ChangeLog   [plain text]

2008-04-27  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* libtelnet/enc_des.c: Use RAND_bytes() + DES_is_weak_key() to
	generate random DES key. Introdunce random by feeding the des
	session key into the random pool when the keys is recived instead
	of encrypt the random key with the kerberos key.
	This avoid depenency on DES_new_random_key() that doesn't exists
	in OpenSSL.

2008-04-18  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* libtelnet/enc_des.c: No need to call
	DES_init_random_number_generator, hcrypto is sane now.

	* libtelnet/enc_des.c: Use DES_new_random_key().

2008-04-10  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>
	* telnetd/sys_term.c: Really, mac os uses wtmpx (or asl).

2008-03-09  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c: Dont need to set this as the controlling PTY
	on steams sockets, don't abort on failure. From Harald Barth and
	Ian Delahorne.

2007-12-31  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c: Use strlcpy instead of strncpy, thanks to
	Antoine Brodin.
2007-07-31  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c (usage): use exit_code, add --version and

	* telnetd/telnetd.c: Add --help, reported by David Love.

2007-07-30  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnet/main.c: Catch --help, reported by David Love.
2007-07-12  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c: GLIBC made the choice that ut_tv should be
	shared between 32 and 64 bit platforms so now we can no longer use
	struct timeval functions to compare or set/get data that uses
	pointer (gettimeofday for example) since ut_tv is now not a struct
	timeval but rather a struct { int32_t tv_sec; int32_t tv_usec; };

2006-10-21  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnet/telnet_locl.h: Include roken.h before the local

	* telnetd/telnetd.h: HP/UX defines SE in sys/uio.h, #undef it.

	* telnetd/sys_term.c: Dont't include some streamspty headers here.

	* telnetd/telnetd.c: Dont't include some streamspty headers here.

	* telnetd/telnetd.h: includes some STREAMSPTY header here to avoid
	ioctl vs socket_wrapper horror.
2006-10-20  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnet/ more files
	* telnetd/ more files
2006-09-19  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>
	* telnetd/telnetd.8: Add documentation for -e, require encryption.

	* telnetd/telnetd.h: Add require_encryption.

	* telnetd/telnetd.c: Allow encryption to be required, wait to the
	client to turn it on, if failes, refuse the connection.

	* telnetd/state.c: If encryption is required, don't allow it to be
	turned off.
2006-09-04  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c (kerberos5_forward): use KDCOptions2int on
	flags before passing them to krb5_get_forwarded_creds.
2006-05-05  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* Rename u_intXX_t to uintXX_t

2006-03-23  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* libtelnet/encrypt.c: Spelling.

2005-12-01  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>
	* telnetd/telnetd.c: Initialize the slc mapping table before its
	used.  Based on bug report from Russell Sanford
2005-11-03  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>
	* telnet/telnet.c: Spelling in comments, from Dave Love
2005-10-31  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c (Data): Use right variable. From Tomas
2005-10-22  Love Hörnquist Åstrand <>

	* telnet/commands.c: Check return value from asprintf instead of
	string != NULL since it undefined behavior on Linux. From Björn

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c: Check return value from asprintf instead
	of string != NULL since it undefined behavior on Linux. From Björn

	* libtelnet/kerberos.c: Check return value from asprintf instead
	of string != NULL since it undefined behavior on Linux. From Björn
2005-08-08  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c: Fix printing of /etc/issue{,.net}.
	* telnetd/utility.c: make writenet take const void * and size_t,
	abort if size it too large

	* telnetd/state.c: Fix ansi c warning.

	* telnetd/sys_term.c: no need to typecast argument to writenet

	* telnetd/ext.h: make writenet take const void * and size_t

2005-07-07  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos.c: Do not assume that des_key_schedule is an

2005-05-27  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c: case uid_t to unsigned long in printf

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (set_termbuf): use {} around if to make else

2005-05-20  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (start_login): put utmpx code into a new
	scope to avoid pre c99 problems.

