CHANGES   [plain text]

[07-Nov-00] Version 3.1.22
-- Added TI 4451 CardBus bridge support.
-- Added PCI fixups for Intel 82801BA and 82801BAM bridges.
-- Changed 'cardctl ident' to also show PCI ID's for CardBus cards.
-- Updated spin lock handling in 3c575_cb, and fixed a tx underrun
   recovery bug affecting the Tornado chipset (3CCFE575CT etc).
-- Changed PCMCIA startup/shutdown script to kill 'CardBus Watcher'
   threads at shutdown, for 2.4 kernels.
-- Added IEEE 1394 CardBus driver, pcilynx_cb, from Albrecht Dreß.
-- Update to WepKey handling in airo driver, from Ben Reed.
-- Update to ibmtr_cs, for a new ibmtr release that fixes the obscure 
   ISA memory window limits, from Mike Phillips and Burt Silverman.
-- Added socket driver for mpc8xx systems, from Magnus Damm.
-- Updated parport_cs for 2.4 kernels (but untested).
-- Changed Configure to set CONFIG_X86_L1_CACHE_SHIFT, for the latest
   2.4.0-test10-pre kernels.
-- Added network.rh script fixup to handle getting network settings
   from the Red Hat network scripts automatically.
-- Big wvlan_cs patch: fixed SMP, multiple card support; ad-hoc mode
   should now interoperate with Windows.
-- Minor update to wavelan_cs to remove warnings about SMP usage.
-- Updated fmvj18x_cs for the Access/CARD.
-- Fixed bug in MTD bind/unbind code in cardmgr introduced in 3.1.19.
-- Fixed network script to skip closed sockets when checking for
   active network connections.
-- Fixed Configure to test for network frame diverter kernel option.

[03-Oct-00] Version 3.1.21
-- Minor tweaks to dummy_cs configuration sequence.
-- Fixed a udelay() issue introduced in the latest 2.2.18 kernels.
-- Changed network script to sink output of "pump", to fix a zombie
   process problem.
-- Minor changes/cleanups to timer handling in pcmcia_core.
-- Changed i82365 module to set up the INTA pin for irq_mode=0; this
   is needed on some Powerbooks.
-- Fixed bug where if no interrupts are available, CS would pretend to
   assign irq 0 to cards.
-- Fixed a big-endian bug affecting multifunction cards, and got rid
   of a compiler warning on non-ISA platforms.
-- Added CIS fixup for Surecom/Tamarack NE2000 clone cards.
-- Update for airo_cs: "weird status" fix, added /proc/aironet/APList.
-- Fixed headers to accommodate 2.2.18-pre kernel changes.
-- Added full_duplex parameter to xirc2ps_cs driver.
-- Fixes for Xircom CardBus cards: fixed a full duplex bug, the
   carrier error statistics, and tweaked the rx filter setup code.
-- Tweaked a few things to get rid of spurious gcc warnings.

[30-Aug-00] Version 3.1.20
-- Backed out the 16-bit CIS window changes, added cis_width parameter
   to pcmcia_core module.
-- Finished adding support for identifying CardBus cards by their PCI
   vendor and device ID's.
-- Added support for Advantech COMpad-32/85B-4 quad port card.
-- Documentation updates: added PCI interrupt discussion to HOWTO, and
   a README for 2.4 kernel issues.
-- Changed etc/Makefile so that "make PREFIX=..." works.
-- Changed config scripts to use either /var/lib/pcmcia/scheme or
   /var/run/pcmcia-scheme, whichever is available, instead of only
   checking /var/lib/pcmcia if it is present.
-- Minor airo_cs driver update from Ben Reed.
-- Added more consistency checks to test_network script.
-- Fix for a transmitter problem with some 3CCFE575CT cards usually
   only affecting congested 10baseT half duplex links.
-- Fix for a transmitter bug in some 3CCFE575BT, 3CCFEM656B cards.
-- Added down_poll_rate option to 3c575_cb driver.
-- Fixed bug in wvlan_cs driver that prevented rarp from working.
-- Fixed serial_cs to not treat the Nokia Card Phone as a dual port
   device, and to be more conservative about IO port assignments.
-- Changed dump_pirq to deduce more information about unknown routers.
-- Fixed the CIS validation heuristics to be a bit more lenient.
-- Fixed epic_cb driver initialization bug.
-- Added Psion NetGlobal 10/100 support.
-- Fixed cardmgr bug for drivers with no class info.
-- Tweaked interrupt management code to fix a PowerBook problem.
-- Updated pcnet_cs to report MII status for DL10019, DL10022 cards.
-- Fix to Configure script to accommodate SuSE init script layout.
-- Fixed cardmgr buffer overrun with long module option lists.

[20-Jul-00] Version 3.1.19
-- Fixed an i82365 setup issue created by the 16-bit memory window
   change in 3.1.18, affecting the ray_cs driver with ISA bridges.
-- Added PCI interrupt routing fixups for SiS 85C503 and 85C496/497
   PCI-to-ISA bridges.
-- More wvlan_cs updates from Jean T for 6.* firmware: added control
   of microwave oven robustness setting.
-- Fixed a pci_fixup issue ("bad bridge mapping") with not correctly
   handling powered-down CardBus bridges.
-- Fixed wvlan_cs driver to work with 2.4 kernels with modversions.
-- Relaxed the CardBus bridge mapping sanity checks a bit.
-- Various fixes in configuration register handling, IO allocation,
   and driver binding logic to handle several quirky dual-serial-port
   multifunction cards.
-- Re-fixed a 2.4.* build bug in dump_cis.

[10-Jul-00] Version 3.1.18
-- Changed CIS parser to use 16-bit memory windows instead of 8-bit.
-- Bumped unreset_limit up to 50 (= 5 sec) to handle slow IDE devices.
-- Fixed a DHCP_HOSTNAME typo in the network script affecting dhcpcd.
-- Fixed wvlan_cs driver to work with Lucent's 6.* firmware.
-- Minor tweaks to test_network and test_modem scripts.
-- Made checks for installation of the startup script smarter.
-- Fixed startup script to be smarter about merging options set in the
   environment, removing an unintentional bash dependency.
-- Fixed a 2.4.* compilation bug in dump_cis.
-- Fixed --target= option that was broken in 3.1.17.
-- Fixed memory_cs to use word_width parameter more consistently.

[23-Jun-00] Version 3.1.17
-- Fixed xirc2ps_cs driver to handle Toshiba IPC5008A cards.
-- Fixed a weak pattern matching check in test_network.
-- Added parsing of CISTPL_FORMAT tuples, and modified memory_cs to
   use the data offset for block memory devices.
-- Removed prompt for alternate install directory from Configure; use
   the --target= command line option instead.
-- Fixed obscure problem where the Configure script could get confused
   by certain environment variables.
-- Changed i82365 do_scan option to also control PCI irq checking.
-- Added an eepro100_cb driver for the Intel Pro/100 CardBus II cards.
-- Added an up-to-date epic_cb driver so we don't rely on the kernel
   tree to provide something reasonable.
-- Updated docs, files to replace * addresses with the
   new * locations.
-- Changed i82365 driver to not probe ISA interrupts on ToPIC bridges.
-- Fixed 3.1.16 PowerPC build bug.

[09-Jun-00] Version 3.1.16
-- Added force_size option for SRAM cards to memory_cs driver.
-- Better wording in COPYING file.
-- PCMCIA status files (stab, scheme) now only go in /var/lib/pcmcia;
   removed the /var/state option because it was dropped from FHS 2.1.
-- Added NO_CHECK and NO_FUSER eject options for the config scripts.
-- Changed i82365 driver to enable PCI read prefetch on Ricoh bridges.
-- Changed smc91c92_cs driver to assume all 100baseT-capable chipsets
   have an MII interface; I think this is generally true.
-- Several 2.0.* kernel fixes for things I broke in 3.1.15: a network
   device initialization issue, and a cardbus setup issue.
-- Updates for clean builds with latest 2.3.99 & 2.4.0-test kernels.
-- Fixed an insert-eject race condition in the cb_enabler module.
-- Fixed 'probe' to build on non-ISA-bus architectures.
-- Reorganized some of the kernel compatibility definitions.
-- Changed serial_cs to always tell serial driver to permit interrupt
   sharing, since serial_cs can't always tell if it is needed.
-- Added irq_mode=0 option for Ricoh bridges to select PCI interrupts.
-- Tweaked CardBus setup to initialize the PCI latency timer.
-- Folded some changes from Becker's 0.99Q 3c59x driver into 3c575_cb;
   fixed init problem with some 3CXFE575CT cards.
-- Tweaked priorities of some cardmgr syslog messages.
-- Changed cardmgr to not fail if the modules directory is missing.

[16-May-00] Version 3.1.15
-- Added test_setup, test_network, test_modem to debug-tools.
-- Added D-Link DL10022 chipset support to pcnet_cs driver.
-- Dropped dump_i365 debug tool, added dump_exca and dump_cardbus.
-- Added TI 1410 bridge support.
-- Added some PCI fixups for VIA and SiS PCI-to-ISA bridges.
-- Fixed another device eject bug in ray_cs driver.
-- Fixed amazingly braindead bug in ide_info.
-- Changed tulip_cb driver to set up receive filter differently for
   Xircom CardBus cards.
-- Fixed big-endian transmit bug in smc91c92_cs driver.
-- Changed i82365 module to default to probing 0x3e2 (in addition to
   0x3e0) for ISA bus bridges, if it doesn't find anything else.
-- Replaced most of etc/Makefile with a simpler shell script.
-- Updated a few modules to use newer PCI, procfs, and timer API's.
-- Changed i82365 module to not trust PCI irq test on Ricoh bridges.
-- Changed cardmgr to use modprobe whenever it is available.
-- Changed dump_pirq to scan for known irq routers if there is no PCI
   interrupt routing table.
-- Updated pcnet_cs driver to reject AX88190 chipsets for now.
-- A couple of minor Makefile changes; one 2.3.* build problem fixed.
-- Minor iflash2+_mtd driver tune-up; added new write option that is
   faster but spins instead of sleeping during page writes.
-- Better heuristic for automatic detection of flash memory cards.
-- Fixed glitches in new wireless config scripts.
-- Added MTU parameter to network script.
-- Fixed problems with INITTAB handling in serial config script.

[10-Apr-00] Version 3.1.14
-- Added wireless.opts config script for drivers that support the
   wireless tools API.
-- Made the i82365 module's wedged-irq test more conservative.
-- Updated scsi_info to use SCSI_IOCTL_GET_BUS_NUMBER when available.
-- Added more info about CardBus interrupt routing issues to the HOWTO
   and the i82365 man page.
-- Fixed apa1480 driver for compatibility with latest aic7xxx driver.
-- Changed i82365 module to also report chip revision for PCI bridges.
-- Fixed i82365 driver to ignore phantom card in unwired second socket
   of Lucent/SCM TI 1225 based card docks.
-- Fixed power management to be compatible with 2.3.* stuff.
-- Added ALI M1533 chipset support to dump_pirq and pci_fixup.
-- Changed alpha builds to use the "generic" hardware configuration.
-- Fixed config scripts to quote $ADDRESS in a few spots, to handle a
   Maxtor IDE card with a non-ascii serial number.
-- Updated airo_cs driver to build with 2.3.*.
-- Added a DHCP_HOSTNAME parameter to network script.
-- Fixed a 2.3.99pre3 module compilation quirk.
-- Updated ray_cs driver to release 1.70.
-- Added MII access routines for DL10019 cards to pcnet_cs driver.
-- Minor smc91c92_cs driver cleanup, added SMC91C110 identification.
-- Added --sysv, --bsd, --rcdir options to Configure script.
-- Added PCI interrupt fixup support for the Intel 440MX chipset.
-- Added another sanity check to PnP resource allocator.
-- Added SS_CAP_STATIC_MAP: support for architectures that map PCMCIA
   memory at fixed addresses in host memory.
-- Fixed i82365 /proc cleanup bug exposed in 2.2.14/2.2.15 kernels.

