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@dircategory Security
* Heimdal: (heimdal).           The Kerberos 5 distribution from KTH
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@title Heimdal
@subtitle Kerberos 5 from KTH
@subtitle Edition @value{EDITION}, for version @value{VERSION}
@subtitle 2008
@author Johan Danielsson
@author Love Hörnquist Åstrand
@author Assar Westerlund

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@top Heimdal
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This manual for version @value{VERSION} of Heimdal.

* Introduction::                
* What is Kerberos?::           
* Building and Installing::     
* Setting up a realm::          
* Applications::                
* Things in search for a better place::  
* Kerberos 4 issues::           
* Windows compatibility::  
* Programming with Kerberos::   
* Migration::                   
* Acknowledgments::             
* Copyrights and Licenses::

 --- The Detailed Node Listing ---

Setting up a realm

* Configuration file::          
* Creating the database::       
* Modifying the database::      
* keytabs::                     
* Serving Kerberos 4/524/kaserver::  
* Remote administration::       
* Password changing::           
* Testing clients and servers::  
* Slave Servers::               
* Incremental propagation::     
* Encryption types and salting::                     
* Credential cache server - KCM::
* Cross realm::                 
* Transit policy::              
* Setting up DNS::              
* How clients locate Kerberos KDCs::
* Using LDAP to store the database::  
* Providing Kerberos credentials to servers and programs::  
* Setting up PK-INIT::
* KDC maintainence::
* Debugging Kerberos problems::


* Authentication modules::      
* AFS::                         

Authentication modules

* Digital SIA::                 
* IRIX::                        

Kerberos 4 issues

* Principal conversion issues::  
* Converting a version 4 database::  
* kaserver::                    

Windows compatibility

* Configuring Windows to use a Heimdal KDC::  
* Inter-Realm keys (trust) between Windows and a Heimdal KDC::  
* Create account mappings::     
* Encryption types::            
* Authorisation data::          
* Quirks of Windows 2000 KDC::  
* Useful links when reading about the Windows::  

Programming with Kerberos

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