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Git v1.7.8.1 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.7.8

 * In some codepaths (notably, checkout and merge), the ignore patterns
   recorded in $GIT_DIR/info/exclude were not honored. They now are.

 * "git apply --check" did not error out when given an empty input
   without any patch.

 * "git archive" mistakenly allowed remote clients to ask for commits
   that are not at the tip of any ref.

 * "git checkout" and "git merge" treated in-tree .gitignore and exclude
   file in $GIT_DIR/info/ directory inconsistently when deciding which
   untracked files are ignored and expendable.

 * LF-to-CRLF streaming filter used when checking out a large-ish blob
   fell into an infinite loop with a rare input.

 * The function header pattern for files with "diff=cpp" attribute did
   not consider "type *funcname(type param1,..." as the beginning of a

 * The error message from "git diff" and "git status" when they fail
   to inspect changes in submodules did not report which submodule they
   had trouble with.

 * After fetching from a remote that has very long refname, the reporting
   output could have corrupted by overrunning a static buffer.

 * "git pack-objects" avoids creating cyclic dependencies among deltas
   when seeing a broken packfile that records the same object in both
   the deflated form and as a delta.

Also contains minor fixes and documentation updates.