[14-Mar-00] Version 3.1.13
-- Added 3.3V card detection for Cirrus PD6729 bridges.
-- Added PCI fixup support for VIA and OPTi bridges, and "cb_pci_irq"
   parameter for overriding the PCI interrupt routing table.
-- Improved "dump_pirq": added OPTi and PicoPower chipset support, and
   serial irq reporting for PIIX bridges.
-- Fixed i82365 no-PCI builds, and a PowerPC bug.
-- Fixed brain dead ray_cs bug introduced in 3.1.12.
-- Fixed two 2.0.* kernel compatibility glitches.

[08-Mar-00] Version 3.1.12
-- Added "dump_pirq" utility to debug-tools.
-- Added support for parsing PIRQ tables for VIA PCI-to-ISA bridges.
-- Added PCI interrupt support for Cirrus PD6729-based PCI card docks.
-- Tweaked CIS validation algorithm to be a bit less picky.
-- Updated network drivers to use the 2.3.* softnet API's.
-- wavelan_cs, wvlan_cs, and airo_cs driver updates.
-- Fixed network script to not set up unnecessary default routes when
   doing DHCP and BOOTP on a newer kernel.
-- Fixed Configure script to better handle extraversion info for
   current kernel, when checking kernel versions.
-- More checking of PCI interrupts, so the i82365 module can usually 
   figure out if they won't work.

[17-Feb-00] Version 3.1.11
-- Changed master Makefile to not build any modules for new kernels.
-- Added support for TI 1031 bridge.
-- Changed cb_mem_base parameter semantics so that it can override an
   existing bridge register mapping.
-- Fixed out-of-order kfree() bug in 3c575_cb and tulip_cb drivers.
-- Fixed the dhcpcd version check so it doesn't log strange messages.
-- Fixed serial script to work with older versions of setserial.
-- Fixed typo in bootp handler in network script.
-- Added code to enable PCI interrupts in certain cases where they are
   disabled in the PCI host bridge.
-- Renamed pci_irq.c to pci_fixup.c, and moved most of the PCI bus
   hacks from the i82365 driver into this file.  The cb_bus_base,
   cb_bus_step, and cb_mem_base parameters all moved, also.
-- Fix for systems that have trouble with card voltage detection
   following a suspend.
-- Changed Configure script to automatically decide how to get kernel
   configuration options, whenever safe to do so.
-- Fixed Configure script bug in parsing of 'ksyms' output, triggered
   by lucent winmodem module.
-- Partial fix for APA1480 lockup when card is inserted with no
   devices.  The other part requires an aic7xxx driver update.

[01-Feb-00] Version 3.1.10
-- More complete PCI interrupt lookup code for 2.2.* kernels.
-- Fixed dumb bug that broke 2.0.* kernel builds.
-- Fixed no-PCI compilation bug in i82365 driver.
-- Fixed airo_cs and ftl_cs drivers for recent 2.3.* kernels.

[26-Jan-00] Version 3.1.9
-- Added workaround for serial-driver initialization bug, that messes
   up devices at non-standard IO ports.
-- Made PCI interrupt table lookup mandatory, and changed pci_csc and
   pci_int to default to "on" in the i82365 driver.
-- Updated tulip driver to Donald Becker's "0.91g" version.
-- Various updates for 2.3.37 and later kernels.
-- Filled in some gaps in dump_cis output.
-- Added "indirect addressing" support for Zoomed Video cards.
-- Created a separate directory for all the wireless drivers; added
   the Raylink, Aironet, and Wavelan IEEE drivers.
-- Added replacement CIS for MultiTech MT5634ZLX modems.
-- Fixed tx/rx byte counts for 3c574_cs driver.
-- Fixed a very obscure memory allocation bug in cardmgr.
-- Fixed a bug in "cardctl config" reporting of memory window status.
-- Fixed 3c575_cb reset and resume code to initialize the rx ring, and
   fixed the "too much work" recovery code, and a small memory leak.
-- Fixed hot eject bugs in 3c575_cb and tulip_cb drivers.
-- More aggressive checking of CardBus bridge register mapping.
-- Fixed a bug in the 3c589, 3c574, smc91c92 missed-interrupt handling
   code, that was introduced in 3.1.5.
-- Minor Makefile cleanup, including a fix for token ring with 2.3.
-- General i82365 driver cleanup.
-- Updated cardmgr to support PCI device lookups for CardBus cards.
-- Updated Makefiles to mesh better with in-kernel PCMCIA if present.

[21-Dec-99] Version 3.1.8
-- Updated drivers to use capabilities instead of suser().
-- Added "p2cclk" option to i82365 driver... see man page for details.
-- Fixes for block device driver API changes in 2.3.32 kernel.
-- Fixed a 3c575_cb driver bug, in the "HostError" recovery code.
-- Fixed man/Makefile to install the Intel flash driver man pages.

[16-Dec-99] Version 3.1.7
-- Took out some i82365 options that have turned out to probably never
   be needed: has_clkrun, clkrun_sel, pci_latency, and cb_latency.
-- Retired the (unsafe) PCI interrupt scan in i82365 module.
-- Removed glibc dependency in 3.1.6 cardmgr update.
-- Fixed a bug in 3c575_cb "too much work in interrupt" handler.
-- Fixed bug in i82365 power selection code for CardBus bridges.
-- Fixed a resource allocation bug in the PnP module that could
   sometimes cause free resources to be marked as unavailable.

[10-Dec-99] Version 3.1.6
-- Added modinfo strings to basic modules.
-- Added filename globbing to cardmgr's "source" command.
-- Changed i82365 module to enable speaker output on all TI bridges.
-- Changed xirc2ps_cs driver to be silent about dropped rx packets.
-- Relaxed an IO port allocation check in serial_cs driver.
-- Added Toshiba ToPIC100 bridge device ID's.
-- Fixed memory allocation bug mainly affecting ibmtr_cs driver.
-- Fixed obscure CardBus setup problem with APA1480 cards.
-- Fixed bug in PCI resource management code affecting ROM regions.

[02-Dec-99] Version 3.1.5
-- Minor updates to default *.opts files.
-- Fixed CardBus setup code to initialize the address space bits in a
   new pci_dev structure properly.
-- Fixed reset bug in cb_enabler module.
-- Updated ide_info to use /proc/ide when possible.
-- Added a couple more sanity checks to i82365 driver, and fixed it to
   exclude interrupts reserved for PnP devices.
-- In xirc2ps_cs, added back ability to force 100baseT with newer
   cards, and changed busy loop to sleep whenever possible.
-- Fixed memory_cb driver to use 32-bit transfers whenever possible.
-- Added CONFIG_NET_FASTROUTE check to Configure script.
-- Removed "compiler flags for debugging?" from interactive Configure
   options: now you have to set it using a command-line option.
-- General cleanup: added checks for kmalloc() failure, and simplified
   some client driver data structure handling.
-- Fixed a bug in the CardBus resource allocator, related to the 3.1.4
   IO allocation change, but also sometimes affecting memory windows.

[11-Nov-99] Version 3.1.4
-- Relaxed the IO port allocation rules to do a better job with cards
   that don't decode all 16 address lines.
-- Tweaked qlogic_cs driver for Panasonic KXL-810AN.
-- Added dhclient support to network script.
-- Added /proc/pccard/drivers to ds module, and changed cardmgr to use
   it to avoid unnecessary module load attempts.
-- Made status change interrupt selection more conservative.
-- Minor config file and Makefile tweaks.
-- Yet another change to card voltage interrogation sequence.
-- Reverted to not using PCI card status change interrupts by default
   because they do bad things on some systems.
-- Work-around for 2.2.13 powerpc spinlock kernel header lameness.
-- Small tweak for O2Micro OZ6812 bridge.
-- A proper fix for the transceiver selection problem with Xircom
   16-bit 100baseT cards.  Also some code cleanup.
-- Fixed pcnet_cs, smc91c92_cs to return "operation not supported" for
   attempts to set the transceiver type on cards that can't do that.
-- Fixed transceiver flakiness with DL10019 based fast ethernet cards
   such as the D-Link DFE-650, Linksys Etherfast, etc.
-- Fixed cardinfo to look for stab in all the right places.
-- Fixed a 2.0.* kernel compatibility glitch.

[25-Oct-99] Version 3.1.3
-- Deleted manual configuration option from Configure script: it is
   almost always a bad idea.
-- Increased Vcc settle time from 300ms to 400ms, to fix flaky card
   detect on some Toshiba laptops running on battery power.
-- Changed i82365 startup-time card voltage detection to be more
   bullet proof, again to fix trouble on Toshiba laptops.
-- Documentation updates.
-- Fixed build if <linux/compile.h> is missing.
-- Fixed config scripts to handle broken "fuser -s" behavior.

[20-Oct-99] Version 3.1.2
-- Minor wavelan & netwave driver update.
-- Updated Xircom support in tulip_cb, from Doug Ledford.
-- Added WIN_STRICT_ALIGN option for aligning memory windows, for the
   nasty ibmtr cards.
-- Added 3CCFE575CT support to 3c575_cb driver.
-- Added 'free_ports' option to dummy_cs module, so it can be used to
   prepare a card for use by a non-PCMCIA-aware driver.
-- Changed etc/Makefile to prefer to use /etc/modules.conf over
-- Moved the stab and pcmcia scheme files: they will go either to
   /var/state/pcmcia or /var/lib/pcmcia, depending on /var layout.
-- Added O2Micro OZ6812 bridge info.
-- Switched on PCI card status irq's in i82365 module, by default.
-- Changed module Makefiles to use "cp" instead of "cp -p".
-- Better argument checking for 'setpnp'.
-- Fixed NFS mount unwinding bug in network script.
-- Fixed duplex selection and tx/rx byte counts in 3c575_cb driver.
-- Fixed bug where ifuser skipped the first line of routing info.
-- Cleaned up data types for IO port addresses.
-- In 3c574_cs, changed "too much work" to a debugging message, since
   it is mostly normal and we can't do anything about it.
-- Fixed PCMCIA shutdown bug affecting sockets with Cardbus cards.
-- Fixed 3c574_cs to autonegotiate full duplex without help.
-- Fixed a card status interrupt bug that could cause unhandled PCI

[28-Sep-99] Version 3.1.1
-- A bunch of code tweaks to simplify kernel integration.
-- Fixed data structure corruption bug in cardmgr config file reload.
-- Fixed Toshiba ToPIC CardBus card insert/eject detection problem.
-- Fixed an O2Micro OZ6833 interrupt delivery problem.
-- Fixed PCI Interrupt Routing Table parser to gracefully handle a few
   more special cases.
-- Fixed Configure script bug in constructing module directory paths
   for some kernels with extra version info (i.e., ac* kernels).
-- Fixed ifuser bug in parsing of non-English-language netstat output.
-- Fixed xirc2ps_cs problem with fast ethernet cards on 10baseT links.
-- Fixed creation/removal rules for /var/run/
-- Fixed cardmgr to close some open file descriptors.
-- Fixed a CardBus hot-eject bug introduced in the 3.1.0 PCI fixes.
-- Fixed a debug macro mistake in bulkmem.
-- Fixed ide script to mknod new devices, instead of using MAKEDEV.