2005-05-19  Dave Love  <>

	* telnet/telnet.c,telnet_locl.h: Make solaris find tgetent

2005-05-13  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (start_login): set encryption pointers to
	NULL, so we don't try to do either
2005-05-11  Dave Love  <>

	* telnet/telnet.c: undef ISASCII before we define our own (problem
	on Irix)

2005-04-28  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnetd/utility.c (putf): %t: the regular and streamspty case
	are functionally equivalent, so merge them, this also makes it
	work better on machines that puts their devices in a subdirectory
	to /dev

2005-04-27  Dave Love  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (getpty): Declare p.

2005-04-25  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c: use strlcpy
2005-04-24  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnetd/global.c, telnetd/state.c, telnetd/telnetd.c,
	telentd/ext.h: remove another strcpy

2005-04-19  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c: rewrite getpty to make use openpty when its
	found, save the slave fd so that cleanopen can use it if its

2005-04-07  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c: clean_ttyname might be unused, mark it so
	with __attribute__
2005-04-06  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c: use NULL as last argument to execl, not 0

	* telnet/commands.c: use NULL as last argument to execl, not 0
2005-03-29  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnet/telnet.c: From FreeBSD:
	Correct a pair of buffer overflows in the telnet(1) command:
	 (CAN-2005-0468) A heap buffer overflow in env_opt_add() and related
	 (CAN-2005-0469) A global uninitialized data section buffer overflow in
	 slc_add_reply() and related functions.
	As a result of these vulnerabilities, it may be possible for a
	malicious telnet server or active network attacker to cause
	telnet(1) to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the
	user running it.
	Security: CAN-2005-0468, CAN-2005-0469 Security:
	FreeBSD-SA-05:01.telnet Security:
	These fixes are based in part on patches Submitted by: Solar
	Designer <>

2005-03-23  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c: remove setting of DES_check_key, all code
	uses DES_set_key_checked

	* libtelnet/enc_des.c: use DES_set_key_checked
2005-01-09  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnet/telnet.c: cast argument to toupper to unsigned char

	* telnet/commands.c: cast argument to is* to unsigned char

2004-06-20  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnet/network.c: make network rings larger From: MAAAAA MOOOR
	* telnetd/state.c: make subbuffer larger XXX resize dynamicly
	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c (Data): allocate the data needed to be
	send From: MAAAAA MOOOR <>
2004-04-02  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnet/main.c: make encrypt, forwardable, forward use appdefault
	(that also searches libdefaults), prompted by Thomas Nystrom
2004-03-22  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c: call setprogname to make libvers happy

	* telnet/main.c: call setprogname to make libvers happy

2003-09-25  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnet/externs.h: export Scheduler and scheduler_lockout_tty
	* telnet/telnet.c (my_telnet): if telnet_spin returns failure,
	complain that the server disconnected and exit
	* telnet/authenc.c (telnet_spin): if Scheduler() returns failure
	(-1) propagate to higher level

2003-09-03  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c: use new DES_ api
	* libtelnet/enc_des.c: use new DES_ api
2003-04-22  Love Hörnquist Åstrand  <>

	* telnet/telnet.1: replace <,> with \*[Lt],\*[Gt]
2002-09-02  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c: set AP_OPTS_USE_SUBKEY

2002-08-28  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnet/commands.c: remove extra "Toggle"'s

	* telnet/commands.c: IRIX == 4 -> IRIX4

	* telnet/main.c: rename functions to what they're really called

	* telnet/commands.c: kill some might be uninitialized warnings

	* telnet/commands.c: add forward and forwardable toggle options,
	and call set_forward_options() after parsing .telnetrc

	* telnet/externs.h: proto for set_forward_options

	* telnet/main.c: only register what forwarding options are asked
	for when parsing command line, we have to set the actual flags
	later after we have read .telnetrc

	* libtelnet/auth-proto.h: kerberos5_set_forward{,able} protos

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c: add kerberos5_set_forward{,able}
	functions suitable for the command parser

2002-08-23  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c: add --version as a special case
	* telnet/main.c: add --version as a special case

2002-05-03  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnet/telnet.c: only try to negotiate encryption if we're
	talking to a real telnet

2002-03-31  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnet/commands.c: fix an old cut-n-paste typo (via debian)

