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Git v1.8.3.2 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.8.3.1

 * Cloning with "git clone --depth N" while fetch.fsckobjects (or
   transfer.fsckobjects) is set to true did not tell the cut-off
   points of the shallow history to the process that validates the
   objects and the history received, causing the validation to fail.

 * "git checkout foo" DWIMs the intended "upstream" and turns it into
   "git checkout -t -b foo remotes/origin/foo". This codepath has been
   updated to correctly take existing remote definitions into account.

 * "git fetch" into a shallow repository from a repository that does
   not know about the shallow boundary commits (e.g. a different fork
   from the repository the current shallow repository was cloned from)
   did not work correctly.

 * "git subtree" (in contrib/) had one codepath with loose error
   checks to lose data at the remote side.

 * "git log --ancestry-path A...B" did not work as expected, as it did
   not pay attention to the fact that the merge base between A and B
   was the bottom of the range being specified.

 * "git diff -c -p" was not showing a deleted line from a hunk when
   another hunk immediately begins where the earlier one ends.

 * "git merge @{-1}~22" was rewritten to "git merge frotz@{1}~22"
   incorrectly when your previous branch was "frotz" (it should be
   rewritten to "git merge frotz~22" instead).

 * "git commit --allow-empty-message -m ''" should not start an

 * "git push --[no-]verify" was not documented.

 * An entry for "file://" scheme in the enumeration of URL types Git
   can take in the HTML documentation was made into a clickable link
   by mistake.

 * zsh prompt script that borrowed from bash prompt script did not
   work due to slight differences in array variable notation between
   these two shells.

 * The bash prompt code (in contrib/) displayed the name of the branch
   being rebased when "rebase -i/-m/-p" modes are in use, but not the
   plain vanilla "rebase".

 * "git push $there HEAD:branch" did not resolve HEAD early enough, so
   it was easy to flip it around while push is still going on and push
   out a branch that the user did not originally intended when the
   command was started.

 * "difftool --dir-diff" did not copy back changes made by the
   end-user in the diff tool backend to the working tree in some