KEY RRs are now sent to the parent
			server before the authoritative one, making
			DNSSEC insecurity proofs work in many cases
			where they previously didn't.

 321.	[bug]		When synthesizing a CNAME RR for a DNAME
			response, query_addcname() failed to initialize
			the type and class of the CNAME dns_rdata_t,
			causing random failures.

 320.	[func]		Multiple rndc changes: parses an rndc.conf file,
			uses authentication to talk to named, command
			line syntax changed.  This will all be described
			in the ARM.

 319.	[func]		The named.conf "controls" statement is now used
			to configure the OMAPI command channel.

 318.	[func]		dns_c_ndcctx_destroy() could never return anything
			except ISC_R_SUCCESS; made it have void return instead.

 317.	[func]		Use callbacks from libomapi to determine if a
			new connection is valid, and if a key requested
			to be used with that connection is valid.

 316.	[bug]		Generate a warning if we detect an unexpected <eof>
			but treat as <eol><eof>.

 315.	[bug]		Handle non-empty blanks lines. [RT #163]

 314.	[func]		The named.conf controls statement can now have
			more than one key specified for the inet clause.

 313.	[bug]		When parsing resolv.conf, don't terminate on an
			error.  Instead, parse as much as possible, but
			still return an error if one was found.

 312.	[bug]		Increase the number of allowed elements in the
			resolv.conf search path from 6 to 8.  If there
			are more than this, ignore the remainder rather
			than returning a failure in lwres_conf_parse.

 311.	[bug]		lwres_conf_parse failed when the first line of
			resolv.conf was empty or a comment.

 310.	[func]		Changes to named.conf "controls" statement (inet
			subtype only)

			  - support "keys" clause

				controls {
				   inet * port 1024
					allow { any; } keys { "foo"; }

			  - allow "port xxx" to be left out of statement,
			    in which case it defaults to omapi's default port
			    of 953.

 309.	[bug]		When sending a referral, the server did not look
			for name server addresses as glue in the zone
			holding the NS RRset in the case where this zone
			was not the same as the one where it looked for
			name server addresses as authoritative data.

 308.	[bug]		Treat a SOA record not at top of zone as an error
			when loading a zone. [RT #154]

 307.	[bug]		When canceling a query, the resolver didn't check for
			isc_socket_sendto() calls that did not yet have their
			completion events posted, so it could (rarely) end up
			destroying the query context and then want to use
			it again when the send event posted, triggering an
			assertion as it tried to cancel an already-canceled
			query.  [RT #77]

 306.	[bug]		Reading HMAC-MD5 private key files didn't work.

 305.	[bug]		When reloading the server with a config file
			containing a syntax error, it could catch an
			assertion failure trying to perform zone
			maintenance on tentatively created zones whose
			views were never fully configured and lacked
			an address database.

 304.	[bug]		If more than LWRES_CONFMAXNAMESERVERS servers
			are listed in resolv.conf, silently ignore them
			instead of returning failure.

 303.	[bug]		Add additional sanity checks to differentiate a AXFR
			response vs a IXFR response. [RT #157]

 302.	[bug]		In dig, host, and nslookup, MXNAME should be large
			enough to hold any legal domain name in presentation
			format + terminating NULL.

 301.	[bug]		Uninitialized pointer in host:printmessage(). [RT #159]

 300.	[bug]		Using both <isc/net.h> and <lwres/net.h> didn't work
			on platforms lacking IPv6 because each included their
			own ipv6 header file for the missing definitions.  Now
			each library's ipv6.h defines the wrapper symbol of
			the other (ISC_IPV6_H and LWRES_IPV6_H).

 299.	[cleanup]	Get the user and group information before changing the
			root directory, so the administrator does not need to
			keep a copy of the user and group databases in the
			chroot'ed environment.  Suggested by Hakan Olsson.

 298.	[bug]		A mutex deadlock occurred during shutdown of the
			interface manager under certain conditions.
			Digital Unix systems were the most affected.

 297.	[bug]		Specifying a key name that wasn't fully qualified
			in certain parts of the config file could cause
			an assertion failure.

 296.	[bug]		"make install" from a separate build directory
			failed unless configure had been run in the source
			directory, too.

 295.	[bug]		When invoked with type==CNAME and a message
			not constructed by dns_message_parse(),
			dns_message_findname() failed to find anything
			due to checking for attribute bits that are set
			only in dns_message_parse().  This caused an
			infinite loop when constructing the response to
			an ANY query at a CNAME in a secure zone.

 294.	[bug]		If we run out of space in while processing glue
			when reading a master file and commit "current name"
			reverts to "name_current" instead of staying as

 293.	[port]		Add support for FreeBSD 4.0 system tests.

 292.	[bug]		Due to problems with the way some operating systems
			handle simultaneous listening on IPv4 and IPv6
			addresses, the server no longer listens on IPv6
			addresses by default.  To revert to the previous
			behavior, specify "listen-on-v6 { any; };" in
			the config file.

 291.	[func]		Caching servers no longer send outgoing queries
			over TCP just because the incoming recursive query
			was a TCP one.

 290.	[cleanup]	+twiddle option to dig (for testing only) removed.

 289.	[cleanup]	dig is now installed in $bindir instead of $sbindir.
			host is now installed in $bindir.  (Be sure to remove
			any $sbindir/dig from a previous release.)

