ChangeLog.gssapi   [plain text]

  - Finally update for OpenSSH 5.6p1
  - Add GSSAPIServerIdentity option from Jim Basney
  - [, key.c, key.h ]
    Updates for OpenSSH 5.4p1
  - [ servconf.c ]
    Include GSSAPI options in the sshd -T configuration dump, and flag
    some older configuration options as being unsupported. Thanks to Colin 

  - [ sshconnect2.c ]
    Adapt to deal with additional element in Authmethod structure. Thanks to
    Colin Watson

  - [ gss-genr.c gss-serv.c kexgssc.c kexgsss.c monitor.c sshconnect2.c
      sshd.c ]
    Fix issues identified by Greg Hudson following a code review
	Check return value of gss_indicate_mechs
	Protect GSSAPI calls in monitor, so they can only be used if enabled
	Check return values of bignum functions in key exchange
	Use BN_clear_free to clear other side's DH value
	Make ssh_gssapi_id_kex more robust
	Only configure kex table pointers if GSSAPI is enabled
	Don't leak mechanism list, or gss mechanism list
	Cast data.length before printing
	If serverkey isn't provided, use an empty string, rather than NULL

  - [ gss-genr.c gss-serv.c kex.h kexgssc.c readconf.c readconf.h ssh-gss.h
      ssh_config.5 sshconnet2.c ]
    Add support for the GSSAPIClientIdentity option, which allows the user
    to specify which GSSAPI identity to use to contact a given server

  - [ gss-serv.c ]
    Add code to actually implement GSSAPIStrictAcceptCheck, which had somehow
    been omitted from a previous version of this patch. Reported by Borislav

  - [ gss-serv-krb5.c ]
    Remove C99ism, where new_ccname was being declared in the middle of a 

  - [ servconf.c ]
    Make default for GSSAPIStrictAcceptorCheck be Yes, to match previous, and 
    documented, behaviour. Reported by Dan Watson.

  - [ gss-genr.c kexgssc.c kexgsss.c kex.h monitor.c sshconnect2.c sshd.c
      ssh-gss.h ]
    add support for gss-group14-sha1 key exchange mechanisms
  - [ gss-serv.c servconf.c servconf.h sshd_config sshd_config.5 ]
    Add GSSAPIStrictAcceptorCheck option to allow the disabling of
    acceptor principal checking on multi-homed machines.
    <Bugzilla #928>
  - [ sshd_config ssh_config ]
    Add settings for GSSAPIKeyExchange and GSSAPITrustDNS to the sample
    configuration files
  - [ kexgss.c kegsss.c sshconnect2.c sshd.c ]
    Code cleanup. Replace strlen/xmalloc/snprintf sequences with xasprintf()
    Limit length of error messages displayed by client

  - [ gss-genr.c gss-serv.c ]
    move ssh_gssapi_acquire_cred() and ssh_gssapi_server_ctx to be server
    only, where they belong 
    <Bugzilla #1225>

  - [ gss-serv-krb5.c ]
    Fix CCAPI credentials cache name when creating KRB5CCNAME environment 

  - [ gss-genr.c ]
    Avoid Heimdal context freeing problem
    <Fixed upstream 20060829>

  - [ gss-genr.c ssh-gss.h sshconnect2.c ]
    Make sure that SPENGO is disabled 
    <Bugzilla #1218 - Fixed upstream 20060818>

  - [ gssgenr.c, sshconnect2.c ]
    a few type changes (signed versus unsigned, int versus size_t) to
    fix compiler errors/warnings 
    (from jbasney AT
  - [ kexgssc.c, sshconnect2.c ]
    fix uninitialized variable warnings
    (from jbasney AT
  - [ gssgenr.c ]
    pass oid to gss_display_status (helpful when using GSSAPI mechglue)
    (from jbasney AT
    <Bugzilla #1220 >
  - [ gss-serv-krb5.c ]
    #ifdef HAVE_GSSAPI_KRB5 should be #ifdef HAVE_GSSAPI_KRB5_H
    (from jbasney AT
    <Fixed upstream 20060304>
  - [ readconf.c, readconf.h, ssh_config.5, sshconnect2.c 
    add client-side GssapiKeyExchange option
    (from jbasney AT
  - [ sshconnect2.c ]
    add support for GssapiTrustDns option for gssapi-with-mic
    (from jbasney AT
    <gssapi-with-mic support is Bugzilla #1008>