1.7.6.txt   [plain text]

Git v1.7.6 Release Notes

Updates since v1.7.5

 * Various git-svn updates.

 * Updates the way content tags are handled in gitweb.  Also adds
   a UI to choose common timezone for displaying the dates.

 * Similar to branch names, tagnames that begin with "-" are now

 * Clean-up of the C part of i18n (but not l10n---please wait)

 * The scripting part of the codebase is getting prepared for i18n/l10n.

 * Pushing and pulling from a repository with large number of refs that
   point to identical commits are optimized by not listing the same commit
   during the common ancestor negotiation exchange with the other side.

 * Adding a file larger than core.bigfilethreshold (defaults to 1/2 Gig)
   using "git add" will send the contents straight to a packfile without
   having to hold it and its compressed representation both at the same
   time in memory.

 * Processes spawned by "[alias] <name> = !process" in the configuration
   can inspect GIT_PREFIX environment variable to learn where in the
   working tree the original command was invoked.

 * A magic pathspec ":/" tells a command that limits its operation to
   the current directory when ran from a subdirectory to work on the
   entire working tree. In general, ":/path/to/file" would be relative
   to the root of the working tree hierarchy.

   After "git reset --hard; edit Makefile; cd t/", "git add -u" would
   be a no-op, but "git add -u :/" would add the updated contents of
   the Makefile at the top level. If you want to name a path in the
   current subdirectory whose unusual name begins with ":/", you can
   name it by "./:/that/path" or by "\:/that/path".

 * "git blame" learned "--abbrev[=<n>]" option to control the minimum
   number of hexdigits shown for commit object names.

 * "git blame" learned "--line-porcelain" that is less efficient but is
   easier to parse.

 * Aborting "git commit --interactive" discards updates to the index
   made during the interactive session.

 * "git commit" learned a "--patch" option to directly jump to the
   per-hunk selection UI of the interactive mode.

 * "git diff" and its family of commands learned --dirstat=0 to show
   directories that contribute less than 0.1% of changes.

 * "git diff" and its family of commands learned --dirstat=lines mode to
   assess damage to the directory based on number of lines in the patch
   output, not based on the similarity numbers.

 * "git format-patch" learned "--quiet" option to suppress the output of
   the names of generated files.

 * "git format-patch" quotes people's names when it has RFC822 special
   characters in it, e.g. "Junio C. Hamano" <jch@example.com>.  Earlier
   it was up to the user to do this when using its output.

 * "git format-patch" can take an empty --subject-prefix now.

 * "git grep" learned the "-P" option to take pcre regular expressions.

 * "git log" and friends learned a new "--notes" option to replace the
   "--show-notes" option.  Unlike "--show-notes", "--notes=<ref>" does
   not imply showing the default notes.

 * They also learned a log.abbrevCommit configuration variable to augment
   the --abbrev-commit command line option.

 * "git ls-remote" learned "--exit-code" option to consider it a
   different kind of error when no remote ref to be shown.

 * "git merge" learned "-" as a short-hand for "the previous branch", just
   like the way "git checkout -" works.

 * "git merge" uses "merge.ff" configuration variable to decide to always
   create a merge commit (i.e. --no-ff, aka merge.ff=no), refuse to create
   a merge commit (i.e. --ff-only, aka merge.ff=only). Setting merge.ff=yes
   (or not setting it at all) restores the default behaviour of allowing
   fast-forward to happen when possible.

 * p4-import (from contrib) learned a new option --preserve-user.

 * "git read-tree -m" learned "--dry-run" option that reports if a merge
   would fail without touching the index nor the working tree.

 * "git rebase" that does not specify on top of which branch to rebase
   the current branch now uses @{upstream} of the current branch.

 * "git rebase" finished either normally or with --abort did not
   update the reflog for HEAD to record the event to come back to
   where it started from.

 * "git remote add -t only-this-branch --mirror=fetch" is now allowed. Earlier
   a fetch-mode mirror meant mirror everything, but now it only means refs are
   not renamed.

 * "git rev-list --count" used with "--cherry-mark" counts the cherry-picked
   commits separately, producing more a useful output.

 * "git submodule update" learned "--force" option to get rid of local
   changes in submodules and replace them with the up-to-date version.

 * "git status" and friends ignore .gitmodules file while the file is
   still in a conflicted state during a merge, to avoid using information
   that is not final and possibly corrupt with conflict markers.

Also contains various documentation updates and minor miscellaneous

Fixes since v1.7.5

Unless otherwise noted, all the fixes in 1.7.5.X maintenance track are
included in this release.

 * "git config" used to choke with an insanely long line.
   (merge ef/maint-strbuf-init later)

 * "git diff --quiet" did not work well with --diff-filter.
   (merge jk/diff-not-so-quick later)

 * "git status -z" did not default to --porcelain output format.
   (merge bc/maint-status-z-to-use-porcelain later)