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#	@(#)	8.1 (Berkeley) 6/4/93
# $FreeBSD: src/lib/libc/string/,v 1.32 2002/11/18 09:50:56 ru Exp $

# machine-dependent string sources
.sinclude "${.CURDIR}/${MACHINE_ARCH}/string/"

.PATH: ${.CURDIR}/string
CWD := ${.CURDIR}/string

CFLAGS+= -I${.CURDIR}/locale

.include "Makefile.fbsd_begin"
# machine-independent string sources
FBSDMISRCS+=bcmp.c index.c memccpy.c memchr.c memcmp.c \
	memset.c rindex.c stpcpy.c strcasecmp.c strcat.c \
	strchr.c strcoll.c strcpy.c strcspn.c strdup.c strerror.c \
	strlcat.c strlcpy.c strlen.c strmode.c strncat.c strncmp.c strncpy.c \
	strcasestr.c strnstr.c \
	strpbrk.c strrchr.c strsep.c strsignal.c strspn.c strstr.c strtok.c \
	strxfrm.c swab.c wcscat.c wcschr.c wcscmp.c wcscoll.c wcscpy.c \
	wcscspn.c \
	wcslcat.c wcslcpy.c wcslen.c wcsncat.c wcsncmp.c wcsncpy.c wcspbrk.c \
	wcsrchr.c wcsspn.c wcsstr.c wcstok.c wcswidth.c wcsxfrm.c wmemchr.c \
	wmemcmp.c \
	wmemcpy.c wmemmove.c wmemset.c
.include "Makefile.fbsd_end"

LEGACYSRCS+= strerror.c

# set the LIBC_ALIAS_* macros so we can decorate the symbol independent
# of other macro settings

.if ${LIB} == "c"
.include "Makefile.fbsd_begin"
FBSDMAN3= bcmp.3 bcopy.3 bstring.3 bzero.3 ffs.3 index.3 memccpy.3 memchr.3 \
	memcmp.3 memcpy.3 memmove.3 memset.3 rindex.3 strcasecmp.3 strcat.3 \
	strchr.3 strcmp.3 strcoll.3 strcpy.3 strcspn.3 strdup.3 strerror.3 \
	string.3 strlcpy.3 strlen.3 strmode.3 strpbrk.3 strrchr.3 strsep.3 \
	strspn.3 strstr.3 strtok.3 strxfrm.3 swab.3 wcscoll.3 wcstok.3 \
	wcswidth.3 wcsxfrm.3 wmemchr.3
.include "Makefile.fbsd_end"

MLINKS+= ffs.3 ffsl.3				\
         ffs.3 fls.3				\
         ffs.3 flsl.3

MLINKS+= strcasecmp.3 strcasecmp_l.3		\
         strcasecmp.3 strncasecmp.3		\
         strcasecmp.3 strncasecmp_l.3

MLINKS+= strcat.3 strncat.3

MLINKS+= strcmp.3 strncmp.3

MLINKS+= strcoll.3 strcoll_l.3

MLINKS+= strcpy.3 stpcpy.3			\
         strcpy.3 strncpy.3

MLINKS+= strerror.3 perror.3			\
         strerror.3 strerror_r.3		\
         strerror.3 sys_errlist.3		\
         strerror.3 sys_nerr.3

MLINKS+= strlcpy.3 strlcat.3

MLINKS+= strtok.3 strtok_r.3

MLINKS+= strstr.3 strcasestr.3			\
         strstr.3 strcasestr_l.3		\
         strstr.3 strnstr.3

MLINKS+= strxfrm.3 strxfrm_l.3

MLINKS+= wcscoll.3 wcscoll_l.3

MLINKS+= wcswidth.3 wcswidth_l.3

MLINKS+= wcsxfrm.3 wcsxfrm_l.3

MLINKS+= wmemchr.3 wmemcmp.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wmemcpy.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wmemmove.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wmemset.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcscat.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcschr.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcscmp.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcscpy.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcscspn.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcslcat.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcslcpy.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcslen.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcsncat.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcsncmp.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcsncpy.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcspbrk.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcsrchr.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcsspn.3			\
         wmemchr.3 wcsstr.3

MAN3+= memset_pattern.3

MLINKS+= memset_pattern.3 memset_pattern4.3	\
         memset_pattern.3 memset_pattern8.3	\
         memset_pattern.3 memset_pattern16.3