Page.h   [plain text]

 * Copyright (C) 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
 * Copyright (C) 2008 Torch Mobile Inc. All rights reserved. (
 * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
 * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
 * version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * Library General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public License
 * along with this library; see the file COPYING.LIB.  If not, write to
 * the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
 * Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

#ifndef Page_h
#define Page_h

#include "FeatureObserver.h"
#include "FindOptions.h"
#include "FrameLoaderTypes.h"
#include "LayoutMilestones.h"
#include "LayoutRect.h"
#include "PageVisibilityState.h"
#include "Pagination.h"
#include "PlatformScreen.h"
#include "Region.h"
#include "Supplementable.h"
#include "ViewportArguments.h"
#include <wtf/Forward.h>
#include <wtf/HashMap.h>
#include <wtf/HashSet.h>
#include <wtf/Noncopyable.h>
#include <wtf/RefCounted.h>
#include <wtf/text/WTFString.h>

#include <sys/time.h> // For time_t structure.

#include <wtf/SchedulePair.h>

namespace JSC {
class Debugger;

namespace WebCore {

class AlternativeTextClient;
class BackForwardController;
class BackForwardList;
class Chrome;
class ChromeClient;
class ClientRectList;
class ContextMenuClient;
class ContextMenuController;
class Document;
class DragCaretController;
class DragClient;
class DragController;
class EditorClient;
class FocusController;
class Frame;
class FrameSelection;
class HaltablePlugin;
class HistoryItem;
class InspectorClient;
class InspectorController;
class MediaCanStartListener;
class Node;
class PageActivityAssertionToken;
class PageConsole;
class PageGroup;
class PageThrottler;
class PlugInClient;
class PluginData;
class PluginViewBase;
class PointerLockController;
class ProgressTracker;
class Range;
class RenderObject;
class RenderTheme;
class VisibleSelection;
class ScrollableArea;
class ScrollingCoordinator;
class Settings;
class StorageNamespace;
class ValidationMessageClient;

typedef uint64_t LinkHash;

enum FindDirection { FindDirectionForward, FindDirectionBackward };

float deviceScaleFactor(Frame*);

struct ArenaSize {
    ArenaSize(size_t treeSize, size_t allocated)
        : treeSize(treeSize)
        , allocated(allocated)
    size_t treeSize;
    size_t allocated;

class Page : public Supplementable<Page> {
    friend class Settings;
    friend class PageThrottler;

    static void updateStyleForAllPagesAfterGlobalChangeInEnvironment();

    // It is up to the platform to ensure that non-null clients are provided where required.
    struct PageClients {

        AlternativeTextClient* alternativeTextClient;
        ChromeClient* chromeClient;
        ContextMenuClient* contextMenuClient;
        EditorClient* editorClient;
        DragClient* dragClient;
        InspectorClient* inspectorClient;
        PlugInClient* plugInClient;
        RefPtr<BackForwardList> backForwardClient;
        ValidationMessageClient* validationMessageClient;

    explicit Page(PageClients&);

    ArenaSize renderTreeSize() const;

    void setNeedsRecalcStyleInAllFrames();

    RenderTheme* theme() const { return m_theme.get(); }

    ViewportArguments viewportArguments() const;

    static void refreshPlugins(bool reload);
    PluginData* pluginData() const;

    void setCanStartMedia(bool);
    bool canStartMedia() const { return m_canStartMedia; }

    EditorClient* editorClient() const { return m_editorClient; }
    PlugInClient* plugInClient() const { return m_plugInClient; }

    void setMainFrame(PassRefPtr<Frame>);
    Frame* mainFrame() const { return m_mainFrame.get(); }

    bool openedByDOM() const;
    void setOpenedByDOM();

    // DEPRECATED. Use backForward() instead of the following 6 functions.
    BackForwardList* backForwardList() const;
    bool goBack();
    bool goForward();
    bool canGoBackOrForward(int distance) const;
    void goBackOrForward(int distance);
    int getHistoryLength();

    void goToItem(HistoryItem*, FrameLoadType);

    void setGroupName(const String&);
    const String& groupName() const;

    PageGroup& group();
    PageGroup* groupPtr() { return m_group; } // can return 0

    void incrementSubframeCount() { ++m_subframeCount; }
    void decrementSubframeCount() { ASSERT(m_subframeCount); --m_subframeCount; }
    int subframeCount() const { checkSubframeCountConsistency(); return m_subframeCount; }

