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Git v1.8.5.4 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.8.5.3

 * "git fetch --depth=0" was a no-op, and was silently ignored.
   Diagnose it as an error.

 * Remote repository URL expressed in scp-style host:path notation are
   parsed more carefully (e.g. "foo/bar:baz" is local, "[::1]:/~user" asks
   to connect to user's home directory on host at address ::1.

 * SSL-related options were not passed correctly to underlying socket
   layer in "git send-email".

 * "git commit -v" appends the patch to the log message before
   editing, and then removes the patch when the editor returned
   control. However, the patch was not stripped correctly when the
   first modified path was a submodule.

 * "git mv A B/", when B does not exist as a directory, should error
   out, but it didn't.

 * When we figure out how many file descriptors to allocate for
   keeping packfiles open, a system with non-working getrlimit() could
   cause us to die(), but because we make this call only to get a
   rough estimate of how many is available and we do not even attempt
   to use up all file descriptors available ourselves, it is nicer to
   fall back to a reasonable low value rather than dying.

 * "git log --decorate" did not handle a tag pointed by another tag

 * "git add -A" (no other arguments) in a totally empty working tree
   used to emit an error.

 * There is no reason to have a hardcoded upper limit of the number of
   parents for an octopus merge, created via the graft mechanism, but
   there was.

 * The implementation of 'git stash $cmd "stash@{...}"' did not quote
   the stash argument properly and left it split at IFS whitespace.

 * The documentation to "git pull" hinted there is an "-m" option
   because it incorrectly shared the documentation with "git merge".

Also contains typofixes, documentation updates and trivial code clean-ups.