Verify the following tests with and without the page scrolled (including seeming unrelated test cases like printing).
For the Qt port, test with both QtLauncher and QGVLauncher

This is an overlay that will display over the flash. In addition, you should be able to see the flash through the div contents.
Verify if the flash toggles visibility
Verify if the flash resizes when element is resized
Verify if the flash moves when element is moved
Verify css animations with flash
Verify if printing displays flash on the print preview and printer output
Verify if elements in flash are correctly painted and clickable after zooming
Verify if taking a screenshot from QtLauncher display flash
Verify if flash is displayed with graphicssystems - raster, opengl
Verify if shifting focus back and forth from flash to html works
Test if html can display over flash Test opaque mode by setting wmode to opaque