packet.h   [plain text]

/* $OpenBSD: packet.h,v 1.76 2017/02/03 23:03:33 djm Exp $ */

 * Author: Tatu Ylonen <>
 * Copyright (c) 1995 Tatu Ylonen <>, Espoo, Finland
 *                    All rights reserved
 * Interface for the packet protocol functions.
 * As far as I am concerned, the code I have written for this software
 * can be used freely for any purpose.  Any derived versions of this
 * software must be clearly marked as such, and if the derived work is
 * incompatible with the protocol description in the RFC file, it must be
 * called by a name other than "ssh" or "Secure Shell".

#ifndef PACKET_H
#define PACKET_H

#include <termios.h>

# include <openssl/bn.h>
#  include <openssl/ec.h>
# else /* OPENSSL_HAS_ECC */
#  define EC_KEY	void
#  define EC_GROUP	void
#  define EC_POINT	void
# endif /* OPENSSL_HAS_ECC */
#else /* WITH_OPENSSL */
# define BIGNUM		void
# define EC_KEY		void
# define EC_GROUP	void
# define EC_POINT	void
#endif /* WITH_OPENSSL */

#include <signal.h>
#include "openbsd-compat/sys-queue.h"

struct kex;
struct sshkey;
struct sshbuf;
struct session_state;	/* private session data */

#include "dispatch.h"	/* typedef, DISPATCH_MAX */

struct key_entry {
	TAILQ_ENTRY(key_entry) next;
	struct sshkey *key;

struct ssh {
	/* Session state */
	struct session_state *state;

	/* Key exchange */
	struct kex *kex;

	/* cached local and remote ip addresses and ports */
	char *remote_ipaddr;
	int remote_port;
	char *local_ipaddr;
	int local_port;

	/* Optional preamble for log messages (e.g. username) */
	char *log_preamble;

	/* Dispatcher table */
	dispatch_fn *dispatch[DISPATCH_MAX];
	/* number of packets to ignore in the dispatcher */
	int dispatch_skip_packets;

	/* datafellows */
	int compat;

	/* Lists for private and public keys */
	TAILQ_HEAD(, key_entry) private_keys;
	TAILQ_HEAD(, key_entry) public_keys;

	/* APP data */
	void *app_data;

typedef int (ssh_packet_hook_fn)(struct ssh *, struct sshbuf *,
    u_char *, void *);

struct ssh *ssh_alloc_session_state(void);
struct ssh *ssh_packet_set_connection(struct ssh *, int, int);
void     ssh_packet_set_timeout(struct ssh *, int, int);
int	 ssh_packet_stop_discard(struct ssh *);
int	 ssh_packet_connection_af(struct ssh *);
void     ssh_packet_set_nonblocking(struct ssh *);
int      ssh_packet_get_connection_in(struct ssh *);
int      ssh_packet_get_connection_out(struct ssh *);
void     ssh_packet_close(struct ssh *);
void	 ssh_packet_set_encryption_key(struct ssh *, const u_char *, u_int, int);
void	 ssh_packet_set_input_hook(struct ssh *, ssh_packet_hook_fn *, void *);

int	 ssh_packet_is_rekeying(struct ssh *);
void     ssh_packet_set_protocol_flags(struct ssh *, u_int);
u_int	 ssh_packet_get_protocol_flags(struct ssh *);
int      ssh_packet_start_compression(struct ssh *, int);
void	 ssh_packet_set_tos(struct ssh *, int);
void     ssh_packet_set_interactive(struct ssh *, int, int, int);
int      ssh_packet_is_interactive(struct ssh *);
void     ssh_packet_set_server(struct ssh *);
void     ssh_packet_set_authenticated(struct ssh *);
void     ssh_packet_set_mux(struct ssh *);
int	 ssh_packet_get_mux(struct ssh *);
int	 ssh_packet_set_log_preamble(struct ssh *, const char *, ...)
    __attribute__((format(printf, 2, 3)));

int	 ssh_packet_log_type(u_char);

int	 ssh_packet_send1(struct ssh *);
int	 ssh_packet_send2_wrapped(struct ssh *);
int	 ssh_packet_send2(struct ssh *);

int      ssh_packet_read(struct ssh *);
int	 ssh_packet_read_expect(struct ssh *, u_int type);
int      ssh_packet_read_poll(struct ssh *);
int ssh_packet_read_poll1(struct ssh *, u_char *);
int ssh_packet_read_poll2(struct ssh *, u_char *, u_int32_t *seqnr_p);
int	 ssh_packet_process_incoming(struct ssh *, const char *buf, u_int len);
int      ssh_packet_read_seqnr(struct ssh *, u_char *, u_int32_t *seqnr_p);
int      ssh_packet_read_poll_seqnr(struct ssh *, u_char *, u_int32_t *seqnr_p);