 288.	[func]		rndc is now installed by "make install" into $sbindir.

 287.	[bug]		rndc now works again as "rndc 127.1 reload" (for
			only that task).  Parsing its configuration file and
			using digital signatures for authentication has been
			disabled until named supports the "controls" statement,

 286.	[bug]		On Solaris 2, when named inherited a signal state
			where SIGHUP had the SIG_IGN action, SIGHUP would
			be ignored rather than causing the server to reload
			its configuration.

 285.	[bug]		A change made to the dst API for beta4 inadvertently
			broke OMAPI's creation of a dst key from an incoming
			message, causing an assertion to be triggered.  Fixed.

 284.	[func]		The DNSSEC key generation and signing tools now
			generate randomness from keyboard input on systems
			that lack /dev/random.

 283.	[cleanup]	The 'lwresd' program is now a link to 'named'.

 282.	[bug]		The lexer now returns ISC_R_RANGE if parsed integer is
			too big for an unsigned long.

 281.	[bug]		Fixed list of recognized config file category names.

 280.	[func]		Add, which can be used to more
			easily build applications that link with
			our libraries.

 279.	[bug]		Private omapi function symbols shared between
			two or more files in libomapi.a were not namespace
			protected using the ISC convention of starting with
			the library name and two underscores ("omapi__"...)

 278.	[bug]		bin/named/logconf.c:category_fromconf() didn't take
			note of when isc_log_categorybyname() wasn't able
			to find the category name and would then apply the
			channel list of the unknown category to all categories.

 277.	[bug]		isc_log_categorybyname() and isc_log_modulebyname()
			would fail to find the first member of any category
			or module array apart from the internal defaults.
			Thus, for example, the "notify" category was improperly
			configured by named.

 276.	[bug]		dig now supports maximum sized TCP messages.

 275.	[bug]		The definition of lwres_gai_strerror() was missing
			the lwres_ prefix.

 274.	[bug]		TSIG AXFR verify failed when talking to a BIND 8

 273.	[func]		The default for the 'transfer-format' option is
			now 'many-answers'.  This will break zone transfers
			to BIND 4.9.5 and older unless there is an explicit
			'one-answer' configuration.

 272.	[bug]		The sending of large TCP responses was canceled
			in mid-transmission due to a race condition
			caused by the failure to set the client object's
			"newstate" variable correctly when transitioning
			to the "working" state.

 271.	[func]		Attempt to probe the number of cpus in named
			if unspecified rather than defaulting to 1.

 270.	[func]		Allow maximum sized TCP answers.

 269.	[bug]		Failed DNSSEC validations could cause an assertion
			failure by causing clone_results() to be called with
			with hevent->node == NULL.

 268.	[doc]		A plain text version of the Administrator
			Reference Manual is now included in the distribution,
			as doc/arm/Bv9ARM.txt.

 267.	[func]		Nsupdate is now provided in the distribution.

 266.	[bug]		zone.c:save_nsrrset() node was not initialized.

 265.	[bug]		dns_request_create() now works for TCP.

 264.	[func]		Dispatch can not take TCP sockets in connecting
			state.  Set DNS_DISPATCHATTR_CONNECTED when calling
			dns_dispatch_createtcp() for connected TCP sockets
			or call dns_dispatch_starttcp() when the socket is

 263.	[func]		New logging channel type 'stderr'

				channel some-name {
					severity error;

 262.	[bug]		'master' was not initialized in zone.c:stub_callback().

 261.	[func]		Add dns_zone_markdirty().

 260.	[bug]		Running named as a non-root user failed on Linux
			kernels new enough to support retaining capabilities
			after setuid().

 259.	[func]		New random-device and random-seed-file statements
			for global options block of named.conf. Both accept
			a single string argument.

 258.	[bug]		Fixed printing of lwres_addr_t.address field.

 257.	[bug]		The server detached the last zone manager reference
			too early, while it could still be in use by queries.
			This manifested itself as assertion failures during the
			shutdown process for busy name servers. [RT #133]

 256.	[func]		isc_ratelimiter_t now has attach/detach semantics, and
			isc_ratelimiter_shutdown guarantees that the rate
			limiter is detached from its task.

 255.	[func]		New function dns_zonemgr_attach().

 254.	[bug]		Suppress "query denied" messages on additional data

	--- 9.0.0b4 released ---

 253.	[func]		resolv.conf parser now recognizes ';' and '#' as
			comments (anywhere in line, not just as the beginning).

 252.	[bug]		resolv.conf parser mishandled masks on sortlists.
			It also aborted when an unrecognized keyword was seen,
			now it silently ignores the entire line.

 251.	[bug]		lwresd caught an assertion failure on startup.

 250.	[bug]		fixed handling of size+unit when value would be too
			large for internal representation.

 249.	[cleanup]	max-cache-size config option now takes a size-spec
			like 'datasize', except 'default' is not allowed.

 248.	[bug]		global lame-ttl option was not being printed when
			config structures were written out.

 247.	[cleanup]	Rename cache-size config option to max-cache-size.

 246.	[func]		Rename global option cachesize to cache-size and
			add corresponding option to view statement.

