JSDateMath.h   [plain text]

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#ifndef JSDateMath_h
#define JSDateMath_h

#include <wtf/DateMath.h>

namespace JSC {

class ExecState;
struct GregorianDateTime;

void msToGregorianDateTime(ExecState*, double, bool outputIsUTC, GregorianDateTime&);
double gregorianDateTimeToMS(ExecState*, const GregorianDateTime&, double, bool inputIsUTC);
double getUTCOffset(ExecState*);
double parseDateFromNullTerminatedCharacters(ExecState*, const char* dateString);

// Intentionally overridding the default tm of the system.
// The members of tm differ on various operating systems.
struct GregorianDateTime {
        : second(0)
        , minute(0)
        , hour(0)
        , weekDay(0)
        , monthDay(0)
        , yearDay(0)
        , month(0)
        , year(0)
        , isDST(0)
        , utcOffset(0)

    operator tm() const
        tm ret;
        memset(&ret, 0, sizeof(ret));

        ret.tm_sec   =  second;
        ret.tm_min   =  minute;
        ret.tm_hour  =  hour;
        ret.tm_wday  =  weekDay;
        ret.tm_mday  =  monthDay;
        ret.tm_yday  =  yearDay;
        ret.tm_mon   =  month;
        ret.tm_year  =  year;
        ret.tm_isdst =  isDST;

        ret.tm_gmtoff = static_cast<long>(utcOffset);
        ret.tm_zone = timeZone.get();

        return ret;

    void copyFrom(const GregorianDateTime& rhs)
        second = rhs.second;
        minute = rhs.minute;
        hour = rhs.hour;
        weekDay = rhs.weekDay;
        monthDay = rhs.monthDay;
        yearDay = rhs.yearDay;
        month = rhs.month;
        year = rhs.year;
        isDST = rhs.isDST;
        utcOffset = rhs.utcOffset;
        if (rhs.timeZone) {
            int inZoneSize = strlen(rhs.timeZone.get()) + 1;
            timeZone = adoptArrayPtr(new char[inZoneSize]);
            strncpy(timeZone.get(), rhs.timeZone.get(), inZoneSize);
        } else
            timeZone = nullptr;

    int second;
    int minute;
    int hour;
    int weekDay;
    int monthDay;
    int yearDay;
    int month;
    int year;
    int isDST;
    int utcOffset;
    OwnArrayPtr<char> timeZone;

static inline int gmtoffset(const GregorianDateTime& t)
    return t.utcOffset;

} // namespace JSC

#endif // JSDateMath_h