[10-Sep-99] Version 3.1.0
-- Changed output of "cardctl config" to have a more consistent look,
   and added stuff for reporting memory windows.
-- Added PCI id's for TI 1211 and 1420 CardBus bridges.
-- Added check to i82365 module for bad bridge register mappings.
-- Added more entries to the PnP device list.
-- Added /sbin/pump support to network script.
-- Added broken-interrupt detection and recovery to pcnet_cs driver.
-- Minor cosmetic update to Wavelan driver.
-- Updated Configure script: made CC and LD options only available
   from the command line, since they're not used much.
-- Minimal changes to accommodate 2.3.13 resource management code.
-- Better system resource conflict avoidance, using PnP BIOS services,
   and added PnP utilities lspnp & setpnp.
-- Commented out a couple of bogus config file entries that were
   causing the tulip_cb driver to load for various 16-bit cards.
-- Fixed 2.3.16 serial_cb/serial_cs and CardBus breakage.
-- Fixed smc91c92_cs 100baseT operation with smc91c100fd chipsets.
-- Fixed module cleanup bug in apa1480_cb driver causing kernel panics
   if there are no attached devices.
-- Fixed IDE setup script to create missing device files.
-- Fixed Toshiba ToPIC initial card type detection.
-- Fixed network drivers for 2.3.14 kernel.
-- Fixed install bug causing /etc/conf.modules to accumulate cruft.
-- Fixed obscure bug in tcic driver causing irq 11 to be tied up if
   polled status changes are selected.
-- Three CardBus bug fixes: fixed /proc/bus/pci/* for multifunction
   cards, fixed a kernel oops if a 32-bit driver is loaded for a
   16-bit card, and added more sanity checks to CIS reading code.

[30-Jul-99] Version 3.0.14
-- Updated license to version 1.1 of MPL.
-- Updated for 2.3.12 kernel.
-- Added --kflags, --uflags options for Configure script.
-- Added Ositech Seven of Diamonds support.
-- Added delay to serial_cb initialization sequence.
-- Rewrite of smc91c92_cs transceiver detection code.
-- Incorporated 0.91 tulip driver, with Xircom CardBus tweaks.
-- The usual handful of config file updates.
-- Tweaked 3c589_cs transceiver detection algorithm.
-- Fixed endianness problem in pcnet_cs driver.
-- Fixed memory allocation bug in rsrc_mgr that was exposed under
   recent *-ac kernels.
-- Fixed small error in formatted size calculation in ftl_format.
-- Fixed memory probe problem introduced in 3.0.13.
-- Fixed cardinfo to be less picky about version checking.
-- Fixed bug in cb_enabler cleanup code when a card config fails.
-- Implemented suspend/resume support for 3c575_cb driver, and fixed
   3CCFEM656B network operation... but modem is a Winmodem :(

[24-Jun-99] Version 3.0.13
-- Updated spin lock code to deal with 2.3.7 kernel update.
-- Updated resource management code to fit with new kernel resource
   handling code that I'm working on.
-- Changed "make config" to silently do a "make clean".
-- Changed smc91c92_cs driver to report memory size, and to do a
   better job of selecting between 8-bit and 16-bit accesses.
-- Improved the 3c589 transceiver detection logic, to avoid a problem
   where XJack cards could get stuck on 10base2.
-- Added back support for 3.3V 16-bit cards with ToPIC97 bridges.
-- Updated Configure script for 2.3.6 and Alan Cox's large-memory
   kernel updates.
-- Added CIS fix for Advantech COMpad-32/85.
-- Changed serial script to be smarter about choosing between cua* and
   ttyS* devices with newer kernels.
-- Updated network script to cleanly handle recent versions of dhcpcd.
-- Updated memory_cs and ftl_cs for 2.3.3 kernel changes.
-- Some config tweaks from David Parsons: fixed handling of multiword
   options in Configure script.
-- Fixed xirc2ps_cs driver to count bytes received and transmitted.
-- Fixed parport_cs driver breakage and added support for EPP mode.
-- Fixed ISA interrupt routing problem for card status interrupts with
   TI 1250A controllers.
-- Fixed i82365 module to disable write posting on TI1130 revision 4
   bridges by default, since it seems flaky.  This was reported to
   cause trouble with various cards for PCMCIA releases 3.0.6 onwards.

[06-Jun-99] Version 3.0.12
-- Fixed suspend/resume bug in transceiver monitoring code in 3c589_cs
   and 3c574_cs drivers.
-- Updated 3c575_cb driver to Donald Becker's 0.99L version.
-- Tweaked smc91c92_cs driver to handle smc91c100fd cards.
-- Changed the active-socket check in i82365 module to also work for
   CardBus sockets, and to give more informative messages.
-- Changed high memory probe to probe regions from the highest address
   downwards, and updated default config.opts, so the defaults should
   work for ThinkPad 600's.
-- Added access to another interrupt routing mode for TI controllers
   via the irq_mode parameter.
-- Relaxed too-strict alignment rules for memory windows.
-- Tweaked PCI bus management code in i82365 driver.
-- Fixed Configure script to keep better track of where modules should
   go, when the kernel source tree is updated.
-- Fixed new bugs in CardBus CIS identification.
-- Fixed suspend/resume breakage from 3.0.11.
-- Fixed 2.3.* kernel breakage that snuck into 3.0.11.

[28-May-1999] Version 3.0.11
-- Added support for Quatech SPP-100 parallel port card.
-- Tweaked pcnet_cs driver's algorithm for choosing shared memory
   versus polled IO, to be safer.
-- Changed smc91c92_cs driver to handle some 100baseT smc91c100 cards.
-- Fixed dual-voltage IDE and serial device support.
-- Fixed bug in multifunction CardBus card shutdown logic, and fixed
   handling of CardBus devices in /proc/bus/pci.
-- Fixed the 3c589_cs driver to enable the link LED for 3C589E cards.
-- Fixed the 3c574_cs transceiver initialization bug.  Also did a lot
   of general code cleanup, and added nicer link status reporting.

[17-May-1999] Version 3.0.10 
-- Updated for 2.3.1 kernel wait queue changes.
-- Updated wavelan_cs, ibmtr_cs drivers.
-- Started to add support for foreign host bridge architectures.
-- Config file updates for PE-200, KTI PE520 ethernet.
-- Changed ide_cs driver to accommodate some smartmedia cards with
   inadequate CIS information.
-- Changed pcnet_cs driver to autodetect whether or not to use shared
   memory, and removed use_shmem parameter.
-- Changed network script to undo NFS mounts in reverse order, and to
   avoid dhcpd blocking problem.
-- Changed module install directory to be specified relative to the
   alternate target directory.
-- Added more sanity checks to CardBus expansion ROM validation.
-- Added support for TI 1225 CardBus bridge.
-- Tweaked Configure script for bash-2.0.
-- Cleaned up 3c589_cs driver: fixed some corner cases, added better
   media detection and broken-interrupt recovery.
-- Better handling of removable SCSI devices with missing media.
-- Fixed bug in driver cleanup logic that could sometimes prevent
   proper driver shutdown.
-- Fixed all 16-bit network clients to deal with 2.2.* restrictions on
   when devices can be unregistered.
-- Fixed pack_cis to be more flexible about number formats, added
   packing of device info tuples.
-- Fixed several bugs in FTL layer driver.
-- Fixed CardBus card shutdown race condition.
-- Fixed rx/tx buffer sizing, tx available bugs in 3c574_cs driver.
-- Fixed ToPIC chipset bug affecting odd-numbered sockets.
-- Fixed power description coding in pack_cis.
-- Fixed 'ifuser' to check routes in proper order.

[16-Feb-1999] Version 3.0.9
-- Moved cardinfo to /usr/X11R6/bin where it belongs.
-- Added support for 4-socket configurations with I82092AA bridge.
-- Added D-Link DMF560TX support.
-- Added command-line options, noninteractive mode to Configure.
-- Added Justin Seger's roaming support to wavelan_cs driver.
-- Added do_pci_probe parameter to i82365 module.
-- Added Configure and Makefile hooks to build tulip_cb and epic_cb
   drivers using source files from the kernel tree, for 2.2 kernels.
-- Changed power-up sequencing to use Vpp=Vcc until told otherwise,
   and fixed serial_cs to handle cards that need Vpp.
-- Changed memory probe to detect more types of failures.
-- Changed cardmgr to not load memory card driver for unsupported
   Cardbus cards, and fixed modules to report unsupported card types.
   Also added some checks to prevent Cardbus drivers being bound to
   16-bit cards, and vice-versa.
-- Tweaked O2Micro bridge initialization to be sure DMA is off.
-- Added fix for buggy PCI bus enumeration on some Toshiba laptops.
-- Fixed network script to handle net-tools-1.46 ifconfig output.
-- Fixed SMP compilation with 2.2-pre9 and later kernels.

[22-Jan-1999] Version 3.0.8
-- Minor changes in TI and O2Micro Cardbus bridge initialization.
-- Changed semantics of i82365 cb_bus_base parameter (and put it in
   the man page).
-- Added interlock to prevent ide_cs module from being unloaded at
   inappropriate times.
-- Changed cardmgr to not shut down busy sockets when it gets SIGTERM,
   and to only reload config files (and not reinitialize all sockets)
   when it gets SIGHUP.
-- Added (untested) support for TI 1251A, 1251B, 1450 Cardbus bridges.
-- Added support for Psion 56K+10Mb multifunction cards.
-- Fixed obscure BIOS bug in Cardbus bridge setup on some systems.
-- Fixed fatal bug in pcinitrd script.
-- Fixed Adaptec APA1480A support with 2.2.0-pre kernels.
-- Fixed several configuration problems with 2.2.0-pre kernels.
-- Fixed another Cardbus hot-eject problem.

[05-Jan-1999] Version 3.0.7
-- Added DHCP support to network script.
-- Fixed configure script for 2.2.0-pre kernels.
-- Cleaned up memory probe algorithm.
-- Changed i82365 interrupt probe to be less aggressive.
-- Cleaned up some obsolete cruft for old kernels, in network drivers.
-- Updated ibmtr_cs driver for 2.1.* kernels, tweaked memory mapping
   algorithm, and added a man page.
-- Updated SCSI clients for changes in kernel module support.
-- Fixed glitch in Configure script reading of kernel config options.
-- Fixed dumb bug in 3c575_cb driver introduced in 3.0.6.
-- Fixed compilation under 2.0.* SMP.

