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Git v1.7.6.1 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.7.6

 * Various codepaths that invoked zlib deflate/inflate assumed that these
   functions can compress or uncompress more than 4GB data in one call on
   platforms with 64-bit long, which has been corrected.

 * "git unexecutable" reported that "unexecutable" was not found, even
   though the actual error was that "unexecutable" was found but did
   not have a proper she-bang line to be executed.

 * Error exits from $PAGER were silently ignored.

 * "git checkout -b <branch>" was confused when attempting to create a
   branch whose name ends with "-g" followed by hexadecimal digits,
   and refused to work.

 * "git checkout -b <branch>" sometimes wrote a bogus reflog entry,
   causing later "git checkout -" to fail.

 * "git diff --cc" learned to correctly ignore binary files.

 * "git diff -c/--cc" mishandled a deletion that resolves a conflict, and
   looked in the working tree instead.

 * "git fast-export" forgot to quote pathnames with unsafe characters
   in its output.

 * "git fetch" over smart-http transport used to abort when the
   repository was updated between the initial connection and the
   subsequent object transfer.

 * "git fetch" did not recurse into submodules in subdirectories.

 * "git ls-tree" did not error out when asked to show a corrupt tree.

 * "git pull" without any argument left an extra whitespace after the
   command name in its reflog.

 * "git push --quiet" was not really quiet.

 * "git rebase -i -p" incorrectly dropped commits from side branches.

 * "git reset [<commit>] paths..." did not reset the index entry correctly
   for unmerged paths.

 * "git submodule add" did not allow a relative repository path when
   the superproject did not have any default remote url.

 * "git submodule foreach" failed to correctly give the standard input to
   the user-supplied command it invoked.

 * submodules that the user has never showed interest in by running
   "git submodule init" was incorrectly marked as interesting by "git
   submodule sync".

 * "git submodule update --quiet" was not really quiet.

  * "git tag -l <glob>..." did not take multiple glob patterns from the
   command line.