localizedStrings.js   [plain text]

var localizedStrings = new Object;

localizedStrings[" (%d)"] = " (%d)";
localizedStrings[" (repeated %d times)"] = " (repeated %d times)";
localizedStrings["%.0f\u2009B"] = "%.0f\u2009B";
localizedStrings["%.0f\u2009KB"] = "%.0f\u2009KB";
localizedStrings["%.0f\u2009MB"] = "%.0f\u2009MB";
localizedStrings["%.0f\u2009ms"] = "%.0f\u2009ms";
localizedStrings["%.1f\u2009days"] = "%.1f\u2009days";
localizedStrings["%.1f\u2009hrs"] = "%.1f\u2009hrs";
localizedStrings["%.1f\u2009min"] = "%.1f\u2009min";
localizedStrings["%.1f\u2009KB"] = "%.1f\u2009KB";
localizedStrings["%.1f\u2009MB"] = "%.1f\u2009MB";
localizedStrings["%.0f%"] = "%.0f%";
localizedStrings["%.2f%"] = "%.2f%";
localizedStrings["%.2f\u2009s"] = "%.2f\u2009s";
localizedStrings["%.3f\u2009ms"] = "%.3f\u2009ms";
localizedStrings["%d characters selected"] = "%d characters selected";
localizedStrings["%d cookies (%s)"] = "%d cookies (%s)";
localizedStrings["%d descendant with forced state"] = "%d descendant with forced state";
localizedStrings["%d descendants with forced state"] = "%d descendants with forced state";
localizedStrings["%d error"] = "%d error";
localizedStrings["%d error, %d warning"] = "%d error, %d warning";
localizedStrings["%d error, %d warnings"] = "%d error, %d warnings";
localizedStrings["%d errors"] = "%d errors";
localizedStrings["%d errors, %d warning"] = "%d errors, %d warning";
localizedStrings["%d errors, %d warnings"] = "%d errors, %d warnings";
localizedStrings["%d lines, %d characters selected"] = "%d lines, %d characters selected";
localizedStrings["%d of %d"] = "%d of %d";
localizedStrings["%d of %d records shown"] = "%d of %d records shown";
localizedStrings["%d of %d frames shown"] = "%d of %d frames shown";
localizedStrings["avg: %s, \u03c3: %s"] = "avg: %s, \u03c3: %s";
localizedStrings["%d warning"] = "%d warning";
localizedStrings["%d warnings"] = "%d warnings";
localizedStrings["%d \xd7 %d pixels (Natural: %d \xd7 %d pixels)"] = "%d \xd7 %d pixels (Natural: %d \xd7 %d pixels)";
localizedStrings["%d \xd7 %d pixels"] = "%d \xd7 %d pixels";
localizedStrings["%d × %d"] = "%d × %d";
localizedStrings["× %d"] = "× %d";
localizedStrings["%s (at %s)"] = "%s (at %s)";
localizedStrings["%s (from cache)"] = "%s (from cache)";
localizedStrings["%s - Details"] = "%s - Details";
localizedStrings["%s collected"] = "%s collected";
localizedStrings["%s download"] = "%s download";
localizedStrings["%s latency"] = "%s latency";
localizedStrings["%s latency, %s download (%s total)"] = "%s latency, %s download (%s total)";
localizedStrings["(anonymous function)"] = "(anonymous function)";
localizedStrings["(from cache)"] = "(from cache)";
localizedStrings["(failed)"] = "(failed)";
localizedStrings["(canceled)"] = "(canceled)";
localizedStrings["(ping)"] = "(ping)";
localizedStrings["(program)"] = "(program)";
localizedStrings["(text)"] = "(text)";
localizedStrings["(unable to decode value)"] = "(unable to decode value)";
localizedStrings["Application Cache"] = "Application Cache";
localizedStrings["Accept suggestion"] = "Accept suggestion";
localizedStrings["Activate Breakpoints"] = "Activate Breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Activate breakpoints"] = "Activate breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Activate breakpoints."] = "Activate breakpoints.";
localizedStrings["Add Attribute"] = "Add Attribute";
localizedStrings["Add attribute"] = "Add attribute";
localizedStrings["Add Breakpoint"] = "Add Breakpoint";
localizedStrings["Add breakpoint"] = "Add breakpoint";
localizedStrings["Add Conditional Breakpoint…"] = "Add Conditional Breakpoint…";
localizedStrings["Add conditional breakpoint…"] = "Add conditional breakpoint…";
localizedStrings["Add New"] = "Add New";
localizedStrings["Add new"] = "Add new";
localizedStrings["Aggregated Time"] = "Aggregated Time";
localizedStrings["All Nodes"] = "All Nodes";
localizedStrings["All Panels"] = "All Panels";
localizedStrings["All"] = "All";
localizedStrings["Always enable"] = "Always enable";
localizedStrings["An error occurred trying to\nread the “%s” table."] = "An error occurred trying to\nread the “%s” table.";
localizedStrings["An unexpected error %s occurred."] = "An unexpected error %s occurred.";
localizedStrings["Any XHR"] = "Any XHR";
localizedStrings["Are you sure you want to clear browser cache?"] = "Are you sure you want to clear browser cache?";
localizedStrings["Are you sure you want to clear browser cookies?"] = "Are you sure you want to clear browser cookies?";
localizedStrings["As Authored"] = "As Authored";
localizedStrings["As authored"] = "As authored";
localizedStrings["Assertion failed:"] = "Assertion failed:";
localizedStrings["Attribute Modified"] = "Attribute Modified";
localizedStrings["Attributes Style"] = "Attributes Style";
localizedStrings["Audit Present State"] = "Audit Present State";
localizedStrings["Audits"] = "Audits";
localizedStrings["Auto-reload CSS upon Sass save"] = "Auto-reload CSS upon Sass save";
localizedStrings["Average"] = "Average";
localizedStrings["Blocking"] = "Blocking";
localizedStrings["Break on..."] = "Break on...";
localizedStrings["Breakpoints"] = "Breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Cookies"] = "Cookies";
localizedStrings["COUNTERS"] = "COUNTERS";
localizedStrings["CPU PROFILES"] = "CPU PROFILES";
localizedStrings["CPU profiles show where the execution time is spent in your page's JavaScript functions."] = "CPU profiles show where the execution time is spent in your page's JavaScript functions.";
localizedStrings["CSS Named Flows"] = "CSS Named Flows";
localizedStrings["CSS Named Flows\u2026"] = "CSS Named Flows\u2026";
localizedStrings["CSS named flows\u2026"] = "CSS named flows\u2026";
localizedStrings["CSS selector profiles show how long the selector matching has taken in total and how many times a certain selector has matched DOM elements (the results are approximate due to matching algorithm optimizations.)"] = "CSS selector profiles show how long the selector matching has taken in total and how many times a certain selector has matched DOM elements (the results are approximate due to matching algorithm optimizations.)";
localizedStrings["Call Site stack"] = "Call Site stack";
localizedStrings["Call Stack"] = "Call Stack";
localizedStrings["Call"] = "Call";
localizedStrings["Calls"] = "Calls";
localizedStrings["Cannot find corresponding heap snapshot node"] = "Cannot find corresponding heap snapshot node";
localizedStrings["Clear All"] = "Clear All";
localizedStrings["Clear all"] = "Clear all";
localizedStrings["Clear all from \"%s\""] = "Clear all from \"%s\"";
localizedStrings["Clear All from \"%s\""] = "Clear All from \"%s\"";
localizedStrings["Clear all profiles."] = "Clear all profiles.";
localizedStrings["Clear Browser Cache"] = "Clear Browser Cache";
localizedStrings["Clear browser cache"] = "Clear browser cache";
localizedStrings["Clear Browser Cookies"] = "Clear Browser Cookies";
localizedStrings["Clear browser cookies"] = "Clear browser cookies";
localizedStrings["Clear Console"] = "Clear Console";
localizedStrings["Clear console"] = "Clear console";
localizedStrings["Clear audit results."] = "Clear audit results.";
localizedStrings["Clear console log."] = "Clear console log.";
localizedStrings["Clear object store"] = "Clear object store";