[19-Nov-1998] Version 3.0.6
-- Performance improvements in CardBus bridge setup code.
-- Minor Xircom driver update.
-- Updated 3c575_cb driver for 3c575B (3CCFE575) cards, and fixed
   hot-eject lockup problem.
-- Improved ifuser (thanks to Regis Duchesne).
-- Added memory window support to pack_cis.
-- Added support for 3CCFEM556B cards: still flaky.
-- Added description of socket driver layer to programming guide.
-- Added some support for PCI power management specification.
-- Improved interrupt scan logic, with better fault recovery.
-- Improved probe logic for PCI host controllers.
-- Cleaner multifunction card detection logic in serial driver.
-- Cleaner, simpler IO port configuration logic in pcnet_cs driver.
-- Stricter alignment rules for CardBus memory windows.
-- Made the suspend/resume code more systematic about reconfiguring
   sockets after a suspend.
-- Accommodated a few RedHat-5.1-isms in install scripts.
-- Fixed initialization bug in the TCIC socket driver.
-- Fixed D-Link EtherFast initialization problem.
-- Fixed startup with an already-inserted CardBus card.
-- Fixed several ToPIC95 chipset configuration problems.
-- Fixed IDE driver to retry ide_register() to give slow drives time
   to spin up.
-- Fixed Cardbus structure initialization bug.
-- Fixed 2.1 kernel compiler options for ppc and alpha.
-- Fixed Cirrus CardBus status interrupt selection bug.
-- Fixed for 2.1.118-2.1.124 kernels.
-- Fixed controller option flag mixup in i82365 driver.
-- Fixed dump_cis bug in multifunction card handling.

[20-Aug-1998] Version 3.0.5
-- Various minor code cleanups.
-- Reorganized i82365 header files.
-- Major redo of dump_cis and pack_cis tools: now they are installed
   in /sbin, have man pages, and have mostly compatible file formats.
-- Better O2Micro controller support.
-- Added memory_cb driver for Cardbus memory access.
-- Attempt to fix flash driver instabilities.
-- Workaround for SMP kernel header glitch in late 2.1.* kernels.
-- Fixed hopefully the last memory probe bug.
-- Fixed some endian-ness problems in client drivers.
-- Fixed MTD unloading bug.
-- Fixed 'cardctl ident' bug with some multifunction cards.
-- Fixed Cardbus CIS handling and resource management bugs.

[18-Jul-1998] Version 3.0.4
-- Split "modules" subdirectory: moved client drivers to "clients".
-- Added "cardctl ident" to display card identification information.
-- Added /proc/bus/pccard tree for 2.1.105 and later kernels.
-- Improved option handling in startup script.
-- Lots of code rearrangement to improve portability.
-- Fixed 2.0.35 kernel incompatibilities.
-- Fixed an SMP bug in memory allocation code introduced in 3.0.2.
-- Fixed kernel build date handling bug in Configure script.
-- Fixed bug in memory probe logic introduced in 3.0.3.
-- Fixed bug in VIA controller detection logic.
-- Fixed bugs in probe tool and added new controllers.
-- Fix in i82365 module Vpp handling for older controllers.

[27-May-1998] Version 3.0.3
-- Minor updates to HOWTO, config file, xirc2ps_cs driver.
-- Removed apparently broken 3V/5V detection for Cirrus controllers.
-- Fixed procfs bug in Configure script.

[24-May-1998] Version 3.0.2
-- Updated CardBus support for 2.1.90 and later kernels.
-- Renamed 'dump_tuples' as 'dump_cis'.
-- Added SMP spinlock support.
-- Added '-V' option to cardmgr and cardctl to just show version info.
-- Added low-level support for socket controllers with unusual memory
   mapping capabilities, and updated memory card drivers to use it.
-- Started terminology switch-over from "PCMCIA" to "PC Card".
-- Fixed cs_irq handling bug in i82365 module.
-- Fixed bad bug in memory window allocation logic.

[10-May-1998] Version 3.0.1
-- Adopted Mozilla Public License for all core components, and cleaned
   up various copyrights and attributions.
-- Updated skeleton driver to work as generic IO card enabler, renamed
   as "dummy_cs".
-- Updated for 2.1.89, 2.1.90, 2.1.94 kernels.
-- Updated 3c574_cs and 3c575_cb drivers (note new driver name).
-- Adapted all drivers to not rely on direct mapping of physical to
   virtual addresses (i.e., the 640K-1MB "hole") for memory windows. 
-- More HOWTO revisions: added section with info about different Linux
-- Made 'cardmgr -v' generate a bit more verbose messages.
-- Made CIS processing for Cardbus cards much more complete, also
   fixed host byte order dependencies.
-- Added Adaptec SlimSCSI 1480 CardBus support.
-- Added ReplaceCIS service to core modules, and added support for
   this to cardmgr.
-- Added support for PCI functional interrupts for IO cards to i82365
   module, for Cardbus controllers.
-- Added support for automatic detection of low voltage cards.
-- Added support for TI 1220 and TI 1250A host controllers.
-- Added 'SEARCH' parameter to network setup scripts.
-- Changed iflash2_mtd and iflash2+_mtd timing options to all be
   expressed in milliseconds for consistency.
-- Changed pcnet_cs hardware address probe order to fix interference
   of Linksys EtherFast probe with some clones.
-- Changed name of ATA/IDE driver from "fixed_cs" to "ide_cs".
-- Changed i82365 module to use memory mapped registers for CardBus,
   instead of legacy IO port mode, and to set Cirrus timing registers
   to sane values if they are zeroed out at startup time.
-- Fixed voltage scaling bug in ide_cs driver.
-- Fixed multicast code in fmvj18x_cs driver.
-- Fixed resource allocation bug in suspend/resume handling for
   CardBus cards.
-- Fixed hot eject bug in fmvj18x_cs driver.
-- Fixed network script to properly detect open connections and NFS
   mounts on an interface, using the new 'ifuser' utility.

[19-Feb-1998] Version 3.0.0
-- Added 3c574_cs module.
-- Major update of HOWTO and programming guide.
-- Various new sections of code to support Cardbus cards.
-- Major reorganization of i82365 module and probe logic.
-- Rewrite of CIS parsing logic to also handle Cardbus cards.
-- Code cleanup, and switch-over of many things from 'long' to 'int'.
-- Made the memory and IO probes a bit more conservative.
-- Updated xirc2ps_cs driver.
-- Updated pcinitrd: glibc fix, more sanity checks, more verbose.
-- Updates for 2.1.68, 2.1.76, and 2.1.86 kernels.
-- Fixed cardinfo to work in "trusted" mode.
-- Fixed ready/busy status reporting for IO cards.
-- Fixed interrupts on second serial port for Socket dual-port cards.
-- Fixed memory_cs access to attribute memory devices.
-- Fixed smc91c92_cs IO bus width selection.
-- Fixed bug in Cirrus PD6832 socket addressing.
-- Fixed bad bug in fmvj18x_cs driver's card setup code.
-- Fixed version checking for new modutils in Configure script.
-- Fixed i82365 module to disable zoom-video where appropriate, and to
   not probe PCI interrupts.
-- Fixed bug in pcnet_cs driver that breaks 2.1.60 and later kernels.
-- Fixed bug in wavelan_cs interrupt handling introduced in 2.9.12,
   and fixed EEPROM checksum bug.
-- Fixed some 32/64-bit issues that cause trouble on Alpha platform.

[14-Nov-1997] Version 2.9.12
-- Updated to handle 2.1.60 kernel changes.
-- Updated the Xircom driver, fixing CEM56 support.
-- Updated the Wavelan driver
-- Changed network script to be slightly smarter about when it allows
   a card to be ejected.
-- Added O2Micro OZ6832 CardBus and Intel 82092AA PCI support.
-- Made the memory window scan a bit safer and more reliable.
-- Fixed smc91c92 driver to work with 91c94-based cards.
-- Fixed several minor install script bugs.
-- Fixed bug in partition code in ftl_cs driver.
-- Fixed bug in multiple-cardbus-controller setup code.
-- Fixed config file install glitch.

[09-Oct-1997] Version 2.9.11
-- Fixed Configure script to automatically detect SCSI modules, and to
   do a better job of figuring out kernel symbol version information.
-- Config file updates.
-- Fixed Linksys EtherFast configuration code.
-- Fixed several 1.2.X kernel incompatibilities.

[25-Sep-1997] Version 2.9.10
-- Added support for Linksys EtherFast 10/100 network adapter.
-- Extended ftl_cs driver to support partition tables within an FTL
-- Updated Werner Koch's Xircom driver, now including CE3 support.
-- Updated Makefiles to facilitate add-on client drivers, and added
   automatic dependency handling.
-- Fixed the fixed-disk driver to deal with 12V cards.
-- Fixed bug in Macnica SCSI support in the qlogic_cs driver.
-- Fixed several bad bugs in the memory_cs driver.
-- Fixed cardmgr to create stab file even if no cards are present.

[10-Sep-1997] Version 2.9.9
-- Added support for Novell/Eagle NE200 ethernet adapter.
-- Replaced "irq_mask" module options with more intuitive "irq_list"
   options.  For compatibility, "irq_mask" will still work.
-- Fixed several typos, and an event handling bug added in 2.9.8.

[05-Sep-1997] Version 2.9.8
-- Better module tool version checking.
-- Merged pcmem_cs driver into memory_cs.
-- Updates of Xircom Netwave and ethernet drivers
-- Added support for the Motorola Mariner.
-- Removed the frequently-misleading card name information from the
   card information table in pcnet_cs.
-- Fixed PCI controller probe problem in i82365 driver.
-- Fixed configuration scripts to still set up proper fstab entries
   when a filesystem type is not explicitly specified.
-- Fixed race condition in 3c589_cs driver unload sequencing.
-- Fixed incompatibilities with both 1.2.* and post-2.1.44 kernels.
-- Fixed file handling bug in cardmgr with delayed-fork option.
-- Fixed resume handling bug when suspended cards are ejected.
-- Various compilation fixes for Alpha platform.
-- Changed syntax of ReportError service.
-- Various changes to Card Services interface to accommodate future
   CardBus card support.

[03-Jul-1997] Version 2.9.7
-- Added Werner Koch's driver for Xircom ethernet and ethernet/modem
-- Simplified multifunction card handling in the serial driver.
-- Added code to serial configuration scripts to create entries in
   inittab if desired.
-- Changed Cirrus timing parameters to be a bit more conservative.
-- Made Configure script more bullet-proof.
-- Changed cardmgr to, by default, try 'modprobe' if 'insmod' fails.
-- Rewrite of code for memory mapping CardBus controller registers.
-- Fixed bash-2.0 incompatibility in default network.opts script.
-- Fixed memory resource parsing bug that messed up memory windows
   in the upper 2GB.
-- Fixed some interrupt-picking problems in the i82365 driver, that
   most directly affected Cirrus controllers.
-- Fixed glibc header clash in smc91c92_cs driver.
-- Fixed bug in initialization code for the second socket of CardBus

[04-Jun-1997] Version 2.9.6
-- Added stuff to configuration scripts and cardctl so that when the
   scheme is changed, we only reconfigure devices that need it.
-- Added an improved memory-scanner that should be able to figure out
   most memory window position problems without intervention.
-- Added New Media BASICS Ethernet support.
-- Cleaned up a lot of debugging code.
-- Changed output of scsi_info to be more consistent with ide_info.
-- Update for 2.1.38 and later kernels.
-- Update for the Wavelan driver.
-- Improved CIS validation tests.
-- Relaxed some arbitrary port allocation restrictions on 3c589,
   pcnet, smc91c92, and xircnw drivers.
-- Minor improvements to error and informational messages.
-- More reorganization in i82365 driver.
-- Fixed bug in multiport serial card configuration.
-- Fixed bogus cardctl output when a socket isn't bound to anything.
-- Fixed missing "#include <pcmcia/config.h>" in cardctl.c.
-- Fixed various minor bugs/typos

[25-Apr-1997] Version 2.9.5
-- Added support for Quatech quad serial card.
-- Added "pcinitrd" helper script, info to the HOWTO.
-- Updated IBM token-ring driver for 2.1.X kernels.
-- Updated Wavelan driver.
-- More fixes to i82365 probe code for multiple controllers.
-- Fixed ancient bug in CIS handling code that broke the 3Com 3c562D.
-- Fixed bug in SCSI and fixed-disk configuration scripts when the
   config file describes multiple partitions for one device.

