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Git v1.8.4.2 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.8.4.1

 * "git clone" gave some progress messages to the standard output, not
   to the standard error, and did not allow suppressing them with the
   "--no-progress" option.

 * "format-patch --from=<whom>" forgot to omit unnecessary in-body
   from line, i.e. when <whom> is the same as the real author.

 * "git shortlog" used to choke and die when there is a malformed
   commit (e.g. missing authors); it now simply ignore such a commit
   and keeps going.

 * "git merge-recursive" did not parse its "--diff-algorithm=" command
   line option correctly.

 * "git branch --track" had a minor regression in v1.8.3.2 and later
   that made it impossible to base your local work on anything but a
   local branch of the upstream repository you are tracking from.

 * "git ls-files -k" needs to crawl only the part of the working tree
   that may overlap the paths in the index to find killed files, but
   shared code with the logic to find all the untracked files, which
   made it unnecessarily inefficient.

 * When there is no sufficient overlap between old and new history
   during a "git fetch" into a shallow repository, objects that the
   sending side knows the receiving end has were unnecessarily sent.

 * When running "fetch -q", a long silence while the sender side
   computes the set of objects to send can be mistaken by proxies as
   dropped connection.  The server side has been taught to send a
   small empty messages to keep the connection alive.

 * When the webserver responds with "405 Method Not Allowed", "git
   http-backend" should tell the client what methods are allowed with
   the "Allow" header.

 * "git cvsserver" computed the permission mode bits incorrectly for
   executable files.

 * The implementation of "add -i" has a crippling code to work around
   ActiveState Perl limitation but it by mistake also triggered on Git
   for Windows where MSYS perl is used.

 * We made sure that we notice the user-supplied GIT_DIR is actually a
   gitfile, but did not do the same when the default ".git" is a

 * When an object is not found after checking the packfiles and then
   loose object directory, read_sha1_file() re-checks the packfiles to
   prevent racing with a concurrent repacker; teach the same logic to

 * "git commit --author=$name", when $name is not in the canonical
   "A. U. Thor <au.thor@example.xz>" format, looks for a matching name
   from existing history, but did not consult mailmap to grab the
   preferred author name.

 * The commit object names in the insn sheet that was prepared at the
   beginning of "rebase -i" session can become ambiguous as the
   rebasing progresses and the repository gains more commits. Make
   sure the internal record is kept with full 40-hex object names.

 * "git rebase --preserve-merges" internally used the merge machinery
   and as a side effect, left merge summary message in the log, but
   when rebasing, there should not be a need for merge summary.

 * "git rebase -i" forgot that the comment character can be
   configurable while reading its insn sheet.

Also contains a handful of trivial code clean-ups, documentation
updates, updates to the test suite, etc.