localizedStrings["Clear"] = "Clear";
localizedStrings["Click to open a colorpicker. Shift-click to change color format"] = "Click to open a colorpicker. Shift-click to change color format";
localizedStrings["Closure"] = "Closure";
localizedStrings["Collected"] = "Collected";
localizedStrings["Collect CSS Selector Profile"] = "Collect CSS Selector Profile";
localizedStrings["Collect JavaScript CPU Profile"] = "Collect JavaScript CPU Profile";
localizedStrings["Computed Style"] = "Computed Style";
localizedStrings["Connecting"] = "Connecting";
localizedStrings["Console"] = "Console";
localizedStrings["Console was cleared"] = "Console was cleared";
localizedStrings["Constructor"] = "Constructor";
localizedStrings["Continue to Here"] = "Continue to Here";
localizedStrings["Continue to here"] = "Continue to here";
localizedStrings["Copy as HTML"] = "Copy as HTML";
localizedStrings["Copy all as HAR"] = "Copy all as HAR";
localizedStrings["Copy All as HAR"] = "Copy All as HAR";
localizedStrings["Save as HAR with content"] = "Save as HAR with content";
localizedStrings["Save as HAR with Content"] = "Save as HAR with Content";
localizedStrings["Copy link address"] = "Copy link address";
localizedStrings["Copy Link Address"] = "Copy Link Address";
localizedStrings["Copy request headers"] = "Copy request headers";
localizedStrings["Copy Request Headers"] = "Copy Request Headers";
localizedStrings["Copy response headers"] = "Copy response headers";
localizedStrings["Copy Response Headers"] = "Copy Response Headers";
localizedStrings["Copy as cURL"] = "Copy as cURL";
localizedStrings["Copy XPath"] = "Copy XPath";
localizedStrings["Web SQL"] = "Web SQL";
localizedStrings["DNS Lookup"] = "DNS Lookup";
localizedStrings["DOMContent event fired"] = "DOMContent event fired";
localizedStrings["DOMContentLoaded event"] = "DOMContentLoaded event";
localizedStrings["DOM Node Count"] = "DOM Node Count";
localizedStrings["Database no longer has expected version."] = "Database no longer has expected version.";
localizedStrings["Deactivate breakpoints."] = "Deactivate breakpoints.";
localizedStrings["Deactivate Breakpoints"] = "Deactivate Breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Deactivate breakpoints"] = "Deactivate breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Debugging disabled. Click to enable."] = "Debugging disabled. Click to enable.";
localizedStrings["Debugging enabled. Click to disable."] = "Debugging enabled. Click to disable.";
localizedStrings["Delete Node"] = "Delete Node";
localizedStrings["Delete node"] = "Delete node";
localizedStrings["Delete watch expression."] = "Delete watch expression.";
localizedStrings["Delete Watch Expression"] = "Delete Watch Expression";
localizedStrings["Delete watch expression"] = "Delete watch expression";
localizedStrings["Delete All Watch Expressions"] = "Delete All Watch Expressions";
localizedStrings["Delete all watch expressions"] = "Delete all watch expressions";
localizedStrings["Delete"] = "Delete";
localizedStrings["Details"] = "Details";
localizedStrings["Dimensions"] = "Dimensions";
localizedStrings["Disable Breakpoint"] = "Disable Breakpoint";
localizedStrings["Disable breakpoint"] = "Disable breakpoint";
localizedStrings["Disable cache"] = "Disable cache";
localizedStrings["Dock to main window."] = "Dock to main window.";
localizedStrings["Document"] = "Document";
localizedStrings["Document Count"] = "Document Count";
localizedStrings["Documents"] = "Documents";
localizedStrings["Documents: %d"] = "Documents: %d";
localizedStrings["Domain"] = "Domain";
localizedStrings["Don't pause on exceptions.\nClick to Pause on all exceptions."] = "Don't pause on exceptions.\nClick to Pause on all exceptions.";
localizedStrings["Duration"] = "Duration";
localizedStrings["Edit Attribute"] = "Edit Attribute";
localizedStrings["Edit attribute"] = "Edit attribute";
localizedStrings["Edit Breakpoint…"] = "Edit Breakpoint…";
localizedStrings["Edit breakpoint…"] = "Edit breakpoint…";
localizedStrings["Edit Text"] = "Edit Text";
localizedStrings["Edit text"] = "Edit text";
localizedStrings["Edit as HTML"] = "Edit as HTML";
localizedStrings["Edit"] = "Edit";
localizedStrings["Element state: %s"] = "Element state: %s";
localizedStrings["Elements Panel"] = "Elements Panel";
localizedStrings["Elements"] = "Elements";
localizedStrings["Emulate CSS media"] = "Emulate CSS media";
localizedStrings["Emulate touch events"] = "Emulate touch events";
localizedStrings["Enable Breakpoint"] = "Enable Breakpoint";
localizedStrings["Enable breakpoint"] = "Enable breakpoint";
localizedStrings["Enable continuous page repainting"] = "Enable continuous page repainting";
localizedStrings["Enable Debugging"] = "Enable Debugging";
localizedStrings["Enable Profiling"] = "Enable Profiling";
localizedStrings["Enabling debugging will make scripts run slower."] = "Enabling debugging will make scripts run slower.";
localizedStrings["Enabling profiling will make scripts run slower."] = "Enabling profiling will make scripts run slower.";
localizedStrings["Errors"] = "Errors";
localizedStrings["Evaluate Script"] = "Evaluate Script";
localizedStrings["Event Listeners"] = "Event Listeners";
localizedStrings["Event Listener Count"] = "Event Listener Count";
localizedStrings["Event"] = "Event";
localizedStrings["Exclude selected function."] = "Exclude selected function.";
localizedStrings["Execute command"] = "Execute command";
localizedStrings["Expand/collapse"] = "Expand/collapse";
localizedStrings["Expires / Max-Age"] = "Expires / Max-Age";
localizedStrings["File size"] = "File size";
localizedStrings["Filter"] = "Filter";
localizedStrings["Fit in window"] = "Fit in window";
localizedStrings["Force Element State"] = "Force Element State";
localizedStrings["Force element state"] = "Force element state";
localizedStrings["Go to the panel to the left/right"] = "Go to the panel to the left/right";
localizedStrings["Go back/forward in panel history"] = "Go back/forward in panel history";
localizedStrings["Finish Loading"] = "Finish Loading";
localizedStrings["Focus selected function."] = "Focus selected function.";
localizedStrings["Font"] = "Font";
localizedStrings["Font scale factor:"] = "Font scale factor:";
localizedStrings["Fonts"] = "Fonts";
localizedStrings["Form Data"] = "Form Data";
localizedStrings["Program"] = "Program";
localizedStrings["Unknown: %s"] = "Unknown: %s";
localizedStrings["Function Call"] = "Function Call";
localizedStrings["Function"] = "Function";
localizedStrings["GC Event"] = "GC Event";
localizedStrings["Global"] = "Global";
localizedStrings["Go"] = "Go";
localizedStrings["Go to member"] = "Go to member";
localizedStrings["Go to line: "] = "Go to line: ";
localizedStrings["HEAP SNAPSHOTS"] = "HEAP SNAPSHOTS";
localizedStrings["HSL Colors"] = "HSL Colors";
localizedStrings["HTTP"] = "HTTP";
localizedStrings["Headers"] = "Headers";
localizedStrings["Heap snapshot profiles show memory distribution among your page's JavaScript objects and related DOM nodes."] = "Heap snapshot profiles show memory distribution among your page's JavaScript objects and related DOM nodes.";
localizedStrings["Heavy (Bottom Up)"] = "Heavy (Bottom Up)";
localizedStrings["Hex Colors"] = "Hex Colors";
localizedStrings["Hide console."] = "Hide console.";