[15-Apr-1997] Version 2.9.4
-- More kernel version tweaks for 2.1.31 and later kernels.
-- Fixed network script to *always* shut down an interface at card
   eject time, whether or not this script turned it on.
-- Fixed 3c589_cs autodetect code, again.
-- Fixed i82365 breakage in 2.9.3.

[14-Apr-1997] Version 2.9.3
-- Reorganized the PCMCIA-HOWTO.
-- Added a configuration option to allow cardctl, cardinfo to be
   compiled in "unsafe" mode so non-root users can modify cards.
-- Added a default path of /bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin to cardmgr.
-- Changed card status change interrupt selection algorithm in the
   i82365 module, to use the same irq for all controllers.
-- Fixed 3c589_cs transceiver autodetection code.
-- Fixed Configure script to work with bash-2.0.
-- Fixed /var/run/stab parsing bug in card configuration scripts.

[21-Mar-1997] Version 2.9.2
-- Minor updates to docs and config files.
-- Added new card identification method to cardmgr, based on the
   MANFID tuple.
-- Added support for Omega Micro 82C092G PCI-to-PCMCIA controller.
-- Added code to all network drivers to count bytes sent and received
   for newer (> 2.1.25) kernels.
-- Two new flags for cardmgr: '-f' causes it to run in the foreground
   until any already-inserted cards are configured. '-o' causes it to
   make one pass at configuring cards, then exit.
-- Consolidated common device configuration functions into a separate
   shell script file.
-- Changed i82365 module to disable dynamic power mode on Cirrus
-- Updated to work with latest (post-2.1.17) kernel module code, and
   various other fixes for 2.1.X kernels.
-- Rewrite of i82365 module to better handle multiple controllers, and
   combinations of PCI-to-PCMCIA, PCI-to-Cardbus, and ISA stuff.
-- Fixed kernel compatibility bug on Alpha systems.
-- Partly fixed multicast support in New Media ethernet driver.
-- Fixed smc91c92_cs driver to only make a 10baseT/10base2 switch when
   an interface is first configured.
-- Fixed another configuration bug in the Wavelan driver.
-- Fixed all troubles with Linksys LANmodem multifunction cards.
-- Fixed problem with retrieving status information from unconfigured
   or empty sockets.
-- Fixed all the memory card drivers (memory_cs, pcmem_cs, ftl_cs) to
   invalidate the buffer cache when a card is ejected.
-- Fixed Ricoh RL5C466 CardBus controller setup bug.

[23-Dec-1996] Version 2.9.1
-- Added support for MACNICA and IO-DATA SCSI adapters.
-- Increased write timeout in iflash2+_mtd driver, and made it a
   configurable parameter.
-- New feature in cardmgr to parse PCCARD_OPTS environment variable
   after the main config file.
-- Updated serial driver to support Advantech dual serial card, and
   fixed bug in configuration of second port on dual-port cards.
-- Fixed bug in PCMCIA shutdown code for systems with SYSV init (well,
   Red Hat for sure, maybe others).
-- Fixed major instability in iflash2+_mtd driver.
-- Fixed bug in Megahertz multifunction card configuration logic.
-- Fixed difficult-to-trigger bug in cardmgr file descriptor handling.
-- Fixed some sort of bug in the Wavelan driver.
-- Fixed bug in probe for TI 1130 CardBus chips.

[28-Nov-1996] Version 2.9.0
-- Updated for 2.1.X kernels (retaining compatibility with older
   kernels, of course).
-- Updated the Wavelan driver.
-- Reorganized file layout: moved headers to separate include tree.
-- Added command-line options to cardctl to allow control over
   file placement, including the scheme file.
-- Added '-d' flag to cardmgr to use depmod/modprobe for module
-- Added two new timing parameters to pcmcia_core module: resume_delay
   and reset_delay.  See the man page for details.
-- Added experimental support for SMC, Cirrus, TI, and Ricoh CardBus
   controllers (in legacy 16-bit card mode).
-- Changed cardmgr to log child program output to the system log.
-- Changed socket drivers to never use irq 12 for monitoring card
   status changes, to avoid trouble with PS/2 mice.
-- Changed i82365 driver so that extra_sockets implies poll_status.
-- Updated probe command to find PCI controllers.
-- Updated smc91c92_cs driver for SMC EtherEZ cards.
-- Fixed initialization bug in smc91c92_cs driver.
-- Fixed IO port allocation bug in the serial driver.
-- Fixed setup bug in aha152x driver for 1.2.X kernels.
-- Fixed several bugs and race conditions in card power-up sequencing
   and resume handling.

[03-Oct-1996] Version 2.8.23
-- Added 'ide_info' utility so that IDE configuration scripts can
   look up a card's serial number.
-- Updated network configuration script to support IPX setup.
-- Experimental support for Quatech/IOTech dual serial port cards.
-- Improved the forms library checking in the Configure script.
-- Updated the fmvj18x_cs driver.
-- Fixed ftl_cs so that it can handle partitions bigger than 16MB.
   Also fixed kernel trap problem in the device close code.
-- Fixed bug in installing startup scripts when an alternate target
   directory is specified.
-- Fixed i82365 driver to distinguish between VLSI and i82365SL DF
   controllers.  Also updated 'probe' command.
-- Fixed wavelan_cs check for stopped card in interrupt handler.

[29-Aug-1996] Version 2.8.22
-- Added Wavelan man pages.
-- Fixed configure problem for DEC Alpha UDB systems.
-- Fixed missed interrupt problem with simultaneous ethernet/modem
   operation on Ositech cards.
-- Fixed bugs in card status interrupt selection in i82365 and tcic
-- Fixed aha152x_cs driver to compile with 2.0.14 kernels, and also
   fixed a null pointer dereference in the reset code.
-- Fixed bug in promiscuous mode selection code in 3c589 driver.
-- Fixed bug in the TCIC-2 chip identification code.
-- Fixed Wavelan driver so that the multicast code will only reset the
   card when the setting actually changes.  Also fixed problems with
   card eject and driver unloading, increased the xmit timeout, and
   took out code that forces the card to use a fixed port address.

[06-Aug-1996] Version 2.8.21
-- Fixed network and serial configuration scripts to do appropriate
   things when a card is suspended or resumed.
-- Fixed bug in fsck exit code checking in scsi and fixed-disk
-- Fixed cardmgr to correctly report cards in /var/run/stab even if
   they are not configured, instead of claiming the socket is empty.
-- Fixed bug in cardinfo device name reporting.
-- Fixed missing #include in the fmvj18x_cs driver.
-- Fixed race condition in resume handling that would sometimes cause
   sockets to be powered down just after a resume.
-- Fixed bug in Megahertz EM3288 power-up sequence in smc91c92_cs.
-- Fixed interrupt handling bug in wavelan_cs.

[29-Jul-1996] Version 2.8.20
-- Updated the Fujitsu ethernet driver to support the TDK LAC-CD02x.
-- Added Logitec ethernet, Digital Mobile Media CD-ROM to config file
   and supported cards list.
-- Cleaned up some if_port handling code in various ethernet drivers.
-- Fixed bug in cardinfo with newer Forms library.
-- Fixed wavelan_cs driver to build with 1.2.X kernels.
-- Fixed two bugs in smc91c92 driver for Megahertz cards.

[19-Jul-1996] Version 2.8.19
-- Added support for IBM "KING" PCIC, added decoding of TCIC-2 chip
   revision codes to tcic module and probe command.
-- Added DO_FSCK flag to all configuration scripts that can mount
   filesystems (scsi, fixed, memory, ftl).
-- Added do_scan parameters to i82365 and tcic modules, to allow
   blocking the normal interrupt scan.
-- Added code to cache CIS information, for cards whose CIS is not
   readable once they are configured.
-- Added AT&T WaveLAN version 2.0 driver.
-- Added support for Megahertz 1144 and 3288 ethernet/modem cards.
-- Fixed exit status values in cardctl.
-- Fixed bug in suspend/resume handling for Ositech multifunction
   cards (and maybe some others).

[26-Jun-1996] Version 2.8.18
-- Added support for new revision of Vadem VG469 host controller.
-- Added Xircom Netwave driver.
-- Added Micronet EtherFast, 3Com 3c689 token ring, and Trimble GPS
   card to supported cards list.
-- Fixed serial_cs driver to handle some quirky modem cards with
   deceptive CIS information.  This should fix the Compaq 192.
-- Fixed interrupt release bug with multifunction cards.
-- Fixed scsi, fixed-disk config scripts to respect DO_FSTAB flag when
   removing entries from /etc/fstab.
-- Fixed network script to ignore inactive connections when checking
   network status.
-- Fixed stupid bug in smc91c92_cs driver that broke Ositech
   multifunction cards.

[11-Jun-1996] Version 2.8.17
-- Added code to check for spurious APM suspend/resume events.
-- Changed serial_cs driver to be more aggressive about finding IO
   ports for modems when the standard locations are all unavailable.
   Also changed the device name passed to cardmgr from the 'cua'
   device to the 'ttyS' device.
-- Changed serial device script to expect 'ttyS' device names, and to
   create device files if needed.
-- Changed network drivers to do more checking of if_port values.
-- Fixed Configure script to recognize 2.0 kernels.
-- Fixed probe.c and dump_i365.c to use the same probe logic as the
   i82365 module.
-- Fixed mistake in the fix for the qlogic_cs driver for pre-2.0.
-- Fixed interrupt allocation bugs in smc91c92_cs.c and pcnet_cs.c
   that goofed up Ositech and Linksys ethernet/modem combo cards.

[02-Jun-1996] Version 2.8.16
-- Added 'ifport' command for selecting transceiver types for network
   adapters.  Also cleaned up all the transceiver selection code in
   the various network drivers, and updated the HOWTO.
-- Added support for Linksys ethernet/modem multifunction card.
-- Cleaned up timer handling code in all the modules, for better
   platform independence.
-- Added priority coding to all module printk()'s.
-- Moved /etc/stab to /var/run/stab for consistency.
-- Changed CIS parsing to tolerate errors in long link tuples.  This
   should fix the New Media Net Surfer.
-- Fixed modules/Makefile to work with pre-2.0.6 kernel.
-- Fixed several bugs in the card status interrupt allocation code in
   the i82365 module, for supporting multiple controllers.