2002-02-07  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnet/telnet.c: print a more informative message than "done"
	after negotiating encryption

2001-09-17  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c: add a kludge to make it build on aix (that
	defines NOERROR in both sys/stream.h and arpa/nameser.h and
	considers that a fatal error)

	* telnet/telnet.c: undef PUTSHORT to avoid conflict

2001-08-26  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/ also link with the library for logout

2001-08-22  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c: include libutil.h if it exists

2001-08-10  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (getpty): call openpty if it exists

2001-07-19  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/global.c (output_data): make sure of not forwarding
	`nfrontp' too far, thereby allowing writes after the end of

2001-06-18  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c: update to new krb5_auth_con* names

2001-04-25  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (start_login): give the correct error if exec
	* telnetd/utility.c (fatalperror_errno): add a new function with
	explicit errno parameter

2001-03-07  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c: some minimal more amount of

2001-02-24  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* libtelnet/enc_des.c: learn to live with libcrypto (from openssl)

2001-02-20  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c (tn): copy the hostname so it doesn't get
	overwritten while reading ~/.telnetrc
	(*): removed some unneeded externs

2001-02-08  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (startslave, start_login): re-write code to
	keep track both of remote hostname and utmp string to be used
	* telnetd/telnetd.c (doit, my_telnet): re-write code to keep track
	both of remote hostname and utmp string to be used

2001-02-07  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/, telnetd/ add LIB_kdfs

2001-01-09  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c (kerberos5_is): use krb5_rd_cred2 instead
	of krb5_rd_cred

2000-12-31  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/main.c (krb5_init): check krb5_init_context for success
	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c (kerberos5_init): check krb5_init_context
	for success

2000-12-11  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c (sourceroute): make it not break if the
	rfc2292 api does not exist

2000-12-09  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (scrub_env): add supporting non-file TERMCAP

2000-12-07  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.h: move include files around to avoid getting SE
	from sys/*.h on HP to override SE from telnet.h

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (scrub_env): remove some const-ness
	* telnetd/sys_term.c (scrub_env): add LOGNAME and POSIXLY_CORRECT
	to the list of authorized environment variables to be compatible
	with linux-telnetd

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (scrub_env): change filtering algoritm from
	allowing everything except a few bad cases to not allowing
	anything except a few non-dangerous cases

2000-12-06  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c: de-pointerise auth_context parameter to

2000-11-23  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c: print the principal we're trying to use

	* libtelnet/kerberos.c: print the principal we're trying to use

2000-11-16  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* libtelnet/misc-proto.h (telnet_getenv): const-ize some

2000-11-08  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnet/telnet.c: fake entry if no tgetent

2000-10-08  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/utility.c (stilloob): check that fds are not too large
	to select on
	(ttloop): remove confusing output of errno
	* telnetd/telnetd.c (my_telnet): check that fds are not too large
	to select on
	* telnet/utilities.c (EmptyTerminal): check that fds are not too
	large to select on
	* telnet/sys_bsd.c (process_rings): check that fds are not too
	large to select on
	* telnet/network.c (stilloob): check that fds are not too large to
	select on

2000-06-09  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c: remove all setuid(getuid()).  we do not
	support telnet being setuid root

2000-05-05  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/externs.h (sourceroute): update prototype
	* telnet/commands.c (tn): re-enable source routing
	(sourceroute): make it work again based on the code from

2000-03-28  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c (tn): clean-up a tiny little bit.  give-up if
	we do not manage to connect to any address

2000-03-26  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (*): make sure to always call time, ctime,
	and gmtime with `time_t's.  there were some types (like in
	lastlog) that we believed to always be time_t.  this has proven
	wrong on Solaris 8 in 64-bit mode, where they are stored as 32-bit
	quantities but time_t has gone up to 64 bits

2000-03-03  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c (kerberos5_init): check that we do have a
	keytab before saying that we will support KERBEROS5

2000-02-12  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c (tn): only set tos for AF_INET.  From

2000-02-07  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos.c (kerberos4_is): send a reject back to the
	client when we're not authorized

2000-02-06  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/ring.h (ring_encrypt): better proto
	* telnet/ring.c (ring_encrypt): better proto