localizedStrings["Hide Messages from %s"] = "Hide Messages from %s";
localizedStrings["Hide messages from %s"] = "Hide messages from %s";
localizedStrings["Image"] = "Image";
localizedStrings["Images"] = "Images";
localizedStrings["Increment by %f"] = "Increment by %f";
localizedStrings["Decrement by %f"] = "Decrement by %f";
localizedStrings["Increment value"] = "Increment value";
localizedStrings["Decrement value"] = "Decrement value";
localizedStrings["Inherited from"] = "Inherited from";
localizedStrings["Initiator"] = "Initiator";
localizedStrings["Inspected worker terminated"] = "Inspected worker terminated";
localizedStrings["Inspected worker has terminated. Once it restarts we will attach to it automatically."] = "Inspected worker has terminated. Once it restarts we will attach to it automatically.";
localizedStrings["Inspected target crashed"] = "Inspected target crashed";
localizedStrings["Inspected target has crashed. Once it reloads we will attach to it automatically."] = "Inspected target has crashed. Once it reloads we will attach to it automatically.";
localizedStrings["Install Timer"] = "Install Timer";
localizedStrings["Invalid property value."] = "Invalid property value.";
localizedStrings["KB"] = "KB";
localizedStrings["Key"] = "Key";
localizedStrings["Shortcuts"] = "Shortcuts";
localizedStrings["Layout"] = "Layout";
localizedStrings["Line %d, Column %d"] = "Line %d, Column %d";
localizedStrings["Listeners: %d"] = "Listeners: %d";
localizedStrings["Local Storage"] = "Local Storage";
localizedStrings["Load event fired"] = "Load event fired";
localizedStrings["Load event"] = "Load event";
localizedStrings["Loading (%d of %d)"] = "Loading (%d of %d)";
localizedStrings["Loading"] = "Loading";
localizedStrings["Local Files"] = "Local Files";
localizedStrings["Local"] = "Local";
localizedStrings["Location"] = "Location";
localizedStrings["Logs"] = "Logs";
localizedStrings["Debug"] = "Debug";
localizedStrings["MIME Type"] = "MIME Type";
localizedStrings["MIME type"] = "MIME type";
localizedStrings["Map to File System Resource\u2026"] = "Map to File System Resource\u2026";
localizedStrings["Map to file system resource\u2026"] = "Map to file system resource\u2026";
localizedStrings["Map to Network Resource\u2026"] = "Map to Network Resource\u2026";
localizedStrings["Map to network resource\u2026"] = "Map to network resource\u2026";
localizedStrings["Matched CSS Rules"] = "Matched CSS Rules";
localizedStrings["Matches"] = "Matches";
localizedStrings["Memory"] = "Memory";
localizedStrings["Metrics"] = "Metrics";
localizedStrings["Name"] = "Name";
localizedStrings["Navigate elements"] = "Navigate elements";
localizedStrings["New Style Rule"] = "New Style Rule";
localizedStrings["Next/previous call frame"] = "Next/previous call frame";
localizedStrings["Next/previous command"] = "Next/previous command";
localizedStrings["Next/previous line"] = "Next/previous line";
localizedStrings["Next/previous property"] = "Next/previous property";
localizedStrings["Autocomplete common prefix"] = "Autocomplete common prefix";
localizedStrings["No Application Cache information available."] = "No Application Cache information available.";
localizedStrings["No Breakpoints"] = "No Breakpoints";
localizedStrings["No CSS Named Flows"] = "No CSS Named Flows";
localizedStrings["No Event Listeners"] = "No Event Listeners";
localizedStrings["No Properties"] = "No Properties";
localizedStrings["No Variables"] = "No Variables";
localizedStrings["No audits to run"] = "No audits to run";
localizedStrings["Node Removed"] = "Node Removed";
localizedStrings["Nodes: %d"] = "Nodes: %d";
localizedStrings["Not Paused"] = "Not Paused";
localizedStrings["Objects Count"] = "Objects Count";
localizedStrings["Offline"] = "Offline";
localizedStrings["Online"] = "Online";
localizedStrings["Only enable for this session"] = "Only enable for this session";
localizedStrings["Overrides"] = "Overrides";
localizedStrings["Reveal in Network Panel"] = "Reveal in Network Panel";
localizedStrings["Reveal in Network panel"] = "Reveal in Network panel";
localizedStrings["Open Link in New Tab"] = "Open Link in New Tab";
localizedStrings["Open link in new tab"] = "Open link in new tab";
localizedStrings["Open Link in Resources Panel"] = "Open Link in Resources Panel";
localizedStrings["Open link in Resources panel"] = "Open link in Resources panel";
localizedStrings["Other"] = "Other";
localizedStrings["Overflows."] = "Overflows.";
localizedStrings["Device metrics"] = "Device metrics";
localizedStrings["Paint"] = "Paint";
localizedStrings["Image Decode"] = "Image Decode";
localizedStrings["Image Resize"] = "Image Resize";
localizedStrings["cached"] = "cached";
localizedStrings["non-cached"] = "non-cached";
localizedStrings["Parse HTML"] = "Parse HTML";
localizedStrings["Parser"] = "Parser";
localizedStrings["Path"] = "Path";
localizedStrings["Pause on all exceptions.\nClick to Pause on uncaught exceptions."] = "Pause on all exceptions.\nClick to Pause on uncaught exceptions.";
localizedStrings["Pause on uncaught exceptions.\nClick to Not pause on exceptions."] = "Pause on uncaught exceptions.\nClick to Not pause on exceptions.";
localizedStrings["Pause script execution (%s)."] = "Pause script execution (%s).";
localizedStrings["Resume script execution (%s)."] = "Resume script execution (%s).";
localizedStrings["Pause/Continue"] = "Pause/Continue";
localizedStrings["Paused"] = "Paused";
localizedStrings["Paused on exception: '%s'."] = "Paused on exception: '%s'.";
localizedStrings["Pausing"] = "Pausing";
localizedStrings["Preview"] = "Preview";
localizedStrings["Profile '%s' started."] = "Profile '%s' started.";
localizedStrings["Profile '%s' finished."] = "Profile '%s' finished.";
localizedStrings["Profiles"] = "Profiles";
localizedStrings["Profiling disabled. Click to enable."] = "Profiling disabled. Click to enable.";
localizedStrings["Profiling enabled. Click to disable."] = "Profiling enabled. Click to disable.";
localizedStrings["Properties"] = "Properties";
localizedStrings["Proxy"] = "Proxy";
localizedStrings["Pseudo ::%s element"] = "Pseudo ::%s element";
localizedStrings["Pseudo element"] = "Pseudo element";
localizedStrings["URL fragment"] = "URL fragment";
localizedStrings["Query String Parameters"] = "Query String Parameters";
localizedStrings["RECORDS"] = "RECORDS";
localizedStrings["RESULTS"] = "RESULTS";
localizedStrings["RGB Colors"] = "RGB Colors";
localizedStrings["Recalculate Style"] = "Recalculate Style";
localizedStrings["Receive Data"] = "Receive Data";
localizedStrings["Receive Response"] = "Receive Response";
localizedStrings["Receiving"] = "Receiving";
localizedStrings["Record"] = "Record";
localizedStrings["Recording\u2026"] = "Recording\u2026";
localizedStrings["Redirect"] = "Redirect";
localizedStrings["Refresh"] = "Refresh";
localizedStrings["Region is %s."] = "Region is %s.";
localizedStrings["Remove Breakpoint"] = "Remove Breakpoint";
localizedStrings["Remove breakpoint"] = "Remove breakpoint";
localizedStrings["Remove Network Mapping"] = "Remove Network Mapping";
localizedStrings["Remove network mapping"] = "Remove network mapping";
localizedStrings["Remove Timer"] = "Remove Timer";
localizedStrings["Rendering"] = "Rendering";
localizedStrings["Repeats"] = "Repeats";
localizedStrings["Request Cookies"] = "Request Cookies";