[15-May-1996] Version 2.8.15
-- Updated Configure to handle 1.99.* (i.e., "pre-2.0") kernels.
-- More changes to the socket-ignoring code.
-- Added support for 3Com 3c562B, and Motorola Marquis cards.
-- Fixed more SCSI problems with 1.3.98 and later kernels.
-- Fixed Ositech problem in smc91c92_cs module.

Version 2.8.14
-- Changed the socket-ignoring code so now it should work properly.
-- Cleaned up some of the resource manager code.
-- Added smc91c92_cs driver, for SMC, Megahertz, and Ositech ethernet
-- Updated serial_cs to handle quirky Ositech multifunction cards.
-- Fixed incompatibility with 1.3.98 and later kernels.
-- Fixed bug in error reporting in cardmgr's config file parsing code,
   and fixed bug in config file.

[25-Apr-1996] Version 2.8.13
-- One more fix for 1.2.X kernels.
-- Added Fujitsu FMV-J181, FMV-J182 ethernet driver.
-- Added mention of CONFIG_TR to HOWTO, also fixed Configure script
   and modules/Makefile to check for this before building ibmtr_cs.o.
-- Changed core drivers so that if a socket contains a card that is
   already active when CS is loaded, it will be left alone... this
   should remove the need to use "ignore" with the socket drivers.
-- Fixed bug in debug flag handling in modules/Makefile.
-- Fixed modem support for IBM Home and Away Adapter.

Version 2.8.12
-- Minor cleanup of multifunction card support.
-- Added more CIS tuple definitions.
-- Fixed (hopefully) the last 1.2.X kernel compatibility bug.

[05-Apr-1996] Version 2.8.11
-- Minor updates to config file.
-- Changed the pcnet_cs, ibmtr_cs, memory card drivers, and socket
   drivers to be architecture independent, for DEC Multia.
-- Fixed to work with 1.2.X kernels again.

[01-Apr-1996] Version 2.8.10
-- Added New Media Toast & Jam SCSI-only support.
-- Added Panasonic KXL-D740 to supported cards.
-- Added a new header file, ciscode.h, to keep track of manufacturer
   and product ID codes.
-- Updated pcnet_cs to support the Longshine Ethernet card.
-- Updated pcnet_cs and serial_cs to work with IBM Home and Away Card.
-- Changed CIS handling code to work with the DEC Multia.
-- Changed network scripts to handle NFS mounts.
-- Fixed serial_cs to use ASYNC_SKIP_TEST: some PCMCIA modems don't
   pass the test, and it was always skipped for pre-1.3.72 kernels.
-- Fixed risky parsing code in fixed_cs driver.
-- Fixed error reporting bug in ibmtr_cs.c, added token-ring port
   range to config.opts.
-- Fixed bugs in rc.pcmcia shutdown and cleanup code.
-- Fixed two Future Domain/IBM SCSI typos.
-- Fixed another rare CIS parsing bug.
-- Fixed flags for Epson ethernet in pcnet_cs.

[13-Mar-1996] Version 2.8.9
-- Updated for kernels up to and including 1.3.73.
-- Made some drivers a bit less verbose.
-- Changed PCMCIA startup script to clean up old devices after an
   unclean shutdown.
-- Moved /tmp/.pcmcia-scheme to /var/run/pcmcia-scheme
-- Added IBM SCSI and Future Domain SCSI2GO support.
-- Added IBM Token Ring support.
-- Added config entries for Accton 2216, CNet CN40BC, Epson ethernet,
   Raven CD-Note.
-- Added true simultaneous ethernet/modem support for the 3c562 with
   1.3.73 and later kernels.
-- Fixed scsi script to not complain about nonexistent device files
   when shutting down devices.
-- Fixed bug in cardmgr SCSI disk device name handling.
-- Fixed bug in Configure script for 1.3.49 kernel with SCSI support.
-- Fixed bug in nmclan_cs.c with 1.3.X kernels.
-- Fixed umask bug in cardctl.
-- Fixed obscure bug in CIS parsing for IO windows.
-- Fixed ATA/IDE driver to be more flexible about choosing IO ports.
-- Fixed race condition in 3c589_cs transceiver detection code, also
   fixed "missed interrupt" problem.

[11-Feb-1996] Version 2.8.8
-- Made the scheme stuff more secure.
-- Fixed serial driver to work better with 3c562... see HOWTO.
-- Faster and better transceiver autodetection for 3c589 cards.
-- Fixed debug-tools/Makefile to work when CFLAGS is set in the
-- Fixed kernel version parsing bug in Configure script.
-- Fixed bug with unmounting multiple partitions in the "scsi" and
   "fixed" device scripts.
-- Fixed modules/Makefile to include dependencies for objects built
   from source code in the Linux kernel tree.

[28-Jan-1996] Version 2.8.7
-- Added NDC Instant-Link support.
-- Fixed 3c589 transceiver selection problem, probably.
-- Fixed bug in modules/Makefile with fixed_cs.o module.
-- Fixed bug in cardmgr "resume" processing.
-- Fixed network script to shut down BOOTP setups properly, and to
   handle some more special cases.

[25-Jan-1996] Version 2.8.6
-- Cleaned up Makefiles.
-- Changed the default debug level in nmclan_cs to 2, and got rid of
   the "checking if_port..." messages in 3c589_cs.c.
-- Changed i82365 module to only probe for additional controllers if
   the "extra_sockets" parameter is set.
-- Added Kingston, SCM address signatures to pcnet_cs.c.
-- Added "beta" IDE/ATA driver.
-- Fixed cardctl to have some functionality for non-root users.
-- Fixed scsi_info to compile with 1.2.X kernels.
-- Fixed the device scripts to set scheme to "default" if it is unset,
   and changed cardctl to do the same.

[16-Jan-1996] Version 2.8.5
-- Tweaks for kernels up to 1.3.57.
-- Modified device scripts to grab more info from /etc/stab.  Now, all
   the device scripts pass an "address" to the corresponding option
   script, which can be used to tailor the configuration of specific
-- Added support for multiple PCMCIA configuration "schemes", such as
   home and work.  There is an example in the HOWTO.
-- Added 'scsi_info' utility for looking up SCSI device information,
   used by the SCSI device config script.
-- Added automatic transceiver detection to 3c589_cs.
-- Added "do_sound" parameter to serial driver, so that the speaker
   can be turned off if desired.
-- Extended config file syntax so that config.opts can specify extra
   parameters for kernel modules.  So, now, all local info should be
   in config.opts, and the main config file should be completely
-- Changed i82365 and tcic drivers to automatically poll for card
   status changes when interrupts are scarce.
-- Fixed reset problem in New Media ethernet driver.
-- Fixed error reporting bug in pcnet_cs.
-- Fixed bug in i82365 socket counting code for systems with just one

[28-Dec-1995] Version 2.8.4
-- Added support for DataTrek NetCard, config entry for Megahertz
   V.34 modem.
-- Added '00 04 ac ...' signature for IBM cards to pcnet_cs driver.
-- Added 'scsi.opts' file, where 1.2.X kernel users can list SCSI
   devices that should be checked when unloading SCSI adapters.
-- Added more configuration options to network.opts, serial.opts.  The
   network script now handles bootp, and nameserver configuration.
-- Added a sanity check for results of the automatic IO port probe.
-- Changed the installation for SysV-type setups to use /etc/pcmcia
   like everybody else, instead of /etc/sysconfig/pcmcia-scripts.
-- Changed etc/Makefile to only update /etc/pcmcia stuff that has
   actually changed.
-- Changed rc.pcmcia so that there are new PCIC_OPTS and CORE_OPTS
   environment variables for customization.
-- Worked around 'insmod' bug: 'symbol=value' stuff silently fails
   when another symbol is a longer version of the intended one.
-- Fixed bug in cardmgr, where it would only recognize the first
   device associated with a particular driver module.
-- Fixed up memory_cs to work better with static RAM cards.
-- Fixed possible kernel stack overflow problem in pcmem_cs module.
-- Fixed bug in cardmgr include-file handling, which caused re-loading
   the config file to fail.  Also fixed error recovery.
-- Fixed bug in modules/Makefile that causes compiling the patched
   aha152x driver to fail.
-- Fixed 3c589_cs driver's card recognition check.
-- Fixed bug in dump_tuples and dump_cisreg that left extra device
   files hanging around in /tmp.

[20-Dec-1995] Version 2.8.3
-- Fixed bug in Configure script, common symptom was deciding that
   CONFIG_MODVERSIONS was set when it wasn't.

[19-Dec-1995] Version 2.8.2
-- Added '00 20 af ...' address signature to 3c589_cs driver.

[18-Dec-1995] Version 2.8.1
-- A few dumb typo fixes.
-- Extended config file format to support nesting files, split the
   config file, and the network and serial scripts into generic and
   local options.
-- A fix for the New Media ethernet slowdown problem?

Version 2.8.0
-- New way of passing device info from client drivers to cardmgr, to
   better support cards that may have several logical devices (i.e.,
   SCSI, multiport cards, etc).
-- Modified SCSI clients to identify attached devices, for 1.3.X
-- Modified ftl_format to support reserving space for a boot image.
-- Added code to automatically identify resource conflicts for IO and
   memory windows.  Memory checking is not reliable, and disabled by
-- Simplified the config file format, updated all the device control
   scripts.  Added new script for managing SCSI adapters.  The new
   scripts can determine if it is safe to remove a card, for all
   supported card types.
-- Fixed the eject request code so that it correctly rejects requests
   when a device is in use.
-- Changed shutdown code to make sure sockets are deactivated.
-- Modified dump_tcic and dump_i365 to compile with Borland C++ under
-- Added Allied Telesis Ethernet support.
-- Fixed module version checking problems with 1.3.39 and 1.3.40.
   Updated multicast stuff in 3c589 and nmclan drivers for 1.3.44.
   Tested with 1.3.43 and 1.3.45.
-- Fixed bug in i82365 interrupt probe that caused the probe to goof
   up after a warm boot.
-- Fixed bug in i82365 socket probe code.
-- Fixed install procedure to handle Debian startup script layout, and
   fixed a bug affecting installs for System V style init scripts.
-- Fixed pcnet_cs driver to respect CIS config entries for cards that
   seem to have valid info (fixes Grey Cell Ethernet).
-- Fixed Qlogic driver to support Eiger SCSI adapter.
-- Fixed Configure script and Makefiles to handle multi-word options
-- Fixed 3c589 driver to refuse to bind to non-3Com cards.
-- Working on interrupt sharing for multifunction cards.

[21-Nov-1995] Version 2.7.6
-- Fixed resource allocation bug that affected IO port availability
   after restarting cardmgr.
-- Fixed typo in qlogic_cs module initialization.
-- Fixed "kfree of non-kmalloced memory" bug associated with "flushing
   pending setup".
-- Fixed a bug in SCSI driver unloading.

[11-Nov-1995] Version 2.7.5
-- Made the configuration procedure a little more bullet-proof.
-- Fixed bug in module version support for 1.2.X kernels.

[10-Nov-1995] Version 2.7.4
-- Fixed 3Com 3c562 support in serial_cs and 3c589_cs.
-- Fixed infrequent bug in alignment logic for IO and memory windows.
-- Fixed various kernel incompatibilities, tested with 1.3.37 through
-- Fixed sizing bug in pcmem_cs.
-- Fixed memory window setup bug in the TCIC-2 driver.
-- Made the serial card driver slightly better at dealing with cards
   with not-quite-right CIS info.
-- Revamped some of the module startup code, to facilitate optionally
   linking stuff into the kernel.