2000-02-04  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/telnet_locl.h: klduge-around KLUDGELINEMODE

2000-01-18  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* libtelnet/misc.c (auth_encrypt_user): const-ify
	* libtelnet/misc.h (RemoteHostName, LocalHostName): const-ify
	* libtelnet/misc.c (auth_encrypt_init, RemoteHostName,
	LocalHostName): const-ify
	* libtelnet/misc-proto.h (auth_encrypt_init, auth_encrypt_user):
	* libtelnet/encrypt.c (encrypt_init, Name): const-ify
	* libtelnet/enc-proto.h (encrypt_init): const-ify
	* libtelnet/auth.c (auth_init, Name): const-ify
	* libtelnet/auth-proto.h (auth_init): const-ify

2000-01-08  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c (tn): handle ai_canonname being set in any of
	the addresses returnedby getaddrinfo.  glibc apparently returns
	the reverse lookup of every address in ai_canonname.  remove some
	unused variables.

2000-01-01  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (addarg): make void (return value isn't check
	anyway).  fatal error when malloc fails

1999-12-16  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c (*): handle ai_canonname not being set

1999-12-04  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c (doit): use getnameinfo_verified
	* telnetd/telnetd.c: use getnameinfo
	* telnet/commands.c: re-write to using getaddrinfo.  disable
	source-routing for the moment, it doesn't seem to be used anyways.
1999-09-16  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c: revert 1.54, get_default_username should DTRT

1999-09-05  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/utility.c (ttloop): make it return 1 if interrupted by a
 	signal, which must have been what was meant from the beginning

	* telnetd/ext.h (ttloop): update prototype

	* telnetd/authenc.c (telnet_spin): actually return the value from
 	ttloop (otherwise it's kind of bogus)

1999-08-05  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (rmut): free utxp

1999-08-04  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/main.c: add -G and config file support.  From Miroslav
 	Ruda <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (rmut): work around utmpx strangness.  From
 	Miroslav Ruda <>

1999-08-02  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c (doit): only free hp if != NULL.  From: Jonas
 	Oberg <>

1999-07-29  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c (doit): remove unused variable mapped_sin

1999-07-26  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/ext.h: update prototypes
	* telnetd/telnetd.c: make it handle v4 and v6 sockets.  (it
	doesn't handle being given a v6 socket that's really talking to an
	v4 adress (mapped) because the rest of the code in telnetd is not
	able to handle it anyway).  please run two telnetd from your
	inetd, one for v4 and one for v6.

1999-07-07  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c (tn): extra bogus const-cast

1999-07-06  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (start_login): print a different warning with
 	`-a otp'

1999-06-24  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c (kerberos5_send): set the addresses in the

1999-06-23  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/ (INCLUDES): add $(INCLUDE_krb4)

	* telnet/commands.c (togkrbdebug): conditionalize on

1999-06-16  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnet/commands.c: add kerberos debugging option

1999-06-15  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c (tn): use get_default_username

1999-05-14  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/state.c (telrcv): magic patch to make it work against
 	DOS Clarkson Telnet.  From Miroslav Ruda <>

1999-04-25  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c (kerberos5_send): use
	`krb5_auth_setkeytype' instead of `krb5_auth_setenctype' to make
	sure we get a DES session key.

Thu Apr  1 16:59:27 1999  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnetd/ don't run check-local

	* telnet/ don't run check-local

Mon Mar 29 16:11:33 1999  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c: _CRAY -> HAVE_STRUCT_UTMP_UT_ID

Sat Mar 20 00:12:54 1999  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/authenc.c (telnet_gets): remove old extern declarations

Thu Mar 18 11:20:16 1999  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnetd/ include

	* telnet/ include

	* libtelnet/ include

	* include

Mon Mar 15 17:40:53 1999  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c: replace perror/exit with fatalperror

Sat Mar 13 22:18:57 1999  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c (main): 0 -> STDIN_FILENO.  remove abs

	* libtelnet/kerberos.c (kerberos4_is): syslog root logins

Thu Mar 11 14:48:54 1999  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnetd/ add WFLAGS

