locate_plugin.h   [plain text]

 * <Kerberos/locate_plugin.h>
 * Copyright 2006 Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
 * All Rights Reserved.
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 * M.I.T. makes no representations about the suitability of
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 * or implied warranty.
 * Service location plugin definitions for Kerberos 5.

#include <Kerberos/krb5.h>

enum locate_service_type {
    locate_service_kdc = 1,

typedef struct krb5plugin_service_locate_ftable {
    int minor_version;		/* currently 0 */
    /* Per-context setup and teardown.  Returned void* blob is
       private to the plugin.  */
    krb5_error_code (*init)(krb5_context, void **);
    void (*fini)(void *);
    /* Callback function returns non-zero if the plugin function
       should quit and return; this may be because of an error, or may
       indicate we've already contacted the service, whatever.  The
       lookup function should only return an error if it detects a
       problem, not if the callback function tells it to quit.  */
    krb5_error_code (*lookup)(void *,
			      enum locate_service_type svc, const char *realm,
			      int socktype, int family,
			      int (*cbfunc)(void *,int,struct sockaddr *),
			      void *cbdata);
} krb5plugin_service_locate_ftable;
/* extern krb5plugin_service_locate_ftable service_locator; */