[16-Oct-1995] Version 2.7.3
-- Changed default bus timing in i82365.c to 8.33 MHz.
-- Fixed i82365 driver to deal with VG-469 3V/5V decision.  Also
   changed probe logic to do a better job with docking stations.
-- Updated pcmem driver.  Added write for char device, fixed up
   seeking, etc, thanks to Don Wanigasekar.
-- Changed pcnet driver to support reading the PROM to get a network
   card's station address.  Verified with Linksys v2.00 card.
-- Added support for multifunction cards that conform to the PC Card
   95 standard.  3Com 3C562 almost works.

Version 2.7.2
-- Consolidated most kernel version differences in "k_compat.h".
-- Replaced de650 and ibmcc drivers with merged "pcnet" driver.  Note
   that people will *have* to update their config files...
-- Changed cardmgr to only load MTD's for memory-related drivers.
-- Updated i82365.c to handle Vadem VG-469 controller, and to wake up
   Cirrus chips after a suspend.

Version 2.7.1
-- Fixed typo in toaster_cs driver.
-- Fixed module unloading in network drivers.
-- Fixed problem with new timer behavior in 1.3.X.

[22-Sep-95] Version 2.7.0
-- New interactive configuration procedure.
-- Updated to work with 1.3.X kernels.
-- Fixed iflash2_mtd driver to work with IBM flash cards.  Added more
   config entries for IBM, Maxtor flash cards.
-- Fixed module building so that CONFIG_MODVERSIONS should work for
   all drivers, including the SCSI drivers.
-- Fixed New Media Ethernet reset bug.
-- Added stuff to cardmgr to support user specified actions during
   suspend and resume processing.
-- Changed Makefile to build 8390.o on the fly.
-- Fix to toaster_cs for CIS parsing problem.

[10-Aug-1995] Version 2.6.3a
-- Fixed dumb bug in de650_cs driver.

Version 2.6.3
-- Another fix for 'kill -HUP' cardmgr.
-- More flash, FTL fixes.  Better error recovery in iflash2_mtd.
   Added man pages for ftl_format and ftl_check.
-- Added support for "hardwiring" the hardware addresses for de650
   type cards, if they can't be probed properly.
-- Fixed "too much work..." problem with de650-type cards.
-- Cleaned up suspend/resume a bit?
-- First attempt at Adaptec/Trantor T460 driver.
-- Changed interrupt scanning rules in i82365 and tcic drivers.  Now,
   both drivers accept irq_mask and cs_irq parameters.
-- Changed CS, cardinfo to properly update Vcc, Vpp for memory cards.
-- Added support for Caldera installation.
-- Added code to 'checkme' and modules/Makefile to decide whether or
   not to try building the t460_cs module.
-- Added test to cardinfo to make sure it is setuid root.
-- Took out some warnings about conflicting CIS tuples for memory

Version 2.6.2
-- Streamlined install procedure; moved etc stuff into separate
-- First draft of Flash Translation Layer module, and FTL formatting
   tools (ftl_format, ftl_check).
-- Fixed bug in resource allocation that sometimes causes bad things
   to happen when unloading modules or when restarting cardmgr.
-- Updated Roger Pao's New Media ethernet driver to v0.14.
-- Changed pcmem_cs to use memcpy() for block reads and writes.
-- Changed de650_cs to use larger packet buffer on Socket EA cards.
-- Fixed cardmgr 'kill -HUP' behavior.
-- Updated some man pages.

Version 2.6.1
-- Changed 'checkme' and docs to ask for kernel 1.2.8.
-- Fixed bug in modules/Makefile
-- Fixed bug in module version mismatch reporting.
-- Fixed a couple of minor bugs in cardmgr.
-- Fixed uninitialized variable bug in CIS parsing stuff in network

[12-May-95] Version 2.6.0
-- More robust handling of some i82365 timing parameters.
-- Moved all CIS handling stuff from cs.c to cistpl.c.  Added more CIS
   parsing, mainly for memory cards.  Changed default for "strict_cis"
   to "off".
-- Moved all the resource management stuff into rsrc_mgr.{c,h}, merged
   with the old mem_region.{c,h}.
-- Added cs_internal.h for stuff shared between parts of pcmcia_core.
-- Added support for Memory Technology Drivers.  Added new sram_mtd,
   also added generic MTD-aware memory card driver, 'memory_cs'.
-- Added MTD stuff to Programmer's Guide.
-- Fixed bug in CS that prevented clean unloading of drivers that use
   memory windows.
-- Changed i82365 module to detect Vadem chip in Vadem-Rev mode.
-- Added MTD's for Intel Series 2 and Series 2+ Flash.
-- Incorporated recent updates to Linux NE2000 driver into de650_cs
-- Fixed bad uninitialized variable bug in pcmem_cs.
-- Added config entry for Adaptec APA-1460 SlimSCSI.

Version 2.5.6
-- Fixed rc.pcmcia so that "stop" doesn't bomb if you're not running
-- Added back a few modem config entries.
-- Added version checking to all PCMCIA modules and utilities.
-- Fixed bug in i82365 socket counting code.
-- Fixed 'checkme' and HOWTO to give better info about version.h,
   added more network checks, better formatting.
-- Clarified NE2000 instructions in HOWTO.
-- Added support for KCI PE-520 Ethernet.
-- Fixed bug in pcmem driver that could cause the first byte of a card
   to get scrambled.

Version 2.5.5
-- Added function-based card identification to cardmgr.  Deleted all
   modem card entries from standard config file.
-- Added 'strict_cis' parameter to pcmcia_core module to control
   strict CIS parsing rules (default is turned on).
-- Changed power-up sequence: reset will only be asserted after
   vcc_settle, reset timing tweaked to conform to standard.
-- Fixed bugs in suspend/resume losing track of socket state.
-- Added definitions for Ricoh controllers.

Version 2.5.4
-- Fix for CIS long link tuple handling.
-- Fixed CIS config table parsing bug in parse_irq().
-- Changed cardmgr so that wildcard product strings will match
   not-present strings.
-- A few new sanity checks for 'make prereq' and 'make install-etc'.

[03-Apr-95] Version 2.5.3
-- Another fix to cistpl.c version string parsing.
-- Another fix to CIS end-of-chain handling.

Version 2.5.2
-- Changed cistpl.c to accept some non-conforming version tuples.
-- Duh, took floating point code out of kernel modules.

Version 2.5.1
-- Fixed bug in 'cardinfo' updating of device info.
-- Changed defaults in i82365 module to disable irqs 12 and 15 for
   Cirrus chips.  Also made interrupt scans more robust, and fixed
   probe for two controllers.
-- More module unloading bugs fixed (ethernet, scsi modules).
-- Fixed a couple of minor bugs in Makefiles, etc.
-- Added more extensive CIS parsing, improved dump_tuples, added long
   link handling.  Some error responses may have changed.
-- Changed 'attr_speed' parameter to 'cis_speed', since code now also
   handles CIS stuff in common memory.  Default changed to 300 ns.
-- Added text to the Programmer's Guide describing new CIS stuff.
-- Fixed suspend/resume problem where an empty socket isn't set up
   properly after a resume.
-- Fixed race condition in socket initialization that could sometimes
   cause a card to be configured twice.

[22-Mar-95] Version 2.5.0
-- Verified with Linux 1.2.0
-- Added a lot of new text to the Programmer's Guide.
-- Added Roger Pao's alpha driver for New Media Ethernet.
-- Added %c% substitution for 'cardmgr' start/stop commands, to map to
   the card name.
-- Rewrote Driver Services event handling to deal with more than one
   reader.  Rewrote handing of eject requests so that cardmgr can
   clean up before a card is shut down.
-- Added event report window to 'cardinfo' display.  Made 'cardinfo' a
   setuid program so that regular users can run it to get status info,
   but not modify sockets.  Added file locking to /etc/stab.
-- Changed socket initialization sequence to conform to PCMCIA docs;
   should fix Megahertz 2144 modem and some suspend/resume problems.
-- Changed interrupt mask code in i82365 and tcic to probe for working
   interrupt lines at startup time.  Added ability for tcic driver to
   use irq 11.
-- Fixed 'checkme' to do more SCSI option sanity checking, and to look
   in $LINUX/include/linux instead of /usr/include/linux.
-- Fixed module unloading bugs in toaster_cs and qlogic_cs.
-- Fixed bug in /etc/stab updating at card removal.
-- Fixed Vpp display bug in cardinfo.
-- Fixed power setting bug in GetSocket in i82365.
-- Fixed serial_cs shutdown bug for case of two modems.

Version 2.4.9
-- Minor fixes to HOWTO, Programmer's Guide.
-- Included missing man pages for cardinfo, stab.

Version 2.4.8
-- Added Maxtech Ethernet support.  Added text to HOWTO for how to add
   support for any NE2000-compatible card.
-- Fixed serial driver suspend bug, but it is still goofy.
-- Added status beeps to cardmgr.
-- Fixed Makefiles to include ${LINUX}/include, to better support
   systems with more than one Linux source tree.
-- Made 'cardinfo' tool part of distribution.
-- New man pages for /etc/stab, cardinfo.

Version 2.4.7
-- Changed cardmgr to use uname() instead of /bin/uname.
-- Moved cardmgr PID file from /var/pid to /var/run.
-- Changed 'checkme' script to also work with ksh.
-- Overhaul of suspend/resume and reset event handling.  Goal is to
   fix trouble with cards not waking up after resume.
-- Added some more tests to 'checkme'; now it creates 'xtra.options'
   to hold extra Makefile settings.
-- Changed Makefile to autoconfigure rc.pcmcia using 'probe -m'.
-- Added '/etc/stab' file output to cardmgr to hold current card info.
-- Added more interlocks to shutdown code in de650_cs.
-- Updated Qlogic driver for 1.1.93, for rev 1.10 card.

Version 2.4.6
-- More fixes for Socket EA card, that should also fix Accton file
   transfer problems.  Added 'delay_time' parameter to de650_cs.
-- Fixed reset code for Compaq modem.  New 'reset_time' parameter for
   pcmcia_core module.  Changed default reset timing parameters.

Version 2.4.5
-- Added support for EP-210 Ethernet
-- Fixed Socket EA card, for real!

Version 2.4.4
-- Changed Bus Toaster driver to use CIS tuples to pick IO addresses.
-- Added 'wakeup' parameter to i82365 module for sleepy Cirrus chips.
-- Fixed minor Makefile bugs.
-- Fixed bugs in de650_cs for Socket EA card.
-- Added 'mem_speed' parameter to ibmcc_cs module.

Version 2.4.3
-- Fixed bug in PCI controller handling in i82365 module.
-- Changed qlogic module to support turbo DMA.
-- Increased tuple buffer in serial_cs for Toshiba V.34 modem.
-- Added 'eject' and 'insert' commands to cardctl.
-- Disabled Bus Toaster driver by default, since it is broken.
-- Changed rc.sample to rc.pcmcia, added 'start' and 'stop'.
-- Fixed interlocks between socket drivers and pcmcia_core.

Version 2.4.2
-- Fixed several bugs in Qlogic, Bus Toaster SCSI drivers.

Version 2.4.1
-- Fixed bug in TCIC-2 bus sizing code.