localizedStrings["Request Headers"] = "Request Headers";
localizedStrings["Request Method"] = "Request Method";
localizedStrings["Request Payload"] = "Request Payload";
localizedStrings["Request URL"] = "Request URL";
localizedStrings["Resource interpreted as %s but transferred with MIME type %s: \"%s\"."] = "Resource interpreted as %s but transferred with MIME type %s: \"%s\".";
localizedStrings["Resource"] = "Resource";
localizedStrings["Resources"] = "Resources";
localizedStrings["Response"] = "Response";
localizedStrings["Response Cookies"] = "Response Cookies";
localizedStrings["Response Headers"] = "Response Headers";
localizedStrings["Restore all functions."] = "Restore all functions.";
localizedStrings["Reveal in Dominators View"] = "Reveal in Dominators View";
localizedStrings["Reveal in Dominators view"] = "Reveal in Dominators view";
localizedStrings["Reveal in Elements Panel"] = "Reveal in Elements Panel";
localizedStrings["Reveal in Elements panel"] = "Reveal in Elements panel";
localizedStrings["Reveal in Summary View"] = "Reveal in Summary View";
localizedStrings["Reveal in Summary view"] = "Reveal in Summary view";
localizedStrings["Run %d"] = "Run %d";
localizedStrings["Run"] = "Run";
localizedStrings["Selector"] = "Selector";
localizedStrings["Session Storage"] = "Session Storage";
localizedStrings["SSL"] = "SSL";
localizedStrings["Schedule Request"] = "Schedule Request";
localizedStrings["Scope Variables"] = "Scope Variables";
localizedStrings["Screen resolution:"] = "Screen resolution:";
localizedStrings["Script"] = "Script";
localizedStrings["Scripting"] = "Scripting";
localizedStrings["Scroll into View"] = "Scroll into View";
localizedStrings["Scroll into view"] = "Scroll into view";
localizedStrings["Sources Panel"] = "Sources Panel";
localizedStrings["Scripts"] = "Scripts";
localizedStrings["Source"] = "Source";
localizedStrings["Sources"] = "Sources";
localizedStrings["Search"] = "Search";
localizedStrings["Secure"] = "Secure";
localizedStrings["Select All"] = "Select All";
localizedStrings["Select an element in the page to inspect it."] = "Select an element in the page to inspect it.";
localizedStrings["Select audits to run"] = "Select audits to run";
localizedStrings["Select profiling type"] = "Select profiling type";
localizedStrings["Selected Node Only"] = "Selected Node Only";
localizedStrings["Self Time"] = "Self Time";
localizedStrings["Self"] = "Self";
localizedStrings["Send Request"] = "Send Request";
localizedStrings["Sending"] = "Sending";
localizedStrings["Session"] = "Session";
localizedStrings["Show All Nodes (%d More)"] = "Show All Nodes (%d More)";
localizedStrings["Show absolute times."] = "Show absolute times.";
localizedStrings["Show absolute total and self times."] = "Show absolute total and self times.";
localizedStrings["Show console."] = "Show console.";
localizedStrings["Show Function Definition"] = "Show Function Definition";
localizedStrings["Show function definition"] = "Show function definition";
localizedStrings["Show inherited"] = "Show inherited";
localizedStrings["Show keyboard shortcuts"] = "Show keyboard shortcuts";
localizedStrings["Show rulers"] = "Show rulers";
localizedStrings["Show Shadow DOM"] = "Show Shadow DOM";
localizedStrings["Show times as percentages."] = "Show times as percentages.";
localizedStrings["Show total and self times as percentages."] = "Show total and self times as percentages.";
localizedStrings["Size"] = "Size";
localizedStrings["Snapshot %d"] = "Snapshot %d";
localizedStrings["End Time"] = "End Time";
localizedStrings["Lat = "] = "Lat = ";
localizedStrings["Latency"] = "Latency";
localizedStrings["Lon = "] = "Lon = ";
localizedStrings["Response Time"] = "Response Time";
localizedStrings["Set-Cookies"] = "Set-Cookies";
localizedStrings["Start"] = "Start";
localizedStrings["Start CPU profiling."] = "Start CPU profiling.";
localizedStrings["Start CSS selector profiling."] = "Start CSS selector profiling.";
localizedStrings["Start Time"] = "Start Time";
localizedStrings["Status Code"] = "Status Code";
localizedStrings["Step into next function call (%s)."] = "Step into next function call (%s).";
localizedStrings["Step into"] = "Step into";
localizedStrings["Step out of current function (%s)."] = "Step out of current function (%s).";
localizedStrings["Step out"] = "Step out";
localizedStrings["Step over next function call (%s)."] = "Step over next function call (%s).";
localizedStrings["Step over"] = "Step over";
localizedStrings["Stepping"] = "Stepping";
localizedStrings["Stop"] = "Stop";
localizedStrings["Stop CPU profiling."] = "Stop CPU profiling.";
localizedStrings["Stop CSS selector profiling."] = "Stop CSS selector profiling.";
localizedStrings["Style Attribute"] = "Style Attribute";
localizedStrings["Styles Pane"] = "Styles Pane";
localizedStrings["Styles"] = "Styles";
localizedStrings["Stylesheet"] = "Stylesheet";
localizedStrings["Stylesheets"] = "Stylesheets";
localizedStrings["Swap dimensions"] = "Swap dimensions";
localizedStrings["Subtree Modified"] = "Subtree Modified";
localizedStrings["Take Snapshot"] = "Take Snapshot";
localizedStrings["Take heap snapshot."] = "Take heap snapshot.";
localizedStrings["Take Heap Snapshot"] = "Take Heap Snapshot";
localizedStrings["The breakpoint on line %d will stop only if this expression is true:"] = "The breakpoint on line %d will stop only if this expression is true:";
localizedStrings["The “%s”\ntable is empty."] = "The “%s”\ntable is empty.";
localizedStrings["This site has no cookies."] = "This site has no cookies.";
localizedStrings["This request has no detailed timing info."] = "This request has no detailed timing info.";
localizedStrings["This request has no preview available."] = "This request has no preview available.";
localizedStrings["This request has no response data available."] = "This request has no response data available.";
localizedStrings["Time"] = "Time";
localizedStrings["Timeline"] = "Timeline";
localizedStrings["Timeout"] = "Timeout";
localizedStrings["Timeout (ms)"] = "Timeout (ms)";
localizedStrings["Timer Fired"] = "Timer Fired";
localizedStrings["Timer ID"] = "Timer ID";
localizedStrings["Timing"] = "Timing";
localizedStrings["Toggle console"] = "Toggle console";
localizedStrings["Total"] = "Total";
localizedStrings["Tree (Top Down)"] = "Tree (Top Down)";
localizedStrings["Type"] = "Type";
localizedStrings["Undock into separate window."] = "Undock into separate window.";
localizedStrings["Unknown property name."] = "Unknown property name.";
localizedStrings["Use large resource rows."] = "Use large resource rows.";
localizedStrings["Use small resource rows."] = "Use small resource rows.";
localizedStrings["Use %s Click to select multiple types."] = "Use %s Click to select multiple types.";
localizedStrings["Used Heap Size"] = "Used Heap Size";
localizedStrings["Unhide All"] = "Unhide All";
localizedStrings["Unhide all"] = "Unhide all";
localizedStrings["Value"] = "Value";
localizedStrings["Waiting"] = "Waiting";
localizedStrings["Warnings"] = "Warnings";
localizedStrings["Watch Expressions"] = "Watch Expressions";
localizedStrings["With Block"] = "With Block";
localizedStrings["Word Wrap"] = "Word Wrap";
localizedStrings["Word wrap"] = "Word wrap";
localizedStrings["Workers"] = "Workers";
localizedStrings["Workspace"] = "Workspace";
