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# Makefile for LDAP tools
# $OpenLDAP$
## This work is part of OpenLDAP Software <>.
## Copyright 1998-2011 The OpenLDAP Foundation.
## All rights reserved.
## Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
## modification, are permitted only as authorized by the OpenLDAP
## Public License.
## A copy of this license is available in the file LICENSE in the
## top-level directory of the distribution or, alternatively, at
## <>.

SRCS	= ldapsearch.c ldapmodify.c ldapdelete.c ldapmodrdn.c \
		ldappasswd.c ldapwhoami.c ldapcompare.c \
		ldapexop.c ldapurl.c common.c
OBJS	= ldapsearch.o ldapmodify.o ldapdelete.o ldapmodrdn.o \
		ldappasswd.o ldapwhoami.o ldapcompare.o \
		ldapexop.o ldapurl.o common.o

LDAP_INCDIR= ../../include       
LDAP_LIBDIR= ../../libraries



XSRCS	= ldsversion.c ldmversion.c lddversion.c ldrversion.c \
	ldpversion.c ldwversion.c ldcversion.c ldeversion.c lduversion.c

PROGRAMS = ldapsearch ldapmodify ldapdelete ldapmodrdn \
	ldappasswd ldapwhoami ldapcompare ldapexop ldapurl

ldapsearch:	ldsversion.o
	$(LTLINK) -o $@ ldapsearch.o common.o ldsversion.o $(LDAP_LIBLDAP_R_LA) $(LIBS)

ldapmodify:	ldmversion.o
	$(LTLINK) -o $@ ldapmodify.o common.o ldmversion.o $(LIBS)

ldapdelete:	lddversion.o
	$(LTLINK) -o $@ ldapdelete.o common.o lddversion.o $(LIBS)

ldapmodrdn:	ldrversion.o
	$(LTLINK) -o $@ ldapmodrdn.o common.o ldrversion.o $(LIBS)

ldappasswd:	ldpversion.o
	$(LTLINK) -o $@ ldappasswd.o common.o ldpversion.o $(LIBS)

ldapwhoami:	ldwversion.o
	$(LTLINK) -o $@ ldapwhoami.o common.o ldwversion.o $(LIBS)

ldapcompare: ldcversion.o
	$(LTLINK) -o $@ ldapcompare.o common.o ldcversion.o $(LIBS)

ldapexop: ldeversion.o
	$(LTLINK) -o $@ ldapexop.o common.o ldeversion.o $(LIBS)

ldapurl: lduversion.o
	$(LTLINK) -o $@ ldapurl.o lduversion.o $(LIBS)

ldsversion.c: Makefile
	@-$(RM) $@
	$(MKVERSION) $(MKVOPTS) ldapsearch > $@

ldsversion.o: ldapsearch.o common.o $(XLIBS)

ldmversion.c: Makefile
	@-$(RM) $@
	$(MKVERSION) $(MKVOPTS) ldapmodify > $@

ldmversion.o: ldapmodify.o common.o $(XLIBS)

lddversion.c: Makefile
	@-$(RM) $@
	$(MKVERSION) $(MKVOPTS) ldapdelete > $@

lddversion.o: ldapdelete.o common.o $(XLIBS)

ldpversion.c: Makefile
	@-$(RM) $@
	$(MKVERSION) $(MKVOPTS) ldappasswd > $@

ldpversion.o: ldappasswd.o common.o $(XLIBS)

ldrversion.c: Makefile
	@-$(RM) $@
	$(MKVERSION) $(MKVOPTS) ldapmodrdn > $@

ldrversion.o: ldapmodrdn.o common.o $(XLIBS)

ldwversion.c: Makefile
	@-$(RM) $@
	$(MKVERSION) $(MKVOPTS) ldapwhoami > $@

ldwversion.o: ldapwhoami.o common.o $(XLIBS)

ldcversion.c: Makefile
	@-$(RM) $@
	$(MKVERSION) $(MKVOPTS) ldapcompare > $@

ldcversion.o: ldapcompare.o common.o $(XLIBS)

ldeversion.c: Makefile
	@-$(RM) $@
	$(MKVERSION) $(MKVOPTS) ldapexop > $@

ldeversion.o: ldapexop.o common.o $(XLIBS)

lduversion.c: Makefile
	@-$(RM) $@
	$(MKVERSION) $(MKVOPTS) ldapurl > $@

lduversion.o: ldapurl.o $(XLIBS)

install-local:	FORCE
	-$(MKDIR) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)
	@(								\
	    for prg in $(PROGRAMS); do					\
		    $(DESTDIR)$(bindir);				\
	    done							\
	$(RM) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/ldapadd$(EXEEXT)
	$(LN_S) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/ldapmodify$(EXEEXT) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/ldapadd$(EXEEXT)