Frame.h   [plain text]

// -*- c-basic-offset: 4 -*-
 * Copyright (C) 1998, 1999 Torben Weis <>
 *                     1999-2001 Lars Knoll <>
 *                     1999-2001 Antti Koivisto <>
 *                     2000-2001 Simon Hausmann <>
 *                     2000-2001 Dirk Mueller <>
 *                     2000 Stefan Schimanski <>
 * Copyright (C) 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
 * Copyright (C) 2007 Trolltech ASA
 * This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
 * License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
 * version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
 * This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * Library General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public License
 * along with this library; see the file COPYING.LIB.  If not, write to
 * the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
 * Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

#ifndef Frame_h
#define Frame_h

#include "Color.h"
#include "EditAction.h"
#include "DragImage.h"
#include "RenderLayer.h"
#include "TextGranularity.h"
#include "VisiblePosition.h"
#include <wtf/unicode/Unicode.h>
#include <wtf/Forward.h>
#include <wtf/Vector.h>
#include <GraphicsServices/GSEvent.h>

namespace KJS {

    class Interpreter;
    class JSGlobalObject;

    namespace Bindings {
        class Instance;
        class RootObject;


#ifdef __OBJC__
@class NSArray;
@class NSDictionary;
@class NSMenu;
@class NSMutableDictionary;
@class NSString;
@class WebCoreFrameBridge;
@class WebScriptObject;
class NSArray;
class NSDictionary;
class NSMenu;
class NSMutableDictionary;
class NSString;
class WebCoreFrameBridge;
class WebScriptObject;
typedef int NSWritingDirection;

namespace WebCore {

class AnimationController;
class CSSComputedStyleDeclaration;
class CSSMutableStyleDeclaration;
class CSSStyleDeclaration;
class DOMWindow;
class Document;
class Editor;
class Element;
class EventHandler;
class FloatRect;
class FrameLoader;
class FrameLoaderClient;
class HTMLFrameOwnerElement;
class HTMLTableCellElement;
class FramePrivate;
class FrameTree;
class FrameView;
class GraphicsContext;
class HTMLFormElement;
class IntRect;
class KJSProxy;
class KURL;
class Node;
class Page;
class Range;
class RenderLayer;
class RenderPart;
class Selection;
class SelectionController;
class Settings;
class Widget;

struct FrameLoadRequest;

template <typename T> class Timer;

enum { 
    OverflowScrollNone =  0x0,
    OverflowScrollLeft =  0x1,
    OverflowScrollRight = 0x2,
    OverflowScrollUp    = 0x4,
    OverflowScrollDown  = 0x8

enum OverflowScrollAction { DoNotPerformOverflowScroll, PerformOverflowScroll };
typedef Node* (*NodeQualifier)(HitTestResult aHitTestResult, Node* terminationNode, IntRect* frame);

class Frame : public RefCounted<Frame> {
    Frame(Page*, HTMLFrameOwnerElement*, FrameLoaderClient*);
    virtual void setView(FrameView*);
    virtual ~Frame();
    void init();

    void setBridge(WebCoreFrameBridge*);
    WebCoreFrameBridge* bridge() const;

    Page* page() const;
    HTMLFrameOwnerElement* ownerElement() const;

    void pageDestroyed();
    void disconnectOwnerElement();

    Document* document() const;
    FrameView* view() const;

    DOMWindow* domWindow() const;
    Editor* editor() const;
    EventHandler* eventHandler() const;
    FrameLoader* loader() const;
    SelectionController* selectionController() const;
    FrameTree* tree() const;
    AnimationController* animationController() const;

    // FIXME: Rename to contentRenderer and change type to RenderView.
    RenderObject* renderer() const; // root renderer for the document contained in this frame
    RenderPart* ownerRenderer(); // renderer for the element that contains this frame

    friend class FramePrivate;

    bool has3DContent() const;
    float frameScale() const;
    void setFrameScale(float newScale);
    FramePrivate* d;
// === undecided, would like to consider moving to another class

    static Frame* frameForWidget(const Widget*);

    Settings* settings() const; // can be NULL

    void setUserStyleSheetLocation(const KURL&);
    void setUserStyleSheet(const String&, bool saveStyleSheet = false);

    void setPrinting(bool printing, float minPageWidth, float maxPageWidth, bool adjustViewSize);

    bool inViewSourceMode() const;
    void setInViewSourceMode(bool = true) const;

    void keepAlive(); // Used to keep the frame alive when running a script that might destroy it.
#ifndef NDEBUG
    static void cancelAllKeepAlive();

    void didParse(double);
    void didLayout(bool, double);
    void didForcedLayout();
    void getPPTStats(unsigned& parseCount, unsigned& layoutCount, unsigned& forcedLayoutCount, CFTimeInterval& parseDuration, CFTimeInterval& layoutDuration);
    void clearPPTStats();