localizedStrings["XHR Load"] = "XHR Load";
localizedStrings["XHR Ready State Change"] = "XHR Ready State Change";
localizedStrings["XHR"] = "XHR";
localizedStrings["Log XMLHttpRequests"] = "Log XMLHttpRequests";
localizedStrings["You need to enable debugging before you can use the Scripts panel."] = "You need to enable debugging before you can use the Scripts panel.";
localizedStrings["You need to enable profiling before you can use the Profiles panel."] = "You need to enable profiling before you can use the Profiles panel.";
localizedStrings["[empty domain]"] = "[empty domain]";
localizedStrings["border"] = "border";
localizedStrings["content"] = "content";
localizedStrings["empty"] = "empty";
localizedStrings["fit"] = "fit";
localizedStrings["margin"] = "margin";
localizedStrings["or"] = "or";
localizedStrings["overset"] = "overset";
localizedStrings["padding"] = "padding";
localizedStrings["position"] = "position";
localizedStrings["region chain"] = "region chain";
localizedStrings["user agent stylesheet"] = "user agent stylesheet";
localizedStrings["user stylesheet"] = "user stylesheet";
localizedStrings["via inspector"] = "via inspector";
localizedStrings["view URL encoded"] = "view URL encoded";
localizedStrings["view decoded"] = "view decoded";
localizedStrings["view parsed"] = "view parsed";
localizedStrings["view source"] = "view source";
localizedStrings["Attributes Modifications"] = "Attributes Modifications";
localizedStrings["Attributes modifications"] = "Attributes modifications";
localizedStrings["Node Removal"] = "Node Removal";
localizedStrings["Node removal"] = "Node removal";
localizedStrings["Subtree Modifications"] = "Subtree Modifications";
localizedStrings["Subtree modifications"] = "Subtree modifications";
localizedStrings["<node>"] = "<node>";
localizedStrings["<not available>"] = "<not available>";
localizedStrings["Paused on a \"%s\" breakpoint set on %s, because a new child was added to its descendant %s."] = "Paused on a \"%s\" breakpoint set on %s, because a new child was added to its descendant %s.";
localizedStrings["Paused on a \"%s\" breakpoint set on %s, because a new child was added to that node."] = "Paused on a \"%s\" breakpoint set on %s, because a new child was added to that node.";
localizedStrings["Paused on a \"%s\" breakpoint set on %s, because its descendant %s was removed."] = "Paused on a \"%s\" breakpoint set on %s, because its descendant %s was removed.";
localizedStrings["Paused on a \"%s\" breakpoint set on %s."] = "Paused on a \"%s\" breakpoint set on %s.";
localizedStrings["Paused on a XMLHttpRequest."] = "Paused on a XMLHttpRequest.";
localizedStrings["Paused on a \"%s\" Event Listener."] = "Paused on a \"%s\" Event Listener.";
localizedStrings["Paused on a JavaScript breakpoint."] = "Paused on a JavaScript breakpoint.";
localizedStrings["Paused on a script blocked due to Content Security Policy directive: \"%s\"."] = "Paused on a script blocked due to Content Security Policy directive: \"%s\".";
localizedStrings["URL contains \"%s\""] = "URL contains \"%s\"";
localizedStrings["Network"] = "Network";
localizedStrings["Status"] = "Status";
localizedStrings["Method"] = "Method";
localizedStrings["Pending"] = "Pending";
localizedStrings["(pending)"] = "(pending)";
localizedStrings["Success"] = "Success";
localizedStrings["%d requests"] = "%d requests";
localizedStrings["%d / %d requests"] = "%d / %d requests";
localizedStrings["%s transferred"] = "%s transferred";
localizedStrings["%s / %s transferred"] = "%s / %s transferred";
localizedStrings["%s (onload: %s, DOMContentLoaded: %s)"] = "%s (onload: %s, DOMContentLoaded: %s)";
localizedStrings["DOM Breakpoints"] = "DOM Breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Event Listener Breakpoints"] = "Event Listener Breakpoints";
localizedStrings["XHR Breakpoints"] = "XHR Breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Mouse"] = "Mouse";
localizedStrings["Keyboard"] = "Keyboard";
localizedStrings["Clipboard"] = "Clipboard";
localizedStrings["DOM Mutation"] = "DOM Mutation";
localizedStrings["Device"] = "Device";
localizedStrings["Load"] = "Load";
localizedStrings["Control"] = "Control";
localizedStrings["Timer"] = "Timer";
localizedStrings["Set Timer"] = "Set Timer";
localizedStrings["Clear Timer"] = "Clear Timer";
localizedStrings["No requests captured. Reload the page to see detailed information on the network activity."] = "No requests captured. Reload the page to see detailed information on the network activity.";
localizedStrings["This request has no cookies."] = "This request has no cookies.";
localizedStrings["(%d, %d)"] = "(%d, %d)";
localizedStrings["WebSockets"] = "WebSockets";
localizedStrings["Frames"] = "Frames";
localizedStrings["Text"] = "Text";
localizedStrings["Content"] = "Content";
localizedStrings["URL"] = "URL";
localizedStrings["WebSocket"] = "WebSocket";
localizedStrings["(system)"] = "(system)";
localizedStrings["(compiled code)"] = "(compiled code)";
localizedStrings["Loading\u2026"] = "Loading\u2026";
localizedStrings["Parsing\u2026"] = "Parsing\u2026";
localizedStrings["Snapshotting\u2026"] = "Snapshotting\u2026";
localizedStrings["Cancel"] = "Cancel";
localizedStrings["Show %d after"] = "Show %d after";
localizedStrings["Show %d before"] = "Show %d before";
localizedStrings["Show all %d"] = "Show all %d";
localizedStrings["Comparison"] = "Comparison";
localizedStrings["#"] = "#";
localizedStrings["Freed Size"] = "Freed Size";
localizedStrings["Object"] = "Object";
localizedStrings["Alloc. Size"] = "Alloc. Size";
localizedStrings["Summary"] = "Summary";
localizedStrings["Dominators"] = "Dominators";
localizedStrings["# Deleted"] = "# Deleted";
localizedStrings["Containment"] = "Containment";
localizedStrings["Retained Size"] = "Retained Size";
localizedStrings["Shallow Size"] = "Shallow Size";
localizedStrings["# New"] = "# New";
localizedStrings["context var"] = "context var";
localizedStrings["system prop"] = "system prop";
localizedStrings["Property types:"] = "Property types:";
localizedStrings["element"] = "element";
localizedStrings["property"] = "property";
localizedStrings["Object types:"] = "Object types:";
localizedStrings["Copy Stack Trace"] = "Copy Stack Trace";
localizedStrings["Copy stack trace"] = "Copy stack trace";
localizedStrings["Restart Frame"] = "Restart Frame";
localizedStrings["Restart frame"] = "Restart frame";
localizedStrings["Collect Garbage"] = "Collect Garbage";
localizedStrings["Catch"] = "Catch";
localizedStrings["Pretty print"] = "Pretty print";
localizedStrings["Save As..."] = "Save As...";
localizedStrings["Save as..."] = "Save as...";
localizedStrings["Save"] = "Save";
localizedStrings["Break when URL contains:"] = "Break when URL contains:";
localizedStrings["Content scripts"] = "Content scripts";
localizedStrings["Preserve log upon navigation"] = "Preserve log upon navigation";
localizedStrings["Preserve Log upon Navigation"] = "Preserve Log upon Navigation";
localizedStrings["Copy Image URL"] = "Copy Image URL";
localizedStrings["Copy image URL"] = "Copy image URL";
localizedStrings["Open Image in New Tab"] = "Open Image in New Tab";
localizedStrings["Open image in new tab"] = "Open image in new tab";
localizedStrings["Color format"] = "Color format";
localizedStrings["Settings"] = "Settings";
localizedStrings["Toggle Element State"] = "Toggle Element State";