 245.	[bug]		If an uncompressed name will take more than 255
			bytes and the buffer is sufficiently long,
			dns_name_fromwire should return DNS_R_FORMERR,
			not ISC_R_NOSPACE.  This bug caused cause the
			server to catch an assertion failure when it
			received a query for a name longer than 255

 244.	[bug]		empty named.conf file and empty options statement are
			now parsed properly.

 243.	[func]		new cachesize option for named.conf

 242.	[cleanup]	fixed incorrect warning about auth-nxdomain usage.

 241.	[cleanup]	nscount and soacount have been removed from the
			dns_master_*() argument lists.

 240.	[func]		databases now come in three flavours: zone, cache
			and stub.

 239.	[func]		If ISC_MEM_DEBUG is enabled, the variable
			isc_mem_debugging controls whether messages
			are printed or not.

 238.	[cleanup]	A few more compilation warnings have been quieted:
			+ missing sigwait prototype on BSD/OS 4.0/4.0.1.
			+ PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT unbraced initializer warnings on
				Solaris 2.8.
			+ IN6ADDR_ANY_INIT unbraced initializer warnings on
				BSD/OS 4.*, Linux and Solaris 2.8.

 237.	[bug]		If connect() returned ENOBUFS when the resolver was
			initiating a TCP query, the socket didn't get
			destroyed, and the server did not shut down cleanly.

 236.	[func]		Added new listen-on-v6 config file statement.

 235.	[func]		Consider it a config file error if a listen-on
			statement has an IPv6 address in it, or a
			listen-on-v6 statement has an IPv4 address in it.

 234.	[bug]		Allow a trusted-key's first field (domain-name) be
			either a quoted or an unquoted string, instead of
			requiring a quoted string.

 233.	[cleanup]	Convert all config structure integer values to unsigned
			integer (isc_uint32_t) to match grammar.

 232.	[bug]		Allow slave zones to not have a file.

 231.	[func]		Support new 'port' clause in config file options
			section. Causes 'listen-on', 'masters' and
			'also-notify' statements to use its value instead of
			default (53).

 230.	[func]		Replace the dst sign/verify API with a cleaner one.

 229.	[func]		Support config file sig-validity-interval statement
			in options, views and zone statements (master
			zones only).

 228.	[cleanup]	Logging messages in config module stripped of
			trailing period.

 227.	[cleanup]	The enumerated identifiers dns_rdataclass_*,
			dns_rcode_*, dns_opcode_*, and dns_trust_* are
			also now cast to their appropriate types, as with
			dns_rdatatype_* in item number 225 below.

 226.	[func]		dns_name_totext() now always prints the root name as
			'.', even when omit_final_dot is true.

 225.	[cleanup]	The enumerated dns_rdatatype_* identifiers are now
			cast to dns_rdatatype_t via macros of their same name
			so that they are of the proper integral type wherever
			a dns_rdatatype_t is needed.

 224.	[cleanup]	The entire project builds cleanly with gcc's
			-Wcast-qual and -Wwrite-strings warnings enabled,
			which is now the default when using gcc.  (Warnings
			from confparser.c, because of yacc's code, are
			unfortunately to be expected.)

 223.	[func]		Several functions were re-prototyped to qualify one
			or more of their arguments with "const".  Similarly,
			several functions that return pointers now have
			those pointers qualified with const.

 222.	[bug]		The global 'also-notify' option was ignored.

 221.	[bug]		An uninitialized variable was sometimes passed to
			dns_rdata_freestruct() when loading a zone, causing
			an assertion failure.

 220.	[cleanup]	Set the default outgoing port in the view, and
			set it in sockaddrs returned from the ADB.
			[31-May-2000 explorer]

 219.	[bug]		Signed truncated messages more correctly follow
			the respective specs.

 218.	[func]		When an rdataset is signed, its ttl is normalized
			based on the signature validity period.

 217.	[func]		Also-notify and trusted-keys can now be used in
			the 'view' statement.

 216.	[func]		The 'max-cache-ttl' and 'max-ncache-ttl' options
			now work.

 215.	[bug]		Failures at certain points in request processing
			could cause the assertion INSIST(client->lockview
			== NULL) to be triggered.

 214.	[func]		New public function isc_netaddr_format(), for
			formatting network addresses in log messages.

 213.	[bug]		Don't leak memory when reloading the zone if
			an update-policy clause was present in the old zone.

 212.	[func]		Added dns_message_get/settsigkey, to make TSIG
			key management reasonable.

 211.	[func]		The 'key' and 'server' statements can now occur
			inside 'view' statements.

 210.	[bug]		The 'allow-transfer' option was ignored for slave
			zones, and the 'transfers-per-ns' option was
			was ignored for all zones.

 209.	[cleanup]	Upgraded openssl files to new version 0.9.5a

 208.	[func]		Added ISC_OFFSET_MAXIMUM for the maximum value
			of an isc_offset_t.

 207.	[func]		The dnssec tools properly use the logging subsystem.

 206.	[cleanup]	dst now stores the key name as a dns_name_t, not
			a char *.

 205.	[cleanup]	On IRIX, turn off the mostly harmless warnings 1692
			("prototyped function redeclared without prototype")
			and 1552 ("variable ... set but not used") when
			compiling in the lib/dns/sec/{dnssafe,openssl}
			directories, which contain code imported from outside

 204.	[cleanup]	On HP/UX, pass +vnocompatwarnings to the linker
			to quiet the warnings that "The linked output may not
			run on a PA 1.x system."

