JSDateMath.h   [plain text]

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#pragma once

#include <wtf/DateMath.h>
#include <wtf/GregorianDateTime.h>

namespace JSC {

class ExecState;
class VM;

JS_EXPORT_PRIVATE void msToGregorianDateTime(VM&, double, WTF::TimeType outputTimeType, GregorianDateTime&);
JS_EXPORT_PRIVATE double gregorianDateTimeToMS(VM&, const GregorianDateTime&, double, WTF::TimeType inputTimeType);
JS_EXPORT_PRIVATE double getUTCOffset(VM&);
JS_EXPORT_PRIVATE double parseDateFromNullTerminatedCharacters(VM&, const char* dateString);
JS_EXPORT_PRIVATE double parseDate(ExecState*, VM&, const WTF::String&);

} // namespace JSC