Version 2.4.0
-- Changed default spot for cardmgr pid file to /var/pid/
   to conform to Linux standards.
-- Converted FAQ to linuxdoc-sgml HOWTO format.
-- More fixes for reset handling in cardmgr.
-- 'cardctl status' will now report if a socket is suspended.
-- When cardmgr gets a SIGHUP, it will reload the config file.
-- Changed i82365 driver to handle multiple controllers better.
-- Replaced old 'exclude=' options in i82365 and tcic with new
   'ignore=' option to specifically ignore any one socket.  The old
   option ignored sockets starting from 0.
-- Cleaned up resource management stuff in cardmgr, so that SIGHUP
   will work properly, and no more "could not adjust resource" stuff.
-- Fixed some device locking bugs in the memory card driver.
-- Fixed small memory leak in CS resource handling.
-- Wrote Programmer's Guide.
-- Small fixes in cs.c and 3c589 driver for very fast systems.
-- Added 'checkme' script and 'make prereq' target to check system for
   PCMCIA prerequisites.
-- Fixed up module handling in cardmgr for dealing with several cards
   of the same type.
-- Got rid of CONFIG_APM and CONFIG_PCI options -- they will be set
   automatically using /usr/include/linux/autoconf.h.
-- Updated for 1.1.85 kernel.
-- Fixed up Qlogic, Bus Toaster SCSI drivers.
-- Kernel modules now installed under /lib/modules/<rev>/pcmcia.
   Updated cardmgr to use the new module location.
-- Changed cardmgr to bind anonymous card driver to unsupported cards
   whenever possible.
-- Added more timing controls to i82365 and tcic modules.  Implemented
   AccessSpeed for memory windows.  Added attr_speed and io_speed
   parameters to pcmcia_core module.
-- Added IO window attribute IO_DATA_WIDTH_AUTO for auto-sizing IO

Version 2.3.9
-- Changed default compile options for modules to include "-g".
-- Added 'reset' command to cardctl.  Made cardmgr more sensible about
   dealing with failed resets.
-- Added device locking to pcmem_cs driver for "clean" suspend/resume.
-- Cleaned up network driver shutdown code -- fixed "device still
   locked" message when drivers are unloaded.
-- Fixed memory card size determination algorithm so that it doesn't
   return garbage for I/O cards.
-- Cleaning up spurious interrupts when net cards are ejected: a new
   patch for 8390.c.

Version 2.3.8
-- Fixed bug in 3c589_cs.c that prevented clean unloading.
-- Fixed 3c589_cs.c to work with 3c589B cards.

Version 2.3.7
-- Fixed bad bug in tcic.c.

Version 2.3.6
-- Fixed 'exclude' bug in i82365
-- Update for Linux 1.1.72.
-- Replaced 'status' with new 'cardctl' utility.  Added options for
   suspending and resuming individual sockets.
-- Added RPTI ethernet support.
-- Added stuff to i82365 and tcic modules to fix interrupt selection.
   Also added flags for Cirrus controllers with optional features like
   status LED's, ring indicate, and DMA.

Version 2.3.5
-- Fixed ifconfig problem in 3c589 driver.
-- Fixed up PCI support some more.
-- Fixed i82365 to handle VLSI with > 1 socket
-- Changes for APM support.  These include revamping the socket setup
   stuff in i82365 and tcic, and adding event handling to all clients.
-- Changes for Qlogic SCSI support

[15-Nov-94] Version 2.3.4
-- Added support for Cirrus PCI controller.
-- Cleaned up serial driver shutdown code.
-- Added 'patches' subdirectory for useful kernel patches.
-- Added 'exclude=#' parameter to i82365 and tcic modules to better
   accommodate cards with point enablers.
-- Fixed bug in dump_tcic -- mode register wasn't read correctly.
-- Fixed TCIC-2 event handler problem

[08-Nov-94] Version 2.3.3
-- Fixed some TCIC-2 bugs.

Version 2.3.2
-- Changed i82365 so if it is limited with a 'sockets=#' option, it
   will never touch any higher numbered socket -- for SCSI drivers
   with point enablers.
-- More debugging code in i82365, tcic modules.
-- Added stuff to 'cardmgr' to maintain a /etc/pcmcia/ file.
-- Fixed blocksize problem, module unloading bug in pcmem_cs driver.
-- Fixed bug in cardmgr 'kill -HUP' handling (actually in Card Services)

Version 2.3.1
-- Fixed TCIC-2 polling bug.

Version 2.3
-- Major rewrite of low-level i82365 and tcic driver interface.  Card
   status polling put in the low level drivers instead of pcmcia_core.
-- Rewrite of low-level card status event handling.
-- Better TCIC-2 register dump utility.
-- DMA and speaker output control for TCIC-2, Cirrus controllers.
-- Added signal handling to cardmgr
-- Checked with 1.1.61 kernel.

Version 2.2.10
-- Small fix in Vadem probe code.
-- Fix for New Media hardware address probe.
-- Cleaned up memory window handling in Card Services.
-- Added a heavily-commented "skeleton" client driver

Version 2.2.9
-- One more VLSI controller fix.
-- Accton and New Media ethernet support merged into de650 driver.

Version 2.2.8
-- Fixed handling of second socket with VLSI controller.
-- Fixed event handling bug in ibmcc and pcmem drivers.

Version 2.2.7
-- Added TCIC_SCF2_IDBR fix to tcic.c.
-- Fixed bug in 3c589 interrupt handler.

Version 2.2.6
-- Changed distribution to include lex and yacc output files.
-- Added support for Vadem VG-468 controller.
-- Changed i82365 code to support suspend/resume (sometimes, anyway).
-- Fixes in TCIC-2 autodetect and event handling.
-- Updated 3c589_cs driver to parallel changes to 3c509 driver.
-- Changed all client drivers so they can be manually unloaded as long
   as their devices are not in use.
-- Working on Accton EN2212 driver.
-- Checked with 1.1.54 kernel.

Version 2.2.5
-- Fixed event mask bug in ibmcc_cs, socket numbering bug in i82365.

Version 2.2.4
-- Changed cardmgr to handle modules that take parameters.
-- Minor cleanups of Makefiles.
-- Better error handling for all Card Services stuff.
-- Minor improvements in debug tools.
-- Small fix in 3c589_cs driver.
-- Checked with 1.1.51 kernel.

Version 2.2.3
-- Added 'expert' flag (-x) to probe -- this does a somewhat risky but
   thorough search for a TCIC-2 chip.  But, it doesn't work yet.
-- Fixed bug in CS that prevented clean unloading of modules.
-- Fixed 'kmalloc called nonatomically' bug in ibmcc_cs.
-- Added extra test to i82365 to fix socket counting for some clones.
-- Added write protect test to memory card driver.
-- Man pages for cardmgr, config file, and drivers!
-- Changed default config script to automatically link /dev/modem to
   a modem or serial card.

Version 2.2.2
-- Added 'anonymous' card type to cardmgr, so that cards with no CIS
   information can be bound to the memory card driver.

Version 2.2.1
-- Checked with 1.1.49.
-- Minor install bug fixes.

[30-Aug-94] Version 2.2
-- Cleaned up README's

Version 2.1.4
-- Added 'poll_delay' parameter to tcic module to control busy loop.
-- Checked against 1.1.48.
-- Fixed the shared-memory IBM CCAE driver.
-- Removed (broken) IBM CCAE support from DE650 driver.
-- Better Cirrus PD67xx register dumping in dump_i365
-- Minor improvements to trim down module sizes

Version 2.1.3
-- Added preliminary shared memory driver for IBM CCAE cards.

Version 2.1.2
-- Added setup of "misc" register for IBM CCAE cards.
-- Cleaned up header files.
-- Fixed pcmem_cs for 1.1.47.

Version 2.1.1
-- Fixed network setup bug in config.sample.

Version 2.1
-- Checked against 1.1.46
-- Added memory card driver, pcmem_cs, providing character and block
   devices for accessing PCMCIA card memory.
-- Moved cardmgr from /usr/sbin to /sbin.
-- Added 'sockets' parameter to i82365 for systems where the probe
   does not give the right answer.
-- Added support for memory windows to CS.
-- Working on support for IBM CCAE in de650_cs.c.
-- Changed ds.c to relay major and minor device #'s as well as device
   names; now cardmgr can create device files on the fly.
-- Changed tcic driver to support alternate base addresses for the
   TCIC-2 chip, via an 'insmod' parameter setting.
-- Moved all configuration options to 'make.options', cleaned up the
   Makefiles, so that builds will be warning-free.
-- Updated modules for 1.1.44.
-- Cleaned up event handling in CS to make insert/removal detection
   more robust -- seems to help with MHz XJ2144.
-- Fixed bug in cardmgr temporary device file unlinking that was
   causing /tmp to fill up with bogus device files.
-- Fixed cardmgr to log messages on the console when syslogd is not
-- No patches needed for 1.1.43 kernel!
-- Added some hooks to CS so that it can be tweaked when you load it.
-- Added sti()'s to all the CS interrupt routines, added more timeouts
   to hopefully lower chance of deadlocks.

Version 2.0
-- Updated patches for 1.1.42 kernel.
-- Major file reorganization: now all the pcmcia stuff is segregated
   in one directory tree.
-- Changed device code in ds.c to grab the first free character
   device number.  Also changed cardmgr to read /proc/devices to
   determine what device number was found.  This eliminates the
   need for a kernel patch to include/linux/major.h.
-- Moved the "improved" resource registrar code out of ioport.c and
   into drivers/pcmcia, since it seems unlikely to be adopted any time
-- Changed DE650 driver so that it will pick I/O ports aligned to a 32
   port boundary between 0x300 and 0x400, since odd boundaries don't
-- Fixed IBM modem test in serial driver so it won't bail on modems
   with incomplete CIS's.
-- Working on simplifying configuration of 3c589 driver.  Now you can
   set if_port from insmod: "insmod 3c589_cs.o if_port=#".  This still
   isn't useful, because cardmgr doesn't allow arguments for modules.

[06-Aug-94] Version 1.7
-- Changed serial driver to actually use the ports specified in the
   CIS.  This fixes Intel modems (and others??).
-- Support for 3Com 3c589 ethernet!
-- Support for IBM high-speed modems.

Version 1.6
-- Updated patches for kernel level 1.1.38.
-- Fixed serial driver to enable audio output.
-- Added GetStatus call to Card Services, added to 'status' reports.
-- Added 'probe' program to report PCMCIA controller type.
-- Added 'dump_i365' program to dump Intel and Cirrus registers.
-- Added 'dump_tcic' program to dump TCIC-2 registers.
-- Added -DPOLL_STATUS option to cs.c, to support explicit polling of
   card status changes on systems where card insertion/removal irq's
   don't seem to work.
-- Added 'dump_cisreg' program to dump CIS registers.
-- Better card status change handling with TCIC-2 controller.

Version 1.5
-- Attempt to fix card insertion/removal detection for TCIC-2.
-- Installation bug fixes.
-- Added 'tuples' program to dump CIS data.

Version 1.4
-- Updated patches for kernel level 1.1.35.
-- Fixed cardmgr to look in /sbin for the module utilities.

Version 1.3
-- Alpha support for TCIC-2 controller.

Version 1.1
-- Included missing cisreg.h header file.

Version 1.0
-- First release.