match-marker-rects.html   [plain text]

    div {
        height: 50px;
        width: 110px;
        margin: 10px 0;
        padding: 10px;
        border: solid black;
        font-size: 25px;

    div.columns {
        -webkit-columns: 2;
        -webkit-column-gap: 10px;

    div.scroll {
        overflow-y: scroll; 
    In Safari, choose Edit > Find > Find, and type the strings &ldquo;xyz&rdquo;
    and &ldquo;123&rdquo;. The white &ldquo;holes&rdquo; in the Find overlay
    should line up with the matching text below.
<div class="columns">
<div class="scroll" id="scroll">
    document.getElementById("scroll").scrollTop = 100;