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Git v1.7.7.2 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.7.7.1

 * We used to drop error messages from libcurl on certain kinds of

 * Error report from smart HTTP transport, when the connection was
   broken in the middle of a transfer, showed a useless message on
   a corrupt packet.

 * "git fetch --prune" was unsafe when used with refspecs from the
   command line.

 * The attribute mechanism did not use case insensitive match when
   core.ignorecase was set.

 * "git bisect" did not notice when it failed to update the working tree
   to the next commit to be tested.

 * "git config --bool --get-regexp" failed to separate the variable name
   and its value "true" when the variable is defined without "= true".

 * "git remote rename $a $b" were not careful to match the remote name
   against $a (i.e. source side of the remote nickname).

 * "git mergetool" did not use its arguments as pathspec, but as a path to
   the file that may not even have any conflict.

 * "git diff --[num]stat" used to use the number of lines of context
   different from the default, potentially giving different results from
   "git diff | diffstat" and confusing the users.

 * "git pull" and "git rebase" did not work well even when GIT_WORK_TREE is
   set correctly with GIT_DIR if the current directory is outside the working

 * "git send-email" did not honor the configured hostname when restarting
   the HELO/EHLO exchange after switching TLS on.

 * "gitweb" used to produce a non-working link while showing the contents
   of a blob, when JavaScript actions are enabled.