localizedStrings["Load Timeline Data\u2026"] = "Load Timeline Data\u2026";
localizedStrings["Load Timeline data\u2026"] = "Load Timeline data\u2026";
localizedStrings["Save Timeline Data\u2026"] = "Save Timeline Data\u2026";
localizedStrings["Save Timeline data\u2026"] = "Save Timeline data\u2026";
localizedStrings["Load timeline data"] = "Load timeline data";
localizedStrings["Save timeline data"] = "Save timeline data";
localizedStrings["An error occurred while reading the file \"%s\""] = "An error occurred while reading the file \"%s\"";
localizedStrings["File \"%s\" is not readable"] = "File \"%s\" is not readable";
localizedStrings["File \"%s\" not found."] = "File \"%s\" not found.";
localizedStrings["Show user agent styles"] = "Show user agent styles";
localizedStrings["Request Animation Frame"] = "Request Animation Frame";
localizedStrings["Cancel Animation Frame"] = "Cancel Animation Frame";
localizedStrings["Animation Frame Fired"] = "Animation Frame Fired";
localizedStrings["Extensions"] = "Extensions";
localizedStrings["Open links in"] = "Open links in";
localizedStrings["a panel chosen automatically"] = "a panel chosen automatically";
localizedStrings["Searching..."] = "Searching...";
localizedStrings["No matches found."] = "No matches found.";
localizedStrings["Ignore case"] = "Ignore case";
localizedStrings["Regular expression"] = "Regular expression";
localizedStrings["(%d matches)"] = "(%d matches)";
localizedStrings["(%d match)"] = "(%d match)";
localizedStrings["Not available"] = "Not available";
localizedStrings["Profile %d"] = "Profile %d";
localizedStrings["Automatically attach to new workers and pause them. Enabling this option will force opening inspector for all new workers."] = "Automatically attach to new workers. Enabling this option will force opening inspector for all new workers.";
localizedStrings["Pause on start"] = "Pause on start";
localizedStrings["Dedicated worker inspectors"] = "Dedicated worker inspectors";
localizedStrings["Stamp"] = "Stamp";
localizedStrings["No Watch Expressions"] = "No Watch Expressions";
localizedStrings["Start/stop recording"] = "Start/stop recording";
localizedStrings["Callback ID"] = "Callback ID";
localizedStrings["Timeline Panel"] = "Timeline Panel";
localizedStrings["All objects"] = "All objects";
localizedStrings["Objects allocated before Snapshot %d"] = "Objects allocated before Snapshot %d";
localizedStrings["Objects allocated between Snapshots %d and %d"] = "Objects allocated between Snapshots %d and %d";
localizedStrings["Show all matches (%d more)."] = "Show all matches (%d more).";
localizedStrings["Found %d matches in %d files."] = "Found %d matches in %d files.";
localizedStrings["Search finished."] = "Search finished.";
localizedStrings["Search interrupted."] = "Search interrupted.";
localizedStrings["Add to Watch"] = "Add to Watch";
localizedStrings["Add to watch"] = "Add to watch";
localizedStrings["Add Watch Expression"] = "Add Watch Expression";
localizedStrings["Add watch expression"] = "Add watch expression";
localizedStrings["Add XHR breakpoint"] = "Add XHR breakpoint";
localizedStrings["Indentation"] = "Indentation";
localizedStrings["2 spaces"] = "2 spaces";
localizedStrings["4 spaces"] = "4 spaces";
localizedStrings["8 spaces"] = "8 spaces";
localizedStrings["Tab character"] = "Tab character";
localizedStrings["Search in content scripts"] = "Search in content scripts";
localizedStrings["User Agent"] = "User Agent";
localizedStrings["Other..."] = "Other...";
localizedStrings["Search across all sources"] = "Search across all sources";
localizedStrings["Evaluate in console"] = "Evaluate in console";
localizedStrings["Evaluate in Console"] = "Evaluate in Console";
localizedStrings["Evaluate selection in console"] = "Evaluate selection in console";
localizedStrings["new frame"] = "new frame";
localizedStrings["Web Inspector - %s"] = "Web Inspector - %s";
localizedStrings["Open using %s"] = "Open using %s";
localizedStrings["Open Using %s"] = "Open Using %s";
localizedStrings["Show objects' hidden properties"] = "Show objects' hidden properties";
localizedStrings["Show uninstrumented native memory"] = "Show uninstrumented native memory";
localizedStrings["Remove All Breakpoints"] = "Remove All Breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Remove all breakpoints"] = "Remove all breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Remove All DOM Breakpoints"] = "Remove All DOM Breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Remove all DOM breakpoints"] = "Remove all DOM breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Enable All Breakpoints"] = "Enable All Breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Enable all breakpoints"] = "Enable all breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Disable all breakpoints"] = "Disable all breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Disable All Breakpoints"] = "Disable All Breakpoints";
localizedStrings["Enable source maps"] = "Enable source maps";
localizedStrings["Experiments"] = "Experiments";
localizedStrings["WARNING:"] = "WARNING:";
localizedStrings["These experiments could be dangerous and may require restart."] = "These experiments could be dangerous and may require restart.";
localizedStrings["General"] = "General";
localizedStrings["Object's retaining tree"] = "Object's retaining tree";
localizedStrings["Touch"] = "Touch";
localizedStrings["Close"] = "Close";
localizedStrings["Close Others"] = "Close Others";
localizedStrings["Close others"] = "Close others";
localizedStrings["Close All"] = "Close All";
localizedStrings["Close all"] = "Close all";
localizedStrings["Hide element"] = "Hide element";
localizedStrings["Toggle edit as HTML"] = "Toggle edit as HTML";
localizedStrings["Pin navigator"] = "Pin navigator";
localizedStrings["Show navigator"] = "Show navigator";
localizedStrings["Hide navigator"] = "Hide navigator";
localizedStrings["IndexedDB"] = "IndexedDB";
localizedStrings["Animation"] = "Animation";
localizedStrings["Show paint rectangles"] = "Show paint rectangles";
localizedStrings["Show composited layer borders"] = "Show composited layer borders";
localizedStrings["Show FPS meter"] = "Show FPS meter";
localizedStrings["Security origin"] = "Security origin";
localizedStrings["Version"] = "Version";
localizedStrings["Primary key"] = "Primary key";
localizedStrings["Show previous page."] = "Show previous page.";
localizedStrings["Show next page."] = "Show next page.";
localizedStrings["Start from key"] = "Start from key";
localizedStrings["Glue asynchronous events to causes"] = "Glue asynchronous events to causes";
localizedStrings["undefined × %d"] = "undefined × %d";
localizedStrings["Key path: "] = "Key path: ";
localizedStrings["autoIncrement"] = "autoIncrement";
localizedStrings["unique"] = "unique";
localizedStrings["multiEntry"] = "multiEntry";
localizedStrings["An error happened when a call for method '%s' was requested"] = "An error happened when a call for method '%s' was requested";
localizedStrings["Rename"] = "Rename";
localizedStrings["Remove"] = "Remove";
localizedStrings["New"] = "New";
localizedStrings["Frame"] = "Frame";
localizedStrings["FPS"] = "FPS";
localizedStrings["Continuation Frame"] = "Continuation Frame";
localizedStrings["Binary Frame"] = "Binary Frame";