 203.	[func]		notify and zone soa queries are now tsig signed when

 202.	[func]		isc_lex_getsourceline() changed from returning int
			to returning unsigned long, the type of its underlying

 201.	[cleanup]	Removed the test/sdig program, it has been
			replaced by bin/dig/dig.

	--- 9.0.0b3 released ---

 200.	[bug]		Failures in sending query responses to clients
			(e.g., running out of network buffers) were
			not logged.

 199.	[bug]		isc_heap_delete() sometimes violated the heap
			invariant, causing timer events not to be posted
			when due.

 198.	[func]		Dispatch managers hold memory pools which
			any managed dispatcher may use.  This allows
			us to avoid dipping into the memory context for
			most allocations. [19-May-2000 explorer]

 197.	[bug]		When an incoming AXFR or IXFR completes, the
			zone's internal state is refreshed from the
			SOA data. [19-May-2000 explorer]

 196.	[func]		Dispatchers can be shared easily between views
			and/or interfaces. [19-May-2000 explorer]

 195.	[bug]		Including the NXT record of the root domain
			in a negative response caused an assertion

 194.	[doc]		The PDF version of the Administrator's Reference
			Manual is no longer included in the ISC BIND9

 193.	[func]		changed dst_key_free() prototype.

 192.	[bug]		Zone configuration validation is now done at end
			of config file parsing, and before loading

 191.	[func]		Patched to compile on UnixWare 7.x.  This platform
			is not directly supported by the ISC.

 190.	[cleanup]	The DNSSEC tools have been moved to a separate
			directory dnssec/ and given the following new,
			more descriptive names:


			Their command line arguments have also been changed to
			be more consistent.  dnssec-keygen now prints the
			name of the generated key files (sans extension)
			on standard output to simplify its use in automated

 189.	[func]		isc_time_secondsastimet(), a new function, will ensure
			that the number of seconds in an isc_time_t does not
			exceed the range of a time_t, or return ISC_R_RANGE.
			Similarly, isc_time_now(), isc_time_nowplusinterval(),
			isc_time_add() and isc_time_subtract() now check the
			range for overflow/underflow.  In the case of
			isc_time_subtract, this changed a calling requirement
			(ie, something that could generate an assertion)
			into merely a condition that returns an error result.
			isc_time_add() and isc_time_subtract() were void-
			valued before but now return isc_result_t.

 188.	[func]		Log a warning message when an incoming zone transfer
			contains out-of-zone data.

 187.	[func]		isc_ratelimiter_enqueue() has an additional argument

 186.	[func]		dns_request_getresponse() has an additional argument

 185.	[bug]		Fixed up handling of ISC_MEMCLUSTER_LEGACY.  Several
			public functions did not have an isc__ prefix, and
			referred to functions that had previously been

 184.	[cleanup]	Variables/functions which began with two leading
			underscores were made to conform to the ANSI/ISO
			standard, which says that such names are reserved.

 183.	[func]		ISC_LOG_PRINTTAG option for log channels.  Useful
			for logging the program name or other identifier.

 182.	[cleanup]	New command-line parameters for dnssec tools

 181.	[func]		Added dst_key_buildfilename and dst_key_parsefilename

 180.	[func]		New isc_result_t ISC_R_RANGE.  Supersedes DNS_R_RANGE.

 179.	[func]		options named.conf statement *must* now come
			before any zone or view statements.

 178.	[func]		Post-load of named.conf check verifies a slave zone
			has non-empty list of masters defined.

 177.	[func]		New per-zone boolean:

				enable-zone yes | no ;

			intended to let a zone be disabled without having
			to comment out the entire zone statement.

 176.	[func]		New global and per-view option:

				max-cache-ttl number

 175.	[func]		New global and per-view option:

				additional-data internal | minimal | maximal;

 174.	[func]		New public function isc_sockaddr_format(), for
			formatting socket addresses in log messages.

 173.	[func]		Keep a queue of zones waiting for zone transfer
			quota so that a new transfer can be dispatched
			immediately whenever quota becomes available.

 172.	[bug]		$TTL directive was sometimes missing from dumped
			master files because totext_ctx_init() failed to
			initialize ctx->current_ttl_valid.

 171.	[cleanup]	On NetBSD systems, the mit-pthreads or
			unproven-pthreads library is now always used
			unless --with-ptl2 is explicitly specified on
			the configure command line.  The
			--with-mit-pthreads option is no longer needed
			and has been removed.

 170.	[cleanup]	Remove inter server consistency checks from zone,
			these should return as a separate module in 9.1.
			dns_zone_checkservers(), dns_zone_checkparents(),
			dns_zone_checkchildren(), dns_zone_checkglue().

			Remove dns_zone_setadb(), dns_zone_setresolver(),
			dns_zone_setrequestmgr() these should now be found
			via the view.

 169.	[func]		ratelimiter can now process N events per interval.

 168.	[bug]		include statements in named.conf caused syntax errors
			due to not consuming the semicolon ending the include
			statement before switching input streams.

 167.	[bug]		Make lack of masters for a slave zone a soft error.

