utmpx.5.patch   [plain text]

--- utmpx.5.orig	2004-07-13 09:15:18.000000000 -0700
+++ utmpx.5	2004-08-05 15:33:40.000000000 -0700
@@ -38,23 +38,16 @@
 .Dt UTMPX 5
-.Nm utmpx ,
-.Nm wtmpx ,
-.Nm lastlogx
+.Nm utmpx
 .Nd user accounting database
 .In utmpx.h
 .Aq Pa utmpx.h
-header defines the structures and functions for logging user.
+header defines the structure and functions for logging user.
 Currently logged in users are tracked in
-.Pa /var/run/utmpx ,
-a list of all logins and logouts, as well as all shutdowns, reboots
-and date changes, is kept in
-.Pa /var/log/wtmpx ,
-and the last login of each user is noted in
-.Pa /var/log/lastlogx .
+.Pa /var/run/utmpx .
 The files are not automatically created if they do not exist; they
 must be created manually.
@@ -62,76 +55,18 @@
 .Nm utmpx
 file is described in
 .Xr endutxent 3 .
-.Nm wtmpx
-file can grow rapidly on busy systems, and is normally rotated with
-.Xr newsyslog 8 .
-In the event of a date change, a shutdown, or a reboot, the following
-items are logged in the
-.Nm wtmpx
-.Bl -tag -width shutdownxx -compact -offset indent
-.It Li date
-The system time has been manually or automatically updated by
-.Xr date 1 .
-The command name
-.Em date
-is recorded in the field
-.Fa ut_name .
-In the field
-.Fa ut_line ,
-the character
-.Ql \\*(Ba
-indicates the time prior to the change, and the character
-.Ql \&{
-indicates the new time.
-.It Li reboot
-.It Li shutdown
-A system reboot or shutdown has been initiated.
-The character
-.Ql \&~
-is placed in the field
-.Fa ut_line ,
-.Li reboot
-.Li shutdown
-in the field
-.Fa ut_name
-.Xr shutdown 8
-.Xr reboot 8 ) ,
-.Xr logwtmpx 3 .
+For compatibility, changes to
+.Nm utmpx
+are reflected in
+.Xr utmp 3 ,
+but not the other way around.
-.Bl -tag -width /var/log/lastlogx -compact
+.Bl -tag -width /var/log/utmpx -compact
 .It Pa /var/run/utmpx
 .Nm utmpx
-.It Pa /var/log/wtmpx
-.Nm wtmpx
-.It Pa /var/log/lastlogx
-.Nm lastlogx
-.Xr last 1 ,
-.Xr login 1 ,
-.Xr rwho 1 ,
-.Xr w 1 ,
-.Xr who 1 ,
 .Xr endutxent 3 ,
-.Xr logwtmpx 3 ,
-.Xr ac 8 ,
-.Xr init 8 ,
-.Xr newsyslog 8 ,
-.Xr reboot 8
+.Xr utmp 5