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OpenLDAP C++ LDAP API ToDo items:

This is a list of projects that need getting done for the C++ API.  
They are not listed in any specific order.  Contribute to projects 
based upon your personal priorities.

If you would like to work on any of these projects, please coordinate
by posting to OpenLDAP-devel mailing list:

If you have a project you'd like added to the list, talk it up on
Developer's list or just do it.

Please read:

- Add SASL Authentication 
- Add methods to the Data Classes (LDAPAttribute, LDAPEntry) for higher
  usability. (e.g. LDAPAttributeList::getAttribute(name), ... )
- implement some Controls/Extented Operations
- LDIF im/export library
- Rework the logging and debugging facilities
- write some more documentation about the design and structure of the 
- example applications