 166.	[bug]		Keygen was overwriting existing keys if key_id
			conflicted, now it will retry, and non-null keys
			with key_id == 0 are not generated anymore.  Key
			was not able to generate NOAUTHCONF DSA key,
			increased RSA key size to 2048 bits.

 165.	[cleanup]	Silence "end-of-loop condition not reached" warnings
			from Solaris compiler.

 164.	[func]		Added functions isc_stdio_open(), isc_stdio_close(),
			isc_stdio_seek(), isc_stdio_read(), isc_stdio_write(),
			isc_stdio_flush(), isc_stdio_sync(), isc_file_remove()
			to encapsulate nonportable usage of errno and sync.

 163.	[func]		Added result codes ISC_R_FILENOTFOUND and

 162.	[bug]		Ensure proper range for arguments to ctype.h functions.

 161.	[cleanup]	error in yyparse prototype that only HPUX caught.

 160.	[cleanup]	getnet*() are not going to be implemented at this

 159.	[func]		Redefinition of config file elements is now an
			error (instead of a warning).

 158.	[bug]		Log channel and category list copy routines
			weren't assigning properly to output parameter.

 157.	[port]		Fix missing prototype for getopt().

 156.	[func]		Support new 'database' statement in zone.

				database "quoted-string";

 155.	[bug]		ns_notify_start() was not detaching the found zone.

 154.	[func]		The signer now logs libdns warnings to stderr even when
			not verbose, and in a nicer format.

 153.	[func]		dns_rdata_tostruct() 'mctx' is now optional.  If 'mctx'
			is NULL then you need to preserve the 'rdata' until
			you have finished using the structure as there may be
			references to the associated memory.  If 'mctx' is
			non-NULL it is guaranteed that there are no references
			to memory associated with 'rdata'.

			dns_rdata_freestruct() must be called if 'mctx' was
			non-NULL and may safely be called if 'mctx' was NULL.

 152.	[bug]		keygen dumped core if domain name argument was omitted
			from command line.

 151.	[func]		Support 'disabled' statement in zone config (causes
			zone to be parsed and then ignored). Currently must
			come after the 'type' clause.

 150.	[func]		Support optional ports in masters and also-notify

				masters [ port xxx ] { y.y.y.y [ port zzz ] ; }

 149.	[cleanup]	Removed unused argument 'olist' from

 148.	[cleanup]	Stop issuing some warnings about some configuration
			file statements that were not implemented, but now are.

 147.	[bug]		Changed yacc union size to be smaller for yaccs that
			put yacc-stack on the real stack.

 146.	[cleanup]	More general redundant header file cleanup.  Rather
			than continuing to itemize every header which changed,
			this changelog entry just notes that if a header file
			did not need another header file that it was including
			in order to provide its advertised functionality, the
			inclusion of the other header file was removed.  See
			util/check-includes for how this was tested.

 145.	[cleanup]	Added <isc/lang.h> and ISC_LANG_BEGINDECLS/
			ISC_LANG_ENDDECLS to header files that had function
			prototypes, and removed it from those that did not.

 144.	[cleanup]	libdns header files too numerous to name were made
			to conform to the same style for multiple inclusion

 143.	[func]		Added function dns_rdatatype_isknown().

 142.	[cleanup]	<isc/stdtime.h> does not need <time.h> or

 141.	[bug]		Corrupt requests with multiple questions could
			cause an assertion failure.

 140.	[cleanup]	<isc/time.h> does not need <time.h> or <isc/result.h>.

 139.	[cleanup]	<isc/net.h> now includes <isc/types.h> instead of
			<isc/int.h> and <isc/result.h>.

 138.	[cleanup]	isc_strtouq moved from str.[ch] to string.[ch] and
			renamed isc_string_touint64.  isc_strsep moved from
			strsep.c to string.c and renamed isc_string_separate.

 137.	[cleanup]	<isc/commandline.h>, <isc/mem.h>, <isc/print.h>
			<isc/serial.h>, <isc/string.h> and <isc/offset.h>
			made to conform to the same style for multiple
			inclusion protection.

 136.	[cleanup]	<isc/commandline.h>, <isc/interfaceiter.h>,
			<isc/net.h> and Win32's <isc/thread.h> needed

 135.	[cleanup]	Win32's <isc/condition.h> did not need <isc/result.h>
			or <isc/boolean.h>, now uses <isc/types.h> in place
			of <isc/time.h>, and needed ISC_LANG_BEGINDECLS

 134.	[cleanup]	<isc/dir.h> does not need <limits.h>.

 133.	[cleanup]	<isc/ipv6.h> needs <isc/platform.h>.

 132.	[cleanup]	<isc/app.h> does not need <isc/task.h>, but does
			need <isc/eventclass.h>.

 131.	[cleanup]	<isc/mutex.h> and <isc/util.h> need <isc/result.h>
			for ISC_R_* codes used in macros.

 130.	[cleanup]	<isc/condition.h> does not need <pthread.h> or
			<isc/boolean.h>, and now includes <isc/types.h>
			instead of <isc/time.h>.

 129.	[bug]		The 'default_debug' log channel was not set up when
			'category default' was present in the config file

 128.	[cleanup]	<isc/dir.h> had ISC_LANG_BEGINDECLS instead of
			ISC_LANG_ENDDECLS at end of header.