localizedStrings["Connection Close Frame"] = "Connection Close Frame";
localizedStrings["Ping Frame"] = "Ping Frame";
localizedStrings["Pong Frame"] = "Pong Frame";
localizedStrings["Length"] = "Length";
localizedStrings["Data"] = "Data";
localizedStrings["%s (Opcode %d%s)"] = "%s (Opcode %d%s)";
localizedStrings["<Left>"] = "<Left>";
localizedStrings["<Right>"] = "<Right>";
localizedStrings["<Up>"] = "<Up>";
localizedStrings["<Down>"] = "<Down>";
localizedStrings["Events"] = "Events";
localizedStrings["Loading\u2026 %d\%"] = "Loading\u2026 %d\%";
localizedStrings["Saving\u2026 %d\%"] = "Saving\u2026 %d\%";
localizedStrings["Only heap snapshots from files with extension '.heapsnapshot' can be loaded."] = "Only heap snapshots from files with extension '.heapsnapshot' can be loaded.";
localizedStrings["Can't load profile when other profile is recording."] = "Can't load profile when other profile is recording.";
localizedStrings["'%s' not found."] = "'%s' not found.";
localizedStrings["'%s' is not readable"] = "'%s' is not readable";
localizedStrings["'%s' error %d"] = "'%s' error %d";
localizedStrings["Load Heap Snapshot\u2026"] = "Load Heap Snapshot\u2026";
localizedStrings["Load heap snapshot\u2026"] = "Load heap snapshot\u2026";
localizedStrings["Save Heap Snapshot\u2026"] = "Save Heap Snapshot\u2026";
localizedStrings["Save heap snapshot\u2026"] = "Save heap snapshot\u2026";
localizedStrings["Delete Heap Snapshot"] = "Delete Heap Snapshot";
localizedStrings["Delete heap snapshot"] = "Delete heap snapshot";
localizedStrings["Show debugger"] = "Show debugger";
localizedStrings["Hide debugger"] = "Hide debugger";
localizedStrings["Clipboard access is denied"] = "Clipboard access is denied";
localizedStrings["Go to source"] = "Go to source";
localizedStrings["Delete Profile"] = "Delete Profile";
localizedStrings["Delete profile"] = "Delete profile";
localizedStrings["Local Modifications\u2026"] = "Local Modifications\u2026";
localizedStrings["Local modifications\u2026"] = "Local modifications\u2026";
localizedStrings["apply original content"] = "apply original content";
localizedStrings["apply revision content"] = "apply revision content";
localizedStrings["revert"] = "revert";
localizedStrings["CPU"] = "CPU";
localizedStrings["CPU Time"] = "CPU Time";
localizedStrings["Encoded Data Length"] = "Encoded Data Length";
localizedStrings["%d Bytes"] = "%d Bytes";
localizedStrings["Time End"] = "Time End";
localizedStrings["Find"] = "Find";
localizedStrings["Replace"] = "Replace";
localizedStrings["Replace All"] = "Replace All";
localizedStrings["Previous"] = "Previous";
localizedStrings["Paused in debugger"] = "Paused in debugger";
localizedStrings["Emulate position unavailable"] = "Emulate position unavailable";
localizedStrings["Override Geolocation"] = "Override Geolocation";
localizedStrings["Geolocation Position"] = "Geolocation Position";
localizedStrings["Override Device Orientation"] = "Override Device Orientation";
localizedStrings["Note"] = "Note";
localizedStrings["Forced synchronous layout is a possible performance bottleneck."] = "Forced synchronous layout is a possible performance bottleneck.";
localizedStrings["Styles invalidated"] = "Styles invalidated";
localizedStrings["Styles recalculation forced"] = "Styles recalculation forced";
localizedStrings["Message"] = "Message";
localizedStrings["Layout invalidated"] = "Layout invalidated";
localizedStrings["Layout forced"] = "Layout forced";
localizedStrings["Paused on assertion."] = "Paused on assertion.";
localizedStrings["%s (%s%s)"] = "%s (%s%s)";
localizedStrings["Running audit"] = "Running audit";
localizedStrings["Collecting content…"] = "Collecting content…";
localizedStrings["Writing file…"] = "Writing file…";
localizedStrings["Snippets"] = "Snippets";
localizedStrings["Refresh IndexedDB"] = "Refresh IndexedDB";
localizedStrings["FileSystem"] = "FileSystem";
localizedStrings["Refresh FileSystem List"] = "Refresh FileSystem List";
localizedStrings["Refresh FileSystem list"] = "Refresh FileSystem list";
localizedStrings["Native memory snapshot profiles show memory distribution among browser subsystems"] = "Native memory snapshot profiles show memory distribution among browser subsystems";
localizedStrings["Worker asks to call a method '%s' on an unsupported object '%s'."] = "Worker asks to call a method '%s' on an unsupported object '%s'.";
localizedStrings["Worker asks to call an unsupported method '%s' on the console object."] = "Worker asks to call an unsupported method '%s' on the console object.";
localizedStrings["String Version"] = "String Version";
localizedStrings["Integer Version"] = "Integer Version";
localizedStrings["Search Previous"] = "Search Previous";
localizedStrings["Search Next"] = "Search Next";
localizedStrings["Disable JavaScript"] = "Disable JavaScript";
localizedStrings["Profiler"] = "Profiler";
localizedStrings["Painting"] = "Painting";
localizedStrings["Frame Start"] = "Frame Start";
localizedStrings["Schedule Style Recalculation"] = "Schedule Style Recalculation";
localizedStrings["Invalidate Layout"] = "Invalidate Layout";
localizedStrings["Composite Layers"] = "Composite Layers";
localizedStrings["Interval Duration"] = "Interval Duration";
localizedStrings["Replay XHR"] = "Replay XHR";
localizedStrings["[ %d - %d ]"] = "[ %d - %d ]";
localizedStrings["Search sources"] = "Search sources";
localizedStrings["\u00D7"] = "\u00D7";
localizedStrings["Find next/previous"] = "Find next/previous";
localizedStrings["Go to line"] = "Go to line";
localizedStrings["Local modifications"] = "Local modifications";
localizedStrings["Class filter"] = "Class filter";
localizedStrings["Are you sure you want to delete the selected entry?"] = "Are you sure you want to delete the selected entry?";
localizedStrings["Distance"] = "Distance";
localizedStrings["\u03B1:"] = "\u03B1:";
localizedStrings["Toggle breakpoint"] = "Toggle breakpoint";
localizedStrings["Capture Canvas Frame"] = "Capture Canvas Frame";
localizedStrings["Capture next canvas frame."] = "Capture next canvas frame.";
localizedStrings["Stop capturing canvas frames."] = "Stop capturing canvas frames.";
localizedStrings["Start capturing canvas frames."] = "Start capturing canvas frames.";
localizedStrings["Single Frame"] = "Single Frame";
localizedStrings["Capture a single canvas frame."] = "Capture a single canvas frame.";
localizedStrings["Consecutive Frames"] = "Consecutive Frames";
localizedStrings["Capture consecutive canvas frames."] = "Capture consecutive canvas frames.";
localizedStrings["Frame containing the canvases to capture."] = "Frame containing the canvases to capture.";
localizedStrings["Trace Log %d"] = "Trace Log %d";
localizedStrings["CANVAS PROFILE"] = "CANVAS PROFILE";
localizedStrings["Canvas calls instrumentation"] = "Canvas calls instrumentation";
localizedStrings["Capturing\u2026"] = "Capturing\u2026";
localizedStrings["Capturing\u2026 %d calls"] = "Capturing\u2026 %d calls";
localizedStrings["Captured %d calls"] = "Captured %d calls";
localizedStrings["There is an uninstrumented canvas on the page. Reload the page to instrument it."] = "There is an uninstrumented canvas on the page. Reload the page to instrument it.";
localizedStrings["First call."] = "First call.";
localizedStrings["Previous call."] = "Previous call.";
