CODEOWNERS   [plain text]

# Maintainers, owners, and mandatory code reviewers for this repo
# Comments with a "Radar: " prefix indicate the radar component for all files
# grouped before the first subsequent newline.
# The first element on each line is a file pattern, as accepted by git ls-files.
# Subsequent elements are @stash_usernames for each owner.

#Radar: PowerManagement | all
*							@archana_venkatesh @jliu @saurabh_shah @vlingutla @kartik_venkatraman

CODEOWNERS					@kartik_venkatraman @archana_venkatesh @jliu @saurabh_shah @vlingutla @pranay_prabhakar @dtundlam @ananny @sbrinkmann @vvodela @mrecheromera @daniel_ye @mansi_patel

#Radar: PowerManagement | (BatteryDataCollection|Health)
*Battery*					@archana_venkatesh @jliu @vlingutla @pranay_prabhakar @dtundlam @ananny @sbrinkmann @nwidzer

#Radar: PowerManagement | Batteries
AppleSmartBatteryManager/*	@archana_venkatesh @jliu @vlingutla @pranay_prabhakar @sbrinkmann @vvodela @mrecheromera @daniel_ye @mansi_patel @fisiaka

#Radar: PowerManagement | PowerSources
ioupsd/*					@archana_venkatesh @jliu @vlingutla @pranay_prabhakar @sbrinkmann @vvodela @mrecheromera @daniel_ye @mansi_patel @fisiaka