    virtual void formElementDidSetValue(Element*);
    virtual void formElementDidFocus(Element*);
    virtual void formElementDidBlur(Element*);

    virtual void didReceiveViewportArguments(ViewportArguments);

    virtual void setNeedsScrollNotifications(bool);

    virtual ViewportArguments viewportArguments();
    virtual void setViewportArguments(ViewportArguments);
    virtual NSDictionary * dictionaryForViewportArguments(ViewportArguments arguments);
    virtual void deferredContentChangeObserved();
    virtual void clearObservedContentModifiers();
    void didPreventDefaultForEvent(GSEventRef);
    void didReceiveDocType();
    char *windowState();
    void setLayoutInterval(int);
    int layoutInterval();
    void setMaxParseDuration(double);
    double maxParseDuration();

    inline void betterApproximateNode(int x, int y, NodeQualifier aQualifer, Node* & best, Node* failedNode, IntPoint &bestPoint, IntRect &bestRect, IntRect& testRect);
    inline Node* qualifyingNodeAtViewportLocation(CGPoint* aViewportLocation, NodeQualifier aQualifer, bool shouldApproximate);
    Node* nodeRespondingToClickEvents(CGPoint* aViewportLocation);
    Node* nodeRespondingToScrollWheelEvents(CGPoint* aViewportLocation);
    void clearSavedTimeouts();
    void pauseTimeoutsAndSave();
    void resumeSavedTimeouts();

    int indexCountOfWordPrecedingSelection(NSString *word);
    NSArray *wordsInCurrentParagraph();    
    CGRect renderRectForPoint(CGPoint point, bool *isReplaced, float *fontSize);

    void setEmbeddedEditingMode(bool b = true);
    bool embeddedEditingMode() const;

    KJS::Bindings::Instance* createScriptInstanceForWidget(Widget*);
    KJS::Bindings::RootObject* bindingRootObject();
    PassRefPtr<KJS::Bindings::RootObject> createRootObject(void* nativeHandle, KJS::JSGlobalObject*);

    WebScriptObject* windowScriptObject();

    NPObject* windowScriptNPObject();
    void setDocument(PassRefPtr<Document>);

    KJSProxy* scriptProxy();

    void sendOrientationChangeEvent();
    virtual int orientation() const;

    void clearTimers();
    static void clearTimers(FrameView*, Document* document);

    // Convenience, to avoid repeating the code to dig down to get this.
    UChar backslashAsCurrencySymbol() const;

    void setNeedsReapplyStyles();
    bool needsReapplyStyles() const;
    void reapplyStyles();

    String documentTypeString() const;

    void dashboardRegionsChanged();
    void eventRegionsChanged();
    void clearScriptProxy();
    void clearDOMWindow();

    void clearScriptObjects();
    void cleanupScriptObjectsForPlugin(void*);

    void clearPlatformScriptObjects();

    void lifeSupportTimerFired(Timer<Frame>*);
// === to be moved into Document

    bool isFrameSet() const;

// === to be moved into EventHandler

    void sendResizeEvent();
    void sendScrollEvent();

// === to be moved into FrameView

    void paint(GraphicsContext*, const IntRect&);
    void setPaintRestriction(PaintRestriction);
    bool isPainting() const;

    static double currentPaintTimeStamp() { return s_currentPaintTimeStamp; } // returns 0 if not painting
    void forceLayout(bool allowSubtree = false);
    void forceLayoutWithPageWidthRange(float minPageWidth, float maxPageWidth, bool adjustViewSize);

    void adjustPageHeight(float* newBottom, float oldTop, float oldBottom, float bottomLimit);

    void setZoomFactor(int percent);
    int zoomFactor() const; // FIXME: This is a multiplier for text size only; needs a better name.

    bool prohibitsScrolling() const;
    void setProhibitsScrolling(const bool);

    static double s_currentPaintTimeStamp; // used for detecting decoded resource thrash in the cache

// === to be moved into Chrome

    void focusWindow();
    void unfocusWindow();
    bool shouldClose();
    void scheduleClose();

    void setJSStatusBarText(const String&);
    void setJSDefaultStatusBarText(const String&);
    String jsStatusBarText() const;
    String jsDefaultStatusBarText() const;

// === to be moved into Editor

    String selectedText() const;  
    bool findString(const String&, bool forward, bool caseFlag, bool wrapFlag, bool startInSelection);

    const Selection& mark() const; // Mark, to be used as emacs uses it.
    void setMark(const Selection&);

     * Clears the current selection.
    void clearSelection();

    void computeAndSetTypingStyle(CSSStyleDeclaration* , EditAction = EditActionUnspecified);
    String selectionStartStylePropertyValue(int stylePropertyID) const;
    void applyEditingStyleToBodyElement() const;
    void removeEditingStyleFromBodyElement() const;
    void applyEditingStyleToElement(Element*) const;
    void removeEditingStyleFromElement(Element*) const;