    Chrome& chrome() const { return *m_chrome; }
    DragCaretController* dragCaretController() const { return m_dragCaretController.get(); }
    DragController* dragController() const { return m_dragController.get(); }
    FocusController* focusController() const { return m_focusController.get(); }
    ContextMenuController* contextMenuController() const { return m_contextMenuController.get(); }
    InspectorController* inspectorController() const { return m_inspectorController.get(); }
    PointerLockController* pointerLockController() const { return m_pointerLockController.get(); }
    ValidationMessageClient* validationMessageClient() const { return m_validationMessageClient; }

    ScrollingCoordinator* scrollingCoordinator();

    String scrollingStateTreeAsText();
    String mainThreadScrollingReasonsAsText();
    PassRefPtr<ClientRectList> nonFastScrollableRects(const Frame*);

    Settings* settings() const { return m_settings.get(); }
    ProgressTracker* progress() const { return m_progress.get(); }
    BackForwardController* backForward() const { return m_backForwardController.get(); }

    FeatureObserver* featureObserver() { return &m_featureObserver; }

    enum ViewMode {
    static ViewMode stringToViewMode(const String&);

    ViewMode viewMode() const { return m_viewMode; }
    void setViewMode(ViewMode);

    void setTabKeyCyclesThroughElements(bool b) { m_tabKeyCyclesThroughElements = b; }
    bool tabKeyCyclesThroughElements() const { return m_tabKeyCyclesThroughElements; }

    bool findString(const String&, FindOptions);
    // FIXME: Switch callers over to the FindOptions version and retire this one.
    bool findString(const String&, TextCaseSensitivity, FindDirection, bool shouldWrap);

    PassRefPtr<Range> rangeOfString(const String&, Range*, FindOptions);

    unsigned countFindMatches(const String&, FindOptions, unsigned maxMatchCount);
    unsigned markAllMatchesForText(const String&, FindOptions, bool shouldHighlight, unsigned maxMatchCount);

    void unmarkAllTextMatches();

    // find all the Ranges for the matching text.
    // Upon return, indexForSelection will be one of the following:
    // 0 if there is no user selection
    // the index of the first range after the user selection
    // NoMatchAfterUserSelection if there is no matching text after the user selection.
    enum { NoMatchAfterUserSelection = -1 };
    void findStringMatchingRanges(const String&, FindOptions, int maxCount, Vector<RefPtr<Range> >*, int& indexForSelection);
    void addSchedulePair(PassRefPtr<SchedulePair>);
    void removeSchedulePair(PassRefPtr<SchedulePair>);
    SchedulePairHashSet* scheduledRunLoopPairs() { return m_scheduledRunLoopPairs.get(); }

    OwnPtr<SchedulePairHashSet> m_scheduledRunLoopPairs;

    const VisibleSelection& selection() const;

    void setDefersLoading(bool);
    bool defersLoading() const { return m_defersLoading; }

    void clearUndoRedoOperations();

    bool inLowQualityImageInterpolationMode() const;
    void setInLowQualityImageInterpolationMode(bool = true);

    float mediaVolume() const { return m_mediaVolume; }
    void setMediaVolume(float);

    void setPageScaleFactor(float scale, const IntPoint& origin);
    float pageScaleFactor() const { return m_pageScaleFactor; }

    float deviceScaleFactor() const { return m_deviceScaleFactor; }
    void setDeviceScaleFactor(float);

    bool shouldSuppressScrollbarAnimations() const { return m_suppressScrollbarAnimations; }
    void setShouldSuppressScrollbarAnimations(bool suppressAnimations);

    bool rubberBandsAtBottom();
    void setRubberBandsAtBottom(bool);
    bool rubberBandsAtTop();
    void setRubberBandsAtTop(bool);

    // Page and FrameView both store a Pagination value. Page::pagination() is set only by API,
    // and FrameView::pagination() is set only by CSS. Page::pagination() will affect all
    // FrameViews in the page cache, but FrameView::pagination() only affects the current
    // FrameView.
    const Pagination& pagination() const { return m_pagination; }
    void setPagination(const Pagination&);

    unsigned pageCount() const;

    // Notifications when the Page starts and stops being presented via a native window.
    void didMoveOnscreen();
    void willMoveOffscreen();
    bool isOnscreen() const { return m_isOnscreen; }