	* telnet/ add WFLAGS

	* libtelnet/ add WFLAGS

	* telnetd/sys_term.c: remove unused variables

	* telnet/telnet.c: fix some warnings

	* telnet/main.c: fix some warnings

	* telnet/commands.c: fix types in format string

	* libtelnet/auth.c: fix types in format string

Mon Mar  1 10:50:30 1999  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c: HAVE_UT_* -> HAVE_STRUCT_UTMP*_UT_*

Mon Feb  1 04:08:36 1999  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c (tn): only call gethostbyname2 with AF_INET6
 	if we actually have IPv6.  From "Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH"

Sat Nov 21 16:51:00 1998  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnetd/sys_term.c (cleanup): don't call vhangup() on sgi:s

Fri Aug 14 16:29:18 1998  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos.c: krb_put_int -> KRB_PUT_INT

Thu Jul 23 20:29:05 1998  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c: use krb5_verify_authenticator_checksum

Mon Jul 13 22:00:09 1998  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c (tn): don't advance hostent->h_addr_list, use
 	a copy instead

Wed May 27 04:19:17 1998  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/sys_bsd.c (process_rings): correct call to `stilloob'

Fri May 15 19:38:19 1998  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c: Always print errors from mk_req.

Fri May  1 07:16:59 1998  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c: unifdef -DHAVE_H_ERRNO

Sat Apr  4 15:00:29 1998  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c (tn): moved the printing of `trying...' to the

Thu Mar 12 02:33:48 1998  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/telnet_locl.h: include <term.h>. From Gregory S. Stark

Sat Feb 21 15:12:38 1998  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/ext.h: add prototype for login_tty

	* telnet/utilities.c (printsub): `direction' is now an int.

	* libtelnet/misc-proto.h: add prototype for `printsub'

Tue Feb 17 02:45:01 1998  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos.c (kerberos4_is): cred.pname should be
 	cred.pinst.  From <>

Sun Feb 15 02:46:39 1998  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/*/*.c: renamed `telnet' to `my_telnet' to avoid
 	conflicts with system header files on mklinux.

Tue Feb 10 02:09:03 1998  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c: new signature for `getterminaltype' and

	* libtelnet: changed the signature of the authentication method

Sat Feb  7 07:21:29 1998  Assar Westerlund  <>


Fri Dec 26 16:17:10 1997  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/commands.c (tn): repair support for numeric addresses

Sun Dec 21 09:40:31 1997  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos.c: fix up lots of stuff related to the
 	forwarding of v4 tickets.

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c (kerberos5_forward): zero out `creds'.

Mon Dec 15 20:53:13 1997  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnet/sys_bsd.c: Don't turn off OPOST in 8bit-mode.

Tue Dec  9 19:26:50 1997  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/main.c (main): add 'b' to getopt

Sat Nov 29 03:28:54 1997  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnet/telnet.c: Change binary mode to do just that, and add a
 	eight-bit mode for just passing all characters.

Sun Nov 16 04:37:02 1997  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c (kerberos5_send): always ask for a session
 	key of type DES

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c: remove old garbage and fix call to

Fri Nov 14 20:35:18 1997  Johan Danielsson  <>

	* telnetd/telnetd.c: Output contents of /etc/issue.

Mon Nov  3 07:09:16 1997  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* telnet/telnet_locl.h: only include <sys/termio.h> iff

	* libtelnet/kerberos.c (kerberos4_is): send the peer address to

	* telnetd/telnetd.c (terminaltypeok): always return OK.  It used
 	to call `tgetent' to figure if it was a defined terminal type.
  	It's possible to overflow tgetent so that's a bad idea.  The worst
 	that could happen by saying yes to all terminals is that the user
 	ends up with a terminal that has no definition on the local
 	system.  And besides, most telnet client has no support for
 	falling back to a different terminal type.

Mon Oct 20 05:47:19 1997  Assar Westerlund  <>

	* libtelnet/kerberos5.c: remove lots of old junk.  clean-up.
  	better error checking and reporting.  tell the user permission
 	denied much earlier.

	* libtelnet/kerberos.c (kerberos4_is): only print
 	UserNameRequested if != NULL