    IntRect firstRectForRange(Range*) const;
    FloatQuad firstQuadForRange(Range*) const;      // takes transforms into account
    void respondToChangedSelection(const Selection& oldSelection, bool closeTyping);
    bool shouldChangeSelection(const Selection& oldSelection, const Selection& newSelection, EAffinity, bool stillSelecting) const;

    RenderStyle* styleForSelectionStart(Node*& nodeToRemove) const;

    unsigned markAllMatchesForText(const String&, bool caseFlag, unsigned limit);
    bool markedTextMatchesAreHighlighted() const;
    void setMarkedTextMatchesAreHighlighted(bool flag);

    CSSComputedStyleDeclaration* selectionComputedStyle(Node*& nodeToRemove) const;

    void textFieldDidBeginEditing(Element*);
    void textFieldDidEndEditing(Element*);
    void textDidChangeInTextField(Element*);
    bool doTextFieldCommandFromEvent(Element*, KeyboardEvent*);
    void textWillBeDeletedInTextField(Element* input);
    void textDidChangeInTextArea(Element*);

    DragImageRef dragImageForSelection();
// === to be moved into SelectionController

    TextGranularity selectionGranularity() const;
    void setSelectionGranularity(TextGranularity) const;

    bool shouldChangeSelection(const Selection&) const;
    bool shouldDeleteSelection(const Selection&) const;
    void clearCaretRectIfNeeded();
    void setFocusedNodeIfNeeded();
    void selectionLayoutChanged();
    void notifyRendererOfSelectionChange(bool userTriggered);

    virtual void notifySelectionLayoutChanged() const;
    void setSingleLineSelectionBehavior(bool b);
    bool singleLineSelectionBehavior() const;

    void invalidateSelection();

    void setCaretVisible(bool = true);
    void paintCaret(GraphicsContext*, const IntRect&) const;  
    void paintDragCaret(GraphicsContext*, const IntRect&) const;

    void setCaretColor(const Color &color); //PURPLE_CHANGE

     * Scroll the selection in an overflow layer. PURPLE_CHANGE
    void scrollOverflowLayer(RenderLayer *, const IntRect &visibleRect, const IntRect &exposeRect);

    int maximumImageSize();
    bool isTelephoneNumberParsingEnabled();
    void invalidateOwnerRendererLayoutIfNeeded();

    bool isContentEditable() const; // if true, everything in frame is editable

    void updateSecureKeyboardEntryIfActive();

    CSSMutableStyleDeclaration* typingStyle() const;
    void setTypingStyle(CSSMutableStyleDeclaration*);
    void clearTypingStyle();

    FloatRect selectionRect(bool clipToVisibleContent = true) const;
    void selectionTextRects(Vector<FloatRect>&, bool clipToVisibleContent = true) const;

    HTMLFormElement* currentForm() const;

    void revealSelection(const RenderLayer::ScrollAlignment& = RenderLayer::gAlignCenterIfNeeded) const;
    void revealCaret(const RenderLayer::ScrollAlignment& = RenderLayer::gAlignCenterIfNeeded) const;
    void setSelectionFromNone();
    void setCaretBlinks(bool flag = true);

  virtual void* contentsHostingLayer() const;

    void setUseSecureKeyboardEntry(bool);

    void caretBlinkTimerFired(Timer<Frame>*);

    void overflowAutoScrollTimerFired(Timer<Frame>*);
    void startOverflowAutoScroll(const IntPoint &);
    void stopOverflowAutoScroll();
    int checkOverflowScroll(OverflowScrollAction);

    SelectionController* dragCaretController() const;

    String searchForLabelsAboveCell(RegularExpression*, HTMLTableCellElement*);
    String searchForLabelsBeforeElement(const Vector<String>& labels, Element*);
    String matchLabelsAgainstElement(const Vector<String>& labels, Element*);
    VisiblePosition visiblePositionForPoint(const IntPoint& framePoint);
    Document* documentAtPoint(const IntPoint& windowPoint);


// === undecided, would like to consider moving to another class

    NSString* searchForNSLabelsAboveCell(RegularExpression*, HTMLTableCellElement*);
    NSString* searchForLabelsBeforeElement(NSArray* labels, Element*);
    NSString* matchLabelsAgainstElement(NSArray* labels, Element*);

    NSMutableDictionary* dashboardRegionsDictionary();

    void willPopupMenu(NSMenu*);


// === to be moved into Chrome

    FloatRect customHighlightLineRect(const AtomicString& type, const FloatRect& lineRect, Node*);
    void paintCustomHighlight(const AtomicString& type, const FloatRect& boxRect, const FloatRect& lineRect, bool text, bool line, Node*);

// === to be moved into Editor

    NSDictionary* fontAttributesForSelectionStart() const;
    NSWritingDirection baseWritingDirectionForSelectionStart() const;
    void issuePasteCommand();



} // namespace WebCore

#endif // Frame_h