localizedStrings["Next call."] = "Next call.";
localizedStrings["Previous drawing call."] = "Previous drawing call.";
localizedStrings["Next drawing call."] = "Next drawing call.";
localizedStrings["Last call."] = "Last call.";
localizedStrings["Show screenshot of the last replayed resource."] = "Show screenshot of the last replayed resource.";
localizedStrings["Show screenshot of this context's canvas."] = "Show screenshot of this context's canvas.";
localizedStrings["Reload"] = "Reload";
localizedStrings["Binary File"] = "Binary File";
localizedStrings["Modification Time"] = "Modification Time";
localizedStrings["Directory"] = "Directory";
localizedStrings["-"] = "-";
localizedStrings["JavaScript heap"] = "JavaScript heap";
localizedStrings["DOM storage cache"] = "DOM storage cache";
localizedStrings["Support for Sass"] = "Support for Sass";
localizedStrings["Snippets support"] = "Snippets support";
localizedStrings["Inspector data"] = "Inspector data";
localizedStrings["FileSystem inspection"] = "FileSystem inspection";
localizedStrings["Use CodeMirror editor"] = "Use CodeMirror editor";
localizedStrings["Native memory profiling"] = "Native memory profiling";
localizedStrings["OwnersTypePlaceholder"] = "OwnersTypePlaceholder";
localizedStrings["Show CPU activity on the ruler"] = "Show CPU activity on the ruler";
localizedStrings["Render tree"] = "Render tree";
localizedStrings["Canvas inspection"] = "Canvas inspection";
localizedStrings["Message Count"] = "Message Count";
localizedStrings["JavaScript external resources"] = "JavaScript external resources";
localizedStrings["Glyph cache resources"] = "Glyph cache resources";
localizedStrings["CSS Regions Support"] = "CSS Regions Support";
localizedStrings["Scroll"] = "Scroll";
localizedStrings["Show all records"] = "Show all records";
localizedStrings["\u2265 %dms"] = "\u2265 %dms";
localizedStrings["Hide records shorter than %dms"] = "Hide records shorter than %dms";
localizedStrings["Detached from the target"] = "Detached from the target";
localizedStrings["Remote debugging has been terminated with reason: "] = "Remote debugging has been terminated with reason: ";
localizedStrings["Please re-attach to the new target."] = "Please re-attach to the new target.";
localizedStrings["%s (%.0f FPS)"] = "%s (%.0f FPS)";
localizedStrings["Selected Range"] = "Selected Range";
localizedStrings["%s\u2013%s (%d frames)"] = "%s\u2013%s (%d frames)";
localizedStrings["Minimum Time"] = "Minimum Time";
localizedStrings["Average Time"] = "Average Time";
localizedStrings["Maximum Time"] = "Maximum Time";
localizedStrings["Standard Deviation"] = "Standard Deviation";
localizedStrings["Time by category"] = "Time by category";
localizedStrings["Show toolbar icons"] = "Show toolbar icons";
localizedStrings["Appearance"] = "Appearance";
localizedStrings["Live Edit"] = "Live Edit";
localizedStrings["Live edit"] = "Live edit";
localizedStrings["File mapping url"] = "File mapping url";
localizedStrings["File mapping path"] = "File mapping path";
localizedStrings["Add file system"] = "Add file system";
localizedStrings["File systems"] = "File systems";
localizedStrings["Mappings"] = "Mappings";
localizedStrings["Add"] = "Add";
localizedStrings["Object state below is captured upon first expansion"] = "Object state below is captured upon first expansion";
localizedStrings["(index)"] = "(index)";
localizedStrings["WebSocket Protocol"] = "WebSocket Protocol";
localizedStrings["Create WebSocket"] = "Create WebSocket";
localizedStrings["Send WebSocket Handshake"] = "Send WebSocket Handshake";
localizedStrings["Receive WebSocket Handshake"] = "Receive WebSocket Handshake";
localizedStrings["Destroy WebSocket"] = "Destroy WebSocket";
localizedStrings["Split panels vertically when docked to right"] = "Split panels vertically when docked to right";
localizedStrings["(no domain)"] = "(no domain)";
localizedStrings["This file was changed externally. Would you like to reload it?"] = "This file was changed externally. Would you like to reload it?";
localizedStrings["It is recommended to restart inspector after making these changes. Would you like to restart it?"] = "It is recommended to restart inspector after making these changes. Would you like to restart it?";
localizedStrings["Limit number of captured JS stack frames"] = "Limit number of captured JS stack frames";
localizedStrings["Frames to capture"] = "Frames to capture";
localizedStrings["Select node to inspect"] = "Select node to inspect";
localizedStrings["Nodes that need layout"] = "Nodes that need layout";
localizedStrings["Layout tree size"] = "Layout tree size";
localizedStrings["Layout scope"] = "Layout scope";
localizedStrings["Partial"] = "Partial";
localizedStrings["Whole document"] = "Whole document";
localizedStrings["Rasterize"] = "Rasterize";
localizedStrings["Use Ace editor"] = "Use Ace editor";
localizedStrings["Show Overrides in drawer"] = "Show Overrides in drawer";
localizedStrings["File system folders in Sources Panel"] = "File system folders in Sources Panel";
localizedStrings["Show whitespace characters in editor"] = "Show whitespace characters in editor";
localizedStrings["Native memory timeline"] = "Native memory timeline";
localizedStrings["Enable smart braces in text editor"] = "Enable smart braces in text editor";
localizedStrings["Separate profiler tools"] = "Separate profiler tools";
localizedStrings["Show Flame Chart in CPU Profiler"] = "Show Flame Chart in CPU Profiler";
localizedStrings["CPU Profiler"] = "CPU Profiler";
localizedStrings["CSS Profiler"] = "CSS Profiler";
localizedStrings["Canvas Profiler"] = "Canvas Profiler";
localizedStrings["Memory Distribution"] = "Memory Distribution";
localizedStrings["Memory Snapshots"] = "Memory Snapshots";
localizedStrings["Take Native Heap Snapshot"] = "Take Native Heap Snapshot";
localizedStrings["Native memory snapshot profiles show native heap graph."] = "Native memory snapshot profiles show native heap graph.";
localizedStrings["Capture native heap graph."] = "Capture native heap graph.";
localizedStrings["Capture Native Memory Distribution"] = "Capture Native Memory Distribution";
localizedStrings["Capture native memory distribution."] = "Capture native memory distribution.";
localizedStrings["Canvas capture mode."] = "Canvas capture mode.";
localizedStrings["CSS"] = "CSS";
localizedStrings["DOM"] = "DOM";
localizedStrings["Memory allocator waste"] = "Memory allocator waste";
localizedStrings["MallocWaste"] = "MallocWaste";
localizedStrings["JSHeap.Unused"] = "JSHeap.Unused";
localizedStrings["JSHeap.Used"] = "JSHeap.Used";
localizedStrings["WebInspector"] = "WebInspector";
localizedStrings["Audio"] = "Audio";
localizedStrings["GlyphCache"] = "GlyphCache";
localizedStrings["JSExternalResources"] = "JSExternalResources";
localizedStrings["CPU time"] = "CPU time";
localizedStrings["Total time"] = "Total time";
localizedStrings["Are you sure you want to close unsaved file: %s?"] = "Are you sure you want to close unsaved file: %s?";
localizedStrings["Heap Profiler"] = "Heap Profiler";
localizedStrings["Self time"] = "Self time";
localizedStrings["Are you sure you want to remove network mapping?"] = "Are you sure you want to remove network mapping?";
localizedStrings["Selected range"] = "Selected range";
localizedStrings["Number of calls"] = "Number of calls";