    // Notification that this Page was moved into or out of a native window.
    void setIsInWindow(bool);
    bool isInWindow() const { return m_isInWindow; }

    void windowScreenDidChange(PlatformDisplayID);

    void suspendScriptedAnimations();
    void resumeScriptedAnimations();
    bool scriptedAnimationsSuspended() const { return m_scriptedAnimationsSuspended; }
    void setThrottled(bool);

    void userStyleSheetLocationChanged();
    const String& userStyleSheet() const;

    void dnsPrefetchingStateChanged();
    void storageBlockingStateChanged();
    void privateBrowsingStateChanged();

    static void setDebuggerForAllPages(JSC::Debugger*);
    void setDebugger(JSC::Debugger*);
    JSC::Debugger* debugger() const { return m_debugger; }

    static void removeAllVisitedLinks();

    static void allVisitedStateChanged(PageGroup*);
    static void visitedStateChanged(PageGroup*, LinkHash visitedHash);

    StorageNamespace* sessionStorage(bool optionalCreate = true);
    void setSessionStorage(PassRefPtr<StorageNamespace>);

    void setCustomHTMLTokenizerTimeDelay(double);
    bool hasCustomHTMLTokenizerTimeDelay() const { return m_customHTMLTokenizerTimeDelay != -1; }
    double customHTMLTokenizerTimeDelay() const { ASSERT(m_customHTMLTokenizerTimeDelay != -1); return m_customHTMLTokenizerTimeDelay; }

    void setCustomHTMLTokenizerChunkSize(int);
    bool hasCustomHTMLTokenizerChunkSize() const { return m_customHTMLTokenizerChunkSize != -1; }
    int customHTMLTokenizerChunkSize() const { ASSERT(m_customHTMLTokenizerChunkSize != -1); return m_customHTMLTokenizerChunkSize; }

    void setMemoryCacheClientCallsEnabled(bool);
    bool areMemoryCacheClientCallsEnabled() const { return m_areMemoryCacheClientCallsEnabled; }

    // Don't allow more than a certain number of frames in a page.
    // This seems like a reasonable upper bound, and otherwise mutually
    // recursive frameset pages can quickly bring the program to its knees
    // with exponential growth in the number of frames.
    static const int maxNumberOfFrames = 1000;

    void setEditable(bool isEditable) { m_isEditable = isEditable; }
    bool isEditable() { return m_isEditable; }

    PageVisibilityState visibilityState() const;
    void setVisibilityState(PageVisibilityState, bool);
    void resumeAnimatingImages();

    PlatformDisplayID displayID() const { return m_displayID; }

    void addLayoutMilestones(LayoutMilestones);
    void removeLayoutMilestones(LayoutMilestones);
    LayoutMilestones requestedLayoutMilestones() const { return m_requestedLayoutMilestones; }

    void addHeaderWithHeight(int);
    void addFooterWithHeight(int);

    int headerHeight() const { return m_headerHeight; }
    int footerHeight() const { return m_footerHeight; }

    bool isCountingRelevantRepaintedObjects() const;
    void startCountingRelevantRepaintedObjects();
    void resetRelevantPaintedObjectCounter();
    void addRelevantRepaintedObject(RenderObject*, const LayoutRect& objectPaintRect);
    void addRelevantUnpaintedObject(RenderObject*, const LayoutRect& objectPaintRect);

    void suspendActiveDOMObjectsAndAnimations();
    void resumeActiveDOMObjectsAndAnimations();
#ifndef NDEBUG
    void setIsPainting(bool painting) { m_isPainting = painting; }
    bool isPainting() const { return m_isPainting; }

    AlternativeTextClient* alternativeTextClient() const { return m_alternativeTextClient; }

    bool hasSeenPlugin(const String& serviceType) const;
    bool hasSeenAnyPlugin() const;
    void sawPlugin(const String& serviceType);
    void resetSeenPlugins();

    bool hasSeenMediaEngine(const String& engineName) const;
    bool hasSeenAnyMediaEngine() const;
    void sawMediaEngine(const String& engineName);
    void resetSeenMediaEngines();

    PageThrottler* pageThrottler() { return m_pageThrottler.get(); }
    PassOwnPtr<PageActivityAssertionToken> createActivityToken();

