BUG ID: Bugzilla bug 8276 REGRESSION (NativeTextField): Pasting a Finder item into a text field results in a file: URL being pasted instead of just the file name
BUG ID: Bugzilla bug 8283 REGRESSION: File's path doesn't appear after dragging file into input field

1. Double-click this disk image in the Finder.
2. Drag each item from the Finder window into the corresponding field below.
3. Select item 5 in the Finder window and choose Copy “5” from the Finder’s Edit menu.
4. Back in Safari, click inside the “Paste item 5 here” field and choose Paste from the Edit menu.
5. Eject the disk image.

TEST PASS: The fields’ contents will match the Expected Contents.

TEST FAIL: The fields’ contents will NOT match the Expected Contents.

Plain text clipping
Expected Contents
Drag item 1 here: Plain text clipping
Drag item 2 here: Styled text clipping
Drag item 3 here: full path to 3.gif, starting with a / character
Drag item 4 here: full path to 4.txt, starting with a / character
Drag item 5 here: http://www.ibm.com/
Paste item 5 here: 5