ANNOUNCEMENT   [plain text]

A N N O U N C E M E N T -- OpenLDAP 2.1

    The OpenLDAP Project is pleased to announce the availability
    of OpenLDAP Software 2.1, a suite of the Lightweight Directory
    Access Protocol (v3) servers, clients, utilities, and
    development tools.

    This release contains the following major enhancements:

        * Transactional backend
        * Improved Unicode handling
        * Improved DN handlng
        * Improved Referral handling
        * SASL authentication/authorization mapping
        * SASL in-directory storage of authentication secrets
        * Enhanced administrative limits/access controls
        * Meta backend (experimental)
        * Monitor backend (experimental)
        * Virtual "glue" backend (experimental)
        * LDAP C++ API
        * Updated LDAP C and TCL APIs
        * LDAPv3 extensions, including:
            - Enhanced Language Tag/Range Support
            - 'Who am i?' Extended Operation
            - 'Matched Values' Control
            - 'NOOP' Control

    This release includes the following major components:

        * slapd - a stand-alone LDAP directory server
        * slurpd - a stand-alone LDAP replication server
        * -lldap - a LDAP client library
        * -llber - a lightweight BER/DER encoding/decoding library
        * LDIF tools - data conversion tools for use with slapd
        * LDAP tools - A collection of command line LDAP utilities

    In addition, there are some contributed components:

        * LDAPC++ - a LDAP C++ SDK
        * ldapTCL - a LDAP TCL SDK 

    This release contains a number of major code changes.  It
    might be a bit rough around the edges.  Use with appropriate


    OpenLDAP Software is developed by a team of volunteers whose use
    the Internet to coordinate their activities.   The project is
    managed by the OpenLDAP Foundation.

    OpenLDAP Software is derived from University of Michigan LDAP,
    release 3.3.


    This software is available under the OpenLDAP Public License,
    an unrestrictive, "free", open-source license.  For download
    information is available at:


    OpenLDAP Software is user supported:

    The OpenLDAP Administrator's Guide, which includes quick
    start instructions, is available at:

    The project maintains a FAQ which you may find useful:

    In addition, there are also a number of discussion lists
    related OpenLDAP Software.  A list of mailing lists is
    available at:

    To report bugs, please use project's Issue Tracking System:

    The OpenLDAP home page containing lots of interesting information
    and online documentation is available at this URL:


    This release has been ported to many UNIX (and UNIX-like)
    platforms including Darwin, FreeBSD, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD
    and most commercial UNIX systems.  The release has also been
    ported (in part or in whole) to other platforms including
    Apple MacOS X, IBM zOS, and Microsoft Windows 2000.