1.9.5.txt   [plain text]

Git v1.9.5 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.9.4

 * We used to allow committing a path ".Git/config" with Git that is
   running on a case sensitive filesystem, but an attempt to check out
   such a path with Git that runs on a case insensitive filesystem
   would have clobbered ".git/config", which is definitely not what
   the user would have expected.  Git now prevents you from tracking
   a path with ".Git" (in any case combination) as a path component.

 * On Windows, certain path components that are different from ".git"
   are mapped to ".git", e.g. "git~1/config" is treated as if it were
   ".git/config".  HFS+ has a similar issue, where certain unicode
   codepoints are ignored, e.g. ".g\u200cit/config" is treated as if
   it were ".git/config".  Pathnames with these potential issues are
   rejected on the affected systems.  Git on systems that are not
   affected by this issue (e.g. Linux) can also be configured to
   reject them to ensure cross platform interoperability of the hosted

 * "git fsck" notices a tree object that records such a path that can
   be confused with ".git", and with receive.fsckObjects configuration
   set to true, an attempt to "git push" such a tree object will be
   rejected.  Such a path may not be a problem on a well behaving
   filesystem but in order to protect those on HFS+ and on case
   insensitive filesystems, this check is enabled on all platforms.

A big "thanks!" for bringing this issue to us goes to our friends in
the Mercurial land, namely, Matt Mackall and Augie Fackler.

Also contains typofixes, documentation updates and trivial code clean-ups.