APPLE_README   [plain text]

This is a port of the linux pcmcia-cs project to Apple's Operating
Systems. Only the core parts of the code from the linux code have been
used, ie, Card Services, the PCI to Cardbus bridge controllers, Driver
Services and Cardbus enabler.

Code used from the pcmcia-cs sources is under Mozilla Public License.
No code under the GNU Public License should be present in Apple's
released port of this code.  Please see the files COPYING and LICENSE
for more information.  To get the complete version of pcmcia-cs
sources please go to:

The files: IOPCCard.h, IOPCCardBridge.h, IOPCCard16Device.h,
IOCardBusDevice.h are released under the Apple Public Source License
Version 1.1.  Please read the file APPLE_LICENSE before using these

Most of documentation in the file PCMCIA-PROG should apply to this
port. Other documentation may or may not be as useful.  Major
differences in using this code compared to the linux port include:

    * Drivers are written IOKit style. Cardbus drivers are the
    written the same way as PCI drivers and can use either IOPCIDevice
    or IOCardBusDevice as their provider, 16 bit cards should use
    * IOKit style driver matching is used instead of running a daemon
    to handle the matching of inserted cards.  Each driver specifies
    what cards it can match against as part of its kernel extension
    bundle instead of having one large file.
    * IOKit style interrupts are preconfigured for drivers. RequestIRQ
    and ReleaseIRQ should not be called.

If you have questions/comments about this port please direct them to
Apple thru the usual channels, ie,
Please don't bother the maintainers of linux port, if there is shared
problem it is Apple's best interest to get it back in the pcmcia-cs
source base.