    PageConsole* console() { return m_console.get(); }

    void hiddenPageDOMTimerThrottlingStateChanged();
    void hiddenPageCSSAnimationSuspensionStateChanged();

    void captionPreferencesChanged();

    void incrementFrameHandlingBeforeUnloadEventCount();
    void decrementFrameHandlingBeforeUnloadEventCount();
    bool isAnyFrameHandlingBeforeUnloadEvent();

    void initGroup();

    void checkSubframeCountConsistency() const { }
    void checkSubframeCountConsistency() const;

    enum ShouldHighlightMatches { DoNotHighlightMatches, HighlightMatches };
    enum ShouldMarkMatches { DoNotMarkMatches, MarkMatches };

    unsigned findMatchesForText(const String&, FindOptions, unsigned maxMatchCount, ShouldHighlightMatches, ShouldMarkMatches);

    MediaCanStartListener* takeAnyMediaCanStartListener();

    void setMinimumTimerInterval(double);
    double minimumTimerInterval() const;

    void setTimerAlignmentInterval(double);
    double timerAlignmentInterval() const;

    void collectPluginViews(Vector<RefPtr<PluginViewBase>, 32>& pluginViewBases);

    void throttleTimers();
    void unthrottleTimers();

    const OwnPtr<Chrome> m_chrome;
    OwnPtr<DragCaretController> m_dragCaretController;

    OwnPtr<DragController> m_dragController;
    OwnPtr<FocusController> m_focusController;
    OwnPtr<ContextMenuController> m_contextMenuController;
    OwnPtr<InspectorController> m_inspectorController;
    OwnPtr<PointerLockController> m_pointerLockController;
    RefPtr<ScrollingCoordinator> m_scrollingCoordinator;

    OwnPtr<Settings> m_settings;
    OwnPtr<ProgressTracker> m_progress;

    OwnPtr<BackForwardController> m_backForwardController;
    RefPtr<Frame> m_mainFrame;

    mutable RefPtr<PluginData> m_pluginData;

    RefPtr<RenderTheme> m_theme;

    EditorClient* m_editorClient;
    PlugInClient* m_plugInClient;
    ValidationMessageClient* m_validationMessageClient;

    FeatureObserver m_featureObserver;

    int m_subframeCount;
    String m_groupName;
    bool m_openedByDOM;

    bool m_tabKeyCyclesThroughElements;
    bool m_defersLoading;
    unsigned m_defersLoadingCallCount;

    bool m_inLowQualityInterpolationMode;
    bool m_cookieEnabled;
    bool m_areMemoryCacheClientCallsEnabled;
    float m_mediaVolume;

    float m_pageScaleFactor;
    float m_deviceScaleFactor;

    bool m_suppressScrollbarAnimations;

    Pagination m_pagination;

    String m_userStyleSheetPath;
    mutable String m_userStyleSheet;
    mutable bool m_didLoadUserStyleSheet;
    mutable time_t m_userStyleSheetModificationTime;

    OwnPtr<PageGroup> m_singlePageGroup;
    PageGroup* m_group;

    JSC::Debugger* m_debugger;

    double m_customHTMLTokenizerTimeDelay;
    int m_customHTMLTokenizerChunkSize;

    bool m_canStartMedia;

    RefPtr<StorageNamespace> m_sessionStorage;

    ViewMode m_viewMode;

    double m_minimumTimerInterval;

    double m_timerAlignmentInterval;

    bool m_isEditable;
    bool m_isOnscreen;
    bool m_isInWindow;

    PageVisibilityState m_visibilityState;
    PlatformDisplayID m_displayID;

    LayoutMilestones m_requestedLayoutMilestones;

    int m_headerHeight;
    int m_footerHeight;

    HashSet<RenderObject*> m_relevantUnpaintedRenderObjects;
    Region m_topRelevantPaintedRegion;
    Region m_bottomRelevantPaintedRegion;
    Region m_relevantUnpaintedRegion;
    bool m_isCountingRelevantRepaintedObjects;
#ifndef NDEBUG
    bool m_isPainting;
    AlternativeTextClient* m_alternativeTextClient;

    bool m_scriptedAnimationsSuspended;
    RefPtr<PageThrottler> m_pageThrottler;

    OwnPtr<PageConsole> m_console;

    HashSet<String> m_seenPlugins;
    HashSet<String> m_seenMediaEngines;
    unsigned m_framesHandlingBeforeUnloadEvent;

inline PageGroup& Page::group()
    if (!m_group)
    return *m_group;

} // namespace WebCore
#endif // Page_h