 127.	[cleanup]	The contracts for the comparison routines
			dns_name_fullcompare(), dns_name_compare(),
			dns_name_rdatacompare(), and dns_rdata_compare() now
			specify that the order value returned is < 0, 0, or > 0
			instead of -1, 0, or 1.

 126.	[cleanup]	<isc/quota.h> and <isc/taskpool.h> need <isc/lang.h>.

 125.	[cleanup]	<isc/eventclass.h>, <isc/ipv6.h>, <isc/magic.h>,
			<isc/mutex.h>, <isc/once.h>, <isc/region.h>, and
			<isc/resultclass.h> do not need <isc/lang.h>.

 124.	[func]		signer now imports parent's zone key signature
			and creates null keys/sets zone status bit for
			children when necessary

 123.	[cleanup]	<isc/event.h> does not need <stddef.h>.

 122.	[cleanup]	<isc/task.h> does not need <isc/mem.h> or

 121.	[cleanup]	<isc/symtab.h> does not need <isc/mem.h> or
			<isc/result.h>.  Multiple inclusion protection
			symbol fixed from ISC_SYMBOL_H to ISC_SYMTAB_H.
			isc_symtab_t moved to <isc/types.h>.

 120.	[cleanup]	<isc/socket.h> does not need <isc/boolean.h>,
			<isc/bufferlist.h>, <isc/task.h>, <isc/mem.h> or

 119.	[cleanup]	structure definitions for generic rdata structures do
			not have _generic_ in their names.

 118.	[cleanup]	libdns.a is now namespace-clean, on NetBSD, excepting
			YACC crust (yyparse, etc) [2000-apr-27 explorer]

 117.	[cleanup]	libdns.a changes:
			dns_zone_clearnotify() and dns_zone_addnotify()
			are replaced by dns_zone_setnotifyalso().
			dns_zone_clearmasters() and dns_zone_addmaster()
			are replaced by dns_zone_setmasters().

 116.	[func]		Added <isc/offset.h> for isc_offset_t (aka off_t
			on Unix systems).

 115.	[port]		Shut up the -Wmissing-declarations warning about
			<stdio.h>'s __sputaux on BSD/OS pre-4.1.

 114.	[cleanup]	<isc/sockaddr.h> does not need <isc/buffer.h> or

 113.	[func]		Utility programs dig and host added.

 112.	[cleanup]	<isc/serial.h> does not need <isc/boolean.h>.

 111.	[cleanup]	<isc/rwlock.h> does not need <isc/result.h> or

 110.	[cleanup]	<isc/result.h> does not need <isc/boolean.h> or

 109.	[bug]		"make depend" did nothing for

 108.	[cleanup]	DNS_SETBIT/DNS_GETBIT/DNS_CLEARBIT moved from
			<dns/types.h> to <dns/bit.h> and renamed to

 107.	[func]		Add keysigner and keysettool.

 106.	[func]		Allow dnssec verifications to ignore the validity
			period.  Used by several of the dnssec tools.

 105.	[doc]		doc/dev/coding.html expanded with other
			implicit conventions the developers have used.

 104.	[bug]		Made compress_add and compress_find static to

 103.	[func]		libisc buffer API changes for <isc/buffer.h>:
				isc_buffer_base(b)          (pointer)
				isc_buffer_current(b)       (pointer)
				isc_buffer_active(b)        (pointer)
				isc_buffer_used(b)          (pointer)
				isc_buffer_length(b)            (int)
				isc_buffer_usedlength(b)        (int)
				isc_buffer_consumedlength(b)    (int)
				isc_buffer_remaininglength(b)   (int)
				isc_buffer_activelength(b)      (int)
				isc_buffer_availablelength(b)   (int)
			Changed names:
				isc_buffer_used(b, r) ->
					isc_buffer_usedregion(b, r)
				isc_buffer_available(b, r) ->
					isc_buffer_available_region(b, r)
				isc_buffer_consumed(b, r) ->
					isc_buffer_consumedregion(b, r)
				isc_buffer_active(b, r) ->
					isc_buffer_activeregion(b, r)
				isc_buffer_remaining(b, r) ->
					isc_buffer_remainingregion(b, r)

			Buffer types were removed, so the ISC_BUFFERTYPE_*
			macros are no more, and the type argument to
			isc_buffer_init and isc_buffer_allocate were removed.
			isc_buffer_putstr is now void (instead of isc_result_t)
			and requires that the caller ensure that there
			is enough available buffer space for the string.

 102.	[port]		Correctly detect inet_aton, inet_pton and inet_ptop
			on BSD/OS 4.1.

 101.	[cleanup]	Quieted EGCS warnings from lib/isc/print.c.

 100.	[cleanup]	<isc/random.h> does not need <isc/int.h> or
			<isc/mutex.h>.  isc_random_t moved to <isc/types.h>.

  99.	[cleanup]	Rate limiter now has separate shutdown() and
			destroy() functions, and it guarantees that all
			queued events are delivered even in the shutdown case.

  98.	[cleanup]	<isc/print.h> does not need <stdarg.h> or <stddef.h>
			unless ISC_PLATFORM_NEEDVSNPRINTF is defined.

  97.	[cleanup]	<isc/ondestroy.h> does not need <stddef.h> or

  96.	[cleanup]	<isc/mutex.h> does not need <isc/result.h>.