const void *ssh_packet_get_string_ptr(struct ssh *, u_int *length_ptr);
void     ssh_packet_disconnect(struct ssh *, const char *fmt, ...)
	__attribute__((format(printf, 2, 3)))
void     ssh_packet_send_debug(struct ssh *, const char *fmt, ...) __attribute__((format(printf, 2, 3)));

int	 ssh_set_newkeys(struct ssh *, int mode);
void	 ssh_packet_get_bytes(struct ssh *, u_int64_t *, u_int64_t *);

int	 ssh_packet_write_poll(struct ssh *);
int	 ssh_packet_write_wait(struct ssh *);
int      ssh_packet_have_data_to_write(struct ssh *);
int      ssh_packet_not_very_much_data_to_write(struct ssh *);

int	 ssh_packet_connection_is_on_socket(struct ssh *);
int	 ssh_packet_remaining(struct ssh *);
void	 ssh_packet_send_ignore(struct ssh *, int);

void	 tty_make_modes(int, struct termios *);
void	 tty_parse_modes(int, int *);

void	 ssh_packet_set_alive_timeouts(struct ssh *, int);
int	 ssh_packet_inc_alive_timeouts(struct ssh *);
int	 ssh_packet_set_maxsize(struct ssh *, u_int);
u_int	 ssh_packet_get_maxsize(struct ssh *);

int	 ssh_packet_get_state(struct ssh *, struct sshbuf *);
int	 ssh_packet_set_state(struct ssh *, struct sshbuf *);

const char *ssh_remote_ipaddr(struct ssh *);
int	 ssh_remote_port(struct ssh *);
const char *ssh_local_ipaddr(struct ssh *);
int	 ssh_local_port(struct ssh *);

void	 ssh_packet_set_rekey_limits(struct ssh *, u_int64_t, u_int32_t);
time_t	 ssh_packet_get_rekey_timeout(struct ssh *);

void	*ssh_packet_get_input(struct ssh *);
void	*ssh_packet_get_output(struct ssh *);

/* new API */
int	sshpkt_start(struct ssh *ssh, u_char type);
int	sshpkt_send(struct ssh *ssh);
int     sshpkt_disconnect(struct ssh *, const char *fmt, ...)
	    __attribute__((format(printf, 2, 3)));
int	sshpkt_add_padding(struct ssh *, u_char);
void	sshpkt_fatal(struct ssh *ssh, const char *tag, int r);

int	sshpkt_put(struct ssh *ssh, const void *v, size_t len);
int	sshpkt_putb(struct ssh *ssh, const struct sshbuf *b);
int	sshpkt_put_u8(struct ssh *ssh, u_char val);
int	sshpkt_put_u32(struct ssh *ssh, u_int32_t val);
int	sshpkt_put_u64(struct ssh *ssh, u_int64_t val);
int	sshpkt_put_string(struct ssh *ssh, const void *v, size_t len);
int	sshpkt_put_cstring(struct ssh *ssh, const void *v);
int	sshpkt_put_stringb(struct ssh *ssh, const struct sshbuf *v);
int	sshpkt_put_ec(struct ssh *ssh, const EC_POINT *v, const EC_GROUP *g);
int	sshpkt_put_bignum1(struct ssh *ssh, const BIGNUM *v);
int	sshpkt_put_bignum2(struct ssh *ssh, const BIGNUM *v);

int	sshpkt_get(struct ssh *ssh, void *valp, size_t len);
int	sshpkt_get_u8(struct ssh *ssh, u_char *valp);
int	sshpkt_get_u32(struct ssh *ssh, u_int32_t *valp);
int	sshpkt_get_u64(struct ssh *ssh, u_int64_t *valp);
int	sshpkt_get_string(struct ssh *ssh, u_char **valp, size_t *lenp);
int	sshpkt_get_string_direct(struct ssh *ssh, const u_char **valp, size_t *lenp);
int	sshpkt_get_cstring(struct ssh *ssh, char **valp, size_t *lenp);
int	sshpkt_get_ec(struct ssh *ssh, EC_POINT *v, const EC_GROUP *g);
int	sshpkt_get_bignum1(struct ssh *ssh, BIGNUM *v);
int	sshpkt_get_bignum2(struct ssh *ssh, BIGNUM *v);
int	sshpkt_get_end(struct ssh *ssh);
const u_char	*sshpkt_ptr(struct ssh *, size_t *lenp);

/* OLD API */
extern struct ssh *active_state;
#include "opacket.h"

#if !defined(WITH_OPENSSL)
# undef BIGNUM
# undef EC_KEY
# undef EC_GROUP
# undef EC_POINT
#elif !defined(OPENSSL_HAS_ECC)
# undef EC_KEY
# undef EC_GROUP
# undef EC_POINT

#endif				/* PACKET_H */