  95.	[cleanup]	<isc/mutexblock.h> does not need <isc/result.h>.

  94.	[cleanup]	Some installed header files did not compile as C++.

  93.	[cleanup]	<isc/msgcat.h> does not need <isc/result.h>.

  92.	[cleanup]	<isc/mem.h> does not need <stddef.h>, <isc/boolean.h>,
			or <isc/result.h>.

  91.	[cleanup]	<isc/log.h> does not need <sys/types.h> or

  90.	[cleanup]	Removed unneeded ISC_LANG_BEGINDECLS/ISC_LANG_ENDDECLS
			from <named/listenlist.h>.

  89.	[cleanup]	<isc/lex.h> does not need <stddef.h>.

  88.	[cleanup]	<isc/interfaceiter.h> does not need <isc/result.h> or
			<isc/mem.h>.  isc_interface_t and isc_interfaceiter_t
			moved to <isc/types.h>.

  87.	[cleanup]	<isc/heap.h> does not need <isc/boolean.h>,
			<isc/mem.h> or <isc/result.h>.

  86.	[cleanup]	isc_bufferlist_t moved from <isc/bufferlist.h> to

  85.	[cleanup]	<isc/bufferlist.h> does not need <isc/buffer.h>,
			<isc/list.h>, <isc/mem.h>, <isc/region.h> or

  84.	[func]		allow-query ACL checks now apply to all data
			added to a response.

  83.	[func]		If the server is authoritative for both a
			delegating zone and its (nonsecure) delegatee, and
			a query is made for a KEY RR at the top of the
			delegatee, then the server will look for a KEY
			in the delegator if it is not found in the delegatee.

  82.	[cleanup]	<isc/buffer.h> does not need <isc/list.h>.

  81.	[cleanup]	<isc/int.h> and <isc/boolean.h> do not need

  80.	[cleanup]	<isc/print.h> does not need <stdio.h> or <stdlib.h>.

  79.	[cleanup]	<dns/callbacks.h> does not need <stdio.h>.

  78.	[cleanup]	lwres_conftest renamed to lwresconf_test for
			consistency with other *_test programs.

  77.	[cleanup]	typedef of isc_time_t and isc_interval_t moved from
			<isc/time.h> to <isc/types.h>.

  76.	[cleanup]	Rewrote keygen.

  75.	[func]		Don't load a zone if its database file is older
			than the last time the zone was loaded.

  74.	[cleanup]	Removed mktemplate.o and ufile.o from libisc.a,
			subsumed by file.o.

  73.	[func]		New "file" API in libisc, including new function
			isc_file_getmodtime, isc_mktemplate renamed to
			isc_file_mktemplate and isc_ufile renamed to
			isc_file_openunique.  By no means an exhaustive API,
			it is just what's needed for now.

			added for dns_rbt_findnode, the former to disable the
			setting of the chain to the predecessor, and the
			latter to make clear when no options are set.

  71.	[cleanup]	Made explicit the implicit REQUIREs of
			isc_time_seconds, isc_time_nanoseconds, and

  70.	[func]		isc_time_set() added.

  69.	[bug]		The zone object's master and also-notify lists grew
			longer with each server reload.

  68.	[func]		Partial support for SIG(0) on incoming messages.

  67.	[performance]	Allow use of alternate (compile-time supplied)
			OpenSSL libraries/headers.

  66.	[func]		Data in authoritative zones should have a trust level
			beyond secure.

  65.	[cleanup]	Removed obsolete typedef of dns_zone_callbackarg_t
			from <dns/types.h>.

  64.	[func]		The RBT, DB, and zone table APIs now allow the
			caller find the most-enclosing superdomain of
			a name.

  63.	[func]		Generate NOTIFY messages.

  62.	[func]		Add UDP refresh support.

  61.	[cleanup]	Use single quotes consistently in log messages.

  60.	[func]		Catch and disallow singleton types on message

  59.	[bug]		Cause net/host unreachable to be a hard error
			when sending and receiving.

  58.	[bug]		bin/named/query.c could sometimes trigger the
			(client->query.attributes & NS_QUERYATTR_NAMEBUFUSED)
			== 0 assertion in query_newname().

  57.	[func]		Added dns_nxt_typepresent()

  56.	[bug]		SIG records were not properly returned in cached
			negative answers.

  55.	[bug]		Responses containing multiple names in the authority
			section were not negatively cached.

  54.	[bug]		If a fetch with sigrdataset==NULL joined one with
			sigrdataset!=NULL or vice versa, the resolver
			could catch an assertion or lose signature data,

  53.	[port]		freebsd 4.0: lib/isc/unix/socket.c requires

  52.	[bug]		rndc: taskmgr and socketmgr were not initialized
			to NULL.

  51.	[cleanup]	dns/compress.h and dns/zt.h did not need to include
			dns/rbt.h; it was needed only by compress.c and zt.c.

  50.	[func]		RBT deletion no longer requires a valid chain to work,
			and dns_rbt_deletenode was added.

  49.	[func]		Each cache now has its own mctx.

  48.	[func]		isc_task_create() no longer takes an mctx.
			isc_task_mem() has been eliminated.

  47.	[func]		A number of modules now use memory context reference

  46.	[func]		Memory contexts are now reference counted.
			Added isc_mem_inuse() and isc_mem_preallocate().
			Renamed isc_mem_destroy_check() to

  45.	[bug]		The trusted-key statement incorrectly loaded keys.

  44.	[bug]		Don't include authority data if it would force us
			to unset the AD bit in the message.

  43.	[bug]		DNSSEC verification of cached rdatasets was failing.

  42.	[cleanup]	Simplified logging of messages with embedded domain
			names by introducing a new convenience function

  41.	[func]		Use PR_SET_KEEPCAPS on Linux 2.3.99-pre3 and later
			to allow 'named' to run as a non-root user while
			retaining the ability to bind() to privileged

  40.	[func]		Introduced new logging category "dnssec" and
			logging module "dns/validator".

  39.	[cleanup]	Moved the typedefs for isc_region_t, isc_textregion_t,
			and isc_lex_t to <isc/types.h>.

  38.	[bug]		TSIG signed incoming zone transfers work now.

  37.	[bug]		If the first RR in an incoming zone transfer was
			not an SOA, the server died with an assertion failure
			instead of just reporting an error.

  36.	[cleanup]	Change DNS_R_SUCCESS (and others) to ISC_R_SUCCESS

  35.	[performance]	Log messages which are of a level too high to be
			logged by any channel in the logging configuration
			will not cause the log mutex to be locked.

  34.	[bug]		Recursion was allowed even with 'recursion no'.

  33.	[func]		The RBT now maintains a parent pointer at each node.

  32.	[cleanup]	bin/lwresd/client.c needs <string.h> for memset()

  31.	[bug]		Use ${LIBTOOL} to compile bin/named/main.@O@.

  30.	[func]		config file grammar change to support optional
			class type for a view.

  29.	[func]		support new config file view options:

				auth-nxdomain recursion query-source
				query-source-v6 transfer-source
				transfer-source-v6 max-transfer-time-out
				max-transfer-idle-out transfer-format
				request-ixfr provide-ixfr cleaning-interval
				fetch-glue notify rfc2308-type1 lame-ttl
				max-ncache-ttl min-roots

  28.	[func]		support lame-ttl, min-roots and serial-queries
			config global options.

  27.	[bug]		Only include <netinet6/in6.h> on BSD/OS 4.[01]*.
			Including it on other platforms (eg, NetBSD) can
			cause a forced #error from the C preprocessor.

  26.	[func]		new match-clients statement in config file view.

  25.	[bug]		make install failed to install <isc/log.h> and

  24.	[cleanup]	Eliminate some unnecessary #includes of header
			files from header files.

  23.	[cleanup]	Provide more context in log messages about client
			requests, using a new function ns_client_log().

  22.	[bug]		SIGs weren't returned in the answer section when
			the query resulted in a fetch.

  21.	[port]		Look at STD_CINCLUDES after CINCLUDES during
			compilation, so additional system include directories
			can be searched but header files in the bind9 source
			tree with conflicting names take precedence.  This
			avoids issues with installed versions of dnssafe and

  20.	[func]		Configuration file post-load validation of zones
			failed if there were no zones.

  19.	[bug]		dns_zone_notifyreceive() failed to unlock the zone
			lock in certain error cases.

  18.	[bug]		Use AC_TRY_LINK rather than AC_TRY_COMPILE in to check for presence of in6addr_any.

  17.	[func]		Do configuration file post-load validation of zones.

  16.	[bug]		put quotes around key names on config file
			output to avoid possible keyword clashes.

  15.	[func]		Add dns_name_dupwithoffsets().  This function is
			improves comparison performance for duped names.

  14.	[bug]		free_rbtdb() could have 'put' unallocated memory in
			an unlikely error path.

  13.	[bug]		lib/dns/master.c and lib/dns/xfrin.c didn't ignore
			out-of-zone data.

  12.	[bug]		Fixed possible uninitialized variable error.

  11.	[bug]		axfr_rrstream_first() didn't check the result code of
			db_rr_iterator_first(), possibly causing an assertion
			to be triggered later.

  10.	[bug]		A bug in the code which makes EDNS0 OPT records in
			bin/named/client.c and lib/dns/resolver.c could
			trigger an assertion.

   9.	[cleanup]	replaced bit-setting code in confctx.c and replaced
			repeated code with macro calls.

   8.	[bug]		Shutdown of incoming zone transfer accessed
			freed memory.

   7.	[cleanup]	removed 'listen-on' from view statement.

   6.	[bug]		quote RR names when generating config file to
			prevent possible clash with config file keywords
			(such as 'key').

   5.	[func]		syntax change to named.conf file: new ssu grant/deny
			statements must now be enclosed by an 'update-policy'

   4.	[port]		bin/named/unix/os.c didn't compile on systems with
			linux 2.3 kernel includes due to conflicts between
			C library includes and the kernel includes.  We now
			get only what we need from <linux/capability.h>, and
			avoid pulling in other linux kernel .h files.

   3.	[bug]		TKEYs go in the answer section of responses, not
			the additional section.

   2.	[bug]		Generating cryptographic randomness failed on
			systems without /dev/random.

   1.	[bug]		The installdirs rule in
			lib/isc/unix/include/isc/ had a typo which
			prevented the isc directory from being created if it
			didn't exist.

	--- 9.0.0b2 released ---

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